Monday, March 31, 2008

When in Rome....

I caught glimpses on the television today of the "O" man's embarrassing performance in an Altoona bowling alley. At first it seemed amusing, and it seemed to humanise him a bit. But now, after listening to pundits, and seeing the reaction it has been getting from a certain segment of our population (blue collar working class whites), the shit isn't looking so funny anymore. Maybe it's because the "O" man is a lefty like moi, but I really felt sorry for the guy watching him make that weak (how is that woozie?) ass south paw roll straight into the gutter. "The audacity of hope"? No, how about the audacity to roll a 36?

I mean, come on "O" man, a 36? Seriously folks, this shit is not funny, this might actually cost the "O" man some votes with this crowd. "My economic plan is better than my bowling". "It has to be". Hey, what can I tell you, they love their bowling in Western Pennsylvania. It's a white thing Negroes you wouldn't understand it. I wish the "O" man understood it before he stuck his fingers in the holes of that bowling ball. Did you see how those people were looking? I guarantee you that they didn't think it was funny. I bet they were thinking; what kind of President can't even break double out of digits in seven frames at the old bowling alley? I bet Hillary could beat a 36, and maybe even roll a strike or two. I know one thing, the Ice Queen would have been taking bowling lessons from PBA touring pros before she even set foot in a bowling alley. It's all about planning "O" man.

Anyway, I caught Chaka Fattah tonight on Spitball, and he swears that when the "O" man comes to Philly he is going to play a little pick up ball on one of our playgrounds. Now I hear that the "O" man can ball a little bit. (Hell his brother in law is the coach at Brown) That's cool, but white folks already expect one of us to be able to play some hoops. Still, if he can really handle the rock and do some damage under the net, you never know. Maybe they will actually catch him on camera not making a fool of himself this time. Although knowing Philly hoops the way that I do, he better be careful. He already might lose some of the bowler vote with his lack of skills, lord knows he can't afford to lose the basketball crowd as well by getting schooled on a Philly playground. Especially during March Madness when everyone has the basketball jones.

"O" man, I just hope that you are working on your mid range J.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Victimized twice.


Yes, Hi, Mrs. Johnson, this is Bob from ICF International.

IC what?

ICF mam, I am calling from ICF.

Bob, what is ICF?

We are a collections agency mam, we are calling about a debt that you owe us.

A debt? I don't owe any debts. I am 65 years old, and am just now getting back on my feet after the Katrina storms wiped out my home and took my husband from me.

Yes, sorry to hear about that mam, but according to our records you owe us $35,000.

$35,000? Oh Lord how do I owe you that much money? I have to sit down, I feel kind of *weak. I have been really sick ever since I have been living in one of them FEMA trailers.

Well mam, did you receive a grant to help rebuild your home?

Yes I did, the government gave me that grant to get back on my feet after the storm wiped out my home.

Yes mam, but you were overpaid by $35,000, so we will need that amount back.

Overpaid? I used every penny you gave me to try and rebuild my home.

Sorry mam, our records indicate that you received too much.

But nobody told me that...

Didn't you read the forms on your "Road Home" grant mam?

Yes I did, I thought the Governor of Louisiana was giving us this money to help us rebuild?

No mam, when you received the money you signed a form that said you must repay it.

Well sorry, I don't see too well.

Yes mam, I am sorry to hear that. So when can we expect a payment?

Okay, that was a fictional exchange between a bill collector and Katrina survivor. But if you read the latest news about how the poor Katrina victims are being screwed again by the A-merry-can government, you wouldn't think it's so fictional.

Now these poor people, after finally trying to rebuild their lives, have to suffer the indignity of having bill collectors call them to repay a loan that should never have been a loan in the first place. The $11 billion that the feds invested into the "Road Home" program represents a few days in Iraq. And the assholes who run the program stand to earn a cool $912 million. I have an idea; how about you assholes cut $175 million from your contract and and forgive the victims who over paid your sorry asses?

Honestly, I think Kanye West might have been right.
*Thanks woozie ;)

Obamaholics watch your backs.

You Obamaholics, I swear.

Now look, I am not a big conspiracy guy. I think man did land on the moon, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and that we have never been visited by little green men from outer space.

But then my man Anthony sent me an e-mail about the "Ice Queen" and Bubba....and, well, all I can say is that I am going to watch what I write about girlfriend from now on.

Here is the list:

"1-James McDougal - Clinton's convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement.He was a key witness in Ken Starr's investigation.2 -Mary Mahoney - A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown . The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.3- Vince Foster - Former White House counselor and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock's Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.4- Ron Brown - Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown's skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors. The rest of the people on the plane also died. A few days later the air Traffic controller committed suicide.5- C. Victor Raiser II- Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fundraising organization died in a private plane crash in July 1992.6-Paul Tulley - Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock , September 1992.Described by Clinton as a "Dear friend and trusted advisor".7-Ed Willey - Clinton fund raiser, found dead November,1993 deep in the woods in VA of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day his wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House. Ed Willey was involved in several Clinton fund raising events.8-Jerry Parks -Head of Clinton's gubernatorial security team in Little Rock . Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock . Park's son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton . He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house.9-James Bunch - Died from a gunshot suicide. It was reported that he had a "Black Book" of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas.10-James Wilson - Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He was reported to have ties to Whitewater.11-Kathy Ferguson- Ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead in May 1994, in her living room with a gunshot to her head. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suit cases, as if she were going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.12-Bill Shelton - Arkansas State Trooper and fiance of Kathy Ferguson. Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiance, he was found dead in June,1994 of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiance.13-Gandy Baugh - Attorney for Clinton's friend Dan Lassater, died by jumping out a window of a tall building January, 1994.His client was a convicted drug distributor.14-Florence Martin - Accountant & sub-contractor for the CIA, was related to the Barry Seal Mena Airport drug smuggling case. He died of three gunshot wounds.15- Suzanne Coleman - Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas Attorney General. Died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide. Was pregnant at the time of her death.16-Paula Grober - Clinton 's speech interpreter for the deaf from 1978until her death December 9, 1992. She died in a one car accident.17-Danny Casolaro - Investigative reporter. Investigating Mena Airport and Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He slit his wrists,apparently, in the middle of his investigation.18- Paul Wilcher - Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with Casolaro and the 1980 "October Surprise" was found dead on a toilet June22, 1993 in his Washington DC apartment. Had delivered a report to Janet Reno 3 weeks before his death.19-Jon Parnell Walker - Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corp. Jumped to his death from his Arlington ,Virginia apartment balcony August 15, 1993. He was investigating the Morgan Guaranty scandal.20-Barbara Wise - Commerce Department staffer. Worked closely with Ron Brown and John Huang. Cause of death unknown. Died November 29, 1996. Her bruised, nude body was found locked in her office at the Department of Commerce.21-Charles Meissner -Assistant Secretary of Commerce who gave John Huang special security clearance, died shortly thereafter ina small plane crash.22-Dr. Stanley Heard - Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee died with his attorney Steve Dickson in a small plane crash. Dr. Heard, in addition to serving on Clinton's advisory council personally treated Clinton's mother, stepfather and brother.23-Barry Seal -Drug running pilot out of Mena Arkansas, death was no accident.24-Johnny Lawhorn Jr. - Mechanic, found a check made out to Bill Clinton in the trunk of a car left at his repair shop. He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole.25-Stanley Huggins - Investigated Madison Guaranty.His death was a purported suicide and his report was never released.26- Hershe ll Friday - Attorney and Clinton fundraiser died March 1, 1994when his plane exploded.27-Kevin Ives & Don Henry - Known as "The boys on the track" case. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena, Arkansas airport drug operation. A controversial case, the initial report of death said,due to falling asleep on railroad tracks. Later reports claim the 2 boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury.THE FOLLOWING PERSONS HAD INFORMATION ON THEIVES/HENRY CASE:28-Keith Coney - Died when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck, 7/88.29-Keith McMaskle - Died stabbed 113 times, Nov, 1988.30-Gregory Collins - Died from a gunshot wound January1989.31-Jeff Rhodes - He was shot, mutilated and found burned in a trash dump in April 1989.33-James Milan - Found decapitated. However, the Coroner ruled his death was due to "natural causes".34-Jordan Kettleson - Was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup truck in June 1990.35-Richard Winters - A suspect in the Ives / Henry deaths. He was killed in a set-up robbery July 1989.THE FOLLOWING CLINTON BODYGUARDS ARE DEAD:36 -Major William S. Barkley Jr.37-Captain Scott J . Reynolds.38-Sgt. Brian Hanley. 39-Sgt. Tim Sabel. 40-Major General William Robertson. 41-Col. William Densberger. 42-Col. Robert Kelly. 43-Spec. Gary Rhodes. 44-Steve Willis. 45-Robert Williams. 46-Conway LeBleu. 47-Todd McKeehan. "

