Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ranting to close out 09.

The po po shooting unarmed men in church; The Chinese putting mentally ill foreigners to death; The Iranians shooting protesters to death; and big time college football coaches allegedly hazing their players. What a way to end 2009. Stop the world, I want to get off.

If you are his O ness you must be wondering what the heck you got yourself into. Did you see the poor guy at his news conference yesterday? He looked like I would have been looking if I had to interrupt my Hawaiian vacation to calm you softies here in A-merry-ca. What a bunch of babies.

You cried long and hard for your president to come and assure you that everything was alright, and he had no choice but to emerge and tell you that everything was OK, and you could relax. Yes there were some failures, but your government is getting it right now. That is, of course, until the next lunatic decides to carry out his mission of death and destruction against the infidels.

Of course watching the way his people botched the first few days after the flying Nigerian did his thing, I guess he figured if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Not that it did much good. Folks are still jittery, and his critics are still chirping.

And speaking of chirping; I want to chirp about something else that has me seeing red tonight: It's the treatment of poor women in California. As my man John McEnroe would say: "You cannot be serious!" Cutting cancer screening to women who make less than $21, 600.00 per year? (How did they come up with that figure?) So if you make $21,601.00 I guess you are OK.

I know states are facing a budget shortfall, but these are the lives of women we are talking about here. Couldn't they find somewhere else to cut? Like the salaries of their elected officials, for instance. That would be a nice start. Cali is looking at a 20 billion [with a b] budget- shortfall, these cuts would save about 10 million. I guess they have to start somewhere, so why not with the lives of a bunch of insignificant poor women?

Isn't the actions of some of the people charged with making decisions in California a form of terrorism? The people of California should have some new and improved screening for their asses before they vote them back into office.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blame it on Obama.

I see that another passenger decided to act the fool on an international flight and messed with our collective psyche again. That's not good.

Of course, once again, we can rely on our friends in the rethuglican party and their propaganda arm over at FAKE NEWS to blame this latest terror scare on his O ness. ArtMagott's picture* is meant to be a joke, but to some folks on the right it' not funny; it's fact.
"Rep. Pete Hoekstra told Fox News' Chris Wallace Sunday that it is "fair" to hold the Obama administration responsible for the a failure to detect an attempted terror attack. Friday, Hoekstra told the Detroit Free Press that the Obama administration needed to "connect the dots."

"You were quoted in the Detroit Free Press this morning as saying that, you know, the key is to connect the dots and maybe the Obama administration will now realize that. Is it really fair to hold the Obama administration responsible here?" asked Wallace.

"Yeah, I think it really is," replied Hoekstra. "Connecting the dots here is not really on this particular case. It's connecting the dots that we've seen over the last 11 months, over the last eight years." [story]

Hoekstra now joins a long line of winguts with their heads up their asses.

And while we are talking about wingnuts and their Obama derangement syndrome, let's not forget about Peter King, who declared that what Obama did by not holding a press conference after this latest threat, is the equivalent to what the frat boy did after Katrina. Yes, he said it.

KATRINA! People died and a great A-merry-can city was almost lost. Yet he compares it to an almost tragic event in Detroit. Almost tragic event.

The next three years should be interesting.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Terror!

I have to interrupt my vacation with a quick post. The "Breaking News"of the day is that a very radicalized young Nigerian from an affluent family, decided to ruin Christmas for a bunch of innocent folks. The president was informed of his actions and has declared him a terrorist. Fortunately, he was caught and the counter- terrorism folks are all over it.

Now my question is this: Are there more Umar Famoul Abdul Mutallabs out there? And if there are, were they working in concert with this genius? I use the word genius facetiously of course, because there is nothing genius about this guy.

Umar, you had a chemical engineering degree, I am guessing you are smart enough to know better than trying to kill your fellow human beings . Religion can be a beautiful thing, but it sure can make people do some crazy things.

Also, for all of you black folks who thought that only Arabs were going to be profiled, think again. This Nigerian brotha just changed the game for some of us Negroes here in A-merry-ca. Thank you Umar. Now my flight home will be delayed due to increased security and longer lines.

Anyway folks, I jut wanted to say a few words about that, and to get your take on the situation and the mood of the country right now.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Go ahead and jack this thread.

Tonight is an an open forum, so please feel free to talk about whatever.

You can start by telling us what you got for Christmas and what you plan to give. Let's hope that you are all in the Christmas spirit by now. (Fellows, if you got your significant other a really nice gift, like a car or a piece of jewelry that would make Bugs Bunny hungry, please keep it to yourself.)

The lady who attacked the Pope while he tried to give Christmas Eve Mass sure wasn't acting like she is in the Christmas spirit. What a Scrooge!

*Pic courtesy of smartpassiveincome.com.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mr. President you should have had about 40 million more people over for your happy hour.

I am doing a cut and paste job tonight while I prepare to travel for the holidays. I would love to disclose where but Mrs. Field insist that I do not. She also insists that I do not blog while we are on our vacation but that won't happen. I will be posting [albeit very little];reading the blog for your comments; and trying to sneak a post in when I can.

Anyway, I am posting an article by Boyce Watkins from over at AOL Black Voices. (Whoops. I meant Dr. Boyce Watkins. I know how you Negroes love your titles.) He has joined the growing number of black folks who are down on his O ness, and I though it would be interesting to get your take on his position.

Here goes:

"..President Barack Obama responded to his critics in the black community, who seem to have grown substantially in number. According to a poll taken here on AOL Black Voices, 55 percent of African Americans think that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder do a whole lot of talking and not much acting when it comes to issues that matter to African Americans.During his interview with Ryan, the president had this to say:"The only thing I cannot do is, by law, I cannot pass laws that say 'I'm just helping black folks.' I'm the president of the entire United States," Obama said. "What I can do is make sure that I am passing laws that help all people, particularly those who are most vulnerable and most in need," he said. "That in turn is going to help lift up the African-American community."The president then went on to cite his job creation and health care initiatives as reasons that African Americans should feel that he is working on their behalf. I am not sure who is advising the president on dealing with the African-American community, but perhaps I can help just a little bit:

1) Please stop giving us the same answers: That "rising tide will raise all ships" argument is played out, Mr. President. Intelligent black folks with a critical eye on politics know when they've heard the same thing multiple times. You can't come off like a broken record. Even the responses given to Ryan during the interview have been repeated in the past. You can't release the same record every time and expect black America to keep dancing to it. Saying something new can be a good thing. For example, rather than speaking out on the silly situation with Henry Louis Gates, you could have spoken out on behalf of Eutisha Rennix, the black woman left to die by paramedics who wanted to hurry up and eat their bagels.

2) If you can't make policies for any particular group, why does it seem that you are doing it for everyone else? I've seen special committees/task forces for the automobile industry, the protection of Israel, the gay/lesbian/bi-sexual community, the environment, bankers, immigrants, etc. Perhaps mentioning a task force to deal with the black unemployment gap or mass incarceration of African Americans might at least appease some of your black critics. But then again, maybe there is something in place that I don't know about - which means you need to spend more time getting your message out to the community. The point is that there appears to be a double standard in place, and we've all noticed that you almost never invite any African-American leaders to the White House. I hope you haven't become the successful relative who is ashamed of his family members.

