Thursday, January 12, 2017

Open thread Thursday.

MORE DISCLAIMERSMy lord! Yet another lie from Füh·rer trump.

It seems that he was briefed about that dossier with all the salacious stuff in it. And yet, he along with Kellyanne Goebbels, would  have us believe that he was not.

Anyway, this is open thread Thursday, so I want to read your opinion about the state of the presidential transition, and the hearings going on in Washington to confirm trump's band of merry men.  


The Ministry of Truth said...

An Alabama congressman said Democrats only object to Jeff Sessions because they are at war with white people. The GOP continues its downward spiral into becoming an overt hate group:

"'It’s really about political power and racial division and what I refer to, on occasion, as the "war on whites,"' Brooks said Wednesday on WBHP 800 Alabama radio. 'And the Democrats are not shy about lying in order to achieve their political goals.'”

So that happened.

Meanwhile, Corey Booker is taking a stand against Sessions' nomination, which is nice. That still won't make me trust Booker, though. He portrays himself as this progressive crusader type, but that only ever seems to hold true when it comes to high-profile reputation-building opportunities like this hearing. Behind the scenes, he goes out of his way to remove accountability from big business, whether it's suggesting banks are over-regulated, or, as in recent days, defending the right of pharma companies to protected two-tier pricing (charging Americans more for drugs than the citizens of other countries pay for the exported products). I am not impressed.

Josh said...

An anonymous official...
An unverified source...
Sources inside...
A senior official...
According to reports...
We have come to learn...

It's absolutely amazing how fake media continues to weasel-word their way around using facts, simply so they use conjecture to attack political opponents.

More amazing the people who eat it up without question.

Most amazing are the people who copy-paste it verbatim, for their own end, and thus spread nonsense and make America's media the laughing stock of the entire world.

dinthebeast said...

Evidence showed up during the campaign that the Trump organization had a dedicated server exclusively for communications with some Russian IP addresses, something that seemed dumb from a networking standpoint,
but the logs showed the data transfers and no other activity from the server, in a sporadic and intermittent fashion that didn't make sense as anything other than email or chat communications. Trump's people denied it, of course.
After the election, Russia's foreign minister claimed that they had been in touch with multiple members of the Trump campaign on multiple occasions.
Meaning one of them is lying.
So which is it, Trumpee-poo? Are the Russians more trustworthy than US intelligence services or not?

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

Sean Spicer says that intelligence shouldn't play any role in our politics, so I guess he's working for the right guy.

-Doug in Oakland

Yīshēng said...

I just watched Don Lemon side step PeeGate with Michael Moore. It's just shameful that the ONLY po,it's all party with backbone are the rethugs.

I just wonder how many PEEOTUS attorneys threatened CNN. And I wonder what the Russisns have on PEEOTUS.

dinthebeast said...

Driftglass, writing about the senate vote last night:

"In November, 63 million of my neighbors deliberately and with malice in their hearts conspired to take my kid's health care away.

And I will never, ever forgive them for that.

From Brother Charlie Pierce:"

30 Million People Lost Their Healthcare in the Dead of Night"

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

I'm wondering what the tipping point for silly ass wingnuts is when the shear weight and volume of impeachable offenses perpetrated by Donnie Drumpfuck outweighs lying about sex standard for impeaching a sitting Dem Potus. Is there a tipping point? Are treasonous wingnuts so unconcerned about their own ethical lapses that there is no conceivable crime a wingnut will ever be charged with?

What disgusting, vile, reeking piles of shit rethuglicans have evolved into.

Josh said...

Mike, a suggestion:

Leave the thesaurus alone and get Grammarly instead.

Josh said...

Field, I obviously don't have access to your data, but judging from the comment volume, it appears as if this obsession with Trump you have is costing you some visitors. Or at least some engagement.

I guess if you end up experiencing an 80% drop-off over the course of your four-year bash-Trump party, you'll do the good progressive thing and blame it on white racists and their "blacklash." LOL

dinthebeast said...

So apparently Mo "war on whites" Brooks is a leading contender for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III's senate seat, should he be confirmed as AG.

-Doug in Oakland

Flying Junior said...

Whether or not said senator is a racist...

And I might point out that racism is not a legal reason to disbar an American politician. It may be substantive.

Jeff Sessions didn't seem to have any information on Syria, Aleppo or the humanitarian crisis that sent over six million people fleeing their homes in what was once a beautiful country with a thriving economy. Tiny reminder, Russia sided with Bashir Al-Hasad.

We get why Gary Johnson didn't know much about it.

I can't remember anyone who exploited the concept of plausible deniability any more completely in recent memory than perhaps Alberto Gonzalez when he testified before the Senate on the firings of U.S. Attorneys General by the Bush administration.

