Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lie merchants.

Image result for alternative fact imageI think that we can all agree by now that the current American president is clinically insane.

To tell falsehoods one after another without even giving it a second thought cannot be normal.

The man has told one lie after another since becoming president, much to the shock and surprise of the American news media. And many of them are having a hard time believing how incredibly thin his skin is.   That. my friends, is not a good trait for an American president to have, because if he thinks things are bad now, just wait until he is faced with a real crisis.

Anyway, I say serve them (the press) right. When this man was lying about president Obama for the last seven years, where were they? When he told lie after lie on the campaign trail they acted as if it was normal, and that it was just Donald being Donald. Now that he is president they expect this seventy year old man to all of a sudden change who he is? Not. Going. To. Happen.

Donald's latest whopper (because he just can't help himself) is the one he told a bunch of lawmakers who were visiting him in his newly gold minted digs in the white house. (The man's office decor is gold; he wears neckties that are way too long; and he treats his wife like she is there to serve him. Proof positive that he represents the very worst of us males.) He just can't let this whole popular vote thing go, so he had to let them know, in no uncertain terms, that millions of American voters committed voter fraud, and this is why he lost the popular vote by over three million people. He keeps blatantly lying about this, in spite of the fact that it has been proven over and over again to be false.

The scary thing about trump and his "alternative facts" crew, is that many of their supporters still choose to believe the bull s**t that they peddle on a daily basis.  They have all bought in, and to jump off the trump train now would be too much for them to handle.

The white house has now "doubled down" on this voter fraud nonsense, and now that they have the power to feed into the lies created by their alternative universe, they actually have the power to investigate this non-issue. And they have actually declared that they might in fact have an investigation regarding this issue.

 “He’s stated his concerns about voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign, and he continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence that people have presented to him,” Spicer said.

No credible study supports Trump’s claim, and the only study Spicer cited does not support the president on the issue. " 

What no one is talking about is the possible nefarious method to the president's madness: Push this false narrative long and hard enough, and justify more voter suppression of the folks who have traditionally been disenfranchised.

Maybe the man is not as insane as I first thought. Maybe he is just an evil person. Or, sadly, maybe he is a little bit of both.

*Pic from thedailybeast.com


Rebecca Yourig said...

He lies because he gets what he wants in so doing and doesn't get consequences painful to him. Some one, something needs t skewer him in these lies but there isn't anything we can do. He feeds on our outrage over his lies. Loves it

Lance Cockstrong said...

If voter suppression is his game then it is backfiring because outside of the Trumpettes even right wingers like Ryan are disavowing him. More likely he is just fucking with the media, conditioning a (non) response from them, and priming the pump for bigger things when he will go full Putin on them.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have anything to say about TPP executive order by Trump today? Did you support TPP, FN? How about Trump's infrastructure proposal?

Lance Cockstrong said...

More Alt-Facts for Alt-Fascists:

Cutting food stamps / Medicaid = empowerment
Cutting corporate taxes / regulations = certainty
True The Vote
Clean Coal
Class Warfare
Evangelism = Religious Freedom
Creation Science
Corporations = People
Obamacare = Job Killer
Legitimate Rape
White Heritage
I know shit about hacking that no one else knows
No one but the media wants my tax returns

That Butt Trumpet and Trumpettes Conway and Schmucky Spice can deliver this shit with a straight face is nothing short of astounding

dinthebeast said...

You notice Spicer changed his approach this time, and instead of saying this lie was true, he repeated over and over that it is what Trump believes. At least this time the reporters got a chance to call him on it. How long that will last is anybody's guess.

Trump isn't all that bright, but this is an area where he has been coached by the very worst, Roy Cohn, and I don't trust him half as far as I could throw him. And like Cohn, he seems to genuinely enjoy ruining people's lives, so look for a lot more of that to be happening.

Apparently his staff is having problems keeping him focused on the work he should be doing (such as staffing up the government, where he has filled less than 100 of 690 senate confirmable positions) and dissuading him from twitter wars and watching himself on TV.

There are cases where evil and just dumb are indistinguishable, and some of his behavior fits that description.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

It's a distraction. He has us talking about his alt-facts while giving us the finger on a number of issues:

"WASHINGTON — President Trump signed five more executive actions Tuesday in a blitz of executive power meant to speed approvals of high-profile energy and infrastructure projects, including two controversial pipeline projects in the upper Midwest.

"Trump signed two presidential memoranda intended to expedite the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, but also signed three more longer-term and sweeping directives requiring American-made steel and changing the process of approving and regulating future pipeline and infrastructure projects."