3) Please stop giving us speeches on personal responsibility. I am still reeling over Obama's speech on Father's Day of 2008, where he seemed to enjoy separating black men as being especially irresponsible and the cause of their own demise. Eric Holder did the same thing last week. Any intelligent man who can see the mass incarceration and unemployment rates of black men, and then chalk it all up to "black men are just screwing up" is doing nothing more than continuing the same international and historical habit of scapegoating minority groups. We expect that from Bush, but not from you Mr. President. If you would not give a particular speech to white folks, then please don't give it to black people. Some of us have drank the kool-aid, but there are quite a few African Americans who are going to weigh your efforts against other politicians we could have supported. You are certainly better than John McCain, but people are wondering if you are better than Hillary would have been. I won't pass judgment on such matters until 2011.

The point, Mr. President, is that we consider you to be special. We don't treat you like everyone else and give reverence to you that has yet to be earned. The same respect we give to you, we'd like to see returned. Not in a way that offers preferential treatment, but in a way that simply acknowledges that we exist. Black suffering should not be invisible. " [Article here]

Oh my, where is that jug of O- Aid when you need it?

Before I go I want to say just a few more things:
This holiday season I hope everyone reading this will have peace and prosperity in their lives. I mean that. I have nothing but love for everyone who reads this blog, comments on this blog, and links to this blog on a regular. At the end of the day I am sure that good will prevail over evil. It always does.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mike, it might be time to switch.


"There is nothing a white man with a penny hates more than nigger with a nickel"

Remember that saying Hip Hop Mike? Well I hope you do, because it is about to become very relevant in your life.

Poor Hip Hop Mike. It seems that he has been doing a little moonlighting for dollars while collecting a check from the GOP to make them the party of Lincoln again. Mike has been charging $8,000 a pop to speak at different venues while chairman of the GOP.

Hey Mike, I am not mad at ya. A brother has to live. Gators and those fly suits I see you sporting cost money. But the GOP crowd is not pleased.

"The former Maryland lieutenant governor, who was elected chairman of the GOP in January, has given a dozen speeches to corporate boards and colleges. He has charged $8,000 per appearance while at the same time collecting a salary of $223,000 as the leader of the party. The chairman's paid speeches were first reported by the Washington Times.
Richard Bond, who was chairman of the party from 1992 to 1993, said he was "shocked" Steele had accepted the money and that he "didn't take a dime" from speaking fees during his tenure. A current member of the 168-member RNC, who did not want to blast Steele publicly, called the speeches a "bad idea."'

Now Mike, you and I both know that they don't like you. They only put you out there because you were their version of his O ness. Now, as the president's star dims, watch how yours will go dim right along with him. The republicans don't need their own version of the articulate Negro anymore, because the one they feared so much is getting his ass handed to him in the polls.

Don't believe me Mike? Well guess who broke this story about you? If you guessed one of those liberal rags like the New York Times you would be wrong. It was the conservative Washington Times. I wonder why you think they did that, Mike?

"Harry Sandler, who handles Mr. Steele's bookings at Newton, Mass.-based American Program Bureau, told The Washington Times that Mr. Steele "tends" to charge between $10,000 and $15,000 for an appearance and that he received roughly that amount for a Sept. 21 speech at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Ark. Mr. Steele has an upcoming speaking engagement at DePaul University in Chicago, for which he will be paid $12,500.

"Holy mackerel, I never heard of a chairman of either party ever taking money for speeches," said Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr., RNC chairman under President Reagan and CEO of the American Gaming Association.

"The job of a national chairman is to give speeches. That's what the national party pays him for. We didn't have a rule book back then, but being national chairman was and is a full-time job," Mr. Fahrenkopf said."

Mike, I tell you what I am going to do; -and some of my fellow field Negroes won't like this-. But here it is: I am going extend an open invitation to you to come back to your people and leave the dark side. Those people you are running with are not your friends. See how mad they get at you when you make a little money? It's because they don't think you should be pulling down $230,000.00 per year AND still want more. The only black folks in A-merry-ca allowed to make money are ball players and actors. Didn't you know that Mike?

So hurry Mike, this offer won't last very long. If you can make as much as $10,000 per speaking engagement now; just think of how much you will be able to make once you pull the switch.

*Pic from Getty Images.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Here we go again? Or just field trying to stay in shape by chasing imaginary racism?

I haven't chased my man racism in awhile. So with that in mind, I decided to post a link that my girl Jody sent me. (She is white)
It's about the movie "Avatar", and some folks are crying racism because of its cast and overall theme. The best article that addresses the subject is the one Jody sent me, and it was written by someone named Annalee Newitiz. (Hmmmm, Newitiz; doesn't sound like she is of the Negro persuasion. But I could be wrong.) Anyway, here is the article:

"When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

Critics have called alien epic Avatar a version of Dances With Wolves because it's about a white guy going native and becoming a great leader. But Avatar is just the latest scifi rehash of an old white guilt fantasy.


Whether Avatar is racist is a matter for debate.
Regardless of where you come down on that question, it's undeniable that the film - like alien apartheid flick District 9, released earlier this year - is emphatically a fantasy about race. Specifically, it's a fantasy about race told from the point of view of white people. Avatar and scifi films like it give us the opportunity to answer the question: What do white people fantasize about when they fantasize about racial identity?
Avatar imaginatively revisits the crime scene of white America's foundational act of genocide, in which entire native tribes and civilizations were wiped out by European immigrants to the American continent. In the film, a group of soldiers and scientists have set up shop on the verdant moon Pandora, whose landscapes look like a cross between Northern California's redwood cathedrals and Brazil's tropical rainforest. The moon's inhabitants, the Na'vi, are blue, catlike versions of native people: They wear feathers in their hair, worship nature gods, paint their faces for war, use bows and arrows, and live in tribes. Watching the movie, there is really no mistake that these are alien versions of stereotypical native peoples that we've seen in Hollywood movies for decades." [More here]

True confessions: I don't like James Cameron, so it's easier to chase racism with projects that he does. I don't know, something about him just never seemed quite right. Maybe it's because he never had any brothers in that damn movie where the ship sunk. What's the name again...? Yeah, "Titanic". Field, that's because there was only one black person that history knows of on the Titanic. Well he could have shown at least one clip of the brother. A brother like that with all those white people had to have stood out. I know when they were reaching for those life boats that brother was out on the deck, because you know he couldn't swim....let me stop.

Anyway, I want to know. Is what the author writes here the bottom line?:

"This is a classic scenario you've seen in non-scifi epics from Dances With Wolves to The Last Samurai, where a white guy manages to get himself accepted into a closed society of people of color and eventually becomes its most awesome member." [Hmmmm, the Bill Clinton effect.]

Or is my man racism just distracting me again while he does some real damage somewhere else?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh what a tangled web....

I am all for health insurance reform. I really am. And when the senate got the 60 votes over the weekend to make this bill filibuster proof I was happy for the dumbocrats. I am not one of these "uber" leftist who say give me a public option or nothing at all. I understand how the A-merry-can political system works, and I am willing to take the baby steps. Do I want a public option? Of course I do. A government run health insurance plan would drive the cost of health care down for everybody. In fact, if I were King of this A-merry-can world, we would have a single-payer health plan tomorrow. But I am not. the King of the A-merry-can world is money. And right now the insurance lobby and their fat cat friends have damn near all of it. But I digress.

