Monday, June 30, 2008

"Patriot Games"

"I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest... Instead, I'm going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great, and hopefully that will be a testament to my patriotism."
I see that you are trying to make F. Scott Fitzgerald a liar huh "O" man? I guess you are trying to show that there are second acts in American lives. Wow, who would have known? Here you are on your very own red white and blue I am more patriotic than you tour, and trying to erase all those unpartiotic memories some of your fellow A-merry-cans might have of you.

I caught a part of your second act in Independence Missouri today, (What's up with matching your location with the theme of your speech? Unity, New Hampshire for your little love fest with Hilary, and now this. I guess you will be going to Hell Michigan when you give your speech on religion) and your speech was impressive. Honest to god I wanted to find my citizenship papers and cradle them over my heart.

But I need you to understand that this all might be a little too late. Hell even so called main stream media outlets are taking polls to see if you are really a patriot. Do you believe this shit? I mean here you are running for President of these divided states and folks are questioning your patriotism. But I gotta give it to you "O" man, you are certainly giving it the old "college try".

"It's worth considering the meaning of patriotism because the question of who is - or is not - a patriot all too often poisons our political debates, in ways that divide us rather than bringing us together.. "Throughout my life, I have always taken my deep and abiding love for this country as a given. It was how I was raised; it is what propelled me into public service; it is why I am running for President.."

Well yes "O" man, let's consider the meaning of patriotism for a minute. Webster's Dictionary defines it as "love or devotion of ones country." You certainly qualify there "O" man, the problem is, many of your fellow country men don't believe it. You see, to them, love of country means different things: It means wearing your flag pin at all times, it means not questioning your government when they do fucked up things, it means protecting our borders at all costs from people who look and act a little different than we are; people who we think will come here and try to change our way of life, it means that we take everything the good book says literally and keep god in our lives at all times. Because, after all, everybody knows that god is an A-merry-can. Are you for all of those things "O" man? If you are,you can kiss my vote goodbye.

Like writer Ross Belano said, I thought it was ironic that you gave your speech today from the Truman Library. I mean wasn't he [Truman] the President who ordered the bomb? Yes, I think he was. You know the bomb don't you "O" man? The one that was dropped that faithful August 6th morning that killed over 100,000 Japanese, including women and children? Those poor people. But hey, I don't think they were patriots, so serve them right.

"I remember listening to my grandmother telling stories about her work on a bomber assembly-line during World War II. I remember my grandfather handing me his dog tags from his time in Patton's Army, and understanding that his defense of this country marked one of his greatest sources of pride. That's my idea of America.."

Yeah it's mine too.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I guess having all these guns does have its advantages.

I don't always agree with Philadelphia Daily News columnist Jill Porter---if I remember correctly, she even ripped family court a time or two when I was an administrator there---.

But her article concerning guns, gun violence, and its disturbing and frightening effects on our community was right on point. And she raises some relevant economic issues that I didn't even consider.

Here is what she wrote:

I DON'T KNOW about you, but I'm going to spend my tax-refund incentive check to buy a gun.
Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that individuals - and not just members of militias - have the right to bear arms, it's the least we can do.

I was going to buy a dining-room rug, but that won't boost the economy nearly as much as having more guns in circulation.

And I'm not just talking about the billions of dollars in profits made by gun manufacturers.
The health-care industry will continue to boom, thanks to the victims of gun violence.
One Philadelphia study estimated, for instance, that one person hospitalized with a serious gunshot wound requires $20,000 in medical care, which pays for everything from ambulance trips to nurses' salaries to IV tubes to heart monitors to those funky little booties they give you to wear.

One local hospital generated $1.1 million in medical care caring for gunshot victims during one year alone - and that study was done 10 years ago. You can imagine how much more is being spent now.

Of course, not everyone survives their gunshot wounds, so the funeral industry will remain robust.

As of yesterday, for instance, 130 of the city's 158 homicide victims were killed with guns.
What with a funeral costing an average of $6,500, according to a KYW report, that would be $1.7 million spent on funerals in our town this year, if fatalities remain steady for the next six months.

Then there are the fat payments to the shrinks who care for: the families of murder victims; the survivors of shootings who need help adapting to permanent disability; the guilt-wracked individuals who use guns for "protection" who accidentally kill or injure innocent victims; and the devastated families whose children accidentally kill themselves while playing with weapons. Would it be petty to mention all the beef and beer sold at fundraisers to help families survive financially - if not emotionally - when the breadwinner is murdered?
All of this money is spent in the aftermath of a shooting, of course.

But preventing gun violence also keeps lots of companies in business: the manufacturers of metal detectors, bullet-proof vests, and Plexiglas shields for banks and cash businesses, to name just a few.

Then there're the incidentals: flowers, sympathy cards and stamps to send them; the balloons, candles and stuffed animals we leave at impromptu memorials, especially when a child - or a police officer - is murdered.

And speaking of law enforcement, guns are a major factor in keeping the law-enforcement economy afloat. Philly cops are so busy, for instance, that they earned $69 million in overtime last year, according to a recent report by my colleague Bob Warner.
And guess who got the most OT?
Homicide detectives.

Then, there's the money spent on keeping shooters in prison. Last year, local prison guards made $30 million in overtime, Warner reported.

Let's not overlook the moving companies, which make a bundle relocating people from our inner city to safer towns outside city limits. More commuters means more gas to get to work or more fares spent on public transportation.

I'm telling you, the financial benefits of flooding the country with guns are endless.
Why, gun violence generates $90 billion to $100 billion in expenditures a year, according to a book published in 2000 called Gun Violence: The Real Costs.

Finally - although I'm sure I've overlooked something - there's the airline industry, which might benefit from yesterday's ruling by selling one-way tickets to Americans fleeing a country being destroyed by the lunatic fringe of an ideologically driven U.S. Supreme Court.

Me, I'm too patriotic for that. I'm going to help my country's economy by buying a gun. I hear the AK-47 comes in pink. "

Come on Jill, the supremes are "ideologically driven"? Noooooo.

Honestly, as someone who has manged to make a pretty good living off of guns and gun violence myself, I sometimes wonder how I even ended up on this side of the debate ( Talk about fighting against your own best interest). Maybe it's ideological with me, and maybe it's because I look at the big picture where others only see their individual condition. But whatever it is, for better or for worse, I am going to keep fighting and hoping that common sense will win out in the end.

Someone asked me in a previous post what I would do to stop it, and I tried answering the person in my own sarcastic way. So let me try to tell that person again in a way that he/she will understand:

In order to stop gun violence we must stop electing politricksters who insist on sucking at the tit of the gun lobby, so that shit like this doesn't happen.

We must allow local governments to make laws that restrict and limit gun purchases, implement serious background checks, and ban the purchase of assault weapons.

The Federal government must get serious about the sham of an assault weapon's ban that's in place now.

We must get serious about this phony ass war on drugs and decriminalize certain drugs.

And we must make sure that we elect a president that will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will fashion sensible laws and take a practical view of the Constitution -The next prez. might have as much as three appointments.

Those are just some of my plans for these Divided States of America. Now if you want to come to "Fieldville", it will be a whole different set of rules. And I guarantee you that you NRA types won't like them. But hey, we live in A-merry-ca, and your laws rule the day. At least for now.

People kill people, and guns make it easier for them.

"Do you feel safer with a gun in the house? When you bring a gun into your home, you dramatically increase the risk of someone you love being injured by that gun. Research has shown that with each 1,000 gunshot victims that come to our hospitals, less than two victims are actually using a gun for self-defense at the time.(5) The majority of gunshots are due to suicide, homicide (due to escalated arguments between loved ones), and accidental firings than to self defense. In fact, more guns are fired in the United States in the act of suicide than for any other reason.(6) To put simply: suicides, homicides (due to arguments), and accidental firings would be much less likely if the gun were not in the house in the first place."

