Thursday, June 28, 2007

So this is how we stop discrimination?

I just caught the "tell black people what they want to hear" debates and I must say that I had this real uneasy feeling the entire time. Maybe it was watching some of those CBC members in the audience, and the fact that Tavis, once again, seemed to be auditioning for his perfect close up with "Mr. De Mille."

Just remember that a politician will say or do almost anything to get elected. But what are we going to do? Looks like we are stuck with these Democrats. I believe that we should exercise our right to vote, and given the choices we will have come election time, I think we will just have to choose the lessor of two evils.

Of course the main issue tonight among the poli-tricksters is what I want to talk about with this post. Now I rarely blog about legal issues, because, well, it's too much like work for me, and I consider my blogging as a tool to vent and release some of my stress from the daily grind. But I feel compelled to write a little about this latest decision from the Supremes down there in Washington.

We all know by now that the Supremes in a very close decision (5-4) came down with a ruling yesterday, that in essence, invalidated programs in hundreds of public school districts all over the country. Programs that sought to maintain school by school diversity by using race as one of the factors to admissions to certain schools. The Seattle and Louisville School Districts had actually been victorious in lower Federal court, but...well you know some white folks weren't going for that: "Honey it's just not fair, why should those black kids get special treatment over our child just because they are black? This is not what Martin Luther King was talking about being judged by the content of their character. I spend good money on private tutors and I will be damned if I let some bureaucrat let my child miss out on a good education."

So anyway, King Georges appointee, Chief Just-us (white folks) John G. Roberts, Jr., in speaking for the majority,well almost the majority (more on that in a minute) said; that such goals as these school districts were trying to achieve were"directed only to racial balance pure and simple". This is a goal he said was "forbidden by the constitutional guarantees of equal protection." If that all sounds a little confusing to all you laymen out there, it's because it is. It's nothing but twisted pretzel logic to justify some racist bullshit. I mean, if the consequence of living in an unequal society (for whatever f*****g reason) is a form of de facto re segregation, shouldn't we be trying to structure some remedy to make the playing field more equal? Not according to Chief Just-us Roberts, Uncle Clarence, and his other two side kicks; Alito (thank you frat boy)and Scalia. No, according to these geniuses,"the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race." Huh? Soooo how the f**k could I be discriminating against someone on the basis of race, when I am the one that is being discriminated against? I must have missed something in my Introduction to Con Law class. These wise men actually called up the memory of that landmark 1954 civil rights case Brown v. Board of Education in their opinion. How ironic is that? And you thought some of these kids out here on the blocks were gangsters. No, what the Supremes did today was some gangster for your ass. They actually cited the very case they are weakening as the corner stone of their argument to weaken it.

There is one saving grace though. Even though Justice Kennedy was one of the five striking down the school districts remedy in this particular case. He did write a separate opinion which attacked Chief Just-us Roberts, and Uncle Clarence and company for their opinion. Justice Kennedy seemed to be giving school districts some guidelines for future cases to stop racial insulation and de facto re segregation. What he seemed to be saying in his separate opinion, is that If they ( public school districts) try a more narrowly tailored remedy which can take race into consideration he would vote with the other four justices who were in the minority this time around. Lord please don't give the "frat boy" anymore appointments.

But what does this all tell you folks? I will tell you what it tells me. That we need to get our shit together and fast. These white folks out here are not playing. Now truth be told, I was kinda down with separate but equal myself. So I am not the one to carry this integration torch. Give me what they have, and I will be cool. I know some of you black folks lose your freaking minds if "charlie" doesn't let you into his clubs, his schools, his restaurants, or his f*****g house. Not me, "charlie can have it all to his lonesome,as long as he gives me the same resources to build my own. "Oh field you are such a segregationist" No, I am a realist. White folks self segregate from us, and if you don't believe me look at the make up in the public school systems in large urban areas around the country. Here in Philly some white folks who barely have a pot to piss in will spend $500 per month to keep their kids in catholic schools. Why do you think that is? Because they want little Johnny to get a Jesuit education? I don't think so. They don't want little Johnny in school with Jamaal that's why. So don't tell me about wanting to segregate, tell that to those other folks.

But I understand when certain school districts want to give some poor black kid with potential who is in a failing school a shot at the school across town with all the nice facilities. That is admirable, and until us black folks get our acts together, I suspect that will be happening more and more. Which is why this decision by the Supremes is so scary. They are basically saying; "stay your black ass over there, we have white kids over here who need those seats."

Alright Chief Just-us Roberts, I will stay with my own people; just give me something to work with. I will start with about forty f*****g acres!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some things I believe.

I got an e-mail from someone in the majority population who wanted to know what I believe about certain things. He caught me a little off guard, and I had to think about it a little bit.

Anyway, after getting my thoughts together, I came up with a few things. So Mr. e-mailer, I hope you are reading my blog, because here are my answers:

I believe that there is something or someone more powerful out there than all of us; I just don't know what or who it is yet.
I don't believe that any organized religion can anymore get you into heaven (if there is such a place) than wishing on a star.
I believe that some of the people that claim to be religious leaders will occupy a very hot part of hell (if there is such a place)
I believe that two consenting adults should have the right to do what they want in the privacy of their own homes as long as they do not hurt anybody else.
I believe that a woman should have the right to do whatever she wants to do with her body.
I believe that if men could have babies there would be drive through abortion clinics.
I believe that at least 30% of the white folks in this country wish that black people would just go away.
I believe that some of the most racist people in America go to church every Sunday morning.
I believe that 30% of white folks in this country really get it, and really do wish we were all equal.
I believe that of that 30%, only 3% of them have real power.
I believe that if Katrina had hit Seattle and not New Orleans George Bush would have been on the ground the next day.
I believe that allot of white (and black people) in America place less of a value on a black life than they do on a white one.
I believe that the death penalty is wrong, and isn't a deterrent to crime.
I believe that the biggest "drug dealers" in America have names like Merck, Smith Kline, and Johnson & Johnson; and not Biggy, Ice, and Slick.
I believe that people don't care about the rising murder rates in America's cities, because it's young black men killing each other.
I believe that global warming is a man made phenomenon.
I believe that there are lots and lots of people getting rich because of the war in Iraq.
I believe that Americans are too preoccupied with sex, and not preoccupied enough with stopping violence.
I believe that there are still African Americans in America who wish they weren't black.
I believe that 90% of black conservatives don't believe the shit they say on a daily basis.
I believe that Malcolm and Martin wanted the same things for black people.
I believe that black people should put their race before their nationality.
I believe that suicide bombers are some brave ass mother f*****s; even though they believe some twisted shit. If you don't believe me, tell me how many people you know that would be willing to strap a bomb around their waste and blow themselves to smithereens because of some sick belief system?
I believe that the FOX NEWS CHANNEL is one of the most dangerous and racist corporations in America.
I believe that Dick Cheney always wears Victoria's Secret lingerie under his suits. (I really do)
I believe that with age comes wisdom.
I believe that the entire AfroSpear(Sphere) movement through cyber-activism will be a real force in this country one day.

I believe that I am closer to finding Lark Voorhies, and when I do find her, unfortunately, that will be the end of this blog.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weak Ass Men

When I was a kid growing up I could not touch my older sister no matter what she did to me. She was three years my senior and sometimes she gave me hell. But if I dared put my hand on her, even though I was the youngest, that was my ass. "Never ever put your hand on a woman no matter what" is what my Dad constantly preached and yes I do mean preached to me. ( He was a preacher for crying out loud) That was always right up there with putting my hand in a woman's purse. "Never ever put your hand or look in a woman's purse, no matter what." As an adult that one always brought some angst in my relationships. "Honey can you pass me my keys they are right there in my purse."........."ahhh no dear I can't how about if I just bring you your purse and you get em." "Negro what is it with you and just sticking your hand in my purse?" Bottom line is, I always took what my Dad said to heart, and that stayed with me to this day.

