Friday, August 31, 2018

These are grapes!

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Dear America, those are grapes you see in the image above. 

Serious question for trump supporters: If Mr. trump told you that those were apples in that image, would you believe him? 

I think you would. Or, he certainly thinks you would.

That can be the only reason he told you that Lester Holt "fudged" that 2017 interview with him. (Yeah he said that.) 

Now I saw that interview, and I gotta tell you, I am as sure that Holt and NBC didn't "fudge" that interviews, as I am that those are grapes in that picture. 

"Trump seems to be referring to a May 2017 interview, aired just two days after the president fired FBI director James Comey. In the interview, Trump called Comey "a showboat," and appeared to reject an official White House explanation for the firing, telling Holt "the Russia thing" was on his mind when he decided to fire Comey. "I just said to myself, I said, 'you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story, it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won.'"

The interview was sensational enough at the time to be mocked by NBC's Saturday Night Live, in which Holt, played by Michael Che, thinks he has finally caught the president, only to discover that nothing Trump says matters. "Wait, did I get him? Is this all over? No, I didn't? Nothing matters? Absolutely nothing matters anymore."

The real interview aired on Nightly News, and NBC News published an extended version online. Trump offered no explanation of how NBC might have "fudged" the interview, in which the most explosive words came from the president's own mouth. From the time the interview aired until today, no one has accused Holt of altering the interview--and he was never "caught" or "hurt badly" as a result."

Finally, speaking of trump's attack on the media, some typical trump supporter was just arrested in California for making death threats against a major newspaper. 

 "A 68-year-old Encino man was arrested and charged Thursday with threatening to shoot employees at the Boston Globe after the newspaper’s editorial board pushed back against President Trump’s frequent attacks on the press.

About two dozen federal agents in tactical gear and an armored vehicle arrived at the stucco single-story home of Robert D. Chain just before 6 a.m. Neighbors said they heard small explosions, like the bursting of flash-bang grenades, before Chain was led from his house dressed only in a pair of shorts.
Chain was charged with one count of making threatening communications and appeared in federal court in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Massachusetts. He was released on $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in federal court in Boston on Sept. 24.

Chain began making phone calls threatening to travel to the Globe’s offices and shoot employees shortly after the paper announced Aug. 10 that it was launching a coordinated campaign with other newspapers to publish editorials calling on Trump to end his rhetoric about the news media, prosecutors said.

Chain made 14 threatening calls, both from his home phone and his wife’s cellphone, to the newspaper between Aug. 10 and Aug. 22, according to prosecutors. He called the Globe “the enemy of the people” — repeating one of Trump’s most-used phrases for attacking the media — and threatened to kill newspaper employees, prosecutors said.

In one profanity-laced call made Aug. 13, Chain said, “We are going to shoot you … in the head, you Boston Globe…. Shoot every … one of you,” according to court documents.

On the day the editorials ran in newspapers across the country, Chain called the Globe newsroom and threatened to shoot Globe employees in the head “later today, at 4 o’clock,” prosecutors said.
Court documents indicated Chain was recorded on Aug. 16 saying: “You’re the enemy of the people, and we’re going to kill every ... one of you. Hey, why don’t you call the F? Why don’t you call Mueller? Maybe he can help you out, buddy.” [Source] 

Wait until you get a look at this guy. If you are not afraid for America after seeing him, I don't know what will scare you.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Monkey business.

Man these trumpiticians are not playing around. They don't even use dog whistles anymore. They just straight up blow their whistles and let their Klan flag fly. 

"Fresh off his victory in the Florida Republican gubernatorial primary, Rep. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that voters would "monkey this up" if they elected his African-American opponent, Andrew Gillum, to be governor, immediately drawing accusations of racism.

The remark provides a controversial beginning to what will be a closely watched general election for the Florida governorship, which pits DeSantis, who has closely aligned himself with President Donald Trump, against Gillum, a progressive backed by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Calling him "an articulate spokesman" for the far left, DeSantis said during an interview on Fox News when asked about his opponent Gillum, "The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state."
Gillum would become the state's first black governor if he were to win in November.
    "It's very clear that Mr. DeSantis is taking a page directly from the campaign manual of Donald Trump," Gillum told Fox News' Shepard Smith hours later." [Source]

    DeSantis, of course, is trump's kind of guy. And this is right out of trump's playbook: Play the racist card much to the outrage of decent Americans, and fire up your base to come out because they secretly (or not so secretly) support and embrace the racism you are espousing.  It's a neat trick if you know how to pull it off. Desantis and trump are hoping that it will work in Florida, where they have just enough of those kinds of people to pull it off.  

    Finally tonight, remember when trump was throwing paper towels in San Juan like Steph Curry at the free throw line? That was when he went down right after Hurricane Maria to take a victory lap and tell the rest of us how great FEMA was doing. ("Brownie, you are doing a heck of  a job.")