Lance Cockstrong said...

I've heard it referred to as gaslighting Doug. Vacillating between extremes so you lose your equilibrium trying to keep up. Kind of playing good cop / bad cop with himself. Trump does it all the time. Attacking, playing kissyface, then attacking again, cases in point the NYT, Megyn Kelly, Obamacare, climate change.

James Deplorable said...

"I think that we can all agree by now that the current American president is clinically insane."

What you mean, "we", darkie?

We just read you clowns declaring that the Halfrican ran a scandal-free administration.  Apparently "Fast & Furious", among other gross fuckups, means nothing to you.  You're still declaring St. Skittles and St. Swisher Sweets to be martyrs, not the violent felons they truly were.

If you think Donald J. Trump is crazy because he dares to oppose your agenda, it is you who are clinically insane.  You are deluded beyond any capacity for inclusion in American society.  You. Must. Go.

"To tell falsehoods one after another without even giving it a second thought cannot be normal."

That's what we keep telling you, but you won't listen.

"The man has told one lie after another since becoming president"

Pure projection.  Your entire claim of a win of the popular vote is based on at least 3 million votes by people not eligible to vote.  Without those fraudulent votes, Trump's 30-odd state EC win would have been 40-something.

Hitlery knew this.  She relied on her margin of fraud to win... and failed.

Your agenda is not merely illegitimate, but grossly so.

" Now that he is president they expect this seventy year old man to all of a sudden change who he is. Not. Going. To. Happen."

Yup, not gonna happen!  U R FKD!  PLS leave our country now!  KTHXBAI!

"he had to let them know in no uncertain terms that millions of American voters committed voter fraud"

I'll let you in on a secret:  Americans do not commit voter fraud.  Dual "citizens", felons, non-citizens and illegal aliens do.  And there are a shitload of all of those because of Dimocrapic administrations and operatives going back to Lyndon Baines Johnson.

"The scary thing about trump and his "alternative facts" crew, is that many of their supporters still choose to believe the bull s**t that they peddle on a daily basis."

You have an instant solution to that.  You give up your (YT-granted) government job in Philly and return to Jamaica, where all realities are Black realities.  And then you deal.

Are you willing to take the Black populations of Philly, Baltimore, Trenton, Wilmington, Gary, Chicago and the District of Columbia back to Jamaica with you, to enjoy the virtues of Black self-rule?  No?  You fucking hypocrite.  Excuse me:  you fucking PARASITE.  You leech off White production and White virtues for everything you have.  You deserve nothing.

"Push this false narrative long and hard enough, and justify more voter suppression of the folks who have traditionally been disenfranchised."

That is EXACTLY what's been happening to White voters since 1992 (if not before).  It looks like this is a reversal... and it scares the living shit out of you.  It ought to.

"I've heard it referred to as gaslighting Doug."

America has been gaslighted about the nature of the African for over a century.  That delusion is being demolished in front of your eyes.  Be afraid.  Get yourself back to the motherland.  Now.

Yisheng = nigger said...

I bet most of the morons in Trump's administration won't last through the year. What a bunch of losers.

dinthebeast said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dinthebeast said...

Yes, it is a distraction. And a calibration of the infinitely reprogrammable pig people who support him. Demonstrate right out of the gate that his voting base will believe anything he tells them to, no matter how preposterously, demonstrably, here-are-the-pictures-to-prove-it wrong, and then facts lose some of their power over the only thing he cares about: his re-election.
If they're gonna vote for him no matter how much he lies, why does he need to bother with the truth?
And as long as the congress is Republican controlled and terrified of having those pig people turn on them for going against Dear Leader, who will hold him to account?
The problem I see with that strategy is that part of the reality he is trying to deny is that he lost the popular vote by a lot, and even given the massive voter suppression he is about to unleash, the candidate in 2020 won't have 30 years of Republican lies around their neck and the voters themselves won't be as complacent as they were this time.
That and he will make a lot of people hate him by fucking up their lives and their country and killing some poor people who they care about.
Reality has a way of getting the last laugh, and his number will definitely come up over ignoring it.

And Lance, yes it is gaslighting, and Roy Cohn was a master at it.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

The person who claims to know how many illegals voted is going to go public with their names in conjunction with Screw the Vote. Claims he want a public dump of names so the media can't spin it. First stop will be alt-right outlets so they can spin it.

James has a -150 IQ said...

Fast and Furious? Really? James you are one dumb sonofabitch. What have you ever done to show us your supposed 150 IQ?
150IQ bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! gasp bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
More lies from ignorant white men.