This Bobby Cutts fellow down in Ohio could have used a Dad like mine. Seems my man is now being charged with the murders of this woman (Jessie Davis) and her child. Bobby might not be guilty of murdering this woman and her unborn child, (although it sure doesn't look good for him) but we do know he is guilty of abusing women in the past. Which, along with some great comments from "ari", and "anon." after my previous post, is what led me to post these comments about domestic abuse, and domestic violence.

Here in Philadelphia, workers in the Domestic Relations court system hate the Monday mornings after an Eagles game. They hate it because the line outside the domestic violence unit will be longer, and the bruises on the women will be a little deeper. Unfortunately, it seems that some of their husbands' and boyfriends' Eagles fans like to take an Eagles loss out on their poor wives and/or girlfriends. Domestic violence is a serious matter; and as someone who has seen the very dark side of this demented behaviour, it bothers me more than the average person-- unless of course they happen to be living the nightmare themselves. The statistics are staggering. 85-95% of domestic violence victims are female,over 500,000 women are stalked each year,there are 5.3 million cases of reported abuse each year,and 1,232 people will be killed each year by an intimate partner. The sad truth is that 1 in 4 American women will be victims of domestic violence in their life times. And that's what we know about. Can you imagine all the women that are living with some form of domestic abuse, be it physical or emotional, and are afraid to come forward? Too often when we become aware of such a situation it's too late. Everyone in the country is focused on Bobby Cutts and poor Jessie Davis, but what about the family of four in Illinois that was recently murdered in their SUV by the alleged husband, and father, Christopher Vaughn? How sad is that? I mean we are seeing more and more cases of these animals taking out their families and loved ones, because of their inability to cope with rejection and to control their sick rage.

Let me say for the record; if Bobby Cutts did do what he is being accused of at least participating in, he deserves to get what O.J. Simpson's guilty ass should have gotten, and what Rae Carruth got for killing his pregnant girlfriend. I have no pity or mercy for men who commit acts of violence against women or children. Period! There is just no excuse, I don't care what the circumstances are, or what you claim she did to you. I know that men claim to be victims of domestic violence as well, and I have seen legitimate cases of it. But the far majority of these cases are men against women and to think or say otherwise would be foolhardy and disingenuous.

So let me put this in a racial context for you as well. (You knew that was coming) Brothers, we have it a little harder out here for all the obvious reasons. And sometimes we use that as an excuse to go home and take the shit we put up with out in the world on our significant others, and on our children. That shit is wrong! Because these are the last people we should be hurting or trying to take our frustrations out on. Just remember, that your woman is probably the only person out here who truly has your back. After all, she is with your black ass, in spite of what you are going through. Just remember that shit. Just because your daddy might have whupped your mother's ass, does not give you an excuse to continue the cycle, you have to be stronger than he was, and you have to e able to recognize the problem. I know the shit our here is hard, but that's not her fault, that woman is probably the only peace and solace you will have from this crazy f****d world we live in. So the next time you think of raising your hand or your voice at her, save that passion and emotion for something or someone that is really f*****g with your life; like George Bush, or Dick Cheney, or even the person looking at you in the mirror.

Before I go, here are two great organizations dealing with domestic violence that you should be aware of:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Philadelphia Hunting Club

I am sure that my friends down South are familiar with Hunting Clubs. I remember when I was living in Louisiana that was a big deal. Come hunting season you would go on acres and acres of your club's land and shoot all the Bambi's, wild boars, and water fowls to your heart's content. All for an annual fee.

So anyway, I was reading about the latest killings in my hometown of Murderdelphia (189 and counting) and I had one of those light bulb moments; this great idea popped into my head, and I want to share it with you.

You know how cities are always struggling to find new ways to generate revenues. Usually it takes the form of a tax, or a fee for some form of essential service. So I was thinking; why not open the city to hunting come hunting season? We would allow as many people as we like to come in and do some serious hunting.-After they pay the required fee of course-Now you do understand that they wouldn't be hunting deers, and wild boars. No, these hunters would be hunting a different kind of game, they would be hunting young black males between the ages of 17-30. All the other citizens of Philadelphia would of course be off limits. So for instance, if you accidentally shoot a black male in one of the hunting zones, and you find out later that he is 35 years old you would be out of luck. Because you just might be banned from ever hunting in Killadelphia again; or, you could face some very stiff fines.

So what do you think folks, do you think it could work? I do. Think about it folks; if you are a red neck down in Alabama whose only wish in life is to shoot a few niggers before you checks out, this would be your big chance. Or, if you are some young buck who just joined the Army reserves, are about to be sent to Iraq, and you want to experience killing in an urban environment, well then you join the Philly hunt club. What if you are some white collar yuppie in New York and you want to impress your girlfriend? "Honey I was just in North Philadelphia, and some thuggish looking black guy came up on me, and I shot him to death. It was such a rush! Oh sweetie you are so brave." We could charge a couple of thousand dollars for a urban hunting license. There would be other restrictions as well. The areas in the city where hunting is allowed would be well marked out and defined. No hunting in places like Center City,Chestnut Hill, or Society Hill. If you accidentally shoot someone in one of these areas that's your ass. You wouldn't just face a stiff fine; your ass will be charged with murder. But think about all the revenue the hunt club could generate for our city. We could use the money to hire more police officers, and even expand our prisons. And, we could even set up a wild game compensation fund, so that the families of the game would receive something for their troubles. At least it would pay for the funeral expenses. Besides, we wouldn't want them suing the city or anything now would we.

Of course every black male in the designated areas between the ages of 17-30 would have to sign a waiver. And we could even give them a monthly stipend for being eligible to be in the hunters game. I mean what the hell, they might as well get paid for possibly getting shot every f*****g night!

So what do you think of my little plan? Do you think it could work? I do. All we need is a little political will, and the good folks of Philadelphia to cooperate. I see all the senseless and random killings going on, and I am thinking we are already half way there.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The following is a cut and paste job from yours truly. (I am getting a little lazy so sue me)

Anyway, anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about the Dukies. I have no love for them, and I am sick of everyone crying a river about how they were "railroaded", and what a terrible guy Nifong was, and their lives are ruined.....and on and on. Give me a break! The Dukies will be just fine. And articles like the following from Jonathan Zimmerman in my local paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, makes me realize that other people are thinking like I am.

"About 30 years ago, I heard a statement in a musty college lecture hall that has stayed with me: 'The most important thing you'll learn from history is that victims are not always angels.'
I thought of my professor's remark last week as I read about the ugly denouement to the rape case against three Duke University lacrosse players. Local district attorney Michael B. Nifong resigned and gave up his law license shortly before an ethics panel charged him with "dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation" in his prosecution of the case. Nifong still might face criminal penalties and civil lawsuits from the three players, who were cleared of all charges earlier this year.

