Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quoting Lincoln?

It's nice to see Melissa Harris-Perry apologize for making fun of Mitt's (adopted) black grandchild. The high road is always good.

Of course she could have just doubled down and said that she was joking like Megyn Kelly of Fox News, but she didn't.

Sadly, we will never get an apology from folks like Rush and others of his ilk for all of the reprehensible things that they have said about people of color and other marginalized groups in the past, but we don't expect any more from them. Folks like that have not yet fully evolved as human beings.

Finally, you just can't make this stuff up.

The republican party is the "party of Lincoln", so this guy should have known better.

"Not everything you read on the internet is true.”- George Washington

Too often we’ve seen the embarrassment that comes with random people on Twitter sharing around inspirational quotes from famous people that they never actually uttered in the first place. It’s one thing for the layman to do it; quite another entirely for a public official to misquote Abraham Lincoln, but that’s exactly what happened to Arizona Republican state senator Al Melvin when he tried to share the wisdom of the former president.
Here are the two tweets in question (which, by the way, are still up as of this posting):

Well, it turns out Lincoln never actually said those words. When the Arizona Daily Star asked Melvin about the misquotes, this is what he had to say.
Melvin said he got the quotes from a Republican club newsletter.
“It sounded good,” he said. “It seemed like it was something that he would say.”
Told of the misattribution, Melvin said, “That’s news to me.”
But it’s all good, because as Benjamin Franklin once said, “It’s all water under the bridge now.” [Source]

It's New Year's Eve, and I am heading out for a nice quiet dinner with the Mrs.

Happy New Year everybody! And please be safe out there.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Grandpa, Mitt.

I did not want this post to be about Mitt Romney's [adopted]black grandson and how some folks over at MSNBC were making all kinds of jokes about him  being in the family picture.

I like Melissa Harris-Perry, but it is never cool to make such jokes about politics--- or anything else for that matter--- when it involves children. We should leave that type of behavior to the right wingnuts.

And speaking of wingnuts, as is to be expected they all pounced on the behavior of the panel on Harris-Perry's show to demonstrate that it's liberals who are the reeeaaallll racists.  "At least we adopt one of them as our own. " Hey, the Duck Dynasty dude has one (a bi-racial grandchild) as well.
Maybe that's why A&E decided to bring back his show.

Anyway, I think it's time that we just left the Romney clan alone. The elections are over, and he is back to making money and taking very large family photos.

“Everybody loves a baby picture,” Harris-Perry said, “and this was one that really, a lot of people had emotions about this baby picture this year. This is the Romney family. And, of course, there on Governor Romney’s knee is his adopted grandson, who is an African-American, adopted African-American child, Kieran Romney.”

As Harris-Perry made the introduction, panelist Pia Glenn sang “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same,” a tune whose original lyrics read “one of these things doesn’t belong.”

“And that little baby, front and center, would be the one,” she added.
“And isn’t he the most gorgeous?” Harris-Perry said. “My goal is that in 2040, the biggest thing of the year will be the wedding between Kieran Romney and North West. Can you imagine Mitt Romney and Kanye West as in-laws?”

Little Kieran should have an interesting life.

BTW, his name means black in Gaelic. No, really, it does. This has to make it so much easier to know the black Romney from all the others. *biting tongue*

Finally, if you are one of the over one million Americans who lost their unemployment benefits on Saturday I would like to say I am sorry.

Republicans just weren't willing to extend that hand out just a little longer to unemployed people.

It doesn't make moral or economic sense, but hey, it's their show in congress these days.
Apparently they think that they (the unemployed) will get too complacent and will not try hard enough to find work when that whopping $300 weekly gift from Uncle Sam just keeps pouring in.


The Benghazi lie.

 “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” 
Adolf Hitler ~

"It is an unfortunate human trait to look for some kind of moral wrong or legal malfeasance in specific events to incite general public outrage either to benefit someone or to cast aspersion on someone else. Shortly after Republicans won a House majority in the 2010 midterm elections a corrupt Republican, Darrell Issa, promised his only job as chairman of the House Oversight Committee was to have “seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks” investigating the Obama Administration when the 112th Congress began. Issa was desperate to find a scandal to take down President Obama and has investigated everything from the 2009 federal stimulus program to fabricating President Obama’s part in the scandalous Republican government shutdown two months ago.

Issa has wasted taxpayer time and money for three years looking for Obama Administration scandals he subsequently never found, including the tragic deaths of 4 American diplomats in Benghazi Libya on September 11 2012. Issa’s scandalous investigations aside, it was revealed yesterday that an extensive investigation into the attack on the diplomatic outpost that claimed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three diplomats’ lives found no involvement of al-Qaeda or other international terrorists groups whatsoever like Republicans have claimed for over a year. Instead, the attack was precipitated by, as first reported, extremist Christians in the United States.

A lengthy and comprehensive New York Times investigation informed what Republicans are desperate to keep under wraps because it revealed the Benghazi attack was “accelerated in part by anger at a U.S.-made video denigrating Islam.” The report parroted what any American with half-a-mind has known since Republicans began their relentless propaganda campaign that the Obama administration attempted to cover up al-Qaeda’s alleged role in the attack. According to the chairman of the House Intelligent Committee, Republican Mike Rogers, who kept the al-Qaeda meme alive last month on Fox News, “It was very clear to the individuals on the ground that this was an al-Qaeda-led event.”

However, according to the Times, “The only intelligence connecting Al Qaeda to the attack was an intercepted phone call that night from a participant in the first wave of the attack to a friend in another African country who had ties to members of Al Qaeda. But when the friend heard the attacker’s boasts, he sounded astonished and had no prior knowledge of the assault.” The report said militants surveyed the U.S. compound at least 12 hours before the assault started, but “the violence also had spontaneous elements fueled in large part by anger at the (anti-Islam) video that motivated the initial attack.” It is important to note that the video, titled “Innocence of Muslims,” was made by an American and “had also prompted protests for hours the day before at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.”

The report continued that “Dozens of people (in Benghazi) joined in, some of them provoked by the video and others responding to fast-spreading false rumors that guards inside the American compound had shot Libyan protesters.” According to a suspect who denied participating in the attack, “the video insulting the Prophet Mohammed might well have justified the killing of four Americans.”