So I am glad for these sixty votes, but I am not happy at how they got there. If what is being reported is true,(the wingnuts are calling it a bribe) Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) cut a sweetheart deal for his home state of Nebraska. Seems they won't be paying their fair share of the contributions to Medicare for a long time to come. He is not alone. Apparently Mary Landrieu from my favorite state, Louisiana, did the same thing. She held out for a cool one hundred million.

Honestly, I have no problem with folks looking out for their home states. (Unless their name is Joe Lieberman ,who has just become a whore for the insurance industry. Wait...did I say just become? Sorry, l I take that back; he has been a whore for them for a long time.) But shouldn't these people be voting their conscience and convictions? If you think health care reform is needed, why hold out to the highest bidder for your vote? The whole thing just stinks a little too much for the kid.

Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) was on one of the Sunday talk shows, and he was talking about how unconstitutional it all was. He argues that 30% of the people he represents in his state are African American, and if Nebraska gets this deal there will be some equal amendment issues to consider. Ooooo kaaaay. Like when was the last time a GOP official cared anything about the equal rights for black folks? Still, there is something to that argument. The one that says that some citizens shouldn't get certain benefits at the expense of others just because their elected official happens to be slicker.

But, at the end of the day, it looks like his O ness might have a nice Christmas present. And he will be able to say that he got some historic legislation past. That will be something for dumbocrats to run on in what will be a tough election year in 2010.

And if what the CBO chief is saying is true; it's a bill that A-merry-cans could find themselves being able to live with in the long run.

" The bill would cost an average of $87 billion a year for the first ten years. It would expand coverage to about 30 million Americans. It is projected to reduce the deficit by $132 billion over the next ten years. Here's the summation from CBO chief Doug Elmendorf's blog:"

I am no economist, but that doesn't sound like a bad deal to me. Certainly not as bad as some of the deals that were cut to get to 60 votes.

*Pic from Jen Sorensen @ Slowpokecomics.com

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Aiming at Sarah.


Field Negro, there goes your crazy left wing friends again. What is it with you people? This latest cowardly and disgusting act, by no doubt, one of you communist, just goes to show how low you people will go.

How dare you throw tomatoes at Sarah Palin? This woman is the heart and soul of the republican party (not to mention its most important spokesperson) and you people disrespect her growing legacy by throwing tomatoes at her? I say tomatoe[s] because that joker threw two...

Stop laughing field Negro, what if this had been the president? You liberals would be screaming bloody murder about racism and the president not being safe. This was no laughing matter. What if those tomatoes were poisoned with some kind of deadly venom? What if those were grenades instead of tomatoes? This Jeremy Paul Olsen fellow should be sent straight to Gitmo with the other terrorist.

But you lefties are such hypocrites-not to mention bad throwers-. You tried this crap with Ann Coulter; and you tried this stuff with Michael Steele, throwing Oreo cookies at him. (Well...that story might not be true. Whatever! ) And one of your Iraqi friends even tried it with our last president. Throwing things at people you don't agree with politically has got to stop. It is not civil, and it is dangerous. Sometimes you people even get tired of throwing things and just beat your political opponents. How do you explain that one field Negro? Ahhh Passion?

"Palin was not hit by the flying tomatoes, which instead hit two police officers standing near the former governor. Olson was arrested on charges of suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct.
Palin — who has sold more than 1 million books since starting her signing tour last month — did not comment on the incident. "

Thank goodness! Now the book tour will continue, and our next president will be be able to go on spreading her populous message to the rest of A-merry-ca. You people can't stop Sarah, field. You can only hope to slow her down.

Is Sarah's book tour taking her to Philly? I would love to volunteer my time to help protect her. Just to insure that nothing is ever thrown her way again. You never know; there might be another Jeremy Paul Olsen out there.

*Pic from Politico.com

Friday, December 18, 2009

Justice Delayed.

Poor James Bain. His situation adds new meaning to that old cliche, "justice delayed is justice denied." I mean there is delay and then there is DELAY. Thirty five years?
In 1974 my man was sentenced to life in prison for allegedly kidnapping and raping a 10 year old boy. His conviction was based, in part, on the little boy's testimony who described his attacker as having "bushy sideburns and a mustache". Nice. No doubt the law and order types (like the usual suspects on this blog) were around screaming for his head on a platter at the time. If I had been blogging then and wrote alleged child rapist, James Bain, I would have been vilified.

But thank goodness for DNA testing.

What I want to know is how this man can be so calm and composed after having 35 years of his life taken away from him. It takes a special person to come out of a situation like that and hold no ill will to the people and the system that did this to him. Remember Robert Deniro's character in the move "Cape Fear"? That might have been me. Yep, I just might have gone all Max Cady on someones ass. I am just saying.

"I'm not angry," James Bain, 54, told reporters after a brief hearing in Bartow, Florida. "

Well Mr. Bain, I am angry for you. When that judge told you "Congratulations", you should have asked him for what. What the hell is he congratulating you for? The state of Florida takes 35 years of your life and all that damn Judge can tell you is "congratulations"? Congratulate this! *middle finger to the sky*

"I got God in my head,' said Bain, surrounded by supporters and wearing a T-shirt with 'Not Guilty' across the front. 'I knew one day he will reveal me."'

It's times like these that I have no problem with religion, and man's need to beleive in a higher power. If it [religion] helped Mr. Bains keep his sanity during his terrible ordeal, then I have to give a shout out to Jesus.

Poor man. Imagine being in jail for 35 years and knowing that you are innocent of the crime you were charged with and ultimately convicted of.

"Ed Threadgill, who prosecuted the case originally, said that he didn't recall all the specifics but that the conviction seemed right at the time. "I wish we had had that evidence back when we were prosecuting cases," said Threadgill, 77. "I'm ecstatic the man has been released."

Of course he didn't recall all the specifics; his life went on. I bet James Bain could tell you all of the specifics, right down to the tiniest detail. [Story]

Shout out to the folks at *The Innocence Project.*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

And lead us not into temptation...

It's Christmas party time, and the field and a few of his friends are getting their party on. (Props to Jody and the Camac Street crowd for another great party.)

So I am at this one party when I spot this sister who I have been knowing for a minute. Lady has more curves than a Jamaican country road, and she has the whole package: Dark and lovely, baby hair with the serious cut, the whole nine. (Hey just because I am on a diet doesn't mean I can't look at the menu. Right?) I see Ms. Thing every year at this one party and every year she looks better. Ms. thing is always playing the "Lone Ranger" role and this year is no different.

Hi field. "Hey what's up?" Mrs. Field let you out by yourself? "Yeah, how about that?" "Are you all still together?"" Yes we are." She is looking at my "LoJack" ( also known as a wedding ring) so I know she knows the deal. Field, why are all the good men taken? It's so tough out here for a sister. I am looking at her and I am wondering why she isn't taken. Unfortunately field, I think I am doomed to be single for a long time. "No, I don't think so", I tell her, "you will be hitched in no time. Just hang in there. " I don't know field, it hasn't happened yet, I am not getting any younger. Really? She could have fooled me.