If the panel's report is correct, Nifong deserves everything he gets, and more. The panel found that Nifong played up the racial dimensions of the case - three white men accused of raping a black woman - to win a tight election. Worst of all, he misled defense lawyers and a judge about DNA evidence that could have absolved the accused.
So the students are the victims here, railroaded by a devious prosecutor with a political ax to grind. But that doesn't make them angels, as my professor warned. These kids didn't break the law, but they did behave like fools. And none of us should pretend otherwise.
Consider the forthcoming book by Mike Pressler, the good-guy coach who was forced to resign following the scandal. To their credit, Pressler and coauthor Don Yaeger don't sugarcoat what Pressler's players did on March 13, 2006. And it doesn't make for easy reading.

Our story begins in the afternoon, when somebody proposed that the lacrosse players go to a local strip club. But when several underage team members were denied entry to the club, they decided to bring the strip club to them. "Every guy that we know in every fraternity and on every sports team had had strippers to their house," one player explained. "We thought, 'What's the downside?' "

So team captain Dan Flannery got on the phone, using the name Dan Flannigan, and hired two strippers. But when they appeared, they were not as young or attractive as the players had hoped. Even more, one of them was so intoxicated that she could barely dance.
Now it gets really ugly. After the intoxicated dancer collapsed, the two women simulated a sex act on the floor. But that wasn't to the players' liking, either, and one of them asked if the dancers had brought any "sex toys." They replied with a joke about the size of the player's genitals. Then another student grabbed a broom handle and said, "Well, how about this?"
Visibly shaken, the dancers retreated to the bathroom and locked the door. Here's where prosecutor Nifong said three men raped one of the dancers.

But that's not what happened. Instead, students slipped bills underneath the locked door to encourage the dancers to come out. The dancers emerged and announced they were leaving; then they quarreled loudly with the students, who demanded a refund.
As the women drove away, one white student yelled at a black dancer, 'Tell your grandfather I said thanks for my cotton shirt.'

So let's do a little experiment. If you have a son, raise your hand if you'd like him to act like these students did. And if you have a daughter, ask yourself if you'd like her to date them.
No volunteers? I didn't think so.

That's because the Duke lacrosse players were exhibiting the very worst of aspects of American male conduct: crude, sexist, violent, and - in at least one instance - racist. As we now know, they didn't attack the dancer who accused them. But their words and deeds help fuel a culture where attacks of this sort are routine, expected and acceptable.
And they're even more acceptable in fraternities and on sports teams, the epicenters of college bad-boy behavior. As a slew of social-science research has demonstrated, fraternity members and varsity athletes are more likely than other students to engage in violence against women and also to agree with "rape-supportive statements" such as "about half of women who report rapes to the police are lying."
In this case, ironically, the woman who charged rape was lying. But that doesn't make the general statement true. Some drivers are falsely accused of speeding, after all, but no one suggests that half of the tickets issued on our highways are invalid.

So, why do so many of us think it's true that so many women lie about rape? Why do we ignore, downplay or deny violence against women? The answer is complicated, but it must start with the boorish, misogynistic conduct that young men learn in school.
Let's be clear: None of the Duke lacrosse players deserved to have their names and reputations dragged through the mud by a zealous, deceitful prosecutor. But they should be ashamed, anyway. And so should the rest of us, for teaching them all the wrong lessons about the right way to behave."

Co-sign with you Mr. Zimmerman, except we didn't teach them anything. These supposedly educated children of privilege learned their behavior all by themselves.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fear Of A Brown Planet

Let's talk immigration shall we? I think it's about time I got my two cents into this debate.

I never thought I would see the day when I agreed with the frat boy, but alas, the day has come. Because the frat boy is actually pushing for the immigration reform bill, which would grant a path to citizenship to about twelve million illegal immigrants in this country. (More on that little 12 million figure in a minute)

Folks, make no mistake, this debate is about fear and xenophobia. Our "wingnut" friends don't want to hear it, but let's keep it real; if Canadians and not Mexicans were sneaking into our country through Vermont and Washington state, no one would give a f**k. Why? Because they look like us, and they speak English like we do, and....wait. let's go back to that again: They look like us. That's the debate, plain and simple. These brown people from Mexico and all points south do not look like us. So all this talk about following the "rule of law" and assimilation, and controlling the threat of terrorism is just bullshit. "Rule of law?" So when we go barreling down the highway at 85 miles per hour are we following the rule of law? Why don't we report every red cent we get to the IRS if we want to follow the f*****g "rule of law?" Because we are all hypocrites that's why, we only follow the "rule of law" when it's convenient to us. We will use any excuse to deny the real reason we don't want these people in our country. "But field, these people take away jobs from black people, they drive down wages, add to health care costs, and contribute to crime" And that's all bullshit! Drive down what wages? Oh, I get it; we could be cutting lawns and washing dishes for $7 an hour and not $5.50 an hour. Give me a break! What jobs are poor Hispanics taking away from black people? Like these people hiring these poor Hispanics for day work are going to hire your black ass. And if they offered you the job, you know damn good and well that you wouldn't want it. Are you going to live on twenty dollars a week? Are you going to walk everywhere you go and forgo all the creature comforts that your black ass has grown used to while pursuing happiness? Cause that's the type of spartan existence the "brown people" from south of the border eek out when they are here working and sending half of their checks home to their families. Twenty dollars would last you one visit to Popeye's and that's it.

I get so sick of black folks buying into this racist bullshit. As if this country can survive without the labor and industry these people bring on a daily basis. (Now there is even a bill on the table to allow amnesty for the "brown people" if they join the military. That's the way to do it, get the illegals to die for us. I knew America would find something for them to do) Let the FOX NOISE people and the racist xenophobic fear pimps play that card, you black folks should know better. Lou Dobb's ignorant ass has his Mexican wife already (she came here legally) I guess he wants to be the only white man to taste that fruit. How else do we explain his daily drum beat against illegal immigration. Well, there is the money. Homeboys ratings have gone up consistently since his pony has been doing that one f*****g trick. I mean how many times must we hear that the brown people are coming? Yeah yeah yeah, there are twelve million illegals in this country, so what? Contrary to what you might see on Bill O'Lie-Iie's show, the brown people are not going around the country raping our women and killing our kids. I swear they must sit around over there at FOX NOISE and hope and pray that the next big criminal act in the news cycle is committed by an illegal. "Hey did you hear the news about the guy who killed his family and then killed himself in Wisconsin? Was he an illegal? Ahhh no, looks like he was an American. Not interested." There isn't twelve million illegals in this country. There is almost four hundred million illegals! Because every so called American is here illegally. We took this land from the natives who owned it illegally. Plain and simple. So if we are going to follow the "rule of law" we all are here illegally.

"But field what about securing the borders against terrorism?" What about it? I guarantee you that the next terrorist will more than likely get into this country through Canada and not Mexico. If they are not here already. But it's so easy to pick on the "brown people", after all, the 911 hijackers were brown weren't they? They might have been a little taller, but they sure looked like those other "brown people".

But.....boy I hate to say this...I agree with the frat boy on this immigration reform bill. Although I suspect that the reason he supports this bill is for political reasons. He knows that the Latino population is the largest growing segment of our population and he wants them voting for his party in the future. But unlike his friends in the republi-con "big tent", he isn't afraid of the "brown people'. He lived in Texas, and he has been around them all of his life. Heck, he even has one in his family. George knows they won't bite, and I suspect that the others in his party know it too. But hey, that won't fire up the base. You need fear, fear, and more fear. That's what gets em going. Despite facts to contradict all those fears. Still,we gotta find a common cause to rally around. We just can't lose Americana and our little slice of heaven (In God we trust) here on earth "to these brown people". We just can't let history repeat itself. One illegal takeover is more than enough.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

This could have been my day too

it didn't bother me too much then, nothing did. I was young, self absorbed, and had a great future ahead of me. I was the "cock of the walk", on my way to a degree that would guarantee me a life time of employment, and my pick of women that could guarantee me a lifetime of companionship. Why tie myself down with the added responsibility of something as precious and as important as another human being?