Still, Congressional Republicans continue to assert that Stevens and three diplomats died in a carefully planned assault by al-Qaeda because they sought to undermine President Obama’s claim that al-Qaeda was decimated after killing its leadership including Osama bin Laden. Republicans assailed Susan E. Rice for announcing that based on early intelligence reports; the attacks were inspired by “spontaneous street protests that got out of hand as a result of the video denigrating the prophet Mohammed.” Susan Rice was mercilessly condemned by leading Republicans for allegedly lying about the attacks that led her to withdraw her name from consideration as President Obama’s Secretary of State." [More]

I think blaming American Christians for the attacks- like the author of the article- is a bridge too far, but clearly republicans went on a fishing expedition and there was nothing in the lake.

They should have quit while they were ahead.

And while they focus on a tragedy thousands of miles away in a land known for tragedies, children are being accidentally killed here at home by weapons of destruction that are made too easily available because they choose to turn a blind eye to the obvious.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tales from the far right, and more about the B word.

The right wing in this country has become absolutely unhinged.

I mean I understand anger and speaking truth to power, in fact, I encourage it; but we really have to be careful how we go about acting out our displeasure with our government.

 "A right wing nitwit by the name of Chris Crockett, a resident of Pennsylvania, really does not like President Obama. This NRA acolyte and Phil Robertson supporter took to the interwebs to vent his frustrations with the President in an intelligent and well-informed discussion of the issues–just kidding! He wants that “Muslim” dead.

Apparently, Mr. Crockett is lonely and enjoys visits from men in suits, because he chose to join the ranks of Everest Wilhelmsen in his open expressions that President Obama (and his entire family) should cease to exist. Like Hank the Handyman, Crockett asked for someone in the world to “plz shoot that f**king n*gger president…”

Like all racists, Crockett preceded his use of the n-word with an explanation that he is “not racist.” If that’s not enough, he extends his wonderful suggestion that “he should be killed” to include President Obama’s children and “the rest of him (sic) Muslim Family.”
1 (1)


Oh my! No love for his O ness I see. Hey, dude is entitled to question his government and the policies of the guy calling the shots, he and his fellow travelers can even do disgusting things like this , but my man has to be smart enough to keep the guys in the black suits off of his doorstep. This is not how you do it.

Finally, speaking of "right wing nitwits", I have another story that you will not be seeing on FOX News, Drudge, Breitbart, or any of their news outlets anytime soon.

This one has to do with the dreaded Benghaaaazi, and all the right wing talking points surrounding the tragedy that took place there.

Apparently they had a lot if it wrong.

"There are a lot of interesting details in the article, but two points are important to note:
  • Islamist groups did indeed use that anti-Muslim video as a rallying point to launch the initial attack.
  • There's no evidence that Al Qaeda or any other international terrorist organization was involved, and no evidence of meticulous planning.
Months of investigation by The New York Times, centered on extensive interviews with Libyans in Benghazi who had direct knowledge of the attack there and its context, turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault. The attack was led, instead, by fighters who had benefited directly from NATO’s extensive air power and logistics support during the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi. And contrary to claims by some members of Congress, it was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam.
A fuller accounting of the attacks suggests lessons for the United States that go well beyond Libya. It shows the risks of expecting American aid in a time of desperation to buy durable loyalty, and the difficulty of discerning friends from allies of convenience in a culture shaped by decades of anti-Western sentiment. Both are challenges now hanging over the American involvement in Syria’s civil conflict.
There’s much more to this multi-part article, and you should, as always, read the whole thing. But it shows unequivocally that the reality in Libya is far more complex and murky than the simplistic anti-Obama talking points pushed relentlessly by the right."

That's an outline of the article. Read the actual New York Times investigative report, here.

*Top pic from thewire.com

What brown did not do for you this Christmas.

Will all the folks praising the mighty private sector have something to say about the UPS Christmas fiasco?

It's not a good look when the company that's supposed to be putting the post office out of business can't deliver Santa's gifts on time.

Apparently, like the government, the boys with the big brown trucks didn't properly plan for the holiday spike in business.

 "UPS originally expected to ship about 7.75 million packages in its air network Monday, with about 3.5 million of those sorted at Worldport, as the Louisville hub is known. The facility handles on average 1.6 million packages a day. It isn't yet known how many packages arrived at Worldport during the last minute crush, but on Christmas Eve UPS said the volume of air packages in its system had exceeded its capacity.

It is still too early to know what went wrong, UPS said, adding that the company is analyzing the situation.

Some shoppers also complained of delays with shipments handled by FedEx. A spokeswoman said FedEx "experienced no major service disruptions during this holiday season, and we experienced no major service disruptions in the week before Christmas, despite heavy volume." She said FedEx is working with customers "to address any isolated incidents."

UPS carefully plans how it will handle the holiday peak. Extra resources such as additional cargo planes had been lined up as "hot spares"—company lingo for aircraft that could be fired up quickly in case of a logistics emergency. But it ran into a confluence of factors. Retailers have been encouraging online sales, which have grown much faster than retail sales overall. And retailers likely contributed to the logjam by offering some of their best discounts late in the season in a final push for sales. Many chains dropped prices on the final Saturday before Christmas to levels below what they were offering on Black Friday, according to Simeon Siegel, an analyst with Nomura Equity Research.

That, coupled with retailers' promises of just-in-time deliveries, encouraged many shoppers to put in orders at the last minute. People buying from more than 70 retailers including Toys "R" Us Inc. and Dick's Sporting Goods Inc., whose online shipping is handled by eBay Enterprise, were able to place Web orders as late as 11 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 23, a full 24 hours later than last year.

The result was a surge in online sales shortly before Christmas. UPS had been forecasting an 8% average rise in its daily shipping volumes during the holidays. But online sales in the last weekend before Christmas jumped by 37% from the year before, according to data from IBM Digital Analytics."

This all sounds familiar. But I am sure we won't hear talking heads pontificating about the death of the private sector in America. Rather, it's just a by- product of the capitalist system at work.

This leads me to another company in the private sector with some holiday issues.

Forty million people had data stolen from their credit and debit cards. That is a serious invasion of our privacy. But no outcry from the same folks who are worried about the government having our information and tapping into our phone lines and computers.

 "The retailer was alerted its systems might have been compromised by credit card processors who had noticed a surge in fraudulent transactions involving credit cards that had been used at Target, according to the source, who was not authorized to discuss the matter.

The timing of the breach could not have been worse for Target, coming just before three of the four busiest days of what has been a bruising holiday season for retailers, with the highest level of discounting in years. Target itself last month lowered its profit forecast for the year after disappointing sales in the third quarter.

