Friday, February 29, 2008

Straight Talk & The Preacher

If you watched the FAKE NEWS channel recently or listened to conservative talk radio you would think that the "O" man and Louis Farakhan had a secret plot to take over A-merry-ca. Tim (my head is too big for my body) Russert practically told the "O" man that he was lying when he said he denounced Louis Farakhan, and he kept bringing up Farakhan over and over again.

Over at FIX NEWS (FIX NEWS, FAKE NEWS, FUCK NEWS, what's the difference?)the fat guy with the droopy eyes and the ugly ass hair cut has been foaming at the mouth to get at the "O" man's minister, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. "He preaches black separatism, he preaches black self empowerment, and about empowering the black family" (like that's a bad thing) . "Obama's church is exclusionary" (You mean like Mitt Romney's, and damn near all of the so called christian conservatives who hate gays and blacks, and us secular progressives?).

So anyway, let's cut to the chase scene. Let's see what FAKE NEWS is going to do now that their candidate has been publicly endorsed by some right wing nut job and so called preacher who leads a flock of 16,000. Yes, this phony ass preacher who hates anyone who is not white, or Southern, or christian, is openly endorsing Mr. Morton (because he is always salty). Bill Donohue, who is somewhat of a nut job himself, and the head of the Catholic League, says that the man has "waged an unrelenting war against the Catholic Church". And Mr. Donohue has a point: He called the Catholic church "the great whore", he called it "an apostate church", he called it"a false cult system", and he openly endorses an accepting John McCain.

So if this guy feels this way about Catholics, can you imagine how he feels about us black folks? Here is a hint; he had a "slave sale" to raise funds for his church, Cornerstone, with this heading:"Slavery In America Returning To Cornerstone." Wow!

John Hagee, I know you are a so called man of god. But may I tell you something that Mr. McCain should have told you instead of accepting your endorsement? Please go fuck yourself!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have a confession to make: I could never become President of these divided states of A-mery-ca. Why? Because I was born in the land of the good collie weed and Red Stripe Beer, that's why. And thus I would not qualify to be president under our current Constitution.
Now it seems that Mr. Morton (because he is always salty) wasn't born within these borders either. Some folks are even questioning whether he should be eligible to run for president. Seems Mr. Morton was born in a place called Coco Solo, on a military base in the Panama Canal Zone. The consitution states that one has to be a "natural born citizen" to become president.

Natural born citizen and what is its true meaning is the question here. This question is not as cut and dry as some folks might think. One professor who studied the situation even told the New York Times that it wasn't a "slam dunk." That may or may not be true, but in my humble opinion the Obamaholics should leave this one alone. There is just no there there, and I think the rethugs would welcome this battle.

This one goes to Mr. Morton from where I sit. U.S. Military bases and Embassies are considered A-merry-can soil, and the base Mr. Morton was born on in 1936 (damn he is old) was clearly under U.S. military control when baby McCain came popping out. And then there is this:

USC TITLE 8 > CHAPTER 12 > SUBCHAPTER III > Part I > § 1403"Any person born in the Republic of Panama on or after February 26, 1904, and whether before or after the effective date of this chapter, whose father or mother or both at the time of the birth of such person was or is a citizen of the United States employed by the Government of the United States or by the Panama Railroad Company, or its successor in title, is declared to be a citizen of the United States." Besides congress passed a law way before my time saying that children born to U.S. citizens are natural born citizens.

So it would appear that my man is safe. Again, it would be a bad political move for the democrats to even make this an issue. McCain was born to military parents who were ordered on that base, and we are all aware of his own personal sacrifice as a Naval pilot. Still, I think it's interesting that this base in the Panama Canal was considered U.S. soil, but the frat boy's administration wanted to suspend the constitutional rights of those prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Hmmmmmm.

You really have to wonder though. If this was the "O" man, and he found himself in a similar situation, would A-merry-cans react the same way? Would we be getting all the cries of this is a non issue that we are getting now with McCain? Somehow I don't think so.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One more cigar.

I listened to a live speech by Fidel Castro once (don't ask), and even though I didn't understand a word he was saying, I found myself cheering my ass off. The guy was that charismatic.

Now, after almost fifty years in power, Fidel has turned over the keys to his brother Raul. Yes folks, Fidel has outlived nine (count em) nine U.S. Presidents, countless assassination attempts, and a long standing U.S. trade embargo. Sadly, the last time I checked his little Communist outpost was still at our back door. It is still the only such government in the Western Hemisphere.

When the fake ass cowboy told the Russian leader to tear down "that wall" in East Berlin, he should have been focusing some of his commie fighting skills on that beautiful island to the South of us as well. But no such luck. Like other U.S. Presidents before him-- starting with JFK---and all the presidents who have come since, Cuba, for the sake of political expediency, became a political pariah, and the land that A-merry-ca's leaders forgot. Hey, gotta get that Florida vote. We have to pander to those Cuban Americans down there, forget the fact that we have lost sight of the bigger picture over and over again.

The irony is that we created this monster. For years, pre Fidel, our businesses controlled Cuba's economy, and we supported the corrupt and brutal Fulgencio Batista. Enter the man with the beard and great hand rolled cigars to stage a revolt and take power. Things have not been the same since. Fidel ruled with an iron fist, and democracy took a back seat.

Now I know that there are many Cuban A-merry-cans in South Florida who would kill Fidel themselves if they were given a chance. And their beef might be legitimate. Hell, if the Jamaican government were to take my families land I would be pissed off too. But sorry, this isn't about them. This is about a country of millions of people who would be so much better off if that silly ass trade embargo was lifted. Normalized relations with our Cuban brothers and sisters would be so nice.

Unfortunately, I just read where Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte said this: " I can't imagine that [improved relations with Cuba] happening anytime soon".

Oh well, looks like I will have to just keep paying a little more for those Cuban cigars.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday night in Cleveland, and a little rant. (Just a small one)

That debate tonight was what we call in gambling circles, a push. OK I will give a slight edge to the "O" man.

But as usual, I have a few things on my mind: First, is that Louis Farrakhan I see peeping out from under that bus? I wonder if he got the license plate of the bus that hit him? I think that plate starts with an O Minister.

And congrats to Mr. Straight Talk for denouncing that Nazi right wing nut job who introduced him today (Talk about one flew over the cuckoos nest). Bill Cunningham kept referring to the "O" man as Hussein (his middle name) and watching him you just kept thinking that he was going to drop the "n" word at any minute. And who was that house Negro in the ugly ass suit behind him? If someone can get me that Negro's name and his picture I will make him HN of the day for a month.

"I take responsibility and I repudiate what he said." Anything else Mr. Morton (That's because he is always salty) "I will not tolerate anything in this campaign that denigrates either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton." Wow! The high road huh? Let's hope you can stay up there Mr. Morton.

Finally, I would like to thank "admiral komack" for making me think of something today. His comments from the Politico article after my last post made me wonder: Why is it that republicans have to actually have polling groups to learn how to speak to black sensibilities? I mean seriously, they are actually sending out talking points and secretly planning how to attack the "O" man without coming off as racist. Hmmmm, let me see now; so you can't say what you really feel because you are afraid you might be perceived as racist? Instead, you unite around talking points on how to attack your African American opponent without appearing to be racist? Does anyone else see anything wrong with that picture? Or is it just me?

Here is a suggestion: Why don't you just treat the "O" man like any other candidate and attack him on the issues like you would a white candidate? I know I know, you can't do that because you just can't get past the fact that he is black. Geez!

And republicans wonder why they can't get more than 15% of the African American vote.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Will he turn the other cheek?

“Over the years you’ve heard plenty of promises from plenty of people and plenty of speeches. And some of those speeches were probably pretty good. But speeches don’t put food on the table. Speeches don’t fill up your tank. Speeches don’t fill your prescriptions,”.... My opponent makes speeches. I offer solutions. It’s one thing to get people excited. I want to empower you.”