So the choice was made. I was then and I still am pro choice, but that wasn't my choice to make. Had it been, I still don't know what I would have done. But she made it for me. She thought it was the right thing to do at the time. She was in school too, and she couldn't handle the pressure of motherhood, or the shame of letting down her family. (Or at least so she thought)

It's been years now, and I haven't heard from her in awhile. I always wonder what she is doing. Did the career work out? Is she someones wife, some lucky child's mother? I just want to ask her if she ever thinks about it like I do. I still don't have any children, and given my line of work, maybe it's best. The decisions I make are more objective, and they are not clouded by the emotional connections that fatherhood may bring. Still, it would have been nice. To have that responsibility, to give my parents the grandchild they never had, and to mold a young life into man or womanhood. It is the most important job that a human being can ever have, and I think I would have enjoyed the challenge.

It still might happen, but not for that child, and that is something that makes me sad too. I wonder if these father's out here realize how lucky they are. Sadly, when I look around it doesn't seem that way. They plant the seed and they move on, never bothering to look back or sharing the emotional commitment and the work that it takes to raise their child. In many ways you almost have to wish they did what I did. Because bringing a child into this environment without giving them all the tools they need, and the guidance and wisdom of fatherhood, is almost as bad as not bringing them here at all.

So happy Father's Day guys, I hope you appreciate it, I know I would have.

Friday, June 15, 2007

There must be a better way to protect me.

I have this friend who grew up with me in Jamaica (since I didn't get his permission to write about him, we will call him Fred) who happens to be what is known in Jamaica as a Coolie mon. Fred is proud of his Jamaican Indian heritage, and came to this country, settled in South Florida, and married a wonderful American woman. Life was good for my man Fred until that beautiful Tuesday morning in 2001, when a bunch of crazy ass Saudis dying to get to some virgins in paradise, flew some big ass planes into a bunch of buildings loaded with people.

Now life for Fred has changed. Oh, did I mention that my friend Fred with his Coolie looks, could easily be mistaken for a Middle Easterner? Now flying down to Jamaica (where he still maintains a business) is always torture for him. He calls me constantly about the serious profiling he gets in the airport, and the looks he gets from his fellow passengers. I tease him all the time, but that shit is not funny. He understands it, and he really can't blame the people on the plane. He just wishes they wouldn't stare so much sometimes. Still, they are just a bunch of folks on a plane. They have no real power over him or his freedom. Now the government; well, that's another story.

Fred is afraid that he will be walking down the street one day with his family, and some "Men in Black" looking mother f*****s will just approach him, snatch him up, and ship him off to some remote military jail somewhere. When he relates those fears, I don't dare laugh or make fun of him, because I know in my heart that the possibility of his nightmare becoming a reality is very very real.

See, I know the story of Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri , [the man pictured above]and Jose Padilla, and some of these other "enemy combatants" at places like Guantanamo. Take Marri for instance; seems this poor schmuck has just spent the last four years of his life cooling his heals in a Naval brig in South Carolina. Oh, did I mention that he is an American citizen? And did I mention that he has not even been given the opportunity to defend himself against the charges that were brought against him, or to get a lawyer? Four years! "The President has made it clear that he intends to use all available tools at his disposal to protect Americans from al-Qaeda attack." Even circumvent the Constitution frat boy? Like what the f**k? I mean when those planes flew into those buildings on 911 did our constitution burn along with them? Did we lose our constitutional rights along with our fellow citizens that day? Because if we did, well then those crazy mother f*****s who happen to look like my friend Fred will have won. "The President cannot eliminate constitutional protections with the stroke of a pen." That was Judge Diane Gribbon Motz speaking for the majority when the fifth circuit court of appeals in Richmond Virginia shot down the frat boy's latest attempt to take away our rights. "I believe the most solemn duty of the American president is to protect the American people" Wrong again frat boy. Your most solemn duty as my leader is to uphold that little document called the Constitution. If you can't do that, al-Qaeda won't have to take us out, because we will have already destroyed our republic from within all by ourselves.

As for my friend Fred, he will just have to endure the stares and the intense profiling just a little longer. At least I hope that's all he will have to endure. I just hope I won't try to call him one day and his wife tells me that he left one day and never came home.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We can all get out of the barrel together.

I have a couple of confessions to make. I like apple pie more than watermelon, and I thought the Captain and Tennille were better than Peaches & Herb. OK so there, I said it. But please stay with me, I am trying to make a point here. My taste in music and food is diverse and varied. And even though I am as black as they come, I happen to like some of the same things that my melanin challenged friends do. But that's just me. There are lots of black folks out here who probably can't stand apple pie, and who probably keep "Reunited" in steady rotation on their ipods. So even though we all might look alike, (at least we do to FOX NEWS) deep down we are all different. My point is this:

It must be really hard to figure out how to please us black folks, and what we really want. We are, after all, individual human beings. Our individual needs are just as diverse as all the other races. But there are things that I am sure most black people can agree on, and that most black people can unify around- at least I think there is, cause honestly, lately I am not so sure- And that is what we all want; to get the f**k out of the barrel!

I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days. Partly due to my post about the recent bullshit that I read about over at Kos, and partly because of the responses that I have been getting from my white liberal friends about it. I mean I basically called out white liberals to recognize; and to get real about racism and the different challenges we face in this country. But it must be hard on them to really get a grip on this race thing, because there is no one black person speaking for all of us. One poster to this site (I think his name was "reasic" wanted to know what the democratic party can do to better reach out to blacks. I believed he was truly concerned and I attempted to give him some answers primarily about issues that I am oncerned with.

But while doing some blog hopping recently, and I stumbled into the what seemed to be some polemic wranglings between one of my brothers in the AfroSpear circle, free slave, and another brother named Micheal Fisher. (More about the names in a minute) The shit seemed so petty and counterproductive that it left me wondering; whats the point? What's the use of calling out white folks and telling them to get their shit together if we can't get our own house (or should I say barrel) in order?

I hate to jump into the middle of this particular clash, because these two men are both grown and intellectually sound enough to fight their own battles. But I am firmly in the AfroSpear, and I am committed to that movement. I like Max Julian (The Free Slave) and I believe that he is committed to the struggle as well. The other brother, unfortunately, I don't know too much about. I do know that he was pissed at the "Spear" over a perceived slight of a sister over there, and he has been demanding an apology from some of it's members ever since. I read his site, and besides the dude who commented on his post and seems to be the Flav to his Chuck D (his own personal hype man) it seems cool enough. The guy has also gone after my homey, Asa on occasion. (I think he called him a religious fascist or some shit like that), but hey, no harm no foul, Asa seems to have moved on. Now as I said, this is not my fight, so I will try and stay out of it. Although I will say this to the brother, who seems to have issues with people who use avatars and not their real names. I choose to use an avatar on this blog because that is what 90% of bloggers do. Please believe that it would be very easy for someone to utilize google and get my real name if that's so important to them. But that's not what this blogging thing is about with me. This is about finding an avatar that I think represents a manifestation of my beliefs and sticking to a theme for my site so that individuals who come to it will know just what to expect. I have some opinions about people who use their real names on their site as well ,(LaShawn) but I realize that I would be just as guilty of what I am accusing the brother of doing if I succumbed to those thoughts.