Hillary, I take back all the bad shit that I ever said about you. I didn't mean "nothing" by it. I am just a dumb field Negro who likes to talk shit on his blog.

Friday, March 28, 2008


"Field I think I would really like your blog if I understood what you were saying half the time. Like what the hell is WSZ?"

~~White colleague to the field~~

Okay, I understand that when it comes to writing, I am lazy, dyslexic, and selfish. And unless you are a regular to the fields, some of the words that I use can seem downright perplexing.

So in order to make my blog more readable to certain folks who visit the site, I have prepared a little list of fieldisms for you.

Let's start with WSZ-That would be a "white safety zone". I use this to refer to parts of Killadelphia that our city fathers really really want to keep crime free. This would be areas such as Center City, where all of our tourist tend to go. Another example of a WSZ would be Chestnut Hill, where there are some very expensive homes, and where some very important people live. Important meaning rich and white of course.

The frat boy-That would be our president. Because life seems to be one big party to him. While the world and our country goes to hell in a hand basket; all he does is grin and talk as if he is wasted all the time.

Mr. Morton-John McCain because he is always salty.

A-merry-ca-Is what I call this beautiful country we live in. I spell it that way because the pursuit of happiness and being happy is so important to us.

field Negro-Once again white folks, being a field Negro is not a bad thing to most critical thinking black people. Now of course some of us don't like that name; they would be known as house Negroes.
Patio Negro-A Negro who can't make up his mind if he is a house Negro or a field Negro. A Negro that can move between two worlds.

dumbocrat- A dumbocrat belongs to the party with the donkey in A-merry-ca's two party system.

rethuglican-A rethuglican belongs to that other political party; the one with the elephant.

The "O" man-That would be Barry Obama. This guy has achieved rock start status in A-merry-ca and is also *this* close to being the first black president of these divided states. "O" man just seems so rock star, and so popular culture. You know, kind of like K-Fed, or J-Lo.

Obamaholics-Just tune in to this site on any given day and you will see signs of these rabid devoted "O" man lovers. They have been injected with some kind of secret potion which has given them this laser like focus in getting the "O" man elected president. I know one thing, if he does win, he owes his presidency to them.

O-Aid-That's the secret potion that they give to the Obamaholics.

Mrs. Field-That would be the President and CEO of Field Inc.

Cousin-Black folks I know you already know this, but just hang with me while I explain it to my white friends. My cousin is every other black person in A-merry-ca. So if I say I went to a store full of my cousins....

12% rule-This is a little complicated. But I explained it in a post here.

Fam.-Again cousins, I know you know this one, but let me just explain it to the white folks. Fam. is short for family. And I usually use it to refer to one of my cousins that I like.

The bad perm lady has been retired-In the past I used it to refer to Condi Rice, (My current FNOTD) but after the Don Imus comments about the young ladies from Rutgers, I vowed never to refer to Secretary Rice that way again.
Fuzzy eyeball-This is an evil look or a hard stare.

That's just some of the fieldisms that I like to use. You will find that the regulars to the fields also bring their own unique words and expressions here as well. Pistolvania, and republi-klans comes to mind) I really can't help you with those. But I will say that they are usually pretty good.

**I want to thank James Collier over at Acting White blog for that illustration of the field. My man has some skills.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Third party "O" man?

A couple of things happened today that got me thinking about this post.

The first one is that the house Negro living in the really big house, Bob Johnson, had the nerve to pen a letter on behalf of some dumbocratic "fat cats" and big money folks to tell Nancy Pelosi to ease up on all the "O" man love. The lawn jockey with the big ass lawn, basically told Pelosi that he and his rich friends would hold their big money from the dems if they didn't play ball with the Ice Queen. The nerve of that shit; I mean we all know that money rules politics in A-merry-ca and this is one of the most fucking corrupt political systems on earth when it comes to the will of the people ( I mean real people). But when these ass holes actually have the nerve to write an open letter to the Speaker and threaten to take their millions and never come back...well that takes big ones.

And the second one is that I saw the "O" man in a photo op with Michael Bloomberg today (you remember him don't you? He is the Mayor of New York, who was planning a run for the big house himself), and that go me to thinking: Hey, with all due respect to Ralph Nadar and Cynthia McKinney, why not a third party led by the "O" man?

Think about it, it would be just what this country needed. Hell that little Texan with the big ass ears made a hell of a run of it, and he had zero charisma. He had a lot of money, but nothing else. And as for his ideas; the guy made Lyndon Larouche look like John fucking Kennedy. Then there was George Wallace who got damn near 13% of the popular vote, and actually won a state. Now if George Wallace can get 13% of the popular vote, how do you think the "O" man would do? Think of all those Obamaholics, new voters, and independents. I am telling you, it would be huge. It would certainly effect the vote as it relates to the two major parties.

So anyway, the "O" man would be perfect. The guy doesn't have "fat cat" money boosters like a certain Junior Senator from New York, and his contributors average a little over $100 a pop. He could take all those millions of people giving him their last from their pay checks and start a new movement. He could say fuck the dumbocrats. Keep your convention, keep your big money donors and keep your corrupt back room wheelers and dealers; the Obamaholics have money and numbers.

That's what this country needs, a legitimate third party to shake up the status quo. People are tired of the elephant and the donkey. They have fucked with us and with each other long enough.

I say it's time we fuck them back.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Strike a pose"

Okay, look at this picture I have up for this post. Do you see anything offensive? It's the first time a black man has appeared on the cover of Vogue (I guess some folks would consider that fact in of itself offensive. Has a white man ever appeared on the cover of Essence?), and it's causing a stir because of its big Black King Kong frail white lady imagery.

Now I must be getting soft with my racial sensors (See what you did "O" man? It's all this talk about rising above race), but I really don't see the racism in this shot. It's Le Bron, a basketball player, posing for pics with a super model. No harm no foul from where I sit. The picture itself I really don't have a problem with, now Vogue Magazine, well, that's a different story. Couldn't someone like Denzel Washington, or even the "O" man grace their cover first? Why did it have to be a scowling athlete? Boy next to their pets, A-merry-cans sure love their athletes. I bet good old Tiger wouldn't be slipping in the polls if he were running from President. But I seriously digress.

Hey maybe some of you see something different, but I am going to take a pass on slamming this particular pic. Not Vogue Magazine, just this pic.

Unless somebody makes a good argument and shows me something I don't see right now; "me thinks we protest too much".

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The last candidate standing.

