Friday, November 30, 2012

O in Philly and "true negroes" in Minnesota.

His Oness was at a toy factory just outside of Philly today, and he was telling the workers that if the republicans in Washington don't come around to seeing things his way we could be heading for a long fall over a very steep cliff.

Mitch McConnell was laughing at Obama's offer, but most of us do not think that there is anything funny about this standoff. Just thirty two days to go before we might have to march on Washington and "throw the bums out".

And finally, we have this:

"In something straight from the “this-is-too-foolish-to-be-offensive files,” we take a look at two college girls who had quite the time during a recent homemade spa treatment.

University of Minnesota Duluth students Rachel Cooper and Jessica Heid (both pictured) decided the dark facial masks they’d put on made them instantly Black.

So they posted a YouTube video calling themselves “true negroes” who “come from the Black hood.” A few seconds before that, though, they chose to wax poetic about their newfound “ghetto” roots.

Yo, what up homie!” one of the girls say. “I’m from the 421!” Not to be outdone, her friend quickly adds, “I’m from the 612, b*tch. N*gga, I beez [sic] from Brooklyn, New York!”

Other golden nuggets of true, authentic Blackness include: 1. “We need some “f*ckin fried chicken. I need some fried f*ckin chicken.” 2. “Girl, you know mama’s makin’ some fried chicken tonight!” and 3.”We got some f*ckin backup n*ggas for us, you n*ggas!”

Oddly enough, when asked about the clip, both girls seemingly rejected their “Black” debut, “We were doing facials and it happened to have been a brown facial mask,” Rachel Cooper told a reporter, according to The Root. We had to leave it on for 12 minutes. During that 12 minutes, we horribly decided to make a video that we regret and are not happy about.” [Source]

*Yawn*. Frankly, this has become so commonplace that I don't even know why I am posting about it.

Apparently we are still a long way to go before we get over ignorant stereotypes in America. Is what two young clueless girls from Minnesota post on You Tube *symptomatic of a larger problem here in America? That was a rhetorical question. of course it is.

But hey, they are "not happy about it". That should count for something.  

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The cliff gets closer.

While the VP shopped at Costcos and O finished up his I love America tour, there was Timothy Geithner visiting the GOP with a message from the president: This is our one and only offer; take it or leave it, b*****s. 

Of course, as is to be expected, the tan man and his people were not pleased.

“Listen, this is not a game,” Boehner said. “Jobs are on the line. The American economy is on the line, and this is a moment for adult leadership. Campaign style rallies and one-sided leaks in the press are not the way to get things done here in Washington.”

Well Mr. Boehner, one person whose job is not on the line is one Barack Obama. You see, sir, he was the guy who actually won the last election. Not the guy he had lunch with today. (I wonder how that went. Nice to see you again, Barack. Oh, just so you know, I don't eat fried chicken.) I am left to wonder why you would call his offer a "non-starter". I think the majority of Americans want to do it his way: Extending the Bush tax cuts to folks who make less than $250,000.00, and not messing with those entitlement programs

"Republicans are also insisting on significant reforms to entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid, deep spending cuts and not raising tax rates for the wealthy. Democrats say their bottom line is simple: taxes on high-income earners must go up.

“Right now, all eyes are on the White House,” the speaker said."

No Mr. Speaker, "all eyes" are on all of you.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012



"On Tuesday, Glenn Beck focused his unique brand of criticism on the world of classical and modern art. In an effort to criticize political art while emphasizing the freedom of artists to express their beliefs and values, Beck put a President Barack Obama figurine in a jar of urine.

On his Blaze TV program, Beck went through a number of works which he either found offensive for political reasons or simply did not appreciate for aesthetic reasons. While he defended the various artists constitutional rights of expression, he insisted he found many works offensive. He noted that the right of expression is a two way street.

Beck proceeded to take a pallet of oils to the artworks on his wall, adding a pair of thong underwear to one nude subject and jeans and a sweater to another.
Finally, turning Beck turned to political art. In an effort to satirize the famously offensive ‘Piss Christ,’ which featured a crucifix in a jar of urine, Beck made a political statement of his own. To accomplish this, he put a bobblehead doll of President Obama in a mason jar of what he claimed to be urine.

UPDATE: Beck attempted to auction off “Obama In Pee Pee” on eBay, but the online auction service has removed that listing." [Source]

I swear some people will do anything to stay relevant.

Honestly, I can't believe that conservatism has come to this.

Finally, it seems that Mitt's people aren't so upset about the elections, because apparently the people whose votes really mattered to them delivered on Election Day.

"Mitt Romney's former chief strategist Stuart Stevens in an op-ed published on Wednesday touted wealthy, middle-class and white voter support as several of the silver linings to Romney's loss on Nov. 6.