But I seriously digress. Back to my issue. So this saddens me to see that the old crabs in a barrel adage just might hold true, even in our little part of the world known as the blackosphere. Why can't we work together and put our differences aside to achieve common goals? Why do we have "black on black" crime even on the f*****g Internet? Why do we have to challenge each other all the f*****g time? Is it that we want to prove that we are intellectually superior? Or that our dick is bigger than the next guys?...(good luck) Sorry, I won't engage. I am too busy battling whitey, this corrupt ass administration, house Negroes, FOX NOISE, and our f****d up black leadership. The last thing I need to be worrying about are other so called enlightened ass Negroes, who are supposed to be holding it down and helping to unify black folks around common goals, threatening to take their ball and go home.

So my question is this: If whitey suddenly found the "good witch", decided to give up some of his power and give in to our demands; just what the f**k would we do ?

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Foreigners Will Save Western Civilization.

Every now and then I get this lazy burnt out feeling, like I don't want to do this blogging thing anymore. I was sad to read where Sylvia from the AfroSpear felt the exact same thing, and as a result, took a self imposed hiatus from blogging for this next two weeks. I was sorry to read about it, but I understood it. I mean you can only shout from the roof top but so much.

Fortunately for me, every time I get to that moment, something (or someone) comes along and pushes my buttons. Or I see something in my every day life that I just have to write about. (Or in the case of this post, cut and paste about) So anyway, I was surfing the web last night when I stumbled on this little gem from a Florida State University graduate student by the name of Sumit Dahiya:

"Every morning as I get off my graveyard shift, I count the days I have left to graduate and curse the day I was left on my own to pay my way through school. As I pull out of the parking lot I tune in to Imus. Whether it was the skit on Ray Nagin or the parodying of a pill-popping Hulk Hogan, Imus has made me smile and made me forget about my miseries; every weekday morning for the last three years. This morning the birds stopped chirping and the rush hour seemed to be a menace. The laid-back and relaxed voice on the radio was replaced by the venomous barrage by Revered Jesse Jackson who is upset because television is "all white all night." The great Don Imus has been sacrificed on the "altar of political correctness and race relations" in America.

As I was following Don Imus’ indictment, trial, sentencing and execution in the courts of the "Reverend Twins," I wondered what is this all about. It is not about free speech. The double standards for free speech were set the day the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. It was not about misogyny. In spite of his occasional gaffes about men, women, heterosexuals and homosexual, Don has always scored well with the ladies. It was not about race because the Rutgers basketball team is made up of both black and white players. So, was it about hate? Surprise! Yes it was about hate; the hatred for Western Civilization.

Kamau Kambon (a Professor at a North Carolina State University) called for the genocide of white people, I wasn’t shocked. After all, I have been a witness to a condoned and growing trend of advocacy for violence against white people and desecration of Western Civilization. Whether it was the protests in London calling for the murder of white men and rape of white women or it is the usual Hip-Hop glamorization of the thug culture and assault on women’s dignity, everything is alright as long it is the "crackers" who are on the receiving end. The same students and faculty who took part in candle-light vigils and protests against the "Duke University rapists" were nowhere to be seen when the supposed "rapists" were acquitted earlier this week for "not raping a black woman." Instead of apologizing for his promiscuously filthy remarks against the three Lacrosse players, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton utilized their time and resources to capitalize on the gaffe of an old white man who has devoted his entire life to the cause of children and grown-ups, both black and white, who are suffering from autism, cancer and other curses of Mother Nature.

Kamau Kambon is still a Professor. The protesting Muslims of Europe still mock the impotency of their hosts.
Snoop Dogg and his fellow thugs still rap about the tough gangster lifestyle they don’t live. The Duke progressives are busy enrolling for their African-American History and History of Feminism classes for the summer semester. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are buried under their own hubris for their successful whack-job on Don Imus. And, the Don himself just lost all he had achieved through his career, for making a stupid remark that no one cared about for two days until Media Matters realized its exploitative worth.
Through all this, I hear calls for a
need for dialogue on "Race in America." So, can anyone suggest to me how we could categorize Professor Kamau Kambon’s call for violence or the blind accusations against a bunch of white kids whose only crime was underage consumption of alcohol, as a "dialogue?" Isn’t the "Liberal-Progressive America" already having plenty of dialogue on "Race in America" and that too on their own terms? What more of a dialogue could they want when they can get away with just any thing they have to say that a decent person won’t say even after downing an entire bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey?
Entire institutions have become bastions of hatred against Western culture, values and civilization. Being neither white nor black, I was caught in the crossfire between political correctness and liberal education when I came to college. Being an outsider who was unaware of the American Liberal Education system, my reaction was "you got to be kidding," when my academic advisor drew a long list of courses (approximately 36 hours) related to African-American history, Feminism, Sexuality, Tolerance and Racism in America that I needed to take in order to graduate. I asked my advisor, how come it's Liberal education when you are forcing me to take courses that I am not interested in. I was more eager to take advanced calculus and mathematics courses to improve my career prospects, using the scarce financial resources that I had. Her response was equivalent to: "shut-up and do as I say." Over the next two years I was a victim of Liberal education. I was tormented by being forced to read Ward Churchill essays and writing reviews of Spike Lee films. For me, what was "just get the credits and get the heck out of here," for the white kids those were two years of repenting and a reminder of the evils of Western Civilization, upon the virtues and values of which, America was built.

It is a sin to explore an alternative understanding of Race in America. If anyone dares to part ways with the institutional beliefs, there is a heavy price to pay. I was an A-student in my American Cinema class. Thanks to my usual clashes with the instructor, I passed with a B in spite of having straight A’s on all exams. My instructor once mentioned how racism still persists in America and cited the example of a whites-only high-school prom in a small Georgia town. Coincidentally, that day I went back home to read Patrick Buchanan’s article on the whole controversy. The next day I presented a copy of the article to my instructor. She wasn’t visibly furious. But, her furor was evident the day I got my grades. She used a dormant departmental rule to reduce my grade for three absences which were fully excused by her in the first place. I protested all the way up to the program head Dr. Maricarmen Martinez; but it was a sail against the winds.

Don Imus became just the fodder that feeds this sadistic anti-Western culture. Imus, who is known to have been supportive of numerous black figures like Harold Ford Jr. and Barack Obama, was dumped by them in his time of need, in favor of the political fallout from the entire non-controversy. Everyone from Sen. Hillary Clinton to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann rushed to pick up the pieces like birds of prey. The very person, who was among America’s 25 most influential individuals just a week ago, became the fossil fuel for so many political and other ambitions. Don Imus’ gaffe was just what thugs like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Hillary Clinton were looking for to boost their Political vantage.

Race in America isn’t a social issue. It is more of a Political Issue. Huge voting blocks and chunks of cash are at stake. Individual like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and institutions like NAACP, ADL and others have undemocratically claimed guardianship of the minorities in America. They claim to have psychological and mental control over the minority voters in the voting booth. Thus, it isn’t the minorities themselves who the Politicians need to address; but they deal directly with individuals and institutions that run the franchises for wholesale lots of minority votes and issues. Just like there are elections every couple of years, these minority franchises have to invent minority-related incidents and controversies when there isn’t one to be exploited, in order to retain their control over the pulpit of minority affairs.