"It's a thin line between love and hate"

I will be writing this post in red as an acknowledgement of all the blood letting that has been going on in the dumbocratic party lately. Yes folks, when this is over, both of these candidates will be wishing they could get a transfusion. Folks, we are in the sixth round of a twelve round heavy weight fight, and I think both the "Ice Queen" and the "O" man are going the distance.

Now I have a confession to make: I used to love the Clintons. I loved the fact that they went to Washington and pissed conservatives off. I loved their down and dirty fuck you political skills, and I loved their take no prisoner style. It served them well when these crazy ass loons on the right made Clinton hunting their favorite sport.

But, sorry folks, I just don't love those mofos anymore. Maybe it's the fact that one President in the family wasn't enough for them. Maybe it's the fact that she is running against a black man this time (Yes I am a hypocrite so sue me). And maybe, just maybe, I have Clinton fatigue.

So now the lies are magnified, and the political tricks look dirtier. The fact that they just can't get enough power, and think this shit should be handed to the wife after the husband had it for eight years, just doesn't sit right with me.

Today again the "Ice Queen" took a shot at the "O" man and suggested that he should have left his church. "We don't have a choice when it comes to our relatives, we have a choice when it comes to our Pastor." Maybe you can "Ice Queen", but black folks just don't go switching their church. Maybe that's how you white folks do shit, but religion is personal to black people. As a black man I take that shit personally when you attack the black church to make a political point. And when you do it for political expediency to deflect the news from your own little problems. "Oh stop it field, you don't even go to church". Yes but I understand that importance of the church in our community, and, unlike moi, most black folks do go to church and believe in the institution it represents. So the longer this shit goes on with the "O" man's pastor, the more upset I get. If Hillary had a clue she would have left that shit alone. Her husband is supposed to be the "first black president", they should know that there are certain things that we hold sacred and just should not be fucked with.

Hilary claimed she was sleep deprived and that is why she lied about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. Well was she sleep deprived when she lied about NAFTA, and about brokering the peace in Northern Ireland? Alright Hillary get some sleep, because you obviously haven't slept in years.

**One more thing: I want to give a shout out to my man Francis Holland, Yobachi, Micahel Fisher, and some of the other members of the Afrospear for their "Blogging For Justice Campaign". They are trying to get signatures and people involved in the run up to Denver before the "Ice Queen and her crew try to do some shady shit. Go ahead and put your signature here if you are feeling them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Maybe the sniper used a silencer.

I remember once when I was in high school back in Jamaica, and I was visiting my cousin in Kingston. We were hanging out at a dance in a not so friendly part of town (I think it was Mountain View) when some of our fellow party goers started fighting. Soon after that, as is usually the case in Jamaica, gun shots rang out. I remember making like Carl Lewis to my cousin's Peugeot and not looking back. Later that night we decided that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go partying in certain parts of the city anymore.

Now I tell you that little story for a reason. That little incident happened awhile ago ( I won't say how long because I don't want to give up my age), and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Now whoever was doing the shooting wasn't shooting at me, but they sure as hell could have shot my black ass, and you don't forget shit like that. Link

So now we have the "Ice Queen"; who for years was telling anyone who would listen that she came under sniper fire while visiting Bosnia with Cheryl Crow, her daughter, and Sinbad of all people. Well it seems that the "Ice Queen was lying. Yes, you heard me, she was lying. Yet we are just now questioning her on her account of this little trip. So my question to the main stream media is how the hell did she get away with telling that little lie all these years? --And the press is supposed to be soft on the "O" man? I think they better check that again.

There were no snipers shooting at Hillary or anyone else, and there are You Tube videos to prove it. And thanks to brother Sinbad (who I am sure would have known gun fire in his direction if he heard it) we now know that the "Ice Queen", to put it kindly, is full of shit. So how could she have forgotten? I submit to you that she didn't. If I am not mistaken this happened in the mid nineties, this wasn't too long ago, and I don't care how old and senile the "Ice Queen" is, you don't forget getting shot at. Especially if you are Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But you know what? This story says as much about our vaunted press here in A-merry-ca as it does about the "Ice Queen". All these years with this story, and no one called her on the bullshit.
And we are to believe that the have been soft on Obama? What about this shit?

All I can say is thank you You Tube, and thank you Sinbad, because if it wasn't for you, Hillary would be still telling us about the imaginary snipers. (Chelsea, I am giving you a pass because you might have been too young to remember at the time. Besides, I think there is hope for you, you don't seem to have some of those Clinton genes )

"I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."--Hillary Clinton, speech at George Washington University, March 17, 2008~~

Yeah and I remember that time Lark and I were....ahhh never mind.

Okay folks, let's see if this story gets some traction. Let's see if our press will tell A-merry-ca that Hillary is liar. Just like her husband Bill.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some special coons.

I know I retired the "Coonie Awards", but just for the sake of this latest Obama controversy, and the "O"man's campaign, I have decided to revive the "Coonies" just one more time. Some of these noteworthy coons are folks who have relished in the Reverend Wright fiasco, and have benefited in one way or another from it. But all of these Coons have distinguished themselves by contributing to the downfall of A-mery-can politics and discourse.

1. Bill Clinton: You may have been the "first black President", but Bubba, black folks don't love you anymore. And after all the dumb shit you have been saying lately, can you blame them?

2. Geraldine Ferraro: (Yes Geri, white women can be Coons too) A Black man is lucky to be born black in A-merry-ca? You must have lost your fucking mind. And you are upset because you were lumped with Jeremiah Wright? My question to you would be why? You are more dangerous than the good Reverend. You ran for the second highest office in the land, he did not.

3. Robert Johnson: Mr. Johnson, having money doesn't shield you from being a Coon, it only makes you a rich Coon. Owning that coon acting, rump shaking, coonfest network was bad, but your comments about Barack Obama during this election cycle was over the top. Try taking some of that money of yours and buying a fucking clue.

4. Juan Williams (And all other people of color who accept invitations to appear on FAKE NEWS) Juan, I am really torn about you; but I think I am going to send you a Coonie. If only because you are on that racist propaganda network, and because I am sure that you are cashing that Rupert Murdoch check. You also represent a very troubling trend: Whenever FAKE NEWS offends black folks by doing what they do, they trot out folks like you to make A-merry-cans think that we (Black folks) co-sign with their bull shit.

5. Andrew Young: See John Lewis for how an icon from the civil rights era should behave. First Wal-Mart, and then your behavior during this election primary. My god man, get off the stage.

6. Ken Blackwell: Some folks have made the argument that this coon actually cost the dumbocrats the White House in 2004. As the Secretary of State of Ohio, he was partially responsible for some of the voting irregularities that took place there. Irregularities which benefited the rethuglicans and George Bush. That alone gets him on this list. And when I see him on television night in and night out bashing the "O" man, I have to wonder about his true motivation behind that shit.

7. Glen Beck/Sean Hannity/Bill Orielly: I support the First Amendment as much as the next person... but these clowns really make me wonder sometimes.

8. Tavis Smiley: Tavis, I tried watching your TV show the other night, but I couldn't get that green tint from my television screen. I just can't figure out if it was caused by your envy of the "O" man, or if it was due to all that corporate money you have been raking in lately.

9. DMX: Sorry, I have to give this dumb ass Negro an award. You never heard of Barack Obama, and you are proud of that shit?

10. Pat Buchanan: Every now and then you make sense, but thanks to the Obama run for President, your true colors have been showing.

Okay, now the "Coonies" are officially retired for real.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The war on common sense

Three soldiers were killed in Baghdad by a roadside bomb today. That brings the total of A-merry-cans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this phony ass war, to 3,996. Yes folks, we are almost at the 4,000 mark.

