Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Gorsuch is his man.

Photo published for Who is Neil Gorsuch?I see that Mr trump selected his nominee to join the supremes tonight. (Let me guess, white and male, right?) Someone should tell Mr trump that he is taking this Apprentice reality show thing a bit too far. But I get it, he had to change the headlines because he has been getting killed over the past few news cycles. Move up that pick and give people something else to talk about.

Well played Mr Bannon; well played.

Anyway, folks in some quarters are raving about what a bright and great conservative mind Neil Gorsuch  has. But you know who else had a brilliant mind? Josef Mengele, so I am not sure what that  means if you don't use your "great" mind to do good and not evil.

I need you liberals to understand, that in many respects this man is to the right of Scalia if you can imagine that. He is only 49, so the court is going to be leaning right for a long time to come. But what might be even more problematic, is that trump has over 100 federal court appointments still to come, and he has vowed to fundamentally change these courts as we know them . These are lifetime appointments, so Herr trump will be putting his stamp on the American judiciary and there is nothing any of you well meaning liberals can do about it.

The joke in liberal circles is that trump shouldn't be allowed to pick a Supreme Court Justice in the last year of his presidency, but the truth is, trump isn't going anywhere for at least four more years. And even if democratic senators try to block this pick, there is a little nugget called the nuclear option which will make it damn near impossible to do that. The republicans in the senate only need 51 votes to push this nomination through.

It's sad, but that's where we are.

"The outrageous obstruction of Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court — the 10-month-long stonewall by Senate Republicans that not only stymied the high court’s ability to do its job but effectively stole the nomination of a new justice from President Obama — is now delivering its rewards to the cynical politicians who carried it out.

Having denied Garland even a committee hearing from the time of his nomination in March until Obama was safely out of office, the GOP-controlled Senate is now smugly offering that opening to President Trump to fill. The new president, who has repeatedly promised to select a new justice in the mold of the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, has said he will announce his nominee Tuesday evening.

It’s hard to express how head-shakingly unfair this is. Trump will now have an opportunity to affect the balance of the increasingly polarized court for the next 30 or 40 years — influencing rulings on abortion, the rights of gay and transgender people, free speech, corporate and union spending on elections, labor issues, the separation of church and state, the ubiquity of guns, criminal justice reform and endless other hot button subjects.

But Trump never should have been handed this opportunity. The seat was Obama’s to fill subject to Senate “advice and consent,” and he fulfilled his constitutional responsibility in good faith, only to be kneecapped by a body that would neither advise nor consent but merely gummed up the machinery in a transparent effort to preserve the court’s conservative majority. The GOP’s feeble justification for its behavior — that an appointment made by a duly elected president was somehow illegitimate because he had only 10 months remaining in office — was believed by no one." [Source]

The people who support Mr trump believe it, and for now, that's all they need.

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Fake News said...

"But I get it, he had to change the headlines because he has been getting killed over the past few news cycles"

Actually, you don't get it when it comes to the American people's utter dismissal of anything they read in the headlines anymore.

Everyone I don't like is Hitler said...

"But you know who else had a brilliant mind? Josef Mengele, so I am not sure what that means if you don't use your "great" mind to do good and not evil."

We can't be having those "brilliant" types around, they're Nazis! Better to stick to intellectual lightweights chosen for their ethnicity or gender, like Sotomayor.

dinthebeast said...

If Mitch McConnell were to be buggered to death by a sheep, I wouldn't even cry.

-Doug in Oakland

The Grim Reaper said...

How's Ruth Bader Ginsburg doing?

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

Poorly, but she's looked like a skeleton for years, now.

You have balls field, equating Gorsuch to Mengele.

You should be ashamed.

Mayor reminds me of Idi Amin, Though.

Race Bannon said...

"It’s hard to express how head-shakingly unfair this is."

Elections have consequenes.

You won, and you got Kagan and Sotomayor.

Now you lost, and you'll get Gorsuch. At minimum.

Grow the fuck up.

Josh has a tiny pecker said...

Turds like Josh and James must be cumming in their pants over this decision.

John Stewart said...

A productive black/white coexistence is possible without Jews stirring up class and ethnic conflict.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Who said Jews were "stirring" things up?

Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

Another boring, ugly white boy. What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Jews did.

Josh said...

I've never heard of this guy and DGAF about him. Because of random judicial activism from the right and left over the past few decades, SCOTUS is at its weakest point. Making it illegal to make SSM illegal is the SC exception, not the rule. So, whatever, we figure a president is going to appoint someone the president wants. So fucking what? I didn't pitch a fit over Obama's nomination, and won't over Trump's. The next president will likely appoint someone he or she wants too.