Tough talk like that from the ice queen, and the fired up won't take no more speeches girlfriend has been giving lately is fine as far as I am concerned. Hey, this is politics, and Hillary is supposed to give tough speeches when she is attacking her opponent. Sorry Obamaholics, shit happens when you are running for the highest office in the land.

But that picture your campaign floated out there today Hillary was over the top, even for you. I mean I know that you are facing--- to steal a quote from Dick Morris, "political extinction" but my god woman have you no shame? Showing the "O" man in that outfit from Somali in a turban (nothing scares white folks more than a black man in a turban) to remind A-merry-cans that he is black like any other field Negro was low. Hell, I am typing with one hand while I hold my family jewels in the another. Why? Because I am feeling that shot you gave the "O" man, that's why. "Oh come on field, you are from a country where they kill their political opponents in record numbers. How dare you question our democratic process here in A-merry-ca? Yes, maybe I should find some context . I suppose in the big scheme of things smearing someone by floating a picture of him out there to create a black Bogey Man isn't the same as killing him. But geez. If you do this and he looses, you sure will be killing the "hopes" of millions of people Hillary. Oh, and one of your supporters did actually try to kill his in law over this shit. See what firing up your supporters can do Hillary? Hey, maybe we are closer to the politics of my homeland here in A-merry-ca than we think.

For the next couple of days I will see if the "O" man turns the other cheek, and if his campaign fires back. Think a picture of Monica Lewinski making goo goo eyes at Bubba while she was in that receiving line. Floating some pics out there of that shit again would be a start "O" man. And see what a nice field Negro I am? I have decided to give your campaign a head start by putting a picture of girlfriend on my blog. I think Monica looks good in black don't you?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A letter to John McCain

Dear Mr. Straight Talk:

I know this has been a rough few days for you because of that NYT story coming out about your closeness to a certain lobbyist. That, and the fact that the latest polls are showing you trailing the likely Democratic nominee in damn near every state.

I know some of your conservative friends, like Rush Limp-boy has rallied around you. And they are even claiming that this latest scandal might actually help you. But I am not buying it. Whenever something comes up that reminds voters of the K word it can't be good for you.

Anyway, because you are a genuine A-merry-can hero, and because I have always had a soft spot in my heart for you, I am going to give you some advice (I know your campaign is short on cash, so I won't charge you a dime for it):

1. Play up the affair part of this story. Hell the woman was thirty years your junior. What better way to let the A-merry-can voters know that you are not that old after all, and that you can last four years without spending half of it in Walter Reed .

2. Call out Rush and all the other conservative radio talk show hosts that have been giving you a hard time. Take a page from Bill Clinton's book, and make them your Sista Souljahs. So you piss them off, what are they going to do, tell their people to vote for the Democratic nominee? I don't think so.

3. Tell Cindy to shut up. The last time I checked "The Stepford Wives" bombed (whoops, poor choice of words) at the box office.

4. Send Muqtada al Sadr some flowers with future assurances that if you are elected President, there will be lots more where they came from.

5. Since you can't wear those high heel boots like Prince. (It just doesn't look presidential)
I know you are somewhat challenged in terms of your height, so I would suggest wearing some lifts in those wing tips.

6. Brush up on your Spanish.

7. Watch your temper. I can see you slipping up and referring to the "O" man as "boy" during one of the debates.

I wish I had more for you, but honestly, I don't want you to win, I just want you to be competitive.



The Field Negro.

Tavis is not smiling.

"In the final stretch, I will be on the campaign trail every day in states like Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin talking directly with voters about the causes that are at the heart of my campaign and the State of the Black Union forum... That is why, with regret, I am not able to attend the forum"

This is what the "O" man wrote and told Tavis Smiley as an explanation why he couldn't attend his "State of The Black Union Conference" on Saturday. Now I have to tell you, I started to write this post with every intention of ripping Tavis Smiley, because there is something very unsettling to me about the guy. Sorry, there just is. Tavis seems to be all about Tavis. And I can't help but think that he wanted the "O" man at his event more to lend it star power than for substantive reasons. Still, I don't want to rip what he is trying to do. (Lord knows we do enough of that as black folks) I do like the fact that he wants to deploy 1,000 volunteers all over New Orleans to help that city rebuild post Katrina. And the networking and all the symposiums at his conference can't hurt either. Plus, the damn thing is free. Supposedly he will have 4,5000 registering for the weekend, and getting the ear of that many black folks all at once can lead to some positive things.

But still......Maybe it's the fact that Tavis always features the usual suspects like Sharpton,West, Jackson, Dyson, and the rest of civil rights inc. that bothers me. Nothing wrong with those guys, but is it just me, or does anyone else think that we need to feature some new blood now?

"I think it's a missed opportunity on Mr. Obama's part...Now I am not interested in demonizing him for his choice, but I do disagree with him."

Of course you do Tavis. He dissed your party, and I am sure that doesn't sit right with your ego.

I would love to be in Mr. Smiley's head right about now to see what he really thinks of the "O"man. "Will you get off the stage Negro, I am supposed to be the young black savior here."

I do see that Hillary was there, and honestly, she needed to be there more than the "O" man did. Already her backers are ripping the "O" man for missing the event, and accusing the "O" man of taking his peeps for granted. But I suspect the Ice Queen was there because black folks have been bailing on her quicker than you can say hope. She said all the things you expected her to say. But mostly she reminded the black folks in attendance just how much her husband did for them, and how much she loves black people.

Poor Hillary, I know she wishes she could have done like the "O" man did and stayed on the campaign trial. I mean honestly, what percentage of the black folks in attendance do you think are going to vote for her? Twenty maybe? Alright if you count all the participants and the CBC members in attendance, twenty one. But you get the picture. In spite of what Tavis and his people would like to believe, that ( even with mostly black people) was not a pro Hillary crowd.

So Tavis, good luck with your continued career and quest to save black folks. I just can't wait to see what next year's state of the black union looks like.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's the presentation.

I just got home from a night out with Mrs. Field. Hey it's Friday evening and there is no such thing as a home cooked meal in the field's household during a weekday. The field wanted to go to Olive Garden or KFC, but Mrs. Field had other ideas. She wanted to go fancy tonight.

Now I must confess, that I have never been into all of these really fancy restaurants. I mean presentation is great, but I just want the food to taste good, and get plenty of it. Mrs.Field, on the other hand, is into that shit, the presentation. "Oh that looks wonderful, doesn't it field?". No, it looks like it should have been in the middle of our table when we sat down. I mean are we going to eat it or take pictures of it?

So we head to one of these fancy joints on the 1600 block of Walnut Street (you folks from Philly know where this is, so you get the idea of the type of joint I am talking about ), and I tried to make a last ditch effort to get out of it by saying something like; "honey you know we need reservations for this place." But Mrs. Field, of course, had that covered. She had called earlier to make reservations for two. One wife and a sucker.

After paying $20 to valet the damn car (that could have been a bucket at KFC right there) I still had to wait 30 minutes to finally get seated. I swear everyone in the joint could hear my stomach growling by now. Then, of course, when the menu came, I didn't understand a fucking word of it. I think it was in French but I couldn't be sure. ( I swear these guys just make up their own shit)

I proceeded to tell our waiter that I didn't want anything with pork in it, or with any sauce unless it was white or red in color. "Of course sir". You ever wonder what the waiter is saying to himself when he is waiting on your table? And why do they always look like they could use a meal their damn selves? But I digress.

I think I ordered the "pen roasted organic chicken" (Come on, like you didn't know it was going to order something with chicken in it. When in doubt always order the chicken). PEN ROASTED ORGANIC? And I had it with something named black truffle pomme puree [sic]. I had to call Mrs. Field to be reminded of the name of that one. "Oh look honey doesn't that look wonderful?" I must confess that it didn't taste all that bad, but after cleaning up a portion that wouldn't have satisfied Webster, I was still hungry

On our way home, much to Mrs. Fields displeasure, we stopped at Taco Bell so that your boy could get a couple of soft tacos. "What is wrong with you Negro, how could you eat this crap after a meal like that?" Ahhh, because I am still hungry. And you know what? The Tacos actually tasted better.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama's secret weapon.