~~Physicians For Social Responsibility-Los Angeles~~

I honestly think the pro gun folks in the ongoing gun debate in A-merry-ca watch too many movies. This moronic idea that if I have a gun in my home I will be able to protect my family from those evil intruders coming to get me, is a result of one "Death Wish" flick too many.

I mean honestly, how many of you on that side of the debate have ever had to shoot or shoot at an intruder coming into your home? Please tell me, and give me the particulars. And like my man Kat Williams says; "don't worry, I will wait"............yeah I didn't think so. Look, here in Killadelph we have home invasions all the time, and guess whose homes are getting invaded? Yep, you guessed it, other bad guys. Do you know why their homes are always getting invaded? Because they have guns,cash, and drugs in their homes, that's why. And you don't think those clowns doing the invading don't know that the person they are attacking owns a hammer? Do you think that's stopping them? If you do, I have a nice little antique bell with a slight crack in it to sell you.

Over at the very nice but misguided site, "Mirror On America, my man A.I. is basically calling me out on this gun debate by citing the case of poor Eve Carson. You remember her don't you folks? The cute blond coed who was brutally murdered by a bunch of animals recently in North Carolina. Yes that Eve. Oh, did I mention that she was a "star" student? I guess that made her life more valuable. Anyhoo, my man implies that if she had a gun she would be alive today, because she would have been able to go Charles Bronson or Jody Foster on her attackers. Not! The case file says that she was kidnapped from her home while studying. Now unless girlfriend used a handgun for a study aid I am not sure how having a gun in her apartment on that faithful day would have saved her.

But let me play along with this flawed logic a little: Let's just say for argument sake say that Eve did have a gun, and she did use it to fend off her attackers. Would that and other similar cases offset the hundreds of children who are killed in their homes every year because of accidental shootings? Or the crack pot who decides to take out his boss, his wife, or himself when he gets pissed off, because his gun is easier to get to than his fucking car keys? I don't think so.

But field what about the Second Amendment? What about it? Are you a fucking militia, or are you an individual? What fucking government do you think a 380 sitting in your dresser is going to protect you from? I mean honestly, how dumb is that shit? Citizens need their guns in case their government gets out of control. But field what about the folks who love to hunt? Fair point, (My father in law is one of them) and they can hunt Bambi until their hearts content as far as I am concerned. But do they need a M-4 Colt 6933 to do it? Do they really need a Bushmaster 450 or an AK 47 to hunt a fucking deer? Ask law enforcement officers how they feel about these Second Amendment wack jobs, and you will be surprised at their answers.

But let's keep having this debate. I welcome it, and I am glad I am on the right side. Those murdering leeches over at the NRA and the politicians that they buy off every year can kiss my black ass.

I have been to too many funerals, and seen too many lives destroyed to be apathetic about this subject.

So bring it on, I welcome it, and I hope your guns are loaded. Ah, that was meant to be a metaphor...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sorry Andre, you are no Spielberg.

And now comes this story from David Gambacarta in one of my hometown papers, the Philadelphia Daily News. See what a false sense of security you NRA apologist can give to folks? Oh stop it field, "guns don't kill people, people do." True, but how come stupid mother fuckers always seem to have guns? Anyway, read this story and tell me what you think:

"It took just a few weeks for Andre Moore to go from YouTube to the slammer.

Members of the state attorney general's Gun Violence Task Force announced Moore's abrupt career change yesterday morning by smashing a battering ram through the door of his West Philadelphia apartment.

The 44-year-old was arrested for calling for the murder of 18th District police officers in a video titled "Dissin' Philly Cops" that he posted on YouTube on June 6, law-enforcement officials said. Moore, who's now been suspended from his job as a security guard at Albert Einstein Medical Center, was less than subtle in his performance.

While waving a gun through the air, Moore said, "I rejoice whenever they shoot a cop in Philadelphia because I hate them," according to a court affidavit containing a transcript of the video.

Later on, he offered instructions on to how to murder cops: "All we need is a Colt .275 to do it. Look, it's easy. You got the chamber, let it go off . . . anywhere in the head or heart . . . continue killing the 18th District police."

The officials said that Moore's 12-year-old son, Andre Jr., filmed the volatile video, and another underage relative held a gun in a second video that Moore posted on YouTube using the screen name "lildre502."

The videos are no longer available on YouTube.
Moore's wife, Tamara, expressed outrage over the incident during a phone interview last night. "I knew nothing about any of this," she said. "Me, my son and our family are very much humiliated by the act Andre did.

"Whatever happens to him, happens. My job is being jeopardized because of this."
Investigators said that District Attorney Lynne Abraham and state Attorney General Tom Corbett became aware of the videos about two weeks ago.
They charged Moore with aggravated assault, corruption of minors, terroristic threats and harassment.

"Obviously, the charges could be challenged in court, but that's out of our hands," said police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore. "You have rights, but that doesn't mean you can say something like this."

According to court records, Moore was sentenced to five years' probation in 1994 after pleading guilty to charges of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct stemming from an arrest the previous year.

An Einstein spokesman said last night that he had "no knowledge" of Moore's criminal history. The hospital has suspended Moore, pending further investigation, he said.
Police officials were further irked by the fact that Moore worked at the same hospital where Officer Chuck Cassidy died last November after he was shot interrupting a robbery.

"It's a shame he was able to work in a place where one of our officers was taken," said FOP president John McNesby. "He's scum of the earth, and there's not much more you can say about it than that."

Now my first reaction after reading this story was WTF? You mean to tell me that you can get arrested in A-merry-ca now for making a bad You Tube video? But then, this asshole had his 12 year old son film his I wanna be Al Capone bullshit. So my second reaction was, WTF is wrong with some of these brothers out here? Fam. you live in Philly, you see all the police killings that have been going on lately, and, you are a security guard in a hospital. Are you fucking insane? Ahhh, never mind, don't even answer that question. The article did say that your 12 year old son filmed this bullshit, and antoher underaged relative had a gun in another scene. Yep, you are insane. But hey, you had a gun, and I am sure it was easy enough to get. This is, after all, Pistolvania.

Still, a part of me is a little uneasy with this. I mean Philly's finest surf the web and pick up Andre's bad movie and he is charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats? Can you say "Big Brother" folks?

Hell I better watch my black ass then, because Lark just might put a restraining order out on me. Philadelphia Blogger charged with stalking former child star. Hmmmm not a good headline. I might have to cool down on the Lark jones just a little bit.

Andre, you lost your freedom, more than likely your job, and judging from your wife's reaction, maybe even your family as well. All because of your little foray into the film business. I hope it was worth it, but somehow I don't think Hollywood will come calling anytime soon.

See the article and You Tube Video here.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Guns don't kill people"....

So now it's official, here in A-merry-ca we have a right to bear arms. Johnny get your gun, you never know when our government might turn against us, or god forbid, we might get outnumbered by those brown people.

In another close decision (5-4) the supremes basically told cities like D.C. and Philadelphia to get over their high murder rates and get their citizens in check. Guns don't kill people, people do. Yeah, but don't they need something to kill each other with? Sorry, I didn't exactly see where it said in the Second Amendment that we have a right to posses a firearm. I thought the Second Amendment was a limitation on the Federal government. Why not give states and local governments the right to regulate the possession of firearms in a way that they think is best for their communities? Hey I am with Justice Stevens on this one: "the supremes have basically enshrined the common law right of self defense", which is kind of scary.

Here in A-mery-ca we love our Second Amendment don't we? God apple pies and guns, that's the A-merry-can way. So what if every now and then one of us goes on a fucking rampage and decides to take out a bunch of our fellow citizens. Hey, we just have to do a better job at punishing these people, and making sure that they realize that if they use a fire arm to commit a despicable act, they are going to be punished. Oh, but wait, the latest crack pot, like so many before him, shot himself. Oh well, I guess he took care of that little punishment problem for us.