Ms. Thing gives me a hug (down field) and we say our goodbyes. Back in my single days. (A looong looong time ago. Loooog before Mrs. Field.) I would have probably tried to holla at Ms. Thing, but those days are over. Now I can only wonder what it would have been like and wish girlfriend luck. I am sure she will be fine. Later on I spot her still working the room, and she is talking to some dude with damn near as much cash as Tiger. Dude is married as well, but he is all over Ms. Thing.

I am left to wonder if a lady like that really wants to get hitched, or if she is enjoying living this way: Turning heads and breaking hearts until she doesn't have it anymore. She says that all the good men are taken, but if they weren't would she want them? I am guessing not.

I am leaving the party to make another stop when Ms. Thing stops me: Field are you leaving already? "Yep, I have to make my rounds ". Girlfriend comes over and gives me a hug (down field) and tells me she will definitely call me to do lunch or something. I tell her that"it's all good" when I know damn good and well that it's not. Bye field, I hope Santa is good to you this year. One more hug; one more squeeze; that menu sure is looking good.
*Pic courtesy of Mamahenfolkart.com

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is life liberty and the pursuit of happiness only for "real" Americans?

In my last post I wrote about some of the shortcomings of the economic plans set down by his O ness. I lamented about the help everyone else in A-merry-ca seems to be getting except poor people and people of color. As is usually the case, you folks followed with some really deep and thoughtful comments. And you really had me thinking about some of the different ways that we could change our reality.

But here is the thing; regardless of what type of economic policies are implemented, and how it's shaped in Washington; is there a segment of folks in A-merry-can society that will never be happy with this president no matter what? And would those people do everything in their powers to undermine this president -or anyone that is perceived to be a threat to the A-merry-can ideal or way of life- even if his policies were good ones?

I was reading over at BroadSnark, and Mel wrote a post that had me thinking about that.
"White America's Existential Crisis

'People have, apparently, lost their minds. There seems to be a panic that we have lost the fabric of our society and I’m having trouble getting a handle on what has happened that is so drastic that people would think its tyranny or fascism or hitleresque or stalinesque' (Jon Stewart)
That quote is from Stewart’s interview with Lou Dobbs (video below). Dobbs never really answered Jon’s question, so I’m going to try.

There is a certain segment of the American population that really believes in the American foundational myths. They identify with them. They believe that America was built by a handful of white, Christian, men with exceptional morals. Their America is the country that showed the world democracy, saved the Jews in World War II, and tore down the Berlin wall.
These people have always fought changes to their mythology. They have always resented those of us who pushed to complicate those myths with the realities of slavery, Native American genocide, imperial war in the Philippines, invasions of Latin American countries, and secret arms deals.
And we have been so busy fighting them to have our stories and histories included in the American story that we sometimes forget why the myths were invented in the first place.
No myth illustrates the slight of hand behind our national mythology quite like the myth of the cowboy. In the mythology, the cowboy is a white man. He is a crusty frontiersman taming the west and paving the way for civilization. He is the good guy fighting the dangerous Indian. He is free and independent. He is in charge of his own destiny.

Richard Slatta’s Cowboys of the Americas and you will get a very different picture. In reality, the first American cowboys were indigenous people trained by the Spanish missionaries. In reality, more than 30% of the cowboys on Texas trail drives were African American, Mexican, or Mexican-American.

And cowboys were not so free. Cowboys were itinerant workers who, while paid fairly well when they had work, spent much of the year begging for odd jobs. Many did not even own the horse they rode. Frequently, they worked for large cattle companies owned by stockholders from the Northeast and Europe, not for small family operations (a la Bonanza). The few times cowboys tried to organize, they were brutally oppressed by ranchers.

So what does all this have to do with Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, teabaggers and white panic?
Marginalization and myths have always been about economic exploitation. White supremacy is not simply personal bigotry. It is the systematic exclusion, dehumanization, and erasure of the majority in order to preserve economic dominance for the wealthy minority. And while white men may be in most positions of wealth and power to this day, only a very few of them really benefit from our current economic system. White supremacy helped distract poor and working class whites from targeting their economic exploiters. White supremacy helped mask the lie of equal opportunity.

When you know the real history of the cowboy, it makes the selling of Reagan and Bush as cowboys seem like an inside joke. The mythological cowboy is the heroic figure that many Americans wish they were. The fact that the cowboy was actually an exploited worker is virtually unknown.

When Americans vote for a president, they want to see that heroic version of themselves looking back at them. They want to see that free cowboy of the mythology. No matter how poor or exploited white people were, they could always take subconscious comfort in the fact that, when they looked at the highest power in the land, they saw an idealized version of themselves.
And then came Barack Obama.

It’s a powerful thing to be able to identify with the people who are your leaders, to feel like they are one of you. It’s a feeling that many people in the United States felt for the first time when Barack Obama was elected. It’s equally powerful when your elected leaders are clearly not like you, when the fact that they do not represent you is glaringly obvious.
I had my whole life to get used to the idea that the government was never made to really represent my interests. Many of these angry people are the very white, Christian, men that this country was supposedly built by and for. And this is the first time the myth of America has been unmasked for them."
[More here]
I guess my question is this: If we had the perfect economic climate for black folks and poor people in A-merry-ca, and everyone started working again, would we even be able enjoy it? Is the American dream for certain people just a myth? And if it is just a myth; would it be in the best interest of certain people in A-merry-ca to let us all fail just to keep that myth alive?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brothers "can you spare a dime?"

"Them belly full, but we hungry; A hungry mob is a angry mob. A rain a-fall, but the dutty tough; [rain is falling but the dirt is still hard] A yot a-yook, but d' yood no 'nough.[a pot is cooking but the food is not enough] " ~Bob Marley~

Oh lawd O man, I think the natives are getting restless. The black side of your family is threatening to come out of the basement and embarrass you in front of the rest of A-merry-ca.

I think they are upset because it seems like you have been doing more for Wall Street than Mai....no, not main street, MLK Boulevard. (Doesn't every black neighborhood in every city have an MLK boulevard?) I mean this recession has really hit black folks. And they see you in the White House and wonder why you can't throw a bone their way.

Oh field, stop it. The man is president of all A-merry-cans, he has to be presidential. I guess you want him to go down to the hood and sit on the corner and sip a malt liquor with pookey "an dem." It doesn't work that way field, we are talking about the president here. Didn't you see him getting with the bankers yesterday? Come on field, the man has only been in office a year now, give him some time.

OK, I will give him some more time. After eight years of the frat boy I know he needs it. But it just seems like the man on the street (not only black folks) are getting left behind while Geithner and his banker friends in Manhattan clean up. And please spare me the economics 101 speech. I get it. The banks had to be bailed out or there would have been no loans for anybody. A-merry-ca would have been in big trouble. But now the bonuses are flying again, the DOW is over 10,000 and poor people still can't find jobs.

Mrs. Field broke my heart today (not to mention my checkbook) by telling me about a family she adopted and their woes for Christmas. That shit is not cool. And it's not like these people don't want to work. They do. But no one is hiring.

I am no fan of the CBC, but I have to give them a some props for getting with his O ness recently.

