Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reggie, Gaga, and the Grammys.

Mrs. Field is trying to get me to watch the Grammy Awards Show. I am not biting. I am trying to blog, instead. Notice I said trying. She has the television going full blast in the other room. I am guessing she is going to make me listen to it or watch it whether I like it or not. "That Lady Gaga sure can sing". Yeah, whatever. I am still not biting.
So anyway, while perusing the blogosphere I came across an interesting read over at the excellent Maynard Institute blog. Some of you have probably heard about it by now, but I would really love to hear the sister's take on it.

Mrs. Field usually gets Essence Magazine, and I admit that I usually "sneak a peak" from time to time, but I must have missed the Reggie Bush issue:

"A high-profile black athlete with a white girlfriend?" Jenice Armstrong began Wednesday in her Philadelphia Daily News column.
"No big thing.

'Well, not unless the athlete happens to be on the cover of Essence magazine and that particular issue is supposed to be all about 'black men, love and relationships.'

'Then, what you have is a potentially sticky situation especially since the cover model is none other than New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush, who is romantically involved with Kim Kardashian. Besides her reality-TV show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians,' Kardashian's biggest claim to fame is a pornographic sex tape she made with former boyfriend Ray J, brother of singer Brandy.

'. . . The image of Bush has irritated a long-frayed nerve that is further aggravated by the fact that Essence, a magazine many black women think of as their own, made him its cover image. It's stirred up an old debate about high-profile black men and their preference for dating white or light-skinned women.

'. . . on, a lively debate is waging with more than 1,300 comments posted on this issue.' (The comments page has apparently been deleted.)

'"Essence declines comment,' spokeswoman Dana Baxter told Journal-isms. " [Story here]

Ms. Baxter, I don't blame you. I wouldn't touch that one with a twelve foot pole.

Before I go, can someone tell me why Taylor what's her name keeps winning awards? I think the Kanye payback is complete. (BTW, he was right) Enough already!

*Pic from the Maynard Institute blog.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Face Off.

What happened last Friday in Baltimore was extraordinary. His O ness went there to meet Republicans face to face, and to take them on for a little rumble in crab cake country. (No offense, Baltimore is a fine city with some wonderful people. But couldn't the rethugs have picked another spot for their retreat? It's not even an hour from D.C. Sorry, that doesn't sound like much of a retreat to me.)

I saw some of it on cable television, and it was high drama. You just knew his O ness wanted to go Southside but couldn't. His tongue must be sore from all that biting he did. The rethugs wanted to get medieval on his ass as well. Call him a few choice words; tell him what they really think of his beige behind, but they couldn't, either. Isn't A-merry-can civility wonderful? (That look Boehner gave his O ness as they shook hands was priceless.)

"The Republicans agreed to let TV cameras inside, resulting in an extended, point-by-point interchange that was almost unprecedented in U.S. politics, and rarely witnessed outside of Presidential Debates.The President and GOP House members took turns questioning and oft- times lecturing each other for over an hour at the gathering, and neither side could resist the chance to challenge and even scold the other. "

I think it was a bad move on the republicans part to let the cameras in. It looked like they were ganging up on O and that he was taking the high road. Even when he started scolding and lecturing them it looked as if his actions were justified. The rethugs, on the other hand, had to have known that their most rabid supporters would be watching the video clips of the event at some point, and their strained attempt to muster a conflict and disagreements at every turn came off as petty and uncalled for. Memo to the GOP: Most A-merry-cans- unlike moi-are looking for bi-partisanship. That face-off with O did not look like the republicans are looking for it as well. It looked like more of the same: Block; block; block; and oppose everything at every turn.

"With many Americans from all over the political spectrum angry about partisanship and legislative logjams, both sides were eager to demonstrate they were ready to cooperate, resulting in the GOP invitation and Obama’s acceptance. Friday’s exchanges showed that Mr. Obama and the Republicans remain far apart on key issues. It remains to be seen if that divide can be narrowed during the coming weeks."

It can't be "narrowed". Not now. It's too close to the next election. They might not have said it, but sometimes actions can speak much louder than words.
Just remember who sent you to Washington, O. While you keep trying to have Kumbaya moments with your enemies, your friends are getting restless.
On a side note: After a little dust up with some trolls the other day, I found myself checking my statcounter. Needless to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that we have gotten over two million hits on our little blog. I am not sure when exactly we hit that milestone, but to all of you who keep checking into the fields to give your minds a workout, I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks!
To the haters....*middle finger up*

Friday, January 29, 2010

The strange case of Tiana Drummond-Phiri

The following cut and paste job is kind of long, but I need you to read it all the way through. It's important if we are going to discuss the post in a rational and objective way. The article is from Anette John-Hall, writing for my hometown paper, the Philadelphia inquirer.

"Any teenager will tell you that senseless fights happen almost every day in high school. Detentions and suspensions are served and students move on, in the hope they have learned their lessons.

But the penalty meted out to Tiana Drummond-Phiri by Archbishop Carroll High School in Radnor and the Delaware County District Attorney's Office gives new meaning to "cruel and unusual punishment."

As with so many overblown teenage spats, it all started with a dustup. On March 16, an argument erupted between two classmates at Carroll - in theology class, of all places. A white student complained about the teacher's erasing a classmate's name from a demerit list on the board, suggesting that the reprieve was only because the student was black.
Dozing in the back of the room, senior Steven Farley said in court testimony, he heard the commotion and yelled "shut up" at the black student several times.

Tiana, a senior, was not in the class, but entered the oral sparring in the hallway afterward, taking up for the black student, a friend of hers.

"What's your friend's problem?" she asked Farley, who told her to get away from him and to "shut the f- up," according to the police report.

Their angry exchange marked the beginning of a high school beef that would have an unfathomable result.

Though the two were not even the original combatants, they sniped at each other the rest of the day and into the next.

Tiana, who took the train back to Overbrook every day, called her ex-boyfriend to meet her at the station and ride home with her.

Her ex, Jamar Cann, arrived with a friend. Farley showed up, too - driving there with a group of his pals. Witnesses testified that virtually the whole senior class followed. Rumors had circulated throughout the day that there would be a fight, they said.

And there was. Cann and Farley exchanged punches, though witnesses couldn't agree on exactly what happened.

What is certain is that at some point, Farley ended up with a fractured eye from a sucker punch inflicted by an "unknown black male," not Cann, according to the police report.

If anyone was to be charged, you'd think it would be the people throwing the punches.
Farley. Cann. Unknown black male sucker-puncher.
But no.

What happened next defies logic.

Authorities sucker-punched Tiana, though she stood 40 yards away and never threw a punch herself.

They didn't just throw the book at her - they pummeled her with the entire Criminal Code, nine charges in all: simple assault, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, three different counts of harassment, two counts of conspiracy, and reckless endangerment. All because of a phone call that they said started the trouble.

"The person who created the situation is clearly her," said Thomas F. Laurie Jr., a Delaware County assistant district attorney, before her sentencing in Media last Friday. "She's the one who had these guys show up and inflict serious injury."
You don't need a police dog to sniff out this bull.

The charges were so bogus that the judge found Tiana not guilty of eight of the nine during her trial in December - but let conspiracy to commit simple assault stand.
Let's see if I have this straight.