People that don't recall and, "have no information," are not qualified to hold political office or appointed positions within our federal, executive branch, let alone the crucial position of SOS.

Flying Junior said...

Can anybody vouch for Josh as to not being a Russian troll? I mean, seriously. Where do you live, anyway?

How long has he been around? I don't remember him.

The Ministry of Truth said...

"So apparently Mo 'war on whites' Brooks is a leading contender for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III's senate seat, should he be confirmed as AG."

It figures. A certain "attitude" seems to be a job requirement for political office down in those parts.

The Purple Cow said...

Quote:Little Jimmy Deplorable

"The joke is "What's the difference between a chickpea and a GARBANZO BEAN", stupid."

Sometimes it's hard to grasp just how stupid and parochial little Jimmy is, until you read idiocy like this.

In many ways he's even stupider than Josh.

field negro said...

Josh, did u and some of your other mates believe trump's birthed claims? Just curious.

Seems there wasn't much fact-checking with that, either. And yet.....

field negro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Josh said...

"Can anybody vouch for Josh as to not being a Russian troll? I mean, seriously. Where do you live, anyway?"

That seems to be the thing now. Bring Cold War paranoia back. Russia is satan! Anyone operating counter-narrative is thus satan, and must be Russia. There's that 8%-better-than-retards I've come to know and love!

"How long has he been around? I don't remember him."

Been here on and off for, oh, four years or so. TPC would probably lie and say I'm brand new, if it meant he got some help in stalking me. But since he is my official stalker here, he might be able to vouch. But knowing the partisan mind and its inability to properly reason, I suspect he'd rather team up with you and accuse me of being a Russian troll.

Fine with me. I'm already so many lovely things when I post here, all for not being ideologically identical to the herd. What's one more smear against my character?

At this point, I just come back to watch you all make James look like Nostradamus -- only accurate.

field negro said...

Clicks are way up since trump. I think someone above wanted to know.😏

MOT, I know we shouldn't Judge a book by its cover, but I am looking at Sessions and if central casting was looking for a racist, he would be your guy.😏

Josh said...

"Josh, did u and some of your other mates believe trump's birthed claims? Just curious."

1) I'm on record on this very blog defending Obama being a natural-born citizen. Though the many times I have agreed with the narrative here don't count. That's how partisans roll. You MUST fire on every cylinder or you need a tune-up.

2) I do, however, find the analysis done on the BC he posted to be interesting. I haven't looked into it personally, because (a) I don't care and (b) it's really pointless now. But nevertheless I'm interested to see how objective the analysis was.

3) I don't really have any "mates" who were anti-Obama at the time when the BC stuff was circulating. I'm a member of the skeptic community. 99.9% of people I know and with whom I'm friendly are all liberals (classical, not progressive). It wasn't until Obama's second term and the rise of victimhood across the entire west that they started giving Obama and his ilk a hard time. And rightfully so. I mean, wouldn't his sons look like those two men who kidnapped that white dude?

"Seems there wasn't much fact-checking with that, either. And yet..."

I'd personally be interested to know the percentage of Americans who believe Obama's Kenyan-born vs. the percentage who believe in other conspiracy theories: moon landing, JFK, Roswell, 911 inside job, etc. Americans--not uniquely but probably in higher numbers than one would think--are very conspiratorial in their thinking. When it's about Bush and the fake war docs and Dan Rather, etc, or about Trump and pissing prosts, etc, it's okay. When it's about Obama, though...

I don't get it. I thought black people wanted to be treated like everyone else. Yet when you treat them like everyone else, DAT'S WAYCIS! Every so-called "oppressed" and "marginalized" community in America demands equality, until they get equality. Then they demand special status.

So, people believe a conspiracy theory about a popular American figure? WTF else is new?

Don't a lot of blacks believe that white America is currently in the midst of a genocide with police shootings and drinking water and fertility drugs, etc? Don't a lot believe that white people are inbred descendants of a mutated Albinoid army, created by Yaqub, that were thrown out of the world's original paradise (Sub-Saharan Africa) when the king of the world dictated never the twain shall meet?

And yet...

People by and large, and especially Americans, tend to believe things that otherwise sound fantastical. How many of you have Bibles in your homes?

The Ministry of Truth said...

"MOT, I know we shouldn't Judge a book by its cover, but I am looking at Sessions and if central casting was looking for a racist, he would be your guy."

No argument from me.

As it happens, Lindsey Graham is trying to defend him on these grounds, that he's being judged unfairly, solely based on being a good ol' boy from the Deep South with a ridiculously Confederate-sounding name.