Complaints from customers began to surface on social media as they learned of it early Thursday morning.

Most of these attacks are just a cost of doing business," said Mark Rasch, a former U.S. prosecutor of cyber crimes." [Source]

"Just the cost of doing business". The people who support the NSA being all in our business would argue that this particular apparatus is in place because they have to protect the American people, and the occasional infringement on our right to privacy is just the cost of living in America.

It's not a point of view I tend to agree with, but I am all to glad to point out the double standard when it comes to how we view the government as opposed to the private sector here in America.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Casualties of war.

The birthday of the J man has come and gone, and as we contemplate such things as peace and good will among men,  we can't escape the cold reality of living in some truly messed up times.  And, sadly, this time of year also seems to bring out the worst in people.

For the record, there is no "war on Christmas". This is a phony war conceived by certain folks on the right to stir the pot among like minded people who need something (anything) to be angry about.

I will also be glad to put this silly debate about the color of Santa in my rear view mirror. It must be tough being a black child in America. It's bad enough your teachers are telling you that "we don't need another black president", but you have to be constantly reminded that Santa doesn't look like you, either. I swear Christmas just isn't what it used to be.

Anyway, the "war on Christmas" might be over, but the "culture wars" will certainly continue.

The latest cause célèbre for conservatives is now bordering on the absurd. This guy, Phil Robertson, has become the Rosa Parks of the conservative movement (although I am quite sure that Rosa Parks never made bigoted and ignorant comments about a race or a particular group of people), and he has become a rallying force for all the "God fearing" right wingers who believe that they are under attack from a more secular society at large.

Down in Alabama they are introducing a bill to declare Robertson a "hero" for crying out loud!

 "While plenty of conservative politicians have voiced their support for Phil Robertson after the Duck Dynasty patriarch made his controversial comments about homosexual sex, only one is putting words into action. According to The Daily Home, Alabama State Senator Jerry Fielding (R-Sylacauga) is planning to introduce a resolution that would offer Robertson that state’s official and unanimous support.

“Phil Robertson’s family values are shared by the vast majority of Alabamians, who are rightfully concerned by the vitriol aimed at his Christian stance,” Fielding told the local paper. “There’s a clear double standard in the media favoring a liberal worldview. When it’s used to silence and punish Christians for stating their beliefs, that’s when we must defend the rights of individuals to exercise their free speech without fear of politically-motivated repercussion.” [Source]

Don't laugh, they are pushing a bill to save Christmas as well. As if Christmas is in danger of going anywhere. This is all so stressful. A brotha can't even say "Happy Holidays!" without getting the fuzzy eyeballs from some folks. "It's Christmas, damn it! What are you, some kind of Atheist commie?" Well, actually....

"Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to discuss his new “bipartisan resolution to save Christmas,” which was positively received by the show’s fill-in hosts.
According to Lamborn, H.Res. 448 states that “we should, as a country, protect the symbols and traditions of Christmas and not put up with any attempts to ban symbols and traditions of Christmas.”

I am not buying all of this. I am quite sure that Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty The Snowman will be with us for a long long time.

*Pic from scepticmoney.com


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Naughty or nice?

Damn it! I woke up too late. I thought I was going to get up early enough to see the big guy. Wanted to see if Megyn Kelly was right.

Oh well, the mystery will have to continue for another year.

Enjoy the day everybody.

Monday, December 23, 2013

This little Kitty is clueless.

Today I read two interesting articles about white privilege and living in the bubble that it creates.

This is a subject that fascinates me, because I always thought that white privilege is one of the things that prevent folks from truly understanding racism.

Of course you could argue that there is no problem with this white privilege thing. We are all human beings who are entitled to live as we please as long as we don't break any laws or hurt others. (Sometimes when you live in the white privilege bubble you don't even know when you are hurting others. And, if you do, you really don't care.) Or as long as we don't work in an environment that opens us up to criticism when we put our cluelessness and ignorance on display. (See "poor" Justine Sacco as an example.)

The latest example of someone who should try to put her white privilege in some perspective is music critic and hip hop artist, Kitty Pryde.

Kitty showed her cluelessness when she live- blogged the latest Beyonce album and wrote about it.

Here is an example of what she wrote:

"Whoa, this is starting out like the sickest of Future songs. Did Mike Will make it? Dude, I didn't know Beyonce drank. Actually, I didn't know she required sustenance. Wait oh my god this means Beyonce also POOPS. Wait she's going IN right now. My Jay Z senses are tingling, I'm pretty sure he's about to rap and I really hope it's EXACTLY like his verse in Suit & Tie. Yes, it definitely is. Is this the same exact verse? I'm pretty sure it is. WAAAAAIT HE JUST SAID "I EAT THE CAKE, ANIME". JAY Z JUST FUCKING USED THE WORD 'ANIME' AS A PUNCHLINE. THIS IS THE BEST SONG I'VE EVER HEARD. Am I supposed to be like explaining what these songs are like? I don't know what kind of music this is. "

No Kitty, he did not use the word "Anime". Rather....

 "When Alex Hardy sets Kitty Pryde to rights about the lyrics “eat the cake Anna Mae” in “Drunk in Love,” it’s a reminder of how flippant people have been with black entertainment. Pryde believes that Jay Z is referencing Japanese anime and uses it to dismiss the track as nonsense. In reality, the lyric is a reference to a scene in the Tina Turner biopic “What’s Love Got to Do With It” where Ike forces Tina to eat a cake for their anniversary, and it has a very specific meaning. Is it problematic? Yes, but rather than being a silly throwaway, it may refer to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s relationship and possible bedroom talk between the two. Rather than wonder what it meant, Pryde simply dismisses it, something far too common when it comes to references to black culture." [Source]

That's a kind check from Salon. The real check comes from Chris Alexander writing over at "the colored boy" in an open letter to Pryde , and it is a must read from one of the talented young writers on the web.

