Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Not So Sweet Jesus

The phone is ringing and it's 1:00 AM in the f*****g morning. I swear some people just don't sleep......rrrrring,rrrrring,rrring, off the f*****g hook! Ahhh what the f**k. "Hello""Yo field did you hear about the latest controversy in New York." "Mother f****r do you know what time it is?"" I know dog but I just can't sleep right now, too much sh** going on". "Yeah I heard about it, Rudy in drag right? I spoofed it on my blog". "Naw dog not Rudy, didn't you hear about the chocolate Jesus?" "Who is chocolate Jesus some hot shot point guard out of Brooklyn or something?" "Naw field, seems there is this artist, I think his name is Caravallor or some sh**. Anyway, turns out he makes art out of food, and he had an exhibit to celebrate Holy Week up in New York." "So what's wrong with that?" "Nothing, unless you are a catholic, and the sculpture is of Jesus made from chocolate." "He made Jesus from chocolate?' "Yep, and Jesus is naked and his genitalia is out.""Well did he use caramel at least?" "Nope, dude used dark chocolate. " "Well then yep, I would say he f****d up. If it's one thing good Christian white folks (and some black folks) can't stand is a very dark son of God. "

Yes, and a bunch of Catholics are really pissed off, because they think this guy has really insulted their religion." "Yeah like who." "Well, Bill Donahoe,the leader of the Catholic League said it was the 'worse assault on Catholics sensibilities ever'. "No shit!" Yep; and even Cardinal Edward Egan said the sculpture has got to come down."So did they take it down?""They sure did, the guy that runs the gallery, Matt Sempier, quit in protest, but the people who run the hotel the gallery was in said they feared for their lives." "Yeah, the last thing you want to do is piss off a bunch of Christians by having one of their icons look like dark chocolate. That guy Donahoe actually said that it was the worse assault on Christian sensibilities ever?" "Yep he sure did." "Well what about all those Madonna videos, and touch down Jesus at Notre Dame, and that Jim and Tammy Faye theme park, that was some pretty disgusting sh**"

"The guy had to have known that this would piss off good Christians everywhere, having the son of God in dark chocolate. Couldn't he have thrown in a little strawberry or something?" "Yeah and the sh** with the genitalia really pissed them off too." Holy sh**, did they show the dark chocolate genitalia or the white chocolate genitalia?""I think they showed the dark one""Damn! That's allot of chocolate. Can you imagine the poor imagery that many of these poor Christians will now have to try and repress. That of a dark chocolate covered son of God with a large genitalia. It's enough to push out those child hood memories of all those priests with the white genitalia." Anyway, I don't feel comfortable having a genitalia discussion with another man at 1:00 AM in the morning so I am going to call it a night." "Yeah you are right field, but I just wanted to holla at you about that." "Well good looking out, I will probably blog about it tomorrow."

"Before I go; did you catch the final four games last night?" "Yeah they were alright. Sure was allot of chocolate running up and down the court. I wonder why Jesus let the Christian school, Georgetown, lose?""I guess he didn't like his people talking down that sculpture of him." " You might be right, maybe the big guy actually likes chocolate."

Friday, March 30, 2007


Sometimes I get so pissed off at my people that I am scared to even post about it. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I read today that the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) agreed to partner with the FAKE NEWS NETWORK to sponsor some upcoming presidential debates . Ever since finding out about this travesty, I have been trying to figure out why the Congressional Black Coons would do such a thing. I mean, have they not heard the pleas and the outcry from thousands of their constituents not to partner with FOX? I know I rip Jessie Jackson from time to time, but I have to give him credit for speaking out against this "partnership" as well. I just wish more of these CBC members would grow some and come out against this partnership with the FAKE NEWS NETWORK.

Folks, we are talking about a group of people that consistently marginalized black people, and use us to play on the fears of their red state watchers to increase viewership. The "fair and balanced" people have not been so fair or so balanced when it comes to black folks. They are the ones that called a mainstream African American church separatist. They are the ones who consistently ignore important stories about black folks and give us fluff pieces about the rotting body of a no talented pin up girl. They are the ones who called black people racist on the occasion of the funeral of the wife of our greatest civil rights icon. And these ignorant ass politicians are co-sponsoring a debate with these mother f*****s. Do they even know who they are dealing with in Rupert Murdoch? Talk about making a deal with the devil. But I swear some of us will do anything for the almighty dollar. At some point we as black folks have to ask ourselves why we even vote for these jokers. The leaders of these clowns, Bennie Thompson, (D-Miss), and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D- Md) even tried to justify this bull sh**. {"The CBC Institute is committed to presenting the presidential candidates to the broadest audience possible"} All the while ignoring the organized efforts of black folks and thousands of signatures and phone calls to their sorry ass organization.

I have been down to D.C. on occasion for the CBC weekend. And my friends, if you want to see cooning in full force, you might want to take a trip down there to see these clowns in person. They are a joke, and they could care less about the people they serve. Most of them are looking out for themselves while trying to line their grubby pockets. (Insert your Dollar Bill Jefferson reference here) They could really care less about black folks or our issues out here. Their focus is getting reelected every two years, and holding on to their power.

I am begging every black (or white) person that voted for these clowns to vote for their opponent in their next quest to go back to Washington. I don't care of they are running against the Geico f*****g cave man, do not vote for those mother f*****s; they are fowl, and they are tainted by greed and money.

"Collaborating with FOX NEWS provides an opportunity to take this presidential election to millions of households". And exactly how many of those households do you think will vote for a democrat? So way to go CBC, you have embarrassed your selves, your constituents, and your f*****g race. How you live with yourselves I just don't know, but I guess at this stage in your careers, you lost the ability to feel shame a long time ago.

But you know what; I feel shame for you, and I am embarrassed that you house Negroes even look like me, or share my heritage. FOX NEWS??? Still, I am not going to trip, I just won't forget, and I hope every other black person that voted for your sorry asses won't forget either.
Shoot an email to the CBC press secretary
or call 800-928-6178. Bennie Thompson's number is: 202-225-5876, and Ms.Kirkpatrick's number is: 202-225-2261.
Oh, before I forget, I was posting over at my man free slave's site, and we were throwing around the idea of organizing a progressive black net roots movement. (long overdue if you ask me) This is very very early in the process, but I am excited at the possibilities ahead of us. If you have any ideas please shoot me an email

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time flies when you are having fun....

I am not big on celebrations or milestones. I honestly can't remember the last time I really celebrated my birthday. So I am somewhat hesitant to talk about the one year anniversary of this blog. Still, I feel that I must, if only because I need to have a a sort of measuring stick in terms of where I was and where I am going.

I started this blog after being banned from house negro LaShawn Barber's blog. I remember thinking at the time; "how the hell can she ban me from a blog for giving my opinions and views?" But then I thought about it, and said to myself; you know what, it's her blog, and she can do whatever the f**k she wants to with it. So rather than bitch and moan about Ms. Things right to boot me I started my own.

Now when I started this blog, I vowed to myself, that unlike LaShawn and others, I would never ban someone from commenting or reading my blog no matter how much I disagreed with them or their views. That just seems so f*****g unamerican to me. I swear some people just get off on being able to ban someones IP address or screening and blocking the comments of those they don't agree with. Which is why having my own blog is such a beautiful thing, because I can say whatever is on my mind (which I always do) without restraint or censor.