James is an unemployed moron said...

James is just jelly because the negroes here are educated and successful while he is an ignorant moron who probably lives in a cardboard box.
150 IQ bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Brigade Fifteen said...

On an earlier occasion, I said that the Trump presidency will be characterized by epic levels of corruption and assaults on the civil liberties of various ethnic and religious minorities.

But I should have also added ridiculous, bullshit congressional investigations to the list. It kind of goes without saying now, but ever since the Bill Clinton inquisition of the '90s, witch-hunt investigations into fabricated non-issues are standard operating procedure whenever Republicans are in control. Benghazi and emails have been run into the ground, so the GOP need some new imaginary foes to hold "urgent" hearings about.

Trump/Republican song of the day: Exhuming McCarthy

Brigade Fifteen said...

"Do you have anything to say about TPP executive order by Trump today? Did you support TPP, FN? How about Trump's infrastructure proposal?"

Cancelling TPP may be one of the few useful things Trump will accomplish as president. Of course, TPP probably wouldn't have survived under a President Hillary, either, simply because there is a growing groundswell of opposition to free trade.

Free trade is overdue for a rethink, but Trump is absolutely the wrong guy to do it. He won't merely dial back on globalization initiatives and make some incremental reforms. He is more likely to start a stupid and destructive trade war with China that will screw up the entire economy.

Trump's infrastructure proposals are a worthless exercise in corruption. They won't boost the economy. The way they are structured will mostly just result in the transfer of taxpayer money into the hands of already very rich people -- probably including Trump himself -- for stuff that already would have gotten built without any federal incentive.

Brigade Fifteen said...

"I've heard it referred to as gaslighting Doug. Vacillating between extremes so you lose your equilibrium trying to keep up. Kind of playing good cop / bad cop with himself. Trump does it all the time. Attacking, playing kissyface, then attacking again, cases in point the NYT, Megyn Kelly, Obamacare, climate change."

I don't think that's exactly gaslighting, but it's related. Gaslighting is when one pulls a "who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?" move.

This is hall-of-fame-level dishonesty, when you're still lying even as everyone can see your lie being disproved in real time. It's Baghdad Bob insisting on camera that Iraq is winning the war! -- while, off-camera, everyone can hear American tanks blowing stuff up just a few blocks away.

When the news anchor says, "See, that's you on the tape, right there last week, saying X," Trump will reply, "No. That's not me. It must have been some other obnoxious orange-colored person with a weird haircut. I would never have said X. Didn't happen. You're clearly mistaken. Fake news."

Jerrianne Hayslett said...

Explained in George Orwell's 1984: Language as the Ultimate Weapon in "Nineteen Eighty-Four" http://www.berkes.ca/archive/berkes_1984_language.html

Brigade Fifteen said...

Breaking: The new deputy assistant attorney general of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department is going to be a guy with a history of defending "racial gerrymandering" and voting restrictions.

Lawyer Who Defended Racial Gerrymandering Picked for A Top Civil Rights Job

Say, is anybody noticing a pattern in these federal appointments? Could it possibly be that when Donald Trump said he wanted to help "the blacks," he was not being entirely sincere? Perish the thought.

Ed said...

Trump is the useful idiot for the Republican Party. That boy will sign anything Republicans put in front of him. Now Republicans can push their agenda to repeal ACA, privatize Medicare and Social Security and pollute the planet.

America is a ship of fools; if you are eligible to vote and didn't vote, you are a fool; if you voted for any Republican, you are a fool.

It's simply irrational for a political party to subject the majority of elderly to poverty and their children to ecological disaster.

mike from iowa said...


Now back to yer regularly scheduled fantasy, nutters.

mike from iowa said...

According to a White House source, Drumpf believes some of the women marchers weren't protesting him.

Another rumour- Barstool Palin is suspected of teaching Kellyanne Conweasel how to throw a right hook, thereby becoming another Palin hooker.

Josh said...

I only know this. And keep in mind this is Virginia, where we don't technically give legal sanctuary to third-world ethnic groups looking to suck the lifeblood from a first-world nation:

My ID expired Dec 2, so I had to go wait for two hours at the DMV to get a new one, which they only mailed two weeks later. Used to be you filled out a piece of paper and they gave you the laminate there. These days it's all automated; I had to go through the rigmarole of using an automated screen.