The problem with this stance is that there is ample evidence in Sessions' history, both as prosecutor and legislator, that says he doesn't just look the part; he acts the part. Finding a couple occasions when Sessions was forced to prosecute a heinous hate crime or a couple black people who will testify that he was cordial and polite in talking to them -- this does not undo the rest of the rather racist stuff he's said and done in his career.

mike from iowa said...

Been here on and off for, oh, four years or so. I'd a sworn you were only three. Fooled me.

You'd fit right in with Drumpf's favorite media.

mike from iowa said...

Gosh Josh-you know what yer problem is- yer just jealous.

Anonymous said...

Bush did it or something!

Anonymous said...

Doug in Oakland - The communications between the Trump Campaign and the Russian FSB weren't routed through that dedicated server. That was a Fly Trap.

The US Intelligence community won't release the information they have for a number of reasons. What the will likely do is allow (encourage) foreign Intelligence agencies to release it. It would not surprise me if the videos start coming out in time for the Coronation.

Yīshēng said...

mike from iowa said...
Gosh Josh-you know what yer problem is- yer just jealous.

Just one of MANY white males that couldn't make the privilege of having white skin and male gender, guarantee them a successful life.

The fact that so many Blacks "outlive" them really chaps their asses!!

mike from iowa said...

Donnie Drumpfuck isn't coronated, yet. and he has committed dozens of crimes. FEC sez he has 250 possible law violations on how he financed his campaign.

There are several other wingnuts who have played fast and loose with campaign financing. but have yet to pay a price for their lawless ways. Go figure. Apparently the rule of law does not apply to wingnuts. Fucking amazing!

mike from iowa said...

TMoT- America was not founded as a kristian nation, but wingnuts are bound and determined to re-write history. Sessions doesn't believe seculars know what "truth" is and are therefore unfit to govern. This, I believe, would come as a rather large surprise to the founding fathers as a whole. Religious fanatics cause more wars and death than any political ideologies ever have. kristian sharia law, yee-haw.

dinthebeast said...

My dear and fluffy lord how I wanted to slap that shitty grin off of McTurtle's mug after he voted to take away my health insurance.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

So Carl Bernstein is out saying what Kellyanne Conway is:

"Another thing about anonymous sources, one of the great anonymous sources of our era is Kellyanne Conway. She does it every day. She has been an anonymous source for the last ten months particularly during this campaign when it suits her. and it's time to talk about what we do as journalists and what propaganda ministers do and that is what she is, is a propaganda minister."

Another thing she is, is creepy as fuck.

-Doug in Oakland

Flying Junior said...

Here's the latest on Trump's transition team. Notorious blogger and guy, Chuck Johnson is helping his old pal Steve Bannon recommend names to Trump. Johnson was banned from twitter for soliciting funds to, "take out," a BLM activist. He published the personal information on a NYT reporter that he erroneously believed had named the Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown and lots of other white supremacist shenanigans. From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Okay Josh. You're an American.

Flying Junior said...

Chuck provides us with some very clear-headed exposition of race relations in America. Sorry all of you right-wing brown people, you don't get to join the club.

From his now banned twitter account:

The Right isn’t racist. It’s anti-anti-racist. Anti-racist is anti-white so the right is against people who are against white people.

Josh said...

Yiscunt, you sure have a mouthful to say every single time somebody is speaking about me negatively (or every time there's a dick in your vicinity). But let the topic here be about science, something in which you're supposedly extremely qualified, and nobody sees your ass for days on end. You're only in here butchering grammar and spelling when you're insulting white people or living vicariously through the 0.002% of black women smart enough to major in STEM.

Anonymous said...

mike from iowa said...

What disgusting, vile, reeking piles of shit rethuglicans have evolved into.

1:27 AM

mike did a Republican seduce your woman,or man as the case may be?

mike from iowa said...

Paul Anka bailed on the sexual predator in cheap's inaugural after Drumpf begged him to have Drumpf's baby.

Tobey Keith sez he ain't as good as he once was, but he is good enough to perform the day before the slime gets crowned. Coulda fooled me.

AnyMoose- no.

random said...

Trump is controlled by the mossad almost all his children have married fake jews khazars all his mentors and handlers are khazars and directly linked to the Meyer lansky crime families and I thought you Nazis hated the so called albino jew

random said...

Josh is the typical albino devil and could be the poster child of internet trolls that inspires the much needed hatred for albinos, thanks to this idiot more and more hue men see the devil for who they are.

random said...

Like most albinos drumpf is a pedophile and connected to Jeffrey Epstein and has been in a incestuous relationship with his daughter and of course the American albino devil loves him for it

random said...

But albinos are almost as evil as they are depraved and since even their Jesus Hitler was a Rothschild I expect them to applaud their own extinction until the coffin closes

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Nothing wrong with Josh. He just says things you don't like. He doesn't lie, as far as I've been able to see.