Here is an example:

"Look, White Writerperson, I imagine your cozy Cave of White Clulessness is comfy and fantastic. I'm sure it has central air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter and a friendly, well-dressed Negro gentleman at the door to help you with a smile when your non-burdens get too heavy to bear on your own. And all the coleslaw and unseasoned chicken one could ever want, I'm sure. Color me relieved envious, really.
But here's where you get to be a good Privileged Person and learn about a culture other than your own. I know Chimamanda, a Regular Black Person Who Isn't Doing Anything Worth "Borrowing," isn't a pop culture icon. But do yourself a favor and look her up. She wrote Half of a Yellow Sun, for fuck's sake.
To suggest that Miley would dig deep enough into the barrel of Blackness, doing overtime at the Appropriation Station to adopt a Nigerian pseudonym is telling: You, too, know how serious your skinfolk take their culture vulturing. It's a full time job. So vast, our Sea of Awesomeness, right?...
...That's because Jay Z was referencing a pivotal scene in What's Love Got To Do With It? wherein a high Ike Turner forcefully suggests that Tina Turner, real name Anna Mae Bullock, eat the cake that he ordered to celebrate their upcoming tour.

There are no rappers in the movie, so I understand if you don't care. But:
Catch a charge I might, beat the box up like Mike
In '97 I bite, I'm Ike, Turner, turn up
Baby no I don't play, now eat the cake, Anna Mae
Said, "Eat the cake, Anna Mae!"

I've just let you in on a Black inside joke. Like 2520 and the whole wet dog thing. Again, you're welcome. I don't blame you for not recognizing that reference because I can admit that I don't understand certain things about your culture, such as why Flo Rida is a thing. (That's your fault, not ours.)" [Entire article]
Yep. It got that deep because she went there. Where? To places that white privilege can't always take her.

The next civil war.

I have to interrupt your holiday celebrations to remind you of the crisis that is looming in South Sudan. (Yes America, there is actually a country called South Sudan)

We won't hear too much about it here because our government will not get involved in a civil war in a poor country that doesn't have anything (ahem ahem, oil)  to offer us. Not to mention the fact that they are just....well, Africans.

"But field, we have an African American president, surely he will pay attention to the terrible things unfolding in that part of the world."

Don't count on it. He is an American president. He will do nothing of substance in this part of the world. Certainly nothing that will really help the people of that country. There will be no talk of military intervention and arming the rebels, because, quite frankly, we just don't care.

Another all out civil and ethnic war is coming, and we are not doing anything to stop it.

Whatever happened to intervening in countries where there are mass atrocities for humanitarian reasons? Sadly, in South Sudan, women and children are particularly vulnerable.

"Women in the Sudan have suffered in a variety of ways. The loss of family members and homelands has been the common lot of women in all parts of Sudan. The suffering has been greatest in the south, where violent death, disease, and starvation have killed great numbers of women and children. The psychological trauma has been devastating for many. Of those who have survived many are physically disfigured as well as emotionally scarred.

Rape has been used as a weapon against women and girls as young as seven years old. Some rapes have been random acts; however, rape has often been used as a matter of policy to disgrace women, destroy families, and sever tribal ties. In Darfur in northwestern Sudan during the early twenty-first century, "rape camps" contributed to the goal of ethnic cleansing of the Black-Africans via racial dilution. This has been cited as one of the justifications for calling that conflict genocide.

Human rights organizations have verified that southern women and girls have been abducted, taken to the north, and sold into slavery. Some women have been forcibly converted to Islam and married off. Boys under the age of seven are taken to the north and put into Islamic schools. Older males are slain if captured. Southerners, however, have also impressed young males into their guerrilla forces. The abuses suffered by southern women have been caused by combatants on both sides of the war.

In the decades of the civil war, homes and fields have been destroyed, crops have been seized, and hundreds of thousands of southerners have been displaced. Because African women are small-plot gardeners and the sole providers of food for their families, in subsistence economies this has been a serious loss. Seed and cultivating implements have been taken or destroyed, so if the women and children manage to escape the devastation of an attack on their village, there is nothing left when they return and no way to reestablish their livelihood."

This is all sad, and it shouldn't be only celebrities like George Clooney trying to keep the conflict in Sudan on the front burner. 

"President Obama told Congress on Sunday he may take further military action to protect Americans in South Sudan.

In a letter to Congress, Obama said about 46 U.S. troops were deployed Saturday to help evacuate Americans. That’s in addition to another 45 troops sent to reinforce the U.S. Embassy in Juba.

Though he is on his annual vacation in Hawaii, Obama said in the letter that he’s monitoring the situation.

“I may take further action to support the security of U.S. citizens, personnel, and property, including our embassy, in South Sudan,” Obama wrote." [Source] 

Wow, 46 troops!

Of course Mr. President, we must only protect American "property and personnel" in Sudan. Because, the last time I checked, they don't have enough oil.



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Riley Cooper's "redemption".

Sorry to hear that poor Justine got fired. I guess [white] membership doesn't  have its privileges like it used to.

Don't worry Justine; I am pretty sure that you won't catch AIDS by simply standing in an unemployment line.

But I move on.

It's Sunday here in America, which means that it's time for some football.

My Eagles are trying to win the NFC East and only that hated team from Dallas stands in their way.

So anyway, I recently saw an article about my team and one of the rising stars in the receiving group; Riley Cooper.

In case you don't remember, Riley was the dude who dropped the N- word to an African American security guard at a country and western concert. It was all caught on tape, and poor Riley had some "splaining" to do.

It was touch and go for Riley there for a minute, but now he is having a good season, and they are writing articles about his road to redemption.

"Cooper is a big, strong target who has deceptive speed. He's a solid blocker and brings attitude to the field. But for the first three seasons of his career, he displayed his vast skills only during practice and couldn't carry it over to games.

"What he's doing now is shocking, to be honest with you," said a longtime NFL executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "To this point, he has shown things he previously wasn't able to show."

Is it opportunity? Added motivation to prove himself? Vick said he always saw great potential in Cooper. When the receiver was a rookie, he spent the entire 2010 preseason with Vick, who called him his "go-to guy." But they never really meshed together on the field. It wasn't until Vick injured his hamstring in October that Cooper finally started putting up big stats with second-year quarterback Nick Foles.

Cooper caught four passes for a career-high 120 yards against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6. He had three touchdowns and another career high with 139 yards three weeks later against the Oakland Raiders.

"Sometimes, you just click with guys, and, sometimes, it takes a lot of time to get comfortable with one another," said former NFL quarterback Mark Brunell, an ESPN analyst. "It may take a year or two years to really get to the place where there's a real connection there. Nick and Riley haven't been together that long, yet they're able to do some pretty special things. What's happening in Philly is kind of fun to watch."

Eagles receiver Jason Avant said Cooper looks up to Foles and the type of person he is.

"Just the way he lives his life," Avant said of the quarterback. "If they go somewhere, Nick is a little bit different. He doesn't drink or do certain things. I think he's a positive influence for him in a lot of different areas."