"Black lawmakers who have largely held their tongues during President Barack Obama's first year in office are stepping up their demands that the nation's first black president do more for minority communities hit hardest by the recession.

While still careful about criticizing Obama publicly, they appear to be losing their patience after watching him dedicate more than $1 trillion to prop up banks and corporations and fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while double-digit unemployment among blacks crept even higher.

"Obama has tried desperately to stay away from race, and all of us understand what he's doing," said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo. "But when you have such a disproportionate number of African-Americans unemployed, it would be irresponsible not to direct attention and resources to the people who are receiving the greatest level of pain."

Dating back to Obama's campaign, many black leaders have pressed him to take more of a stand on the challenges facing minorities. Most voiced criticisms privately for fear of jeopardizing his candidacy or undercutting his popularity after his election. They also have tread lightly so as not to be at odds with their own majority-black constituencies, who strongly support Obama........ frustration has been building. The 42-member Congressional Black Caucus flexed its influence last week when 10 of its members held up a financial regulation bill backed by the administration until leaders agreed to add about $3 billion in foreclosure relief for struggling homeowners. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., the House Financial Services Committee chairman, later added $1 billion for neighborhood revitalization programs.

During the stalemate, the lawmakers issued a statement saying they would no longer support public policy "defined by the world view of Wall Street."

Good for them. And did I see where the author said that black lawmakers were afraid to confront his O ness for fear of a backlash from their constituents? Interesting.

You gotta love us black folks. We stay down with brown no matter what.

"Cost of livin' gets so high, Rich and poor they start to cry:Now the weak must get strong;They say, "Oh, what a tribulation!"Them belly full, but we hungry;A hungry mob is a angry mob"

Wrong Bob! Only the poor is crying. The rich will be fine.

Monday, December 14, 2009

"A" is for Reverend Al.

Rev. Al's groups is front and center in Philly again. This time to defend a Frankford High School student who was allegedly set upon and beaten by two school district police officers.

" Supporters of a Frankford High School junior who was allegedly beaten by two school security officers called on Philadelphia Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman today to launch an independent investigation into the incident immediately.
They also demanded a probe into the alleged "boxing glove beating" of students at Olney High School by a district officer known as "Sarge."

"The schools are out of control and we need to do something about it," said Gregory Brinkley, Philadelphia chapter president of the National Action Network, a civil rights group headed by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Brinkley led a rally of about 20 mostly network members this afternoon at Frankford High School as classes let out for the day.

Jeffione Thomas, 17, a star running back for the Frankford High Pioneers, admits he was late for school Oct. 29 when the two truancy officers followed him into the building.

Just inside the school doors, Thomas said the two officers "jumped" him and knocked him unconscious. One of the officers put him in handcuffs while the other continued to beat him, Thomas said.

Several students watched as school surveillance cameras captured the episode.

"The beating lasted seven to 10 minutes," said senior Denzel Parker-Dixon. He said it took five administrators to pull the officers off of Thomas.

The assault, Thomas said, left him with a bruised eye and a torn lip that required six stitches.

After being treated at a nearby hospital, Thomas was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly hitting the officers. A court hearing, scheduled for this morning in Juvenile Court, was postponed until Jan. 22."

I know what you all are thinking, and I was thinking the same thing: Those officers should lose their jobs and possibly be prosecuted. But I know some people very close to this case who say that I shouldn't be believing everything that I read. They say that these officers have a tough job and it was the student who instigated the whole thing.

Well I wasn't there, so I am not going to pass judgement. Still, just on its face, it doesn't look good for the school police. Then again I know how the children in Philly's public schools can act. Lately our fair city has been all over the news because of the behavior of some of our students. And you have to wonder how far the the level of frustration is rising with those who are charged to supervise and to teach.

I know who is there now: Yep, Rev. Al's people. "The National Action Network" is in the house.

"At the rally, Brinkley demanded that the security guards be arrested and charges against Thomas be dropped. He said that a school district probe of the incident was "a sham" because district investigators had not spoken with Thomas. He also claimed the investigators had tried to convince witnesses to change their stories.
"We're calling for the DA to convene a grand jury immediately," Brinkley said.

Thomas - in a dark suit, lavender shirt and a paisley tie - quietly watched the rally as his mother and grandmother stood by his side.

Since the incident, he said he has "problems eating a little bit," but his injuries have otherwise healed."

Now Mr. Brinkley was quoted earlier in this article as saying that "the schools are out of control and we need to do something about it." Yes they are, but it's not the school board officers who are out of control, it's the damn kids. These two officers might have been out of control on this particular occasion, but trust me, it's not a pattern. If anything we don't have enough damn truant officers. I will tell you who is out of control Mr. Brinkley; it's the damn thugs who come to school pretending to be students while preventing kids who are there to learn from doing just that.

If these officers acted inappropriately they should be punished. And let's hope that the school board and all concerned conduct a fair and swift investigation into the matter. Having said that, I am going to have to tell the Rev. and his organization to chill on this one. Philadelphia public school children are not the victims of human rights abuses at school. If anything, they are the victims of it at home. [Story here]

Oh, and before I go, there is another story out of Philly that has my attention. It's the series that my local paper is doing on the District Attorney's office, and their lack of convictions for violent offenders. Great series; loaded with stats and interesting reporting.

But here is the thing: And believe me, I have nothing but love for the Philadelphia Newspaper people. (Hell they feature this blog as a link on their web site for crying out loud!) But if they knew that our District Attorney was so bad, why the hell did they endorse her in the past in campaigns for that office? And why is it that they wait until she is leaving to do a report about just how inept her office was?

Come on guys, you are better than that. Next time expose ineptitude when it matters, not when the subject of your indignation is going out the door.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Calling cupid.

I just got home from a beautiful wedding. And I saw two wonderfully committed and successful human beings with what I am sure is a wonderful future ahead of them, tying the knot and making their love for each other known to the world. It's a beautiful thing, and I wish that I could see more of it.

But, sadly, I was brought down from my matrimonial high when I got on my computer and read a post from over at AOL Black Voices. Unfortunately, it seems that cupid is not shooting his arrow towards the hearts of quite a few of our people. Or, if he is shooting, he sure is missing a lot. Yes my friends, as much as I hate to admit it; the black man and the black woman seem to be at war far too much with each other these days.

Check out the post (and the comments that follow) that have me thinking this way. Oh, and don't forget to go to the sister's web site with the link that's provided over at AOL Black Voices.

Wow! My sisters, I never knew it was this bad between us:

"Are you tired of watching the demise of the black community? Are you tired of watching our women being degraded and disrespected all over television? Are you tired of purchasing music for your children that promotes gangs, drugs and the killing of other black youth such as themselves? Are you sick of our youth allowing themselves to become a shell of what they could be? Are you sick of our black men that leave our race and marry outside our race profiting off the black community while they in turn, turn their backs on us? Are you ready to say something about it? Are you ready to boycott with your dollars? Are you ready to speak up and out in order to ask our black people to stay together; stick together because we need each other?! We are asking our black men to come home because we need you here...helping us rebuild our communities! We are openly praising GOOD black men (and we know you're out there) and asking them to be an example for our young men! It is a critical time for black America and we all need to love each other and work together so our youth have a race to be proud of as they grow. Here at Boycott Black Men we are taking the boycott way past just interracial dating and tackling numerous topics that aid in the demise of us as a people...we are on a mission not to support those that don't have our best interest at heart. Join us and voice your opinions and I urge our black women to visit ww.BlackWomenNeedLoveToo.com as well. Save the Black Community! I also urge you to purchase Mr. Vernon J. Davis' book Love, Is,The Beautiful Black Woman! Its a powerful book that all black women should add to their reading list!! Visit www"

Oh my, where to start? Well let me start with a question: If black men were to start settling down and marrying the good sisters who are out here in droves, would it change the problems in many of their lives? Problems such as getting a job; getting a criminal record expunged; going back to school and getting a proper education; and other pathologies that might plague the young black male in A-merry-ca. And would some of these sisters who are out here even want these men?