Tiana had to be at the station to take the train home. No one can explain why Farley was there, including Farley. (Well, the detective noted in his report that kids often go to the station to hang out and smoke cigarettes. Nothing like a cigarette after a hard day at school.
Farley fought. Tiana didn't.
Tiana gets slapped with nine criminal charges. No one even looks in Farley's direction. Tiana goes home fearing her fate. Farley, fractured eye and all, goes out later that day to indulge in some underage drinking for more than two hours, according to his own testimony. Farley is allowed to testify without repercussions. But Cann, Tiana's primary witness, is pulled from the stand after the prosecutor asks for a conference, according to Tiana's lawyer. A public defender called by the court then tells him he could be criminally charged if he testifies. He doesn't.

Need more travesty?

Tiana is suspended from school for the rest of the year. Farley? Welcomed back with open arms.

For Tiana, the suspension was a shock. Her mother, Violet Phiri, said that when she took Tiana to school two days after the incident, she was assured by school officials that there would be no repercussions for the off-campus brawl. But later that day, Tiana was pulled out of class, summoned to the school office, and aggressively interrogated by Detective James Santoliquito of the Radnor Township Police Department - without counsel.
It was a traumatizing experience, Tiana said. She called her mother, who arrived to find her daughter alone. The next day, Tiana was called to the principal's office. Her mother said the school wanted Tiana to write a statement saying that Tiana had never had any racial problems at school, nor had reported any. She refused and was told to go home.

At the insistence of Tiana's mother, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sent a letter weeks later confirming Tiana's suspension. She also received a notification from the prosecutor's office instructing her when to report to the police station for fingerprinting and processing.
This teen, who only months before was lauded by her teachers as a stellar student, even enthusiastically supported for an academic scholarship, was now barred from going anywhere near the school. God forbid she'd infect the students with such gangster tendencies.
Devastating ordeal.The whole ordeal devastated her. Even though she lived only blocks away from Overbrook High, her parents, South African immigrants, had sacrificed to send her to Carroll. Tiana was forced to complete her studies at home to earn her degree. By mail.
Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? Or student mediation? Or conflict resolution? Or Catholic values? What could students possibly have learned from such draconian actions, as though only one of them had shown poor judgment?

The school didn't return my calls, referring all questions to the archdiocese. An archdiocesean spokesperson said she was not allowed to discuss personnel matters.

The callousness of the archdiocese's decision to suspend her still bothers Tiana. "It seemed like they had already made up their minds about me - that's what hurt me the most," she said.
At her sentencing last Friday, it was obvious just how much the deck was stacked against her.
Common Pleas Court Judge Charles C. Keeler was clearly aggravated by Tiana's lawyer. "My client's an honor student, waiting for the train to go home," William J. Ciancaglini said. "If this were a white honor student and a big black kid was yelling in her face, guess who's getting arrested. It's the black kid, guaranteed. . . . I'm sorry if I've offended the court."

"You have," said the judge, who admonished him with "you be quiet" and "you shut up" later in the proceedings.

The prosecutor made sure to use the ample time allowed him to scold Tiana for having the nerve to be offended by her peer's racial remark, which he declared unintentional. She missed "the opportunity that was presented to give someone the benefit of the doubt, to engage someone who said an improper remark," he insisted. "This young lady took it way too far." Did I forget to say the school is just 6 percent black?

Meanwhile, Santoliquito, the detective who investigated the incident, chummily sat with Farley's parents in court and escorted them outside.

I tried to ask the Farleys why their son went to the train station. "No comment," they said.
I also wanted to ask the detective why they never found the unknown sucker-puncher.
He said he couldn't talk.

In the end, Tiana received one year's probation and a fine to be determined. Her family already has paid $4,000 in legal fees.

She plans to appeal." [Story here]

I will not comment on this case for fear of being called a "racism chaser." [And other professional reasons.] But since it was in my local paper I just thought I would put it out there. There. There. And There.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Men Behaving Badly."

I am bugging out about a few things tonight. The first is this commercial that Focus On The [right wing]Family paid to have aired during the Super Bowl. The frauds over at CBS actually allowed Tim Tebow to appear in a commercial to pitch pro-life propaganda. (Memo to Tim; work on your damn game and stop trying to preach to me. If your body can't produce a child I don't want to hear shit that you have to say about abortion. Period. And that goes for every other man in A-merry-ca.) Now where was I? Oh yes, CBS. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. It's the damn Super Bowl! I want to see athletes get their game on. I don't need to get preached to from someone standing on a holier than thou soap box. And besides, didn't they tell a a church group who wanted to embrace Gays no to an ad. a few years back?

"I know some people won't agree with it," said Tebow of the 30-second ad at a press conference in Mobile, Ala., on Sunday, in preparation for next weekend's Senior Bowl. "But I think they can at least respect that I stand up for what I believe. I've always been very convicted of [his views on abortion] because that's the reason I'm here, because my mom was a very courageous woman."

I do respect what you stand for, Tim. But I need you to respect what I stand for as well. So why should I have to hear what you stand for while I try to watch the damn game?

The second is the behavior of one of the supremes last night. This Alito character did his best Joe Wilson imitation while his O ness was giving his address. "Not true" he mouthed for all the world to see. "JUSTICE OPENLY DISAGREES WITH OBAMA IN SPEECH" the headlines scream. Hey, we know that at least four members of the supremes are right wing partisan hacks, but these guys are supposed to have the poker faces going at all times. I guess that sometimes it's just too hard to hide your disdain for a certain uppity beige fellow. Next time, Sam, could you at least cover your mouth?

And finally, I have to talk about my home boy Chris Matthews. Seems that poor Chris forgot that his O ness was black last night for an entire hour. And now the poor guy is getting ripped for it. -Even Rush Limbaugh is making fun of him.-

"I was trying to think about who he was tonight. It's interesting: he is post-racial, by all appearances. I forgot he was black tonight for an hour. You know, he's gone a long way to become a leader of this country, and passed so much history, in just a year or two. I mean, it's something we don't even think about. I was watching, I said, wait a minute, he's an African-American guy in front of a bunch of other white people. And here he is president of the United States and we've completely forgotten that tonight.. "

*Wait, still laughing.* OK yeah that would explain a lot. Thanks Chris. Hey at least you forgot that the guy was black for whole hour. -I bet Samuel Alito didn't forget.....*wait, still laughing* And Chris, you are not alone. Back in November of 2008, about sixty million people forgot he was black as well. The thing is, I think they forgot for more than an hour. But don't worry, I think that they are starting to remember. *Still laughing*.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State Of The Union and Paul Shirley.

I see O is still delivering his latest introduction to the A-merry-ca people. I would wait until he is over to post, but why should I? We all know what's going to happen: The dems will love it. The rethugs will hate it, and the fight will continue in Washington. Over at Radio Rwanda there will be pundits saying that his speech did nothing to change their minds about A-merry-ca heading down the wrong path, and over on other so called main stream news outlets they will be breaking down every little thing he said and "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" his speech writers.

For what it's worth, the speech has been decent so far. (I loved when he gave a shout out to the First Lady. Is it me or does it look like Michelle Obama has seriously stepped up her fashion game?) He told the A-merry-can people that we are in trying times and they call for extraordinary measures, such as domestic spending freezes. (Hmmm, no cut on military spending?) And he scolded himself for not doing a better job of getting his message out to the A-merry-can people. “I take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the American people,” Obama said. “... This problem is not going away.” But we have come to expect nice speeches from O. As they say over at Jello: The proof will be in the pudding. That is what will determine if we will hear nice speeches for three more years or seven.