You fucktards were begging for Obama to become a fucking DICTATOR, applauding all his powers, even the new ones he created for himself. And when the rest of the world was saying, "Slow down! You won't like this when it's a president you don't like!" all you idiots could do is call people racists and fascists and, well, the same shit you're calling them now and have been calling them for over a decade.

The shoe's on the other foot now. And it's obvious you hate it orders of magnitude more than all these white "racists" hated Obama. A week into Trump's presidency and any random protest you could pick out has had more violence in it than a combined six years of the Tea Party activists. Trump's been called "Hitler" more times in a week than Obama's was called "socialist" in four years. But this is you reaping what you've sown. This is what you get for being so intensely partisan that you literally didn't even know about Obama's Iran block or his bombing habits. You've lived in an echo chamber too preoccupied with smearing the other side for far too long.

And now that you're not getting liberal-voting refugees and illegal immigrants to flood into states to give them more electoral power, you're fucked in perpetuity. This might be a 20-year Republican reign thanks to you stupid SJWs. Once the refugee crisis is solved, the border is secure, and those 69 million people start rejoining the workforce, every independent and moderate liberal will be #TeamTrump, and you progressives don't stand a fucking chance.

That's why you're out there punching people you malign as Nazis through witch-hunting tactics. There's really not much else you can do. Used to be crying got you what you wanted. Now your tears fall on deaf ears and torn tissues. White racists didn't give us this government; you did.

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that Democrats are blocking all of Trump's cabinet nominees, because now Steve Bannon will have to run everything.

Hate Freaking Failed Slaves said...

Anonymous said...
Jews did.

11:15 PM

Well. That's just an enormous, intelligent, cognitive answer!!!!

What does it mean, you stoopid piece of shit?

Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

People who deny the Nazi similarities just don't want to admit that the country is fucked because of their support of tr**p, and it's all their fault.

Anonymous said...

White boys got tiny brains and tiny dicks! LOL!

Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

Josh, you're a moron (as always). We won't have 20 years of Republican BS. People will get real tired of this shit real quick. Hell, 2018 will probably be the beginning of the end for tr**p, and 2020 will be the icing on the cake.

dinthebeast said...

"How's Ruth Bader Ginsburg doing?"

Pretty well, actually. She officiated at the wedding of two women recently, and seemed to be in good health and good spirits.

-Doug in Oakland

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Heh. I find it funny. By the time President Trump, and his successor is through, the SCOTUS will be so full of Constitutional lawyers, you wormy liberals won't have a pot left to piss in.

Of course, I know the Constitution only applies when you can get benefits.....so sorry.

Josh said...

"People will get real tired of this shit real quick."

Tired of what? Attempting to put America first and save our culture?

And which people? You mean all those rioters crying in the streets, taking running starts and sucker-punching people, and waving pointless signs? You mean white corporate media?

You people are divorced from reality. You did not notice the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Democrats losing since Obama's second term. You refuse to notice the trend of anti-progressive globalist nonsense in Europe with Sweden putting its foot down, Brexit, and even Germany getting fed up. You don't see the EU collapsing under its own weight of self-appointed autocrats whom cannot be voted out by will of the people. You missed the writing on the wall during the EC bloodbath that, save California, would have been one of the biggest political landslides in world history, outside of, say, Russia or North Korea.

You truly believe you live in this vacuum, where only presidential power matters, and that Russia stole the election lest we'd be operating under progressives right now.

This is part of the reason y'all lost. And part of the reason you'll continue to lose. People have been fed up with your bullshit. And y'all are too damn incompetent to even realize why you lost. You create this boogeyman of an entire nation of white nationalists taking over.

Every single place Democrats have majority control (outside of places where citizens are uber wealthy) has already turned into or is turning into a complete shithole. California may as well be absorbed into Mexico, for fuck's sake. You idiots don't even believe in a national identity or sovereignty! You literally want an open-border nation that steals wealth from its earners to provide first-world lifestyles for third-worlders either coming here or already here who, in some cases hundreds of years, still haven't fucking budged up the IQ charts an inch. There's a reason some people's civilizations are shitty, and we're just supposed to hand our first-world society over to them!?

Republicans are often repugnant. But they're the only ones even attempting to hold America together. If left in your hands, we'd be part of some global initiative to hand out freebies to every dirty bastard to crawl out its nasty mother's womb or stagger into the nation fleeing from the very thing they'll turn around and try to implement here!