In a Washington Post editorial titled, "Mitt Romney: A good man. The right fight," Stevens wrote:

On Nov. 6, Romney carried the majority of every economic group except those with less than $50,000 a year in household income. That means he carried the majority of middle-class voters. While John McCain lost white voters younger than 30 by 10 points, Romney won those voters by seven points, a 17-point shift.

Romney won over seniors with entitlement reform, raised more money for the GOP than the party itself and championed ideas that connected Americans and made them think, Stevens argued.

"Yes, the Republican Party has problems, but as we go forward, let's remember that any party that captures the majority of the middle class must be doing something right," he wrote." [Source]

You have to feel sorry for guys like Stuart Stevens; the country is changing and they just can't bring themselves to change with it. He really believes that Mitt Romney ran a good campaign even though he lost. I suppose that getting the white middle class votes was a victory in his mind.

Folks, this is the kind of thinking that causes people to put a doll of the president in a bottle of piss to raise money for charity.

*Pic from

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Virginia is not for cheaters, and move over George Zimmerman.

So now we know how Barack Obama won Virginia. I swear you Negroes can't win anything without cheating.

"Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican Attorney General of Virginia, agreed with WMAL radio host Cheri Jacobus Tuesday when she insinuated that President Obama may have illegitimately won the election through lenient voting laws.
Jacobus stated, “He can’t win a state where photo ID is required. So clearly there’s something going on out there.” In fact, President Obama won Michigan and Florida, both of which have voter identification laws.

Jacobus’ co-host Brian Wilson claimed to have received several emails from listeners wishing to report voter fraud. He then asked Cuccinelli, “When you hear these kinds of stories, one wonders, why isn’t there a way for the Attorney General of the commonwealth of Virginia to get involved and to look into these matters?”

Cuccinelli told Wilson he was unable to investigate election violations unless state officials first requested an inquiry, but agreed that there “ought to be a way” for him to look into these matters. After Jacobus seemingly became angry with him for not investigating the voter fraud allegations, Cuccinelli stated, ”Your tone suggests you’re a little upset with me. You’re preaching to the choir. I’m with you completely.”

Oh my! The Attorney General of Virginia implying that the president of these divided states stole an election? [Source]

Of course, as is always the case in these verbal slip-ups; Mr. Cuccinelli is now walking back his wingnut moment.

"After the interview, Noah Wall, political spokesman for Cuccinnelli, said in an email that Cuccinelli never meant to question the legality of President Barack Obama‘s campaign: ”There is no question that President Obama legitimately won re-election. Ken was simply talking about the fact that there were problems on election day which need to be addressed.”


Finally, if you haven't heard of Michael David Dunn, hang on; you will be hearing more about him soon. It seems that Mr. Dunn is Florida's latest version of George Zimmerman.

"The confrontation that resulted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Russell Davis started over loud music, according to investigators in Brevard County, Florida.

The incident took place Friday outside a convenience store in Jacksonville, where Davis and four of his friends were hanging out inside a parked SVU.

Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department said 45-year-old Michael David Dunn and his girlfriend, both in town for Dunn's son's wedding, pulled up and asked the teens to turn down the music in their car.

Investigators reported that words were exchanged between Davis and Dunn, but did not elaborate.

The confrontation ended after Dunn, a gun collector, pulled out a weapon and fired at least eight shots at the SUV, striking Davis twice.

None of the vehicle's other occupants were injured.

Dunn's girlfriend, who was in the store buying wine at the time, returned to the car having heard a "popping" sound, and the two bolted from the scene. The unnamed woman told investigators Dunn admitted he "fired at these kids," but claims they were not aware someone had died until hearing it on the news.

Dunn, a Satellite Beach resident, was arrested Saturday at his home on charges of murder and attempted murder. He was booked into Brevard County jail, where he is being held without bail.

He is expected to be returned to Jacksonville shortly after pleading not guilty through his attorney Robin Lemonidis.

"It will be very clear that Mr. Dunn acted very responsibly and as any responsible firearms owner would have acted under these circumstances" [Source] 

I smell a stand-your-ground defense coming.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Blasting a blasphemer and a rough week for Wal Mart.

So I watched a little of the booty shaking network's award show last night (Killing time before Nucky) and I will be damned if I didn't miss Jamie Foxx making some news.

"Actor and musician Jamie Foxx called President Barack Obama ‘our lord and savior’ during his appearance on the Soul Train Awards 2012 on Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It’s like church over here. It’s like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama,” Foxx joked. The Oscar award-winning Foxx has been a longtime supporter of President Obama’s and publicly advocated for his re-election during the 2012 campaign season." [Clip & Story]]

Boy have you done lost your mind??!! Don't you know that there is but one God and his name is Reagan??!!

