Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Nasty women" versus the " liar- in- chief. "

Image result for march women's march washington pussy hats  riot imagesI suppose that if I happened to be standing in Comrade trump's shoes I would be upset as well. I mean the day after his coronation  he had to watch over 4 million people (mostly women) all over the world take to the streets to denounce his presidency and what it stood for.

Of course it didn't not take long for Mr. Thin Skin to bite. In what was an unprecedented move, he sent out his press secretary to denounce a tweet from a New York Times reporter which was retweeted by some news outlets. His problem with it wasn't that it undermined national security, or that it might trouble our economic standing in the world, his problem with it was that it dd not put him in a better light. To him, it diminished the size of the crowds of his inauguration and thus put a little shade on what should have been his shining moment.  By showing actual pictures to prove that there were less people at his inauguration than Obama's in 2009,  the reporter drew the ire of Herr trump, who spent the rest of the day pouting and using the bully pulpit to put down the apparent diss.

There he was at the CIA headquarters, standing in front of a wall that serves as a memorial to all the people who died while serving their country in covert operations all over the world, and all he could do was speak about himself in the third person, and brag, once again, about how popular he was and how evil the press was being to him. That was a sickening display of self-aggrandizement. Throw in the fact that he told not one, but two blatant lies in doing so, and you can see why all those people took to the streets yesterday to protest his presidency.  

If you were living in Germany in 1933,  this has to all seem so familiar to you. Hitler promised not to threaten the Reichstag,  the German President, the Churches and the States, and, as a result, he was granted emergency powers via the enabling act. We all see now how that turned out.

He did it all by de-legitimizing the press, and mobilizing the German people into a nationalistic fervor, And he did it with slick propaganda  (I see you Kellyanne Goebbels) , and well meaning Germans who sat on the sidelines until it was too late.  

I can only say that I am with you 1,000 percent. And the reason you’re my first stop—” Trump said before dramatically changing direction, “— is that as you know I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. Right? And they sort of made it sound like I have this feud with the intelligence community.” 

That's a lie! 

"Trump drew laughs from the crowd when he described reporters as "the most dishonest human beings" and claimed he'd drawn as many as 1.5 million people to his inauguration despite official estimates closer to 200,000 and repeated images of empty standing spaces. A few miles away, at the White House, Trump aides were soon setting up pictures of the crowd inside the press briefing room."

Another lie!

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ~Hitler~

At least he has the "frequency" part down pat.

Who says that trump doesn't read? I bet he has a copy of Mein Kampf on that big gold desk of his.

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Anonymous said...

He knows his crowd only watches and consumes "alternative" media. Watching Fix and One News Network there was not one story about the protests only stories about "lies" from the media. The Trumpsters only hear what he says so there are thousands of people who believe it was the biggest crowd evah! Good luck with the next four years.


Anonymous said...

I wonder of all of those protestors voted in the election. After all, If you are "not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem." Also, it's questionable as to whether all those protestors will keep up the momentum. Today on Fox 5 Reince Preibus basically blew them off when he alluded to the fact that, just like after the election, the crowds of protestors will eventually Go Away.
Finally, If we are supposed to be a government for and by the people, then why don't these protestors start getting some petitions going. Imagine marching up to the government door with millions of names…now wouldn't that be something.

Anonymous said...

Petitions are good and I'm sure they will follow as well as calls to Senators and Reps. Thing is protests get attention and actually accomplish things i.e. the march on Washington, Vietnam War protests ect. You can't ignore millions of people marching against you.


Anonymous said...

There are already petitions at (at least they were still there yesterday. One demanding his taxes, and one asking him to step down if he cannot prove he is not up to his neck in Russia love. Sign them. Before he realizes what that petition site does, and shuts it down, much as they took away the pages on Climate Change, Human rights. Women's Issues, Gay Issues and several others. Mr. "I will never lie to you" has already broken that promise a dozen times over-in less than 48 hours. Bravo, Mr. president.

dinthebeast said...

Spicer just lied. Straight up lied. Ari Fleischer said "This is called a statement you're told to make by the President. And you know the President is watching."
At least this lie was only about the size of a crowd. What do we do when they start talking about war and Russia and healthcare?

At least Hitler wrote his own book.

-Doug in Oakland

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Looks like America is FINALLY waking up to what many minorities have been dealing with for centuries. BLATANT LIES and DISRESPECT!!!

Welcome to OUR world folks!!

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Speaking of disrespect, this muthaf**ka here.....

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Anyone else feel like we're living in a page or chapter from George Orwell's 1984?

To bad the ignorant/illiterate whooteemoos that helped put PEEOTUS in office never read that damn book!

Lance Cockstrong said...

Or the sequel to "Network" where Tweety plays the part of Howard. Everyone remembers "I'm mad as hell ... " but does anyone remember the ending? Just saying ...