    Not so fast. As it turns out this is a greater tragedy and disaster than Katrina in terms of human loss of life. trump declared that only 64 people had died during that dreadful storm. Well, as it turns out, we are now learning that 2, 975 Americans lost their lives as a result of that tragedy.

    Sadly, like everything else with the charlatan- in- chief, it was all smokes and mirrors. Folks, believe nothing that this man tells you. Instead of fact checking, we should be truth checking him. This is because the truth rarely comes from his lips. 

    “I think we did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico,” Trump told reporters Wednesday at the White House in response to a question about the new death tally. “Puerto Rico had a lot of difficulties before it got hit, and we’re straightening out those difficulties even now.”[Source]  

    Almost 3,000 people lost their lives and he declares that they did a "fantastic" job. 

    OK then.

    Mr. Mueller, please hurry. 

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    Monday, August 27, 2018

    The corrupt and the complicit.

    TWEET ME"It’s easy to lose track of all the corruption embedded within the Trump presidency. Every week brings a handful of new scandals, any one of which would be  the biggest controversy of any other administration. Many of these happenings represent legitimate grounds for impeachment, if not the criminality of the president. For anyone struggling to keep up, Republicans have you covered. 

    According to Axios, a spreadsheet outlining some of the investigations Democrats could launch should they take control of the House in November has been making its way through Capitol Hill. It reads like a laundry list of President Trump’s improprieties as president, which have gone largely unchecked by Republican lawmakers.

    Reportedly compiled in the office of a senior House Republican, the spreadsheet contains over 100 investigation requests that have been made by Democratic members of the House. Because Republicans control Congress, these requests have not been honored, but that could change after the midterms. Here is a small sample of scandals that could be under the microscope:
    • President Trump’s tax returns
    • Trump family businesses — and whether they comply with the Constitution’s emoluments clause, including the Chinese trademark grant to the Trump Organization
    • Trump’s dealings with Russia, including the president’s preparation for his meeting with Vladimir Putin
    • The payment to Stephanie Clifford — a.k.a. Stormy Daniels
    • James Comey’s firing
    • Trump’s firing of U.S. attorneys
    • Trump’s proposed transgender ban for the military
    • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s business dealings
    • White House staff’s personal email use
    • Cabinet secretary travel, office expenses, and other misused perks
    • Discussion of classified information at Mar-a-Lago
    • Jared Kushner’s ethics law compliance
    • Dismissal of members of the EPA board of scientific counselors
    • The travel ban
    • Family separation policy
    • Hurricane response in Puerto Rico
    • Election security and hacking attempts
    • White House security clearances
    Axios notes that lawyers close to the White House have explained that the Trump administration is “nowhere near prepared for the investigatory onslaught that awaits them” and that a wave of inquiries from a Democrat-controlled House would be “among the greatest threats to his presidency.”

    This isn’t to say the White House isn’t already in disarray as it tries to combat the mounting legal issues facing the president, who last week was implicated as an un-indicted coconspirator in campaign finance crimes. Later in the week, both Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization chief financial officer who is intimately familiar with the business dealings of his former employer, and David Pecker, the National Enquirer owner who is reportedly sitting on a trove of damaging stories about the president, were both granted immunity by prosecutors. On Saturday, a Washington Post report detailed the extent of Trump’s growing fear that he could soon face legal repercussions. According to White House aides spoken to by the paper, Trump “has been distracted in meetings, polling staff about developments in legal cases.”

    Just as the spreadsheet doubles as a catalog of Trump’s corruption, it also highlights the complicity of Republican lawmakers who have blocked Democratic attempts to investigate the president. Their failure to act on any of these fronts underscores the notion that their loyalty to Trump has superseded their loyalty to country. It’s the job of Congress to check the power of the president. House Republicans have chosen to abdicate this responsibility, as carrying it out would reflect poorly on Trump. The impact of the president’s corruption on the United States is a secondary concern.

    Pending the Democrats taking control of Congress, the only real check on the president’s power is Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. As Trump’s legal troubles have mounted, so, too, have his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who last March recused himself from overseeing the probe. If Trump were to fire Sessions, it would allow him to install someone at the top of the Justice Department who could effectively end the Russia inquiry. As the president continues to panic, he could see axing his attorney general as his only escape. In their desperation to insulate the president from suffering consequences for his actions, Republican lawmakers are beginning to warm to the idea. Last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the president is “entitled to an attorney general he has faith in,” while Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said he could make time to hold a hearing to confirm a new attorney general.