Wingnuts and conservatives did not think that this was funny, and some of them are demanding an apology.    

"Jamie Foxx has a movie coming out in December. I suggest that unless he apologizes for this, that many people boycott this movie. There is a line between comedy and stupidity and last night Jamie crossed the line. He states that he was brought up in the church so his insurance policy will be that he was being funny but I didn’t know that this falls in line with comedy. This was in bad taste and he must not have any fear in God to do something like this."

BTW, I know that some of you Negroes didn't think what Jamie Foxx said was funny, either. Because honestly, you really believe what he said is true. Stop laughing. You know it's true.

Finally, this has been a bad week for Wal-Mart.

First, their workers killed a shoplifter during Black Friday. (Why on earth would a $9 an hour employee get into an altercation with someone who took an item from his employer who is worth billions? "if you shop at Wal-Mart are better off dead anyways....." OK, save the Wal Mart jokes. This is not funny; a man lost his life.

 Then there is the sad story of the 117 poor people who lost their lives in a Bangladesh sweat shop while making clothes for Wal- Mart shoppers.

Throw in a well publicized campaign by the unions to draw attention to Wal-Mart's working conditions and we have a perfect storm of negative publicity.

Not that it will matter to their bottom line. Sadly, folks will continue to shop at Wal-Mart, and Main Street America will continue to die.    

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"How I could just kill a man"

"How you know where I'm at when you haven't been where I've been,
understand where I'm coming from.
When you're up on the hill, in your big home
I'm out here, risking my dome.
Just for a bucket, or a fast ducat
just to stay alive, aiyyo I gotta say "fuck it".
Here is something you can't understandHow I could just kill a man" ~Cypress Hill~

I understand, but I honestly wish I didn't.

As an American tragedy plays itself out in cities all across the country, those of us who are charged with addressing the problem-or making others aware of it-continue to sit on our collective asses.

Here in Philly we have already equaled last year's murder count of 297, and there is still over thirty days to go in the year. This summer was particularly brutal for cities like Chicago and Camden, where young bucks picking off each other became a more popular sport than a game of pickup basketball. Chicago is President Obama's hometown, but he never talked about it, and neither did the chattering class whose job it is to make Americans aware of what's going on in the country.

Some would argue that this is a dog bites man type of headline that is hardly worth reporting. Young black males killing each other is such a common occurrence that it doesn't even get a raised eye brow from Joe Citizen reading about it in the local paper. Still, it doesn't make these events any less compelling or newsworthy. We all are paying, in one way or another, for this epidemic of violence. Homicide detectives and trauma surgeons do not work for free; somebody has to pick up the tab

Still, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. In Washington D.C. they are on pace to have less than a 100 homicides this year. This is a remarkable stat when you consider that in the early nineteen nineties they were racking up almost 500 murders per year. And here in Philly our City Council finally seems to be addressing a problem*fingers crossed* that many grass roots organizations around the city are already aware of. (I guess it's better late than never)

These are all positive signs, but nothing will change until the homes where these young men are coming from start becoming....well, homes. Outside organizations and politricksters can only do so much. The folks who created these future killers and victims need to start talking a serious look in the mirror.

"..cause we're like the outlaw stridin
Suckers are hidein
Jump behind the bush when they see me driving

I think I speak for all law- abiding citizens when I say that we are all ready to come out from behind "the bush."


Saturday, November 24, 2012

"White on Rice."

“You’ve got grumpy old (white) men going after a young accomplished woman of color,” Milbank wrote in a piece this week. “It’s arguable this is not the path to convincing the American people that the GOP is truly a big tent where all races, religions and classes are welcome.”

That was Dana Milbank of the Washington Post writing about the GOP's latest attempt to find skeletons in O's presidential closet. This time they are hoping that Susan Rice will be the crack in O's armor that will lead to his ultimate downfall. (Good luck with that. They will find that Troy was a cake walk compared to getting to O.) Poor "grumpy old (white) men", they tried to make Eric Holder their Trojan Horse but to no avail. Now, unfortunately for her, Susan Rice will have to face the wrath of the "grumpy old (white) men".

Some have attributed nefarious motives to the GOP's actions, and some, while not excusing their actions, have seemed to have read their minds.

“The GOP letter is wrong. It is partisan. It is angry. It is sour grapes. It is inaccurate. It is unfair. It is grossly misdirected against Susan Rice, who did absolutely nothing wrong. But in my humble opinion the letter has nothing to do with race.” [Source] 

Your humble opinion sir, not mine.