Well after seeing that beautiful wedding tonight I want to at least start the dialogue. I want some of these sisters out here (especially the ones on the brink of turning their backs on black and never looking back) to talk to us, and tell us what we need to do.

Brothers, I need you all to just listen...OK, I know that's impossible, but try to be introspective and keep an open mind.

Now back to my "Iggles" as they try to beat those stinking G Men.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa should come to Dominic's house this year.

This holiday season everyone reading this should give thanks that they are not Joanne and David Stratton. The South Jersey couple has not exactly lived the A-merry-can dream:

"THE STRATTONS aren't on a reality-television show about extreme makeovers. They're not swapping lives or wives with another couple who has it tough. There's no British nanny flying in with a film crew to help them care for a boy with cerebral palsy.

Reality for David and Joanne Stratton and their 7-year-old son, Dominic, is a 617-square-foot home, a former chicken coop that was built in 1940 in what is now the affluent suburb of Mount Laurel. Their days and nights play out in the small space that serves as the couple's bedroom, Dominic's therapy room and, when there's a rare visitor, the living room it was intended to be.
There's foul water that gurgles up from their well and worn carpet that Dominic lies on to play with toys or watch his beloved female Philadelphia news anchors because there's no room there for a walker or a wheelchair.

The Strattons, a fiercely proud and humble family, never had any room for charity either and weren't comfortable being the guests of honor at recent community fundraisers held for them.
"Me and Joanne never asked for anything," said David, 42, seated on a coffee table pushed against a television in the cramped living room. "We're kind of quiet people. "We've always just depended on each other."'

Thankfully for the Strattons, some good neighbors (Including a current and former Philadelphia Eagle.) understand the true meaning of the holiday season, and they have been trying to help them.

Still, I am left to wonder; if we had universal health care in this country would poor little Dominic and the Strattons be in this position? I am just wondering out loud. The author did not mention how the Strattons have been paying to take care of Dominic's medical needs, because I am guessing it wasn't the focus of his article. But I am. And I am wondering just how many more families like this are living in A-merry-ca, today.

Chicken coops are for chickens. Human beings in first world countries -especially ones with disabled children- should be able to live in a house.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Black Conservative Redux.

I am doing a mostly cut and paste job tonight because I think the post I am going to feature is very important to the discourse among black folks here in A-merry-ca. I like the fact that black thinkers are writing about where we are as a people, and how we can move forward to improve our condition.

The post is from Devona Walker over at the fine African American web site known as "The Loop". The author is concerned about the mindset of black conservatives and she writes in a thoughtful reasoned manner. It's why I wanted to post her essay and comment on her views about an important aspect of her thesis.

"We are born to a race, to a family, and that does not pre-determine how or what we think, act or believe. With that said, there is something very suspicious about many Black conservaties whose ideas I read about, and whose faces I see — often on Fox News— giving racial cover to white conservatives to go after other average Black folks or political leaders. They are so routinely paraded before us, despite the fact that they make up such a very small minority of Black political thought, it makes me wonder if it is intentional. They might not be intentionally trying to sell out Black people, but they often appear to be used in that way. And they certainly don't seem to mind.

Even though I fully understand we are not a monolithic people, in watching them, I can't help often wondering if they are sellouts, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or just patently unconcerned with the plight of Black people?

This below clip really drives it home. [the clip is in the last link provided] We have former Vice President Dick Cheney essentially calling President Obama a traitor. And here we have a Black man excusing Cheney’s outlandish actions. Once again, a Black man providing cover for a white man as he goes for the jugular of another Black man. In this case, it's particularly concerning because Cheney is intentionally trying to characterize the president as illegitimate, and therefore nearly condoning violence."

So far so good, right? I can't disagree with anything she said so far. But then....

"House Negro vs. Field Negro

There is the whole house v. field negro dynamic that we often use to define folks like this. Quite frankly, I’m tired of it. I do not want to be defined today by something that happened in our collective history, especially if it is not useful. We do not appear to use this historical identification in any productive way, as a means to measure our progress (which is how Obama generally references the black experience) or as a means of motivation (which is something that Colin Powell has done quite eloquently).

If you consider the difference between the Black and Jewish experience, it does make you wonder how our collective identity affects our ability to rise above adversity. Jewish people tend to use their history and cement that history of oppression through religious ceremony and customs, much like the Black community does. But it appears to be something that binds them as a people yet motivates them as individuals.

I know there are huge differences between the Black and Jewish experience, and comparing the Black experience with the immigrant experience as well. Many of those non-Black minorities came to this country as tradespeople. They often represent the most entrepreneurial of their people, the ones who would venture to another country to claim their fortunes.

But I must admit that as a people we have historically appeared to use our history as a “collective grief.” We have, at times, nurtured that grief. Even now, we continue to use our historical framing as a way of discrediting folks who look like us but do not think like us. And much of this rhetoric has, especially among younger Black Americans, become irrelevant.
So the premise of the Black conservative is reasonable. There is something to be said about this “Get over it,” mantra."
[ More here.]

Since I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this subject, this part of her essay really got my attention.

First, the only thing that I can say about the "Get over it mantra" is that it's a false construct. Contrary to what the author and black conservatives like to say; progressive black folks don't go around crying "woe is me". We are way too busy trying to put in the work that's needed to better our lives and our community. Just as she suggests that the house Negro/field Negro mantra is "not useful" and, as she says, is something that she is "tired" of. I would suggest to her that I am tired of the false label of victimologist [don't look for that word anywhere, you won't find it] as well.

And with all due respect to the author, the field Negro house Negro "dynamic" is not "history", it is still happening today. (Hell she talked about some -house Negroes- in the first part of her essay.) And it's still a dichotomy that is worth exploring and trying to understand.

I would even argue that the house Negro today is worse than the house Negro that lived on the plantations during slavery. At least those Negroes would tell the field slaves, from time to time, what massa was up to, and they would even slip them food and supplies from out of the big house to the slave quarters. These modern day house Negroes (you know who you are) would never share with those they consider fields slaves. They would never do anything to help them or teach them to try and uplift their condition. In fact, they are embarrassed by them, and they like to tell their modern day massa that they are nothing like those Negroes, they are different.

Finally, she uses the Jewish people (Happy Chanukah to my my Jewish friends.) as the model black folks should use to better their condition. But that would be impossible given the inimitable nature of the Jewish experience. The Jewish religion is over three thousand years old, and it is probably the oldest monotheistic religion known to man. Black people in A-merry-ca have no religion other than the one that was given to us when we got here. Our religious history doesn't motivate us as individuals, because it was used to pacify us and keep us on the plantation.