I keep hoping A-merry-cans will wake up, but sadly, I know we won't. I mean if someone can execute a schoolhouse full of little Amish children and it doesn't get a rise out of the sick fucks at the NRA, I don't know what will. I mean a bunch of niggers killing each other in the inner cities is fine. We all know those Negroes don't have anything better to do than take drugs and kill each other. But what about those good citizens [*wink wink*] in places like Kentucky and Virginia? Do they deserve to die? I don't know, call me crazy, but I bet if there were less guns there would be less killings.

Here in Killadelphia we are used to it. We have plenty guns on the streets . Our bangers and straw buyers love the NRA and their policies. Mo money mo money mo money. So a few hundred people die every year, what's a little murder among friends?

So congrats to you folks over at the NRA, I am sure you are feeling good about this latest victory. Let's just hope that if god forbid, one of you ever find yourselves staring down the barrel of a 380 in a shaking crack addict's hand, you will have a fast draw and good aim.

You will need both, or you will end up like the thousands of victims that you have forgotten.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"O' man you are punishing me.

"I have said repeatedly that I think that the death penalty should be applied in very narrow circumstances for the most egregious of crimes," Obama said at a news conference. "I think that the rape of a small child, 6 or 8 years old, is a heinous crime and if a state makes a decision that under narrow, limited, well-defined circumstances the death penalty is at least potentially applicable, that that does not violate our Constitution."

"O" man WTF? File this post under might piss Obamaholics off. But you addicts need to know that your boy is seriously starting to piss me off as well. I mean honest to god, why do I feel like I am being subjected to the Chinese water torture technique every time I listen to the "O" man lately? His FISA vote. Drip. His theocratic tilt. Drip. His going Sista Souljah on Father's Day. Drip. His [non]-universal health care plan.Drip. Paying off the Ice Queen's debt. Drip. And now this latest little gem. "O" man tell me you are not agreeing with Thomas, Scalia, and the other supremes in the minority on this death penalty decision?

Look folks, I know that the "O" man has his own mind, and we aren't going to agree on everything. Lord knows I don't necessarily want him to go along with the liberal orthodoxy. But lately it just seems like he is messing with the shit that I really care about. Things like civil liberties, and keeping the church and our state separated.

I will confess, I am against the death penalty, period. No ifs and buts, no compromise. Maybe it's because I can't get the images of those "strange fruits" hanging from trees back in the day out of my mind (That was a form of sanctioned community killing wasn't it?). But no civilized society should put another one of its citizens to death. I don't give a fuck what he does. It's that simple with me. Throw in the inequities in the justice system, and all the other factors that come along with human nature, and putting someone to death for a crime that we have determined that he committed, just doesn't always pass the smell test.

So now we want to allow states to be able to execute child rapist? --Yeah we all know what a credible witness that little eight year old can be don't we--. Now I must confess that I think if we are going to legally kill someone that would be as good a reason as any to do it. And if an accused can get the death penalty for being involved in a robbery where someone is killed but he didn't actually pull the trigger, why not, you ask, snuff out the son of a bitch that raped the child? That's a fair point, but I wouldn't kill the child rapist or the co-felon in that hypothetical robbery. Because in Fieldville there would be no death penalty. I mean think about it folks. R Kelly could have been looking at the electric chair. No tracks from prison for you Kells.. Let me stop.

I am just disappointed in the "O" man that's all. Capital punishment for a crime other than murder? Slippery slope, slippery slope. I guarantee you that it was just a matter of time before one of these fifty states sanctioned the death penalty for killing a beloved pet..... I know he is a former constitutional law professor and he felt like he had to weigh in on this one. But honestly, he should have just punted. The five justices got it right, the four in the minority got it wrong. What Louisiana was trying to do was to sanction a cruel and unusual punishment for a crime that the punishment did not fit. If that wasn't a violation of the eight amendment they might as well throw it out. Sorry "O" man, if I was in your Con. Law class you would have flunked me.

"We conclude that, in determining whether the death penalty is excessive, there is a distinction between intentional first-degree murder on the one hand and nonhomicide crimes against individual persons, even including child rape, on the other,"

I concur Justice Kennedy. And If he is elected, let's just hope that one very prominent dissenter picks Justices like you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who would Jesus vote for?

Like I wasn't going to get my two cents in on this debate. So now it seems that one of our great religious leaders here in A-merry-ca, is in an open feud regarding theology with our leading presidential candidate. That would be James Dobson. Mr. "focus on the family" himself. Good old James has taken issue with what the "O" man had to say about the old testament. Seems the two men have a totally different interpretation of the good book.

"I think he's deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology,
"... He is dragging biblical understanding through the gutter."

Really Reverend? And how do we know that your interpretation is the right one? Personally, I think this entire debate is silly. To me, it's like arguing the historical accuracy of stories in the Harry Potter series. But that's just me.

So there goes the "O" man. He has jumped right into this religious debate. (Hell, he even compared Dobson to Rev. Al. Those are fighting words "O" man) "Folks haven't been reading their Bibles,..." I see you have "O" man, but if you think it's going to get you the evangelical vote I have some news for you. Your advisers should have told you to just leave the religion thing alone. Lord knows it's gotten you in enough hot water. And now I hear that you are going to be reaching out to Christian radio and blogs (I guess I won't be hearing from your campaign anytime soon). "American Values House parties"? Just what the hell will we do there? Listen to Pat Boone Cd's, and bake flag shaped cookies? I don't know "O" man, you might want to reconsider that one.

Say what you will about Mr. Morton, the guy does have a certain agnostic streak about him that I admire. You won't see Mr. Morton in a bible scripture battle with some prominent preacher. Not that he needs to be. Trust me, he is a republican, and dem folks don't vote for Ivy League educated Negroes from the South side of Chicago, for POTUS. They just don't.

So "O" man, leave this battle alone. Ask yourself : wwjd. I bet he would turn the other cheek.
You might want to do the same.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Color aroused.

My man Francis Holland has this theory about racism. He doesn't think it exists. He thinks racism is the wrong word to use when describing one races dislike for the other. Francis thinks it's a false term as we are all a part of the same race (humans), therefore we cannot be racist towards one of our own. Francis, instead, calls the phenomenon Extreme Color Arousal Disorder, or ECAD. Now I must admit that when I first read this theory by Francis I thought he was nuts. But now.....I am not so sure. I think Francis might be on to something. People do tend to do irrational things and act against their own best interests when they are color aroused.

Take the latest Wapo poll which finds that three in ten A-merry-cans still have some issues with race. Now three out of ten might not be a bad average if you are a baseball player. A life time 300 bating average can get you into the hall of fame. But here in the land of the [not]so free and the home of the [some are] brave that number just doesn't seem so right now does it. After all, this is A-merry-ca. Aren't we above those silly racial distinctions? Isn't this where we expect to be able to live a life where we can be judged by the content of our character?

Of course this poll is all centered around the "O" man and his historic run for the highest office in the land. All the pollsters want to know what's really on the minds of A-merry-cans when it comes to the "O" mans's complexion. Is there really ECA when it comes to the "O" man? Let me answer that for you: yes. And I suspect that the real number is more like five out of ten A-merry-cans are a little uncomfortable with the "O" man's race. They say he is "risky", he is unproven, he is still unknown......let's keep it real. The real problem is that he is black. (At least to them) Hell who knew Ronald Reagan, or Jimmy Carter, or JFK for that matter, before they all came on the National scene? Of course we didn't really know them, but we knew they were white, and that was quite comforting to us now wasn't it?

But that Obama fellow, not only doesn't he look like us he has a funny Muslim name. Now if that doesn't make him a "risky" ass pick I don't know what does. But is he riskier than Mr. Morton?
What did Francis say about acting against your interest if you are color aroused again? Hmmmm, I think I see some of that here.