Of course, as is to be expected, the "grumpy" ones have declared that their actions are not racist but in the best interest of the country. They claim that they are simply trying to get to the bottom of what happened in Libya.

"Republicans, Graham foremost among them, made a patriotically tinged denial of the charges:
“Well, when you can’t answer the question, you attack the questioner,” he said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends.” “The only color I’m worried about when it comes to Benghazi is red—blood red, the death of four Americans.” [Source]

But....but..., I thought they answered the question.

Sorry men, no matter how hard you try, you cannot make Benghazi into Watergate. And, sadly for you, this is not the Trojan Horse you were looking for.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday, Sam's wish, and TJ's dilemma.

I think I survived Black Friday. Believe me, with Mrs. Field's sister in town playing shopping Robin to her Batman, it wasn't easy.

Nothing says American capitalism and declension like a bunch of people spending Thanksgiving night in line (instead of with their families and loved ones) to get a big screen television at half price.

Sorry, all the tips in the world won't get me to participate in this form of madness. No matter how good the deal seems to be, I am going to take a wild guess and say that you will probably be able to get the same deal sometime next week.

One person who probably won't be taking part in the Black Friday festivities is my man Sam Koivisto. Sam is probably saving his money because he is going to need it. Why? Because Sam just quit his job as a police officer in Jacksonville, Florida.

"Former Jacksonville police officer Sam Koivisto, 57, quit his position after he told fellow officers that he would volunteer to kill President Obama if given the opportunity, reports the Florida-Times Union.
Koivisto who admitted to being upset that Obama was re-elected, said that he wouldn’t mind doing something about it:
“If an order was given to kill Obama or something, then I wouldn’t mind being the guy.”
Upon further questioning by an integrity unit, the 26 year veteran also said that if a nuclear explosion killed everyone in the northeast United States who voted for Obama, he wouldn’t care. Speaking about Hurricane Sandy, he said he wouldn’t mind if it had “killed them all” because of the region’s liberal leaning demographic.
“The statement I made in the office was something of the nature — I think Ms. Field at some point said, ‘You know, the poor people up north just got hit by one storm and now they’re hit by another,’” Koivisto said. “And I made the statement, ‘Well, you know, the whole Northeast just generally has voted Democratic, voted heavily Obama, got him elected. And so I said something to the point, ‘Well, if a nuclear bomb exploded and killed them all, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings any.’ That’s what I said. Didn’t make any statement about hurting anybody or anything of that nature.” [Source]
Sam has a right to speak his mind, but I sure hope that the Secret Service has a special file with his name on it.

Finally, according to my man Richard Prince, Mrs. Field's favorite television talk show host has decided to break his "N- word pledge".

"CNN anchor-turned-BET host T.J. Holmes said Wednesday he had broken a pledge he made in an essay for the Grio in July: to stop using the N-Word.
"As soon as I walk out of this room, I'm probably going to drop it 20 times before I get downstairs" [video] Holmes, 35, said on "The Breakfast Club" on New York's WWPR-FM, which calls itself Power 105.1. "I went through a thing about giving up the N-Word," but "I had to bring it back." Holmes agreed with one of the show's hosts, known as "Charlamagne Tha God," that "there's just certain folks you run into and there ain't no other word you can come up with . . . We all know it's a vile, it's a disgusting word and I don't think it necessarily should have a place."

He added, "We have normalized and sanitized the word in such a way. There's young white kids, they don't know anything about civil rights or struggle. All they know is they hear their favorite rapper using it all the time, so it must be all right."

In his Grio essay, Holmes had written, "Still, even if a younger generation of non-blacks doesn't fully understand the history of the n-word, everyone understands a general rule: we (blacks) can say it, and you (everybody else) can't. Beyond that, I really can't give you a good reason why I use it. I like saying it? It's the most accurate way of describing certain people? It's how I want to express my deep affection for my male friends? None of those reasons really fly. [Source] 

Poor T.J.; he is just another Negro caught up in this N-word dilemma that won't go away.

*Pic from Politc365


Thursday, November 22, 2012

The thankful list.

Field, name ten things you are thankful for:

1. Conservative pundits- The comic relief they provide is priceless.

2. Blogging- Being able to share my thoughts on the Internet with those who      agree and disagree with me never gets old.   

3. Family and friends.

4. Artists -living and dead- who left their mark for us to enjoy.  

5. Lark Voorhies before her meltdown.

6. Lionel Messi's football skills, Jeffrey Wright's acting skills, and Usain Bolt's speed.

7. The First Amendment.

8. South Louisiana and Jamaican cuisine.

9. People who care more about the human race than their own.

10. Mrs. Field.

I am not a big fan of this particular holiday, but enjoy the day with your family.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Food and pardons.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and in order to give thanks, Americans are going to eat like the Mayan folks were right about the world ending. (I am quite sure that most of you will be here on December, 22nd.)