And for what? Oh that's right we are in a war against terror, and we have to fight them over there so that they ---the terrorist--- won't fight us in the middle of Yankee Stadium. Yes folks, the "surge" is working. So says Mr. Morton and a host of other rethuglicans who have staked their political careers on this chaotic and ill conceived fiasco in Iraq.

"The US is on track to victory." Yeah sure frat boy, and just which victory is that? How do you even determine when you have won a war against terrorist? A terrorist does not represent a particular country, he represents an ideology. I agree with George Soros; "to fight terrorist we must use political and not military solutions. Terrorism is an abstraction, it merely lumps together all political movements that use terrorist tactics". So this so called war on terror that the frat boy has duped A-merry-cans into thinking exists, is nothing more than a huge political shell game, designed to give power to those who are using it, and to make their friends rich.

The frat boy, after all, is good at this; his family built their wealth and their empire thanks to wars.

So here we are again, five years in, with no end in sight. If you hear Mr. Morton tell it, we could be in Iraq for another 100 years. Now that's some scary shit! Think about it? At an average of approximately four thousand lives every five years, we are looking at eighty thousand more A-merry-can lives if Mr. Morton has his way. And think about this: five years into this war on terror, and we still have not captured Osama bin Laden, nor have we captured al-Zawahiri. There is still no political solution in Iraq, and we are no closer to making the real culprits and masterminds behind 911, pay.

But amazingly, 35% of the people in this country still believe that this war was worth it. And most of the people in this country seem to have moved on. Hell if you read all the national polls it is not even the number one issue on the minds of A-merry-cans anymore. Nope, far more pressing thinks to be concerned with, like putting food on our tables.

I know one thing, there are at least 3,996 A-merry-cans in this country who do care, because their loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice. And my heart goes out to everyone of them.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The A-merry-can lie.

This is a rare middle of the day post for me, but I have to do it, because the shit I want to write about is just too pressing to ignore. Over the past few days we have seen a concerted effort by the FUCK NEWS Channel (Although they have become unraveled lately. I love a good anchor vs. anchor fight don't you?), and other main stream media outlets to make an issue of the "O" man's pastor. Seems that the good Reverend said some things that scared quite a few folks in Wonder Bread A-merry-ca, and thus by association, the "O" man had all of a sudden become a racist.

Now thanks to Sam Stein, over at Huffington Post, there is another story about Mr. Morton's pastor. And I was just wondering if A-merry-ca will ignore or choose to give the same scrutiny and air play to this story as they gave to the one about the "O" man's pastor. Somehow I doubt that we will be seeing the hour to hour coverage on FUCK NEWS, and the nonstop talking heads devoted to talking about this story.

And what exactly is the good Reverends story? Seems he compared Planned Parenthood to the KKK and the Nazis and he accused them of committing genocide against black people. Pretty outrageous stuff, and pretty unAmery-can isn't it? But wait; it's not a black man talking about white oppression, it's a white man talking about white oppression, so I guess it's not that big of a deal. Right?

Come on now A-merry-ca, let's be honest with ourselves; shouldn't Mr. Morton now be forced to give a speech about bigotry, hate, and making reckless irresponsible comments in the public square? If we are going to tie Reverend Wright to the "O" man's hip, shouldn't we do the same with this guy? Hey, read the article, I couldn't make this shit up. I will give Mr. Morton a pass with John Hagee, but not Reverend Parsley, he declared to the world that this guy was one of his spiritual advisers.

So OK FUCK NEWS, I will be watching, and I hope the rest of A-merry-ca will be watching you too. I hope A-merry-cans (not you Black folks because you get it), especially independents, realize just what kind of "three card monty" you are trying to pull over their eyes. I hope they see you and the others in the media for the frauds that you really are. I hope they see past the big A-merry-can lie and start thinking for themselves.

"If I were call for the sterilization or the elimination of an entire segment of society, I'd be labeled a racists or a murderer, or at very best a Nazi,..." No you wouldn't Reverend, because unless you are a black preacher from the South Side of Chicago, they will totally ignore you.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Next time ask me.

I know why he did it, but I could have warned the "O" man not to get on sports radio here in Philly today. But he did it anyway, and now he finds himself in hot water with white folks once again. Ironically, I was listening this morning, primarily because AI came home last night, and I wanted to see the reaction from Philly fans. I heard the comment that got the "O" man in trouble, and I didn't even notice. But then, I am not white.

In case you are wondering, the "O" man said that his grandmother is a "typical white person", so her negative reactions to a person of color is instinctive and based on her experiences. All the while the hosts on the air with him were yucking it up, and they all absolutely seemed delighted to have the "O" man on their radio program. But as word of his comments gets out to white A-merry-ca, I can sense the controversy coming ---I know it will if FAKE NEWS has their way--- and once again, it won't be pretty.

I know the "O" man is trying to get that blue collar, beer drinking, male Irish catholic vote. And if that's the vote he wants, WIP is the place to go and talk to the boys. But at some point in this race someone has to explain to the "O" man that there are certain people in A-mery-ca that will never vote for his black ass, no matter what. One of the hosts on the morning sports show absolutely declared that he would never vote for the "O" man right before he(the "O" man) went on their show. Poor "O" man, how could he have known that he was going on one of the most racially insensitive radio stations here in Philly? I know it's sports talk, but one of the great ironies of modern A-merry-can life, is that the folks who cheer the hardest for the black gladiators in our sports arenas, will fight the hardest to keep people who look like them out of their neighborhoods. WIP does not have one single Black full time host, has never done a remote in a black area, and does not advertise with black businesses. And their audience is made up of quite a few racist sexist neanderthals, who would only vote for Obama if a loaded six shooter was aimed straight at their heads. So why did the "O" man go on their show? Well, he needs to reach out to this demographic if he is going to have any shot at beating Hillary here in Pennsylvania. He had to make a deal with the devil.
Well "O" man, I know this devil, and trust me, he is not your friend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wishing on a star.

A commenter from my previous post inspired me to do this one. The commenter (not sure whether I should say he or she, because they posted as anonymous) quoted a substantial portion of Shelby Steele's new book about the "O" man, and made it a point to agree with most of what Steele said.

I am going to surprise some people with this statement; but I actually like Shelby Steele's writings, and I think he is one of the better thinkers on the right. His book, "The Content of Our Character" is one of my all time favorites, and should be required reading for all black folks. Unfortunately for Mr. Steele he is wrong on this issue, and here is why:

Steele uses the term "bargainer" to make his point about Obama. "The answer is that one “bargains.” Bargaining is a mask that blacks can wear in the American mainstream, one that enables them to put whites at their ease. This mask diffuses the anxiety that goes along with being white in a multiracial society. Bargainers make the subliminal promise to whites not to shame them with America’s history of racism, on the condition that they will not hold the bargainer’s race against him. And whites love this bargain" But there is no bargain. A bargain requires to some extent---to use an old contracts 101 reference--a meeting of the minds. A bargain is an "agreement between two parties fixing an obligation that each promises to carry out." That's how the dictionary describes a bargain. Obama and white A-merry-ca are clearly not in sync on this issue. If there was a bargain, white folks wouldn't be ditching the "O" man faster than O.J. memorabilia after he killed his ex wife. There has been no meeting of the minds or agreement to do anything. This is not a bargain, it is a wish. White folks wish that Obama would be all of these things, but he is not. They wish the "O" man could relieve them of their guilt, and make them feel better about the history of the country that they have embraced. So Steele got that right. He is right about how some white A-merry-cans view Obama, but I think he is wrong about how Obama views himself. And there in lies the problem.

"Mr. Obama's run at the presidency is based more on the manipulation of white guilt than on substance..."

Steele's rants about Obama is full of quotes like the one above. But is he really trying to manipulate white folks or does he really believe in what he is trying to sell? It's a tough question, and one that I have been asking myself since the start of the "O" man's campaign.

