Friday, November 10, 2023

Poll position.

Democrats are freaking out over some recent polls showing Joe Biden losing to the former guy in five of six key swing states, and being down four points to him in total overall vote count. I have one word for you: Relax. This is the American press pushing for a close race so that they can improve their ratings around election season. Note how much you have been hearing about these polls of late? That is not by accident. They have an agenda. I don't know one old black person who has ever been called by a pollster. Still, having said that, there are some issues with Uncle Joe and how his presidency is going.  First and foremost, they have a messaging problem.  Biden's administration has been doing some really good things, and they have put the country back on the right track after the train wreck we experienced during the four years that the racist game show host was in charge. 

There are other issues to be sure. The age thing is real. Although I will note for the record that the former guy is just a few years younger, and his cognitive skills, based on some of his recent speeches, are even worse.    But perception is reality, and the perception is that Biden is too old. Personally, I would prefer if some of these old politicians would get off the stage and give the younger folks a shot to run things. But for now, for better or for worse, it looks like we are stuck with Biden.  

Biden and his people also have an enthusiasm problem when it comes to black folks. He better hope we don't stay home this coming election, or he will be toast. Regardless of who his opponent will be.  Having said that, don't believe the polls that say that the racist game show host has twenty two percent of the black vote. That will never happen. Never!  Black folks know the true nature of folks like the former president.  And no matter how hard his people try to make us believe that he is some kind of black savior,  he will never have our trust or our support. There is just too much history there. 

So buckle up people. We are a year away from America picking a new president. Expect all kinds of craziness from here on out. The man leading the republican field may be in jail, and the democratic candidate might decide that the grind is too much and decide to ride off into the sunset and cool his heels on a Delaware beach for the rest of his life.  

This should be fun. 

To all you Veterans out there, than thank you for your service!