Anyway, some random thoughts about food.

I was raised as a Seventh Day Adventist, and, as a result, I never ate shrimp. Now sadly, after getting this picture from a twitter mate, I am afraid that I might have to revert to my SDA ways. (Yuk!)

Honestly, you folks are doing some things with food out there that will cause a brotha to reconsider this meat eating thing. (Shout out to all my vegan friends.) Turducken?* Seriously? Although, I must confess, if the pilgrims had stumbled on some wild goats- and not turkeys- I would be one Thanksgiving celebrating fool. That curry goat and roti is no joke. (Sorry vegans, it was fun while it lasted.)

Then there is this Twinkie turkey combination, thing. America let the Twinkie go! It's over! Stop trying to delay the inevitable by incorporating the Twinkie into an important American holiday. It's never going to happen. Unless we are talking about chicken and waffles meat and sweet does not go together.

Finally, staying with the food theme; I see that his Oness pardoned a couple of turkeys at the White House on Wednesday. Good for Cobbler. Now if O could only be as generous with his pardons for humans as he is with turkeys we would be on to something.

"People don't usually think of the president as a part of the justice system. Typically that world includes judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers — not the chief executive. But George Lardner, a former investigative reporter who's now writing a book on the history of presidential pardons, says the Constitution actually makes the president a key part of this web.

In the past, "there was no such thing as probation or parole," Lardner says. "If you wanted to get out of prison before your time was up, you had to get a pardon."

Many people did. But that was long ago. Recent presidents have barely used their clemency power. And Obama is more frugal than any of them, says P.S. Ruckman Jr., a political scientist at Rock Valley College who studies pardons.
"He's granted 22 pardons and one commutation of sentence," Ruckman says.
He says no president since John Adams has shown so little leniency.

White House spokesman Matt Lehrich responded to an inquiry with this statement: "President Obama takes his constitutional power to grant clemency very seriously, and each recommendation received from the Department of Justice is carefully reviewed and evaluated on the merits." [Source]

Stop it! O, cut the nonsense and start setting some brothas convicted during this silly war on drugs, free. They would appreciate it much more than Cobbler.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Two turkeys!

"Glenn Beck paid a visit to his old stomping grounds on Tuesday night, talking to Bill O’Reilly about the election. Beck recalled his prediction that Mitt Romney would win and offered an explanation of why he ended up being wrong. Part of the problem, he said, is disillusioned voters.

“What happened there that you weren’t anticipating?” O’Reilly asked.

“I anticipated actually people coming out, you know,” Beck replied. “We actually went down in some numbers.”

When O’Reilly noted that the turnout was more than enough for Romney to win, Beck offered his take on the problem. “The parties have gotten to the place to where I don’t think anybody believes either side,” he said. “They just don’t see a difference.” People, even in his own family, Beck added, don’t believe one side will be better for the country than the other.

But that simply isn’t true, he said, noting that the 2012 election was “most stark choice” the country’s had. O’Reilly agreed.

He then asked Beck about the conservatives, including Beck himself, who predicted a Romney victory — noting their surprise when Romney actually lost. Beck said he’d gone to bed feeling confident the night before, telling his wife he couldn’t wait for Romney to win so “we can relax a little bit and our life will settle down.”

Asked if he sees the outcome as “a divine providence situation,” Beck said everything will work out. The pair agreed: It’s all going to work out, but there’s “a lot of pain” coming."

Sorry fellows, like all the other turkeys this time of year, your pain has already come and gone. Now it's time for the rest of us to just enjoy you.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Straight Outta Cuba, and a nutty candidate.

Now that we know Marco Rubio vibes to NWA and Pac, will he still be as popular with his friends in the GOP? Marc, when republicans said that they had to do more minority outreach after their last beating by Obama, I doubt this is what they had in mind. But still, it's nice to know that you are human, and, more importantly, that you are honest. You could have lied and said that you listened to Duran Duran back in the day.

Speaking of  the GOP, the finger pointing at  Mitt continues. This time it's Newt's turn to take shots at the Etch A Sketch man.

"Newt Gingrich had harsh words Sunday for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's suggestion that he lost the election because President Barack Obama offered "gifts" to African-Americans, Hispanics, and young voters.

"I just think it's nuts," Gingrich said on ABC. "I mean, first of all, it's insulting."

"The job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. If we can't offer a better future that is believable to more people, we're not going to win," said Gingrich, who launched blistering attacks on Romney last spring while seeking the presidential nomination himself.