Another story that got my attention today is the one about this has-been b-ball player slamming the relief effort in Haiti, and chastising A-merry-cans for giving to the cause. Most of you have never heard of Paul Shirley, and if it wasn't for his stance on the Haitian relief effort you would never have heard of him at all. He had a cup of tea in the NBA but that's about it. Still, my man is getting headlines today becaause of his rant. Here is some of what he said:

"I haven’t donated to the Haitian relief effort for the same reason that I don't give money to homeless men on the street," he wrote. "Based on past experiences, I don't think the guy with the sign that reads 'Need You're Help' is going to do anything constructive with the dollar I might give him. If I use history as my guide, I don't think the people of Haiti will do much with my money either..."
".. And he didn't stop there, even writing a letter to the people of Haiti. "Dear Haitians," he wrote, "First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded. "As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?" He also asked what's being done to prevent this tragedy from happening again, using New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as an example. "We did the same after Hurricane Katrina," he said. "We were quick to vilify humans who were too slow to respond to the needs of victims, forgetting that the victims had built and maintained a major city below sea level in a known target zone for hurricanes. Our response: Make the same mistake again. Rebuild a doomed city, putting aside logic as we did."

Now, as to be expected, people of conscience everywhere are outraged, and ESPN has dropped my man as a freelance writer. But here is the thing; there are quite a few people who agree with Mr. Shirley. And I, for one, am of the opinion that he he has a right to express himself just like everyone else. So I don't think that ESPN should have dropped him, and I want people like Mr. Shirley to have a platform to speak. We need to hear all sides of these types of debates here in A-merry-ca. As ignorant and as repulsive as his views might seem to most of us, there are many folks who are saying, right on Mr. Shirley way to speak for me.
To those folks and Mr. Shirley, I give you the following article by the brilliant Hilary Beckles. I realise that Mr. Shirley has been too busy cultivating his basketball skills to actually read a book or an article about Haiti over the past few years, so I am always glad to educate where I can.

" best to deliver a major conference on the theme Rethinking And Rebuilding Haiti.
I am very keen to provide an input into this exercise because for too long there has been a popular perception that somehow the Haitian nation-building project, launched on January 1, 1804, has failed on account of mismanagement, ineptitude, corruption.

Buried beneath the rubble of imperial propaganda, out of both Western Europe and the United States, is the evidence which shows that Haiti's independence was defeated by an aggressive North-Atlantic alliance that could not imagine their world inhabited by a free regime of Africans as representatives of the newly emerging democracy.

The evidence is striking, especially in the context of France.
The Haitians fought for their freedom and won, as did the Americans fifty years earlier. The Americans declared their independence and crafted an extraordinary constitution that set out a clear message about the value of humanity and the right to freedom, justice, and liberty.
In the midst of this brilliant discourse, they chose to retain slavery as the basis of the new nation state. The founding fathers therefore could not see beyond race, as the free state was built on a slavery foundation.

The water was poisoned in the well; the Americans went back to the battlefield a century later to resolve the fact that slavery and freedom could not comfortably co-exist in the same place. "

You see that Mr. Shirley? Rather than shout you down, the field chooses to educate you. You can thank me by writing a check to the Haitian relief effort.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

G. Gordon Liddy, Redux?

I am not sure if you have been paying attention folks, but there is some really strange stuff going on in politics these days. First, folks on the right have hinted that his O ness and his crew dispatched a ghost writer to write positive letters to the editors of various newspapers about O. Right wing blogs are all a buzz about this Ellie Light character, and some legitimate news sources are all over her as well. This writer who seems to have a love affair with all things O, apparently has a knack for getting her letters published. As a result, the wingnuts smell a rat.

"If you're not familiar with the notorious Ellie Light, this is a great time for something of a little primer on "her." Ellie Light could well be a pseudonym, or it could even be a fake person entirely concocted by a well-organized effort by a group or groups to fabricate widespread support for the abysmal, dropping popularity of Barack Obama. In any case, the forces behind Ellie Light are basically a multi-location, well-organized propaganda effort all in the support of Obama and his policies. Ellie Light is actually the pen name used for multiple Letters to the Editor that have begun appearing over the last few weeks in newspapers all across the US. These Letters to the Editor all from "Ellie Light" have appeared in New Mexico's Ruidoso News to across the country in South Carolina's The Sun News and every other conceivable locale in between."

"Notorious Ellie Light"? "well-organized propaganda effort"? Organized by who? Give me a break! How about a citizen from California who happens to be a traveling nurse, and who happens to be an Obamaholic with a great writing style. Don't blame her if newspaper editors don't do a better job of fact checking which letters get published on their letters to the editor page. I heard girlfriend on the radio this morning and she admitted to being less than honest with the newspaper folks about where she is from, but I didn't smell some big plot from the DNC or one of O's people.

So sorry, nothing to see with Ms. Light, wingnuts. Move along. You will have to get his O ness on something else.

Actually, if we are going to be honest; the real illegal and nefarious crap going on in politics today is from the right. Yep, the right. Seems that clown who pretended to be a pimp and took a hidden camera into ACORN's offices is at it again. This time his butt got arrested by New Orleans finest. ( I wonder if Glen Beck bailed him out?) They are calling it a" Watergate-style" break in attempt. This chump was actually trying to tap the phones in Senator Mary Landrieu's New Orleans office. I wonder what the hell he was expecting to hear? And just who the hell he was working with?

"A federal law enforcement official said one of the suspects was picked up in a car a couple of blocks away with a listening device that could pick up transmissions. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the information was not part of the FBI affidavit.
O'Keefe said 'veritas,' Latin for truth, as he left jail Tuesday with suspects Stan Dai and Joseph Basel, both 24. All declined to comment.

'There will be a time for that," Dai said."'

Yes, "veritas" indeed. The truth, Mr. O'Keefe, is that you are a common criminal. And I hope the DA in The Big Easy throws the book at you like a Drew Brees pass.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Viola playing drug dealer taken down? Wait....maybe not.

Pssst; hey field, do you feel like doing a little running? You being Jamaican and all I know you like to get your run on.
No racism, please leave me alone! I am not chasing you tonight. I just had a meeting with my accountant, and life is too good here in A-merry-ca. Not even you can ruin my red white and blue high, tonight.

OK field, but think about it, I have a new story for you:

"The photos taken by Jordan Miles' mother show his face covered with raw, red bruises, his cheek and lip swollen, his right eye swollen shut. A bald spot mars the long black dreadlocks where the 18-year-old violist says police tore them from his head.

Now, 10 days after plainclothes officers stopped him on a street and arrested him after a struggle that they say revealed a soda bottle under his coat, not the gun they suspected, his right eye is still slightly swollen and bloodshot. His head is shaved. The three white officers who arrested him have been reassigned. And his mother says she is considering a lawsuit.

"I feel that my son was racially profiled," Terez Miles said. "It's a rough neighborhood; it was after dark. ... They assumed he was up to no good because he's black. My son, he knows nothing about the streets at all. He's had a very sheltered life, he's very quiet, he doesn't know police officers sit in cars and stalk people like that."

A judge continued the case until Feb. 18 after the officers failed to appear at a hearing Thursday, Miles' attorney, Kerrington Lewis, said.

The police department is saying little as it investigates and isn't releasing the officers' names. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said that the city is investigating whether the officers' actions were justified and that if they weren't, "they will be held accountable for those actions."