So overall, this has been a great exercises for me. And after over 45,000 page hits, 84 links (and counting), and a bunch of great readers and posters later, I couldn't be happier. Oh, and speaking of links, let me say this for the record: I will link every blog that links me. Because I feel that every blogger's voice should be heard, and we should do everything we can to share each others messages and thoughts with others on the web. To me, us bloggers are like a family, and we are joined in thoughts and ideas by this electronic medium called the Internet. There is just so much potential in this blogging thing that I think we should all take advantage of it. This is why I get so pissed off when some of these bourgeoisie bloggers (you know who you are) try to exclude up and coming bloggers because they don't agree with all of their views, or they think these other bloggers are beneath them. F**k that! Every one has a voice and we should do our best to spread what others have to say. Especially us black folks, because we are already being marginalized in the world wide web by others. If you don't believe me, just go to some of these other web sites from the majority population, or go to one of these blogger conventions and see how much of us "Negroes" you see there. I can guarantee you that you will feel like you are at an NHL fu****g game in Winnipeg.

Which brings me to another reason I got into this blogging thing. After seeing the net roots movement among white liberals, and how successful it was, I started to think about the lack of a cohesive black progressive voice on the net. I started to wonder why some of us black bloggers who have a different perspective on the issues and who have something to say about all the f****d up sh** affecting black folks in America aren't expressing ourselves out here. Sure there is the black conservative brotherhood, and I applaud them for doing their thing. But there wasn't when I started, and still isn't now, real black independent progressives unifying around the sh** that affects us and our communities. So I started blogging to find like minded voices and to get input from like minded people on the web. And in truth, I have found some. There are some other voices out there spitting truth on a regular basis, and keeping it one hundred percent with people who read their blogs. Look no further than the sites I have linked here to find some of those voices. But there should be more, and we should be more unified as black bloggers, because let's make no mistake about it, there is strength in numbers. Sadly, ever since slavery, we as black folks have had some issues unifying. Some of us wanted to stay in the house and enjoy its comforts. And we would have done damn near anything to stay out of the fields. Well, fast forward a couple of hundred years and it's no different now than it was then. Some of us (you know who you are) would rather play the safe negro role, and address bull shit issues on your blogs, hoping to attract "charlie" and his ilk in your quest for greater exposure and readership, and ultimately dollars. All the while steering clear of the issues that you really need to be addressing, and the shit that really effects your community.

Sorry folks, I didn't mean to go on a rant, but.....hey, I wouldn't be the field if I didn't. So thanks again to everyone who has helped to make this a successful year by commenting, reading, and allowing me to share the blogosphere with you.

Before I go, I was tagged by the good peeps over at Coyote Angry who wanted me to list five blogs that really make me think. This is a tough one, because different blogs make me do different things, and it's hard separating what makes me think from what I just enjoy. For instance, I enjoy reading blogs like La Bella-Noire,Nat Turner's Revenge,Too Sense, and Skeptical Brotha. For information, I say f**k Drudge. I enjoy reading Voice Of A Native Son,African American Black Opinion and Afro Netizen. For comments on my blog, I love hearing from the likes of I am not star jones,Liz,and mahndisa. Mmmmm, so now the five that makes me think. OK I would say The Free Slave ,Mirror On America,The Strange Death Of Liberal America ,The Anti Essentialist Conundrum, The Book Of Asabagna, and my man over at Exodus Mentality a close 5A; all make me think. Whew, that was deep, and I am sure I am leaving out some folks. Hey, let's just put it this way, if you are linked on this blog I am feeling you.

I'm out.

Monday, March 26, 2007

One More Reason To Hate Lawyers

"I've never been in love. I've always been a lawyer"

Sometimes I have to really wonder about the profession I chose. I mean I have always known that the legal profession excludes minorities from a real seat at the table, but every now and then, the cold hard facts and reality smacks me right across the cheeks.

Forget about Clarence Thomas, and all those T.V. Judges, and the always token black guy or woman Judge you see in those court room movies. And forget what you hear about blacks making real strides in the legal profession. It's just not true. The truth of the matter is that real power in the legal world comes from those major firms that employ two hundred and more attorneys. These are the guys that bill $500 and up an hour, and pocket millions of dollars in billings every year. These are the guys that give hundreds of thousands of dollars to political parties and get lucrative bond deals and defense contracts from municipalities and huge fortune 400 companies.

But the sad truth is, with very few exceptions, black folks ain't eating any of what's being killed in those ivory halls of legal power. Now if you hear my hometown paper for lawyers, The Legal Intelligencer, tell it, they are trying. Apparently, law firms are starting web sites dedicated to diversity, they have diversity committees, diversity partners, mentors, and on and on. So they are trying right? Wrong. They are not trying hard enough. According to the Minority Law Journal, the percentage of minority-not black, minority-lawyers in the 20 highest grossing firms in Washington, D.C. stands at about 13 percent. For partners, it is 6 percent. Now keep in mind that 30 percent of the U.S. population is made up of minorities, so those ain't good numbers for us lawyers. Poor Abe Lincoln must be turning in his grave.

The Dean of Howard Law school, Kurt Schmoke, said that "Some law firms could hold a conference in a phone booth". But even Schmoke has said that some are really trying and they are trying to build networks to improve their minority recruitment. Now don't get it twisted, because this is not all out of the kindness of their hearts. It would seem that companies like Wal-Mart are cutting their ties with some firms because of their lack of minorities. So my guess is that this might have something to do with the push for inclusion all of a sudden. As is always the case with us lawyers, there is a bottom line to be watched. But ultimately, the end result will still be good for minorities, and firms will be forced to take a look at qualified lawyers outside of the good ole boys club.

Now wouldn't it have been nice if I could have stopped my post right there? Yes it would have been, but sorry folks, I can't. Because this post is about some sh** that's pissing me off as well, (like what else was it going to be) and the field has to keep it 100 percent with you at all times.

My friends, it would seem that the same folks who opposed affirmative action at places like the University of Michigan Law School, have set their sights on the law firms now. They want to crush all these diversity initiatives that are leaving out more qualified white lawyers for less qualified ones. And the American Enterprise Institute has openly challenged this practice of trying to push minority inclusion at law firms. They think it violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits the use of race, creed, or color when considering someone for a job. This group has threatened legal suits if law firms cave to clients and put together legal teams of a particular racial group. So the beat goes on. One step forward and two steps back. And always hiding in the background, and lurking in the cut, are the ignorant and haters among us, who will spend millions of dollars and expand a countless amount of energy before they allow black people to have a chance of making real progress in this country. And I wish I could say that they will get shot down in their endeavor, but given the makeup of the supremes these days I just don't know. I mean let's face it, we all know where Uncle Clarence will come down on this issue. After all, if you hear him tell it, he didn't benefit from affirmative action. (Yeah right, and I would kick Lark Voorhies out of bed)

I remember clerking for a huge oil company one summer while in law school. So all the senior lawyers are treating the summer associates to a golf outing at some exclusive club in Houston. I am playing in a foursome with some hot shots from the company. On or around the fourth hole the guy compliments me on my golf swing. "Keep working on it, you might make partner wherever you go young fella" "I don't want to make partner sir, I want to start my own firm. " Ha ha ha ha ha. "Well I used to be like you one day son, idealistic, and full of great ideas. Until I got out in the real world, and had to pay real bills. No son, you keep working on that swing; sometimes it's not about knowing the law, it's about about giving yourself an opportunity. "

I never got the job with that oil company, but then I knew then that I wouldn't, and so did he.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Jersey Racist

This is going to be a tough post for me to do, because I am one of those people who really cherish the first amendment. The last thing I would want to do is put a chill on free speech. But every now and then you have to call some ignorant ass racist mother fu****s on their bull s**t.