Now I have been saying all along that there is no way in that little place the devil calls home that A-merry-cans will select the "O" man as their leader. And this poll gives ammunition to my position. We all know that when it comes to race people taking the polls try to be PC with the pollsters, and they ultimately end up lying about how they really feel. I suspect that happened here as well.

Now Mr. Morton and his crew are doing everything in their powers to be on the losing side of history. To stay with my baseball analogy, they want to be the pitcher that serves up number 763. How else do you explain all the fucking up they have been doing lately? And not to mention all the goofy ass ideas that Mr. Morton has been trotting out there. Is he even Okay? What is that shit on top of his head? Everyone has been worrying about the "O" man surviving this election season for obvious reasons. But we need to start worrying about Mr. Morton's ass.

I have to confess, I get extreme color aroused sometimes. When I see the color brown it reminds me of all the bullshit that I have had to endure for the past eight years. I keep telling myself that the frat boy nightmare is almost over, and the country will be back to normal again. But given the two choices how can we go back to normal? If the "O" man wins ECA will rule the day. And if Mr. Morton wins.....well, just make sure your wills are in order.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The "NRB"

I was trying to do some work today and I kept getting interrupted by Mrs. Field's laughter. I got up to see what she found so funny on the television, and it turns out she was watching an old Cosby flick on TVOne. Which go me to thinking: does any black person over thirty even watch BET anymore?

And then there were the comments some of you folks left after my post about the Wares adopting what seems to be a little white baby. And that got me to thinking as well: What if there really was a "Negro Review Board" and I was heading it? Just what would be the do's and don'ts and the the ins and outs for you Negroes?

Well, let's start with the obvious, and what triggered me thinking this way in the first place: Black television. You Negroes would no longer be allowed to watch BET. If you are going to watch a black station on television, it would have to be TVOne.

You Negroes would have to vote for Barack Obama, and you would have to donate at least $25 to his campaign. I think that's happening anyway, but that shit would be required or you would lose your Negro card.

If I ran the NRB Negroes could not have house pets. That is for white folks. Besides, times are tough. We are having a hard enough time feeding the humans in our families.

You Negroes would have to stop driving big ass trucks. We would prefer if you get a nice compact. (Do you know how stupid you look rolling down the highway in your big ass Denali sitting on twenties with gas selling at $4.50 a gallon? Get your ass a nice Honda Civic or some shit like that. There is nothing corny about saving money.

And speaking of driving down the highway: Negroes would have to stop leaning to the side when they are driving their whips. That shit does not look cool. It's stupid. And if you are pushing a whip that costs less than your tires and your rims, the shit is really whack.

Negroes over 21 would no longer be allowed to buy PlayStation's or any similar video games. Think about it.

The NRB would not allow Negroes to drop another dime into the offering plate unless the pastor could show them where the money is going. (And it can't be a building fund for the church. The building the church is in now looks just fine.

Negroes would no longer be allowed to give their children fucked up names from expensive products that they think sounds cool. Names like Porche, Mercedes, Alize, Champagne, Diamond, Jazz....--you all know what I am talking about---just ain't gonna cut it in the real world. That shit is seriously fucked up...."Ahh come on field that's not cool to call out people who might not know better. I know, that's why we have the NRB.

And speaking of fucked up things to do to your kids; Negroes would no longer be allowed to use their children's social security numbers for shit. No child should owe over $30,000 for a new car before they are six....

All Negroes would be weighed before entering all you can eat buffet joints. For every pound that you go over 200 you would be charged an extra dollar for your meal. I am sorry to single you Negroes out for this form of food discrimination, but let's face it, we have some serious health issues that other folks don't have.

You Negroes would not be allowed to read Ebony or Jet anymore. Those mags are no longer required reading for Negroes. You would now be allowed to read damn near anything else you want to though. Not that it will make any difference, because some of you Negroes really hate to read. What's that old racist saying? "If you want to hide something from a nigger put it in a book"?

We would allow you to cheer for the Celtics now. They have a black coach and more brothers on the team than the Lakers, so it's cool.

We would prefer if you were out in the open and not on the DL. That DL stuff is having some consequences.

As head of the NRB, I would make sure that my black sisters know that it's cool to continue watching Oprah for now. But that could change. Just listen out for further announcements from the NRB.

Black folks would be told that it's no longer cool to listen to R-Kelly. I know I know, that one is hard. --I was just rocking "Hair braider" on my IPod myself-- But damn it, we must take a stand.

Speaking of music: all line dancing would be banned from future black events! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Black folks would be told that we don't have a clear cut leader, so it's still cool to call Rev. Inc. if they get in trouble.

Black folks would be told that it's still alright if they run a little late for appointments. It's called CP time. That's a built in hook up that we have. The NRB does not believe in taking away hook ups.

Finally, dissenters like some of the smart alecky commenters here could be thrown out of the race. You would have to petition the NRB to be reinstated, and that could take awhile. Trust me, you don't want to spend years of your life looking like a Negro but not being a part of our race....although I suspect that many of you living in A-merry-ca already know that feeling.

**FYI, the picture used for this post is not meant to be a true representation or likeness of the NRB. It's just a stock photo of some brothers looking important. **

"Constructive criticism"?

Recently I blogged about the "O" man's Father's Day speech and a friend of mine who took offense to it. But I was also moved by Anette John-Hall's very fine essay in my hometown paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, about the same subject. As good reporters often do, she personalized her piece with a real live human interest story at the end.

I am posting her article because I don't want it to be ever said that I disagree with constructive criticism.

"In any family, there are always a few hard heads who almost never take constructive criticism well - even if it's said for their own good.

Last weekend, Barack Obama went home to the black church and called a family meeting - with the black side of his family.

"If we're honest with ourselves, we'll admit that too many fathers are missing," the presumptive presidential nominee said in a Father's Day sermon-esque speech delivered at the Apostolic Church of God on the South Side of Chicago. "They've abandoned their responsibilities. They're acting like boys instead of men. "We know that this is true everywhere, but nowhere is it more true than in the African American community." Well, now.
His own story

With wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha sitting in the pew, Obama told of how his own father abandoned him. Which made him determined to break the cycle and be there for his children. We know that positive images of black fathers are rarely displayed on television, in film, or even in newspapers - though they are raising their families as all fathers should, like my husband, without expecting a medal in return.

But it's a sad fact that despite the enormous progress into the middle class that African Americans have made in the last 40 years, more than half of all black children live in fatherless households - a devastating number by any measure.
So who could argue with Obama's call for examination, for rising above the struggle, for restoring the framework for family?

The hard heads in the family, that's who.
African American professor Boyce Watkins from Syracuse University and syndicated columnist Earl Afari Hutchinson are among those who have taken Obama to task for everything from, as they see it, painting all African American fathers with the same negative brush to not blasting whites for their high divorce rates.

Sorry, brothers. It's not about white folks this time.
At least there haven't been massive threats to vote for John McCain.
While very real economic and societal impediments have a seismic impact on a black family's foundation - which Obama acknowledged - this is about personal responsibility. About what government can't fix.

It's a simple notion: Just be there and be the best man you can be.
Sabir Alim, founder of Daddy's Right Here Inc., an organization that teaches men how to be better fathers, heard Obama's speech. He didn't hear it as an accusation or an attack - as he heard in Bill Cosby's belittling tirade a few years ago before the NAACP.
After many, many years of irresponsible parenting himself, Alim, 47, heard Obama's words as a reality check.

"In our communities, it is the reality," says Alim, a program director at Gaudenzia, a drug and alcohol rehab program. "That's why it continues to worsen."
Not a model father. If anybody should have received the Bad Dad award, it was Alim.
Crack cocaine - selling it and smoking it - contributed mightily to the South Philly native's trifling behavior. From the start, he was never committed to the idea of family, he says. Even while married, he impregnated another woman while his wife was pregnant with their second daughter. The half-sisters were born two months apart.