"The incident was very troubling to me, and we're taking it very seriously," Ravenstahl told reporters. "It seems as if there was a tremendous amount of force used."
Miles' family describes him as a studious teenager who plays the viola for a jazz band and the orchestra at Pittsburgh's prestigious Creative and Performing Arts High School.

The confrontation began around 11 p.m. Jan. 12, when the teenager walked out of his mother's home and headed to his grandmother's, where he spends most nights. His mother complimented him on the new jacket he had gotten for his birthday.

"It looks handsome," she said, smiling as he walked down the front steps.
As Miles walked up the block, he noticed three men sitting in a white car, "but I thought nothing of it," he said.

The criminal complaint says Miles was standing against a building "as if he was trying to avoid being seen." But he says he was walking when the men jumped out of the car.
"Where's the money?" one shouted, according to Miles. "Where's the gun? Where's the drugs?" the other two said. "It was intimidating; I thought I was going to be robbed," Miles said.

That's when he says he took off back to his mother's house but slipped on the icy sidewalk. Before he could pull himself up, Miles said, the men were at his back.

"That's when they started beating me, punching, kicking me, choking me," he said.
Not until 15 minutes later, when uniformed officers drove up in a van and Miles overheard their conversation, did he realize he had been arrested, he said. Initially, when the handcuffs were clamped around his wrists, he thought he was being abducted, he said.

The police believed Miles, who appeared to have something heavy in his pocket, was carrying a gun, according to the affidavit. The police say they used a stun gun on the teenager. According to the affidavit, the object in Miles' pocket turned out to be a bottle of Mountain Dew. But Miles says he didn't have anything in his pocket and rarely drinks Mountain Dew."

Sorry racism, I still won't bite. Hey, the kid could be lying. I know damn good and well that those black kids love Mountain Dew. And besides, as one of my regular black conservative readers like to point out, he could be one of those "street pirates". The police can't be too careful these days. If the kid wants to avoid these types of confrontations tell his mama to move to a better neighborhood.

Furthermore, the president didn't talk about it like he did with Skip Gates, so I don't see anything here to get excited about. It's not like the kid was a college professor or anything.

Field, you are no more fun. The man has finally gotten to you.

I know. Next week I am checking out country club memberships.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exciting neighborhood tours!

I know that we are in a recession, and that we have to do what we can to get our hustle on. But charging tourist to tour gang infested neighborhoods? Look, I am all for making an honest living, but seriously, couldn't tourist visiting L.A. just settle for the home of the stars and the Hollywood walk of fame?
"Passengers paying $65 a head Saturday signed waivers acknowledging they could be crime victims and put their fate in the hands of tattooed ex-gang members who say they have negotiated a cease-fire among rivals in the most violent gangland in America. If that sounds daunting, consider the challenge facing organizers of LA Gang Tours: trying to build a thriving venture that provides a glimpse into gang life while also trying to convince people that gang-plagued communities are not as hopeless as movies depict.... 'There's a fascination with gangs'" said founder Alfred Lomas, a former member of the Florencia 13 gang. 'We can either address the issue head-on, create awareness and discuss the positive things that go on in these communities, or we can try to sweep it under the carpet."'

Yes, but Alfred, who drops $65 to get shot? I know white folks are adventurous but isn't this a bit much? "Look honey, it's a Crip. See, he is wearing blue. He looks just like that guy in the Snoop Dogg video. And look at all the pretty graffiti, aren't you glad you came?"
Yes, one more check-off on the old "Bucket List": actually visit a gang infested neighborhood.
"It's a terrible idea," City Councilman Dennis Zine said. "Is it worth that thrill for 65 bucks? You can go to a (gang) movie for a lot less and not put yourself at risk." More than 50 people brushed aside safety concerns for Saturday's maiden tour to hear how notorious gangs got started and bear witness to the struggling neighborhoods where tens of thousands of residents have been lured into gang life.
I might be missing out on something here. Los Angeles isn't the only city with urban violence and crime. Maybe I could do the same thing here in Philly. I am sure that folks from middle A-merry-ca would just love to see where the Lex Street Murders took place. And that's where crack addict number six got shot to death, and that's where crack addict number seven got shot to death. Or I could take my friends from Kansas and Iowa where the JBM used to roam and execute folks on the regular to control their turf. And, if that didn't get them excited enough, I could take them to where the aptly named Kaboni Savage had seven people murdered by having their home fire bombed. The tour guide would have a field day with that one. And, to top off my tour, I would take them where my man Gary Heidnik was getting his "Jungle Fever" on by eating his victims. That would be a nice touch. I could sell salt and pepper souvenirs shakers with Gary's name and some of the victims on it.
Of course, just like my man Alfred Lomas did, I will have to have my customers sign a waiver. I don't need any of them catching a stray bullet if you know what I mean. That could be bad for business.
"There's a fascination with gangs," said founder Alfred Lomas, a former member of the Florencia 13 gang. "We can either address the issue head-on, create awareness and discuss the positive things that go on in these communities, or we can try to sweep it under the carpet."
Sure Alfred, and if you can make a buck exploiting the poor people of "these communities" along the way, why not?
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On a ligher note, good luck to "Who Dat Nation", tonight. Your city deserves a Super Bowl.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Hell Hath No Fury"

"There's no sin in loving men. Only pain!" -- ~Ally McBeal~

Oh what the hell, I have been getting e-mails about this story all day so I might as well go ahead and blog about it. It's from the "hell hath no fury" category. And fellows, as we all know, now that we are in the age of Tiger these stories are never good.

I mean you dump your jump off and she puts your mug up in time square? WTF? For those of you folks who have never been to New York, you have to believe me when I tell you that the picture you are looking at that goes with this post was put in a very public place. And apparently, it was put in a couple of other cities as well.

Poor guy.

"Charles Phillips released a statement Thursday about his relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins after blogs went abuzz over the mysterious billboards.
"I had an 8 1/2 year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins," Phillips said. "My divorce proceedings began in 2008. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well."'

Oh field, there you go; what's so "poor" about him? That's what he gets for cheating on his wife. Besides didn't the article say that no one is taking credit for the billboard, how do we know that she did it? It could have been a business rival.

Well.... "The man who designed the site, Bela Kovacs, told The Wall Street Journal that Wilkins commissioned the site in late summer. Kovacs said he assumed the site was for a happy couple and he never met Phillips. Kovacs told The New York Post that Wilkins told him the site, which cost about $1,400, was a gift for Phillips."
I guess a few thousand dollars is not a lot of cash to spend if you really want to stick it to your ex. Hell she could have went upside his head with a five iron, or worse, spilled her guts on The View. Sorry Charles, I know that I am reaching, I mean this can't be good for you, but look at the bright side; at least you aren't Tiger. Or worse, Mikal Middleton-Bey.

In case you were wondering, Mr. Bey is a recently deceased man whose 300 pound girlfriend decided to snuff him out (no pun intended) by sitting on him. Oh yeah, Mr. Middleton- Bey weighed in at a buck twenty. He really stepped up in weight class to find true love. Nothing wrong with that; unless, of course, your girl happens to be a little psycho. Or, you think you can abuse her and get away with it. None of which would be cool. Apparently the prosecutors thought that there were some mitigating circumstances, because all the heavy weight champion of love got was three years probation and community service.

"So basically you can say that I can go sit on somebody and get probation? I feel there wasn't no[sic] justice."