Gets a bit riled, at times, but I can understand that with all the attacks he endures.

You don't attack him for his facts presented, merely his opinions.

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

Lord. Now we have Albinos.

Do you think Caucasians are responsible for Albinos?

Didn't Albinos long exist in Africa, before the white man came to rescue the Dark Continent?

random said...

He is my open enemy like all devils and his racist ideology creates more enemies for all his kind at best like all you albinos on this site your evil will be the death of you and you can kiss ass if you want

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

Since I apparently can't, will one of you intelligent Negroes please explain Albinos to Mr, Random?

mike from iowa said...

So now LT Commander Johnson can see lies. Would you recognize one if you saw it?

Bet Drumpf has a pet name for his johnson. Something like rear admiral. maybe?

Amazing how fast wingnuts go from starting the war to becoming the victim of attacks. Sad.

Anonymous said...

The Mossad just cut intelligence sharing ties with the US - staing Trump is compromised by the Russians.

mike from iowa said...

Good for Mossad. Now maybe they will blackmail Drumpf and then he will seek asylum with little Putey.

Then Drumpf would tweet that moving to Russia was the plan all along and that he never heard of Israel in his life.

The Ministry of Truth said...

I am filing this under "Can you believe this sh*t?":

Trump seems to be assigning the task of "fixing" black America to Ben Carson and Steve Harvey.

LMFAO. What could go wrong?

random said...

For just a second with the cowardly culture appropriation racist tired African invoking Tarzan name I thought you might have unique bullshit but no

Josh said...

I've repeatedly tried to explain albinism to Random. But he's under the impression that his melanin theorist religion, which contains as much science as the Quran, actually defeats all genetic evidence that contradicts every bit of his postulation about evil Albinoids mutating into white people through inbreeding.

They'd rather believe the big-headed Yaqub created evil albinos in a lab, and that blacks are the real Jews, etc.

I don't fault necessarily their lack of knowledge here. Likely is the case he attended a majority black school, wherein the standard edition earth sciences would have been considered culturally biased, and would have been replaced with more of a Sesame Street take on things. Not meant to insult; just an observation of the black curriculum. Were it the case he would have taken science classes like normal Americans, and not Special-Americans, he would have learned things like:

- What albinism actually is
- Natural selection
- Genetic branching, forking and distribution
- Cro-Magnon
- Upper Paleolithic
- Behavioral modernity (though probably not from the early '90s on, as this is considered "racist" now since it accurately points out only Europeans and modern Asians, not Africans or Aborigines, underwent behavioral genetic changes in their phenotype, which led to great monuments, cities, economies, etc)

You cannot "explain" anything to these brainwashed people. They intentionally seek out only materials that confirm their biases, and they have this strange habit of attaching the label "science" to things that aren't researched by anyone but are rather opinions. Racist opinions. Racist opinions that were created only to counter the fringe white arguments of Negroid inferiority.

Not only is the black melanin theory bereft anyone in possession of a genetics education, but I'd argue they're also bereft an IQ in the triple digits.

random said...

Your a devil looking for something because your existence is meaningless. So I'll make your day devil. Your constant presence your pathetic need for acknowledgement is typical of all albinos

random said...

Being that even in death my kind and yours diverge. One who possesses a soul can only wonder how you spirits exist beyond the most high's Grace.

random said...

Demented in thought rewriting their demonic history as soon as their elderly victims die. You are bereft of conscious morality and so there's no conversation with you

random said...

There has been enough compromising with devils and I look forward to your being slaughtered by your most deadly enemy

random said...

Please keep up your evil Josh your helping me more than you know, a fool can be useful

random said...

Everything seeks balance and your perpetual evil will find it's destined prepared conclusion please do your part devil

Yīshēng said...

So tell me random, if you're so incensed by what the resident white failure Josh writes, why do you bother to read it day after day after day?

Do you all think you're going to change his outlook on Blavks and other people of color? Or maybe someone can explain why it's so fucking difficult to ignore his DAILY bullshit posts and stick to the comments from people that truly care about Blavk folks?

Such a daily reminder of the fact that if enslaved Blacks had to depend on each other for freedom ALL our Black asses would still be slaves!!


StillaPanther2 said...

I have really enjoyed the last 8 years. They went by so quick. Now maybe roles will be switched from being a defense team to a prosecuting team. Therefor some change in rhetoric techniques must change.

random said...

I expect nothing but to change until my people realize that it's always been war and death is something my kind should fear it's life under the control of your enemy that should be feared

random said...

Ultimately I expect balance and for all actions to held accountable

dinthebeast said...