America will remain out of progressive hands for the next century, that's all I know. Could be a new crop of moderate Democrats take over, but it won't be your fucking ilk; you open-border, anti-Western victim cultists who think societies just spring out of the sky or that y'all have the wherewithal to keep one going in the absence of the white man you hate so much.

The Purple Cow said...

"Cucks" & "Virtue signalling" - these modern fascists only speak in cliches.

Meet the new fascists, same as the old fascists.

The Purple Cow said...

February 1st 2017. Meters of wall built = 0.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Oh, good! Another meter for us white bastards! I've been missing the Killadelphia meter on the sidebar.

I trust you will keep us apprised, Cow Dung.

The Purple Cow said...

Sure will, dickbreath.

The Purple Cow said...

You’ll remember how yesterday I exposed Josh’s lies about Obama’s ban on Iranian immigrants, and his alleged plans to blacklist seven nations.

Well, first you’ll notice that Josh didn’t even attempt to defend himself, as per usual he just moves on to the next lie without comment.

To whit…

Quote Josh-the-shameless-lying Nazi sleaze ball

”Congratulations on having the 1% of employed refugees settle into your immediate vicinity. Now, would you like to address the other 99% that are unemployed, 2/3 of whom are illiterate, 21% of whom support ISIS, and many of whom seem to operate legitimate rape gangs in places like Sweden and Germany?”

The United Nations interviewed a sample of Syrian refugees in Greece.

”The U.N. found that the majority of those questioned are well educated. Eighty-six percent of the refugees had secondary or university educations. Most were young – under 35-years-old – and hoping to go to Germany or Sweden where they believe there are job and education opportunities, as well as assistance and rights for refugees. Less than three percent said they planned to remain in Greece.

Their professions were wide-ranging, including merchants, carpenters, engineers, teachers, doctors and hairdressers. A large group said they were still students.

They were nearly equally divided among single and married people, those with children and those without. The vast majority – 85 percent – identified as Sunni Muslim.

http://www.voanews.com/a/un-many-syrian-refugees-educated-seeking-better-lives/3093871.html >

” 21% of whom support ISIS”

“The state department has said that Syrians flown to the US are among the most heavily vetted group of people currently allowed into the country.
In total, the screening process takes an average of 18 months to two years and involves multiple federal intelligence and security agencies who carry out a series of security screenings and checks.
The process begins with an initial vetting by the United Nations’ refugee agency. Prospective candidates are then referred to the US, where officials from the state department, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the defense department conduct further vetting.
The homeland security secretary, Jeh Johnson, said recently that the department had “added security checks to the process” specifically for Syrian refugees as well as designated more resources to help make the process more efficient. As an added check, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are instructed to review the social media accounts of Syrian refugee applicants who are referred for more enhanced vetting.
Immigration officials have a very good idea of who they are accepting from Syria even before their plane touches down on American soil.”

Of the 784,000 refugees resettled in the United States since 11 September 2001, just three have been arrested for planning terrorist activities, the report found. It adds for context that of those three cases “two were not planning an attack in the United States and the plans of the third were barely credible”.



mike from iowa said...

Anonymous Lt. Commander Johnson said...
Heh. I find it funny. By the time President Trump, and his successor is through, the SCOTUS will be so full of Constitutional lawyers, you wormy liberals won't have a pot left to piss in.

You mispelled constipational.

This is part of the reason y'all lost. And part of the reason you'll continue to lose.

Wingnuts have contracted with the Russians and the FBI to keep stealing elections for a century. I honestly didn't think they could count to a hundred- only millions and billions.

mike from iowa said...

BTW GoSuck's mommy was the most corrupt EPA head in the entire history of mankind. Ronnie Raygun appointee, wingnut so you automatically know she had to be a crook. Its them fence jumping, inbred wingnut genetics at play. Wonder if this POS sleeps with pillows?

field negro said...

Grim reaper, about as well as Clarence Thomas. I hear he has diabetes iasues.😏

field negro said...

PC, enough with the facts already. You are causing exploding heads all over the blog. I hate cleaning up that shit.


field negro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Purple Cow said...

Quote: Josh the unemployed jailbird.

You think I'm dangerous because I see that…blah, blah fucking blah…”

Josh, I promise you nobody here thinks you are dangerous. Boring? Yes. Tedious? Very. Liar? oh yeah. Makes up shit as he goes along? You betcha. But dangerous? No.

As previously discussed, we have established that you come here because you need to convince yourself that you still have some kind of worth or value. It’s not your fault that your life is a car-crash, it’s nothing to do with your personal failings that your life has gone tits-up. It’s everybody else’s fault. Particularly black folks.