[Says Mr. Bey's step-mother.] But step-mom, the poor guy weighed 120 pounds! What were you feeding him at home? Seems to me that he was on his way to starving to death before he met his unfortunate demise.....let me stop.

Have a good Saturday night y'all. And if you must go and get your party on, please drink responsibly. And please please please; watch who you take home from the spot.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Corporations are more important than people in A-merry-ca.

I just got back from D.C. and the MMTC Broadband & Social Justice Summit. Shout out to David and the ladies who took care of the field during the conference. And big ups to the wonderful students (and the professors) I met from Howard University. Hitting your books and keeping your eyes on the prize is field Negro behavior.

Now that I have that out of the way, I have to rip the supremes, tonight. As some of you may or may not know, the United States Supreme court, by a vote of five to four, decided that a corporation-a legal fiction-has just as much rights as you, an actual human being. Yes, in what will probably go down as one of the worst decisions in the history of that illustrious body, they have given corporations the right to donate as much money as they want to one political candidate over another. They have, in essence, wiped out the only good thing that John McCain has ever done.

“If the First Amendment has any force,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority, which included the four members of its conservative wing, “it prohibits Congress from fining or jailing citizens, or associations of citizens, for simply engaging in political speech.”When government seeks to use its full power, including the criminal law, to command where a person may get his or her information or what distrusted source he or she may not hear, it uses censorship to control thought.."

Huh? Excuse me? Oh yeah, nice. Now corporations will be able to pick our political candidates for us. As if there isn't already enough money in politics. This is insane! Folks, if you think that Washington is overflowing with money and lobbyist who influence our laws, now; just wait, it's going to get worse.

I agree with his O ness on this one:

"With its ruling today, the Supreme Court has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics. It is a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans. … We are going to talk with bipartisan congressional leaders to develop a forceful response to this decision. "

I sure hope so O man, because treating corporations as if they have First Amendment rights is not cool. Of course the wingnuts love it, but what else would you expect from people who put money over people and profits over what's just. The clowns on the right finally got their way. But we all saw it coming, we knew that the previous holding was just hanging by a thread.

So now the flood gates are open, ,and here in A-merry-ca we just might be f&*%^d.

Uncle Clarence, just when I think you can't disappoint me anymore, you once again prove why you are the most dangerous house Negro in A-merry-ca.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Culture shock?


I am sick of all the gloom and doom, so I think I will put down a lighter post tonight by way of a cut and paste job. Although, I know to some,- especially my single friends-this is a serious subject.

It comes from a a poster over at AOL Black Voices named Tonna Bronze (I am guessing it's not her real name), and she would like to pose a question to you sisters:

"Black women, have any of you ever encountered drama from black men or your own families for dating someone outside of your culture - though of the same race? My boyfriend is African, and I'm a black American woman. We have been together for almost four years, and we are happy together. My one black male friend said to me, "Why are these Africans coming over here and taking our women?" He was joking around, but it is still annoying. (He had the nerve to ask me that question after he dated a white Jewish girl). My family was cracking jokes on my boyfriend because he was African (not to his face - but to mine, whenever he was not around). Still, my family loves my boyfriend as a member of the family.It gets old. Why is it ok for black men to date outside of their culture or race? Why are black women looked down upon for dating outside of their race and culture? It's annoying, and people need to stop putting black women in a box.What do you all think? Have you ever dated a black man from another culture? - Let alone, dated someone outside of your race all together??" [story]

I know what Mrs. Field's answer to that question would be: she married one. Although, to be honest, I don't think of myself as being from another culture. I am from another country that's made up of black folks just like my African American brothers and sisters. It just so happens that it was colonized by the Brits. (Although you should try telling that to some of my aunts: Field yu marry an American gurl? Lawd mi did tink yu would marry a gurl from Jamaica like yu modda. Digression alert!) Did I grow up liking different types of food and music? Sure I did. But so did black folks in Louisiana as opposed to black folks in New York or California. I don't think there is any flack among black American folks when we marry across state lines is there? Then why should there be when black folks marry each other from different countries and "cultures"? Some of the happiest couples I know are culturally mixed; so there.

My sisters, go on and do your thing. If it makes you happy and that person is your soul mate I am not mad at you. True love is too damn hard to find.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eathquakes have no conscience: People should.

I want to break away from the tragic events and human suffering taking place in Haiti to write about some tragic events and human suffering a lot closer to home. Here in Philly we are used to murders. I am surrounded by killings and killers in both my professional life and my life as a citizen. I could blog about a different murder every day, but I wouldn't have time to blog about anything else.

Sadly, every now and then one of the murders in our city strikes a nerve with me. The murder of Ellen Walton in East Germantown struck struck such a nerve. Here was a woman who dedicated her life to helping others, working as a social worker and volunteering to help food banks and her church in service to her community. A solid citizen and human being who contributed in a positive way to the fabric of this city. Yet some animal [or animals] saw it fit to brutally take her life away from her. The poor woman could not even enjoy her golden years.

"Sometime during the last week, Walton apparently returned to her house on the 6300 block of Magnolia Street, parked her car, and opened her back door to enter through the basement, as she usually did. Police believe she turned the key in the lock, and was then forced inside by an unknown number of people, who beat her to death and ransacked her home. The intruders took two televisions, cash, and possibly some jewelry, and drove away in Walton's Toyota Rav 4.."

"Two televisions, cash, and possibly some jewelry." "Two televisions,cash, and possibly some jewelry." Two matter how many times I say it, it's still not making sense to me. When an act of nature destroys hundreds of thousands of lives it's horrific, but it's an act of nature. The elements are not supposed to have a soul or a conscience. When a human being does shit like this-take the life of someone so innocent and defenseless-it makes us all angry.
"Neighbors described Walton as a friendly woman who mostly kept to herself and had a kind smile for everyone. 'I can't even talk about it," said Karen Bruce, a nurse who regularly makes home visits to a house on Walton's block. "It's very upsetting - a tragedy."'

Of course, here in A-merry-ca, we have had our fair share of those lately. Tragedies are becoming the norm.

Just yesterday, in Virginia, another animal masquerading as a human being killed eight people (Including his wife and son.)

"The shooting occurred around noon Tuesday when Speight shot and killed his wife and son amid a domestic dispute, a vice-chairman of the Appomattox County Board of Supervisors told the Washington Post....Last night, Molnar confirmed to the Daily News that eight people -- including both men and women -- were slain. Their names were not released.
Three bodies were found inside a home in Appomattox County; four were found just outside, Molnar said, who declined to discuss a possible motive for the shooting.
The bloodshed came to light after a 911 caller notified authorities that a man, his eighth man, was lying in the middle of a rural road, mortally wounded."

Wow! Just wow!

And finally, back to the natural tragedy, the one without a conscience. It's nice to see different countries coming together to help the cause in Haiti. (This is what different countries coming together can do. Look what Italy, Ireland, and Jamaica coming together gave us: Alicia Keys!) Cooperation is always a good thing. And I usually never have anything nice to say about the IMF and the World Bank, but I am glad to see that they forgave about 1.2 billion in debts that Haiti owed them. It's just sad that it took a tragedy like this to get them to do the right thing.

Oh well, I won't trip, maybe there is some good in the world after all. It's just that it's so hard to find it sometimes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whose idea was it to run this lady?