“I’ll do whatever he says to do... I’ll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.”

This is what Halle Berry supposedly told my hometown paper, The Philadelphia Daily News about the "O" man.

Now I am not as big a Halle fan as a lot of other fellows, but I know all about the common perception of girlfriend. So I was thinking, maybe the "O" man and his Obamaholics could use this bit of news to gain some political advantage. I mean now that we know that Mr. Straight Talk actually has some bullets left in the old six shooter (yes I believe the New York Times on this one), wouldn't it be a good idea to use Halle to set him up? "I'll do whatever he says to do.." OK Halle, I need you to pretend Mr. Straight Talk is Billy Bob Thornton and allow us to get a few pics of you two going....well, "Monster's Ball" on each other. Think you could do that? The Obamaholics would be grateful to you for life. Think about it. You would be helping another child of a mixed marriage ascend to the highest office in the land, and gain some major popularity with millions of A-merry-cans for life. Just think, even when you make a stinker of a movie like "Cat Woman", you would still be guaranteed box office success because of your built in audience.

But seriously, this story with Mr. Straight Talk gives us a classic example of how fucked up A-merry-ca truly is. First, it's not about him cheating on his wife with this lobbyist. The secular progressives, unlike the wackos on the right could care less who or what Mr. Straight Talk is getting his freak on with. The problem here is not that he might have been using up his Viagra supply on Ms. Lobbyist. No, the problem is that her clients might have been getting special favors because she was so...ahem ahem, close to Mr. Straight Talk. (Your talk isn't the only thing that's straight Senator.....I love this stuff)

And now we have to listen to these imbeciles on the right shoot the messenger once again. Yeah that's the ticket, excuse the Senator giving into special interests and jump on the New York Times simply for telling us the story. Talk about ass backwards. And now we hear that this will actually help Mr. Straight Talk, because it seems that the only thing the right wingers hate more than one of their own betraying the public trust is the New York Times.

Well my loony right wing friends, enjoy fighting that vast left wing conspiracy. You and Mr. Straight Talk deserve each other.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The right wingers and my handle.

It never ceases to amaze me just how ignorant some of these right-wing wackos can be.

Now I suppose I should be flattered that the mofos (that means mother fucker for those of you who are not quite familiar with negroid jargon) chose to feature me on their sorry ass site. But you really have to wonder about folks who have nothing better to do than to rip the names people choose for their blogs. Or when they try to find some deep political connection between the name someone uses for their blog or the point of views they express on said blogs.

When I saw this I realized that the folks on the right must be really at rock bottom right about now. And honestly, I can't say that I really blame them. Their party is in disarray, A-merry-ca is changing right before their very eyes, and crazy ass opinionated black people have discovered the Internet. So when they post on their blogs (and one of the more popular ones to boot) this is the kind of shit they choose to throw into the echo chamber.

Now here is the thing... as bad as the post itself was, it pales in comparison to the comments that followed (It must really pain these folks to know that they can't say words like nigger and bitch in public anymore).

And finally, I think I have said this before about a thousand times, so let's make this a thousand and one. Most of you know this, but when the title of this blog gets picked up by folks who are somewhat black history challenged, I find myself having to repeat it: Being a field Negro is a good thing. Got that? A good thing! I know you folks on the right see that word Negro and panic, but please don't. Most (not all) black folks consider being a field Negro a good thing. And even if they don't identify with the field Negro per se, I doubt if they would seriously consider it a slur if you called them one.

Got that? Now go back to watching Sean and listening to Rush.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country...."

OK Michelle, that little statement just might have cost your husband the Presidency of these divided states, and probably robbed this field Negro the chance of seeing a black prez. in his life time.

White folks on the right (and some on the left) will be all over you for this one. It's started already. The blogs, as they say, are buzzing. (Merry Christmas Hillary) And it's not only A-merry-ca loving white folks, and political opportunist. The A-merry-ca first black folks, many of them visit this site, are up in arm s too.

"What? How dare you Michelle? Didn't this country give your black ass a Princeton and Harvard degree? (As if she didn't earn that shit) Isn't your family worth over a million dollars? What do you mean you you are proud of A-merry-ca for the first time Negra? Hey, if you don't like A-merry-ca why don't you go back to Africa and join your father in law and his family?"

But wait; let's look at the rest of that statement:

"...And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction...”

Mmmm, OK, now it makes sense when taken in it's proper context. She was talking about "change"; not the same old shit she has been seeing all of her adult life which probably started with those glorious Reagan years. But too late. I am sure the "O" man haters only needed the first part of Michelle's statement to do like Carl Lewis with that bad boy.

I mean even Cindy McCain weighed it on this one. (I didn't even know she could talk) I don't want to buy into stereotypes but...... anyway, Cindy had this to say:

"I just wanted to make the statement that I have and always will be proud of my country"

And just what the fuck does that mean? Shit I would be proud of my country too if I were you Cindy. I am sure it's always been good for you in A-merry-ca. Give me a break!

Still, I don't know "O" man, it might be time to tell Michelle to chill a little. She can say anything she wants to after you win this bitch. But for now, it's too hot out here. Tell her to pull back just a little bit. I know it will be hard. Believe me, I understand the strong spouse thing, but the stakes are too high now. Hell you even have me believing you might win this election if everything plays out just right, so don't give your enemies stuff to use against you. Hillary pulled in Bill, maybe you can do the same with your significant other.

Now let's see what happens in Wisconsin tonight.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The "P' word.

Today as I was driving home from meeting a client, I found myself listening (as I always do) to conservative talk radio. In this particular case it was Michael Medved (you remember him don't you, the guy who said slavery wasn't that bad), and he was killing the "O" man for plagiarizing parts of a speech by Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick. My first thought was; thank god Mrs. Field wasn 't in the car, because I don't think I could take it. My second thought was; I hope the Obamaholics are ready for this because there will be plenty more to come.

Now at first glance the plagiarism thing isn't good, but then you hear all the facts associated with it, and you realize it isn't all the Hillary folks and the "O" man haters make it out to be. It seems Deval Patrick was well aware that the "O" man might lift this line and the "O" man lifted it with Patrick's blessing. So what's the problem, why are folks all in a tizzy over a paragraph lifted by a friend from another friend's speech? It's called desperation, and I suspect that this is the tip of the ice berg.

All those speeches, all those cities, and all that public scrutiny; the guy is allowed to slip up every now and then. Hell I lift other people's shit every time I speak in front of a jury, and I will be damned if I give them the proper credit. When I say shit to a jury like: "Inconsistency is the mother of a lie" I don't say that I read it in a trial advocacy book somewhere, but I did. My friend Tony is one of the top prosecutors in East Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Parish, and he uses shit I told him in law school when he is making closing arguments. How do I know? He told me so. And I guarantee you that he doesn't give me any credit when he is doing it. The point is, people say shit, especially in the course of doing a job or in the midst of a break neck campaign for the highest office in the land, and they don't always dot all their i's and cross all their t's.

Honestly, all the fainting at the "O" man's campaign stops bother me more than the accusations of plagiarism. Something about that shit is unsettling, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Medved talked about that too, but not nearly as much as he talked about the plagiarism accusations.

I think what bothers me about the "O" man is that he is naively trying to reach out to these people. He thinks he can bring the country together by bringing them in his tent. Sorry "O" man, it ain't gonna happen. And the sooner you realize that the better. Maybe if the "O" man was a cynical asshole who despises his political enemies like yours truly, it wouldn't bother me so much. But he is so trusting, so good, somehow; it just doesn't seem fair.

So "O" man, word to the wise: you have speech writers, use them. Don't lift shit from your boy anymore, no matter how tempted you are.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Happy President's Day A-merry-ca!