The latest profile in ignorance comes to us by way of two morons over in Jersey who call themselves "The Jersey Guys". Every afternoon between the hours of 4-7, they perform their shtick on 101.5 FM. They are calling this latest campaign "La Cuca Gothcha" and they want all good Americans to help them round up illegal immigrants who are over-running New Jersey. Yes folks, these good Americans on the radio are offering a public service by allowing their loyal legal white listeners to call or e-mail the station and the authorities when they spot a Mex...I mean an illegal immigrant. "Yes is this the INS, yes this is Bob in Cherry Hill, and I just thought I saw one of them illegals at a restaurant I just went to, he was in the back washing dishes. How do I know he was an illegal? Well...he just didn't look right, he didn't look like he fit in. Besides, he was washing dishes, I don't know too many legal Americans that would wash dishes for a living"

Honestly folks, can you believe this sh**? These two clowns snapping up rating points at the expense of an entire group of people? I know one of these gentlemen(and I use that term very loosely). His name is Craig Carton, and his sorry ass was kicked off WIP sports radio here in Philly. Seems his ass was hit with a slander suit which might or might not have cost his former station a ton of money. Now this no talent fraud has resurfaced over in South Jersey, where he has found thousands of suckers to con and play on their ignorance and hatred of things that are different.

I mean are you kidding me with this anti immigrant crap? I love how all these legal white people want to get rid of these "illegal immigrants". So tell me legal white people, when you get rid of these "illegals" who is going to do the f*****g dirty work that you won't do? "Johny I need you to mow the lawn today son. But dad, I don't know how to push the lawn mower". Honey, I just went to the grocery store, can you believe bananas are $5 a pound, and oranges are $15 per bag? Honey when are you going to wash the car, it's a filthy mess? But everybody is Lou f*****g Dobbs these days; all of a sudden, we all want to get rid of those illegals. All the law abiding white folks in this country are sick of the "illegals" overthrowing our borders. Hell, one town is going all the way to the supreme court if they have to in order to keep the illegals out. And all the right wing politicians from California to Maine are up in arms about this little Link"immigration problem."

Legal white people, I hate to break it to you, but there is no problem. It's all in your head, and your fear is self created. Without those poor Mexican laborers you so despise, many of the daily sh** you take for granted would not get done. Oh, you wanted us Negroes to do it? Sorry, black folks have worked enough, I think this time we will just sit back and collect a check if you don't mind. Our ancestors did enough free work for twenty fu****g generations. So it looks like you are stuck with the Mexicans.

Mr. Carton, and Mr. Rossi, I hate to break it to you and all the legal white people out there. But unless you are an Indian,you have no right calling anyone who comes to this country for a better way of life, and who is a hard worker an illegal. Like Christopher Columbus had a f*****g green card when he came here. Give me a break! This is all about not wanting brown people to be in the majority, and a fear of people who are different than you. I doubt seriously if we were talking about Irish illegals or even Argentinian illegals we would be having this discussion. I live in Northeast Philadelphia, and there are plenty illegal Eastern Europeans who live in this area. I don't hear any radio campaigns geared to rounding them up and sending back to the Ukraine or Serbia. "But field they can't assimilate, these Mexicans don't speak English" Oh yeah, I really understand those Russian signs all over the f*****g place. But let me stop, I don't want to sound like Craig Carton, and Ray Rossi. As long as they are hard workers and not breaking the law, I have no problem with Eastern Europeans being here illegally. See folks, at least I am consistent.

So please "Jersey Guys", leave the poor immigrants alone. It's easy to pick on them because all your listeners are legal white people just like you. And your advertisers don't market to poor immigrants, so they don't have to worry about a backlash. It's easy because these people don't have a voice, and they don't dare stand up to you and your viscous attacks on their culture and their way of life. But just be careful what you wish for. Remember, little Johnny doesn't know how to push a fu****g lawnmower, and your wife can't do her landscaping, or clean that big house all by her lonesome.

I know you get tired of seeing the brown people everywhere, just like you get tired of seeing my black ass. You only tolerate me during March Madness and other high profile sporting events. Hey, I think I have an idea; maybe we should start teaching all those Mexicans to play ball. Then at least, maybe you will be able to appreciate them just a little more.

Call these Moron's boss at 609-893-6609, or shoot him an e-mail at: charodwilliams@nrg.command

I was tagged by Coyote Angry, and I promise to respond, but there are so many great bloggers that make me think, that I just have to ponder that question for awhile.

Finally, I just saw a film sent to me by a brother by the name of Lerone D. Wison. The film is called "Colored Frames,"( and it is all that. It was a civil rights history lesson and an awesome black art show all wrapped into one. I never knew about artist like Ed Clark, Tafa, and Marva Huston before, but thanks to this flick, I do now.

Thanks for the education Lerone. You have some serious talent my brother.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Gonzo Eight

Kyle Sampson meet Scooter Libby, seems you both have some things in common.

Poor Kyle, the latest frat boy fall guy, dumped, after as it turns out, as the former chief of staff to Alberto Gonzales, he played a role in the federal prosecutor firings. And of course we all know who Scooter is, he is cooling his heels right about now, before (unless the frat boy pardons him) he does a 5-10 stretch in club fed some damn where.

"Federal prosecutors are supposed to be the bed-rock neutral servants of the law, not temporary tools in the service of some political end" Thank you for that little gem Mr. Schumer, but I think you more than anyone should know, that when we are dealing with the frat boy, all rules of decency and fairness flies out the window.

But I have to give it to the frat boy, he is standing by his peeps. He is not going to feed them to the sharks. After all, they would be under oath, and....well... you know what happens to the frat boy's people when they are under oath. (Sorry Scooter) The dems smell blood in the water, and now they want Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, and William Kelley. But the frat boy ain't budging, so it looks like we are heading for a show down.

"If they issue subpoenas, yes the offer is withdrawn" So says Tony Snowjob, the former FAKE NEWS host turned Presidential mouth piece about the latest dust up. It seems the frat boy made an offer that the dems had to refuse. Karl and Harriet will come down and talk, but no subpoenas, no oath, and no transcripts. Gee frat boy, why didn't you just go to the White House door, pull your pants down, and give the dems your ass to kiss?