Avant said that ever since Cooper was a rookie, he had a reputation for working hard and having a temper that needed to be controlled. In the heat of competition, Avant said, Cooper was "liable to say anything."

"He had to work his way back with a lot of people," Avant said, "a lot of black guys on the team. He had to go to some of those guys and let them know his heart about the situation. He did, and I think guys received him.

"I can tell you this, that Riley experiences more racism than anybody. Being a white receiver in the NFL, that's not a … I'm out there with him. For years, I've heard some ridiculous things, that he doesn't deserve to be out there. That's happened way before this incident. I don't want to say it to be a cop-out, but what I'm saying is that him being in the position that he's in, it happens in this league. So you have to have that mindset to have a merciful heart."

I need a break!

Poor Riley has experienced racism from NFL defensive backs because he is white.

Jason Avant seems like he might be a nice guy, but he really needs to get a clue. Riley Cooper doesn't need his sympathy, he has a very large support system around him who is all too willing to do that and a public who is all too willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The silly article about his "redemption" is a classic example of that.

I really don't want to hear about how tough Riley Cooper has had it or how hard he has had to work to win over his black teammates. That security guard he was calling nigger around all of his beer drinking country and western friends is who I feel sorry for. Some poor guy earning $9 an hour (probably his second job) just to makes ends meet, and he has to get the business from some jerk of a football player. That's who deserves our sympathy.

Ironically, it was the man every pet owner in in America loves to hate, Michael Vick, who is credited with making it easier for Cooper to get back in the good graces of his African American teammates.

"In late July, after the news of the video broke, a humbled Cooper texted Vick. He thanked the quarterback for standing up for him, for publicly forgiving him at a time when Cooper desperately needed an ally. It was a hot, tension-filled summer in Philadelphia. Teammates, especially new players, were angry and didn't know Cooper, didn't trust him. Cooper issued a public apology, but even older players, such as LeSean McCoy, said they'd lost respect for him.

"I knew how guys were thinking," said Vick, who lived through his own controversy for his involvement in a dogfighting ring.  "I overheard guys talking. Some of the things, I just didn't like what I was hearing. I knew it had to be corrected. I just felt like I was obligated to make sure that this locker room stayed intact."

Good for Michael Vick. He put his team first. Not good for Jason Avant, he doesn't understand real racism.

Riley, just keep catching footballs and we will be cool. Your performance on the football field is all I care about.

Your moral awakening and "redemption" is between you and your conscience.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Standing by their man, and Justine thinks that AIDS is funny.

I see that conservatives are still busy defending the Duck Dynasty dude. Hmmm, I wonder why? Could it be that they have so much in common?

Anyway, I could care less what happens between that ignorant hillbilly and his employer, A&E. Obviously they have been good for each other, but now, to A&E, he has crossed a line. We will see.

Still, this is America; he has a right to his freedom of speech. But sadly for him, his employer has a right to can his ass in this type of situation as well.
Free speech sometimes has a price, just ask that Dixie Chicks, lady.

Finally, I am sure that conservatives will come to the defense of Justine Sacco as well.

In case you didn't know, Justine is an executive for an entertainment PR firm, and she found it necessary to show the world her ignorance via twitter.

"The communications director for media conglomerate IAC, which represents brands like OKCupid, is in trouble after publicly tweeting a racist “joke” that’s getting few — if any — laughs.

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” Justine Sacco tweeted Friday, apparently from London shortly before departing on a trip.
Sacco, who's represented brands also include Vimeo and CollegeHumor, was not immediately available for comment.

But the offending tweet disappeared late Friday night — which would be early Saturday morning in Africa. Just after midnight in New York, in fact, Sacco’s entire account vanished.
 Sacco tweeted: 'Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!'

Racist, insensitive to AIDS, and just dripping with a sense of white privilege. 

I don't think that this woman will have a job with her current employer much longer, but judging from her looks and what is obviously between her ears; a gig over at FOX can't be too far behind. (I see you Megyn Kelly)


Thursday, December 19, 2013


Let me say for the record right now; the Duck Dynasty dude probably should have not been suspended. He is on that network and pulling ratings because he is an ignorant redneck, so to suspend him reeks of Inspector Louis Renault from Casablanca. What kind of enlightened pearls of wisdom do you think would come out of the mouth of a guy like that?

Still, having said that, I find it rather amusing and somewhat interesting that he was suspended for his ignorant and despicable comments about Gays, but all we hear are crickets when it comes to his statements about black folks down in Louisiana.

 "..never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person," Robertson is quoted in GQ. "Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field.... They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!... Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.” [Source]

Nope, they weren't happy. Mrs. Field's dear granddaddy (may his soul rest in peace) told me so.

Maybe these comments about black folks aren't getting a rise out of folks because quite a few people in the majority population agree with him.

But I can assure you that there was nothing to be happy about in pre- civil rights and Jim Crow Louisiana.

Do you see where Phil is going? He lumps in "entitlement" and "welfare" with civil rights. Nice.

Of course, as is to be expected, this has started a culture war. Sarah Palin and her peeps over at Fox News are supporting the Duck man. (An ignorant bigot will get their support every time.) They think that he is being unfairly treated for speaking his mind. But these same people wanted Martin Bashir fired for speaking his mind about Sarah Palin.  Go figure.

Unbelievably, the governor of the state of Louisiana is supporting the Duck Man as well. I wonder how the blacks in his state feel about that.

Anyway, here comes the NAACP letter:

"We want to be clear why Phil Robertson’s remarks are not just dangerous but also inaccurate. Mr. Robertson claims that, from what he saw, African Americans were happier under Jim Crow. What he didn’t see were lynching and beatings of black men and women for attempting to vote or simply walking down the street"

Yes, but at least they had music.



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I be tellin em to go back to Africa, boss.