    One of the only Republican lawmakers who took any action against the president’s agenda was John McCain, who died on Saturday. McCain had been one of the longest-tenured, most well-respected members of Congress. He was a war hero and a Republican icon. In the hours following his death, the president blocked the White House from issuing a statement acknowledging McCain’s service to America. The next day, he went golfing and continued tweeting about the Mueller investigation. On Monday morning, the American flags at the White House flew at full staff, another sign of disrespect for a member of Congress who has yet to be buried. Nary a one of McCain’s former Republican colleagues in the Senate has criticized the president’s response." {Source}

    Think about this for a minute: trump had kinder things to say about convicted felon, Paul Manafort than he did for the now deceased Senator, John McCain. 

    Sunday, August 26, 2018

    Another bad moment for "Cadet Bone Spurs."

    TWEET METhe malevolence and debasement of all that is good and decent by the president of the United States knows no bounds. Now that John McCain is dead you would think that he would at least pretend to be decent for the sake of the country and the man's family. But no, it didn't happen. He only doubled down on his ignorance. ("I like people who weren't captured".) 

    Sure he tweeted about McCain's passing and offered "condolences" to the family, but he made no mention of the man or his life in his tweet. One could argue that his narcissistic and creepy Instagram post was even worse.

    We are now learning that he had no regrets about saying that McCain was not a war hero, and he refused to have the White House issue a formal statement about McCain's passing.

    I  honestly can't blame McCain for not wanting trump at his funeral. His presence would just put a pall (pun intended) over the the entire event. Come to think of it, Barbara Bush didn't want him at her funeral, either. I am starting to see a pattern with this guy.

    And so it goes. trump, the draft dodger and coward, refuses to acknowledge the courage of a man who served his country and spent years as a prisoner of war being tortured by the enemy. Sadly, trump is still popular with a lot of republicans who choose to ignore all of this and anoint him as their leader.

    You think that a group of people who claim to be patriotic would see right through "Cadet Bone Spurs."

    Anyway, I think I know the source that triggered trump's hatred for the now deceased John McCain:

    "The Kremlin-backed Russian state media slammed Sen. John McCain shortly after his death.
    Steve Rosenberg, the Moscow correspondent for BBC tweeted out about the attack, writing: “No tribute from Russian state tv, as it reports the death of John McCain: ‘He was an implacable opponent of Russia, who supported even tougher sanctions…'”

    Comrade trump is still the best president that rubles can buy. 

    Saturday, August 25, 2018

    Caption Saturday.

    Image result for image pecker trump

    I need a caption for this pic.

    *Pic from reddit

    Thursday, August 23, 2018

    Open thread.

    MORE DISCLAIMERS It's an open thread night y'all, and there is so much to ruminate about.

    First, the president of the United States just went full white nationalist for all the world to see. If there was any doubt that Mr. trump was a racist before, there certainly can't be any now. 

    Maybe this is why 60 year old white men are urinating on 5 year old black girls and calling them the N- word.

    Then there is trump's Pecker problem.(I couldn't resist) Just think, there is an entire safe full of trump dirt hidden in a a National Inquirer office somewhere. *Popcorn* 

    And let's not forget trump and his peeps threatening to revolt if he is impeached.

    Let me know what else is on your mind. 

    Wednesday, August 22, 2018

    A history of shadiness.

    TWEET MEGiven what has transpired over the past few days, the following article is apropos.

    "In his signature book, The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump boasted that when he wanted to build a casino in Atlantic City, he persuaded the state attorney general to limit the investigation of his background to six months. Most potential owners were scrutinized for more than a year. Trump argued that he was “clean as a whistle”—young enough that he hadn’t had time to get into any sort of trouble. He got the sped-up background check, and eventually got the casino license.

    But Trump was not clean as a whistle. Beginning three years earlier, he’d hired mobbed-up firms to erect Trump Tower and his Trump Plaza apartment building in Manhattan, including buying ostensibly overpriced concrete from a company controlled by mafia chieftains Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno and Paul Castellano. That story eventually came out in a federal investigation, which also concluded that in a construction industry saturated with mob influence, the Trump Plaza apartment building most likely benefited from connections to racketeering. Trump also failed to disclose that he was under investigation by a grand jury directed by the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, who wanted to learn how Trump obtained an option to buy the Penn Central railroad yards on the West Side of Manhattan.

    Why did Trump get his casino license anyway? Why didn’t investigators look any harder? And how deep did his connections to criminals really go?

    These questions ate at me as I wrote about Atlantic City for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and then went more deeply into the issues in a book, Temples of Chance: How America Inc. Bought Out Murder Inc. to Win Control of the Casino Business. In all, I’ve covered Donald Trump off and on for 27 years, and in that time I’ve encountered multiple threads linking Trump to organized crime. Some of Trump’s unsavory connections have been followed by investigators and substantiated in court; some haven’t. And some of those links have continued until recent years, though when confronted with evidence of such associations, Trump has often claimed a faulty memory. In an April 27 phone call to respond to my questions for this story, Trump told me he did not recall many of the events recounted in this article and they “were a long time ago.” He also said that I had “sometimes been fair, sometimes not” in writing about him, adding “if I don’t like what you write, I’ll sue you.”