Above all else you have a desperate over-arching need to prove yourself intellectually superior to black folks. I suspect this is the one core belief that holds you sanity together. ”No matter how shit my life is at least I’m cleverer than black folks.” That’s why you are forever referring to black people and their alleged low I.Q.’s (as if I.Q. measures anything bu your ability to take I.Q. tests), and quoting your bogus, plucked from your fat wobbly ass statistics at us. But in the final analysis all this is not about us, it’s about you, trying to save the last vestiges of your self esteem.

We get that.

But then, every now and again we do see a spark of white man genius within you. Take for instance yesterday, when you treated us to this searing piece of logic. ”If you discount California Trump would have won by one of the biggest landslides ever. (I’m paraphrasing here, can’t be arsed to look it up.)

When we see genius white man intellectual genius like that, all us poor low I.Q. folks can only bow our heads in shame. I mean folks, think about what Josh is saying here. He is saying (brace yourself this is genius) is that …if you discount the votes of people who disagreed with Trump, Trump would have won by a bigger majority! (Or come to think of it, and kind of majority.)

I mean WOW! That’s some serious intellectual-ninja shit right there. So working from this new insight that Josh has kindly provided us with, I have taken his argument to new places.

I have discovered that if you discount the votes of people in California, New York, Maryland and Washington D.C. Trump would have won by an even bigger landslide!!!!

I worked that one out myself, and I’m not even a white supremacist!

Taking Josh’s genius argument to it’s logical conclusion, I have discovered that if in 2020 you restricted voting to white men in the states of Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi caled ‘Bubba, Billy-Bob, and ‘Cletus-the-slack-jawed yokel’, President Trump would be re-elected with 99.973% of the vote.

That’s better than Kim Jong Un!

I think you need to get this plan to President Bannon a.s.a.p. Josh, he’ll love it, it’ll be HUGE.

You’ll need a name for your plan though Joshy, how about…..I dunno…how about ‘The Final Solution

Waddya think?

Anonymous said...

"White and male"... You are such a trite, irrelevant, pompus a$$

Anonymous said...

We are possibly looking at a 7-2 court.

Anonymous said...

Just wait til the Second Amendment is restored.....Americans will be able to protect themselves from wildhog nationwide.

mike from iowa said...

Gosuck does suck, can suck, will suck, is suck, dependable suck, white male suck, etc suck.

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
>PC, enough with the facts already.<

Quoting bullshit from propaganda organs does not count as "facts". Everything the guy says is ideologically based nonsense with only a tenuous relationship with reality. Leftists have lied themselves into irrelevance. Get used to losing, because a lot of it is i your future.

Paul said...

Within 5 minutes of the supreme court announcement last night, protesters were out waving pre-printed signs calling Gorsuch an extremist. Not one of the idiots out there chanting knew the slightest thing about the nominee, other than that they were supposed to hate him. 90% of the people who see those images laugh at these fools.

Soros is wasting his money.

Rich Liberal said...

The key to status in America is loudly declaring egalitarian beliefs, and then making enough money to move away from their implications.

mike from iowa said...

What's not to know about a white, male wingnut scotus pick? They will be pro business, anti-worker's rights, anti-women, anti-public education, anti-health insurance, anti-abortion, pro death penaslty, anti-regulations, anti-taxes, all for forcing religion into public schools, anti-unions, against free speech, pro forcing kids to pack heat in school, against oversight of governmental activities, pro-fauxknee kristians, pro white supremacists, anti-immigration, anti POC, and totally for alternative facts.

but, but libs have litmus tests for Scotus nominees. We don't.

Josh is a high school girl said...

Oh dear god, you actually read Josh's drivel? You poor man. She actually said we think she's dangerous? Really Josh? I'm supposed to be afraid of a high school girl? Just wow. Talk about an inflated sense of self.

mike from iowa said...

Anymoose the comedian. You have zero room to talk about tenuous grasp on reality when your side has to make up alternative facts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Interesting op ed.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Did you see the round table with negro leaders today? This was comedy in the highest. I especially loved the negro preacher who claimed he was contacted bu some of the "top gang thugs" from Chicago to work on lowering the violence. They contacted him personally because they lnew he was associated with Trump and wanted to work with his administration. Uhhhhh, yeah right.


Merrick Garland said...

This Trump guy is pretty boss, I gotta say.

Al Sharpcoon said...

"Ha! Did you see the round table with negro leaders today? This was comedy in the highest"

But of course it was.