I still can't figure out what the frat boy and his peeps have to hide. They have every right to choose their political appointments, and the federal prosecutors serve at the President's wishes. (I know I know Fox News, Clinton fired all 93) And like Clinton, the frat boy had every right to fire as much of these federal prosecutors as he wanted. But like with everything else with this administration, it was done nefariously. "At this juncture people have hazy memories" Why fire just these eight, and then lie that it was because of poor job performance? Well it seems that they were all not aggressive enough in their prosecution of alleged democratic voter fraud (Do you see the rich irony here, a man who came to power because of voter fraud and a rigged election, now wants to make sure that his opponents don't do the same thing?) Apparently, the frat boy himself spoke to Gonzalez about getting rid of some of these prosecutors, and Gonzo made sure that the job got done. The problem is, like everything else old Gonzo touches, he f****d up the job. (Think of the illegal collection of personal data by the FBI, it was Gonzo's job to make sure that didn't get f****d up either, and you see what happened with that)

So now the frat boy is up to his cowboy boots in another scandal; and the stone walling,spinning, and the Fox propaganda machine is in full force. The rabid 30% of those people in this country who are Bush apologist will spend the next few months telling us Clinton did the same thing, and that nothing wrong was done. The frat boy could choke a baby to death in front of them and it would be OK. "That child was hiding weapons of mass destruction,he had to go" So here we go again, it's like ground hog day with this f*****g administration with no end in sight.

"After two months of stonewalling,shifting stories and misleading testimony, it is clear that we are still not getting the truth about the decision to fire these prosecutors and its cover-up"

~Linda Sanchez (D) California~

This is getting so so old!

Monday, March 19, 2007

All Four Are White Males

Seems a couple of the Supremes, Uncle Clarence Thomas, and Anthony Kennedy, had to go before a house sub committee down in Washington and face some tough questions recently. Why you say? Well apparently, even the Supreme Court needs money, and in order to justify their $66.5 million budget, they have to face the music once in awhile too. Thank God for Subcommittee Chairman Jose Serrano (D) New York, who asked this tough question: "How is the court doing in recruiting minority law clerks, and are they looking beyond the ranks of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford law grads?" Which led to this little gem from the slimy, self hating, slave catcher, Thomas. " I don't think all intelligence resides in the Ivy League" Thomas went on to say that only one of his four law clerks were Ivy League grads, but he added, "all four are white males".

Yes you read that correctly, ALL FOUR ARE WHITE MALES. Gee, thanks Clarence, you are really helping to advance your race, and mentor , as well as uplift black people. ALL FOUR ARE WHITE MALES. If there is a bigger self hater in America than Clarence Thomas I have yet to meet him or her. Folks, you have to understand, that a clerkship for a Supreme Court Justice guarantees the clerk great things, and a great future. It would be analogous to a young aspiring movie director fresh out of film school, getting to be an assistant for Stephen Spielberg. Or, a young entrepreneur out of B school, getting a chance to be an apprentice for Donald Trump. And of the thousands of minorities graduating from very fine law schools all over the country every year, Clarence Thomas chooses to give his clerkship hook ups to FOUR WHITE MALES. (Ahhh field you are just jealous. Damn right I am) But why should Clarence help anybody? If you hear him tell it, he didn't get any special treatment, he didn't benefit from affirmative action. Why should he help any minority law school graduate, no one helped him. Or so his ignorant black ass thinks. Clarence, you had plenty of help, and you stood on the shoulders, and you were the beneficiary of the blood sweat and tears of many honorable and brave people. Brave souls who sacrificed to get you where your ignorant self hating ass is today.

This type pf mentality really pisses me off given the type of people that I was fortunate to hang around with this past weekend. People who are the very antithesis of what this loof (That's a backwards fool in case you were wondering) represents. People who really care about young black people and advancing our race. People who are putting their money and their time where their mouth is. Unlike Clarence who puts his mouth.....ah never mind, some of you reading this might be eating.

And don't ask my why, but I really got pissed at Clarence after almost being confronted by a little thug in South West Philly today. There I was skipping the man's job a little early, and heading to the "hood" to meet with a potential witness in one of my own cases. I visited the lady and was walking back to my car, and there is this young brother sitting on one of the steps and giving me the fuzzy eyeball. I am thinking it's one o'clock in the afternoon, and why isn't this little mother f****r in school? He has on a black hoody not going anywhere in particular, and he is just watching the block. I am guessing he is just a lookout for a drug house. Still, the little mother f****r won't stop eye balling me. ~~~Don't let this suit fool you fam I will go Kingston 12 on your ass~ I am a little annoyed, so I stare back at his little ass. (An act that can get you killed very easily here in killadelphia) In retrospect, I don't know what the f**k I was thinking? Dude could have shot me. As it turns out though, he knew the field; I had helped his older brother with a gun case about a year ago and he remembered me. "Yo what's up lawyer man" I must admit, I felt relief. "Hey, what's up young buck, why aren't you in school?" "Ahhh just chillin, I already been to that jawn" (jawn is a noun for anything you want it to be in Philly. Me and my jawn going to the movies, I am going to the jawn tomorrow, have you seen my jawn) "Early dismissal huh" He laughed, I laughed back with him, but the sh** wasn't funny. He really should have been at school instead of watching a notorious drug corner in the middle of the day. The sad thing is, he doesn't realizes that he has less of a chance to make it out of this very neighborhood alive than a U.S. soldier does in Baghdad. As I get into my car I ask him how his brother is doing. He tells me that he just got locked up on a robbery charge, but his spirits are up "cause his shorty just had a baby".

"ALL FOUR ARE WHITE MALES" I swear I hate Clarence Thomas.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two Days In D.C.

This is my attempt to do some traditional blogging, and share what has been happening in the fields world for the last couple of days. I just got back from Washington D.C. where I met two of my best friends from law school. My boy Tony (Yes he is still a house negro who prefers to prosecute only blacks folks, but I am working on him), and Ced. They were in town for the National Association for Equal Opportunity In Higher Education (NAFEO) conference, and invited your boy down to hang out.

So I headed down Friday night in blizzard like conditions, and unfortunately, what should have been a two hour ride, took me damn near three and a half hours. But it was worth the trip. When I got to the Hyatt on H street my boys were all hanging out in the hotel lobby and shooting the breeze with other delegates from the conference. My man Tony was talking to Judge Reggie Walton (Remember him? He presided over the Scooter Libby trial) a cool guy, who although he was appointed by George Bush, seems to have his head and heart firmly in the fields. Don't ask how I know for sure, but let's just say the good Judge likes his Remy Martins. So the field chatted with him for a minute, I made sure I complimented him on how he conducted the trial. I always believed that a good Judge should be like a good referee in a basketball game; you shouldn't even notice he is there. Once you start noticing the Judge-insert the idiot from the Anna Nicole trial here-you know there is a problem.

So that was really cool meeting my man. Not to mention all that other brothers and sisters there from various corporations and government entities. All folks who were involved with programs to help mentor and guide young minority students. So being down there with all those positive well meaning people was nice. The NAFEO people seem to really have their sh** together.

Even though I was tired from my drive down, I still found time to hang out in D.C. Friday night with another one of my buddies from law school, who has made the District his home. Gino is a Republican, and my man started his own political consulting firm down there. Needless to say, we argued about all types of sh** the entire fu****g night. In the end though, we both agreed to disagree. We later went to the water front section of town and were supposed to go to a spot called H2O's (Hey what else are you going to call a spot on the waterfront?) But there was a serious line to get in, and the field doesn't do lines too well. So we hit some other spot (Ozios [sic]) until it was time to call it a night.