    I’m not the only one who has picked up signals over the years. Wayne Barrett, author of a 1992 investigative biography of Trump’s real-estate dealings, has tied Trump to mob and mob-connected men.

    No other candidate for the White House this year has anything close to Trump’s record of repeated social and business dealings with mobsters, swindlers, and other crooks. Professor Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian, said the closest historical example would be President Warren G. Harding and Teapot Dome, a bribery and bid-rigging scandal in which the interior secretary went to prison. But even that has a key difference: Harding’s associates were corrupt but otherwise legitimate businessmen, not mobsters and drug dealers.

    This is part of the Donald Trump story that few know. As Barrett wrote in his book, Trump didn’t just do business with mobbed-up concrete companies: he also probably met personally with Salerno at the townhouse of notorious New York fixer Roy Cohn, in a meeting recounted by a Cohn staffer who told Barrett she was present. This came at a time when other developers in New York were pleading with the FBI to free them of mob control of the concrete business.

    From the public record and published accounts like that one, it’s possible to assemble a clear picture of what we do know. The picture shows that Trump’s career has benefited from a decades-long and largely successful effort to limit and deflect law enforcement investigations into his dealings with top mobsters, organized crime associates, labor fixers, corrupt union leaders, con artists and even a one-time drug trafficker whom Trump retained as the head of his personal helicopter service.
    Now that he’s running for president, I pulled together what’s known – piecing together the long history of federal filings, court records, biographical anecdotes, and research from my and Barrett’s files. What emerges is a pattern of business dealings with mob figuresnot only local figures, but even the son of a reputed Russian mob boss whom Trump had at his side at a gala Trump hotel opening, but has since claimed under oath he barely knows.

    Neither Trump’s campaign spokesperson, Hope Hicks, nor Jason Greenblatt, the executive vice president and chief legal officer at the Trump Organization, responded to several emailed requests for comment on the issues raised in this article." [Source]

    Yes America, your president has a history, so it's not surprising to see his friends and everyone around him going down like Michael Spinks after a Mike Tyson hook.

    The only thing saving Don trump is the fact that he is president, and Mr. Mueller will not indict  sitting president. Of course he (trump) knows that, which is why he can go on FOX VIEWS and blather lie after lie to their gullible viewers. He tried to say that he was not aware of the Stormy Daniels payoff before it happened, even though we can clearly hear the audio tape of him agreeing to it before it was done. (This guy must think we are as stupid as one of his typical supporters.) And then, incredibly, he admitted to later reimbursing Cohen for the Stormy Daniels payment out of his own money.     

    "Truth isn't truth." ~trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani~

    Here is what I know IS true: if you are a friend of Donald trump, you might want to call your lawyer.

    Tuesday, August 21, 2018

    The bottom of the swamp.

    Image result for michael cohen imagesThe trump crime family is shrinking more and more with each passing day. Today, two more of his cronies felt the sting of justice, as prosecutors get closer and closer to the Don himself, Mr. trump.

    "A federal jury in Virginia convicted Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, on eight felony counts on Tuesday, but the judge declared a mistrial on the 10 other charges he faced.

    Manafort, a fixture in Republican politics for decades, was convicted of five counts of tax fraud, one count of failure to file a report of foreign bank and financial accounts and two counts of bank fraud. A mistrial was declared in three counts of failing to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts, and seven counts of bank fraud and bank fraud conspiracy.

    Prosecutors built a case that Manafort for years hid millions from U.S. tax authorities in overseas accounts, spending the money to maintain a lavish lifestyle and lying to banks to generate more cash.
    The trial was the first public test of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, and while the special counsel was vindicated, the victory wasn't total." [Source]

    They are right, it wasn't "total", but it was more than enough. Manafort was found guilty on eight counts of the charges, and even though mistrials were declared on the other ten (he can be retried on all of them), he is still looking at eighty years in the big house with the charges that he was found guilty of.

    And then there is Mr. trump's long time fixer and bag man, Michael Cohen. He pleaded guilty to a variety of crimes today, and he joins a long list of folks in trump's orbit who are now felons.

    " Longtime Trump personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen agreed to a plea deal with the Southern District of New York in which he admitted guilt on eight charges and acknowledged that he had discussed or made hush payments to two women alleging affairs with Trump in order to keep damaging information from becoming public, at the direction of and in coordination with a candidate for federal office. That candidate, although Cohen didn't name him, is obviously Donald Trump.