So sorry Devona, there is nothing "reasonable" about the "premise of the black conservative". It is a tired monologue rooted in selfishness and a false sense of patriotism that only he-the conservative- can understand.

Still, overall I loved the essay, I agree with lines like the following:

"The race and class debate is not about offering an image of an oppressed people who are without fault, it is about solving issues and about understanding the full context into which many oppressed people are born and must rise above. Black conservatives, much like their white counterparts, offer no solutions. It would seem their proclamations are simply meant as a way to unburden themselves from caring. "

Well said, now let's see if our conservative friends agree with you.

*Pic courtesy of BTX3's Blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I had this friend once who wasn't the best looking guy in the world, but I swear he always had the most gorgeous women on his arms. When I finally asked him how he did it, he told me something that I will never forget: Field, he said, it's all about timing.
With women your timing always has to be right. You have to know what to say at the right time; when to call at the right time; and when the time is just right for that other thing. Life is all about timing.

So I was thinking about that dude when I saw the latest cover of Golf Digest Magazine. Clearly they don't get the concept of proper "timing" over there.

I am not a big conspiracy guy, but I couldn't blame the Obamaholics if they cry set up from "the man" on this one. I mean are you kidding me? Poor O man can't buy a break. Just being in a picture with Tiger these days has got to be toxic. I bet they saw that pic at the White House and said, NOOOOOO! And how about the heading:? "10 TIPS OBAMA CAN TAKE FROM TIGER". Ahhh no thanks Tiger, I think his O ness will pass on those tips right about now. Maybe later.

Oh field stop it, the Magazine went to press and they couldn't stop it. There is no conspiracy here to sell magazines or to make the president look bad. What did you want them to do, stop the presses and shoot an entirely different cover?

Well yes; that is exactly what I expected them to do. Of course....on second thought, maybe not. I think, in retrospect, I expected them to do exactly what they did.

*Pic courtesy of Sports Pros(e)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

He loves the sinner not the sin.

Here in A-merry-ca Tigermania has reached what can only be described as surreal dimensions.
Over at the "fair and balanced" news channel their most popular personality is comparing him to O.J. Simpson. (That ought to keep the base fired up and watching for a few more days while the feeding frenzy goes into full gear.)

But tonight I am not going to talk about golfers who think that only blonds have more fun. Nope, tonight I want to talk about something far more important. You see, over in Africa, there is a country that is actually considering putting Gays to death for their lifestyle. ( Actually I think that there are other countries in Africa with similar draconian laws, but tonight I am going to post about one in particular.)

Yes folks, if seems that if you are queer in Uganda, the wages of your sin might soon be death.

I wonder where the Ugandans got that idea? Oh field, they have a lot of AIDS in Africa, maybe they associate AIDS with the Gay lifestyle and it's a public health issue. Nope not buying that. -There are much more serious factors causing the spread of AIDS in Africa- No, I think I know the real reason that the Ugandans were inspired to want to kill the queers.

My friends, it seems that our missionary friends have been busy spreading the gospel and christian values to the "dark continent"

"Critics have called the Anti Homosexuality Bill due to come before "Purpose Driven" Uganda's parliament in early 2010 a "kill the gays bill." As detailed in a new report from a religious right watchdog group, networks tied [1, 2,3] to Rick Warren's mentor and doctoral dissertation advisor have played a major role in organizing and inspiring Ugandan legislators who have spearheaded the legislation, which would mandate the death penalty for homosexual acts.Homosexuality is already legally a crime in Uganda that can lead to lifetime prison sentences, but the new bill would require the death penalty for something termed "aggravated homosexuality" and might even lead to the execution of HIV positive Ugandan citizens. Rick Warren has refused to denounce the new bill."

Well color me shocked! You mean the same Rick Warren whose purpose driven life led him to court the most powerful men in A-merry-ca? That Rick Warren? That sweet caring soul? Nooooo, I don't believe it. I wonder if he is a member of "The Family"? Folks, if you are not up on "The Family", you had better start getting up to speed really fast; especially if you are a secular/agnostic/progressive, like moi.

Oh well, I guess Rick and his pals have to start somewhere. Maybe if they kill enough of those queers in Africa they will get the message around to the rest of the world and those queers will change their evil ways.
They can do it the easy way, or they can do it the hard way. I am sure Rick and his friends would much prefer the easy way. That just seems more like the christian way to go.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The whites would like to trade their number one pick in the "Race Draft". Any takers?

"I am going to blog about this Tiger mess again, and then I am going to leave it alone"

I can't believe that I previously wrote that. What was I thinking? Like A-merry-ca is going to let me leave this story alone. Our collective prurient interest is too strong. Throw in the racial angle and we can't drive past the train wreck just yet.

It didn't take long did it? But now A-merry-ca is reminding Tiger's black ass that he is black again. (I was wondering when I was going to get a chance to post that *pic ArtMaggot sent me a few days ago. Well, as it turns out, I didn't have to wait long. Remember Dave Chappelle's joke about the "Race Draft"? I keep seeing it over and over in my head.) Leave it to Rush to say out loud what a bunch of folks from a certain segment of the population is thinking. Apparently Rush doesn't think Tiger is helping the black frame of mind.

".. Limbaugh said, “Black unemployment is terrible. The black frame of mind is terrible. They’re depressed. They’re down, Obama not doing anything for them. How’s that hoax and change working for ya? They’re all livid. They thought there was going to be an exact 180 degree economic reversal, and it’s done nothing but get bad for everybody, but they’re especially upset about it because they look at him as one of them, and now they feel abandoned, and I’m sure Tiger Woods’ choice of females not helping them out with their attitudes either.”' [Link]

Huh? First of all fatso, Tiger is Calabanasian or whatever the f#^* he likes to call himself, so please don't try to dump him off on us now. And don't even try to lump his O ness in with my man. Obama has a white mother yet he considers himself a black man. It's why he will always have a place to come home to (metaphorically speaking) no matter how bad he f&^%# up. Us black folks are like that, we tend to circle around our own. Hell, even O.J.; and that hurt, because the man did murder his wife. But some people are so predictable. Rush, it's not black folks who are in a "terrible" frame of mind" because of what Tiger did, it's people like you who were all too willing to accept his phony ass front. You did it because he liked to pal around with CEO's who looked like your sorry behind while pretending that he wasn't who he was. And you and all your middle aged white male friends who envied his golf swing and his blond wife, were all too willing to look past his blackness and see____________[fill in that blank] whatever it took to soothe your racial angst.

So sorry Tiger, as the bimbo parade continues and they all have a certain hue, your Calabanasian ass is looking more and more like just another slave catching house Negro with some self hatred issues. Not one sister? How about an Asian "jump off"?...... Yeah, I didn't think so.

One blogger wrote the following:

"If Tiger Woods had cheated on his gorgeous white wife with black women, the golfing great's accident would have been barely a blip in the blogosphere."

I take it he is talking about the black blogosphere. I still think we would have been talking about him, but maybe in another context. I know that if I am going to be honest, I wouldn't be looking at him the way that I do now. Still, articles suggesting that the distance between Tiger and blacks are widening because of this latest scandal have it wrong. That distance has been very wide for as long as the Calabanasian man has been around. But now that he has hit a bump on his putting green, just watch how some people try to close it for us.