The next day was better. We toured the Smithsonian, watched the anti war protest, (the field heckled some pro war protesters. (Why is it that the pro war protesters always seem to remind me of the anti civil rights protesters of past years?) Then my boys, (Ced and Tony) decided that they wanted to trace their roots. So we headed to the National Archives museum, and although they seemed to really get into it, yours truly spent damn near three hours doing nothing. My peeps are from Jamaica, and unfortunately there was no record of them there. But Tony and Ced's research paid off and they got some nice info on their people and were able to trace their family histories back to the late 1800's.

Finally, we went back to the hotel, where my man Ced and I argued about the importance of appearance to young black males. A discussion brought on by some young heads in full hip hop regalia lounging in the hotel lobby. I thought it was cool if they wore their jeans slightly baggy with some Tims now and then. Ced, a military brat, did not. He thought those mother f*****s should have their sh** together at all times. "You never know when a future employer might be looking". We hung out later in a sports bar, watched the NCAA's and toasted with some St. Patty's day revelers. I like D.C., always have, I get a nice vibe every time I am down there. There were some dime pieces in the house, and the field made some small talk with a dime or two, nothing serious, just enjoying the view more than anything else. A sister from the conference joined us, and we talked about every thing from the problems facing black people, and America as a whole, to the unique challenges and responsibilities we all have as black professionals and mentors, just trying to make sure that our future generation does not get lost.

So now it's Sunday morning, and the field is heading up I-95. I Just dropped my boys off at Reagan Airport (damn I hate saying that!)for their trip back to Louisiana. It's a beautiful morning; hard to believe that just two days ago, there was rain, sleet, and snow, whipping all over the freaking highway. But unlike my trip on Friday, this is going to be a beautiful ride home. I am blasting my man Buju Banton on the CD player, and I am enjoying the sun and the fact that spring is just a few days away. I am thinking about all the positive people I met at the conference, and all of the great ideas they had. I am thinking about my boys and the s**t we always get into when we hook up. (You didn't think I told you everything did you?).

"..When mama spend her last and send you go class never ever you play. It's a competitive world for low budget people, spending a dime while earning a nickel"

I wonder when Buju will drop his next album? His sh** is sounding real good right about now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Plans for the revolution.

I rarely do this, but every now and then I read a comment on the web that I have to share with other readers in the fields. The following comment comes from by good brother Asabagna,by way of a comment he dropped on the free slave blog. (Sorry Max, looks like I beat you to it). Now for the record, I don't agree with everything Asa says, I actually think that black folks brown folks, and forward thinking white folks, can all work together to make this revolution thing work. Asa seems to be coming from a more black only perspective, which is fine, but I don't quite think like that. As someone who views the revolution from a more world wide and not just American perspective, I don't see the problem only in terms of black and white. So I search for a more viable and inclusive strategy. Remember, without our Jewish brother s and sisters during the civil rights struggle, plenty of the sh** we got accomplished could not have been done. Still, I agree with the overall tone and tenor of Asa's comments, and I think this brother is not only deep, but his heart is in the right place as well.

So here are my man's comments; unedited, and just like he laid it down over at the free slave.

"Great topic Lubangakene, once again you got me going deep. When I first read you post, the first thing that popped into my head was the Beatles song ‘Revolution’: 'ou say you want a revolution… Well you know… We all want to change the world'. Now I am sure this is not what you want to hear… lol… but that is the jingle that came into my head as I thought… well what would this revolution look like? … and how would we get there?

Then, Malcolm’s speech “The Ballot or the Bullet” popped into my consciousness (hopefully this redeems by involuntary Beatles “faux pas”…). You are right on with your comments on the futility of utilizing the “Ballot” to bring about real change. I always refer to this statement by a relatively well known but unappreciated political philosopher when it comes to voting: “If voting could change anything, they would outlaw it”: Ice-T. Since I don’t live in America, as an outside observer, I am shake my head time and time again on how African-Americans put so much faith and energy into the voting process. I understand the overwhelming responsibility which they feel that they must exercise their vote, because of the romanticized historical relevance of the civil/voting rights movement…. especially in honour of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in this struggle. But from my perch in Canada, I see how easily those who want to exercise their right to vote for the candidate or party of their choice, are quickly “demonized” if they don’t conform to the groupthink. Then of course there is the choice between those who will “rape” you with vaseline and those who will “rape” you without vaseline. Insert whichever party, Democrats-Republicans, as the former or latter “perpet-raper”.

Therefore will the revolution be brought about by the “Bullet”. Back to the Beatles: “But when you talk about destruction… Don’t you know you can count me out…. ” The reality is that for Black people to engage in widespread violent revolution to break the chains of their oppression…. well let just say… the reality is that one of the basic requirements needed in an armed struggle is communication… and most of us either have revolving issues with paying bills on time or we are on a pay as you go plan for our “cellies”…. which just won’t cut it…. especially when you are about to forward intelligence on your enemies movements or attack formations! A “puff”.. the phone gets cut off! lol!

So what are we left with… well let me suggest that we employ the mindset of the Spartans…. as seen in the movie “300” (Tafari—quit drooling!). Let’s have a real revolution of thought and practice. Let us create a community of Black/African men and women who from birth are trained to be warriors, and by this I mean have a warrior mentality where their only… I repeat and emphasize, ONLY commitment is to this community. Two very difficult choices will have to be made for this to work. First, those who can’t or don’t measure up physically, emotionally, spiritually and/or make a real contribution to the community… we cut them loose. So those who are chronic substance abusers, societal and moral deviants (i.e murderers, abusers of women and children, etc.), those who are unteachable, those who cannot/will not develop a community first attitude, those who are weak willed and/or weak minded, and anything else that is an anchor to our progress…. we turn them out. Second, we don’t get hooked into other peoples/groups struggles. Let white women (feminists) fend for themselves. Let the homosexuals fight their own battles for their civil rights. Let the Native Indians (who owned slaves and are more than willing to disentangle themselves from that history) engage the white man in their own struggle. Let the poor white trailer trash agitate for their own political/economic empowerment. F*CK THE RAINBOW COALITION! It’s a burden on our advancement! It should be all about us and ONLY us. I contend that ONLY by this type of revolution, can even START to develop a strong and progressive Black/African community. Purification of community values. Single-mindedness of community purpose. Revolution of community focus.

The alternative…. well we may as well sing along with the Beatles: 'on’t you know it’s gonna be alright, alright, alright' as we are led as sheep to the slaughter. "


Thanks for dropping knowledge yawdie. This is why I blog, and this is why I read other people's blogs; so that I can get inspiration and knowledge from cats like you.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fox News Doesn't Care About Black Children!

I swear I wanted to post about half and half man again tonight, but I just don't know what to say about that brotha. I really do want to give him a chance, especially since some brothers have been slamming his ass on the their blogs lately. I don't mind some of his Harold Fordesque moves , or even him moving away from his church after the FAKE NOISE NETWORK tried to call them separatist. What I do have a problem with, is his wimpy ass move to let that penguin looking mother f***r, Roger Ailes, make fun of his name and get away with it. That sh** is inexcusable, and letting that ass hole off the hook for his comments makes him lose serious (pardon the reference here) " browny points" in my book.