The whole sham is shielded under the cover of "Civil Rights." The only known credentials of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are those of marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. So what? There were thousands of others who marched alongside Dr. King. But, those thousands others aren’t as conniving and enterprising as these two thugs. These two individuals have exploited their "Civil Rights" credentials beyond all imagination. The issue of concern isn’t what is happening. But the issue of concern is that while the media, the politicians and certain sections of the white community themselves condone it sometimes; they turn a blind eye towards it at other times, either out of political correctness or out of political gains to be made.

The victims of the sham are not the white or the black people. The victim here is the healing process that was supposed to have brought together the two major ethnic groups of this country after decades of Government-endorsed segregation. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have to remind the black people every few days of how vile and racist the white community is; and that they are fighting for equality and "Civil Rights." On one hand they condone civil threats like Snoop Dogg and other gangster rappers whose "work" promotes a thug culture in the black community at a macro level, while on the other hand they are on the lookout for a Don Imus to make a stupid remark that is nothing more than a term out of a fifth-grader’s social vocabulary.

The other victim of the whole incident is the Rutgers Basketball Team itself. I have a hard time imagining how someone would be scarred for life by being subjected to an unexpected yet stupid expletive. I once remember my roommate from Bombay (India) return home laughing about what just happened. He told me that some white kids in a pickup truck called him Osama. I laughed back and asked him what he did about it. He waved back at the kids and asked "hey what’s up." While I laughed it away that day, I never thought that I would think of that incident again, ever in my life. The whole Imus-Rutgers affair once again reminded me of my roommate’s calm demeanor and maturity. One really does not have to stoop to the irrelevance of a stupid remark. There are some very important things in the world that should be scarring us at this very moment, like global strife, corrupt governments and vile individuals like the "Reverend Twins." By being told to grieve for the stupid remarks of a Radio Show Host, most of whose listeners are middle-aged white Americans, we are cultivating a highly vulnerable generation of individual who will someday in charge of this country.

While most people may be compelled to say that Don Imus’ remarks were really evil, I beg to differ. Don’s remarks were just what he was paid for, for nearly four decades. His reckless commentary and stupid humor are what people tune in for. It was just what the corporate sponsors of his show paid for to get slots during his show. A stupid remark that is just one in a long series of lots of stupid remarks did not set these corporations’ board rooms on fire. It was the days of blackmailing and threats of picketing by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that forced the corporate sponsors to part ways with Imus. Imus may have worked hard enough to have a comfortable retirement. But, as he admitted on his last show, he does not need a job. He did what he liked doing the most and we the listeners did what we liked doing the most every weekday morning; to tune in to his show and start our days with a smile on our faces. He may not be doing his show anymore and we the listeners will have to juggle with our other options of morning talk shows. While everyone moves on, I wonder who will be the next target of a Sharpton-Jackson whack job. "

Now I am not going to put my man Sumit on blast. I will leave that for you, my peeps in fields, who can are more than capable of laying a royal smack down on Sumit's clueless behind. When you make statements like; "race in America is not a social.. but political issue" you are obviously smoking some serious grass from my homeland. But something about the post fascinated me and brought me a sense of deja vu at the same time. I did a little research on the author and I found that he is an Indian. So I was wondering, what is it about people of color who come to this country voluntarily and feverishly embrace the majority population's concept of racism?

Look no further than Michelle Malkin, and people like Dinesh D'Souza, and Roy Innis for my examples of these types of individuals. Not only do they not understand the African American experience, but they have embraced the "dark side" (conservatism) and they try like hell on a daily basis to bring others over with them by singing it's praises. As a West Indian I understand this phenomenon from a personal standpoint. I have aunts and friends who migrated to this country from the Islands and who, like those in the majority, have no clue about the struggles that people who were brought here against their will go through. There is not that bond with their African American brothers and sisters because they have bought into white Americas perception of black folks.

It's sad. And as someone who embraces Pan-Africanism I find it particularly troubling. I can't for the life of me understand why people of color who were born in places like India, or Jamaica, or Africa, not understand that their African American brothers struggle is their struggle. If Michelle Malkin's narrow behind thinks for a minute that any of the people who hold true power in this country will ever share it with her sorry ass, she is smoking some of that good St. Ann's collie weed from my homeland too.

So Sumit, good luck in school, and if you keep it up, there should be a spot right next to Dinesh and Michelle for you when you get out.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

White Kossacks and Black People

With the exception of My Left Wing, I rarely read any of the big progressive blogs such as Huffington Post, or Daily Kos. But today I found myself reading over at Kos (or as some of my fellow black blogers would spell it, KKKOS), and I read an interesting post from a blogger by the name of "Dr Steve B" titled "White Kossacks Should Read Some Black Blogs" (These people call themselves "Kossacks" for crying out loud). I have blogged about the schism between the white and black blogs in the blogosphere before, and my interest in the subject caused me to read the entire post as well as the comments that followed.

For the record, I am of the opinion that white so called progressives in the "blogosphere" are no different than their "wingnut" counterparts on the right. I was reading Daily Kos, but I could have just as easily been reading Ace Of Spades, Wizbang, or any number of the other wingnut [cons]-servative sites. In fact, they might be worse; because they think they are above the ignorance and the unenlightenment that comes with racism. One commentator, "JuniperLea", was absolutely incensed that the issue was even raised in the land of Kos. After all, they live in a mixed neighborhood, they hire black people for jobs, and the color of skin was never discussed in their home. And, ready for this? Their daughter can have "crushes on sooo many more boys." Yeah right! "Mommy this is Jamal from school, we are going out to the movies together." OK honey, make sure you bring home some Roscoes chickens and waffles for your dad." No but seriously, they (The Kossacks) were killing me with the "some of my best friends" talk. When one poor woman of color (DeminCville) tried to talk about her negative experience while trying to hail a cab in D.C. they jumped all over her. "Could it be because of what you were wearing, the fact that you were a woman, the cabbie thought women were cheep, the cabbie might have been lazy, or ignorant," and on and on. Ahhh could it be because she was a black woman in D.C. trying to hail a f*****g cab? Yeah that cabbie was ignorant, that is what racism is; ignorance! Like what the f**k is wrong with these people? This naive view of America like we are living 200 years into the future is what you would expect from [cons]-servatives who like to throw out the "colorblind society" bull shit in their rhetoric to advance their own agendas, but not so called progressives. Still, the more I read the less surprised I was at why they (The Kossacks) thought this way. One actually wanted to know how you can tell if a blog is a black owned. Hey Kossack man, here is a hint; if the name of the blog is FIELD NEGRO, there is a pretty good chance it's black themed.

Now to be fair to the Kossacks (I can't get over that name) There were some voices of reason in the thread as well. (Although I really have to wonder what they are doing over there) The aforementioned "DeminCville" tried valiantly to explain to her progressive friends that actually having to live as a black person, ain't quite the same as looking at blackness from a theoretical and scholarly viewpoint. That race and gender might be irrelevant in the blogosphere, but it ain't in the real world. One enlightened Kossack (ChapiNation386) had this to say; "There should be no 'white' or 'black' blogs in the first place...race is a false reality." Huh? Race is a false reality? Are you f*****g kidding me? Kossack man, it may be a false reality in your world, but it ain't in mine. "We should continue to share our ideas and experiences here open without regard to our individual backgrounds." (Magisterlundi) Honestly, the more I read that thread the more I realized why the so called progressive movement in this country is still not gaining any traction, and why the [dim]ocratic party can't win a presidential race. How the f**k can we share ideas and experiences without considering our backgrounds? Do these Kossacks and other left wingers really believe that black people will unify with them around issues that effect us if they do not consider our backgrounds? Issues such as crime, proper health care, jobs, and when we do get a job; a proper living wage. Not getting shot going to the corner store to buy a f*****g two dollar bag of potato chips from Mr. Chin, all because none of the big chain grocery stores will set up shop in the hood, that's our background. But it's something they would never understand, because the beautiful grocery store with it's fresh fruits, thirty checkout lines,pharmacy, and sixty cent bag of potato chips is always right around the f*****g corner.