On the screen it said, "Are you a legal US citizen? (If not, do not worry. This will not affect your chances of receiving valid Virginia identification)." On the very next screen it said, "Would you like to register to vote?" LOL

I presented a tax form, my existing expired ID, a birth certificate, a piece of mail, and a credit card, and it still wasn't good enough. I had to return home to get something else with a verified SSN. The probation office is right next door, and a girl I went to school with as a senior works there. I asked her if she kept records of juvenile offenders, as I was on probation when I was 16, and she asked why. I explained to her this and that, the nonsense of the DMV and needing a verified SSN, and she laughed about the "US citizen" part and said all "some people" have to do is provide a written name and proof of address. She said it's even easier for illegals if they're offenders. All they have to do is get a copy of their offender sheet from P&P and the DMV will give them a valid ID, no charge. ($10 for me - white privilege tax.)

This is Virginia. How easy do you think it is in California for an illegal Latino to go vote? And for whom do you think they're voting?

You lot honestly believe that tens of millions of illegal immigrants show up here to work and live, yet they don't go vote for elections?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Josh, tens of millions of people who want to remain anonymous will knowingly commit a federal crime. Maybe you should lead the investigation. (eyes rolling)
Sigh, now go flash your tits for everyone to see. You need attention.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious what Trump is trying to do.

Trump wants to increase the chances of his reelection in 2020 by using allegations of "voter fraud" to suppress the ability of minorities to vote--given that the majority of them voted against him in 2016.

In essence, this is an updated 21st-century version of the "Good Old Days" of America (i.e. pre-Civil Rights era), where poll taxes, literacy tests, restrictive registration practices, grandfather clauses, and even violence were used to limit the ability of minorities and poor people in general to cast their vote.

When Trump and his supporters pine nostalgically for a return to a by-gone era of "American Greatness," this is what they really mean:

Turning back the clock of racial and political equality.

dinthebeast said...

As of last night, Orwell's 1984 was #1 on Amazon, and the publisher had ordered a big print run...

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Ya'll know this is Yisheng right?

mike from iowa said...

The 4 known illegal voters were all Drumpf voters. Too phucking phunny.

Texass wingnut congresspissant LaMar Smith sez it is better to get news directlu from Drumpf if you want unvarnished truth. OMFG. They are all insane. Unvarnished truth from an un-upholstered brain.

Article out today sez the dealer in chief could have gotten numerous concessions from Canada on trade and other stuff, had he done anything but hand them the KXL pipeline with an executive order. Deal making apparently isn't Drumpf's strong suit, either. What an unfunny joke of a human being.

KXL will benefit Canadian interests making America first. Bwahahahahahaha

mike from iowa said...

Brigade Fifteen- Sessions has already stated he will nor recuse himself from any investigations between Drumpf and his Russian handlers.

Josh said...

"When Trump and his supporters pine nostalgically for a return to a by-gone era of "American Greatness," this is what they really mean:"

As a skeptic, I have spent exponentially more time in blogging communities decrying crazy Christians and Islamic radicals. I agree in part that there were aspects of America that weren't great before. And aren't great now. But enough of the utopian fallacy.

It wasn't great to be a racial minority.
It wasn't great to be a woman.
It wasn't great to be homosexual.
It wasn't great to be non-Christian.

But that's sorta where you folks want to stop the conversation, with the implication being that it's always been "great" in America if you're a white male.

Well, tell that to all the ones conscripted against their will to die in wars they had no hand in starting.
Tell that to the all the ones who actually fought and died to free slaves from the 2% of Americans who owned them.
Tell that to all the ones who have lived in generational poverty far longer than anyone else in the hills of the Appalachia and other dirt poor locations around the nation.
Tell that to everyone of the wrong nationality or religion who were run out by others already here.

America has never been great for everyone across the board. But what Trump supporters mean by "great" isn't this Pepe racist meme you insist is true.

-It's more to do with days of being able to start a small business and make a name for yourself while making a better life for your family.
-It's more to do with being able to have pride in your nation without being labeled as some horrible xenophobic bigot.
-It's more to do with ridding the world of threats like Hitler and worldwide communism.
-It's more to do with correcting the inequalities of REAL VICTIMS--not today's phony crybabies--and living up to the idea of a republic, when it would have been far easier for the majority population to cull minorities out of existence. Who would be around to complain if they just did that instead of attempting to self-correct?
-It's more about our ability to come together after something horrific like 9/11. whereas electing Trump has driven half the nation to literal madness.
-It's about the idea of the streets "paved with gold" and people coming here actually wanting to be an American, rather than wanting to superimpose their third-world cultures over our first-world culture while mooching off us.
-It's far more about back in the day when America did things: Automobiles, televisions, space exploration, etc, whereas we now rely on Asia for our technology and Hollywood for our curiosity.