Poor Teddy must be turning in his grave. It looks like the people of Massachusetts-that bluest of states-is about to reject that candidate from the Dick Cheney Charm School and pick the republican, Scott Brown. Martha Coakley probably ran the worst political campaign in the history of political campaigns. Girlfriend was up by 20 points and now she is about to lose big time in a state where his O ness carried every county. If you are a dumbocrat you are reaching for the Kleenex right about now. You have to be thinking that it just might be bye bye health care reform.

Field, the people spoke loud and clear to your boy, Obama. They don't want health care reform. It will only empower the federal government even more. If this isn't a referendum I don't know what is. Teddy Kennedy held this seat for over 40 years, and now thanks to your boy and his new brand of Socialism, it's gone. A-merry-cans don't want Socialism field, this is middle to right nation.

OK repukes, but don't roll out the party train just yet. Didn't Massachusetts elect Mitt -the slick- Romney? The last time I checked he was a repukelican. And I am guessing that damn near anyone else with a pulse would have ran a better campaign than Ms. Coakley. And besides, I just saw some so called expert on television from Massachusetts saying that they never elect women to national offices from that state. If true, maybe this wasn't as big of an upset as people thought.

And I honestly don't think that this election was a total rejection of Obama's health care plan. I think there was a perfect storm working against his O ness. If the dems had a better candidate they might have won. The guy straight out of central casting (Hey didn't this guy pose nude in Cosmo back in the day? I wonder what would have happened to a female candidate that did that? Hmmm.) was working the state with his pick up truck and promising to block health care reform passage all by his lonesome, while Martha was vacationing some damn place. (Hip Hop Mike is calling it a blue print for future repukelican races.) When Martha finally woke up and realized that she was in a race, it was too late. Martha, let this be a lesson to you, nothing is ever just given to you. I don't give a damn if you are a dumbocrat in very blue Massachusetts. You have to work for people's votes. That's just the way it is. Eugene Robinson and others are calling it a populist uprising of sorts. I respectfully disagree. I think it's more like bad candidate combined with bad messaging from the White House about health care reform. When you don't get out your message in the right way that is always going to be a recipe for disaster. You can't just chalk it all up to voter anger about the economy O man.

What's troubling, if you are a fan of his O ness, is that the people around him and all those political operatives in Washington didn't see this coming. They had to have known how important this seat was, but they took it for granted like the clowns who were on the ground in Mass. (Word is that their campaign didn't even have a pollster.) They were all scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off to close the gap in the last days, but as we will soon find out, it was too little too late. (And no, I don't know the official results yet, but Stevie Wonder can see what's happening. I know the Opera isn 't over until the fat lady sings, but I don't think there are any acts left in this one. )

So yet another loss for O. He stomped for Corzine in New Jersey and another bad candidate in Virginia and they both lost. After tonight he will be 0-3 since he became POTUS. Those kind of numbers will send you back to the dugout, O man. You only get three strikes in baseball. Fortunately for you, this isn't a baseball game, and you have three more years to get it right. Although If I were you, to stay with my baseball analogy, I would get a new hitting coach.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The "Dream Merchant"?

"Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths. " ~Joseph Campbell~

I sure hope that Dr. King's dream wasn't a myth. Apparently most black folks don't think so. All it took was the election of his O ness to turn their thinking around. In a poll taken last year right after that historic election, 69% of blacks thought that Dr. King's dream had been fulfilled. That was up from 34% just a year before. Dr. King would have been 81 years old today, and it has been 46 years since that historic speech. I wonder what he would have thought of A-merry-ca and our new "post racial" African American president if he were alive?

I see that Dr. Boyce Watkins, writing for The Grio ,took a shot at that question:

"Dr. King would love Obama for representing the essence of the American dream. He would be proud of Obama's considerable educational and personal achievements. On the other hand, I suspect that King would be disturbed by the fact that Obama has a sworn commitment to protect the machine of war and corruptive capitalism. But he would celebrate the many freedoms that are protected by that very machine.."

Interesting. Of course I think, to answer that question, where Dr. King would probably stand on Obama's commitment to corporate interest would depend on how close he believed that A-merry-ca had come to realizing his dream. If he thought, for instance, that we were close, I am guessing that he would trust big corporations and the machine that supports "corporate capitalism" to do right by the lesser among us. If not, I suspect that he would be very disappointed with his O ness.

I also think that because of the president's race, we have been forced to confront the subject of race more openly and in a more high profile way. It has given us some "teachable moments" which I hope will make us all better. I think Dr. King would have liked that as well.

But sadly, from where I sit, we are not quite there yet. Although I have been fortunate. Someone being a racist --whether it be the man in the street or someone in a position of power-won't affect my life one way or the other. To quote a very famous rapper: "I am going to get mine." But what about some poor kid in inner city_[pickl your city] or rural_[pick your state] who will never get a proper education because of _[pick your poison] ? The little day to day indignities I can live with. (Like when some asshole at an airport in a major A-merry-can city wanted to see my ID after I made a credit card purchase over the Christmas break. And missy, who was right in front of me, made a larger purchase and no "may I see some ID mam?" from the ignorant ass clerk.) Because I can always come home and blog about it to a few of my closest friends. Just to get the shit off my chest.

And, of course, there is the other side. -Carmen Dixon wrote about it recently.- White folks who feel that they can't have an honest conversation about race because they don't want to be labeled a racist. You Negroes can be so defensive about everything race related. Here is a white lady who is about to give birth to an interracial child in "post racial" A-merry-ca. She is expressing her fears and apprehensions of what lies ahead:

" Being called racist in today's society is almost as bad as being called a baby killer. Just look at Trent Lott and Imus. Yes, the comments they made were incredibly offensive: Imus (in)famously referred to the black members of a women's college basketball team as "nappy-headed hos," as recently as 2007. But instead of taking the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive -- discussing the comments and why they were offensive, we stamped "racist" on their foreheads and shipped them away so as not to blemish our politically correct landscape. In an effort not to be labeled racist, white people often walk on eggshells, uncomfortable and unsure of what to say to a black person. In fact, in a 2008 study on race, when a white person was interviewed by a black person on racial issues they reported higher levels of anxiety than when they were interviewed by a white person. This effectively kills real communication, and true understanding -- the cornerstones of what is needed for our country to truly become post-racial. Source: My Worst Fear as a Mother-to-Be? A Burning Cross on Our Front Lawn, Colleen Oakley,"

Of course Carmen was not pleased, and she tore Missy a new one. I won't go there. I will be kind. Hey, if that's how she feels, so be it. I would only say to Ms. Oakley, that in the spirit of MLK Day, let's talk about it. Let's have a teachable moment. I don't want you to have any level of "anxiety" when you talk to the field. I am not afraid of Kumbaya moments.

This is what Dr. King would have wanted. Talking about our fears and anxieties. So that, in the future, ignorant ass store clerks won't judge travelers by the color of their skin but by the content of their pocket books.

Before I go; shout out to all the volunteers who came out in Philly today and represented in the true spirit of what this day is all about. Your behavior had field written all over it.
*Pic courtesy of CSTSP.Org.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some random Sunday evening rants. Because if I keep thinking about Haiti I will lose my mind.