On this the day when we celebrate our Presidents, I would like to tell you who my favorite A-merry-can President of all time is, and why. Now admittedly, the pickings are slim, as I have never really been fond of any of A-merry-ca's Presidents. I mean something can be said for Truman and what he did to integrate the Army, and FDR and the New Deal was cool I guess. Lincoln supposedly freed the slaves, but true historians know that there were other reasons for that.

JFK? He was young, he was stylish, and came along at a time when A-merry-ca really needed him. LBJ? I don't think so. The war on poverty didn't work, and well there was a little problem called Vietnam. Bubba? Please!

No folks my favorite President of all time was Ricahrd Milhous Nixon. "Oh come on field you are smoking your native country's national plant again." No, I mean it. Nixon was the first President to embrace a real affirmative action policy by the federal government. He appointed African American Secretaries like Arthur Fletcher (who crafted the "Philadelphia Plan" which tried to force trade unions into hiring minorities into their ranks) over labor. James Farmer over HEW, and Samuel Jackson (not the actor) over HUD. Can you say Mount Rushmore anyone?

Under Nixon the ante was raised for minority business enterprises from eight million dollars to over a billion. He appointed the first African American four star general (Daniel Chappy James), and he pumped millions of dollars into historically black colleges which he supported. He also wiped out tax credits for schools that discriminated against blacks. And I know there might to be a whole family of us in there soon. But let's not downplay the fact that it took Nixon to allow the firs African American (not counting the servants) to spend the night in one of those fancy White House guest rooms (Sammy Davis, Jr.). Oh, and let's not forget, that we were under Nixon's administration when we finally got out of Vietnam.

So Nixon is my guy, and I know some of you had issues with him because of Watergate, but come on. All politricksters lie and steal, my man just got caught. "But field he was a republican". Yeah and? Look folks don't get it twisted, I don't dislike rethuglicans because they are rethuglicans. I dislike them now because this current group of rethuglicans are so fucked up.
It's that simple.

Finally, "tricky Dicky", you weren't perfect. There was Spiro Agnew and Henry Kissinger. And A-merry-ca still remembers how you folded like a cheep suit in that debate with JFK. But until the "O" man can win the highest office, and spend four years showing me otherwise; you are the greatest A-merry-can President of all time.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

What goes up.....

It sounds like something right out of a sci fi movie, but this is real life.

It seems that a satellite the size of a school bus is about to come crashing down on us any day now. Oh, and let's not forget to throw in some shit called toxic hydrazine which this bad boy happens to be carrying a full tank of for good measure.

Add these things all together and it makes for one dangerous reentry. The scary thing is that our government has no idea where this little piece of monstrosity will land. Oh, did I mention that it's a spy satellite? Yep, it seems this bad boy was sent up by good old Uncle Sam to spy on our enemies. It's called US 193 and they sent it up there back in 2006. Unfortunately, it was acting up from the jump, and we never really got anything out of it. Now I am not as pissed off about it as this blogger, but I do think someone has some "splaining" to do.

This bad boy has folks so worried, that at the urging of the Pentagon, the frat boy has actually ordered the U.S. Navy to blow that sucker right out of space. Three Naval warships will shoot S- M-3 ballistic missile defence interceptor rockets (whatever the hell that is) right at it. Not since parts of the "Sky Lab" fell in the Indian Ocean and parts of Australia, have we had this kind of close encounters with our man made objects that we send to space.

Now the frat boy and the folks at Homeland Security swear up and down that the reason they are doing this is to protect us from the school bus falling to earth, and the deadly fuel that it's carrying. Don't believe it. The real reason they are willing to shoot it down is because it is carrying some secret technology that they are afraid will fall into the wrong hands. It has nothing to do with protecting us. If it did, it would be a first. "Our assessment is that [the satellite] wouldn't be high intel value..the hydrazine is the only reason we are taking extraordinary measures." Yeah right General. And I have an antique bell with slight a crack in it right here in Philly that I would like to sell you. Give me a break!

But you want to know what's really scary? Guess who would be cleaning up if the satellite hits us here in A-merry-ca? If you guessed FEMA please move to the head of the class.

FEMA. I feel better already.

Friday, February 15, 2008


If you are white you probably already know this joke: A black bum is trying to hustle and goes up to a white man and begs him for a dollar. "Why do you need it?" The white man asks. "Well I am trying to save up enough money to go back to Africa" the bum replies. The white man then says; here, this is two dollars, why don't you take one of your friends with you?

Don't ask me why, but today while shooting the breeze with one of my white friends, I thought of that joke. " Field" he said to me. "I am voting for that Barack fellow, you know why?" "Why?" I asked him. "Because then I won't have to hear you rip the white man anymore, and you will quit 'busting my chops' about white privilege."

That was a crystallizing moment for me--one of many I have had with this Obama phenomenon--, I realized that I don't want to let whitey off the hook just yet. Obama winning would do that. And I suspect that there are a few white folks like my buddy who just wants Obama to win to shut folks like me up. In spite of my admiration for this new movement and all the "O" man has accomplished, a part of me is still saying that it's a typical A-merry-can marketing ploy to make us forget what really matters. This is why I am not an Obamaholic (Well that and not drinking anything in the house that I don't open myself. Gotta watch Mrs. Field and that Obama Aid). I don't want to let A-merry-ca off the hook.

Not that the Obamaholics would mind. I am sure that they will take a win anyway they can get it. Not me. If a win for the "O" man would totally relieve white folks of their sense of accountability and guilt for past injustices I am not sure I would welcome it with the same enthusiasm as the Obamaholics.

But I understand why folks like Christopher, for instance, would support the "O" man. He belongs to a class of people that has suffered from discrimination at the hands of many other fellow A-merry-cans. And the "O" man offers hope that this will stop happening to him and similar people. Hope. It's why so many black folks support the "O" man as well. His message of hope. Black folks love to hope. We hope there is a heaven. We hope we will live forever and have eternal life. It's why we love church so much, because of hope.

Obama gives us that hope. He makes us believe that there is something much better right around the corner, and when we see that something, we can make it work for us. "Yes we can" .

White folks are hoping too. Hoping that the "O" man can make us all forget the past and just move forward. Sorry, but for me, that gives the "O" man's book title, "The Audacity Of Hope", a whole different meaning.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Straight Talk About "Mr. Straight Talk".

You gotta love this article from David Faris which he wrote for "The City Paper", a weekly rag here in my hometown of Philadelphia.

This political season I am soaking up everything I can read about these candidates. I would suggest that you all do the same thing. ---Yes Obamaholics, even you---

"Republican voters delivered a strong rebuke to their party's conservative base by vaulting John McCain past the animated and disingenuous corpse of Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday. The trouble with this decision is that the so-called "maverick" McCain has staked his candidacy on President Bush's Iraq War and the chimerical success of the Surge. And it will be his undoing.

Baghdad's recent horrific market bombings underscored the continuing lack of basic security in Iraq, and in January, U.S. troop deaths crept up once again. Contrary to the popular notion of decadent liberals celebrating each dead American soldier with a pomegranate martini and some casual sex, no one is happy about this ongoing tragedy. But that doesn't mean we can't hold people accountable.

John McCain is as responsible as anyone for our multitrillion-dollar experience in Southwest Asian adventure tourism. His vote for the war enabled the man who slimed him in the 2000 South Carolina primary to launch a preventive war, without pretext or justification. And he has done absolutely nothing since Mission Accomplished to get us out of Iraq before the dawn of the next millennium, or to expose the crony capitalism that has turned our 51st state into a dysfunctional wasteland.

While McCain is polling well now against both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he has the advantage of a fawning media that hasn't realized the Surge has only succeeded in renting Iraq for several more bloody years. And the financial scandals emerging from the country's "reconstruction" are just starting to creep out and may make the Saddam-era oil-for-food corruption seem like a soccer mom fiddling with PTA walking-around money.