    Either of these developments could make for a disastrous week for the President of the United States, who has watched special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian 2016 election interference draw ever closer to him as it has gone along. But for both Manafort to be found guilty and Cohen to not only plead guilty but to implicate Trump in a payoff that violates campaign finance law is, literally, catastrophic for the Trump White House.
    While both stories are very big deals, the Cohen plea is more important in terms of its direct impact on Trump." [Source]

    Remember when all those trump supporters were shouting "lock her up" about Hillary Clinton? Well somewhere in upstate New York Hillary Clinton is laughing her ass off. 

    Memo to Mr. trump: Be careful what you wish for. You wanted to be president, and now you (and those around you) must live with the consequences.    

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    Monday, August 20, 2018

    The streets take another one.

    And now, a public service announcement from the mean streets of Philadelphia.

    "When I heard the news that Kristian Marche had died, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it.

    But somehow, I wasn’t as upset as I felt I should be. Especially considering I knew him personally.
    Marche, a standout track athlete and Imhotep Charter grad, was killed on Aug. 13, a day before he was to leave on full scholarship to Penn State. He was shot in the head around 9:30 at night, taken to Albert Einstein Memorial Hospital, and pronounced dead at 6:30 the following afternoon.

    Though we weren’t especially tight, we both ran track in Philly, so I knew him well enough to call him a friend. What happened to him was undeniably horrific and unfair. So why aren’t I as broken up about it as I should be?

    Because in Philadelphia, things like this happen nearly every single day.

    Young black men, people with all the potential in the world and their whole lives in front of them — people like me — are gunned down with shocking regularity.

    It’s almost like I’ve grown numb to it.

    Kristian wasn’t the first kid to fall victim to Philly’s gun violence, and he won’t be the last.
    Out of all the people shot in Philadelphia so far this year, 15.6 percent were black males aged 15-20, according to police data. The numbers were similar last year, when black youths that age made up 14.2 percent of the 1,129 total shootings. That means one of every seven victims of gun violence in this city is a young black man on the verge of adulthood.

    Because of his talent, Marche’s death got a lot of attention. And he definitely was special in that regard.

    He was a Division 1 recruit in both football and track. As a sophomore, he anchored Imhotep’s state championship-winning 4×100 relay team. During his junior year he was a part of Imhotep’s 4×200 relay, which ranked No. 1 in the U.S. That same indoor season he was ranked ninth in the country for the 200m.

    His head coach for his first three years at Imhotep, Jerome Lowery, described Marche as a selfless athlete and someone who always really cared about his teammates. Lowery never forgets what Marche did after suffering an injury during his junior year at the state meet.

    “I said to him, ‘I don’t want you to run this relay,’ to keep him healthy so he could run at nationals,” Lowery recalled. “He said he would rather run the relays than run individually. That’s one of the memories I’ll always have of him.”

    As outstanding as he was on the track, what I remember most about him was his personality. Marche always had fun — sometimes even while he was running.

    I ran for Central in high school, and when I saw Kristian at track meets I remember he would always be dancing, rapping or doing something fun, either to get his team going or to throw his opponents off. Even before the Philadelphia Public League Championships, when everyone else was laser-focused and trying to fend of jittery nerves, you’d see him having a blast.

    When my school won the championship my senior year, Marche came up to me talking trash — because that’s what we always did. At the state championships the year prior, we played basketball in our down time, not even thinking about the possibility of injury — and then we all play-fought afterwards, because that’s just what we did.

    Now, instead of dancing, talking trash and running fast in Happy Valley, Kristian is lifeless, buried underground.

    To see Marche lose his life to gun violence — someone who had worked hard, and earned his ticket out of the city — it makes me realize that these killers don’t care who you are.

    For black kids in Philadelphia, turning 18 or 21 often comes with a sigh of relief, rather than celebration. On my 18th birthday, friends were telling me “I made it” — as if I had just been drafted by the Sixers — rather than just the normal “Happy birthday.”

    We should be worrying about applying to college, applying for internships, keeping up our GPAs, but instead, we are worried about being shot — or burying our friends who have been.

    When tragedy like this strikes, you always see people begging for a change or trying to do things to fix the problem, but it seems like nothing ever works. “Something needs to change,” “Put the guns down” — all the platitudes seem so worn out at this point. The people committing these crimes are not listening.

    Statistics like the ones above make me think there will never be an end to this senseless killing.
    I just hope I’m not next." [Source]

    Sunday, August 19, 2018

    Rats, dogs, and presidents.

    TWEET MEMr. trump is using words like "rat" and "dog" to refer to individuals in his tweet these days. Proof positive that the man is feeling cornered and is becoming even more insane with each passing day.

    He reminds me of a previous president who had to leave the office in disgrace. You know the one: his quote "I am not a crook" will go down in history as one of the most memorable of all time when t comes to American presidents.