"I didn't know how to be a father," admits Alim, whose own father took off when he was 5. "I didn't see fathers in people's homes. There were no [role] models."
He was known for being a verbally abusive hothead whom you didn't want to mess with. And, yes, he carried a gun. Alim lived with his family in North Philly - until he and his wife finally separated in 1994 - but he was someplace else emotionally.

"I'd do my girls' hair, cook dinner, pick them up from day care - but I was on the street clocking drugs right outside the door," he recalls. "I remember hating to hear the Mr. Softee truck coming, because I had spent so much money on drugs, I couldn't afford to pay for ice cream."

Rock bottom hit 14 years ago. Alim had pawned his VCR for drug money and taken his oldest daughter with him at 5 in the morning to buy crack.
The drugs failed to get him high. He broke down in tears. Nicole looked up at him and said, "Dad, it's going to be OK."

"I was done. I couldn't live like that anymore," he said.
It was only while going through the 12 steps that he understood how his father's absence led to his own inadequacies as a father. And even though Alim is trying hard to make up for his absence - the high school dropout went on to earn a master's degree in human services from Lincoln University and recommitted himself to his girls - he knows it may be too little, too late.
He blames himself in part for all three of his daughters' becoming single mothers.
"Lack of parenting played a role in my life, so I know it played a role in theirs," he says. "Barack was right. It's time to break the cycle."

Of course Barack was right, it's his timing that I worry about.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mugabe's sad finish.

Cynthia Tucker recently wrote in her paper, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, about the plight of the people in Zimbabwe. And she wanted to know why there was no outcry from black A-merry-cans.

Well Cynthia, here comes an outcry from yours truly.

Robert Mugabe as far as I am concerned has now joined the ranks of some of the more evil despots in Africa's history. And lord knows that poor continent has had its fair share. From Amin to Habre to Taylor to Umbanga, they have done as much harm to their respective countries as the colonialist they took power from. Consider King Msuati ,III of Swaziland, who bought a 44.6 million dollar private jet which is more than twice the amount of money that his country spends on health care every year. Mugabe is 82, which is amazing given the fact that the life expectancy for men in his country is 37 years old. Sorry ladies, it's 34 years old for you. In case you were wondering, life expectancy for the citizens of Zimbabwe is the shortest in the world. (Damn imagine that? Shorter than an Iraqi, or someone from North Philadelphia even) The European colonial masters planted the seeds, but how far should the seeds go? How far and long before we cut it off? But we should have seen this coming with Mugabe when he took in Ethiopian dictator, and butcher, Mangisu Marian, in the early nineties. What Mugabe has done to the poor people of Zimbabwe is no different than what the evil and unjust regime of Pieter Botha did to the poor black Africans in South Africa. And Tucker is right, there should be more outrage. But all you hear from us is crickets.

It's a shame too. Mugabe was a man of promise. He studied alongside men likes of Julius Nyerere and Robert Subukue so he should have known better. He could have been remembered alongside men like Nasser, Selassie, and Nkrumah, who were all revered African leaders. When he came to power in what was then Rhodesia, he brought much needed reforms in education and health care to the majority black population. B ut sadly, like so many before him, he got drunk with power, and refused to secede power to the will of the majority.

Now his ruling party has been committing one atrocious act after another. From burning alive political opponents,to kidnapping torture, rape, and starvation. "Amnesty International said yesterday that 12 bodies have been found across the the country and most have shown signs of torture." To her credit, our own Condoleeza Rice has called the violence "horrifying" and "intolerable", and is pushing to have the U.N. Security Council intervene in the upcoming elections. Good luck with that. Mugabe has been blaming the white folks in Zimbabwe for his countries troubles, but even his own people are now realizing that it's not the white folks in Zimbabwe that's causing their problems, it's Mugabe. And still the crickets from black A-merry-cans.

John Lewis (D.,Ga.) said it best: "Just because he is the black leader of an African nation doesn't mean that we can afford to be silent."

Thank you congressman Lewis. That's just one of the reasons why you are a field Negro in my book. And too bad for Robert Mugabe, because although he might have started out in the field, he is now firmly entrenched in the house.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hide your hijabs

Must be tough to be a Muslim in A-merry-ca these days. I mean there is no love for you worshipers of allah in this, the land of jesus. Heck, even the "O" man's crew believes in doing a little bit of product placement when it comes to you folks. Can't have A-merry-cans thinking the "O" man is a Muslim (Even thought a whopping 10% already do). He would never get elected.

And then I read about some asshole from Western Pistolvania who voted against recognizing a Muslim group's convention in Harrisburg this weekend. It seems this fucking moron, Daryl Metcalfe, a republican (what else) from Butler County, would not recognize the Muslim group because they do not recognize jesus christ. "The Muslims do not recognize Jesus Christ as God and I will be voting negative." He said this on the House floor in Harrisburg. Folks, this is a man who was elected to public office, and whose job it is to pass laws in our great state. Can you imagine if god forbid, or allah forbid, we had more clowns like him representing us? Theocracy would rule the day. The United Christian States of America. Field, don't forget to pay your church taxes...

How do you vote against a formal recognition or a simple resolution honoring someone? You are not passing any laws, you are not spending any of the tax payer's money. You are simply showing some common courtesy and decency by recognizing the U.S. Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. But I guess it's still too close to 911. We just can't get that image of those Muslims who attacked us out of our heads. I know the feeling. I feel the same way when I see a young white man with a military hair cut. I just keep thinking of Oklahoma City and those poor folks in the federal building....give me a fucking break!

Thank goodness for representatives like Babette Joseph, who happens to be Jewish, and who said she would seek to have Mr. Metcalfe's remarks stricken from the official record. But sorry Babette, no matter how hard you try, you just can't cover up bigotry and ignorance. Mr. Metcalfe is still one of your colleagues, and I suspect that he is going to be your colleague for awhile.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Texas mess.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - "The Texas Republican Party is distancing itself from a vendor who sold campaign buttons at last weekend's state convention that asked, "If Obama is president ... will we still call it The White House?"
The state GOP party said Wednesday that it will donate the $1,500 rent it collected from the vendor,, to Midwestern flood victims.
State GOP spokesman Hans Klingler said the party does not vet the merchandise being sold, but officials plan to discuss doing so in the future. The button sales at the convention in Houston were first reported in the Dallas Morning News.
"This vendor need not apply to another Texas GOP state convention," Klingler said. 'We will neither tolerate nor profit from bigotry.'"

Ahhh, you mean anymore.

I saw this story days ago. But I was honestly waiting to see when my friends from the "grand old party" in Texas would act. And now it looks like they finally did. They kicked that "bad" vendor right out of there. Oh wait, they didn't kick him out. He sold his buttons and his paraphernalia right on through the convention last weekend. Ohhh I get it, the article says that they are "distancing" themselves from the vendor. So they didn't actually stop him from selling his items during the convention. And what a lovely set of people those republikkkans are, they actually donated the money he [the vendor] gave them for his rental, to the flood victims of the Midwest. To quote the one and only "church lady": "isn't that special?".

I wonder how many buttons and t-shirts that vendor sold? I know one thing, if the "O" man does become Prez. the racist "O" man paraphernalia is going to make a lot of people rich. It will be flying off the shelves...aah, I mean out of the tents...out of the parking lots...or wherever good racist gather to praise A-merry-ca and curse the other people. Hey, "", when are you going public? I want to buy some shares of your company.

Oh but come on field, this is Texas, what else did you expect? Nothing. This is exactly what I expected. And I also expect it in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, and right here in Pistolvania . These are all places where good republikkans gather to declare their love of god guns and country.