So this Negro Mychal Massie (I think that's Mychal on the left) believes that other Negroes should be happy to be in America, and if they don't like it they can go back to Africa.
Throughout his house induced diatribe he speaks of "they" when referring to black people as if he wants to get as far away from all things black as possible. (I saw your pic my brother; you ain't going anywhere anytime soon. Bruce Jenner's plastic surgeon couldn't help you. You better ride this black thing out. But I digress.)
Sadly---- and this is probably my own shortcoming when it comes to this subject kicking in--- this is the type of Negro that I see and envision when I think of the Negro conservative. So full of self-hate and contempt for his own people that it makes him almost a caricature of a real human being. His jigging and buffoonery to please his white conservative masters is almost cartoonish in its ignorance.
Why shouldn't black people --who have issues with how America is being run-- be able to state their criticisms and objections as loudly and vociferously as those in the majority population? Would he tell an Irishman to go back to Ireland if he had issues with America? Rhetorical question. Of course not.
I need to remind my jigging friend that the Negro has just as much stake in America has everyone else. The blood and sweat of his ancestors helped to build this country, and the tears of his ancestors helped to shape her moral compass in the right direction. 
If the Negro feels that America is not living up to her assertion and grandiloquence of her claim of exceptionalism, why should the Negro just put his head down, say woe is me, and sing Kumbaya with his neighbors?
To an ignorant Negro like Massie, America is like a retail store, (this was his actual analogy so I will play along) and the Negro is like a bad customer who cannot be satisfied. What he suggests is that America tells the bad customer (the Negro) that maybe he cannot be helped and that his "interests would be best served elsewhere".
Of course he is wrong.
In my analogy the Negro is a part owner of the store and he should have a say in how it is run.
The store has a lot of unhappy customers (black and white) and as part owner in the store, the Negro, has every right to say that the customer just might be right. (h/t Robert G)
Penitence has been made for slavery and Jim Crow. But, not unlike the retail customer who refuses to be satisfied, I believe there comes a time when we must give those who refuse to be satisfied the option of going elsewhere. Yes, I’m saying what you think I am saying. If, despite, America’s best efforts, blacks argue they are not treated fairly, that they are not given the same opportunity to succeed that whites are, if bad decisions that result in bad outcomes are the fault of white society, why stay here?
If blacks are so mistreated, if the realities of life that beset people of every description are more onerous because of white people here in America, why stay?

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/12/if-america-is-so-bad-blacks-why-stay/#cD2ZlmYlcPGHIA36.99
Penitence has been made for slavery and Jim Crow. But, not unlike the retail customer who refuses to be satisfied, I believe there comes a time when we must give those who refuse to be satisfied the option of going elsewhere. Yes, I’m saying what you think I am saying. If, despite, America’s best efforts, blacks argue they are not treated fairly, that they are not given the same opportunity to succeed that whites are, if bad decisions that result in bad outcomes are the fault of white society, why stay here?
If blacks are so mistreated, if the realities of life that beset people of every description are more onerous because of white people here in America, why stay?

Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2013/12/if-america-is-so-bad-blacks-why-stay/#MzCKBBvFAELZGiqu.99
Penitence has been made for slavery and Jim Crow. But, not unlike the retail customer who refuses to be satisfied, I believe there comes a time when we must give those who refuse to be satisfied the option of going elsewhere. Yes, I’m saying what you think I am saying. If, despite, America’s best efforts, blacks argue they are not treated fairly, that they are not given the same opportunity to succeed that whites are, if bad decisions that result in bad outcomes are the fault of white society, why stay here?
If blacks are so mistreated, if the realities of life that beset people of every description are more onerous because of white people here in America, why stay?

Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2013/12/if-america-is-so-bad-blacks-why-stay/#MzCKBBvFAELZGiqu.99
Penitence has been made for slavery and Jim Crow. But, not unlike the retail customer who refuses to be satisfied, I believe there comes a time when we must give those who refuse to be satisfied the option of going elsewhere. Yes, I’m saying what you think I am saying. If, despite, America’s best efforts, blacks argue they are not treated fairly, that they are not given the same opportunity to succeed that whites are, if bad decisions that result in bad outcomes are the fault of white society, why stay here?
If blacks are so mistreated, if the realities of life that beset people of every description are more onerous because of white people here in America, why stay?

Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2013/12/if-america-is-so-bad-blacks-why-stay/#MzCKBBvFAELZGiqu.99

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The abusers.

There are some truly sick people in the world. No, not Darrell Issa and the wingnuts in congress; I will get to them in a minute.

I am referring to these guys:

"Two Alabama men kept a 9-year-old boy captive for months as they sexually tortured him and filmed it as part of a larger child porn ring, prosecutors in Huntsville say in a disturbing case.

So disturbing were the more than 100 photographs police found that officers could not even positively identify the boy because they could not bear to look, cops said in court on Monday...'

Oh, and it gets worse: One of the men was the boy's father. [Source]

As someone who has done criminal defense work, I have seen and heard of some pretty disgusting crimes in my life. But, sadly, this one might just take the cake. *shaking head*

Now to another disgusting individual. This one doesn't abuse children, but rather, he abuses his power.

I am speaking about one Mr. Darrell Issa. This scumbag is holding oversight hearings for "navigators" who worked on the ACA roll- out.

OK, unless you live on another planet you know that the ACA roll- out has been a disaster. But why is there a congressional investigation?

"The navigators program, which oversees a staff that handles Obamacare applications one-on-one, has come under fire from Issa and other Republicans for inadequately vetting and training navigators, as well as for incidents in which navigators allegedly told applicants to misrepresent personal information to receive lower premiums or qualify for a subsidy. A Fox News clip showing two navigators hired in Irving, TX, allegedly misleading an applicant was played during the hearing; Farris said the two navigators had been disciplined.

In a competing op-ed in the Dallas Morning News yesterday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius defended the program." [Source]

This would be funny if it wasn't so dad. Darell Issa, a car thief (please see the above pic supplied to me by my twitter fam, Zirgar), sitting on his high horse and judging a bunch of poor government workers for doing their job.

"During House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s field-hearing road tour Monday afternoon, he told an official overseeing the Affordable Care Act’s implementation in Texas that “he needed to watch more Fox News.”

I am quite sure that he (Mr. Issa) watches a lot of "FOX News." The two of them deserve each other.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Searching for Teleka, and Stephen A. Smith defends black conservatives.

I would like to start this post by bringing some attention to a missing young lady from Michigan.

"The parents of missing Kalamazoo medical resident Teleka Patrick issued a statement Saturday that shares both their grief and their hopes for finding their daughter.

Mattahais and Irene Patrick, of Florida, hope the statement touches a chord with someone who knows where their daughter may be. It was accompanied by a poster by the Indiana State Police, also asking for help in locating the young woman.

Teleka Patrick, originally from Queens, N.Y., is a first-year medical resident in psychiatry with the Western Michigan University School of Medicine who has been missing since Dec. 5. She was dropped off at her car – a gold 1997 Lexus ES300 – in the parking lot of Borgess Medical Center on Gull Road, according to the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office.
The car was found that night in a ditch off westbound I-94 near Portage, Ind. It was found by an Indiana State Police trooper who responded to a report of an unknown accident.

