Wednesday, September 06, 2023

One of "us".


I just saw a report that most republicans believe that the January 6th insurrection was a democratic inside job to make their dear leader, Donald trump, look bad. I mean, seriously? How can we even have  a normal debate with these people?  What would make seemingly normal people show this type of cult like devotion to an obvious charlatan?

I have a theory, and you can stop reading now if the race card offends you. Yes, it's all about race. There is no other explanation for it. Donald trump has brilliantly built himself up as America's first white supremacist president in the modern era, and that is just fine with a certain segment of the white population who believes that their country is being taken away from them, and that those other people are turning it into their country. Donald trump doesn't have to say the quiet part out loud, because most white Americans who live with that fear see a sort of savior in trump. So what if he is a fascist? He is our fascist. He will protect our way of life. He will take us back to the days when our superiority wasn't questioned. In other words, he will make America great again.  

This is why, no matter what, Mr. trump will always have a large segment of the population in his corner. No matter how many crimes he is charged with, no matter how many women he rapes or brags about assaulting, it won't matter. It drives other Americans nuts. Those of us who consider ourselves normal and who want to see the better angels in others want to believe that the people who support him really  believe in their hearts that he is just a guy that means well and his policies will help them in the long run. That is not true. Go back to my second paragraph and read it again. It's an uncomfortable truth, and if we can't come to grips with it the cult of Donald trump will forever have us perplexed.

The British writer, Nate White, penned a brilliant essay about why the Brits don't like Mr. trump. It's worth a read. 

Another essay could be written about why so many Americans like Mr. trump. The answer would be simple: He is one of us.