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is a personification of the how fragile the White Male ego truly is.

As especially evidenced by the Alt-Reich, White nationalist, or Neo-Nazi movements, these White Males cling to the delusion that they are the epitome of Goodness incarnate.

But when this self-delusion is shattered (as evidenced by the massive anti-Trump protests), they lash out with comically irrational lies.

Donald "the Tsar" Trump and his Alt-Reich/White nationalists cult followers can only commiserate themselves with a Pity Party of self-deception and rage.

Pity the pathetic and increasingly unhinged "Angry White Male."

Perhaps, they should move to Russia, when they can find solace in the bosom of the David Duke's favorite country.

David Duke Praises Russia as a ‘Christian Nation’ That is ‘More Free’ Than the U.S.

moanmend said...
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Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

I hate Tr**p with a passion, but I certainly don't want Mike Pence to replace him. How can we get rid of both? Permanently?

dinthebeast said...

Pence is Trump's insurance like Quayle was poppy Bush's. There used to be bumper stickers around here back in the eighties that read "Shoot Bush First." I never thought that was a good idea, but someone liked it enough to print the stickers.

-Doug in Oakland

Yisheng is a retard said...

The real question is: When will we get the first real attractive FLOTUS? Melania is shit just like Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, etc. etc. etc.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Let the lawsuits against PEEOTUS begin!!!

So let's take a bet on how many days PEEOTUS will be in office before he resigns so he can fly on his plane with the golden toilets.

I'll give him 230 days in office, what say you?

Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

Trump won't last till Summer.

dinthebeast said...

Last I heard 60 out of 690 senate confirmable positions in the incoming administration had been filled, and many national security employees from the Obama administration have been asked to stay on for an indefinite time at the last minute. And this is what Trump is worried about. Could we maybe get a government pretty soon?

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Who says that trump doesn't read? I bet he has a copy of Mein Kampf on that big gold desk of his.


Donald Trump's ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed

anotherbozo said...

Nothing was quite as forlorn, and eloquent, as empty reviewing stands when the Trump motorcade passed:

So stupid to debate visual and tabulated facts, like the riders on the D.C. Metro on Friday vs. Saturday, 570,557 vs. 1,001,613.

The American press doesn't like to be dissed, trashed, contradicted. Intimidation may well fail big. Prognosis is good.

Brigade Fifteen said...

In "honor" of the installation of our new führer, I will no longer be going by Ministry of Truth. I have decided henceforth I will be identified as Brigade Fifteen.

Brigade Fifteen said...

Today's musical dedication to Donald Trump: The Day the Nazi Died

We're told that after the war
The Nazis vanished without a trace
But battalions of fascists
Still dream of a master race

The history books, they tell
Of their defeat in '45
But they all came out of the woodwork
On the day the Nazi died

They say the prisoner at Spandau
Was a symbol of defeat
Whilst Hess remained imprisoned
And the fascists, they were beat

So the promise of an Aryan world
Would never materialize
So why did they all come out of the woodwork
On the day the Nazi died?

The world is riddled with maggots
The maggots are getting fat
They're making a tasty meal of all
The bosses and bureaucrats

They're taking over the boardrooms
And they're fat and full of pride
And they all came out of the woodwork
On the day the Nazi died

So if you meet with these historians
I'll tell you what to say
Tell them that the Nazis
Never really went away

They're out there burning houses down
And peddling racist lies
And we'll never rest again
Until every Nazi dies

Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

Never thought I would actually see an Aryan dictatorship in my lifetime.

mike from iowa said...

A friend sent me this from Alaska's Nasty Women march. It takes intestinal fortitude to show up @ minus 20 degrees.

Alaska is in the geath grip of right wing nut job austerity and like Kansas and other austere wingnut hell holes, the economy went south with tax revenues.

Benny said...

Iowa sucks ass and is a shit state full of retards.

The Ministry of Truth said...

"Iowa sucks ass and is a shit state full of retards."

Don't know about the whole state of Iowa, but Trump's buddy Steve King sure is a racist retard, notable mainly for warning us that Mexicans are all drug mules "with calves the size of cantaloupes."

Steve has a brain the size of a raisin.

Brigade Fifteen said...

Oops, forgot to sign off with my new handle. Force of habit. :-D

mike from iowa said...

Dumb Benny-jealousy gets you no where with me. In iowa we have institutions to help the mentally ill. In right wing nut land they elect them to political office because the retards are smarter than the voters.

mike from iowa said...

Indiana wingnut lawmaker commented that marchers were fat. A Nebraska rwnj sez the women weren't good enough looking to be sexually assaulted. How and why do women vote for these PIGS? A Texas nutjob wants to pass a bill to make all abortions felonies even in the cases of rape and incest- no exceptions.