On Friday, Irene Patrick told Kalamazoo Gazette reporter Rex Hall Jr. that she last spoke with her daughter Nov. 28, although the two usually talk by phone every Sunday. She said Teleka spoke with her by telephone as she was driving back to Kalamazoo from a cousin’s house in Chicago, where she spent Thanksgiving.

The Patricks traveled to Kalamazoo earlier this week to comb the area for their daughter.

Investigators said earlier this week that police found nothing suspicious in Teleka’s car the night of Dec. 5 and they don’t suspect foul play in her disappearance. But that has not calmed her family's fears.
Following is the Patrick's statement:
It's been seven days, and we still can't find our daughter. Teleka Cassandra Patrick is our eldest and has always been the light of our lives. The dark unanswered questions: Where is she? Who is she with? Is she OK? Is she alive? The questions claw at us, tearing us to shreds. It takes all of our energy not to fall to the floor and scream our hearts out because it's cold outside and she is just a girl.

(She is) the sweetest, kindest and most hopeful girl you could ever meet, who was never too shy to show every single last one of her teeth when she smiled. Never too shy to help someone in need and never too shy to laugh out loud at her own sarcastic corny jokes (she thought she was hilarious). And oh, do we need to see her smile again." [Source] 

I hope that this story will have a happy ending and that the Patrick family will find their daughter.

Finally, I see that my boy Screaming Stephen A. Smith has jumped into the debate between Kobe and Jim Brown.

Jim Brown seems to think that Kobe is somewhat of a sellout because he doesn't see him as the type of Negro who would use his fame to advance a social or political cause like some iconic black athletes back in the day.

Kobe, of course, fired back. And he basically let it be known that just because he was not raised as an African American that does not mean that he does not understand the struggle they went through, or that he is any less black than Brown.

This is where Stephen Smith comes in to declare that Kobe is a victim of anti- conservative sentiments within the black community.  Frankly, it's a screed that was totally out of left field.

"On Friday, Stephen Smith told First Take co-host Skip Bayless that he spoke with Kobe before that tweet was sent, and that Bryant told him that this is “not a conversation that he’s running from. He welcomes the opportunity to have that conversation.”

Smith then used the Brown/Bryant flap to illustrate what he sees as a partisan political dynamic within the black community (transcript via TRS):
When it comes to the African-American community, you have a plethora of individuals. For example, the black population hasn’t given the Republican Party more than 15% of its vote since 1964. And anybody who is deemed a black conservative, I am not one of them — I’m a registered Independent, just to get that out of the way — but those that I know who are black conservatives are considered pariahs and are ostracized in our communities and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. 
But this is how — this is a problem that exists within our community. Because you are from our community, everybody believes that everybody is supposed to be identical to one another and we can’t display or exercise any kind of versatility, alright, or range in our thinking. It’s a problem that we have to deal with. It’s an internal problem that exists and we’re going to have to handle it because if we don’t we’re gonna see more Jim Brown’s speaking out against more Kobe Bryant’s and we’re gonna see more Kobe Bryant’s retaliating against the likes of Jim Brown. [Source]
Why is this a problem that we have to deal with? Maybe conservatives should deal with their own problems when it comes to black folks.

When they do that, get back to me and we can talk. Until then, I would say that  15% of black folks giving them a vote is 15% too many.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Making sure that Chrsitmas stays white in New Mexico.

Do you see what you started Megyn Kelly? Now you have FOX News viewers buying into your pronouncement about the fat guy in a red suit. The one who comes around once a year to give out goodies.

"Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly isn’t the only one who believes in a “white Christmas.”

A teacher in New Mexico has been disciplined for telling a black student dressed as Santa Claus that Father Christmas is Caucasian.

“Don’t you know Santa Claus is white?” the teacher reportedly asked. “Why are you wearing that?”

Students at Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, N.M., were allowed to dress as Santa, elves or reindeer. When ninth-grader Christopher Rougier arrived wearing a white beard and red Santa cap, the teacher ridiculed him, the boy’s father, Michael Rougier, told KOB-TV.

School officials in Rio Rancho said the teacher admits making a “dumb” mistake and apologized to Rougier’s family.

Officials wouldn’t specify what punishment the unnamed teacher would face.
Rougier is still angry.

“Whether this teacher felt Christopher may have been wearing this out of context, there's no room for it,” he said. “There's just no room for it.” [Source]

Is a "dumb mistake" what we are calling openly humiliating a 9th grader with racist statements by those in positions of authority these days?

Sadly, it looks like FOX News  is winning their war on Christmas, one racist at a time.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

I bet that Megyn wishes Santa was a penguin right about now.

Megyn Kelly must really think that her viewers are stupid...wait, she is on FOX; I take that back. OK, she must really think that the people out in the public at large are stupid.

Megyn's excuse for slipping and letting her real racist views known to America was that she was just joking about Santa and Jesus being white.

"Just being "tongue -in- check" she declared. And, in typical FOX News fashion, she played the victim card and blamed everyone else for picking on poor FOX News.

“I offered a tongue-in-cheek message for any kids watching,” she explained. “Humor is a part of what we try to bring to this show, but sometimes that is lost on the humorless.”

“Many questioning whether I understand that Santa is a mythical figure, others’ suggesting that I am a racist who is outraged at the idea of a black Santa,” she continued. “Well, this would be funny if it were not so telling about our society, in particular the knee-jerk instinct by so may to race bait and to assume the worst in people. Especially people employed by the very powerful Fox News channel.” [Source]

Nice. Blame society for race baiting while being on a network that makes a tidy profit by race baiting and playing to the fears of old white people.

And it wasn't just a "knee jerk" reaction. Megyn had a panel of all white people discuss an article by a black journalist who dared to make her feelings known about how she feels about Santa.

Of course Megyn tried to twist that as well, by declaring that she knew that Aisha Harris was being tongue-in- cheek all along. And if you believe that you don't know how FOX News operates. They pick on the black person, no matter how insignificant and obscure, (Do you remember Megyn's obsession with the New Black Panthers?) who dares to celebrate their blackness, and then they make it an issue on their network (by featuring segments with an all white panel) to point out reverse racism by those all powerful black people.

It's what Megyn tried to do in this instance, but unfortunately for her it backfired this time.