"I am the one who is bullied because I am white. I choose to set an example. I have a black and a Latina assistant...the color of skin was never discussed in my house." (JuniperLea) ~~~Me rolling my eyes~~ "You seem to want a cookie for not owning a white hood." (Gimmieliberty) I could not have said that better myself. Thank you oh great liberal white lady for "setting an example" and choosing martydom over racism ("I am the one who is bulled because I am white") Geez! Why do I do this to myself and even go to these sites? I was quite content in the "blackopsphere". You know what; the Kossac that said;"people choose to isolate themselves about race" may be right. Maybe we all choose to do that because it is so frustrating trying to project our life experiences on other people. So we practice self segregation ( I know I do, I am tired of shouting) and try to work out our problems among ourselves. This is why black bloggers should stop wasting their time in the "whitosphere". Get your own blogs, join black on-line and blogging communities (like the "AfroSpear"), and start sharing ideas and building coalitions to strengthen your voices. Trust me, the Kossacks don't want to hear it, because in their world, racism no longer exists. They want to end the war in Iraq, and elect a [dim]ocrat in 2008. A [dim]ocrat who won't change the quality of the typical poor black person's life one bit. You have been poor from Carter to Reagan to Bush to Clinton, and back to Bush again. Do you really think it matters who is in the white house in 2008? "But field what if Obama wins?" Yeah what about it? It will make you feel good about having someone that looks like you running the country, and it will make white folks feel good about America (we have come so far we elected a black man to the White House). But I watch Oprah's black ass on T.V. and the last time I checked, I don't have any of her money. If Obama being President can't make your quality of life as a black person better, it won't make a damn bit of difference to you or me or any other person of color. Sorry, just electing a black person as President so that I can say; "The President is black just like me", doesn't mean sh** to me. "Yeah but field, what about the little black children who will see Obama and say; "one day I too can be President." If the little black children have to actually see a black President before they can think they can become President, then we have a bigger problem than I thought. But I seriously digress.

Back to my Kossack friends. Hey, to be sure, we have some common enemies and some common beliefs. Believe it or not, like most Kossacks, and unlike most black people, I happen to be a secularist. And I happen to despise everything about this, the most corrupt and destructive administration in the history of our country. But let's just agree to come together when necessary to work on some of our common issues. Let's not bull sh** each other into thinking that we will ever agree on matters of race. Because judging from the overall tone of the comments from Dr. SteveB's post, that will never happen

"If this is still an issue then we progressives still have work to do"( Pat208)

It's still an issue, but don't worry about working on it. You guys just worry about things like trying to end the war in Iraq, the immigration problem, and campaign finance reform. We will worry about the black thing, and try to solve our own problems. After all, we have to live it every day, you just do it when you respond to some guy on the Internet.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hey Obama,

I think you just f****d up.

Didn't you know that there are certain things you just don't say in modern day American discourse? Now watch how all those white folks who were treating you like the latest coming of John, Paul, and Ringo, turn on your black ass. "My God honey he is sounding just like Gary Sheffield. You know, the more I see him, the blacker he is starting to look."

Your handlers should have told you to chill a little and not let the black come out of you at Hampton University the other day. I know you were in a room full of 8,000 of your closest friends, but if you are going to be a real American politician you are going to have to learn to hold back on your true feelings and watch what you say. You just can't go around talking about the plight of black people and racial stuff in America. You even got into the "K" word again for crying out loud. "Don't you know that we are way past that stage in this country? We have come very far in this country and we are damn near color blind now. I thought you were the great uniter? What ever happened to the 'audacity of hope'"?

You just can't make statements like: "These quiet riots that take place everyday are born from the same place as the fires and the destruction and the police decked out in riot gear and the deaths. They happen when a sense of discomfort settles in and hope dissipates" Half and half man you have done lost your mind using words like that in a speech. You must really want to test that new secret service protection you got huh?

Now for the record, I personally like what you did, although I don't quite agree with you. Because you spoke as if you were talking about some sort of hypothetical situation, like you were giving a theoretical problem to solve for some college class on urban problems. As if the stuff you talk about might happen in the future. Obama, I have a news flash for you; that shit is happening now. A sense of discomfort has settled in, and hope has dissipated. That all happened way before Katrina, the storm just exposed all the Third World living that was already taking place here in the land of the brave and the home of the not so free."Despair takes hold and young people all across this country look all the way the world is and believe that things aren't going to get any better." Obama I think you mean despair has taken hold. But nice try, at least you had the guts to talk about Katrina.

So anyway, I am also wondering where you got this "quiet riot" shit from. Were you a rock fan back in the day? I seem to remember that there was a group by that name. But I digress.

I was wondering, how the hell can a riot be quiet? I mean the whole purpose of a riot is to let out your frustrations and let those who have been f*****g over you take notice of your grievances. So if it's quiet, aren't you like defeating the purpose. I mean if you are going to be quiet, you might as well have a prayer vigil or some shit. That would make sense. Then you can at least ask for something, and be quiet at the same time. Hell if you are rioting, I think you are pretty much past the quiet stage don't you? We didn't riot after Katrina, although you could have excused us if we did. Watching poor helpless babies and the elderly suffering to death was far worse than watching Rodney King getting his black ass kicked after thinking his Hyundai was a f*****g Ferrari. And look at all the rioting we did after that sh**? All for Rodney's black ass. We should have saved some of that rioting for New Orleans.

"This administration was color blind in its incompetence". Wrong again Barack, I don't think they were color blind at all. Color is all they saw. That's why the frat boy did a fly over instead of going in amongst the... ahem ahem, natives.

But good speech Barack, you are that much closer to getting the field's vote for President. Its just too bad that you probably lost a few million in the process.

Monday, June 04, 2007


White people, I have to ask you not to read this post. If you must read it, please keep what you read to yourself. (What happens in the fields, stays in the fields)

I am afraid I am going to say somethings that might piss off allot of folks. I sure hate to put our (black folks) dirty laundry out there, but right about now I am sick of our so called black leaders and their trifling ass ways. And you know me, I can't bite my tongue; I just have to call it like I see it.

So let's talk about the latest elected black leader to let us down. William Jefferson was indicted today on 16 counts of obstruction of justice, money laundering, and racketeering. Homeboy is looking at over 230 years in prison if convicted of all the charges. By putting himself in this position he has embarrassed his race, his family, and the fine people of the state of Louisiana. For the record, I have never liked Jefferson. Like so many so called black leaders, I have always thought of him as a phony, and somewhat of a self promoting charlatan. A man who puts his own needs and selfish pursuits over those of the people that he was elected to serve. So I was not surprised when he was caught cold (no pun intended) with ninety thousand dollars in his refrigerator. I know you just can't trust banks these days. My question to the good folks of New Orleans would be this: Why did you re-elect this man? Wasn't his disgusting actions during the peak of the Katrina tragedy enough to make you realize how selfish he is? Included in these charges is an allegation that he bribed a Nigerian elected official no less. How sad is that?