One of the big questions about McCain is whether he can keep the conservative deckhands on board the HMS Straight Talk. Will they string up Sen. McQueeg by either staying home on Election Day or voting for James Dobson? Most people in the snake-handling, tent-revival crowd will almost certainly get on board with McCain, after he is repackaged as some sort of a God-fearing evangelical. I personally can't wait to hear about his personal relationship with Jesus.

[I love this part] But the real John McCain is an ideological chameleon whose long stint in a Vietnamese prison imbued him with a lasting creepiness. You think values voters were repulsed by Bill Clinton? In McCain we're talking about a guy who came home from his captivity and proceeded to run around on and eventually dump his crippled wife, who had waited for him the whole time. These are the kinds of things you don't hear from the media — which spent eight years digging up every trivial detail and outrageous accusation about Bill Clinton's sexcapades.

And aside from his few departures from Heritage Foundation cult ideology, his policies mostly consist of outmoded, supply-side claptrap that he should be embarrassed peddling after the two-recession economic record of the Bush administration. His campaign literature refers to Roe v. Wade as "a flawed decision that must be overturned." And his health-care plan consists of a bewildering array of changes that, as some intern scribbled on his Web site, would end up " putting more decisions and responsibility" on the shoulders of individual Americans. Translation: You'll be paying for it yourself.

Don't let anyone tell you McCain is some kind of post-partisan savior. He's just as bad any wild-eyed 700 Club true believer, and he's even worse on Iraq, where a President McCain would keep us for generations. "


My not so ode to Valentine's Day.

Cupid is a slick little SOB. And, honestly, I never really trusted the little mother %$#&^%.

Sometimes the little asshole will shoot you with that arrow of his when you least expect it. ---Like he did to yours truly a few years back. And sometimes he will just do shit to be funny (Think Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupree, or J Lo and Ben Affleck).

But you really have to wonder about a guy who wastes his time shooting people like Newt Gingrich and Elizabeth Taylor over and over again with that damn arrow of his, yet he still can't find the time to shoot the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland, the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, or the Jews and Palestinians, just once.

And now we have an entire day dedicated to this little asshole. --Like I need a day to be reminded that I have to bring Mrs Field flowers, or that I have to take her to a really nice restaurant every now and then-- Ladies , if your man only does nice things for you on Valentine's Day you might have a problem. Valentine's Day is great if you are a florist or a chocolate maker, but for all of us left vulnerable and exposed to that damn arrow; it's anything but nice. (Hell, here in Philly we literally have a love train for folks.) Now before you go ripping me for being all negative, I have some good things to say about Cupid as well: His arrow seemed to have been right on the mark with folks like Michelle and Barack, Will and Jada,or the Augers of Louisiana. So the little sucker doesn't always miss. Sometimes he shoots straight for the heart and hits his mark. Still, you have to wonder why he doesn't do that all the time. If he did, I wouldn't have a problem giving him a day, a year, or whatever the hell he wanted.

So, for now, I am officially not feeling Valentine's Day. But I am going to wish you all a happy one. Maybe you can put it to better use than I can.

Anyway folks, I gotta go. I am still checking with florist online who can deliver by tomorrow. :(

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wishful thinking?

And now the Governor of my home state weighs in on the political season, by giving us some political reality from the white side.

Is it interjecting race where it doesn't have to be by a Hillary supporter? Or is it just telling it like it is?

I will let you decide. Here is the AP story:

"HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Gov. Ed Rendell, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's most visible supporters, said some white Pennsylvanians are likely to vote against her rival Barack Obama because he is black.

'You've got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate,' Rendell told the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in remarks that appeared in Tuesday's paper.

To buttress his point, Rendell cited his 2006 re-election campaign, in which he defeated Republican challenger Lynn Swann, the former Pittsburgh Steelers star, by a margin of more than 60 percent to less than 40 percent.

'I believe, looking at the returns in my election, that had Lynn Swann been the identical candidate that he was — well-spoken, charismatic, good-looking — but white instead of black, instead of winning by 22 points, I would have won by 17 or so," he said. "And that (attitude) exists. But on the other hand, that is counterbalanced by Obama's ability to bring new voters into the electoral pool.'

Rendell, chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2000 and previously Philadelphia's mayor, endorsed Clinton on Jan. 23.
Pennsylvania holds its primary April 22.

Several figures in Clinton's campaign, including her husband, the former president, have been criticized in recent weeks for raising Obama's race. In response, Bill Clinton has said he will stick to promoting his wife, rather than defending her.

Later Tuesday, Rendell's spokesman said the governor did not mean to offend anyone.
'He was simply making an observation about the unfortunate nature of some parts of American society," said spokesman Chuck Ardo. "He wasn't being critical, he wasn't making accusations, but just being realistic.' "

I know a little bit about Ed Rendell. He is a Jewish boy from New York who came here to Philly to go to U Penn and never left. He was our District Attorney and then our Mayor. He knows big city politics and a little bit about some of these blue collar row house white folks in places like Philly, Pittsburgh, Reading and York. So take his statements for what they are worth. I am not so sure about Lynn Swann though. I thought he was a bad candidate (hell I voted for fast Eddie), and he was lucky to get even the votes that he did.

Still, I hope "fast Eddie" is wrong, because Pennsylvania could be a huge player in the Democratic Primary. And as I watch the votes tonight from the Virginia Primary- a state with a similar demographic makeup as Pennsylvanias- it looks like he just might be.
There might be hope for A-merry-ca after all.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Quick Thoughts.

Thanks to Rolling Stone Magazine I am thinking of some numbers:

260: The Amount of times the frat boy lied about Iraq in his pre-war statements.
$1.43 million: The amount the FCC is fining ABC for showing a woman's backside on NYPD Blue.
$75,000: The amount of profit Exxon Oil made per minute this past year.
$145 billion: The amount of money this Democratic congress spent on the war since 2006.
1,120: The amount of American soldiers who died in Iraq since the Democratic congress took over in 2006.
7,359: Soldiers wounded in Iraq since 2006.
3 of 18: The amount of political bench marks that have been met in Iraq after the surge.

And a quick trip to the men's room today had me thinking of some "man rules":

When taking a wiz in the urinal please keep your head forward. Do not look to your left or to your right, and definitely do not look down.

When entering the bathroom to relieve yourself, if there are other urinals available, do not go to the urinal right next to someone who is already utilizing the...ahem, facilities. This is not a good thing, as it could lead to a Larry Craig type misunderstanding.

And finally, what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party. No telling your wives, girlfriends, or significant others about the stripper that was all over the groom.

I thought about that because I have one of those coming up as well.

I'm out.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The things we do for love.

The murder rate here in Philly continues to rise. Four people were shot-one fatally-within several hours of each other today alone (Which reminds me, I have to update my "Killadelphia" murder count). And there is no end in sight.

But now as we approach Valentine's Day let me hip you to a very disturbing trend here in my hometown: It seems that many of our women here are buying their ex con boyfriends fire arms as gifts. Some of their par amours have three four and five criminal convictions, and because they are banned from owning hand guns, their sweeties take it upon themselves to get the ideal gift for the love of their lives.

If they just met, the lady in the former felons life might buy him a Walther P-22 semi automatic or some shit. But if that women really loves her man, she might get him a Glock-17 (9mm), just to show she cares. And if there might be wedding bells in their immediate future, I am sure a 45 ACP Luger would not be out of the question.

The sad thing is that a lot of these women are risking arrest and serious jail time. Straw purchasing of firearms (buying guns for the purpose of reselling them or giving them to someone else) is illegal, and given the climate of violence in this city, you can best believe that the DA's office and the feds are not in the mood to play nice.

So ladies, as Valentines Day approaches, if you want to get a nice gift for the love of your life; you might want to consider a watch or a nice piece of jewelry. It will keep your man out of trouble, and ultimately, you out of jail.

A Saturday Sweep.

Mrs. Field is downright giddy tonight. The "O" man just pulled a clean sweep over the Ice Queen in today's primaries (including her home state of Louisiana). Talk about reach. Her boy won in the deep South and far Northwest. And to top it off, come April 22nd her vote here in the Pennsylvania Primary might actually have some significance this election year.

