Tuesday, May 24, 2022




How do we stop this madness?  


Sunday, May 15, 2022

There will be more replacement theory killers. And no one will be held accountable.

One common theme throughout my blogging career has been well meaning people who read my blog admonishing me because I allow the most hateful and vile white supremacists to post comments after my posts. 

Frankly, it's something that I have struggled with as well: Should I even allow comments? Should I block all comments, or just the offensive ones? At the end of the day, I always follow my strong First Amendment instincts and allow everyone to comment. I also allow it, because it's important that folks who read this blog realize what's lurking out there. They need to know how the landscape has changed, and how white supremacists--- and the hatred that they have for folks who look like me---- have become emboldened.

We all know by now what happened in Buffalo, New York, yesterday. A lone eighteen year old gunman took it upon himself to drive hours to find a black neighborhood and kill as many black folks as he could (eight is the latest count) before surrendering to law enforcement and being taken alive (Of course he was.) I am not sure if they took him to get a happy meal or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

His name is Payton Gendron, and his manifesto on white replacement , as someone stated on twitter, reads like a job application to be a producer on one of those FOX nightly news shows. 

There will be more Payton Gendrons in the days to come, because the right-wing hate machine that profits off white fear and resentment of others will not stop cranking out their hatred for profit. And gullible poor and undereducated white people will continue to think that folks who look like I do are the root of all of their problems. 

In the coming days the main stream media will tell us what a "troubled" and "unstable" teen Gendron is, and how he was simply suffering from mental issues. We won't hear that he is a vehicle for hate that was used and weaponized by the right-wing hate machine to take out his hatred on the people they tell us are trying to replace them. We won't hear that he is the product of a climate of fear and hatred that has emboldened racists and xenophobes thanks to the actions of the former president and his sycophants on the right. These are the people who praise Kyle Rittenhouse, but vilify Colin Kaepernick. 

 The blood of those thirteen people who were shot in Buffalo yesterday are on their hands.  

*Image from WTVD television. 



Friday, May 06, 2022

Samuel Alito's tale.

 I feel very comfortable saying as a man, that if men could get pregnant there would be more drive-through abortion clinics than Chick-fil-A restaurants in every town in America. 

So here we are. Fifty years of stare decisis  is about to be shot down by five conservative Judges on the Supreme Court. Why? Because only women get pregnant, and men don't have to give up control of their bodies for nine months to bring us our little bundles of joy. 

Forgot social stability and order in society, forget legal precedent, and forget respect for long settled law. These are different times we are living in. Justice Alito cites Sir Matthew Hale for crying out loud! The same Matthew Hale who said that husbands can't be prosecuted for raping their wives, and who sentenced women to death for being "witches".  Yikes!

Sadly, we should all have seen this coming when we elected the former guy to the highest office in the land. Now, anything is possible. We thought hat the highest court in the land was beyond reproach and could not be compromised. Boy were we wrong. 

Liberals and folks on the left are going crazy with rage. They can't believe that America has morphed into something out of The Handmaid's Tale.  And, quite frankly, some of them should be upset. I say some, because some of these same liberals and left-wing purists refused to vote for Her. ----You know, the e-mails lady--- Now, looking back, they are having regrets. 

But how could they have not seen this coming? It takes incredible political naivety the likes of which is reserved for the Susan Collins of the world to believe that these Justices were not going to get on the Supreme Court and do exactly what they are apparently going to do. When they all sat there lying to those Senators during their confirmation hearings about respecting precedent and Roe being settled law, we all knew they were lying. But the political game is so rigged in America, and the feckless and inept democrats in congress are so powerless, that we all knew that there was nothing that was going to be done to stop the inevitable. 

Now we will see how committed folks in this country are to making sure that we don't go backwards when it comes to our individual rights. If a woman can be prosecuted and jailed for a choice she makes when it comes to her own body, just imagine what could come next. 

I recently saw the following quote from an article written for cnn.com back in November. 

"Here's the best-kept secret about the so-called abortion "debate" in the United States: It's actually not that much of a debate at all. A majority of Americans believe that the decision to end or continue a pregnancy should be left to a woman and her doctor, not the state. Most Americans oppose laws that make it more difficult for reproductive health clinics to operate. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments next month challenging Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide, but fewer than a third of Americans want Roe to be overturned. "

When you have autocratic and fascist leanings, the will of the people does not matter. Only those who are in power get the final word. 

Happy Mother's Day everybody.    


Sunday, May 01, 2022

You never know when those corn flakes might attack.


I'm going to need some of you to help me understand this trend with some of my gun loving friends. I mean  has it really become this dangerous to visit your local Target? 

What motivates a mother to bring her kids shopping with a long-gun strapped to her back? Spats over parking spaces can get rough sometimes. I get it, those minivans are big. But is Karen really going to go Rambo on someone for beating her to a spot? 

This trend, I must say, is troubling. I am not sure I feel comfortable in a public space with someone who just wants to show off that fact that they can exercise their Second Amendment right in the most open of ways. Especially when I see guys like this.  Of course we all know what his problem is. (Hey buddy, I guess you gotta find a way to make up for what you're lacking in other areas. Just saying..)

Some of you in Red States might have a totally different view about this. But personally, I don't think this good guy with a gun thing is a good idea. 

We pay law enforcement officers for that. Let them do their jobs.