Steele has lots of reasons not to like the "O" man. He is a poverty pimp of sorts from the right. So if the "O" man's message of change and reconciliation really takes place, Steele, like his opposite numbers on the left, might become irrelevant. Then there is also the matter of ideology. Steele considers himself a right winger, and the "O" man's politics is clearly to the left of his. So Steele is not going to give the "O" man the benefit of the doubt. I will, because his political ideology is closer to mine. Steele argues that Obama can't win because he is "bound" between blacks and whites and can't please both. Steele is wrong, he can please blacks, but not whites, and that is why he won't win the Presidency. The white folks just won't love him now.

But Shelby, there is no bargain, If there was, white A-merry-ca would have understood that the "O" man can't totally embrace them and turn his back on us. Sure he won't let them feel guilt about their racism, but don't expect him not to understand when we feel anger about it. What white A-merry-ca wanted was a total sellout (Oh if Tiger could only run for President), they want the symbols without the substance. You look the part "O" man, and with your mixed heritage, the symbolism is all there. But in the end, you couldn't totally sell out. It just wasn't in you.

I am sure white A-merry-ca is wondering if there is such a Negro. (Oh well, back to the drawing board) I doubt it. Hell, even Colin Powell had a soul. He understood the black condition and this countries' history, and he couldn't totally distance himself from it. The Negroes who are willing to take on the roll such as Ken Blackwell, and Alan Keyes, are buffoons who have become pretty much irrelevant. Besides, a Trojan horse has to at least look like a horse. We (Black A-merry-cans) know a fraud when we see one.

This is why A-merry-ca is so mad at the "O" man, and ultimately, this is why he will lose the presidency. They are disappointed and angry, because he fooled them. And they will take it out on him either in June or November. Black folks don't feel that way. He will get 90% of our vote, because white grandma or not, he is still fam.

Unfortunately for the "O" man though, ninety percent of our vote just ain't enough.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"I have never felt more convinced that this man's candidacy - not this man, his candidacy - and what he can bring us to achieve - is an historic opportunity. This was a testing; and he did not merely pass it by uttering safe bromides. He addressed the intimate, painful love he has for an imperfect and sometimes embittered man. And how that love enables him to see that man's faults and pain as well as his promise. This is what my faith is about. It is what the Gospels are about. This is a candidate who does not merely speak as a Christian. He acts like a Christian."

~~Andrew Sullivan~~

Whoa there Andrew, lets not have the "O" man walking across the swimming pool just yet.

But still, that speech the "O" man gave here in Philly today almost had me completing the title of this post. Today, finally, the "O" man became a "black" candidate. I even think he pulled the good Reverend from under the bus a little bit (Although I think his shoelaces might still be stuck). The "O" man embraced his race, and confronted some of A-merry-ca's racial demons. And this all happened just a few blocks away from where the concept of liberty was supposedly crafted in these divided states of A-merry-ca. He gave it a stones throw away from a bell that is as cracked as some of the bigots attacking him. Fittingly, it was right in front of the U.S. Mint, because his speech was on the money.

The "O" man had to know it was coming, and it seemed that he was ready (The shit about his racist maternal grandmother was classic). He said all the right things, and he tried to appeal to the best part of our nature. He even came at his own peeps a little. But it's cool "O" man, we get it, this isn't about us, you have our vote. This is about letting the rest of A-merry-ca know that you don't bite. "Ahh come on field, he had to say what he did, it was a calculated political move and nothing else" Yes, but he could have kept up the whole I am the Tigerlike politician act, but he didn't. He stepped up to the plate, and talked about race and what it has meant to this country. I have been killing the guy since day one to get just a little real, so when he does, I am going to give him credit.

"..And yet words on a parchment would not be enough to deliver slaves from bondage, or provide men and women of every color and creed their full rights and obligations as citizens of the United States. What would be needed were Americans in successive generations who were willing to do their part — through protests and struggle, on the streets and in the courts, through a civil war and civil disobedience and always at great risk — to narrow that gap between the promise of our ideals and the reality of their time..."

OK "O" man, now you have me at least checking the ingredients in your "O" Aid. Do you happen to have Orange flavors?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Can I get an amen?

"Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in"

~~Michael Corleone-The Godfather~~

I bet the "O" man is feeling like Michael Corleone right about now. Of course some of us knew all along that A-merry-ca wouldn't let the "O" man forget who he is. The most famous face in A-merry-ca right now belongs to my homie, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who supposedly made some inflammatory statements about these Divided States of A-merry-ca. The guy is everywhere. FAKE NEWS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, You get the picture. FAKE NEWS has been riding this story for a year now, and praying that it would get picked up. Well, they finally got their wish, and it could sink the "O" man big time. But to quote someone a read recently; "since when is it a crime to be angry?" Shit, if it was, I would be doing life right about now. "Politico" calls the good Reverend's rhetoric "deeply racially confrontational." Translated; it makes white folks uncomfortable.

But I honestly have to shake my head at the irony. This little dust up would not have happened if the "O" man was not a church going man in the first place. But here he is on the verge of losing a dream of a life time because of the words of his pastor. They are uncomfortable words, and they are the last thing A-merry-cans want to hear. Black folks we recognize those words don't we? We have heard sermons like this many times before. When our preachers preach to us, they talk to us as if they are sitting around out dinner table. They try to shock us to make a point, and they don't mince words. They always try to hit us in the gut and appeal to our raw emotions to make a point. "Ahh field how do you know? You are a god hating gnostic, who hasn't stepped foot in a church since his baptism..." Yeah but my daddy was a preacher, and a damn good one. My daddy actually taught preachers how to preach, (Theology and Homiletics) so I think I know a thing or two about this subject, preachers.

But sadly for the "O" man, a vast amount of A-merry-cans will never understand his preacher. They will never understand him because they have never stepped foot in a black church. They will hear the good Reverend ranting against A-merry-ca and all of its ills, and implying that 911 was an example of A-merry-ca's "chickens coming home to roost ", and they will be furious. They will want to know how he can say that "rich white people run the country" (So where is the false statement there?). They will want to know how the "O" man could have sat in this man's church for 20 years and not be influenced by him. They will say that it's the "O" man's true feelings, and that his wife is a closet militant who puts her black race first. They will say that the "O" man will get into power and push only issues that effect black people. Issues like poverty, crime, unfair sentencing, and failing schools. They will say it, and I for one hope that they will be right.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Real change?