Monday, December 07, 2009

School should be for learning.

I have gotten a lot of e-mails about the story I am going to blog about. Some folks have commented about it on this blog, and some bloggers have written posts wondering why I don't have the (rhymes with stalls) to blog about it.
What are they all talking about? I will tell you. Because I do have the (rhymes with stalls) to blog about it.

It seems that recently at predominantly African American South Philadelphia High, a number of Asian student have come under attack and have been the victims of gang style "beatdowns". Now some of those Asian students are boycotting school until Philly's finest and the school district can guarantee their safety.
My first thought when I heard this story was that the media had it wrong. I am somewhat familiar with the dynamics of South Philly's Asian population, and I didn't think that it would be a stretch to say that it all could have been gang related on both sides. Or, that this was just kids retaliating for something that had happened before. But knowing that I was going to blog about it I asked around, and from what I have been hearing my initial take on the incident was wrong.

There is no excuse for the behavior of these Negroes. They need a serious intervention. You do not attack another person because of their race. You just don't.

They messed with your family member, they are from another high school, they live in another part of town and you are at war with them over turf...whatever. But race? Not cool young bucks, not cool. And Philly School District can we stop with the bull s&*^ that this is not racially motivated? Come on now, pretending that there is no problem won't make it go away. It was racially motivated, and if every one of those black kids doing the attacking were honest that is what they would tell you.

'"We are outraged," said Xu Lin of the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corp., who works with immigrant students. "The parents are very, very concerned."'

I don't blame you Xu Lin, I would be "outraged" as well.

"School officials say this week's clashes were an aberration that belie strenuous efforts to improve race relations and cultural awareness. "What gets lost in all of this is the fact that the school, the community and the students have worked hard over the past two years to foster that kind of positive learning environment," said James Golden, the school district's chief safety executive. "Despite what happened this week, that positive learning environment prevails."

Mr. Golden WTF are you talking about? A "positive learning environment"? No sir, that's not a positive "learning environment". It would be a "positive learning environment" if you were training for a heavy weight championship fight. It's not a "positive learning environment" if you want to learn in school. Damn! And people wonder why inner city schools are so f&*^d up. (I am trying to cut down on my cursing so hang with me.)

So where does this come from? First, let me say that black folks are not alone when it comes to this type of antagonistic behavior towards other racial groups. But lately, in the age of Obama, black folks have come under heightened scrutiny for their actions. It's why this is a national news story. We represent the same group that the president of these divided states comes from, so our group is under much more scrutiny now. See what those blacks did, they are just as racist as everyone else. Now that they are in power [snicker snicker snicker] there is no telling what they will do. This is a favorite tactic of some conservatives because they can use it to deflect from their own racism.

But I digress. Back to my question: Where does it come from? Home? Ignorance passed down from generation to generation? Peer pressure? Maybe. A sick form of jealousy? These kids come from neighborhoods where the only people they see with businesses are Asians. Is there some hidden resentment for that? Or is it just a lack of exposure to other cultures? These kids have barely left the confines of their own neighborhoods -and they are in high school now. Forget China, these kids have never been to Chinatown and it's in their own damn city.

I would suspect that the behavior of these students (and I use that word loosely) can be traced to a little of all of the above. Whatever it is it's wrong, and it needs to be checked. The school board has suspended ten students. Let's hope that if there is a real racial problem at Southern High, these suspensions will be just the tip of the iceberg.

"Using Lin as a translator, ninth-grader Chaofei Zheng said Friday that he wants to get an education, make friends and improve his English. He said there are nice students at the school and that he doesn't understand the reason for the attacks."

Chaofei, neither do I.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Just because white folks do it.....

Philly is a city that is full of history and traditions. And one of Philly's most storied traditions is the rowing spectacle known as the Dad Vail Regatta. It is an annual rowing competition between colleges that attract the very bluest of blue bloods among us. Needles to say it is very white.
Recently Philly lost the event and fifty years of tradition to the tony New Jersey community of Rumson. Poor Mayor Nutter didn't see it coming, and he has been taking a lot of heat for it ever since. So now the hand wringing and pontification has begun. One African American columnist has summed up the feelings of black folks in this city who want to see the Regatta come back, but in a more racially diverse form.

"It seems organizers are mulling the possibility of bringing the Dad Vail Regatta back to Philadelphia in 2011. This after dumping the city for deep-pockets Rumson, N.J., for the 2010 regatta.

What's a 50-plus-year relationship got to do with it?
I'm just saying Dad Vail sounds like a two-timing boyfriend.
Everyone, it seems, is all up in oars and blaming Mayor Nutter for not fighting to keep the marriage gliding - even though the Dad Vail broke it off and found another sugar daddy without the city even knowing. And all for money, of course.

Rejection hurts. After all, the Dad Vail's prestige draws more than 125 elite college crew teams. Not to mention that the cash-strapped city could sure use the millions in revenue that 100,000 rowing fans are sure to toss around...

...Well, it hurts for some people. Of course, we always take back misbehaving boyfriends, but if the city had any foresight, it would shoot for a better version.
One that's a lot more representative.

Especially as our cash-strapped city tries to decide what events to fund, I'm not sure I'd put money into a public event that - unintentionally or not - has become a private endeavor.
The Dad Vail would mean a lot more than just a nerve-racking traffic hassle if it belonged to everyone.

No diversity. The cry for diversity along Boathouse Row has been ongoing for years now." [Link]

"Diversity"? Why? Black folks, can we talk? Why is it that you want to be included in everything that white folks do? Seriously, what the hell is that all about?

There are just certain things that we don't do or enjoy as a race. (I am, of course, speaking in generalities, so please save your comments about all the times you went skiing with your uncle Leroy. ) And as far as I am concerned, that's cool. White folks love to bungee jump and sky dive. Black folks like to watch a nice kung fu movie or play some dominoes. White folks like to water ski and scuba dive; black folks like to jet-ski and play frisbee in the sand. White folks like to ski, black folks like to sit in the ski lodge and talk shit. And on it goes. We have differences, and there is nothing wrong with that.

When events such as the Dad Vail Regatta go down and it's all lily white, there is no harm no foul as far as I am concerned. They spend money in the city and everyone benefits. I don't hear white folks screaming to be a part of the Greek Picnic. Why? Well I am guessing that they understand that it's an African American event, and there is no need to demand inclusion.

Not -some of-you black folks. If the white man is doing it, you want in. Stop it! As long as they are not saying you can't participate even if you wanted to, it's cool. Leave them alone to have their fun.

You Negroes can find other things to do.

BTW, please don't confuse my stance on this issue with my 12% rule. One is dealing with
an organized pre- planned gathering. The other deals with spontaneous happenings or events that are open to the general public. (Such as the movies which is what I use it for.) I just wanted to get that out of the way to preempt the field is a hypocrite comments.

Oh, and before I go; remember that story about Lincoln University trying to make classes on weight loss mandatory for graduation? Well it seems that they have changed their minds. There is nothing like a little added pressure from the overweight lobby to make "the man" cave...let me stop.