    I can't blame trump for being scared and feeling trapped, though. The walls are closing in around him. Now, as it turns out, even the White House attorney is singing like Mariah Carey. And for the record Mr. trump, being a "rat" has nothing to do with it, you are supposed to be running a country not a mob organization.   

    Now he is accusing Robert Mueller of "McCarthyism". That is a declaration so stunning that had any other president in modern America history said something like that about a sitting special prosecutor it would lead the news for weeks. But not with this clown. This is just another late night twitter meltdown which sadly has become the new normal.

    "I have nothing to hide ... and have demanded transparency so that this Rigged and Disgusting Witch Hunt can come to a close," Trump tweeted.

    "So many lives have been ruined over nothing - McCarthyism at its WORST!"
    In another tweet, he declared: "Study the late Joseph McCarthy, because we are now in period with Mueller and his gang that make Joseph McCarthy look like a baby! Rigged Witch Hunt!"

    - 'Desperate' - " 

    If this is a "witch hunt" they should changed the name from of Washington D.C. to Salem. Because Mr. Mueller has sure caught a lot of witches. Unfortunately the head witch is still in charge and doing more to destroy the country as we know it every day. In fact, Mr. Mueller's track record of success in these investigations have been earth shattering. He has had at least 35 indictments and pleas so far, and we are hoping for more.

    This week we will see if Mueller can add a conviction from a jury to  the list of his accomplishments. Paul Manafort is waiting to see what a jury of his peers decides in hi trial, and he could go away yo the big house for a long time.  (I wouldn't be surprised if this is a hung jury, but if I had to money on this trial I would say that Mueller will get a conviction on at least some of the counts.)

    Mr. trump is already sending Manafort signals that he has his back. This too is wrong, but what else is new with this guy in the White House? While the jury is deliberating the president of the United Sates comments publicly on the case and praises the accused. 

    Maybe this is why Mr. trump is feeling so trapped and cornered these days: He can't control what Mr Manafort and Mr. Cohen will say, or if Mr. Manafort is found guilty what he will give up in exchange for a lesser sentence. 

    So expect more tweets and more signs of desperation from this president in the next few days. All we can hope for now is that  if he makes a seriously crazy move it won't have dire consequences for the rest of us.w

    Saturday, August 18, 2018


    Image result for OMAROSA IMAGES

    I need a caption for this pic.

    Example: There is a black guy in the back of the room; go see what he wants.

    *Pic from

    Thursday, August 16, 2018

    Open thread.

    MORE DISCLAIMERSIt's an open thread night people. Tell me what's on your mind.

    I have a few thoughts:

    Omarosa is still dropping tapes like a hip hop producer.

    Is being a racist a requirement to run for office in the GOP?

    Is being the immediate  family member of a white heterosexual male the most dangerous  place one can find themselves in these days?

    Your president is planning a 100 million dollar parade and vets are still dying in the streets.

    FOX showed a picture of Patti LaBelle  instead of Aretha Franklin  today when mentioning her death. Personally, I am not surprised, because we all look alike to the folks over at FOX. Their explanation for the snafu just made things worse.

    Speaking of FOX, can someone tell me when Japan was a Communist country? Apparently over at FOX that's a part of history now.

    Finally, the special forces commander who led the bin Laden raid blasted trump today and told him to revoke his security clearance as well. Is he a patriot or a traitor in your eyes?   

    Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    Bring back the tan suit.

    Image result for obama and suits imagesPaul Ryan is the epitome of the P word.  A few weeks ago he said that trump was just "trolling" when he said that he would revoke the security clearance of some of his perceived enemies. Today, shockingly, the president did just that.   And all we have heard from Paul Ryan (and other elected republicans) so far is the sound of crickets.

    Imagine, if you will, Barack Obama pulling some crap like this. We would have a constitutional crisis on our hands. Congress would order the military to remove the Negro from 1600 Pennsylvania, Avenue. Remember when he (Obama) wore that tan suit? FOX News was in meltdown mode for days. BREAKING NEWS! OBAMA wears a tan suit.

    Of course, as we all know, trump and his minions did this now because they are trying to get the news of trump dropping the n word (and yes he said it) off the front page. Anything for a distraction at this point. 

    "Manigault Newman on Tuesday released to CBS News a supposed recording of a conference call that purportedly features her, Eric Trump aide Lynne Patton, Pierson and campaign communications director Jason Miller.

    "I am trying to find at least what context it was used in to help us maybe try to figure out a way to spin it," Pierson said on the tape. Patton is then heard describing a conversation she had with Trump about his alleged use of the slur.

    "I said, 'Well, sir, can you think of any time where this happened?' And he said, 'no,'" Patton is heard saying.

    Manigault Newman responds: "Well, that is not true."