Aurora S. said...

We really need to stop giving a fuck about what the First Lady looks like. Why are people so damned concerned? You all are treating the First Lady like some livestock the President shows at the motherfucking county fair. Of all the thousand things we can criticize Trump about, we're settling for "his broodmare/wife won't win Grand Champion, what a dickhead"?

How about how he effectively convinced enough of the white people in America that despite being a billionaire celebrity from NYC--the epitome of what they usually vilify for not being a "real American", he's one of "them" who stands up for them and identifies with their concerns. He wants to cut their healthcare and social programs, poison the air and water, and destroy public education. This seems to be the opposite of "standing up for them", by convincing them to vote against almost all of their interests. But their most important interest--the one that they valued more than all these things combined--is maintaining white supremacy, and that makes him "one of them". That's some legit criticism right there.

Cheeto Benito's dumpy-ass needs to accessorize that bad orange toupee with a proper First Lady? She's not a person, after all...

mike from iowa said...

We really need to stop giving a fuck about what the First Lady looks like. Why are people so damned concerned?

Because the real enemies of America-right wing nut jobs- won't let it go. They attacked Michelle Obama for 8 years, plus her daughters. They attacked, and still attack, HRC and they attacked Chelsea Clinton. If we let them get away with one sided attacks, the terrorists win.

It isn't like anyone has said Melanoma Drumpf looks like a former male, Eastern European Olympian that needs to shave her moustache and legs regularly. Steroids make facial hair grow I hear. I haven't heard her deep manly voice, personally, that is if she has one.

Uncertain Trumpet said...

How long I wonder until the GOP decides to get rid of him? America is stumbling through a minefield and being lead by people who don't mean you well. Their utter contempt for all that Obama's time represents is palpable. And menacing. Not being rude, just telling you how it looks like from Europe.

mike from iowa said...

Super Callous Fragile Ego, Trump You Are Atrocious

Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious

Some signs from the women's march. I feel a song coming on.

Harry X said...

The CIA is doing a disservice to the American public for not releasing their assessment of trump mental capabilities as he stood before them at their headquarters. The business of CIA is the study of people and behavior. That how they gain insight into people  when they conduct clandestine operations around the world.

field negro said...

Mike@7:23" that was pretty good.

James Deplorable said...

'Trump won't last till Summer."

Oh, definitely.  He'll never break 25% in a primary.  It'll be Jeb against Hillary, just you watch.


"Nothing was quite as forlorn, and eloquent, as empty reviewing stands when the Trump motorcade passed"

People couldn't get through the checkpoints, and gave up waiting to go have lunch.

"The American press doesn't like to be dissed, trashed, contradicted."

The American people don't like being dissed, trashed and lied to.  They're increasingly finished with the #FakeNews and turning to alt-media.  The Lying Marxist Press is on its deathbed.

"Iowa sucks ass and is a shit state full of retards."

They imported the retards from the Chicago projects.  Robbing and raping apparently were jobs that Iowans wouldn't do, just like meat-packing required Mexicans and refugees.

"In right wing nut land they elect them to political office because the retards are smarter than the voters."

So Detroit, which elected the illiterate sexual harasser Otis Mathis to the Board of Education, is right-wingville?  Who'd a thunk it?

"A Texas nutjob wants to pass a bill to make all abortions felonies even in the cases of rape and incest- no exceptions."

Definitely the wrong thing to do.  72% of the abortions in Mississippi are obtained by Black women.  Planned Parenthood is doing more good than the KKK ever did.

BTW, watching you clowns talk about Melania in terms taken directly from descriptions of Moochelle is hilarious.  You always project.

Here's Melania posing nude in British GQ.  We know all Black men want her, and all Black women want to be her (which is why you buy "weaves" with straight, fine hair).

But even your little pea brains realize that's impossible.

So you hate her instead.  So obvious.

James wants Black dick said...

We all know you want Black dick which is why you spout your drivel everyday about cucks. Just admit it, you fantasize about big black bucks while rubbing your cat's ass.
150 IQ bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

James is an animal molestor said...

James wants a big dick like a Black man instead of his pea sized cocktail weiner. So sad. His cat is soooooo disappointed.

Aurora Silvermane said...

I think you're missing the point. So fucking what if they criticized Michelle Obama? Since when do two wrongs make a right? People always fucking do this. What any First Lady looks like doesn't matter.

Aurora Silvermane said...

That was meant for mike @3:23

Hattie said...

Mein Kampf is unreadable, even in translation.

M. said...


I just accepted in invite to join Baraks Foundation.

We are not waiting We are going to get rid of Dennis the menace" ASAP


Anonymous said...

look at all the little sparklefarts delusional types in their pussy hats.Totally clueless.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the poor SOBs that are married to these poor confused sparklefarters.