I hate to be the one who tells you this, but your expectations are the keys to your disappointments.

-Doug in Oakland

Yīshēng said...

FYI, the Rethugs want ALL poor and lower income people to DROP DEAD!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!

Otherwise, they wouldn't be so eager to repeal ACA.

And I hope the dunbasses who voted against their own best interest drop dead first!!

Josh said...

Black folks don't care about black folks. Why the fuck should anyone else on the planet care?

The number-one goal of you victimmonger "pro" blacks is to be the American version of those starving African kids that can be fed for the price of a cup of coffee every day. You folks beg and plead and riot and stomp habitually so that white America puts you under its wing and takes care of you.

Many of you constantly bitch that white people don't have culture, yet it's your main goal in life to bathe freely--and as often as you'd like--in our culture!

- Good education
- Good economy
- Good housing
- Good healthcare
- Good roads
- Good transportation
- Good cities
- Good, cutting-edge technologies
- Good food (safe)
- On and on

These things are specifically part of white first-world culture. They come from white Europeans, not third-world blacks. Third-world blacks' contributions to American society, beyond entertainment purposes, are scant. Very scant. Is there a scanter version of scant? Minuscule? Infinitesimal?

Yet these are things you all demand. You want, without putting forth the effort, a magic wand waved to give you good educations. You want to be entitled to good healthcare. You want good homes. You want to make good money. You want to eat safe food and not die from Ebola. You want to live in good, safe cities and drive on good roads, taking good transportation.

You want--you need, you demand, you beg and plead for--white culture to save you in every conceivable way. While you find opportunities to bitch about white girls with dreadlocks or white boys rapping, you seek only to immerse yourselves and to leech off of a culture that does not belong to you. You want, along every step of the road, to appropriate the first-world lifestyle for yourselves, feeling as if you're entitled to just have it given to you.

No. You're not. The amalgam of European white cultures came together to create those good things you seek. Your people are in Africa and still can't figure out how to construct two-story dwellings.

And, you know what? That's fine. Whites share their culture and bestow it upon those who had no hand in its creation. Whatever. But it's the height of ingratitude for y'all to sit around every day and bitch and moan that people haven't freely given you quite as much as you demand.

Many of us are tempted to shout, "Build your own fucking culture!" But then we see Haiti and say, "Whoa, Nelly! DON'T! We'll share ours!" And what happens? "Cultural bias!" "Systemic racism!" "Nobody cares about us!" "Black lives matter!" And the rampant murder, rape, robbery, etc, etc. And blaming whitey for it all, when the entire globe tells the same story of black African inhabitants.

You're the biggest cultural appropriators in history, and nothing's ever good enough. This, I reckon, is why you see "racism" everywhere you go. A whole lot of white people are sick of ingrates. We know what sort of cultures blacks create. We know it's genetically predisposed to be the bush. Most of us are polite enough not to say it, but we know. You can't not know! It's impossible not to know.

And we know that, in your culture, blacks do not care about blacks. You're the most selfish people on the entire planet! Every time you're out there bitching about caring for blacks, it's to virtue signal for self gratification, not to help black people. So, I ask again: Why should anyone else care?

CenterPuke88 said...

So, Josh doesn't lie, eh? No, Josh just peddles his white supremacy theories, denouncing an entire race with the "proof" of individual acts. Now, when a member of his master race does something, it might just be contaminated genes or such...couldn't be the exact same standard for his precious snowflakes, eh? I'd love to see the numbers behind his STEM about it, Joshie?

Flying Junior said...

It's funny. Apparently no one responded to my link about Chuck Johnson. But the very next thread Josh is on about the supposed genetic superiority of the white race with all of his ridiculous pseudo-science.

Nothing could have been more on-topic in truth.

Keep on believing it Josh. You are a proud member of the master race.

Josh said...

It's very telling that y'all are reading "genetic superiority" with the comment I made. I made no such claims. At all. I simply listed the objective, universal truth:

There does not exist, throughout the whole of history, a single example of a black culture creating a first-world society. The first-world (West) was created entirely by Europid Caucasoid peoples. African blacks have not, in over 200,000 years, created a culture that's not the bush of Africa, at very best.

How's that pseudoscience? Okay. List the first-world cultures blacks have created. Hell, I'll settle for the second-world. (Last time I mentioned this, someone mentioned South Africa. LOL There's the colonial successful part of SA, then there's the Zulu tribesmen. Guess which is which.)

I am not saying the Caucasoid is a superior homo sapien and the Negroid is inferior. I am simply stating what is observable on planet Earth: Black Africans create black African cultures. White Europeans create white European cultures. Somalis didn't build Sweden. They're fucking dying to get in there, but they had no part in its creation.

Can you show how it's pseudoscience?