I'll be damned if the "O" man isn't acting like he wants to pull this thing off. Forget the cynical bloggers like the field Negro. Forget the old school traditional black politicians like Shiela Jackson Lee and the folks at the CBC who owe so much to the Clintons. Forget the folks like Tavis Smiley and Shelby Steele, who for whatever reason seem to be consumed with jealousy and hateration. He is impervious to us all.

You Obamaholics will have a serious hangover tomorrow morning because of this high that you are on right now. But be careful, don't go overdosing on the Obama Aid just yet. There are still things like super delegates (which, by the way, is bullshit)and Clintonian political trickery down the road to consider. For now though, I won't deny you your right to party and soak up these latest wins. You deserve it. You have been sticking with your boy when cynics like yours truly have been saying the Emperor might not have any underwear on under all those fine clothes.

Now I am off to bed. Let's just hope Mrs. Field is still in that mood.

Thank you "O" man ;)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The look.

Now this is getting downright ridiculous.

My assistant has been with me for about eight years now. She was assigned to me by the city of Philadelphia and I couldn't be happier.

She is a white woman, and I think she is in her early fifties or so. She also happens to be a republican. I know this, because unfortunately, party affiliations and connections are two of the most important factors that are considered when folks get city jobs.

Now we rarely talk politics, but this morning my assistant asked me who I was voting for in the upcoming elections. Of course I knew right away where the conversation was heading. She then proceeded to ask me if I liked Obama. I told her I did but I still wasn't sure if I was going to vote for him just yet. "Why not?" She asked. "Well are you going to vote for him?" I asked her. "Yes I would consider it, I mean field, the man is so handsome."

Now I must admit, I never saw this coming. Not from her. I never even considered that she would consider voting for the "O" man. But after our little discusion it dawned on me that there must be quite a few A-merry-cans who will vote for the "O" man because they like how he looks, and how he carries himself.

I mean let's be honest; here in A-merry-ca we like our presidents to look, well, presidential. There are a couple of criterias that must be met. They must be tall, and they must have a full head of hair. It's why I knew Rudy was doomed from the get go. And it's why I know that Mike Huckabee, with his rice bowl bald spot in the middle of his head, has no shot. It's why Mike Dukakis- all four feet of him- had no shot when he ran against the first Bush. Think about it, pretty much all of our modern Presidents have been tall (I know the frat boy looks short, but he is really over six feet tall) with a full head of hair. The "O" man certainly fits that bill. And if my assistant is to be believed, he is handsome to boot.

So if I were John McCain I would be a little worried right now. I mean honestly John, I don't think A-merry-cans are feeling the comb over look. You might want to go the Joe Biden route and consider some hair plugs. And how tall are you? Could you get on one of the rides at Six Flags?... let me stop. The man does have one saving grace though, he is a war hero. Soldiers always seem taller than they really are don't they? I heard, for instance, that Ollie North was only like five feet six inches or some shit. Yet I see the guy on T.V. and he always looks like he is so much taller. (But I digress)

So back to the"O" man. Yes "O" man, if you are going to be the second coming of Camelot you better have the looks to go along with all the great speeches of inspiration. Fortunately for you it seems that you have that covered. And if my assistant is to be believed, it might carry you a long way; yes even with middle aged republican white women.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I just can't escape Obamamania no matter how hard I try.

This morning I tried to put all things Obama far behind me. But as I rode on the train and read the editorial from one of my hometown papers (The Daily News), this is what I saw:

WHEN SUPER TUESDAY commentators called it "no surprise" that Barack Obama had won the Democratic primaries in Georgia and Alabama, we thought that Sens. Herman Talmadge and Richard Russell, those Georgia segregationists who for so long stood in the way of civil rights, must be spinning in their graves.

A little historical perspective.

Just 50 years ago in Alabama and Georgia, or anywhere in the Old South, Barack Obama's parents, a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya, could not have wed - interracial marriage was against the law. For even flirting with a white woman, Obama's father could have been taken from his home and lynched, as were thousands of blacks in our nation's history.

A presidential campaign by a black man? Unthinkable. Blacks had a hard time even registering to vote. Mississippi Freedom Summer was years away. No Freedom Rides yet. No sit-ins. Although Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court decision desegregating public schools, was handed down in 1954, schools in Alabama and Georgia were still segregated.

Fifty years ago, Jim Crow was the law in the South. If Barack Obama were campaigning in Georgia or Alabama, he wouldn't have been served in a "white" restaurant. Couldn't have stayed in a "white" hotel.

Would've had to wait until he found a "colored" toilet. Wouldn't have been permitted to drink from a "whites only" water fountain.

Segregationists used every tactic they could, including violence, to stop the civil-rights movement. The Ku Klux Klan rode through the night spreading terror, with the tacit complicity of the local sheriff. White Citizens Councils openly retaliated against blacks suspected of even questioning segregation. Tenant farmers were kicked off the land they worked, others found themselves unemployable for the same offense.

Alabama and Georgia elected officials were virtually all segregationists. And all Democrats.
Today, blacks are a significant percent of the electorate in Georgia and Alabama. The Old South has hundreds of black elected officials - sheriffs, legislators and members of Congress.
And Barack Obama got the votes of blacks AND whites in Alabama, Georgia and elsewhere.
WE KNOW THERE'S still a long way to go in race relations in this country.

Much still needs to be done. But to say that it's "no surprise" that an African-American won state elections for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States, in Alabama and Georgia in particular, is to forget how far we've come.

For those of us who have been around long enough to know both ends of this continuum, it is awe-inspiring. Barack Obama is campaigning on the idea of "change." In many ways, he's already succeeded.* "

Now who am I to argue with the powerful editorial writers at The Daily News?

To them, the "O" man has already changed A-merry-ca, and I suppose in many ways he has.

But is he any different than Oprah, Tiger, Will, Michael, and all the other race neutral lovable blacks that A-merry-ca has embraced? Maybe. But just maybe. After all, he is a politician and not an entertainer. He has a charge to do more serious things, and the office he seeks is reserved for just a few people in a very exclusive club.

I am still cynical, and I am still not too sure about this new A-merry-can spirit that every one keeps talking about. I mean I hear all the nice speeches, and I see all the love but....

Hey, all I can say is that my Johnson is starting to move again. And I have all you damn Obamaholics, and editorial writers to thank for it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rapper's Delight.

If I told you that a 19 year old man was arrested Sunday night for singing a rap song which contained profanity would you believe me?

Well its true. Seems that a woman complained that the man kept repeating the words "mother fucker" which apparently was a necessary part of the rap song he was singing at the time. A song which can be found on the album, Bad Azz, by Louisiana rapper, Lil Boosie. Oh, Lil Boosie also has classics like "Fuck You", and "My Nigga" on his masterpiece of an album. (Move over Tupac and Biggie). The reason the woman said she complained is because her two sons, who are four and fifteen respectively, happened to be within earshot at the time.

Here is a picture of the young man.

Does seeing the young man's picture change your mind about how you felt before?

The libertarian streak in me wants to say that this lady should get a life. I am sure her fifteen year old hears worse things in school every damn day. But the human being in me also says that you have to respect other people as well. You are not on this planet alone. You just can't go walking down the street and dropping the "F" bomb whenver you feel like it, and loud enough for children to hear.

I am thinking that the next time home boy should just practice his rapping skills at home, or maybe find a different rapper to idolize.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Too close for comfort.

Here is how a typical weeknight goes in the field household:

It starts with the the field and Mrs. Field coming home from work, (not necessarily at the same time) and breaking into their different routines.

Mrs. Field goes to her lap top, and does who knows what. It's usually something work related, because she has a bunch of crap spread out on the table that always leaves the field flummoxed. Then she chats with her sister in Louisiana on the phone for lord knows how long (Thank goodness for the AT&T flat rate). And then she starts to watch television (usually TV One and game shows) until the television starts watching her.