But I have news for you folks. I say let the folks sell all the racist shit they want about Obama. As long as it's not advocating bringing harm to him or his family, it's cool. This is A-merry-ca and they have the right to do that here in the home of the [some are]free and the land of the[some are] brave. I actually think it's a good thing that these types of people come out of the wood work and that they have been emboldened. Now you know who and where they are. Many of these same folks are, after all, your neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances. Hell, many of them are dumbocrats, and they are right in that so called liberal big tent with you.
"If Obama is President will we still call it the White House?"
Nope, I bet you will have a much better name for it than that.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flipping the script.

Alright I am going to be a little messy with this post. But hey, I wouldn't be me if I didn't keep it real with you. Now you see the picture I have up with this post right? That is DeMarcus Ware (a very fine football player with some serious skills) and his lovely wife Taniqua, with their newly adopted baby, Marley ( I love the name for obvious reasons). But...okay, let's keep it 100%. Do you mean to tell me that the Wares couldn't have found a little black baby to adopt?

I mean honestly, like WTF? And please don't tell me that the baby in the picture could be black, or Mexican, or whatever. I know that. But....come on now.

Still, there is a serious side to this post. Honestly, Mrs. Field and I are considering adopting down the line, so when I see stories about adoptions, I pay attention. And apparently the Wares had three failed pregnancies and a young son who was stillborn. So I really do feel their pain, and I sympathize with what they had to go through. But come on now; there are thousands and thousands of black children in the foster care system who need good solid homes and loving couples who will take care of them. Couples like the Wares. Unfortunately, not enough professional black folks who can afford to adopt, go that route, and it's a shame. That is an option we should always consider. In the previous post we damn near all agreed that there is a crisis in our communities with many black families. Many of them being held down by single parents. But what about the scenarios where none of the parents are around, and the poor children are forced to bounce around in state agencies? Shouldn't we be trying to help those kids as well? And to be fair to the Wares, they have said that they will probably adopt foster kids in the future, and that they will do charity work with similar agencies, so we will see.

I have a white colleague who tried to adopt a little African American boy and he was discouraged from doing it. He is still pissed about that shit. Apparently black social workers and psychiatrist don't think that's such a cool thing for white folks to go adopting little black kids. Something about fucking up their minds culturally. I won't get into that right now, but there is a post in there down the road.

In spite of that, white folks adopt little black kids all the time. (See Angelina and Brad) Primarily because there is such a shortage of little white ones. So much so that the biggest import to this country from places like Russia and China for awhile were those beautiful little bundles of joy. But black folks adopting little white babies? Come on now. Ya think Taniqua played with white dolls when she was a little girl? Oh stop it field you are such an asshole. Yeah, I know, but the guy is a stinking Cowboy. (Digression alert)

Let me stop, I don't want to be mean to DeMarcus and Taniqua. Besides DeMarcus is a big boy, I don't feel like going even one round with his big ass.

Anyway, all the best DeMarcus and Taniqua. And don't worry, at least you got the name right.

h/t Deidra Robey over at the Afrospear for hipping me to this story.

Monday, June 16, 2008

"O" man stop telling our business.

"They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men. And the foundations of our families are weaker because of it...."

That was the "O" man yesterday giving a special little father's day message to his own peeps from the pulpit of one of the houses that jesus built.

Let me read that quote again: Okay, nothing wrong there. The man is right, many of our men are acting like boys, and our families are weaker as a result of their actions. Nothing new there, it's the kind of shit that I have been talking about as someone who sees this problem up front and personal on a daily basis, from day one.

Of course some of our black men are ducking their responsibilities and not acting like fathers. Of course it is having a negative effect on our communities. So why were so much of us mad at the "O" man for his little Father's Day message to his fam.? People like my friend Keith for instance (His real first name, he won't mind), who stormed into my office today with some choice words for the "O" man.

"You know what field. I might have just had it with that Negro Obama. Man I am so sick of the same Cosby bullshit. Here I was coming home from the beach on Father's Day with my two little ones, kicking back to watch the television, and I have to listen to this Negro tell me what bad fathers black men are; all to appease white folks." Keith's son is autistic, he is an attorney who actually gave up some serious billable hours to spend more time with his son. From everything I can tell, he is a devoted and loving father, and he is seriously holding down on the family front. "Come on field, what do you think of this shit?" Yeah, I hear you except Obama is right. Honestly man, I don't have a problem with what he said. Maybe it's because I don't have any kids. But I didn't take that shit personally." Yeah but did he have to preach to us like that? Come on field on Father's Day? he should be talking about some of the positive brothers out here, and some of the root causes which prevent black men from being good fathers. You know, like this ...."I know I know, the court system and the child support system in place." We both laughed. Did I mention that Keith is a defense lawyer who represents quite a few male defendant's in our court? That is one of his pet peeves, the child support guidelines here in Pennsylvania.

Keith and I ended that discussion and moved on to other things. But then I came home tonight and ironically there was Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on FOX NOISE talking about the same thing, right down to the child support guidelines (He lives in Pennsylvania too). And quite a few other black folks besides my man Keith seem to be pissed at the "O" man for his little Sista Souljah type moment. Most of the black folks that I talked to (yes even the Obamaholics) feel that what the "O" man did was political gamesmanship done to get white folks, and especially conservative white folks to be sympathetic to his campaign. Trust me, nothing gets a black man more "brownie points" with conservative white folks than talking about his own people. Did you see that Barack tell it like it is to the other blacks? I like that guy, he reminds me of Cos. He has balls.......ahhh yes, calling out your own, and saying what other people say about your ass secretly but are afraid to say publicly, will always make you a hero in A-merry-ca. Just ask Chris Rock or Bill Cosby.

But again, how can I rip the guy? What he said was true. Why is it okay for some field Negro talking shit on his blog to say the same thing, or a bunch of black folks at a barbecue to talk about the same thing and agree on that point? But Barack Obama, who is running for President, can't state the obvious? Well, because he is running for President I guess, and everything he says will be scrutinized for political purposes. Everything he says will be viewed form a political context and this, of course, is what's happening now. Poor "O" man, he just can't win. Damned if he does damned if he doesn't.

Boy, I sure hope that you black folks don't think that if the "O" man wins he is going to be just our president. He will be the president of everybody in these divided states. And when he talks about shit that effects black folks, he won't be able to go on a black radio station with a secret black frequency and say, hey black folks, I have a message for you. Nope, everybody is going to hear that shit. It's called the information age. Let's face it folks, we just can't hide shit from white folks anymore. Hell, I bet some of them are reading this very post right now.....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We decide we report, and you believe.

The people who come to this site on a regular basis are quite familiar with my strong dislike for all things FOX NEWS. My contempt for them has nothing to do with jealousy towards Rupert Murdoch and all his billions (although it would be nice if he throw a dollar or two my way). No, my contempt for them has more to do with my love for the people who make up this republic.

FOX NEWS is dangerous. Very dangerous, and if we can't stop them, we should at least be aware of the damage that they can do.

If you think that the mass media and the press can't be used to do unimaginable things, you better think again. Think of the folks who made up the Hutu majority slaughtering their Tutsi brothers and sisters in Rwanda while RTLM (Radio Rwanda) encouraged people to kill,kill, kill.

Think of Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany and the "Propagnamisterium" (propaganda ministry) he was charged to keep. In order for those sick fucks to be able to carry out their plan, they had to get the message out and have the people believe it.

Now I am not comparing Roger Ailes and the folks over at FOX NEWS to Nazis.....well, maybe I am. But I really do need you to understand just how dangerous these guys are. And when I read essays like the one I lifted below from Buzzflash editor, Mark Karlin, it just reinforces my position.

"The FOX Propaganda Network endangers my life -- and yours.
How else can you explain that a White House administration and Republican Party who have squandered hundreds of billions of dollars, countless lives, and a war longer than WW II -- and we haven't even caught Osama bin Laden?

