Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 I got nothing. I just wanted to post on this date.

Now back to my bunker while I wait for WW III. 

Quick question: With so many on the right rooting for Putin,  will the Russians have to actually invade us?  Or, will they just wait for the civil war and hope that we destroy ourselves?

Sunday, February 06, 2022

We need some answers.


Wassup field hands? I know the posts have been a bit sporadic, but I am deep in these fields with this work thing, so just hang with me a little bit while I get some things together. 

Having said that, I had to post about this bit of news from Western Pennsylvania. I am not sure why this story is not getting more traction, but hopefully we will get some answers soon. 

Maybe my friends at the Pittsburgh Courier can give us some updates, since it's pretty much being ignored by the lame stream media. 

"People are demanding answers after a Jamaican immigrant was found shot and killed in western Pennsylvania while attending a hunting trip with a former co-worker and friends.

A man identified as Peter Spencer, 29, was found dead on Carl’s Road in Rockland Township in the early morning hours of Dec 12. He was shot at least nine times.

“We are talking six bullets into the chest, two into the buttocks, and one we have a different opinion – either through the mouth or from the neck out of the mouth,” Tim Stevens, CEO of local organization, the Black Political Empowerment Project, told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4.

The organization has been calling for an arrest for Spencer’s murder.

Spencer’s pregnant fiancee had dropped him off at a cabin in Venango County on Dec 11. A man he used to work with contacted him about the hunting trip on Snapchat.

“This time he was taken directly into the woods and not this person’s mother’s home … to the fiancĂ© she didn’t totally feel comfortable with that,” Stevens said.

Shortly after Spencer was dropped off at the cabin, his fiancee said she received a text saying he was staying the night. Around 2:30 am on Dec 12, police were called to the cabin and found Spencer dead at the scene. A 25-year-old man was taken into custody and claimed self-defense. Multiple guns were also located at the scene.

Currently, no charges have been filed." [Source]

Peter's first mistake was trusting these guys enough to go hunting with them. But that's a post for a  different time. For now, we just need some answers. I am sure that the District Attorney in that Western Pennsylvania county doesn't want to end up like the DA in this case.  

Do your job!