Honestly, my mind is all over the place tonight. I could write about what is going on in Haiti and the relief effort there, but I am going to have to pass on that for now. I read some of the comments after my last post and the shit was depressing. People trying to give me (of all people) a history lesson about Haiti, Third World politics, and a sociological breakdown of the Caribbean region....why? As if any of this has anything to do with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocking the poor people. All of that is just background noise to a tune that we should really be listening to: The people of Haiti are suffering here and now, and they need our help. Period. We can debate their history and why they are a Third World country later. Geeez!

Besides, after seeing some of the images from Haiti over at finefroghair's blog I need a diversion. If only for awhile. I even thought about blogging about his O ness and his potential health care Waterloo in Massachusetts, but I don't feel like blogging about politics, either.

So anyway, to get my mind off of things, I went and caught The Book Of Eli today. (Hey, Denzel is in it, and I am married to a black woman. There is no way in hell I was going to get out of seeing that bad boy.) It's Road Warrior meets Passion Of The Christ if you ask me. And overall it was a decent flick. Although I saw that Magic Negro theme again. But that's just me.

I also want to talk about an e-mail that my man The Organic Intellectual sent me about Fantasia Barrino's venture into the reality television market. Sadly, I have to say that I agree with his take on the show: It's bullshit! The images it projects does nothing for our people. (Why is it that shows like this and Flava Flav's now infamous program do so well?) And, of course, as fate would have it, it's a hit. Gee there is a surprise.

Speaking of hits. Can someone tell me how this "pants on the ground" man, Larry Platt, got so large? I mean don't get me wrong, I agree with old boy. And if what I hear about him is true, I have mad respect for him. But the man has no talent. Are we that desperate for talent here in A-merry-ca? Or is it strictly an American Idol phenomenon? I need to know that. I mean how far is this thing going to go?

Speaking of talent; shout out to Mo'Nique for just winning a Golden Globe Award for her role in the movie Precious. Yep, I saw the flick, and I think she deserves it. Girlfriend acted her behind off. Well... that would have taken a lot of acting. But you know where I am going; she really did a great job with her role.

And while we are on the subject of the movie Precious. Mo'Nique's fellow actor in that flick, Mariah "Scary", ought to be ashamed of herself for showing up to accept an award drunk. And then, to make matters worse, she tried to blame it all on my homeboy, Lee Daniels. Talk about House Negro behavior. That was it. Mariah, you have some great pipes, but you really need to have someone help you with your public persona.

And finally, just another sobering reminder that your life is not promised to you tomorrow. Gaines Adams was the fourth pick in the NFL draft just a couple of years ago. He was a ferocious defensive end for the Chicago Bears. Today he is dead. He died after going into a cardiac arrest. He was only 26 years old and he no doubt had a full life ahead of him to look forward to. Yep, life can be fickle like that. So let's enjoy it while we are here, people. You only do it once.

Happy MLK Day Tomorrow.

I am out.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"SURVIVOR" Port Au Prince?

"Them belly full, but we hungry;A hungry mob is a angry mob. A rain a fall, but the dirt it tough; A pot cook, but the food no nough."

As we listen to accounts from various A-merry-can newscasts and read newspapers telling us of the specter of mob violence hanging over Haiti. And as we hear the shocking stories of medical workers fleeing and leaving patients to die because they fear for their lives. Please take some time to reflect on the lyrics of St. Ann Parish's finest son, one Robert Nester Marley. Yes my friends, hungry mobs tend to get angry.

Oh but field, why can't they wait and be orderly like we would be here in A-merry-ca? Just because they haven't eaten in four days? Come on field, do you ever watch Survivor? Do you see how long those people go without food? You don't see them bum rushing the host- Jeff Probst- now do you field? That's because they are civilized, field. They are A-merry-cans.

But seriously,when I see these newscast and listen to folks in this blog focus on the potential violence in Haiti in makes sick to my stomach. Like honestly, can we really put ourselves in their position? I am so glad that here in A-merry-ca we have a brand new reality series to focus on to take our minds off Paris and Kate for a few more weeks. Let's just call it "How Long Can They Last In Haiti Before They Start Killing Each Other? I am surprised that some of these news outlets aren't selling spaces for sponsors. Think about it; a nice logo on the bottom of one of those helicopters for Snickers Bars. Or, have the hosts wear sponsored patches on their shirts like they do in soccer and golf. Just imagine Geraldo helping the rescuers try to dig out one of those poor Haitians from under the rubble of some building, and all the while that Home Depot logo is front and center on his sleeve. Talk about a "money shot".

Anyway, it was nice to see his O ness get 42 and 43 involved in the fund raising efforts for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Those two guys can raise some serious cash. I would love to have just a page out of each of their rolodexes. Hey Billy Bob, it's me, George. Listen, do you have about a million to spare? Thank you, I really appreciate it. Go get em Bubba and George.

Finally, be careful where you send your money ,folks. Various law enforcement agencies are tracking some scam artist out there. There is nothing quite like a little crises to get some folks thinking how they can profit from it. That, of course, includes certain news outlets.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear God, is it too late to trade one fat rich drug addict for 50,000.00 Haitians?

As the A-merry-can government (Hillary will be in Haiti tomorrow) and her people continue to give generously to the relief effort in Haiti, unfortunately we are constantly reminded of the evil hearts that dwell in many who live among us.
I am talking, of course, about the Rush Limbaughs, Glen Becks, and Michael Medveds of the world. These men, in their own twisted demented ways, have chosen to use this tragedy as a wedge issue between political groups and races, and as an opportunity to tell us of the superiority of the christian religion and capitalistic form of government. What a shame.

Rush was going on and on about Obama, using this horrific tragedy to score cheap political points and discouraging people from donating funds to the government to help the relief effort. Beck was basically saying, on his program today, that Obama preferred black people to white people and that he was dividing the nation because he was so involved in the Haitian effort, but waited three days to come out and calm the nations fears about the panty bomber. (Damn it Kanye! See what you started?) Medved had a some fraud masquerading as a man of god on his program, telling his listeners that Haiti has to be rebuilt into a Christian nation, (No, it wasn't Pat Robertson) and that part of the (The Haitians) problem is that they worship old African religions and believe in voodoo. Yes, he really said that. Medved and his guest wanted strings attached to A-merry-ca helping to rebuild Haiti. Only if they embrace our culture, religious teachings and way of life. "Flood the country with missionaries". Yeah, that's the ticket. Because if they pray hard enough god will shift his wrath the next time.

“There are people that have been trying to save Haiti, just as we’re trying to save Africa. You just can’t keep throwing money at it, because the dictatorships there just take it all,” he continues, apparently having drifted onto the topic of Haitian poverty. Besides, even if the people did get the money, that would just stop them from bothering to support themselves. “It’s a simple matter of self-reliance.”

Hmmm, "self reliance"; a familiar conservative theme. Sorry Rush, I am guessing that a 7.0 magnitude earthquake would have put a serious ass whupping on all those hard working A-merry-cans in places like Beverly Hills and West Palm Beach as well. Oh come on field, you still don't get it do you: God will spare you his wrath when you are self reliant and your government follows conservative free market principles. But if you are a stinking progressive commie, or a country without Christian principles, well then, that's your ass. Well, if that's the case, I guess Haiti's neighbors over in Cuba better prepare themselves.

Yes my friends, sometimes tragedies have a way of bringing out the best in people. But sadly, it can bring out the worst in people as well. And with some people, that is never too hard to do.

Before I go, props to Sixer's center Samuel Dalembert, who wrote a check for $100,000.00 for the Haitian relief effort. Sammy, that was serious Field Negro behavior. Now just keep working on your game.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jabba The Hut is still in charge.