White culture gives us the first-world west.

Y'all aren't even arguing the actual point, because you can't argue the point. Instead, you just want to cry "DAT'S WAYCIS!" about it.

Well, boo-fucking-hoo! IDGAF about your feelings. People sit on this blog and talk shit about white folks all fucking day, when the truth is that black victims--not ALL blacks, but the victim contingent--begs and pleads to have white culture handed to them on a silver platter.

Every single thing that blacks in America beg and plead to get more of is, to the smallest atom, part of white culture.

Black victims aren't going crazy over a lack of affordable huts or jobs as water-jug haulers, are they?

I take no pride in white accomplishments. I didn't fucking do it. White people from centuries ago, whom I never knew and probably to whom I'm not related, did. I'm simply pointing out the facts.

You want to live in a first-world culture. Is that not true?
You demand to have even MORE from a first-world culture. Is that not true?

But like Obama famously said, "You didn't build that!"

Josh said...

FYI: If you wish to speak about the science, just let me know.

We can speak about Cro-Magnon and Upper Paleolithic and the now thoroughly debunked Out-of-Africa "theory," and how behavioral modernity (a series of behavioral, cognitive cooperative traits) swept certain populations in colder climates but did not sweep through SSA.

What I'm speaking about isn't "science" per se; e.g. genetic studies and the like. In the sense of observable, empirical evidence, sure. It's scientifically accurate that, as we can plainly see, black Africans create black African cultures and white Europeans create white European cultures. One is considered the first-world. The other has yet to put forth its own functional version of a wheel.

If you want to say one is superior and one is inferior, go ahead. I'm not making that value judgment. Could be humans would have been just as happy living in huts and only living to 35. I don't know. That we live in the modern first-world west skews it; therefore I'm not making such judgments. I'm just pointing out what is objective about the world. White people's culture is the culture you want to live in; it's the culture you demand a larger piece of.

The myth of a "melting pot" culture is only true for things like types of cuisine, styles of dress, and types of entertainment. When it comes to building roads, businesses, scientific advancement, etc, there is no "melting pot." White people did it. Everyone else benefits.

If you want to speak about (read: learn about) behavioral modernity and phenotypic changes that led to civilizations, and how some world populations stagnated without it, let's talk. I have science on my side, if we're crossing that bridge. You have a two-word arsenal to combat it: "Dat's waycis!"

random said...

You remind me of Ron O'Neal who sold the blueprints to Fred Hampton's home when the pigs came to kill him as he slept with his pregnant wife. Too many devils here. Melanin and pale

random said...

And as the great scholar John Henrik Clarke said I debate with my equals all others I teach, your not my equal and too ignorant to learn

Josh said...

Accusations of racism and grammatically butchered aphorisms.

If people disagree with me, why not bring the fucking mustard!? Show me how I'm wrong. Provide your evidence of black Africans creating any sort of society save tribal bush societies.

Yep. I'm an evil albinoid. A white devil. My kind are going extinct. I'm the worst person on the planet.

But I'm also correct.

That's the part you hate. You're so used to white people being pussies and pretending that nonwhites are essential parts of first-world cultures. You're not. That doesn't mean you're inferior; it just means that this place you live in, that you decry as racist constantly, isn't yours to begin with. It owes you nothing. You didn't create it. Everything you have in terms of luxury and livelihood was provided to you by white people!

It's as simple as that.

random said...

I'll say this all of you devils have sworn allegiance to a god that is not the most high some of you I pity the others well I delight and look forward to your reckoning

random said...

But of course dead spirits and empty souls are what they are because of their very demonic nature

random said...

And I enjoy telling you are a fool

Josh said...

A dude who believes white people are descendant from inbred evil albinoids created by a big-headed alien scientist, and that we white "devils" have some pact with an imaginary deity. A dude who believes in souls and spirits and probably voodoo curses too boot. And this dude enjoys calling me a fool.

Thank you, Random. I would feel pretty cheap, creepy and shitty were you to refer to me any other way.

Still waiting for those examples that argue against what I said, however...

CenterPuke88 said...

So Mr. Scientist Josh, please explain who was your control group within this study you have made? Comparing groups in non-homogenous environments for the same development or traits is a basic scientific error that most children can understand. Also, perhaps a review of your term "first world" would be useful, as the "criteria" on that are modern, and we can show numerous developments by many races that were at or above the rest of the world at the time they occurred.

Josh said...

My context is clear. I'm speaking about the west. White western culture. USA, Canada, northern Europe, Australia, New Zealand. We all know what white culture means. I know black people love pretending whites don't have any culture. But we all know--even though some won't admit--that the western world is an invention of white people.