So no real Obama post for me again tonight. But I do want to talk about the aforementioned FAKE NOISE NETWORK again. Yeah those mother f*****s have been on my mind lately. Maybe it's because every time I go to my local Donkin Donuts, or my gym they have that sh** on the television, so I can't help but have them in my world, and that pisses me off.

So anyway, Bill O-Lie-ly blamed the tragic death of those young Mali immigrants in the Bronx recently on illegal immigration. Can you believe that sh**? These poor innocent children lost their lives in a tragic house fire, and this cretin uses their death to push his phony ass illegal immigration agenda! How much more of this sh** should normal people stand for? I guarantee you if those were nine little white kids from Long Island his phony ass would dedicate an entire show to raising funds for their funeral. But no, they were brown children, and they were immigrants, so the first thing that comes out of his mouth, is that there is an illegal immigration problem in New York. "New York is one of these sanctuary cities" Huh? What the f**k does that have to do with ten dead people from a house fire? Memo to Mr. O- Lie-ly, citizens die from house fires every f*****g day in this country! Just days after the Bronx fire, four people died in Chicago from a house fire, and right here in Philly we have had seven house fire deaths and counting this year alone. And I guarantee you they weren't immigrants.

When I go on these rants about the likes of Bill O-Lie-ly and the FAKE NOISE NETWORK, I hope people realize why. Especially black people. Because like it or not, Fox is the number one cable news network in America, and O-Lie-ly has the number one show. Don't for a minute think that his constant marginalization of black people, and his lack of empathy for a black child's life is an accident. Think about that for a minute and let it sink in............did you think about it? Good! So now you know why it's important to call these mother f*****s on their bull sh** . Because between their news chief making fun of a leading black Presidential candidates name, and one of their leading pundits smearing the black church, makes them in my book, just slightly above those old Nazi propaganda machines. (Just slightly) So to the field, they are disgusting despicable human beings.

Bil O-Lie-ly said that people on the left "hate Fox News", and you know what Bill, I don't know about the people on the left, but I hate every one of you mother f*****s; from your thief of an owner, to those house Negroes, bimbos,and racist mother f*****g pundits on your station. Yep, I hate you all. And I will only hate you a little less when you get the f**k out of my Dunkin Donuts and out of my gym.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Father forgive them for they are republicans

"I have sinned against you and I beg your forgivenesss" ~Jimmy Swaggart~

Let's get this out of the way right now; everyone has skeletons in their closet. Hey, it's the American way. After all, how can you seriously "pursue happiness" if there ain't a few skeletons here and there? So unless you are Amish, up for saint hood, or you were born in a manger in a town called Bethlehem, I am guessing you have done some sh** in your life that you are not very proud of.

Which brings me to my friends in the rethuglican party. I think I could tolerate these guys a little more if they weren't such hypocrites. All that preaching about moral virtues and finger pointing at the unholy secular progressives as well as the rest of us heathens, tends to get really old with me, especially if you have some skeletons dancing in your closet your damn self. Take Newt Gingrich for example, the man who led the rethuglican charge to impeach the first black President while all the time getting his freak on with his own little mistress on the side. Now now Newt, that's not nice, pointing your finger at Bill's little indiscretion, and doing who knows what while tucked safely away in your closet. Oh if those closet walls could talk huh Newt. "Ahhh Newt give it to me big daddy, give it to me Mr. Speaker, put that gavel right there, aah this it big daddy, show me how that Republican revolution works, and put your contract on America all over me" What a creep, but worse, what a hypocrite. And let's not forget that other rethuglican hypocrite, who surfaced right around the same time, thanks to Hustler Magazine exposing his phony ass. Seems Bob Livingston (R) Louisiana, was getting his freak on as well all the while pointing his fingers at Arkansas Bill. But he at least he had some shame, resigned in the midst of the bru ha ha, and walked away from his political life and the halls of congress. Is it any surprise then that the latest major republican candidates for President have had at least nine wives (that we know about) between them. Not a bad number if we are talking about nine candidates or even eight, but we are talking about four f*****g guys here. The irony is that the Mormon among them has had only one wife. ("Field that statement was a little bigoted against Mormons". Yeah please forgive me on that one)

I wish more of these rethuglican and conservative hypocrites would be like Bob Livingston and just walk away. But they won't. There is Newt every night on the Fake News Network, telling us his vision of America and flirting with a run for President. There is Dick Morris-that toe sucking megalomaniac- every night on; where else, The Fake News Network, telling us how the elections will turn out and what the political trends are. There is Ollie North-a convicted lier and felon-on; where else, the Fake News Network, with his own show, and staring us down with his disgusting mug every night as if he is proud to be Ollie. I mean I know we believe in forgiveness and redemption in America, but at some point we have to say enough. (I swear I can't wait to see who that D.C. madam has the goods on.)

I am sure the irony wasn't lost on anybody when it turns out that conservative Marine hero, Cpl. Matt Sanchez, turned out to be a gay porn star, and hooker.(Seems he was a hero to the right because he took on a bunch of "moonbats" at Columbia University) I bet everyone of those homophobic morons that attended the CPAC convention are trying to remember if they shook his hands or not. "Honey you know that Marine fellow we met in Washington? Did you know he was a fag? Oh my God, I can't remember if he touched me or not! " There he was with the "camel neck" one, mAnn Coulter, (yeah the same mAnn Coulter that called John Edwards a "faggot") smiling for the pics and looking like just another clean cut military man who is proud of his country and his commander in chief. Semper Fi soldier! Geez. But you get the point, if we weren't talking about Republicans this would not be an issue, the fact that this Marine is a former gay porn star. But because we are talking about rethuglicans, it is an issue, because we all know how they feel about the likes of gays,secular progressives, and liberals. I am so glad Matt Sanchez worked his hustle on those conservative Republicans ( I can't believe that he buys into their bull sh**) and used their dumb asses for maximum exposure at the CPAC convention and on shows like Hannity and Colmes; on where else, you guessed it, The Fake News Network.

But this is what happens when you have skeletons in your closet but act like you don't. In the field's world, rethuglicans are like slick preachers, it's always do as I say but not as I do. Unless of course someone opens up that closet door...."I have sinned against you and I beg your forgiveness" . Hey f**k you, I don't forgive you, and I can't stand you mother fu****s . But that's just me. I understand that it's not my forgiveness you want, it's your Gods. At least that's what you say. But I am guessing that getting the forgiveness of your conservative base and the Kool Aide drinkers who follow you is more important than Gods. After all, God doesn't vote does he?

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have been quite upset about the FAKE NEWS NETWORK for some time now, and I think it's about time I dedicate a post to my angst.

For the record, their house negro and bimbo commentators annoy the hell out of me, and so does their obvious right wing bias, as well as their constant stacking of the deck on their talk shows against moderate and left leaning commentators. But all of that pales in comparison to the fact that they are allowed to call themselves FOX NEWS. I mean come on, that sh** is entertainment and opinions, not news. News is supposed to be "fair and balanced" (where have I heard that before), and journalists, regardless of their own personal beliefs, are supposed to project an image of being impartial. None of that at the FAKE NEWS NETWORK, where they are more like a propaganda arm of the Bush White House than a legitimate news outlet. I mean one of their former anchors is now the White House press secretary for crying out loud! (isn't it funny that they have barely mentioned the Walter Reed fiasco, or the purging of over seven U.S. attorney's by the frat boy's administration, yet they constantly talk about sh** like Obama's church, and Anna Nicole's now rotting behind )

But hey, I am not knocking Rupert's hustle, this is America, and the man can do what he wants with his television network and his money. But for Gods sake man, must you pretend to have a news outfit ,when the world knows (even the people that worship at the church of Fox) know that your station is nothing more than a cheep entertainment ratings stunt for gullible red state republicans? At some point we have to say enough, and demand that the FAKE NEWS NETWORK reveal themselves and stop spitting out the "fair and balanced bull sh** line.