The FOX Propaganda Network isn't set up to help save America from terrorists; it's the "Tokyo Rose" of television networks, set up to save the Republican plutocrats from the wrath of the voters who might otherwise realize the sheer and utter incompetence of Bush, Cheney and the GOP in dealing with terrorism.

Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin and the entire multi-million dollar compensated on-air talents are traitors because their job is to protect the back and flank of the GOP, not to protect America.

And that is what puts my life at risk -- and yours.
Sean Hannity is no patriot. He is an oleaginous, slicked up car salesman chickenhawk who has sold America and us down the river for his paycheck.
One of the characteristics that we are most proud of about America is our ingenuity, our tenaciousness, our resilience.

Yet, the FOX Propaganda Network has spent the last years supporting moribund, stone headed, unwavering failure.

If you think being a chronic loser is patriotic, then FOX is the station for you, because that's what it backs. That's not patriotic; it's contrary to what made America great.
What made America great is competence and ingenuity, not slavish dedication to the architects of defeat.

FOX is a traitor in our midst. Yes, they have their First Amendment rights, and no one is going to deny Sean Hannity his $40,000 plus speaking fees and private jet transportation.
But they should be shunned for the risk they help to create to all our lives by endlessly championing dolts, proven liars, and leaders who turn gold into cow dung.

All FOX proves in its propaganda angle is that a few thousand hearty potential terrorists, at most, have held the world's strongest power at bay for years, while ruining our economy with onerous and ineffectual war expenses, helping to weaken the dollar, drive up the price of oil, and, in turn, helping to cause a world food crisis and more.

It used to be the American way that if you couldn't do the job, you got out of the way or got fired. But the fat paycheck propagandists at FOX now tell us that mediocrity and failure define the new American patriotism -- that and an American flag lapel pin made in China.
God have mercy on their souls -- and let's hope that we can survive the glorification that FOX gives to losers who imperil our lives.

We need an America that proves itself by getting the job done; not by relying on Roger Ailes GOP propaganda talking points to divert the masses from people who have utterly failed them. "

My sentiments exactly!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"A Tale of Two Cities."

This is a tale of two cities, and not the way Mr. Dickens meant it. Sadly, this tale highlights the emotional roller coaster that being black in A-merry-ca can take you through.

Last night was a great night in our city. Why? Because the "O" man was in my fair city, that's why. He was visiting a very fancy fundraiser put on by uber lawyer Mark Aronchick and some of his closest friends with very deep pockets. I heard from some of my field Negro friends who were in the house that it was a very fancy affair. Over 400 Obamaholics and wannabees paid a minimum of $1,000, and the maximum of $2,300 to be in the same room with his "O"ness. Of course there was the really big money bash as well. This one was a little more personal with just about 75 of the "O" man's closest, ahem, friends. And they dropped $28,500 a pop for a personal audience with his "O" ness.

The Governor was there making nice, so was former Hillary supporter, our fine mayor, Michael Nutter. It was all brotherly love again. Yes folks, it seems that the dumbocrats are trying to unite now behind their nominee.

What a great night in our city. All that money, all that glitz, and all for a black man who could become the next leader of the free world.

Of course Wednesday night wasn't such a great night in our city. It wasn't, because Wednesday night, four animals allegedly forced their way into a woman's home, roughed her up at gun point, and took her ATM card. They then forced her to give them her PIN number, and then proceeded to withdraw a whopping $600 from the poor woman's bank account. This terrible ordeal lasted over four hours for the poor woman. (Which was probably longer than it took the "O" man to dip in collect his cash, and roll) To make matters worse; while two of the animals left with her ATM card, the other two stayed behind and raped her repeatedly while her niece and daughter slept upstairs. Oh, and when the other two animals came back, they raped the poor woman again.

Thankfully, two of the animals were caught. Police are still looking for the other two suspects both described as white males........yeah right. Both described as black males in their early 20s. "One has a thick build, dark complexion and cornrowed hair. The other suspect was described as having a medium build and a light complexion."

I bet they weren't at the fundraiser last night. Or maybe they were, maybe that's what they needed the money for.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th! What a day! What a week! I blame this all on George Bush. My fucked up state of mind,the countries' funk, all the negative shit going on. Honestly it's like a dark cloud is just hanging over this country. (Just today there was literally a blackout over D.C.) Sorry "O" man, your halo isn't shining bright enough. I know you keep saying a change is going to come, but you have to get elected first, and you know how I feel about that happening. (I had a big fat slice of cheese cake for lunch today. Why? Because I think my Broad street birthday suit run is safe)

If I told you that one of the main actors in this years political drama would die suddenly, I know who most of you (at least the black folks) would think it would be. We don't like to say it out loud, but we all think it. But still I bet that none of you thought it would be one of the people charged with reporting the drama. Tim Russert died suddenly today of a heart attack, right there on the job he loves so much, while doing voice overs for his "Meet The Press" show on Sunday. The guy won't have a chance to cover this historic election. For a political junkie like Russert, this was like the Super Bowl and World Series all rolled into one; and the poor guy dies right in the middle of covering it. Boy if there is a god he has one fucked up sense of humor.

Speaking of god; now we are dealing with all the floods in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest. Entire towns submerged in water, and the poor folks having to watch their life savings and all of their earthly belongings destroyed. But don't worry my Midwestern friends, the frat boy has you covered. "Brownie you are doing a heck of a job." Why did all this have to happen under this guy's watch? He makes Jimmy Carter look like JFK. "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Kanye, you might want to throw white people, red people and damn near everyone in between into that mix as well. Is it me or has there been more natural disasters with this clown in power than any other time in our history? Gee, for a guy who is supposed to be seriously in touch with his god side you would think he could ask his friend jesus to lighten up just a little. At least until he leaves office, and the secular non-believing Muslim comes to power. But no, the hits just keep coming.

And speaking of hits; R Kelly was acquitted of all charges today relating to his pornography case, and ......oh don't even get me started on this one. I mean I love the guy's music and all, but I am not going to be popping any bubbly because Kels is free. I saw the tape too.

Speaking of a tape; I am Still waiting on that Michelle Obama whitey tape to surface. Not that it matters, as today I learned that the GOP is targeting poor Michelle. Chile don't you know that youze supposed to shut your mouth and show dem pearly whites. You should be so happy to be living in A-merry-ca, yet you seem so ungrateful. But you will learn. These republicans are about to show you how the smear game is played.

And speaking of games; I heard this week that the NBA might have been fixing their games all along. Is nothing sacred in A-merry-ca anymore?

All of this and still no Lark Voorhies.

Friday the 13th! Just 35 minutes to go.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Baby mama" drama.

I know who won't be on Bill and Hillary's enemy list, the folks at FOX NEWS. Yet they should be. For years I have been trying to warn anyone who would listen about the folks over at propaganda central. I have been trying to tell folks that they are probably the most dangerous people in our country because of their power, their influence, and their reach. But all I heard was; "field why do you worry about FOX NEWS? They are just a television station whose job it is to entertain folks. Get over it."