The western world is obviously what I'm using as the standard. But we can include eastern Asia if you'd like: South Korea and Japan. That's fine by me.

Or, we can keep it super-duper simple: Name me any society that African blacks have ever created that's been advanced for its time, or even modern.

Sure, you'll find something to nitpick here. As per usual, people will drone on about how it's unfair because of different environments or whatever, whatever. (Though that doesn't stop white people from building a first-world society. They have done it in Africa, and have even colonized Antarctica, for fuck's sake.)

I'm asking an extremely simple question: Are there any examples in world history of black Africans ever building a good civilization?

As I said, I'm not making any superior-inferior argument. I'm only pointing out the facts. White people built the western world. They envisioned it. Sure, many of them were really cruddy and got laborers to do the heavy lifting. But white culture created it. What has African black culture built in world history?

We have millions upon millions of people in America--yes, they are Americans; I'll grant them that!--who sit around and act entitled to reap the fruits of a culture that doesn't belong to them. And like I said already, that's fine. Sharing it is no problem. It's the ingratitude of it all that's ridiculous.

random said...

Why after more than 6000 years of evil do albinos believe they have any credibility the arrogance of evil never ceases to amaze me

random said...

It's literally taking for granted that a race of pedophiles rapists murderers and thieves still have the ability to speak any truth

Josh said...

Yet you live here, don't you? You're free to go back to your motherland, where you'll rarely find an albino.

Of course, that means giving up:

- Good housing
- Good food
- Good healthcare
- Safety
- Modern transportation
- Your technology!
- And all these other "albino" things you use to live a comfortable life yet decry as some sort of devil shit

People like you are the worst type of hypocrites. You bitch and moan and complain about whites while taking full advantage of everything the white man bestowed upon you.

You wouldn't exist without whitey.

random said...

Your kind steals you create nothing and you lie when you breathe

CenterPuke88 said...

Josh, so when Tulsa and Hollywood, FL and the like got burned to the ground for being successful and run by those nasty blacks, that was white men raising those areas to first world standards?

Josh said...

Are you speaking about places inside of the framework of a first-world nation developed by whites as your example of a "society" black Africans have built?

I'll ignore the irony there. I'll pretend that the framework didn't require an established nation that was not built by black Africans, a society black Africans did not create but rather benefited from.

I'll be gracious and give you those:

Now, explain:

- Detroit
- Harlem
- Compton
- Chicago
- Louisville
- Baltimore
- DC
- Memphis (ratchet capital)
- Killadelphia (Philly)
- Jackson
- Cleveland
- Birmingham
- New Orleans
- Oakland
- St. Louis
- Camden
- Houston
- Greenville
- And on and on

Well, "those nasty blacks" (your inference, not my words) run those cities too. So, I guess blacks can raise a city to first-world standards, roughly 0.00001% of the time, and not at all within the framework of white culture. Then why such shit and mayhem? Oh, that's right; Whitey!

I miss Steve. At least he used to try to argue that Egyptians were Sub-Saharan Africans and that the Mali Empire was every bit as advanced as Greece and Rome and the Mings and whatnot.

It's a blight on America's history that despicable racists would terrorize blacks in such a manner and destroy their shit. It's despicable. But that brand of racism from decades and decades ago objectively does not exist to even a tiny fraction of the level it once did. The Klan is fewer than 5k members. The only examples of racist hate crimes in the past decade have been mostly hoaxes, false flag exercises in virtue signalling. So if blacks do possess the capabilities of constructing successful environments, why have the examples completely teetered out to the point another example you can cite has not been constructed in going on three complete generations?

Could it be maybe, just maybe, natural selection is a real principle? Could it that maybe, just maybe, those who spent over 200,000 years living in the bush picked up behavioral traits that are more prone to bush development, and those who spent thousands of years advancing shelters and aqueducts and agriculture are more prone to creating modern living standards?

As I said, I'm NOT making an inferior-superior argument. You're the one straw-manning that so that you can act butthurt and virtue signal about it. I don't know what "superior" means in terms of living. I was a pretty happy kid and was dirt poor. That famous "Africa face" would suggest living in the third-world isn't torture for everyone; a lot of people lead happy, productive lives. They love their families. They're good people. I'm in no way saying they are inferior. Your crybaby, can't-wait-to-act-indignantly-butthurt ass is creating that straw-man to give you the license to take umbrage.

My original point, in its context, is that American blacks do not care about other black people. They're selfish, the whining cult of victimhood (not ALL). They don't give a fuck that over 95% of murdered blacks are murdered by other blacks, while acting like it's apocalypse-level racism that fewer than 1% of blacks are killed by police! I then pointed out how blacks who decry we white people as evil reap the benefits of a culture they did not create. They demand more of a culture that is not theirs. Blacks do not create first-world cultures.