So which leads me to another reason for my post. I would like to congratulate John Edwards for not accepting the FAKE NEWS NETWORK'S invitation to participate in their Nevada debate. Good for you John, I will be watching Hillary's ass. I hear she has been getting blood money from Murdoch, so I would really love to see what she does here. If she has any shred of decency she will decline like you did and say no thanks to that joke of an outfit and their phony ass debate. If she accepts, sorry Francis Holland, I won't be supporting her ass even if she is the democratic nominee for the general election. (third party anyone?) And half and half man, you are not off the hook either. I am waiting to see if you decline to participate in the FAKE NEWS debate as well. I love how you have refused to appear on their network, and frankly my man, the way they have been dissing you lately, I wouldn't either. So I hope you (Obama) decline to appear as well, that would send a very strong message and go a long way in showing those people that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time. Although I gotta give it to the FAKE NEWS people, they sure fooled allot of people.

If you want to go to a great web site without actually having to watch the FAKE NEWS people go to News Hounds. (They are actually one of my links) And even if you do watch it, if one of those Arbitron people call and ask you if you do; please deny it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some chickens are finally coming home...

"I don't know of anybody in my administration who leaked classified information. If somebody did leak classified information, I'd like to know it, and we'll take the appropriate action."

Well frat boy, thank God it wasn't left to you to take appropriate action. That job was left to a an independent federal prosecutor. My dear mama used to say; that "if you lay down with dogs you will wake up with fleas" Scooter, I think you found you a serious dog pound by way of the White House to lay down in my man, and you have to live with that. I hear your wife was crying in the court room when the verdict was read, and I feel for her. But you know what, over 3,100 wives and mothers have been crying over the past few years thanks to this immoral and illegal war. And not because their sons will have to do some time in club fed, or pay a million dollars worth of fines, but because they will never come back. So you get no pity from the field. You were supposed to be serving the American people, but you lied to protect that evil SOB who moonlights as our Vice President. Mr Libby was the highest ranking White House official to be convicted since the eighties when that cowboy from California was pardoning the criminals involved with the Iran Contra scandal.

So let's think for a minute how we got here in the first place. When the frat boy gave that now infamous speech in Cincinnati about that imminent threat coming from Iraq, it was a lie, and it was based on doctored reports. There was a little secret cabal in the White House called the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) plotting all along to deceive all of us, the American people. And when Joe Wilson took his now famous trip to my homeland (Niger) and discovered that no yellow cake uranium was sold to the Iraqis, it sent the WHIG into a frenzy. Then when Mr. Wilson came home and went public with an oped in the...gasp, New York Times, they set out to destroy the messenger. This was classic Bush, after destroying his wife's 20 year career in the CIA, and blowing a CIA front, they set out to lie to the American people about what their real motives were.

My friends, let's be clear here, the person who should have been facing conviction today should have been dead eye Dick himself, and that little lying weasel Karl Rove. That would have brought me pure joy. Scooter was a fall guy, and Stevie Wonder can see it. But somebody had to go down, and who knows, maybe he will do like one of the dream girls and start singing. (Hey, a man can dream can't he) Unfortunately, he most likely won't, because I am sure that a pardon has already been promised, or at least it better had be, or that Scooter book will be a best seller.

I have been reading some republican blogs where they are already blaming the jury. (insert OJ jury references here) They were biased, the trial shouldn't have been in D.C. where there is a 90% democratic registration, they weren't smart enough to understand the law, blah blah blah. All I can say is that I am proud of these people that sat on the jury, someone had to punish this f****g administration. And Patrick Fitzgerald did a great job in his closing arguments by making this trial about the Bush administration, which it was. And the jurors did their job and made sure that justice was served. In the end, they didn't believe the sometimes my memory is bad defense, (speaking of defense; Scooter, a little word of advise, the next time you are faced with these types of charges, you might want to save your money. Dropping $800 an hour on the Holy Cross classmate of Uncle Clarence Thomas, Ted Wells, and still getting convicted on four out of five charges ain't gonna cut it) and like everyone else in the country, they realized what a bunch of evil lying snakes inhabit the White House, and what a pernicious effect they have had on our democracy.

So good luck Scooter, I hope your boy stands by you... whoops, that's right, he can't stand, he has a blood clot in his leg. "Oh field you are so mean." Yeah, and over 3,100 American are so dead.

I'm out.


**** I always wanted to be a Hollywood producer, so now that I have my own web page I can indulge in my childhood fantasies. So anyway, I have added a new feature to the fields. Every day (at least when I can find the time) I will have a popular movie caption with its appropriate cast members.
BTW, I am not Steven Spielberg, so if you think you have a better title for my cast to work with, please feel free to hit me with it.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Field Negroes Take On The News

I swear I wanted to blog about Barack again today but.....hey, I still don't know what to say about the brother.

Still, there is lots to take about given all the stuff in the news over the past few days.

I want to start with my man the frat boy, and his visit down into the heart of Dixie yesterday. (I told you so) There he was getting in the invariable hug with a suffering black person or family, (See Kanye, George Bush really does care about black people) and making sure all the news papers caught him giving that oh so endearing and christian like hug. I feel your pain, I really do, even if you are black. Give me a fu****g break, why didn't he go down to New Orleans like that? And don't tell me about all the water down below. He is the f*****g President, he could have landed on top of the Superdome if he wanted to. So yeah, that pissed me off. But hey, I guess we all know whose President he really is. Unless of course you want a picture. Say cheese black folks!

I see white supremacist gangs are on the rise, especially out in Cali. Now that's some scary sh**. Where are the Panthers when you need them? And speaking of white supremacist gangs, I am sure every one has heard by now what the "camel neck" one said to a group of republican conservatives over the weekend. Seems she dropped the "F" word to applause while referring to Senator John Edwards. (I wonder if Tim Hardaway was there?) Now there is so much I could say about the "camel neck one", but I won't, I am sure other bloggers have and will continue to take her to task for her ignorant ass homophobic rant. So enough of her. Besides, I think she is just a whore for publicity. She gets off on this stuff more than I hear she likes to get off on... I better stop, I don't want to get sued by the camel neck one. You have to prove malice when you are suing as a public official, and with me, that standard won't be hard for her to meet.

Laugh at Al. Gore and ignore global warming at your own risk. And now a story from Alaska, where it seems the oyster beds are being assailed by bacteria that was previously only found in warm waters. Yes I agree with Al. Gore, global warming is a real threat, and it is primarily caused by mans abuse of the planet. So call me a tree hugging weenie if you want to, but I want the world to be here in 100 years, and I don't even have any fu****g kids.