Revelation of Romney's comments drew criticism from others within his own party, such as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal - who said a winning strategy does not involve "insulting (voters) and saying their votes were bought" -- and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who said, "Rhetoric like this keeps digging a hole for the Republican Party." [Source]

I love how all of a sudden Mitt is the most hated person in GOP-land. What happened to all the love? It's amazing how losing causes folks to run away from you isn't it Mitt? All the money in the world can't buy you friends these days.

Still, I think all your fellow republicans throwing darts at you are full of it. They agree with everything you said. They are just mad at you because you lost to the Kenyan Socialist.

Take it away Kevin Drum:

"..Far from a gaffe, Romney’s remarks reflected both a long-standing belief among conservatives that the nation faces a “tipping point” in which growing dependency will create an insurmountable electoral majority for big government — and Democratic candidates. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Romney’s running mate, has delivered similar arguments for years. “We risk hitting [a] tipping point in our society where we have more takers than makers,” he said recently. “President Obama’s policies are feverishly putting more people into the column of being takers than makers ... being more dependent.”

The conservative Heritage Foundation, in the latest edition of its “Index of Dependence on Government” likewise concluded earlier this year: “Perhaps the greatest danger is that the swelling ranks of Americans who enjoy government services and benefits for which they pay few or no taxes will lead to a spreading sense of entitlement that is simply incompatible with self-government.”

Conservatives believe that liberals are intent on creating a welfare state that saps initiative, leads to moral decay, makes voters more dependent on government, and helps cement the Democratic Party's hold on power. They've been saying this forever. But when Mitt Romney says it in slightly blunter terms than we're used to, they practically barrel over each other running for the exits.
Poor Mitt. Conservatives never liked him in the first place, so he tried hard to say all the things they wanted him to say. But once he lost, he was an instant pariah. He was saying the stuff they wanted him to say during a campaign, not realizing that the rules had changed. Once the campaign was over, that exact same stuff was a rather too blunt admission of what conservatives believe. He was betraying the cause, not helping it. The price he'll pay is a banishment from the conservative movement even more thorough than George Bush's.

Conservatives are not kind to their losers. [Source]

But will they be kind to candidates who listen to NWA?


Sunday, November 18, 2012

For Allen, the jigging has stopped.

Poor Allan West never thought that his jigging would ever stop. Now, unfortunately for him, the music seems to have stopped playing. Sadly, though, he is still hearing it.

"MIAMI (Reuters) - Tea Party-backed Republican U.S. Representative Allen West said he was still not ready to concede defeat on Sunday, almost two weeks after the November 6 election, when the clock ran out on a partial recount in South Florida.

Results showing West trailing Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy by 1,900 votes were expected to be turned over to the state Division of Elections to be ratified on Tuesday.

West was granted a recount of early ballots in St. Lucie County during the weekend, but officials were unable to complete the process before time ran out at midday on Sunday.

"Today at noon, it became clear Patrick Murphy will be officially certified as the next congressman from the 18th Congressional District," said Murphy's campaign manager, Anthony Kusich. "It is beyond time to put this campaign behind us."

Under Florida law in the event of an incomplete recount the original returns are automatically submitted for certification. St. Lucie County officials went ahead and completed the recount later on Sunday, extending Murphy's lead to 2,100 votes.

"This election is far from over," West's campaign manager, Tim Edson, said in a statement that called the results "highly suspect."

"We will continue to fight on behalf of all voters in District 18 to ensure a fair and accurate count of their votes," he added, without saying how the campaign planned to challenge the result. [Source]

I guess there is still hope for the American people. If the people of Florida's 18th Congressional District had sent this man back to Washington I would be seriously worried.

This defeat is hard for Allen West to accept because he made the wrong calculation about selling out. Like Artur Davis and others, he thought that being a sell out would guarantee him a place in Washington as long as he wanted it. Fortunately the people (black and white) who vote in his district were able to see him for what he really is: A charlatan who made outrageous statements to appeal to a far right group of people who are out of touch with the rest of the country. The GOP outspent Patrick Murphy 17-1 and their boy still lost.That ought to tell you something about Allen West.

Still, the GOP infighting continues;  tea party types like Mr. West on one side, and the GOP establishment on the other.

"...conservative columnist Michael Barone told an audience at Hillsdale College's center in Washington that the tea party, while bringing some talented politicians to the fore, also brought some "wackos and weirdos and witches." [Source]

He forgot to mention jiggers.

*Pic from hinterlandgazette


Saturday, November 17, 2012

No to Obama but yes to the Twinkie.