President Hillary said...

This will never get old:


moron from iowa said...

Gorsuch hates blacks hates muslims hates mexicans hates women hates children hates sick people hates poor people hates freedom hates puppies.

mike from iowa said...

Gosuck is a man? LMFAO He is a product of inbred inbreeding inbreeders and white racists.

The Purple Cow said...

Quoting bullshit from propaganda organs does not count as "facts".

Yes it does sunshine. My facts are correct and verifiable from a variety of legitimate sources. That's whey I quote my sources.

Compare and contrast.

(As an aside, just how intellectually lazy are these cunts? They don't have the brains or the fucking wherewithal to deal with the arguments presented to them, so instead they fall back on the old "any source that's not Stormfront is propaganda" bollocks.)

Josh said...

"Well, first you’ll notice that Josh didn’t even attempt to defend himself"

Except when I proved you were talking bullshit, as per usual.

"Boring? Yes. Tedious?"

Now who's the liar? You've been my #1 stalker since ever I first got here. Not sure how "boring" it can be when this board is littered with you trying to speak directly about me -- per usual, of course, attempting to play the hall monitor and crowdfund the response. And not sure why stupid people always tend to read what I write and assume I'm trying to somehow outsmart them or something. For fuck's sake, I dial back my language to grade-school level just so half you illiterates can follow along. Stop projecting your insecurities onto me. Just tell us more lies about all those lovely refugees you know.

And congrats to Greece. Notice I mentioned Sweden and Germany. lol I bet Greece fucking loves them! Takes the focus off of how implementing TPC government initiatives fail across the board every single fucking time ever they're implemented.

Anonymous said...

Purple Cow has as much credibilty as Stormfront. Less actually.

moron from iowa said...

Gorsuch is white, that proves he is incompetent and evil.

James Bold said...

This (yellow, steaming) comment stream is hilarious.  Just look:

"Josh has a tiny pecker said... "

"White boys got tiny brains and tiny dicks!"

All this projection of their "muh dik" obsession.  It's like watching a 4-yr-old call someone a "doo-doo head".  I've seen an insult script that's more intelligent and original.

How does it feel to be posting comments that are literally dumber and less original than some geek's script?  The author was White, of course.

"People who deny the Nazi similarities just don't want to admit that the country is fucked because of their support of tr**p"

Leaving aside the question of how you know what shit tastes like, we deny that the country is fucked.  The country is DE-fucked; it's you who's fucked now.  You had 50 years to learn to behave and contribute, and you blew it.

"and it's all their fault."

Yup.  Guilty as charged.  We intend to keep the de-fucking going on as far as we can possibly push it... and given the Dimocrapic party's rapid descent towards 100% Black control, that's going to be a lot faster and easier than it looked just a few months ago.

You should buy a villa in Monrovia before the prices go up.  There's gonna be a rush.

"We won't have 20 years of Republican BS. People will get real tired of this shit real quick. Hell, 2018 will probably be the beginning of the end for tr**p, and 2020 will be the icing on the cake."

And who's going to run against him?  The Dimocraps have alienated their entire core support of American union members.  You call them "deplorables", you aren't getting them back.  Ever.  The unions are now part of the Trump base.  The Dimocrapic party is fucked.

The only real opposition Trump has is the deep state, and we're onto it now.  Trump is getting ready to take it apart, and Pizzagate is going to figure prominently in that.  The puppet masters have used pedophilia pictures to control people by blackmail, but now that Pizzagate is public knowledge most of those people are either going to be prosecuted and removed, or plead to lesser charges and step down.  Without the use of blackmail, the control goes away.

What you don't realize is that there is no "return to normalcy" of Progressive tyranny for you.  There is Trump dismantling it peacefully, or civil war.  Your skin is your uniform in that war, so you REALLY don't want to be up against Whitey.  Whitey hits bullseyes at 200 yards.

dinthebeast said...

PX: About David Brooks and his column:


They don't get to rebrand their way out of culpability this time, like they did when the wheels came off of W's administration and all of the sudden they were independents in funny hats who had never even heard of this Bush fellow.
They are Republicans now, they were Republicans then and this is a Republican administration, full of Republicans, doing just what Republicans have been saying they would do for, oh, ever.
It may not be convenient for the high priest of the church of both siderism that Trump and his appointees are all crazier than shithouse rats, but David fucking Brooks' convenience factor does not change the reality of the situation.
I don't mean to snap at you, but weasels like Brooks give cover to the extreme right as they try to tear the government apart, without which more voters would probably see how horrible their policies are for their families and their country. The beltway assumption that both parties are equally to blame for every problem allows the party that is actually to blame to hold onto those votes that keep it in power by making their other option seem just as awful, when it really isn't.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

David Brooks was never a Republican.