Some of you people confuse the word "great" with "perfect." No. America's never been ideal for everyone. Though there's one constant in America's history that you won't find outside of the west, which was basically started by America, and that's the idea of correcting problems. Really. What was the black population at during CRM? About 8% of the population? America attempted to be great rather than doing what would have been far easier, and that's ridding itself of that population.

It's not everyone else's fault that anti-Trump folks have been indoctrinated to only see racism in everything positive said about America. You people remind me of a cranky old man watching a television show, bitching about it incessantly, but refusing to change the channel. I.e. You know America IS great! That's why you fucking live HERE and haven't moved back to your ancestral homelands or to other nations. You just want to beat people over the heads as some sort of bigots.

James Deplorable said...

"Demonstrate right out of the gate that his voting base will believe anything he tells them to, no matter how preposterously, demonstrably, here-are-the-pictures-to-prove-it wrong"

You mean, like CNN's claim that the Trump inauguration was grossly unpopular... a claim they've now had to retract?

If you want anything to stick to Teflon Don, you have to be better than a pathological liar yourself.  Anyone taking their gospel from liars is pitiable, to a point.  You're way beyond that; you're merely contemptible.

Josh's panties said...

Blah blah blah blah blah blah (use bold to make sure you see my tits) blah blah blah blah.

James' special ed teacher said...

Or the lie that you have an IQ of 150?
150 IQ bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh jeezus bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

mike from iowa said...


Look at all the lies Drumpf had to retract. Must be millions of them by now.

field negro said...

@Anon@2:33PM,ding ding ding.😉

field negro said...

@Anon@2:33PM,ding ding ding.😉

Brigade Fifteen said...

Remember back in the days of yore (a couple months ago) when having a private email account meant a government official was obviously up to something sinister and traitorous and should be locked up?

Yeah, about that ...

Trump Staffers Are Reportedly Using Private Email Accounts

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked.


mike from iowa said...

Newsweek is reporting Drumpf officials are using a private RNC server in the White CAFO(confined animal feeding operation) Just like HRC used and got about 100 investigations for.

mike from iowa said...

Sorry Brigade Fifteen. I completely missed your post.

mike from iowa said...

You mean, like CNN's claim that the Trump inauguration was grossly unpopular... a claim they've now had to retract?

You mean like Drumpf's claim it was the biggest ever inaugural?
Like Drumpf's paid press liar doubling down on that assertion?

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh, did you vote for Trump or Gary Johnson?

Lance Cockstrong said...

No doubt they will try Mike but how far can you spin a list of names? Let Tweety have his little fun with his major investigation. The joke will be on him when he trots Schmucky Spice out to announce that (other than Bannon, Munchkin, KT McFarland who are registered to vote in multiple states) he is full of shit as usual.

Josh said...

Neither. I'd sooner pencil in Ross Perot.

But it gives me great satisfaction to see the unraveling of the left after Trump's victory. Look no father than this blog. It used to deal with racial issues, which is what drew me here initially. At a time when the creationist Christian blogs were going belly-up, and the ancient alien theorist blogs were blocking all dissent, I found this blog and thought it good skeptic exercise to argue against unfairly maligning whites racist for behaviors that aren't racist. It used to be Field would post about racial incidents and try to present a case for racism. These days, however, he simply copy-pastes something from mainstream media about Trump and adds a "Hitler" here and there to make it his own. Appropriation, but not really. It's only appropriation when white people do it. Like, for instance, white people can appropriate African-American Vernacular English by using it, but black people didn't appropriate English and change it and call it their own. It's only appropriation when whites do it. But I digress...

This is why I'm not political at all. It's funny to watch so many people in a constant state of butthurt over Trump's victory. But I'm just glad it isn't me. I'm glad I wasn't a Trump supporter and that I'm not a leftist angry over Trump' win.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Yeah it just looked half empty because they all had white sheets on. No doubt this prick was one of them

Lance Cockstrong said...

Tweety being turned away from multiple polling places in 2004. You can't make this shit up

Stony said...

If lies bother you, you must have been in a world of hurt while living in the Obama years. Let me know when Trump is lying, so far he is doing everything he said he would do.

field negro said...

"Let me know when Trump is lying,"

When he is moving his lips.

dinthebeast said...

"When he is moving his lips."
Or his tiny thumbs on his illegal, unsecured Android phone.

-Doug in Oakland

Josh's panties said...

Josh in other words craves attention and will flash her tits wherever she can get said attention. Kind of pathetic.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

LOL @ Field!

Anonymous said...


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