"Indeed, we need change, not a change of political parties, not a change in Washington, not a change of issues, but a change of beliefs--beliefs that set all these things that we don't like into motion in the first place.Let me show you what a black presidency can achieve:A black child, now born, or soon to be born, will come into a world where he/she will not feel/know the limitations of a barrier of any sort--a black president can do that. A white child, now born, or soon to be born, will come into a world where he/she will feel/know that blacks, too, can aspire to be the best this country has to offer, that it's not his/her privilege alone--a black president can do that.Should he be a good president, or a superlative president, or just a so-so president will not matter so much, as the mind-altering explosion of beliefs that a black presidency will indelibly etch upon the hearts and minds of the people of this country."

~~~The circle is complete~~

That great quote from a previous commenter ( I think his/her handle is "the circle is complete") got me thinking about this presidential race again.

I am back on the field plantation after a weekend in D.C., and pretty soon, like the rest of the folks in Pennsylvania, I will be caught up in presidential race fever. " The real March Madness."

Now with all due respect to "deb" who commented on the same thread, I am not an Obamaholic, and my position on the "O" man has been pretty clear from the jump. But now that Sean Insanity and the rest of the folks at FAKE NEWS have been beating him up on this church thing, I feel a need to get his back. Call it one black family member getting another one's back. I know I know, he is a half brother, but he is still fam.

But beyond my gut instinct to look out for one of my own, I wanted something more. Something to give me an insight into the Obamaholics soul, and something to make me justify supporting him on an intellectual level. I think that commenter crystallized it for me. Because even though I know deep down in my gut that Obama probably would not be any different than any of the other politicians in Washington, I can't get away from the historical significance of black man in the White House. With all due respect to Master Card: "Watching all those former Presidents turn in their graves, Priceless". I know the secret service would work overtime; but just to see the look on the faces of a certain segment of our population would be worth every tax dollar to pay for their overtime.

So the "change" part I am not so sure about, but the historical part, I am. I honestly don't think another African American will come this close to the White House in my life time. ---If anybody even had the thought of Colin Powell, or Harold Ford in their heads, please get it out right now;
neither one of those men have a shot. Obama does, and if he wins I will be as proud as the next person of color for his achievement. But please believe that if he fucks up in office, I will be blogging about his ass just as hard as I did George Bush.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Me again folks,

and I am still down here in D.C. hanging out at this NOI Summit. I went to dinner earlier in DuPont Circle with the folks from the conference, but I rolled early and came back here to my hotel (Lola you have got to get some new wheels :). So anyway, I just left the bar with my man "Rock" from African American Political Pundit, and my man Andres Duque from Blabeando. The bartender, Juan, was doing mad magic tricks and keeping me laughing my ass off.

Now for a quick update on the conference: I have to give my man "Rock" and all the other bloggers of color who were present their propers for stepping up to the plate and addressing the digital divide. Of course some people didn't want to hear it, but the truth hurts. Personally, you all know where I stand, I really could give a fuck whether I get linked by a Wal-Mart blog or not, but I want honesty in the debate, and that's what we were all (At least us black folks present) trying to achieve. But I don't want to act like some of our white progressive friends weren't trying to reach out, because they did. But you know how human nature is, it's always the bad shit that sticks out.

For instance, AA Pundit tried to explain the seriousness of this Hillary "O" man shit, and it seemed like no one wanted to hear it. Like what's the point of all this Net roots, progressive online networking, and activism if a constituency that consistently gives you 90% of their vote is about to go away and never come back? Memo to all you folks out there who consider yourselves democrats; you better start paying attention to this shit because the anger is real. Some of us that were here this weekend tried to tell you but you didn't listen. I think you will live to regret it. I think black folks are ready to have that discussion with the rethugs about making a switch. So Hillary, be very careful.

And speaking of the folks that were here: I met Brandon from Superspade , and he is a good brother. I also met my man Kevin Myles from the Wichita NAACP. Thanks for the knowledge about Wichita my brotha, I never would have known. You all have got it going on out there. I also saw my man Barantunde from Jack& Jill politics, my girl from Pam's House Blend, and the sister from Anderson@ Large. All good people from what I could tell, and all doing the blogging thing and representing to the fullest. Oh, and I will be damn if Gabrielle from Color of Change isn't a dead ringer for Adrian Grenier (Vince) from Entourage. Man you better start using that shit. And you live in Cali too? Sheeeet.

In the AM, I am heading back up to Killadelph. The organizer's did a nice job with this conference, and some of the folks that came here did so with an open mind. As for some of the others.....well, my grandmama used to say that if you can't say anything nice about someone you shouldn't say anything at all. So.......

It's late folks

so this post will be brief. I am writing from my Northwest D.C. hotel at the start of the bloggers summit down here. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect. I got in kind of late....OK, I actually got here in time for the "meet and greet", but I hung out with some of my boys who were visiting D.C. as well for another conference.

But tomorrow I will get a chance to meet everybody. There are bloggers here (mostly of the left leaning persuasion) from all over the country, and the conference officially kicks off tomorrow. Already my girl Lola called to welcome a brotha to her city (that's what's up), and as is usually the case, I am feeling D.C. I always get a good vibe here, so I have mad love for the "chocolate city".

The folks here seem very organized and on the ball, so let's see what happens. I am not sure about out all the topics, but whatever it is, I will let you know how it went down. I am sure someone will bring up the whole "whitosphere v. blackosphere" thing, and I am sure that there are lots of Hillary supporters here.

Should be fun :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hillary you are breaking my heart.

Sometimes I wish my homeboy had actually succeeded and was able to ship every one of you Negroes out of A-merry-ca. Then I wouldn't be suffering from all this angst and feelings of solicitude during this long political season.

I was right about A-merry-ca all along. This run for the presidency by the "O" man was bound to get down in the racial gutter eventually. I just didn't think that it would be the liberal and so called folks on the left that would take us there. I mean damn Hillary; could you have at least let us get out of the primary season before we went down this road? I knew it was going to get ugly when the right wing hate and slime machine crawled out of their holes just in time for the general. I was at least hoping that we would make it that far before the bullshit started. But no such luck. Here we are. Thanks to Hillary, white A-merry-ca is on racial alert, and it will take a miracle for the "O" man to pull this out now. Dick Cheney could beat him in the general, and he is about as popular as Mike Tyson at a NOW convention.

And I want to say for the record; right here and now, that I have changed my mind about voting for Hillary in the general if she wins this primary. Who am I kidding? I can't do it. Not if it goes down like this. As much as it would pain me to see a rethug in the White House again, given what I have seen from camp Hillary, I have to ask myself if it would be that much different with a rethug in power.

But Hillary can say mission accomplished. And she can make that secret 3:00AM phone call to her girl Geri, and say thanks for playing the race card so brilliantly. Now the folks over at FUCK NEWS have gone crazy over the "O" man's pastor, and they will not stop until the outrage is as great for the "O" man going to the church of a "racist" as it is for Geri's comments.

All this right in time for Pennsylvania. A state with more racist white folks than Alabama and Mississippi combined (I can say that because I live here). When I leave Philly, unless I am in a plane, I always head East or South. There is a reason for that. But I digress. Back to Hillary.

So "Ice Queen" I think you have lost my vote. And as a result, you will be 0-2 in the Field Household come November. Because there is no doubt in my mind that if you beat the "O" man, Mrs Field, Obamaholic that she is, will not be voting for your ass.

But I cherish my vote, and I am wondering what I should do now. Lord knows I can't vote for Mr. Morton.......and I don't want to waste my vote...damn it Hillary why did it have to go down this way? You broke my heart girl. Just like Bill broke yours by hooking up with that fat intern.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Those lucky male Negroes.

Geraldine Ferraro just made a brilliant career move. This former political has been and sometimes news pundit has now elevated herself to A-1 status. Don't believe me? Watch how she will become a regular on FUCK NEWS now. Watch the speaking engagements increase and get more expensive, watch all the friendly editorials and all the T.V. appearances. (Oh wait, it already started).