Not that her bosses over at FOX are complaining. The publicity is good for their business. They don't care if they are viewed as racists because their "white conservative superiority complex"  allows them to be just that without apology.

It is why Megyn so confidently declared the following:

 "Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change..."

Yes, because getting along with others who are different is such a wimpy liberal concept.

"Humor is a part of what we try to bring to this show, but sometimes that is lost on the humorless,"

Sorry Megyn, there is nothing funny about being a racist.

*Pic from Slate.com

Friday, December 13, 2013

The justice system.

I know that I am a part of it, but sometimes the justice system doesn't seem so just.

Take for instance this latest decision by a federal jury in New Orleans.

If you don't know the story about the murder of Henry Glover you should learn it.

Mr. Glover was shot and killed by police officer David Warren in the aftermath of Katrina, and the NOPD covered up his killing.

Charges were filed, arrests were made, and a state jury found all the officers guilty for their actions.

But now....

"NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A former New Orleans police officer whose 2010 manslaughter conviction was touted as a milestone in the city's healing after Hurricane Katrina was acquitted Wednesday by a different jury of charges he fatally shot a man without justification during the storm's chaotic aftermath.
David Warren spent more than three years behind bars after he was charged in the September 2005 death of 31-year-old Henry Glover, whose body was burned in a car by a different officer after a good Samaritan drove the dying man to a makeshift police compound.

Leaving the courthouse a free man, Warren, 50, was reunited with his wife and five children after jurors acquitted him of a civil rights violation and a firearm charge.

Warren told reporters that he "took the action that I had to take" when he shot Glover once with a rifle from a second-story balcony at a strip mall he was guarding.

"We have spent years talking about something that lasted seconds," he said.
Warren's trembling relatives wept and embraced each other after the verdict, which jurors delivered less than two hours after they informed a judge they were struggling to reach a unanimous decision.

"Oh my gosh, I can't even get it in my head," his wife, Kathy Warren, told a supporter. Her husband had been in custody since June 2010, when he surrendered to authorities following his indictment.

On the other side of the courtroom, Glover's sister, Patrice, slumped over and wailed so loudly that U.S. District Judge Lance Africk paused as he spoke to jurors. After a man carried Patrice Glover out of the room, several jurors wiped away tears as they filed out.

Friends and relatives tried to console Patrice Glover as she sat in a chair in the lobby of the courthouse.

"He was a good child," she said of her brother. "That was my baby."
U.S. Attorney Kenneth Allen Polite Jr. said in a statement that prosecutors were disappointed by the verdict but thanked jurors for their "attentive service."
His predecessor, Jim Letten, said after the 2010 verdict that it marked a "critical phase in the recovery and healing of this city, of the people of this region."
Africk had sentenced Warren to nearly 26 years in prison after the jury in his first trial convicted him and two other former officers of charges stemming from Glover's death.

But an appeals court overturned Warren's convictions and ordered a new trial last year. A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit ruled that Warren should have been tried separately from four other former officers charged in an alleged cover-up of Glover's death. The panel agreed with Warren's lawyers that the "spillover effect" of evidence about the cover-up, including testimony about the burning of Glover's body and photos of his charred remains, denied him a fair trial.

A different officer, Gregory McRae, was convicted in 2010 of burning Glover's body. The 5th Circuit upheld McRae's convictions.

The jury for Warren's retrial was barred from hearing any testimony about what happened to Glover in the aftermath of the shooting.

On Monday, Warren testified that he feared for his life when he shot Glover because he thought he saw a gun in his hand as he and another man ran toward the building he was guarding. Prosecutors, however, said Glover wasn't armed and didn't pose a threat." [Source]

Officer Warren is now a free man. But was justice served? Sadly, only David Warren knows for sure. 

Then there is this crazy story out of Texas. Rich kid gets hammered and gets behind the wheel of a car. He kills four people and doesn't get sentenced to a day in jail. Why? Apparently he suffers from a rare desease called "affluenza" . -I think Mitt Romney has the same desease.- I  wonder what kind of treatment they have for that.

"The Keller, Tex., 16-year-old has a rare condition that a judge believes is best remedied with anything but dealing with the consequences for causing a DWI wreck that killed four people, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Couch suffers from “affluenza,” according to his lawyers, a term which means that his wealthy parents pretty much let him get away with everything. The defense saved him from a 20-year sentence; State District Judge Jean Boyd bought it at his sentencing on Tuesday and gave Couch probation instead.
“He never learned that sometimes you don’t get your way,” Gary Miller, a psychologist assigned to Couch said in court. “He had the cars and he had the money. He had freedoms that no young man would be able to handle.” [Source]

Poor Ethan, we all should have it so hard.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

A reminder from Megyn.

"You know, I've given her her due. Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change," [Megyn]Kelly said. "Jesus was a white man, too. It's like we have, he's a historical figure that's a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that. How do you revise it in the middle of the legacy in the story and change Santa from white to black?"
Lord have mercy! And Megyn is the "straight" news reporter over at FOX.
Anyway, we knew Santa wasn't black, because all of their [Fox] viewers would have shot his big behind the moment he started crawling down the chimney. Besides, the whole "I saw mama kissing Santa Claus" thing... Not a good look. But Jesus? Come on now, Megyn. Dude was definitely not white. He had a posse for crying out loud.
From what I hear the J man was pretty cool. He used to walk around on earth dropping pearls of wisdom and being the life of every party by turning water into wine and all. Not to mention feeding a whole bunch of people with just a loaf of bread and some fish.
Can you imagine having a friend like that? "Yo dudes, you hungry? Yea, but we only have enough for a two piece order of Popeye's. No problem, I will just turn that bad boy into a family pack."   
And now Megyn Kelly and the folks over at Fox want to claim the J man as their own. Unbelievable! The fat guy in the red suit isn't enough? Personally, I think the J man must have looked more like Bunny Wailer than Brad Pitt, but maybe that's my own cultural and racial bias kicking in.
People like Hadas Gold are trying to get all historical and accurate on Megyn. But it all boils down to Megyn's own prejudices and belief system. A belief system that was ingrained into her at an early age. In truth, Megyn is no different than most other folks in the majority population who believe that Jesus and Santa were created for them and no one else. By making this declaration on Fox, she was just preaching to the faithful.
"I'm a straight news anchor, I'm not one of the opinion hosts.."
So there you have it. What Megyn just declared to the world is not her opinion; it was a fact.
There are a lot of biblical scholars who would disagree with her facts. But hey, Megyn works for Fox news.