You republicans are such sore losers. There really isn't any need for this type of behavior on your part. I know that it was tough to see Obama get reelected, --especially when everyone was telling you that he would lose-- but honestly, you have got to let those hard feelings go.

"The owner of the Southwest Shooting Authority took out a full page ad in a local Pinetop, Ariz. newspaper that read "if you voted for Barack Obama you're business is not welcome."

Just to make sure the point got across, owner Cope Reynolds also posted a sign on the store's front door.

"If you voted for Obama, please turn around and leave! You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm."

My choices of places to visit in America are getting smaller every day. Please count Arizona as another state that I will only be looking at  from an airplane window in the future. America needs a serious IQ upgrade.

Now, to be fair, you dems have been rubbing it in a little too much on my repub friends as well. There is no reason for these types of videos showing O giving haters "the gas face". You dems need to learn to win with some class.    

Finally, some of you have been lamenting the death of the Twinkie after many years on the American scene. You are blaming the unions for Twinkie's owner shutting down and putting over 18,000 Americans out of work. You are even calling for a "Twinkie bailout". So I have to ask, is this really such a bad thing? Just one less product in the market place to clog your arteries and give you Americans a heart attack. I mean look what Twinkies did to poor Governor Christie for crying out loud. The poor guy is still mad about that.
"Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders.”
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declined talking about it in a press conference Friday. The Republican governor told reporters he didn’t even want to mention the word.

“I am not answering questions on Twinkies,” Christie said, as reported by “It’s bad that I even said the word Twinkies from behind this microphone.”

No more Twinkies. But, don't worry America, the last time I checked, there was still a Dunkin Donut and Krispy Kreme store on every corner.



Friday, November 16, 2012

Roger the comedian and Charlie has a Negro problem.

It's hard to cut and paste this next article because I am laughing so hard. But I am going to give it a try.

"Fox News President Roger Ailes spoke to TVNewser about the network’s election night coverage on Friday — also going on to elaborate on their self-proclaimed “fair and balanced” approach. While no one seems to agree with him, Ailes said, the network has “no agenda.”

Asked how the next four years will play out, Ailes told TVNewser, “It’s day-to-day for us.”

“We don’t — I know no one believes it — we have no agenda,” he added. “If he (Obama) runs into a burning building tomorrow and saves four kids, he’s gonna be the biggest goddamn hero Fox News ever saw. But if he leaves four guys behind on the battlefield but can’t explain it, then he’s gonna have a problem with Fox News.”

“I don’t mind praising the guy, and I don’t mind questioning the guy,” Ailes said. “It’s day to day.”

Doubtlessly, many are bound to disagree.

" But if he leaves four guys behind on the battlefield but can’t explain it, then he’s gonna have a problem with Fox News.” Hmmm, I wonder why W didn't "have a problem with Fox News". 

I really want to give Fox the benefit of the doubt when I see stories like this, but we all know the real deal about Roger and company. Fox is not a real news organization. Fox is to the left what MSNBC is to the right: a news station to be avoided at all costs. 

Finally, speaking of Fox News, their number one anchor seems to have a problem with how we vote here in Philly.

"Bill O’Reilly brought on Megyn Kelly tonight to react to the surprising news that Mitt Romney received zero votes at fifty-nine Philadelphia voting divisions (about three percent of its total divisions) in last week’s election. O’Reilly found it… odd, to say the least.

O’Reilly said Romney should have gotten at least one or two, but Kelly explained the same thing happened to John McCain four years ago. Kelly disputed the idea that any “shenanigans” were going on, saying that the divisions with the unanimous Obama votes have large black, inner-city populations.

O’Reilly said the odds are just too high to imagine this being mere circumstance, but Kelly continued to insist that there was nothing particularly odd about that. She pointed to precincts in Utah that ended up having unanimous Romney support, even though there were only a few dozen voters in that instance." [Source]

Unfortunately for Bill he doesn't seem to get out much. There is nothing unusual about a ward in Philly going almost 100% D. If wingnuts weren't so caught up in listening to winngut radio and watching Fox News in the run up to the election, they would have realized that Philly got 600,000 votes for O back in 2008, and that the the dems were mobilizing hard on the ground here.

As for that story from Maine, I am not going to touch this one. I personally don't know any black folks in Maine, (shout out to my favorite Maine blogger) so when Charlie Webster says that you black folks were cheating because he saw black votes from rural Maine I have to just leave it alone.

