Saturday, May 25, 2024


It's been a minute. I hope that all of you field hands are doing well and thriving while doing your best to survive in this moment that we are living in.  These are crazy times.  America, as we have come to know her, is no more.  And that my friends, is not hyperbole. 

Personally, I have never believed that this is such a perfect union, and I have always suspected that the American experiment is flawed. But I always hoped that the American people were so proud of their country and the idea of its ideals, that they would not allow dark and sinister forces to hijack the perception of the world's greatest democracy. My hope is fading. Amend that. It has faded.  I didn't see America becoming the Republic of Gilead from the Handmaid's Tale.

What really brought it home to me was the knowledge that a Justice on the Supreme Court of America was willing to openly declare that he is a Christofascist who endorsed the actions of the January 6th insurrectionists. Now I am not naive enough to believe that judges aren't political, they all are. They are appointed by presidents who check their political loyalties before selecting them. But in the past they would at least pretend to be impartial and do their best to follow the law, even if they would twist it to suit their own political ideology.  No more. The actions of Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas should scare us all. We should have seen this coming when Alito gave his bitter, resentful, and grievance filled speech to the Federalist Society in November of 2020.  As one writer put it: " Alito's speech is marked by the sense of bitter resentment and grievance of white Christian men that runs through the whole Trumpist fascist movement."  Now, emboldened by the actions of Trump and his allies, the push for a Christofascist takeover is in full effect. Roe v. Wade was just a start. The legislature in Louisiana, for instance, just passed a bill to make abortion pills a controlled substance. Let that sink in for a minute. Soon, there will be laws banning the teachings of certain things in schools and  pushing a far-right version of Christianity down the throats of school children. Wait.. they are already doing that. I see you Texas and Florida. 

There will be more to come.  America will keep going deeper down this right-wing rabbit hole, and when we realize what we have become it will be too late. We will be living out a dystopian Handmaid's Tale, and only mega church preachers and white nationalists will be happy. It's almost here. Google Project 2025 when you get a chance, and make yourself a stiff drink before you read it, you will need one. America will need a  dictatorship style form of government and leader in order to make the new Christian white nationalist nation a reality.  And here is the shocker: almost fifty percent of the voters seem to be cool with that.   

It's scary to think that the only thing standing in the way of all this happening is a shaky 81 year old man with a woman of color on his ticket. (Nothing against Kamala, but no one wants to talk about the elephant in the room: the thought that Uncle Joe could  check out at any minute and  his successor would be a...gasp! Black woman.) Throw in the fact that I have zero confidence in the DNC and their so called campaign experts, and you see where this is going.  Project 2025 could well become a reality. 

The perfect storm is brewing.  Pack your rain gear and batten down the hatches. We are in for a rough ride. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Cricket deserved better.

Every now and then a member of the MAGA crowd shows you who they really are. Take the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, for instance. It recently came to light, by way of her hastily penned book, that she murdered her family puppy, Cricket.  She did it because she could not control its behavior, and in her own words, she "hated" the dog. 

I am sure she thought that this revelation would bring her closer to the rest of her MAGA friends and put her in the driver's seat to be Donald Trump's VP pick, but it backfired. She has been living in a MAGA bubble where being cruel to poor and underrepresented people was fashionable, so she thought that this mentality would translate to animals as well.   

Sadly for her, and her political career,  her calculation was way off. She forgot how much American's love their pets, especially their dogs. (I could have told her. I wrote about this very thing years ago.) Now,  Americans are united in their outrage at her actions. I mean seriously, who murders a puppy?! She tried to rationalize away her actions by saying that she lived on a farm, and that farmers have to make  tough choices between life and death when it comes to their animals. But no one is buying it. We are talking about a puppy for crying out loud. The thing is, the man she has been auditioning for would have probably done the same thing. Cruelty to animals is a known trait of sociopaths. Donald Trump hates dogs, and Kristi Noem knows that.  This little blurb from her book was to  him and the rest of the MAGA base. These folks, after all, believe that cruelty is sexy. The cruelty is the point with them. 

This, though, was a bridge too far. And Noem knows it. Her political career is over. If Trump wins he might reward her with a  position in his cabinet, but that's the best she can hope for. 

Americans will forgive her cheating on her husband with a known scumbag, but not killing a puppy.  

RIP Cricket.   

Friday, March 29, 2024

The Field Negro poll.

Since we are so inundated with polls leading up to this November's election, I figured I would conduct my own internal polling on the subject. 

Here goes: 

Who will you be voting for this November?  

1. Joe Biden

2. Donald Trump.

3. RFK Jr.

4. Cornel West

5. None of the above. 

Please explain why you are voting the way you are.

Much appreciated. 

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Age is more than just a number for one candidate but not the other.


Joe Biden is old, and he looks and acts his age.  There is no getting around that fact. Americans believe it, and so, I am sure, does his handlers. He jumbles his words at times, and his memory is not what it should be. Donald trump is also old. And contrary to what MAGA world believes (and his gold mirror tells him) he looks and acts his age as well. Maybe even more so than Joe Biden. But, the American media being what it is, a narrative must be spun, and that narrative is that Joe Biden is the older, less capable, and more senile of the two men. 

The thing is, though, no matter how old and senile Joe Biden is, we know that his head and heart is in the right place when it comes to what's best for America. We can look back on the past three years of his administration and marvel at their accomplishments. Bringing us out of the dark chapter of our history known as the time of COVID-19, could not have been easy.  And now, looks at us, we are almost back to "normal".  Almost.

The other guy, on the other hand, does not have his heart in the right place. He does not care about what's best for America. He only cares about himself. He is a declared authoritarian and fascist who will govern like one, and he has vowed to get revenge on his perceived enemies.  The presidency is a get out of jail free card for him, and he will do whatever it takes to get it. The scary thing is, with the help and complicity of the corporate American media machine, he is well on his way to getting his wish. The old guy who has done a masterful public relations job of not seeming to be old, might very well beat the old guy who is not quite as adept and not making public perception his reality. 

Joe Biden held a  press conference this past week where he angrily denounced the latest Special Counsel report which exonerated him but added some Comeyesque editorializing for cheap political points. During that press conference he made a mistake by mixing up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt. It was a never ending story in both right and left wing media for days. (CNN might be still running it as their lead story as I type this.) The other guy mumbles and bumbles his way through endless seemingly adderall induced speeches, and I don't think that they are mentioned even once in the main stream media.  

Sadly, this is the new normal for the American press: They are riding the horse that makes them the most money.  In this case that horse is the one with the jockey wearing the bright red MAGA silks.    


Sunday, January 21, 2024

Caption this.



Name the title of this movie. 

And please don't give me pejorative remarks or inflammatory words like, See Tim Jig, or Uncle Tom's Candidate. 

Let's be respectful.....