But Jefferson isn't alone. There are a host of other black elected officials who have let us down over the years. I mean where do I start? Marion (the smoker) Berry; no explanation needed there. Bill Campbell, the former Mayor of Atlanta, who was indicted on bribery and racketeering charges, and was convicted on three counts of tax evasion. There is the head of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus, John Bowman, who was indicted for bank and credit card fraud. There is poor state senator Roscoe Dixon, from Tennessee, who did 63 months in a Louisiana jail for, you guessed it, birbery and fraud. Hey, how about Mel Reynolds from Illinois? My man was convicted and served time for criminal sexual assault and bank fraud. And it's not always the politicians. Our preachers are not immune from this type of dastardly behavior. Think of the good Reverend Henry J. Lyons, who while leading one of our largest church groups, was charged with defrauding corporations out of millions. What about our educators? Yes, them too. Remember Doloros Cross, the President of Morris Brown College, who allegedly used her school as her own personal piggy bank by defrauding that poor financially strapped college out of millions?

I could go on, but I will spare you. "But field white folks do it too, why are you focusing on the black leaders?" Because I don't care about what white people do. I care about us. We need to stop worrying about what white folks do, and stop trying to do every thing that they do. That's what many of these so call black leaders failed to realize. Their mission is not the same as their white colleagues or other white people in their perspective fields. They (Black leaders) have a higher calling, and they have a much more serious responsibility. The mission, that they chose to accept, is to do everything in their powers to uplift their race, and to act as true public servants. They have to realize that they are not in the positions they are in to line their pockets for themselves and their families.

So what do we do? Do we keep electing these disingenuous people to positions of power? Or do we start paying attention when they come around with their lies and promises? I would suggest that the reason many black folks are apathetic and turned off by the electoral process is because of the lack of real leadership on our behalf. We see the type of people who are supposed to be leading us, and we shrug and say; "what's the point of even voting, things won't change." Many of us think it's business as usual, and we are fed up. If you have been reading this blog, you will see how frustrated I have been with he CBC leadership of late. My frustrations stem from all the things that I mentioned above, as well as that organizations failure to reach out to grass roots organizations in our community. (So you want to team with FOX NOISE, wait until you see how they treat your fellow member-Mr. Jefferson now) But I guess reaching out is not an option if you are lining your pockets thanks to the status quo.
Things are tough enough out here for us as it is without having to put up with the sorry leadership that we have grown used to. But at the end of the day, we are responsible for putting them there, and ultimately we will have to hold them accountable or we will have to live with the consequences.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Elephant In The Room

Now that the All American Boy is gaining some traction among the republican presidential contenders, I think it's time the field talked turkey with you about the square jawed one.

Mitt Romney is trying to run his campaign as the real conservative in the republican primary. A modern day Ronald Reagan if you will. He has been moving farther and farther to the right ever since he declared his candidacy. Slick Mitt has made a smart calculating move to get the support of those hard core republican voters who usually turn out for the primaries, and then flip flop his way back to the middle for the general election. Hey, the boy didn't go to Harvard for nothing.

But did I say flip flop? Yes Mitt is somewhat of a flip flopper. I mean he was for abortion, before he needed the conservative vote and became against it. He was for gun control, before he found the NRA and now he is against that as well. He wanted folks to know that he was so pro guns, so much so that he even lied about being a lifetime hunter. He was Governor of the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts, and to hear him tell it, he hated every minute of having to govern those bleeding heart liberals. What a phony!

But hey, all politicians are phonies and they all lie to get what the want. And if you think about it, Mitt, with his perfect pearly whites, his straight out of central casting presidential gait and demeanor, and his phony one line talking points on the stump, is just what an inattentive intellectually challenged nation is yearning for. Please don't bore us with the minutia, just say a few nice words, and look good while you are doing it. The policy crap will come later. We will surround you with really smart people and they will feed you with everything you need to know. Kind of like we did with Reagan. That worked out pretty good didn't it? At least if you are a right wing republican it did. So because I am used to this, Mitt's flip flopping doesn't even phase me as much as you might think.

But here is where I point to the elephant (no pun intended) in the room. And here is what bothers me about old Mitt. Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and has been all his life. He is from a Mormon family, and he is sixty damn years old. "Oh field what are you saying? Careful with the religious bigotry" What I am saying is this: Mormons miraculously had this great vision and decided to allow black folks to become priests in their church in 1978. 1978! I didn't say 1878, I said 1978! So what the f**k could Mitt Romney possibly tell me to make me believe that he really thinks that all of us are equal? Oh, I don't know, maybe he could say this: "We are generous with the Negro, we are willing that the Negro have the highest education. I would be willing to let every Negro drive a Cadillac [you got em now Mr. Mormon 'Apostle'] If they could afford it...but let them enjoy this among themselves"~ "Apostle" ~Mark E. Peterson~. I mean that is what his fellow Mormon apostle said at the great Mormon University (BYU) no less. I am guessing that was a pretty accurate summation of the views of most Mormons at the time. Sorry Mitt, too much history with your church and my peeps, here is one field Negro that would never vote for your ass.

So I am not feeling the whole we have changed and now we all of a sudden love black people thing. I know you guys are really trying to change your image. Hell, you even have a black LDS web site. But at the end of the day..."The Negroes are not equal with other races, where the receipt of certain spiritual beliefs are is the Lord's doing". ~LDS "Apostle Bruce R. McConkie~No, it is the Mormons' doing not the Lords. But it is easy for a religion that long held that blacks were "Satan's manifestation on earth" to hold those types of views. "Through their indifference or lack of integrity or righteousness blacks rendered themselves unworthy of the Priesthood and it's powers"~ LDS Historian B.H. Roberts~~ Yeah OK Mr. Roberts, I sure am glad you found us worthy in 1978. I don't know what we would have done if we weren't found worthy. I hope it helped your church to go main stream at least.

Now don't get it twisted, this is not about bashing the Latter Day Saints (LDS). Hey, I grew up a Seventh Day Adventist, so I know what it's like to have others view your religion as a cult or with scepticism. Every one who reads this blog know exactly how I feel about religion in general, and an individuals right to worship and believe or not to believe whatever he or she wants. Frankly, the Mormons could still be excluding black folks from their Priesthood, and have an all out ban on Negroes ever going to Utah, and I really could case less. But when a life long member of a religion that discriminated against my people until 1978 says he wants to lead 35 million of us as our President, well then Houston, (or should I say Utah) we have a problem. Especially when he claims to be a man of faith. Faith in what or in who? Brigham Young? The same Brigham Young who wrote in his "Journal of Discourse' this little gem? "Will the present struggle of the Civil War free the slave? No. Can you destroy the decrees of the almighty? You cannot". Well sorry Mr. Young; I am free, and I can vote, and I won't be voting for your boy Mitt.

I know many of you reading this will say: Damn field it's the man's religion. Yeah, well it's my race. And why should I believe that a man who flip flops about every damn thing to achieve a personal goal wouldn't lie about how he really feels about black folks? (1978). "Yeah but field the Mormons do good things they have missionaries who go to Africa and in the hood, they believe in service". Yeah well good for them, and I hope they keep doing good things, but I don't want this Mormon as my Commander in Chief. I see he did his missionary service in France. (How convenient, it also got him a deferment from Vietnam ) Hey, somebody had to feed all those poor starving people in Paris. Sorry, the more I think about Mitt, the more I hope and pray that he doesn't ever see the White House. The scary thing is, with al due respect to Reverend Al, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that he will win. Think about it; who do you think America wants? The guy from central casting, or some black guy with a terrorist name and smart ass lady with feminist streak? If you picked Mitt the Mormon move to the head of the class.