    Pierson later says: "No, he said it. He is embarrassed by it."

    Pierson told CNN, “What you hear me doing, is interrupting, saying, ‘OK, OK, he said it, he said it, he’s embarrassed, let’s move on."'

    It's scary that these Negroes chose to stay by trump's side knowing that he was a virulent racist. But this is how the modern house Negro rolls in America these days: it's all about getting for themselves even if it means sleeping (sometimes literally) with the enemy.

    *Pic from

    Tuesday, August 14, 2018

    From Truman to trump.

    TWEET MEPresident Harry Truman used the n word once.

     "I think one man is just as good as another so long as he's honest and decent and not a n****r or a Chinaman. Uncle Wills says that the Lord made a white man from dust, a n**** from mud, and then threw what was left and it came down a Chinaman. He does hate Chinese and Japs. So do I. It is race prejudice I guess. But I am strongly of the opinion that negroes ought to be in Arica, yellow men in Asia, and white men in Europe and America."

    This letter was written in 1911, but other Americans presidents have freely used the n word since. (Including that liberal giant, LBJ) In fact, the most recent documented case of an American president using the n word was Richard Nixon. That was, of course, until Donald trump came along.

    In a stunning news conference today, the press secretary said that she could not assure the American people that the president of the United States in 2018 did not recently use the n word. This ought to tell you something: the tape is out there, and it will be released soon. This press secretary lies about everything, but she refused to lie for the president this time. Why?

    The president himself tweeted this morning (before calling Omarosa a dog) that he didn't use the n word because Mark Burnett says the tape does not exist. That's like me hitting my wife and when confronted about it, I ask you if you saw me hitting my wife. If you say you didn't see it, then I say I didn't hit her. Why does he need Mark Burnett to assure him that the tape doesn't exist? If he didn't say it he wouldn't even be worried about Mark Burnett and the tape. 

    Anyway, Omarosa is proving to be a nightmare for team trump, and I suspect that she will not be going away anytime soon.

    "President Trump added his former White House aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman, on Tuesday to the growing list of African-Americans he has publicly denigrated on Twitter, calling her “that dog” and a “crazed, crying lowlife” after her allegations against him of mental deterioration and racism.
    Even for a president who consistently uses Twitter to assail his adversaries, the morning tweet about Ms. Manigault Newman was a remarkably crude use of the presidential bully pulpit to disparage a woman who once served at the highest levels in his White House.

    In an interview on MSNBC, Ms. Manigault Newman responded that Mr. Trump treats women differently than he does men because he “believes they are beneath him” and that he talked in derogatory ways about minorities.

    'He has absolutely no respect for women, for African-Americans,” she said.'"

    And yet, Omarosa, you worked for him. Even after he peddled that racist lie about the former president for years. (Digression alert.) 

    Anyway, now we will wait for Melania and Ivanka to put their two cents in and tell us all to "Be Best".  


    Sunday, August 12, 2018

    The drama Queen strikes again.

     Image result for omarosa drama queen  images * I heard Omarosa's secretly recorded taping of her firing by John Kelly today on Meet The Press (MTP). And sadly, I couldn't help but think how vulnerable this White House is. These bumbling cast of characters have made a mess of how things are supposed to be done in the people's house.

    The fact that Omarosa was able to secretly record her conversation in what is supposed to be one of the most secure places on earth is laughable----- Try recording what goes on in a courtroom and see how far you will get . I mean no one even bothered to check her cell phone? I gotta give her credit, Omarosa also has a lot of cohones, because she played the tape on MTP. I guess she has no more f***s to give about any type of legal repercussions from her actions, or of ever working in government again. 

    During her appearance on MTPOmarosa also revealed a lot of things about trump that we already knew. Like, for instance, that he is a flat our racist. The problem with this particular messenger, though, is that she has zero credibility. She played along too long with trump and his antics and now she wants us all to act like this is something that we didn't now all along.

    Omarosa also said that she heard the tape of trump dropping the n word, and that it will be used as some type of October Surprise by the dems. Sorry dems, it won't work. A tape of trump dropping the n word will only make him more popular among his pals in the GOP. They will act appalled, publicly. But they will still support him behind closed doors when the lights are off.

    We know one person who is not pleased with Omarosa going public, and that's the orange one himself. While hanging with his biker buddies in Jersey, he called her a "low- life". (Not very presidential of you there big guy.) Can you imagine how many types of n*****s he is calling her, privately?

    Omarosa also claims that trump wants to start a race war. Well, judging from the way things have been going in the country lately, he has already succeeded on that front.     

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    Saturday, August 11, 2018

    Caption Saturday

    Image result for trump omarosa images

    I need a caption for this pic.