Everyone knows it! It's just not polite and politic to say it aloud. Black people may have, at rare times, done well within the existing framework of a first-world culture, but they do not create them. Yet the victim cultists bitch and moan about not being the top of the pecking order in a culture they're absorbing through osmosis, not one they themselves can create or did create.

WTF is so racist about that? It's factual.

Josh said...

"Your kind steals you create nothing...:

Random, I see you're another moron who flaked out of history in school yet became a radicalized expert on the Internet. Here's a fun fact: When white people did what was common at the time and conquered lands, that's all they got.

Idiots like you seem to honestly believe that white people took roads and cars and buildings and businesses and established sports teams and modern clothing and televisions and computers and on and on. No, you dense cunt; it was empty fucking land! From that empty land, with nothing on it, white cultures from Europe then constructed the first-world society that allows you sit on a comfortable computer chair, with high-speed Internet access and a roof over your head, and bitch and moan about how evil whitey is. LOL

Just run a quick, rudimentary thought experiment. When European settlers first arrived in what is now America, what did they do? They could see the native peoples throwing animal skins over sticks for shelter. But what did settlers do? They cut down trees and created stronger, more comfortable shelters. That's the only indication we need that some people can create the modern world, and some people cannot. WTF was stopping natives from doing that? What stops Africans from doing that? And despite your hatred for white people, you owe them a fucking debt of gratitude. You would not exist without them.

You lack all self-awareness.

CenterPuke88 said...

Josh, Josh, Josh. So a development within the same framework is not valid, but a lack of identical behavior within different frameworks shows causation? Son, you're giving us all a bad name, Put down the keyboard and take a nap.

random said...

Albinos have never invented anything but white supremacy and it's a oppressive system that destroys facts of the world's true history your kind has not only raped their way into existence but have stolen and taken credit for innovations beyond your own ability, no albino devil will accept that weened and raised in white supremacy

Josh said...

"So a development within the same framework is not valid..."

Well...does it? Herp-de-derp. As I said, I'll be gracious. But you objectively did not answer my question per the criteria. I asked, specifically, which can be seen in plain black and white: "Name me any society that African blacks have ever created that's been advanced for its time, or even modern... Are there any examples in world history of black Africans ever building a good civilization?"

You replied to this by giving examples of black corporation-equivalent structures that were built inside of the United States. In other words, you had (no choice but) to find an existing first-world civilization, created by white people, to find examples of black Africans doing well. And you somehow feel as if that makes me look stupid and wrong. LOL (James is looking more like a prophet every fucking time one of you tries to argue.)

Why the fuck are you breaking my balls because you gave those examples? I didn't provide the fucking examples; you provided them. I am being more than gracious by tipping my hat and saying "okay, fine," rather than telling the fucking truth, which would be, "Those are not societies, you dumb fucking cunt. These are things that were built inside of a WHITE nation!"

"but a lack of identical behavior within different frameworks shows causation"

WTF does this even mean? A "lack of identical behavior"? For black Africans, it's the exact opposite. There is nothing lacking on "identical" behaviors. Every single black civilization/society (sure, not community structures inside America always! LMFAO) displays identical behaviors, which is what we expect to see if natural selection is accurate.

That you choose to infer this as me saying "know your place" so you can virtue signal and act butthurt is to be expected. I've never met a black victim cultist who didn't do that. I've never met one able to engage in honest dialogue. But you're the one who gave me those examples. If you happen to have examples that exist of blacks creating an actual modern/advanced (shit, second-world even!) civilization or society, you are absolutely free to provide those examples. Black Wall Street isn't exactly a nation state or anything. LOL

Josh said...

Yeah, Random. White people didn't create, invent or innovate anything. Every piece of modern society was created by the black man. Whites just stole it and oppressed the black man. See the technological marvel that is Africa for proof.

(And isn't it just crazy how the black man, so advanced in every conceivable way, was so easily dominated by the inferior albinoid? Fuck! Albinos must have Satan on their side! It is religion, after all...)

random said...

Your God is the devil and for all your evil Josh why would any hue man read the racist brainwashed bullshit you write. Your ancestors were evil your evil

random said...

But I got enough screenshots of your racist beliefs so I can teach that this is the mindset of the typical white American, you have to have strong evidence to prove that the devil is real, peace out won't ever address you or anyone on this blog again

Josh said...

1) I'm not religious. I'm a skeptic. Meet the new sky god, same as the old sky god.
2) You keep reading my shit.
3) LOL If only I had a dollar for every time an inferior peon ragequit.
4) This is an exercise in own-goals apparently. You defeat yourself with your weird, weak shit. Nobody else has to say anything.

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