Sure there are some folks feigning outrage now over her recent comments, but that too will blow over, and the outrage won't last. Not when a significant segment of the population agrees with her. "Way to go Geri, way to tell it like it is. We are sick of biting our tongue when it comes to race, you are our new A-merry-can hero." The only surprising thing is that more white folks in a position similar to Geraldine just don't follow this script. Also, make no mistake, Geraldine might have been making a shrewed political move on behalf of the "Ice Queen", and if that's the case, she is even smarter than I thought she was.

Still, I have to wonder about this "lucky" black man thing that Geri is talking about. I mean I am a black man, and although I feel lucky to be alive and for all the good things that has happened to me, I don't think they happened because I am black. In fact, I think they happened inspite of the fact that I am black in A-merry-ca. And even though the "O" man's mother is white, I don't think he is any different. When you think about it, Geri's position and statements just defies logic. If black men like Obama are lucky to be black in A-merry-ca, how does she explain away the fact that 12% of us are locked up in prison? How does she explain the fact that our life expectancy is way lower than folks in the majority population? How does she explain the fact that far more of us are unemployed? Or that the ones that are working make so much less than men in the majority population?

But I guess I should count my blessings. I mean as a black man I would get first dibs on Lark Voorhies, Tyra Banks, and Halle Be....well maybe not Halle. I could show up late for appointments all the time and blame it on CP time. I can never really lose my driver's license because I am asked to show it all the time. I don't have to go skiing bungee jumping and rock climbing to find excitement, because just waking up every day and navigating the pit falls of every day life is excitement enough for me. And if I ever go to prison, I can take comfort in the fact that I would have lots of company. I don't have to worry about working. I can just sit at home all day and be a bum, because that's what everyone pretty much expects me to do, so there is no pressure.

Yes Geri, I guess I am one lucky guy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"The Red Phone In Black & White"

I want to thank an e-mailer named "xaymaca" for sending me the following link.

It's an oped from the New York Times, and it was written by my homeboy, and one of my favorite thinkers in A-merry-ca today, Orlando Patterson.

Here goes:

"ON first watching Hillary Clinton’s recent “It’s 3 a.m.” advertisement, I was left with an uneasy feeling that something was not quite right — something that went beyond my disappointment that she had decided to go negative. Repeated watching of the ad on YouTube increased my unease. I realized that I had only too often in my study of America’s racial history seen images much like these, and the sentiments to which they allude.

I am not referring to the fact that the ad is unoriginal; as several others have noted, it mimics a similar ad made for Walter Mondale in his 1984 campaign for the Democratic nomination. What bothers me is the difference between this and the Mondale ad. The Mondale ad directly and unequivocally played on the issue of experience. The danger was that the red telephone might be answered by someone who was “unsure, unsteady, untested.” Why do I believe this? Because the phone and Mr. Mondale are the only images in the ad. Fair game in the normal politics of fear.

Not so this Clinton ad. To be sure, it states that something is “happening in the world” — although it never says what this is — and that Mrs. Clinton is better able to handle such danger because of her experience with foreign leaders. But every ad-maker, like every social linguist, knows that words are often the least important aspect of a message and are easily muted by powerful images.

I have spent my life studying the pictures and symbols of racism and slavery, and when I saw the Clinton ad’s central image — innocent sleeping children and a mother in the middle of the night at risk of mortal danger — it brought to my mind scenes from the past. I couldn’t help but think of D. W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation,” the racist movie epic that helped revive the Ku Klux Klan, with its portrayal of black men lurking in the bushes around white society. The danger implicit in the phone ad — as I see it — is that the person answering the phone might be a black man, someone who could not be trusted to protect us from this threat..."

There is more here.

Soooooo it looks like The Ice Queen's ad guys gave us a subliminal Willie Horton moment.

I wonder if it worked with its intended target?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Another political fall from grace.

I swear the hits just keep coming here in A-merry-ca. I mean honestly, you just can't make this stuff up.

So here we have the law and order governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, charged with soliciting high end prostitutes, violating the Mann Act, and lord knows what else. This guy ran on a platform to clean up government; was the former State Attorney General, and he went after the boys on Wall Street like a pit bull. (Do you think they are lighting up those Cubans right about now?) Not to mention that back in 2004 he was part of an operation that led to the arrest of 18 people for; you guessed it, prostitution. So the guy should have known better. Look, I kill rethuglicans when they do dumb shit like this, so please believe that I am going to get on the dumbocrats when they fuck up as well. There is enough outrage to go around for everybody.

Watching that news conference with Spitzer and his wife up there today, you had to wonder what that poor woman was thinking. I must admit that it was hard to watch. I kept thinking to myself: what kind of woman stands by her man like that? Honest to god if that was yours truly up there I would have been in a wheel chair, and Mrs Field would have been in prison stripes. Stand by your man my ass. But you know what? I couldn't blame her one little bit.

Eliot (Or should I call you client #9 or George Fox [that was his alias] ) WTF? You were dropping $4,000 an hour for a prostitute? What the hell do these women look like, and just what is their p.....ahhhh never mind. So one of them was 5"5" 105 pounds. Just a little small for the field, but OK, I suppose she might be attractive if you are into that weight class. But $4,000 an hour Eliot? What ever happened to controlling spending in government? And this Emperor Club V.I.P. supposedly had different categories of women. You could have gotten one of these...ahem, call girls for as low as $1,000 an hour and if you were a big spender like my man Eliot, as high as $5,000 an hour. ~~But will she respect you in the morning?~~

So anyway, my man Eliot had already dropped $4,300 and had a running account with the Emperor folks. Seems Uncle Sam was looking at these people for other things such as money laundering (They made 1 million in four years), and they caught my man Eliot on various wire taps with his favorite call girl.

"I do not believe that politics in the long run is about individuals. It is about ideas, the public good, and doing what is best for the state of New York. But I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family."

Yeah, OK Eliot, but where have we heard that before?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Thou shalt not kill"

This is a sensitive post for me, but I am thinking it, so fuck it, I am going to write it.

Over the weekend, three incidents that made national news pissed me off and disappointed me on so many levels that I really don't know where to begin.

But let me start with the animal in Memphis who killed his brother and five other people including some of his brother's children (he just returned home from prison). Like what the fuck is wrong with our people? Look, I live in Killadelphia, and killings and murders are nothing new to me. But when I see stories like this I really have to wonder what the hell is wrong with us. And before you give me the white people do it too comments and e-mails, save it; I really don't care what white people do. There are plenty of white folks investing a lot of time and energy in trying to cure whatever ills they have.

Then there is this Negro in Alabama who allegedly killed this 18 year old Auburn coed (he just returned from Iraq). This clown is being charged with kidnapping,robbery, and attempted rape as well. And didn't you just know they were going to find this girl's killer? She was a white college student in Alabama for crying out loud! Could the National Guard have been far behind? Don't laugh, the Governor offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the young lady's killer soon after the shooting. How many folks that were killed in the hood in cities like Birmingham or Mobile do you think the good Governor offered a reward for? I won't hold my breath waiting for the answer. But I seriously digress. And I shouldn't be making political points on the back of this poor victim. Still, there is a post in there somewhere and maybe one day I will revisit it.

The third incident happened in North Carolina where a 22 year old college student was found shot to death on a Chapel Hill street. Again, some dumb ass Negro is a "person of interest", and even if this clown didn't kill the woman, his dumb ass was caught on video using her ATM card. Again, this woman belonged to the most protected class in A-merry-ca; a white woman (yes Hillary, a white woman), and this ignoramus chose to fuck around and end up with her ATM card, and even worse, he might have killed her.

Three incidents all giving me reason to pause and shake my head at the state of this country. But I have been saying it all along: if we don't do something to clean up some of the problems facing certain segments of the population, some of the shit we see happening in the hood everyday is going to start carrying over into WSZ (white safety zones), and then the war on terror will take on a whole different meaning. What are all the scared A-merry-cans going to do then? Build a wall around every major urban area? Hmmmm, I am sure the thought has crossed their minds.