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    Friday, August 10, 2018


    In a way, the release of the movie BlacKkKansman is a perfect metaphor for something that is going on in the current news cycle. I am referring to the trials and travails in the life of former trump sycophant, Omarosa Manigault.

    Omarosa was the black Klansman in the trump White House full of Klansmen and Klanswomen. Unlike the character in the movie, though, she was not trying to infiltrate and bring down this White House klan; she was a proud member of it. So much so that they had to throw her out kicking and screaming.  It is what led her to once declare that trump's critics will "bow down before him." (Wrong Omarosa, that was Stormy Daniels. And trust me, she wasn't doing it to honor him.)

    But what a difference a few months makes. Now that she has been booted from the White House like  she is a character on the Apprentice, she is dishing on her former owner boss, Donald trump.

    She has declared that she saw trump chewing paper, dropping the n word, and being promised a pay-off after leaving the White House  if she would keep her mouth shut. For the record, I believe that pretty much everything that she said about trump is true. But trump being a racist is not breaking news. That's like saying it's warmer in August on the East Coast than it is in December. We all know that trump is a racist, especially us black folks.

    What we are not going to do is to act like this is some type of breaking news so that Omarosa can sell her books.

    Omarosa was a house Negroes house Negro, and she decided long ago that she belonged in the house and not in the fields. She decided to become a field Negro when trump soured on her and she saw the writing on the wall. Besides, the time for her giving us all the dirt on you know is long past. She should have started reporting to the American people as soon as she started observing trump eating the morning newspaper for breakfast.

    *Pic courtesy of  Wikipedia. 

    Wednesday, August 08, 2018

    Questions of the day.

     I have a few questions about some of the major news stories of the day.

    Now that yet another one of trump's pals have been indicted for swampy behavior, is it fair to say that trump and the people around him are some of the most corrupt ever?

    Should Omarosa release the trump tapes?

    Should Robert Mueller subpoena trump?

    If the democratic candidate, Danny O'Conner, ends up losing the special election for Ohio-12 last night, is the Green Party to blame? 

    Is this the worst case of white privilege you ever heard of ?

    Were black activists right to protest the latest Nertoot s convention?  

    Is it cool for police to taser an 11 year old girl?   

    Tuesday, August 07, 2018

    But what about Chicago?

    "Here is something you cant understand
    How I could just kill a man
    Here is something you cant understand
    How I could just kill a man"

    ~Cypress Hill~

    Sadly, I can understand. And as I see the drama of the senseless loss of young black lives playing out in cities like Chicago more and more each day, I am starting to understand it even more.

    I live in Philly, and I do a lot of criminal defense work, so sadly I understand the culture that creates this climate of senseless violence and depravity that is being played out in some of our inner city neighborhoods on a regular basis. These urban terrorist who kill and create mayhem don't feel remorse or care about the consequences of their actions. They live for the moment. Most of them don't even think about living past thirty. Or, for that matter, being free on the streets after thirty. It's either dead or in jail. While they are here, though, getting a rep on the street and getting fast money is all they care about. 

    Last weekend in Chicago there were 33 shootings and 12 murders for all the reasons I gave you above. The racist trolls who like to point to these happenings as evidence of some type of dysfunction that is specific to the black community are having a field day. Every time you point out some type of social injustice or an instance of institutional and individual racism, they bring it up. Donald trump is a liar and a sexual predator. Yeah but what about Chicago? Police officers have to stop  killing innocent people of color. Yeah but what about Chicago? The America government is wrong to separate young children from their families. Yeah but what about Chicago? I think you get the point. 

    The problem is, of course, that what happens in Chicago and cities like it is the end result of a problem that was created by a society that left out the have-nots, and is set up in such a way that only a few can succeed. The so called American dream will never be realized by many of these people and they know it. So what happens? The have-nots turn on each other.  

    Also, killings is not something unique to black folks. In case you haven't been paying attention, white men have been killing their families in serious numbers in this country. (Just yesterday here in Philly, a man strangled his  seven year old daughter to death because of a bitter custody battle with her mother.) Don't believe me? Check out this link, and this one, and this one, and this one. There are lots more, so feel free to use Google. 

    These types of killings, one could argue, are even more heinous, because they involve the killing of a loved one the killer is supposed to protect and care for. What's their excuse? They lost their job? Marital breakup? A lost custody battle? In Chicago and cities like it, we know why they kill each other, and it's tragic and sad. However, I will never understand how someone can kill his or her entire family. The people he or she loved at one point and formed a bond with. 

    The point is, to quote the orange one occupying the white house: "There are bad people on both sides." Killing a fellow gang- banger or drug dealer is bad. Killing a family member or loved one is bad as well. We don't need the pontificating from folks in the majority population about all those evil Negroes in the hood killing each other. We know why they kill each other. And sadly, in a lot of ways, we are all to blame. 

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