Friday, June 30, 2023

The Supremes strike again.

I see that the Supremes are at it again. It's not enough they can just flaunt their disregard for ethics and decency in our faces. They are now making laws that hurt disadvantaged and marginalized people. They are ignoring precedent, and they are forgetting their place as one of the three branches of government by overreaching to the executive branch. 

I am not surprised that they gutted race based considerations for admissions to institutions of higher learning. This was their goal all along. It's stunning, though, that they said that this ruling does not apply to military institutions. It's as if they are cool with letting our children go in the bunkers but not in the boardrooms. The military institutions can let in all the black students that they want to, but not the prestigious state schools and Ivy League schools such as Harvaaad. That is reserved for the children of privilege (see white), and the well connected.  The children of those who can afford to fly Supreme Court Justices on private jets and treat them to million dollar vacation packages. 

I saw an Asian American mother on twitter telling her daughter that they finally made it. They finally struck down Affirmative Action and now it will be an even playing field for everyone. She actually wrote that everyone will now be judged on "merit". Poor thing.  Maybe she is still too new to America to see that she is being used, and that she is totally misguided.  But she will learn.  She will see that the "pick me" immigrant and minority will never have a seat at the table, and they will never achieve the merit based result that they rightfully want. The game is rigged, and whether it's in college admissions or in the workplace,  they will soon learn that Mr. Charlie always wins.

The small portion of seats that African American children take in these schools (5%) is not what is preventing the vast majority of Asian American children who are qualified to get rejected. They better turn their attention to the legacy admissions, and the money that the well connected pay to get their children a seat in the freshman class to see where the real problem lies. 

It wasn't only race based admissions. The Supremes saw fit to tell a bigo..I mean a "Christian" who has a business that is open to the public, that it's cool to discriminate against LGBTQ people because of free speech. Think about that for a minute: What's to stop Bubba in Alabama from preventing black folks from stopping at his gas station to get gas? If we are not careful, history will repeat itself. I can see us going down that road (pun intended) again. Ask an old black person about the Green Book. 

The right-wingnuts have a six to three majority on the court, and the tfg's appointees are all young. This out of control unchecked court will be doing damage for some time. Clarence (Clayton Bigsby) Thomas, the world's second back white supremacist, will be in Coon heaven for years to come.   

Let this is be a reminder to all you folks out there who sit on the sidelines every election day instead of voting: Elections  have consequences. You are seeing that play itself out in real time.


Sunday, June 11, 2023


I am pretty sure that none of you reading this were shocked by the federal indictment of Donald J. Trump for his "alleged" myriad of crimes having to do with his handling of classified documents after he left office. Thirty seven counts is a lot. Thirty seven! We all saw this coming. Mr. Trump has never had any respect for the rule of law, and he has always believed that he is above it. Now, finally, he will have to answer for his alleged crimes against the American people. 

Over the next few weeks you will be hearing the spin and gaslighting coming from the right. They will tell you that these charges are all political, and that they have nothing to do with the law.  Don't believe them. The truth is, if this had been anyone besides a former president who leads a cult of about thirty five percent of the voters in the republican party, he would have been charged and tried a long time ago.  He would more than likely be cooling his heels in one of the many federal detention facilities in our country as I write this.  

Still, I love the irony of all this. Here is a man who called for his political opponent (Hillary)to be locked up before she even had a trial, and for the death penalty to be handed down on five young men for a crime that they have been since exonerated from committing.  And now, he and his cult members are crying foul. They are saying that his arrest is political and never should have happened.  But I read the indictment in its entirety, and it's solid. I would recommend that if you are skeptical about the veracity of the charges, you do the same. And unless you are a member of the MAGA cult, I m sure that your conclusion will be the same. 

Donald J. Trump was indicted by a grand jury made up of ordinary citizens with no political agenda. They looked at the facts and came to the same conclusion: Donald J. Trump should be charged with these crimes. He will now have his day in court like any other ordinary citizen, and we will wait to see if justice will be served. 

This is a sad time for America. Imagine a former president being charged by the department of justice with committing crimes that could undermine our peace and security in the world. I would argue that an even sadder day, was when we elected this grifter and narcissist to be our leader in the first place.  Old black folks like to say that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. 

We have always known who Donald J. Trump is, so this indictment should not surprise any of us.  

Now let's just hope that justice will be served. 

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Tim Scott does not want to be defined by his blackness. His party will do it for him.


I recently ran across an article about Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina, and declared republican candidate for president, which I found quite interesting.  Mr. Scott is African American, and I think the fact that he is running for President of the United States is a good thing. What's not good, though, is the reason he is giving for running, and the message that he hopes that his candidacy sends. He recently appeared on The View, and I will give him credit for at least attempting to debate the merits of his positions. 

Anyway, here is the article about the aforementioned Mr. Scott. It's a bit harsh, but I actually agree with most of what the author had to stay. 

"Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) hopped in the 2024 presidential race Monday with a campaign speech in his hometown of North Charleston, South Carolina.

Scott employed language similar to every other Black evangelical politician: “Victimhood or victory? I choose freedom, hope and opportunity.” “I disrupt their narrative.” And more language suggested that he refuses to be defined by his Blackness.

In his most attention-grabbing comments, Scott diminished the existence of racism to what appears to be a largely white audience.

“For those of you who wonder if America is a racist country, take a look… at how all of God’s people come together… because unconditional love binds hearts together,” Scott said. “We are not defined by the color of our skin; we’re defined by the content of our character. If anyone tells you anything different, they’re a-lyin’!”