So let me get this straight, anti- Kremlin protesters are beaten in St. Petersburg, yet another Russian critic is shot (the third to be either shot or poisoned recently)this time right here in the United States. Putin continues to centralize power, strip away human rights and build the Russian army. All the while the frat boy and this administration sleeps at the wheel, and acts as if the only threat we face is from islamo terrorist.

Oh, and did I mention that the Taliban is gaining strength in Afghanistan?And now we seem to be feuding with our main partners in the region, the Pakistanis. Apparently a U.S. General, Douglas Lute, said that our forces can chase the Taliban into Pakistan. Not so, said Pakistani Major Genral Waheed Arshad on behalf of the Pakistan army. "There is no authorization for hot pursuit" Mmmmm. Advise to the frat boy, dead eye Dick, and the bad perm lady: Get the hell out of Iraq, and refocus on other hot spots in the world before it's too late.

One of the things I hate most is a hypocrite. Which is why I tend to despise conservatives and the flag wavers from the republican party. Now consider the conditions at Walter Reed, and the deplorable conditions that these brave soldiers have been having to endure after their great sacrifice for this country. Now the republicans and those in the frat boy's administration are acting as if they didn't realize that the conditions were so bad. Yeah give me a break. Walter Reed was one of the bases scheduled for closing, and the facilities were to be privatized for profit. Now the frat boy is scheduled to set up a bi-partisan commission to investigate, the secretary of the Army has been fired, and there is enough outrage to go around for everybody. ~~~that sound you hear is me puking~~ Give me a fu****g break with this. I have read a couple of good stories on blogs about this, and I have spoken about my brother in law before on this blog, and about all the suffering he has had to go through since he returned with an injury from Iraq. And I am sure there are many other stories like his. But the flag wavers and chicken hawks didn't want to hear these stories, because it didn't fit their talking points about the war effort. All I can say is; thank you Washington Post for exposing this story. And folks, the next time you think the so called main stream media is obsolete, just imagine what kind of world we would have if only the likes of Fox News and Drudge gave us our news.

I see both Barack and Hilary gave nice speeches today in Selma. Both courting the black vote, both hoping they can pole well going into states like South Carolina where there is a huge percentage of black votes in the democratic primary. I think Barack ought to thank that lying ignoramus, Sean Insanity, over at the Fake News network,and that house negro, Erik Rush he trotted out last week. You remember Erik don't you. Mr. Rush was the one who said Barack belonged to a separatist church and Mr. Insanity, who has never seen a lie that he doesn't like, was quick to jump on a faux story. This helped to mobilize blacks behind Barack because they saw it as an unnecessary attack on one of their own, and because damn near 90% of black folks belong to a church exactly like the one Obama is a member of. Poor Hilary, she must really hate those right wingers over at Fox now, because they just gave Barack a serious bump in the poles. Memo to my so called progressive friends, this is what happens when you don't really know black folks.

Glad they caught the guy in Michigan who cut up his wife, and said she left with some guy in a dark sedan. Hey, at least he didn't say she left with a dark guy in a sedan. Remember that Smith lady in South Carolina, and that guy up in Boston? Both high profile cases where the perp lied on us brothers.

I just saw the video where these ignorant ass Negroes down in Texas were teaching a two year old and a five year old how to smoke the ganja. Are you kidding me? Sometimes I swear we don't love our children.

I'm out.

Friday, March 02, 2007

You might be a field negro if.....

One question that often comes up among my acquaintances who know my handle when I blog is: "Field, how would I know if I am a field negro or a house negro? I mean I see you with this blog, and you seem to be inimical to the house Negroes, so how do I know where I stand?"

That's a fair question. And I previously gave some tips on this very blog on how to identify the house negro. So now, to be fair, I think it's time I gave some tips on how one would know whether he or she is a field negro or not as well.

So again, with my apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, here are just a few ways that you can tell if you are a field negro:

1. If you look at the suffering of people in places like Darfur, Angola, and Iraq, and you feel genuine pain for them, well then you might be a field negro.
2. If you would rather read a good history book (any history)than watch BET, then you might just be a field negro.
3. If you think the biggest threat facing America is from those among us who are ignorant, bigoted fear mongers, and not Muslim terrorist, then you just might be a field negro.
4. If you think all citizens of the world are equal whether they were born within our borders or not, then I sense a field negro.
5. If you have watched at least five Spike Lee joints in your life (any five even Crooklyn) then you might be a field negro.
6. If you are feeling Nia Long, Lisa Raye, and Dawn Robinson, but not Halle Barry,Tracy Bingham,or Naomi Campbell, then you just might get this field negro thing.
7. If you are feeling Don Cheadle,Denzel Washington, and Djimon Hounsou, but not Cuba Gooding, Terrence Howard, or Samuel L. Jackson, then start looking for your field negro card.
8. If you were hoping OJ's sorry ass would get off, but knew he was guilty, well you just might have this field negro thing down.
9. If you always exercise your right to vote, not because you trust politricksters, but because you know what those who came before you had to go through to give you that right, well then you just might be a field negro.
10. If you have read Noam Chomskey, Franz Fannon, or Chinua Achebe, then you might just be a field negro.
11. If you value where you live more than what you drive, well then you might be a field negro.
12. If you hold down more than one job just because you can, well congratulations, I think you just might be a field negro.
13. Speaking of jobs, if you are working and going to school, well then you might have this field negro thing pretty much wrapped up.
14. If you think the sybaritic excesses of America is way too much, well then my friend, I think you are a field negro.
15. If you don't trust anyone with an offering plate and a promise, well then you might just be a field negro.
16. If you always want to learn more no matter how much you have accomplished, well step right up, because you might be a field negro.
17. If you think Paris Hilton is a restaurant in France, good for you, you might be a field negro.
18. If you believe that America could not have been the industrial power it is without the blood sweat and tears of your ancestors, well then you might be a field negro.
19. If you don't prejudge things like music,clothes, and places, well then you might just be a field negro.
20. Rule #19 applies to people as well (unless of course it's a white male over 50 :))
21. If your "bling" consists of just a wedding ring, a watch or a chain that your dying momma gave you, well then you just might be a field negro.
22. If Negroes who white people love makes you nervous, (see Oprah, Barack, and Tiger) well then welcome to the fields.
23. If you have a criminal record because some white person called you nigger in the past, well then you might have anger issues, and could be a field negro.
24. If you understand that there are white folks out here who have more in common with you and all the above traits than some black folks, well then guess what; you just might be a field negro after all.
25. If you tuck your child(ren) into bed every night, well then you just might be a field negro.
26. If you think Malcolm was just as important to the civil rights struggle as Martin, well guess what,you might be a field negro.
27. Finally, if you read this blog at least three times a week, I am thinking that you are more than likely a field negro :)

OK, I gave you 27 things to kind of lead you in the right direction to field negrodom. Now if you still can't tell if you are a field negro with all that I gave you.... well, there is a lady named La Shawn with a blog you might like to read.
***Before, I go, I think the frat boy is visiting the folks in Alabama tomorrow. Must be nice, just one day after that tragic twister hit, he is going down to Bama to give them his moral support and his ahem ahem prayers. But are you thinking what I am thinking? Yeah I know; why the f**k didn't he visit the poor victims of Katrina a little F*****G sooner? "George Bush doesn't care about black people". Damn it Kanye you might be right!