He is the designated "conservative" writer for the New York Times, the one who creamed over Obama in 2008 because of how perfect the creases in his pant legs were. David Brooks loves his country so much his son joined the army - the Israeli Army.

Brooks was anti-Trump all the way. He's all your Doug, and you can both weep together as Trump crushes your dreams by Making America Great Again.

Fuck you and goodbye.

dinthebeast said...

Bullshit. He wrote for the Weekly Standard and was a major cheerleader for the Iraq war.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Meaningless, Dougie. The Weekly Standard was and is a neocon rag that went to the mat to defeat Trump. Owner Bill Kristol even went to far as to get a mormon (Evan McMullin) to run in order to cost Trump Utah!

Kristol was a big supporter of the Iraq War, just like he is of every war we have engaged in the Middle East, because his goal is always futhering Israel's interest. Brooks fits right in.

Anonymous said...

The definition of obliviousness: A gaggle of NPR jews arguing that White male Gorsuch is not diverse enough for a 50% Jewish Supreme Court!

Neil Gorsuch would be the first white male protestant appointed to the Supreme Court in my lifetime. How about tossing a little diversity this way, bro?

Josh said...

"Purple Cow has as much credibilty as Stormfront"

He's actually the most politically obedient to his Marxist ideals here. To him and his ilk, he's the HNIC when it comes to this sort of identity politics shit. E.g. blatantly, habitually, constantly lying his ass off, but preempting the strike by shouting that you're the liar, over and over, so that's all that's seen. Yeah, he's the type of mofo to take a running start to sucker-punch you while you're not looking, then claiming some victory because it's his duty to oust fascists. LOL

These progressives are zombies for white corporate media. But I'll give TPC credit. While the rest of the morons here are wishy-washy on their shit, switching their principles on a whim so long as they get to run down Trump and whitey, TPC at least isn't as racially charged in his beliefs. He's just more like an insane Vladimir Lenin than the racist version of Malcolm X.

He's the strongest believer here in the ends justifying the means, which goes a long way in explaining how he can say, for instance, the greenhouse effect cannot happen without people, and then you're the liar, in twenty-three consecutive inflammatory hit-piece posts, for pointing it out. LOL

mike from iowa said...

All this projection of their "muh dik" obsession. It's like watching a 4-yr-old call someone a "doo-doo head". I've seen an insult script that's more intelligent and original.

James Bonobo paraphrasing Drumpf.

Bonobo has jumped the shark for sure. How does it feel to be quadrasexual, James Bonobo? You know-you'll do anything sexual with anyone for a quarter.

mike from iowa said...

J2S-does greenhouse effect come in albino?

moron from iowa said...

Drumpf dick racist white faggot raper. Stoopid! Russian inbred wingnut. Suck!

The Purple Cow said...

Quote Josh The Proven Liar.

"Except when I proved you were talking bullshit, as per usual."

See this? He's lying again. Incredible.

I wonder if Josh even knows the difference between truth and lies? He seems to lie with impunity, even when his lies are easily refuted. Just fucking weird.

The Purple Cow said...

Quote: Josh-the-proven-liar

"He's the strongest believer here in the ends justifying the means, which goes a long way in explaining how he can say, for instance, the greenhouse effect cannot happen without people, and then you're the liar, in twenty-three consecutive inflammatory hit-piece posts, for pointing it out. LOL"

LOL = laugh out loud, he laughs out loud at his own lies. He thinks his lies are amusing. But as his hero Joseph Goebbels said - "If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes perceived as the truth".

However, I'm here to make sure that the lying sleaze ball doesn't get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Josh is spot-on about "Purple Cow". You can see how insecure he is by his need to respond to everything Josh writes and his inability to ever admit he was wrong.

What a head case.

Wise Latina said...

It is said that anything over a 2 standard deviation difference in IQ makes interpersonal communication impossible.

I bet Gorsuch will feel that way with Sotomayor.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug, no particular love for Mr. Brooks just amusing that even Republicans can occasionally see reality. He is still an intellectual lightweight. I just found this interesting.


Josh said...