Scott doubled down on this inherently flawed idea as a guest on Monday’s episode of ” The View ,” suggesting that the American playing field is level because Black folks have achieved high-level jobs within the U.S. government and elsewhere (though the audience reserved their boos for when he regurgitated the asinine suggestion of his competitor, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, that Disney is “indoctrinating” children with evil LGBTQ propaganda.)

Most sensible Black folks see through this bullshit like a Ziploc bag. For the woefully uninitiated, however, I’ll put the snark on hold, just for a second: Racism is forever. And it’s everywhere, including America. That no one is dragging Black folks by their noosed necks behind moving cars in the open anymore doesn’t suggest it’s completely nonexistent in all its forms.

Look no further than the 2016 election of Donald Trump, which galvanized the tiki-torch protesters and U.S. Capitol insurrectionists to say all the quiet parts very loudly in a manner I hadn’t seen before in my life. Having working eyes and ears and suggesting that racism is a thing of the past is like passing the third grade convinced that the Earth is flat.

Yet, Scott is just one of several charisma-free, cookie-cutter conservative House Negroes propagating the notion that Black folks bucking up and letting go of that pesky racism issue that apparently hasn’t been an issue since the mid-20 th century is the true anodyne for all our problems. When these clowns vie for their respective political thrones, it’s almost always on the back of Black Democrats whom they insist are playing the “race card” as victims.

In 2004, Alan Keyes was installed by Illinois Republicans as a carpetbagger to challenge Barack Obama for the state’s U.S. Senate seat. An avowed evangelical Christian staunchly opposed to affirmative action and abortion, Keyes was curb-stomped by a young Obama during his unprecedented ascendancy. Keyes was a puppet for white Republicans, and everyone saw through him.

Despite his failed presidential bid, the late Herman Cain made his millions by slinging Godfather’s Pizza and having a keen business and investment acumen. Though Cain made it a point to let everyone know that he got out of the mud all on his own despite having been born a Black man in the 1940s Deep South, his Black ass most assuredly benefited from affirmative action . May he rest in peace and all that.

Larry Elder, the patron saint of Black conservatives, has spent his decades-long radio career espousing the virtues of being a sellout. He even created a self-aggrandizing documentary, 2020’s ” Uncle Tom ,” in the hope that people listening to all his buddies talk about how cool it is to be a Black conservative might influence more people to vote for Trump again.

Elder tried to take California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s seat in a 2021 recall election. He’s running now for president in 2024 , at which he’ll also fail.

I know I must include Herschel Walker in my polemic, since he was the loudest Black Republican candidate before Scott to downplay racism . But I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen such an obvious Uncle Ruckus-shaped pawn in my life, so despite the eye-wateringly amazing progress he made in last year’s Georgia Senate race before losing to Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock, I never took Walker to be a serious human.

These morons all have one thing in common: When it’s time to get elected, the white Republicans they courted drop them like used napkins and the Democrat they challenged ultimately gets the office.

(Perhaps the only exception to this rule is almost the most dangerous: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, appointed by President George H.W. Bush, has the power to constitutionally send America back to the late 1800s. All while being openly financially shady .)

Outside of politics, there’s a gaggle of sellouts who, despite being born and raised to two Black parents in the 20 th century, have built sizable social media followings spewing “post-racial” rhetoric so absurd that I’m unconvinced that most of them actually believe their own hype.

Candace Owens is not a stupid woman ― I don’t believe she’s achieved the success she has in her mid-30s while lacking a fundamental understanding of the limitations society will always attempt to heap upon a dark-skinned Black woman. She’s simply riding the white supremacist wave to secure a bag, which makes her worse than the nakedly racist white people we expect it from.

For my bread, the image of Owens and her buddy Ye ― who, despite being a wildly successful billionaire, still longs for white acceptance – draped in “White Lives Matter” T-shirts last year is far more disgusting than a bunch of white incels hoisting tiki-torches.

I agree that Black people shouldn’t embrace victimhood as a crutch to keep us from achieving the goals we desire. But there’s a wide chasm between rejecting victimhood and suggesting that racism died with Jim Crow, or that we’re “post-racial” because we elected a Black man to the White House in 2008.

Racism is not our utter inability to accomplish the goals of our white counterparts. It’s our need to work a bit harder to do so. To be more agreeable and palatable. To go the extra mile to prove that we belong in spaces in which we’re not traditionally expected… spaces in which we literally weren’t allowed at a time when our parents walked the Earth.

Recognizing the perpetual existence of systemic racism and working to mitigate its effects should be part of every human’s social contract ― even for those who benefit from it.

Even if Trump manages to stay out of prison, Scott won’t come within spitting distance of the Republican nomination in a race that includes Ron DeSantis . But as he goes through the process, he’ll learn just how squeaky-clean his closet must be to even be considered for the Oval Office as a Black man… a lesson Obama had to learn before him.

Scott will be forced to compare his experience with all the ridiculous shit that Trump did, only to get elected anyway. Then perhaps he’ll finally understand racism.

CORRECTION : A prior version of this story referred to the incorrect President Bush in one instance." [Source]

Tim Scott has a very optimistic view of race in America. The problem is that most Americans in the majority population, especially those in his party, do not share his sense of optimism and hope for race relations in America. It's a party that is led by Donald Trump, a man who has made it cool for poor white folks to hate again.  So with that said, I am not quite sure where Mr. Scott's vision fits in with all the hatred and bile that has festered in his party over the past few years. 

Still, I wish him luck. He will need it.