But now, for many of you Obamaholics, they have crossed the line. Many of you saw it and were outraged then, and many of you still can't believe that a major so called news agency called the wife of a leading contender for the presidency of these divided states a "baby mama". It's outrageous! How could they do such a thing? It's racism pure and simple! Ahhh duh. Yes it's FOX, this is what they do. Much to the delight of their millions of listeners[and watchers] in the heartlands who love to see the "pretty" blonds, the hunky anchor with the Ole Miss accent, the flashy graphics, and the A-merry-can flag front and center for all eyes to see. The same FOX NEWS who were cheerleaders for the Iraqi war, and for a president who will go down in history as probably the worst this country has ever had. But now, we are finally outraged. Now after one of their clueless anchors called the Obama's playful fist bump a "terrorist jab", and the possible first lady of these divided states, a woman happily married to her husband, the father of her two children.....I still can't believe this shit--- is all of a sudden a "baby mama." Do you think Cindy McCain, a woman who slept with a married man while his wife lay paralyzed could have ever been vilified and disrespected that way? Not in your life-time or mine. It would never happen, because Cindy McCain belongs to that class in A-merry-ca that you don't fuck with. That kind of disrespect and ignorance even by so called main stream media folks is reserved for the black wife, not the white one. And yet, Bill Shine, who is a senior VP of programing over at FOX says that a producer showed "poor judgment" in showing the graphic seen round the world. "Poor Judgment"? Poor judgment is what I use when I forget to take my umbrella when it's raining outside. This was not "poor judgment" by some lowly producer, this was a decision from the top.

But get used to it. FOX just slipped up and started too soon. There will be more of that to come. Maureen Dowd's article sums up what's to come perfectly, and you Obamaholics better get used to it. Personally, I have been outraged at FOX NEWS for a long time-- Don't believe me? Look at my sidebar--. So these latest pronouncements from their people, while outrageous, is not surprising. Come on, it's FOX. I would expect no less from those whores. It's why folks like Juan Williams, until he gets off that network, will always have a place in the house. Because by appearing on their network and cashing their checks, he is endorsing their outrageous behaviour. But I am still waiting for Mr. Williams and folks like Angela McGlowan (who proudly proclaims that she has been on FOX since 1999) to come out and slam their benefactors. Angela, a fellow black woman was smeared. I know you both don't see eye to eye politically, but you share so much more. (At least I think you do). Why don't you prove me wrong about you, step up, and do the right thing? Call out the people you work for, and tell the world that you are ashamed to be a part of such an organization. **Ahhh I love the sound of crickets in the evening***

Oh well, let's see what you Obamaholics are going to do now. I hear the outrage, and I feel your pain, now I want to see some action. Will you write letters to FOX and their sponsors? Will you stop buying from the advertisers who sell their products on the FOX networks? Will you make them accountable for their actions? You better, because if you don't, this will be just the beginning. And the folks in the "heartland" won't stop watching.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The conservative shuffle.

A local politician who happens to be a friend of mine asked me a few weeks back why I talk so much shit on my blog. "Field, I hope you know that if you ever decide to run for Judge or elected office some of that shit will come back to haunt you". He is right of course, but you know what, if keeping my mouth shut and suppressing my thoughts is what it takes to get elected, they can have that shit. I have heard the same thing about my politics. "Field, you know if you were a right wing conservative you would be blowing up by now." Yeah that might be true too, but I am not. And since my politics just might be left of Hugo fucking Chavez that ain't gonna happen anytime soon. It's just not what I believe, so I can't pimp the man like some of my "slave catching" brothers and sisters to make a few dollars.

Which leads me to the following article by my man Tim Wise. (Yeah I have been all over his jock lately). It's a shame that it takes someone of the melanin challenged persuasion to call out some of these so called black conservatives for the frauds that they really are. Just some of them of course...well, most of them-- Because I am quite sure that there might be one or two in the bunch who might really believe what they are saying and think that their point of view is relevant.

So anyway, here is Tim:

"Black conservatives, with their politics of self-abuse, have managed to obtain access to the halls of power – at the expense of respect from within the black community.

A few weeks ago, a young man approached me after a speech I had given at his college and handed me a small piece of paper with the name of a book he thought I should read. Given that the student and I had previously gotten into a bit of a row over the issue of racial profiling of Arabs, I didn't have high expectations about his recommendation.

I suppose it's a good thing I was prepared for what I got: the name of a book by black conservative Larry Elder, whose only real claim to fame is that he does a bad imitation of Judge Wapner on a pedantic little courtroom reality show called Moral Court.
Oh, and that white folks like the student in question really like him. Which, as it turns out, is all it takes to become a bestselling author in this country.

Elder – like Shelby Steele before him, and Walter Williams before that, and Ken Hamblin before that, and Thomas Sowell before him, and Clarence Thomas always – says the kinds of things that most white folks love to hear: essentially, that blacks are the source of their own problems in life. Black cultural pathology and bad behavior, according to these types, explain everything from black poverty rates to black incarceration rates.

What about racism?, you may ask. What racism? To the Larry Elders of the world – and to the whites who have made them media stars entirely out of proportion to their scholarly credentials (or decided lack thereof) – racism is just an excuse black people use to explain away their own internal shortcomings.

Lately, two of the more popular arguments made by black conservatives and the white people who love them are, first, that blacks spend too much money on luxury items they can't afford, refusing to save money the way responsible white folks do; and second, that blacks place too little value on education, preferring to critique learning as selling out or "acting white," and thereby sabotaging their own achievement..." more here

He could have thrown a few more of those clowns in the mix of course. Like my friend Angela, LaShawn Barber, and the idiot who Obama should be sending thank you cards every day for the rest of his life, Alan Keyes. ("Christ wouldn't vote for Obama"? Are you fucking insane?) And speaking of the "O" man, he doesn't go into that mix, because there is no hustle there. He is trying to appeal to all A-merry-cans. Not just the loons on the right like my race pimp friends. And not just to the folks on the left either. Which has cost him capital among certain black folks who think he is more of the same with just a little more color.

But hey, I am going to leave my black conservative friends alone. This is A-merry-ca, and everyone has a right to make a living. Even if they have to hustle to do it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hillary's haters.

You ever met one of those down ass white people, the kind where you have to really check their blood lines and shit? I remember the first time I heard folks like Teena Marie, Jon B, and Michael McDonald sing. You couldn't tell me they weren't black. Well Tim Wise is one of those white people. When he writes you have to do a serious double take.

I was reading over at Jack & Jill, and his letter to Hillary's white feminist supporters who have turned on the "O" man, was a serious check yourself rant. It couldn't have been written any better by an angry "O"man himself. But I can't say that I blame Mr. Wise. You ought to see some of the web sites and the pics like the one I have posted here.

Folks there is some serious hating going on in this campaign, and I know it's politics and this shit happens. But something about this one smells different. Oh field stop it. You are from Jamaica, you people kill your political opponents, you don't just vote for the other guy. So get over it! Look, the Hillary people have a right to be a little bitter now. Their girl just lost a long hard fought campaign, and you could argue that the press was not fair to her. But is that a reason to start a web site like this ? What is it about these white feminists and their issues with this particular candidate? Is it his sex, his race, his indifference to their cause? Or is it the fact that he is the one who kicked their girl's ass?

You already know what I think it is. Here goes field with his race talk again. Come on now, do you really think if John Edwards had laid the royal smack down on the Ice Queen he would be getting this level of "hateration" from the Hillary crowd? I think not. I have this theory about many of these Hilliaryites. A lot of them are older, and they grew up during a time in this country when the black man couldn't do shit for them but drive their cars and cut their lawns. They were protected from these black brutes, and they never viewed us as serious intellectuals or decision makers. Isn't that what their husbands told them? Now one of those brutes actually beat what for many of them will be their last chance to see "white" girl power in the White House, and that shit is not cool. Hillary can talk all the shit she wants to about being a coal miner's daughter or whatever the fuck it was she was calling herself when she was here in Pennsylvania campaigning. She is a privileged white woman who was first lady of these divided states, attended an Ivy League law school, and is worth millions. Working girl my ass. Hillary is what many of her voters and supporters are, privileged. So they can try and wrap themselves around the women's suffrage flag all they want. I don't see any Clara Zetkins or Fannie Lou Hamers in that crowd, and I for one ain't buying it. Hillary you ain't "sick and tired of being sick and tired." The only thing that you should be sick and tired of is counting your damn money.

Tim Wise isn't buying it either, and deep down inside the Hillryites know that he is right.