"his need to respond to everything Josh writes"

This goes back about four years, if you can believe it. I have never, to this day, a single time, witnessed TPC comment to Field's posts or the general theme of the ongoing discussion. He acts as a self-appointed hall monitor. He's the arbiter on the blog of what's "right" or "wrong," according to his Marxist ends-justify-the-means ideology. To that end, he's been playing this role for years. Accuses me of X and Y, while desperately combing through threads to look for a sentence he can pluck out of my posts. He even admits why he's here. LOL And he does exactly how it's predicted he'll do. He. Can't. Help. It. That's the brain of an ideologue. A stranger he's never met; he makes it his fucking life's work to make me an enemy and fight me.

(Proving his own lying bullshit: You don't dedicate yourself to running someone down who's boring and tedious and just a liar. You ignore them. I'm obviously striking a nerve with him. Progressive neo-Marxists have a natural aversion to truth, like sunlight to vampires.)

Dunning-Kruger, people. He can't spot his own incompetence. He gets credit for being mostly literate, unlike his political brethren here whose broken language needs translation.

Sad, of course, because the only backing he's able to gather through his desperate incessant attempts to crowdfund support, to whip people here into some politically-fueled hate frenzy against me, are those sporadic retarded trolls who can't stop talking about men's cocks.

He has the right idea, of course. That's par for the Marxist course. Form a poutrage collective, witch-hunt your enemies, attack. He's just too stupid a person to take into account the selfish "me, me, me" nature of his American black brothers, who are more concerned with their own hate-whitey victim cult. He believes he'll chase me away if he can only shame me with pointless slurs and develop a gang to help.

It's adorable, the stupid. It helps you realize why Marxism is a universally failed political postulate.

Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

The tr**p era will be a shit stain on American history.

mike from iowa said...

Right wing nut jobs hiding behind alternative facts have no moral ground to stand on and accuse others of lying. On the other hand, it is quite proper to say with certainty that wingnuts do lie.

Gosuck cannot even dream of holding Sotomayor's jock strap.(the one she ripped off Scalia while tearing him a new asshole) He is just another right wing, ass kissing, lap dog good for one trick if he is lucky.

mike from iowa said...

Howz Ginsburg doing? The Notorious RBG is doing just fine.

Yisheng is a genius said...

That bastard doesn't give a f**k about how Ginsberg is doing, sadistic muthaf**ker!

Yisheng is a retard said...

Liberals = losers

Anonymous said...

Josh, on a scale of 1-10, how much does it piss you off when you see a white women with a non-white man? At least an 11?

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a white woman with a non-white man except on TV.

Anonymous said...

For the Trump Regime's next Supreme Court nominee, they will select the honorable David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan!

Thanx President Bannon!

mike from iowa said...

Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...
The tr**p era will be a shit stain on American history.

4:36 PM

Like this?


mike from iowa said...

Too phunny to pass up. In a pretty astonishing bit of corporate memo-ing, Steve Adler, Editor in Chief of the Reuters news agency, sent Reuters staff a memo outlining how the organization should cover the Trump administration: Pretty much the same as it would any other authoritarian regime where you’d be ridiculously naive to take the government at its word. This thing deserves to be printed out and pinned to cubicle walls, and maybe framed like the “declaration of principles” in Citizen Kane, apart of course from the thing where Kane stops following them immediately.
Read more at http://wonkette.com/611182/reuters-to-cover-trump-like-any-other-tinpot-dictator#OEqYPCVoPHVXlqhe.99

Yisheng is a genius said...

PEEOTUS first military failure cost a Serviceman's life.

Unfortunately, there are probably many more to come.

Anonymous said...

Obama lied, people died.

Lügenpresse said...

"Steve Adler, Editor in Chief of the Reuters news agency, sent Reuters staff a memo outlining how the organization should cover the Trump administration: Pretty much the same as it would any other authoritarian regime where you’d be ridiculously naive to take the government at its word."

So Reuters, who for 8 years lied and covered for the least transparent administration in history, now openly states it will lie in an attempt to disparage the Trump administration. That's cool?

(((Steve Adler)))

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I've never seen a white woman with a non-white man except on TV.

6:02 PM

Oh I have. many wind up murdered,sexually assaulted,battered or worse.

Anonymous said...

Percentage of of black men who financially contribute to raising a child they fathered with a white woman: 2.

That's right, 2%.

mike from iowa said...

So Reuters, who for 8 years lied and covered for the least transparent administration in history, now openly states it will lie in an attempt to disparage the Trump administration. That's cool?

They are lies only to possessors of alternative facts in an alternative reality in an alternative whitey wingnut world of make believe. Drumpf sucks. That is all.

Josh said...

Depends on if I like the woman. If she's with any man in that case, it probably will make me a bit sour. Though if I don't like the broad, IDGAF who she fucks. She can sign up with Brazzers and let the Harlem Globetrotters gang-bang her skanky ass for all I care.