The field, on the other hand, goes to his corner of the world to work on his computer. This is where he does his blogging and an assortment of other things. In the field's work room the television is always on news or politics. This is is where the field usually stays until he colapses at the computer.

But tonight is different. Tonight is Super Tuesday. And as the field tries to concentrate on his blogging and other stuff he needs to get done, Mrs. Field is sitting behind him intently watching all the political news programs. The field wants to know from Mrs. Field what gives; and she proceeds to tell the field that she is trying to see how Barack is doing.....Barack is doing? "I thought you weren't interested in this race?" "Well I changed my mnd" Mrs. Field says. "I am into Barack now, I really do want him to win."

This is,to the field, like hearing that he will be spending an evening at a Mitt Romney rally. As the field tries to concentrate on his blogging and the news on the television, Mrs. Field is working hard trying to to figure out how the "O" man is doing. The field knows this because Mrs. Field is asking lots of questions about the process and what different wins mean in different states. The field is assuring her that the race will be close. That the "O" man is really winning some delgates even in states that he lost, such as New York. And, to top it off, he is doing well in caucus states. Deaf ears, because girlfirend is glued and totally engrossed in the television set.

How did this happen? How did an Obamaholic actually end up in the field's own house? My god is there no escaping you people? Now the field will have to watch everything he eats and drinks. Can't have Mrs. field slipping any Kool Aid in the drink . Or, any "O" pepper or "O" salt in the field's food.

Mrs. Field is mad now, she just saw that the "O" man lost New Jersey and New York. "They won't let him win will they?" "Who is they?" The field asks. "You know who they are negro". Whenever Mrs. Field gets mad she calls the field, Negro. Mrs. field is fuming, she is not a happy camper. The field isn't sure why. "Hey didn't the "O" man win Utah and North Dakota? It just goes to show that maybe , just maybe, the "O" man has turned the corner on this white vote thing after all." " Don't play with my intelligence field, those states don't have a lot of delegates. I am sorry, I just can't take four more years of yet another Clinton. It will be twenty years of the Clintons and the Bushes for crying out loud!"

Mrs. field is still in the field's work room. Mrs. field is behind the field as he types this very post. Hillary is giving her speech now, and Mrs. Field is talking about her (Hillary) under her breath. The scary thing is, the field didn't even see this coming. It's as if Mrs. Field has been sipping the O Aide in secret all along. "How long have you been an Obamaholic?" The field asks her. "What? Look Negro I don't have time for your little crazy sayings. This is real life field, it's not a joke. You just stick to your blogging. I hope you blog about this, about how these folks are trying hard to make the worst candidate win."

The field doesn't even think of looking back. But the field can feel the eyes. So the head stays down, and the field keeps typing. The field is praying that the "O" man pulls out some Western states late. Because messing with you Obamaholics on the web is one thing, but living with one is quite another.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Ladies Man.

I have to give it to the "O" man, because with all due respect to Tim Meadows, he is the true "ladies man". I mean Oprah, Maria Shriver,Caroline Kennedy, and Michelle? What we have here is a presidential candidate really going hard after the female vote. And he has to. With Hillary crying at every turn, and Maxine Waters and even [M]ann Coulter supporting her, poor "O" man has to really pull out all the stops in order to compete with Hillary for the support of those folks who belong to the feminine gender.

It was a powerful moment in Pauley Pavilion last night, and you couldn't escape the symbolism. All those pwerful women standing together for the "O" man among a sea of Obamaholics. Their message was clear; it's alright to support him ladies, he is in touch with his feminine side.

I have been thinking about the "O" man's message of unity; and, not only will he be bringing black and white folks together, but he will be bringing men and women together as well. Who says women are from Venus? With the "O" man our planets are aligned. We can finally reach out from Mars and embrace our feminine sides.

Thank you "O" man!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My thoughts on the big game.

That was a great Super Bowl game. Finally a game that lived up to all the hype.

I was at a Super Bowl party, but I left at halftime. There were quite a few Obamaholics there (the "O" man was in Delaware today by the way), but sometimes I just want to watch the game and not talk politics.

I guess the Spytriots won't be making history after all, and it couldn't have happened to a bunch of nicer guys.

The only down side of all this is that I will have to listen to these stinking Giant's fans here in Philly for the next year.

Here are some more of my thoughts:

All the commercials pretty much sucked. Except of course for the one with Naomi Campbell (I don't even remember what it was for) where she was dancing with those lizards.

Doesn't Jordin Sparks and Alicia Keys make the whole melting pot thing seem like a pretty good idea?

I lked Joe Buck's hook up. And I felt bad for Randy Moss, I would love to see him get a ring before his career is over.

I could watch that catch by David Tyree over and over again.

I think I won a square in my office pool. Of course I will be giving the money to charity.......OK that's bullshit, I will be spending that bad boy on lunch this week.

Doesn't the MVP, Eli Manning, remind you of Gomer Pyle?

Finally, let's hope that next year my "Iggles" will be holding up that Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Secret Slurs and an Anniversary.

I thought I could trust my white friends, I really did. However, it seems that I cannot really trust them after all. While reading one of the new blogs that I am feeling I came across this little gem. It turns out that some white folks have a couple of new code words that they use when they are talking about us.

The “Monday” reference I am familiar with, because I did happen to see that “Def Comedy Jam” skit. But "Canadians"? Now honestly, I really don’t care what white folks think about me, but if they are going to use code words over our heads and use the shit to affect us in business and in our chosen vocations, well then we are going to have a problem.

Now I am counting on my white friends on this site like Christopher, David, and Jimbo (that’s a shame when you can single out and name your white friends) to hip us to any other secret slurs that's out there about us.

Finally, I want to comment on something else: Today is the first anniversary of some bullshit that some of the Wal Mart blogs tried to push over on the rest of us called “Amnesty Day.” My man Skippy asked me to blog about it, so I feel obligated to say a few words.

Last year when a bunch of these large blogs got together and conspired to exclude some of the smaller ones from their blogrolls it was pure bullshit, and they knew it. They called it Blog Amnesty Day, but it was just a way of purging their blog rolls of blogs they consider beneath their stature by hiding behind the facade of a phony ass campaign.

I was proud to join a few of the smaller blogs who called them on their bullshit, and told them in no uncertain terms where they could take their Blogroll Amnesty Day.
Now don’t get me wrong, it’s their blogs; their blood sweat and tears went into it. Therefore, they are free to do with it what they want. However, this is the Internet, and we are a community of folks who are trying to spread information and ideas. The way that we do that is to link each other. So when folks try to hinder that free flow of information, I will always take issue with it.

And for the record, let me say this again: I will link anyone who links me (Just as long you don’t run one of those racist ass storm front or porn sites or some shit). I can’t always see you, so if you are linking me and you don’t see your name on my roll, shoot me an e-mail at, and I will link you up quicker than you can say field.

Now enjoy the Super Bowl. I hate both the G-Men and the Spytriots, but I am going with the cheaters from New England to go undefeated.

They are out there.

Here we go with another cut and paste job. You folks might notice that I have been doing a lot of that lately.

Blame it on blogger and their spell check not working, because I am damn near dyslexic, adn I htae to psot without spell check. I am seriously thinking about dropping blogger even though they have promised to have this little problem fixed really soon.

But I am thankful for my fam. who send me print worthy shit on a daily basis. Like Prince and his songs, I could fill a vault with this shit.

The following story is from Reikki who e-mailed it to me.

It's for you Obamaholics, just so you can see what some folks out there are saying about your boy.

Riekki says it's from a site that links to David Duke, so take it for what it's worth.