I first learned about Rupert Murdoch's daughter's having a bi-racial husband (African father Dutch mother) from a friend of mine who happens to be from Ghana. When she first told me I couldn't believe it. Murdoch? The same Rupert Murdoch who runs the most racist and insensitive news organization in the world? That Rupert Murdoch? As it turns out, it was true. Later on, of course, Elisabeth ditched her bi-racial husband and has since remarried. Her new husband is the subject of this post.

Seems Murdoch's new son in- law is speaking out about the evil empire, and the folks over at Radio Rwanda are not pleased. If he had his way Robert Ailes (That man with a mug that only conservatives and a mother could love) would be out the door.

“I am by no means alone within the family or the company in being ashamed and sickened by Roger Ailes’s horrendous and sustained disregard of the journalistic standards that News Corporation, its founder and every other global media business aspires to..”

Bravo Mr. Freud! Your great grandfather would be proud of you. We all know that Roger Ailes is a despicable excuse for a human being, and he runs an equally despicable organization, [please note how they initially covered the Haitian earthquake. They gave more coverage to the ACORN incidents.] but having one of Rupert's family member say it was very refreshing. Especially one from a family tree who should know a psycho when he sees one.

Now, of course, Roger is fighting back, and he vows that he is not going anywhere. The scum bag made over 20 million last year, so why should he. Still, at the end of the day, it's Rupert writing the checks. So we will see.

And finally, before I go, a few words about another news organization: I have to give props to Anderson Cooper and the folks over at CNN for being all over the Haitian earthquake from day one, and for keeping us updated by putting this tragedy right in the middle of our living rooms. That is what a real news organization does. The folks over at FOX should be taking notes....wait, never mind, that would actually involve writing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti on my mind.

Tough post tonight. Really tough. I am seriously hurting for the people of Haiti. Every time I see images of those children and old women on television- bloodied and in some cases dead- it breaks my heart. I can't even begin to imagine the level of destruction and despair that those poor people are going through. It's Katrina times... [pick a number]. "Tens of thousands" feared dead? Wow! I remember the Indonesian tsunami, and I felt the same way. Seeing human suffering on such a large scale is always so hard to take.
I have mad love for the people of Haiti. I have been to that island and in spite of the immense poverty there, they are some of the most beautiful people that you will ever want to meet. To see them going through this really hurts.

And, for the record, I have to give credit to good old USA and all the countries that have stepped up the plate to try and help and give aid to Haiti. What should be the true spirit of humanity seems to be alive and well in the world. (Not even that crack- pot of a preacher, Pat Robertson, can make me think differently. He is just one man speaking from the dark side, so I won't trip.) His O ness, to his credit, seems to be all over it. Word is that he has been working the phones none stop and is actually getting impatient with the pace of the humanitarian aid bureaucracy. That's a good thing. He is determined not to be like 43 was with Katrina. It will be interesting to see what happens to all those refugees who are sure to spring up as a result of this. But I am getting ahead of myself. First things first.

Special props to organizations like World Vision, The Red Cross, Unicef, and Wyclef Jean's Yele Org. ( Featured on my sidebar.) They have all been front and center both on the ground and in trying to raise funds, ($250,0.00.00 so far to Yele.Org. The site even crashed today) and it has to be an immense and colossal task.

It's funny, but in a way, tragedies like this always tend to make me hopeful for humanity. Just watching the way countries and organizations step up to the plate and try to help is refreshing. It makes world citizens of us all. So, in spite of this tragedy, I am encouraged.

To my brothers and sisters in Haiti: Je vous aime de tout mon coeur

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Negro with Harry's credentials.

I see Harold Ford has been taking political advise from Harry. Yes Harold you are light, and you happen to be articulate, but that sure as hell doesn't mean that you should go all carpetbagger on us and run for political office in....gasp, NEW YORK!? Harold, aren't you from Tennessee? What the hell are you doing running for a senate seat in Zoo Yawk? Oh field, stop it, the man has been working in New York since 2006 on Wall Street, why can't he run for office in the state in which he lives and works? OK, but I hope you Obamaholics know that he is doing it in spite of his O ness and all his people begging him not to. They have their candidate already, they don't need Harold upsetting the apple cart.

And, I have a true confession: I happen to think Harold Ford is a fraud. He has no ideological backbone, and he is one of these people in public office that you just know will carry on with the same old same old in Washington. There is no there there with Harold. And I am not the only one who feels this way. Harold and his centrist politics will not help black folks or poor people here in A-merry-ca. Harold in Washington will be just more of the same. We have sung and danced to this song before. Harold is just another beltway Negro who will be playing the same old tune.

"Ford, a centrist Democrat who had been known as conservative-leaning on many issues, sought to use the New York Post piece to defend what some have called recent flip flops designed to please a more liberal New York voters, including abortion rights and gay marriage."

Yes, but he is light skinned and articulate, doesn't that count for something?

On a serious note, let's not forget about our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

(Those of you who are so inclined, can you call God and ask him why he chose to drop a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on one of the poorest countries on earth?) They are going through it right now. I hope you will all forgo some of your daily luxuries and send them a little something.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Same to you, Harry.

A typical e-mail reads like this: Field how can you side with those racist republicans who are jumping all over Harry Reid? You are nothing but a House Negro, field. That is House Negro behavior on your part. There is no way you can compare this to what Trent Lott did. That man was calling for segregation.......and on it goes.

I am going to post this again so that I don't have to respond to individual e-mails or comments.

What. Harry. Reid. Said. Was.Ignorant.And. Racist. What.Trent.Lott.Said.Was.Ignorant.And. Racist. Why are we playing this your racist is worse than mine, game? Black people, WTF? If I see one more pretzel logic style article defending this clown I will renounce my black card and put in an application with the Native Americans tomorrow. And now you have the CBC putting out a statement about this bullshit.

I swear, when it comes to your politics you Negroes will take anything from massa. (See the alleged comments Bill Clinton made about his O ness and the silence from you people as example A. If you think about it, it's worse than Reid's, but not a word.) Well, not me. F%$k Harry Reid! To me, he is no different than Lott, Imus, Rush, and all those other clowns.

He should not get a pass anymore than Lott should have. I understand the need for dumbocrats to circle the wagons and defend this clown because the republicans-of all people-smell blood. They have, all of a sudden, become sensitive to us poor black folks and how we feel. I know, I know, it's laughable. And every time I see one of these clowns on television screaming Harry should go because of racism, I want to pull my hair out. OK, I don't have any. But I get really really mad.

Still, let's stop defending Harry; call the repukes out on their bullshit. Trent wanted to go back to a time when Niggers knew their place. Nuff said. No need to bring that up to defend what Harry Reid said. The two acts speak for themselves. It's not comparing oranges to oranges, but it's not comparing apples to oranges, either. It's more like comparing oranges to grapefruits if you get my drift.

Dumbocrats shouldn't get a pass on racial insensitivity just because we are ideological soul mates on most issues. We should denounce them as loudly as we denounce the repukes when they go all David Duke on us. Trust me, they will be giving you a lot of opportunities to do just that for the next four years. -A leopard can't change his spots-. Take the high road now and when the inevitable happens you will be able to call them on it without having to worry about them saying: Why didn't you take that position when Harry Reid had his little racial issue? They will accuse of being a hypocrite, and you know what?.... They will be right.