Have fun.

But I see black and Latino men with white women all the fucking time. That's how I know white women are the most sought after women in the nation. Every race and ethnicity seems to feel as if they're scoring up when they score a hot white chick.

Maybe unrelated, but could be why black men rape over one hundred white women in America every single fucking day, and white men rape fewer than ten black women every year.

Pussy has a hierarchy. People who pretend it doesn't, or pretend it's racist to point it out, are just going to have to be butthurt. Ask TPC how much melanin his wife has.

mike from iowa said...

Here is a partial list of the extremist people and groups begind Gosuck's nomination.

American values, Americans for Tax Reform, Charmaine Yoest, CNP, Concerned Women for America, Council for National Policy, David O'Steen, Federalist Society, Grover Norquist, Juanita Duggan, Leadership Institute, Leonard Leo, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Morton Blackwell, National Right To Life Committee, New Destiny Christian Center, NFIB, NRA, Paula White, Penny Nance, Susan B. Anthony List, Tom Collamore, US Chamber of Commerce, Wayne La Pierre

dinthebeast said...

Kristol is a Republican.
Neocons are Republicans.
Brooks is a Republican.

You don't get to run away from these morons, they're who you are.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

I heard somewhere that Josh had non-consensual sex with a Chupacabra. OMFG, its an epidemic of whitey wingnuts taking advantage of Chupacabras.

dinthebeast said...


"Explain To Me Again About The Both Sides Thingie

David Duke @DrDavidDuke

Loser? It appears Dave, that everything I've been talking about for decades is coming true and the ideas I've fought for have won. #winning https://twitter.com/daveanthony/status/826623173223329792 …
6:52 PM - 31 Jan 2017"

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

The more you call them out for doing it, the more they do it. Black men and their strange cock fixations, revolving around weird forms of homosexual sex, bestiality and pedophilia.

I think if you had fathers in your lives, you'd had learned to stop acting so fucking gay and twisted.

It's not too late, Mike. We have room for you in the People's Democratic Republic of Kekistan. Shadilay, my brother. Shadilay! We meet at Our Pepe the Holy Redeemer at 9pm every night on /pol/. Bring the Marxists with you, too. It's a shitposting extravaganza.

Just sing along with me: "Stay for the Pepe, children. Stay for the Pepe. Watch for the Pepe, children. Kek is still living through Pepe!"

Anonymous said...

The American male negroe wakes up everyday at 3pm and ponders where to insert its unwashed penis.

Fake News Update said...

There is no point to getting upset about any media story because recent history has demonstrated they're false 98% of the time.

Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

White women are actually pretty overrated. They don't have the curves that black women have.

Josh said...

"They don't have the curves that black women have."

Typically also not the diabetes and heart disease, either, for what it's worth...

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

"Curves"...you mean fat asses?

Watch any tv series about why black folks didn't use chairs. Their fat assed curves were meant so they could squat and their butts woud hit the ground.

Josh said...

It's also no secret that Black Live Matter's favorite target of violence and intimidation is, far and away, young, attractive white women. They can't get enough of beating them and throwing them against walls and screaming in their ears. But you'll never see this on media, just like you'll never see the stats that blacks in America rape ONE HUNDRED white women EVERY DAY. For fuck's sake, if one black woman were raped per month by white man, every Negroid on this site, and half the morons around the nation would be up in arms talking about slavery redux and how white men think they own black women.

There are some very attractive black ladies out there. By and large, though, they're fat, wear nasty-ass Indian hair that stinks, already have bastard babies, and would rather fight in a McDonald's than work at one. White women, by and large, are infinitely more appealing, and that's why BLM targets them -- because as we all know, BLM is a movement of BLACK WOMEN and effeminate bastard sons of those black women.

Josh is a stupid girl said...

Oh yes they do! You've obviously never been to the south.

An ape Lord of Tarzan said...

GTFOH, go to Mississippi and you'll see fat assed white people all day long.

Josh is an attention starved teen girl said...

Who do you speak for Josh? You do know the vast vast majority of white women are raped by white men. As far as white women go there are not by and large more attractive than women of color and your opinion is just your biased racist take so fuck you. Your mama is a fat assed smelly white whore so you lash out as usual.
Nothing to see here folks, just Josh flashing her tits for attention as usual. Pretty pathetic huh?

Cracked out said...

I really want the American male craka' to wake up everyday at 3pm, and ponder putting his unwashed penis in my nose.

Anonymous said...


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