The author is some guy named H. Millard, and the title of his little hit piece is called "IS BARACK OBAMA AN UPDATE OF MALCOLM X?" (And he doesn't mean that in a good way, trust me)

So here goes:

"When I saw Barack Obama giving his victory speech Saturday night after winning the South Carolina Democrat primary, I was struck by how much he looks like and talks like Malcolm X.
Put black framed glasses on Barack and this guy could play Malcolm X in a movie.
Even though Obama appears to be trying to broaden his support to people of all races and ethnicities–a necessity if he is to win the presidency–it is clear that he is especially attractive to Blacks, just as was Malcolm X.

I had to wonder to myself, if Malcolm X had come on the scene today and wanted political power, wouldn’t he also try to broaden his message in just such a way so he’d be electable?
Now, maybe this doesn’t sound like a fair comparison to you. But, remember, I’m not suggesting that Malcolm X and Obama have the same message. I’m just saying that to me they seem to have a similar appearance and manner.

After all, if a politician came on the scene who was a ringer for Stalin, no one would notice, right? People wouldn’t think that just because he looks like and talks like Stalin that in some sort of synchronous way that this person shares some of Stalin’s murderous ideas, would they?

At any rate, like Malcolm, Obama seems to be able to motivate Blacks. And, that’s a good thing. Right? Anyone who could be against that must be a racist. Right again?

In South Carolina, Obama won due to a massive turn out of Blacks. In fact, more than 81% of the Black voters in South Carolina voted for Obama. They apparently turned out in record numbers just to vote for their fellow Black, because of the color of his skin, and defeat pro-Black, liberal, White Hillary Clinton. Malcolm X probably would have received a similar total.
Peculiarly, even as they repeated this 81% figure, some liberal White pundits were saying that Obama’s win indicates that we have moved beyond race. Even Ted Kennedy has said that Obama “transcends race.”

I don’t get it. If most of the people of one race vote for a person of the same race because of his race, is that not voting for race? Is that what moving beyond race means in this nutty Dark Age in which we live?

Even a large number of the 24% of Whites who voted for Obama in South Carolina may have done so not because they are color blind–as the pundits want you to believe–but precisely because they do see color and they, like Black, also voted for Obama because of the color of his skin.

How can we come to this conclusion? Well, the demographic of White voters that gave the most votes to Obama was the group between 18-29 years old (49% of this demographic voted for him). Frankly, that looks to me to be a result of the blending propaganda that, like most propaganda, is most effective when it is started with young children when their minds are most vulnerable and before they can reason for themselves–say about 30 years ago in earnest.

Propaganda–call it brainwashing–often has mixed results in adults, but when young children are subjected to it, it often becomes fixed for life and comes under the heading of conditioning. Shaking such conditioning is as difficult for humans as it is for rats in a Skinner box. The brain is simply hardwired to believe certain things and to reject anything that is counter to those implanted beliefs.

My guess is that these days you’d find this same demographic would tell you that smoking is bad, but if you went back 60 years or so, they’d tell you it was a fine thing to do. It just depends on which ideas are planted in their brains. We’re all subject to conditioning, folks. Sometimes it’s for our good and sometimes it’s not. But in both cases we are being influenced by others who are trying to get us to have certain mind sets and behaviors.

The smoking is bad, or good, type of propaganda, when given a blender twist, puts messages into the subconscious minds of easily suggestible people that Whites are evil and that they must overcome their evil by voting for Blacks and by treating them better than Whites.
And, what about Obama’s wins in Iowa and New Hampshire where older Whites voted for him in large numbers? Does that show we’ve moved beyond race and counter what I wrote above? Not at all. Pundits are quick to point out that these two states are both overwhelmingly White. Then, based on this, the pundits leap to the conclusion that race had nothing to do with the fact that Obama won.

Again, this is nonsense. The correct conclusion is that because there are so few Blacks in Iowa and New Hampshire, that most of the Whites there have little actual experience to counteract the conditioning. Yes, even older people are subject to conditioning. Generally, it’s not as strong as in those who received if from infancy, but it’s still a factor.

The problem for Obama may be that the conditioning hasn’t taken in all people. Millions of Whites were born before the massive brainwashing began and others aren’t as susceptible to it. The implanted ideas didn’t take. These Whites across the U.S., who look at the statistics of South Carolina, may start believing en masse that Obama really is just a Black candidate for Blacks and other non-Whites and for brainwashed White self-haters. They might start wondering what will happen to them and their families if Obama gets the presidency.

Perhaps, they may think, he is not going to really be a president for all the people after all.
And, it probably has not been missed by many Whites who are against amnesty for illegal aliens that Obama’s supporters use the same chant used by illegal aliens when they march demanding amnesty and open borders: “Yes we can!”

Could it be that the Obama movement is inherently anti-White? “Yes we can. Yes we can. Si se puede. Si se puede.” What are we to make of that chant?
Would some folks be considered paranoid if, upon hearing that chant, they thought they were hearing an echo in their minds from the darkest lands, including Haiti, where Whites were slaughtered in genocidal blood baths because of the color of their skin? Might some not think they hear, in the darkest hours of the night, a drum beat sound, a cadence and a chant once heard from the Mau Maus: “Kill the Whites, Kill the Whites, Kill the Whites.”
Of course “Kill the Whites” aren’t the words of the present chant. No one would suggest that. That does sound paranoid. But, when you hear people saying that Blacks and Hispanics need to join forces, just exactly who are they joining forces against? Even in the most paranoid fantasies, there is often a touch of reality.

Maybe, the hidden meaning of the chant is somewhat less harsh and isn’t “Kill the Whites,” but: “Replace the Whites.”

So, and we’re still speaking of appearances and subconscious cues, one wonders whether or not millions of Whites will also have noticed, as I have, that Obama looks like and talks like Malcolm X and whether or not they’ll subconsciously put that together, rightly or wrongly, with the fact that Blacks appear to be voting for Obama because he is Black. And, if they do think along these lines, will they then start wondering if an Obama presidency might be bad for them and their families?

Will some also fear that Obama will fill all the top positions in the U.S. government with people similar to those on the O.J. jury who acquitted O.J. of murder? Will they recall that most Blacks believe O.J. was innocent while most Whites believe he was guilty? And, if they do recall this, will they wonder what this means for an Obama presidency, if anything?

And, some may wonder about Obama’s ties to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the minister of Trinity United Church of Christ, whose church publication praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan, you may remember, has called Whites “blue-eyed devils.”
Of course, Whites, who have been conditioned to be pro-anything-but-white, will offer various rationalizations for the anti-White connections. That’s how conditioning works in humans. It’s a little like schizophrenia. The schizophrenic will often offer plausible sounding reasons for, say, wearing a tin foil hat and believing that there are space aliens in toilets.

Schizophrenics are often very intelligent and they can even convince many others that there really are space aliens in toilets and that tin foil hats will protect people. No doubt, our political schizophrenics will convince many that anti-White statements and Blacks voting for a Black because he is Black don’t mean what they appear to mean.

As we move toward more primaries, one wonders (but, we really know the answer) if those supporting Obama will try to claim some noble high ground and try to brow beat Whites into voting for Obama with subtle cries that they are racist if they don’t; when the statistics clearly show that Blacks are voting for Obama precisely because he is of their same race and that this, by definition, is the real racism?

One has to feel a little sympathy for the Clintons in all of this. They must feel a little like they’re caught in a real life version of that old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto when the two are surrounded by Indians. When the Lone Ranger says “We have to defeat the Indians,” Tonto replies, “What to you mean “we” pale face?”

Many readers of my columns may recall that I once wrote a column in which I called Bill Clinton our first Black president, and that after that column was published, a Black writer called him the same thing and then there was massive publicity about her doing so.

I bring this up because Hillary Clinton, by extension, was the first Black First Lady and her work for Blacks went way back before Obama was ever in politics. But, as she is learning this year, the content of her character doesn’t outweigh the color of her skin in the Black and other non-White communities or among many White liberals.

Obama is taking the Black and the Hispanic vote and he has done nothing to get it except being born non-White. But, that’s not racism, right?"

Take heart Obamaholics, this guy doesn't seem too bright to me. The problem is that a lot of not too bright people will be voting this year.