So my heart goes out to all the victims and their families from the incidents that I mentioned. I hope that justice will be served and that their killers will be forced to face the consequences of their actions. But I also hope that as a society at large we will never be forced to face the consequence of ours.

Throw Missy from the plane.

Looks like Mr. Morton (because he is always salty) flashed his famous temper at a New York Times reporter on Friday. And I gotta tell you, I saw film clips of the little dust up, and I swear I thought they were going to throw Missy from the damn plane. Memo to Missy: Never ask tough questions when you are over twenty thousand feet in the air with Mr. Morton.

But I have to give Elisabeth Bumiller her props; she asked a tough question, and she kept pushing for the truth. "You said you never had a conversation with [John] Kerry about being Vice President." Oh come on now Elisabeth, he lied. Just like all politricksters and others of his ilk do. But then Mr. Morton lashed into poor Elisabeth. He got in her face, and for a moment there I thought he was going to have Hotel Hanoi flash backs. "Elisabeth you look just like one of those 'gooks' I hate s0 damn much right about now, I sure hope you have a parachute."

But seriously, can you imagine if this had been the "O" man? They are killing the guy (Obama) because one of his foreign policy advisers called the Ice Queen a "monster"....ahhh hello? She is a fucking monster. I mean the poor lady had to resign for crying out loud. That shit led every major newscast on Friday. But not a peep about straight talk damn near throwing poor Missy from the plane. "Why are you so angry?" she asked him. ~~Because I am 72 years old and I am running out of time. And if that uppity Negro from Illinois wins this presidential election I will never get another shot~~~~OK, he didn't quite say that, but somehow you just know he was thinking it.

Now folks will try to say it's because it was a New York Times reporter and Mr. Morton isn't feeling the Times right about now. But trust me on this one, girlfriend could have been with "The Watchtower" and Mr. Morton would have flipped on her. This is how he acts when he is caught in a lie. Just check his history. And Chris you want me to vote for this mofo? I don't think so.

I don't look too hot in nuclear gray.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I am still not drinking.

Folks like "lolo" keep accusing me of being a closeted Obamaholic, and I keep telling you folks that I am not. Now I probably could be, but every time I even consider it, something comes up and reminds me not to drink the O-Aid.

Consider this:

As you all know Pennsylvania is now ground zero in the dumbocratic race for President. So I wasn't surprised that the "O" man reached out to certain union leaders here in Philly. I am willing to forget the fact that for years these building trade unions, kept qualified blacks out of big paying construction jobs, by demanding that they go through an apprentice program. Forget the fact that these poor individuals had no clue, and that they would never be able to get a sponsor. (But I seriously digress)

So the "O" man calls Pat Gillespie, a powerful business trades Manager here in town. And according to one of my local hometown papers (The Daily News), this is how the conversation went down: Gillespie-"The black guys are with you but I can't get the white guys" Obama- "Tell them I'm half white..tell them I am Irish." Gillespie-"If I tell them you're Irish, I lose the Italians". Ha ha ha ha. OK Gillespie said he was just kidding..but....I don't know "O" man.

And here is another reason why I know that I am not a real Obamaholic:

As much as I despise this campaign Hillary is running, if she wins the dumbocratic nomination, I am holding my nose and voting for her. Period. A real Obamaholic can't do that. They despise Hillary ( and often with a good reason to), but sorry, my right to vote is serious business, and I ain't sitting on the sidelines come November.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

She won't go!

I bet Hillary and Bill's bags were all packed. I could hear them now: "Yeah all that shit they talked about us, and how we took silverware from the White House. Well we are back bitches!" They were planning the next four years and what it would be like. The first Man and Mrs. President, you gotta love it. But a funny thing happened on the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

That upstart Negro from Illinois is really acting like he wants to take this thing from Bill and Hillary, and rain on their inaugural parade. Can you imagine how pissed off Hillary is at Barack? I mean that Negro came out of nowhere, and for awhile he could do no wrong.

He was the Tiger Woods of politics. The media loves him, republicans love him, women love him, men love him...hell if you believe the Internet rumors going around, even the KKK love him. I mean this Negro is loved by everybody. And then there is poor Hillary. Fighting an uphill battle and years and years of negative perceptions. Bill's sins were her sins and "Clinton fatigue" meant that we were tired of Bill and Hillary. But still, she was to be next. A-merry-ca was ready to become more like the country we broke away from, than the "perfect union" our founding fathers tried to form. Sixteen and possibly 24 years of Clinton and Bush and A-merry-cans weren't blinking an eye. And then along came this new Negro from Illinois.

When he speaks he gives black and white A-merry-can's goose bumps, and he has them literally feinting off their feet. White people don't see a black person, they see an A-merry-can. You can't get more iconic than that. "He transcends race. He doesn't carry the baggage of slavery. He speaks so well. He is so dashing. He is like a black JFK". Will Smith will play him in the movie for crying out loud.

And there is Hillary; seething at every star struck turn. Wishing that this narrow ass uppity Negro would just go away. But sadly for her it won't happen quite so fast. There are still more primaries to go, and we all have a date in Denver this summer. But I suspect that Hillary and the "O" man will be both short of the necessary delegates to bring the ball home, so the dumbocrats have a problem. Howard Dean, I know you are a Doctor, but this one calls for some major ass surgery.

Super Delegates, two large states (Michigan and Florida) crying foul, and an entire segment of your party (African Americans) about to bolt and never come back if things don't go their way.

Yes, this is a mess. They don't call you all dumbocrats for nothing.

And then there is Hillary again. A woman so blinded by her ambition and focused on going back to the house where her husband gave new meaning to the term multitasking, that nothing will make her go away. Nothing. Not even a ten state losing streak. The party could cry all that unity shit if they want to, Hillary isn't trying to hear it. If she is not at the top of the ticket, and if she isn't the one sitting in that house to take that call at 3:00AM in the morning, she doesn't want to hear whatever it is the DNC has to say.

The scary thing is, Hillary might have one big state left in her (Pennsylvania). Sorry Obamaholics, poor blue collar white folks just ain't voting for your boy, and that could be a problem in the Keystone state. "O" man, those kind of folks think you got to where you are because of your color. They think that but for skin color, they would be where you are. Yes you have a Harvard Law Degree, and I am a high school drop out who has been working in the coal mines, but I am smarter than you are. So if Hillary looses they are not going to vote in November. And like the African Americans for Obama, they might leave the party never to come back.

What a mess. I guess I will have to start calling Mr. Morton (because he is always salty) Mr. President now. And I guess it's time to call my broker. Time to load up on those defense contractor stocks. I think they are going to do real well for the next four years.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It's rare that I feature one of the murder victims on my Killadelphia murder count sidebar for an entire post. But this one is different.

David Atkins was 43 years old. He was a doting and devoted father to his six year old son, who worked two jobs (as a glass cleaner and a security guard) to provide his son a proper home.

"He lived for David. It was just him and David...he gave him all the best of everything" This is what Atkins' sister said about his relationship with his son. By all accounts Atkins also worked two jobs to provide a Catholic school education for his son, and he also took care of his 83 year old mother before she moved in with one of his sisters.

David Atkins was one of twelve siblings who had been at alter boy growing up. According to his employer he was a "great" employee, and according to the people who knew him he was a "good friend." One of Atkins' sisters said that "He was a mother and a father to his son...the two of them would always be seen together." So what does that say about us as a society and as a people when we shoot a positive role model and father, and leave him to die like an animal?

David Atkins answered his door early Saturday morning, while his son was sleeping in his bedroom. The person that came to the door shot David Atkins at point blank range. After he fell, the gunman stood over Atkins' body and fired five more shots into his now lifeless body.

The Police are looking for a motive and a gunman . Sadly, as is usually the case here in Killadelphia, no one saw anything, and no one is coming forward.

This is the last time you will hear of David Atkins, because sadly, he is just a statistic to you. But David Atkins had a son, and a family who loved him very much. David Atkins was not just a statistic to them, he was a loved one.

Davis Atkins also had a killer. Someone (or should I say something) so cold blooded and callous that they could shoot another human being like a dog in the doorway of his own home. David Atkins was victim number forty seven in our city. And before this year is over, there will be at least 300 more people like David Atkins, people who we will never hear from or hear about ever again.