"Maine Republican Party chairman Charlie Webster is doubling down on his suggestion that there were "improprieties" at the Maine polls last week, insisting he received complaints from candidates in small towns across the state that "new people came to vote" and "I believe that that's questionable."
Webster has been the source of some controversy after suggesting in an interview with WCSH-TV this week that "In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of black people who came in and voted on Election Day."
"Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in [these] towns knows anyone who's black," Webster told WCSH-TV's Don Carrigan. "How did that happen? I don't know. We're going to find out."
Reached on his cell phone by, Webster refused to provide details regarding the specific towns in question, the number of "new" voters to whom he was referring, or the percentage of those people who were African-American. Megan Sanborn, a spokesperson for Secretary of State Charlie Summers, told the office had not received any complaints or accusations of voter fraud from the past election, and that there had been no noticeable uptick in African-American turnout in the state."  [Source]

Come on Charlie, we need names.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where is my "free stuff"?

Mitt Romney likes to talk about Obama and his peeps liking free stuff. But honestly, it's Mitt who likes to give Obama free stuff. Mitt is the gift that just keeps giving. Once again he was caught telling his big money people how he really feels about other people in America. (BTW, he is not alone. His running mate has been talking crazy as well.)
In Mitt's world the only reason O beat him is because he promised us minorities and women "free stuff". (O, I am still waiting on that Audi R8.)
I bet even a lot of you white folks are glad Mitt didn’t win right about now. I mean this guy is seriously out of touch.
"Mitt Romney told his top donors Wednesday that his loss to President Obama was a disappointing result that neither he or his top aides had expected, but said he believed his team ran a “superb” campaign with “no drama,” and attributed his rival’s victory to “the gifts” the administration had given to blacks, Hispanics and young voters during Obama’s first term.

Obama, Romney argued, had been “very generous” to blacks, Hispanics and young voters. He cited as motivating factors to young voters the
administration’s plan for partial forgiveness of college loan interest and the extension of health coverage for students on their parents’ insurance plans well into their 20s. Free contraception coverage under Obama’s healthcare plan, he added, gave an extra incentive to college-aged women to back the president.
Romney argued that the Obama’s health care plan’s promise of coverage “in perpetuity” was “highly motivational” to those voters making $25,000 to

$35,000 who might not have been covered, as well as to African American and Hispanic voters. Pivoting to immigration, Romney said the Obama campaign’s efforts to paint him as “anti-immigrant” had been effective and that the administration’s promise to offer what he called “amnesty” to the children of illegal immigrants had helped turn out Hispanic voters in record numbers.

“The President’s campaign,” he said, “focused on giving targeted groups a big gift—so he made a big effort on small things. Those small things, by the way, add up to trillions of dollars.”

Mitt, dividing the country is not a good look for you or your party. As the current leader of the republican party you cannot afford to play us against them in our country right now. Even your fellow republicans are calling you out.

"Gov. Bobby Jindal – the newly elected chair of the Republican Governors Association and a frequent subject of 2016 presidential speculation – reiterated Thursday his irritation at Mitt Romney's comments explaining his defeat in the presidential election.

Romney was recorded telling donors on a conference call that President Barack Obama won votes by offering "gifts" to African-Americans, Hispanics and young voters.

on "The Situation Room." "This is not where the Republican Party needs to go. If you want voters to like you, the first thing you've got to do is like them first."
The Louisiana governor's comments were similar to remarks he made Wednesday in Las Vegas, where he and other governors are attending a meeting of the Republican Governors Association.

During his CNN interview on Thursday, Jindal linked the latest Romney comments to the candidate's remarks at a closed door fund-raiser in May, when he argued that 47 % of Americans were "victims" dependent on government and would never vote for him.

"I don't think we advance this discussion or debate by insulting folks," Jindal said. "Look, the Republicans need to stick to our principles, but we need to treat other people with respect. Even those we don't agree with, we need to show them we respect them and their beliefs. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Republicans said a lot of dumb things. We need to condemn the remarks." [Source]

I think that Mr. Jindal is getting ready for 2016. But, I must admit, he is right about this one. Treating "other people with respect" is always a good thing. Somehow I don't think that Mitt respects the "beliefs" of others.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

America's latest obsession, and some last words for president Obama.

Let me jump in on this Petraeus mess. A partner of mine told me that he went on double date with the whistle blower's twin (they are from South Jersey) but the other dude was a no show and he was stuck with a huge bill from Morton's. He had some other things to say about girlfriend but I am going to leave that gossip stuff alone. (I see you SK) Let's just say that the twins always knew how to work the social circuit.

Anywhoo, girlfriend's sister hooked up with a doctor and they moved to Florida for the good life. Now, unfortunately, she (the sister) is all over the news with this Petraeus affair. I feel for all the players in this latest American tragedy. Why can't folks just get their freak on in peace? Americans just can't get enough of the salacious. Throw a couple of top generals in the mix and you have a 24 hour news parade. *shaking head*

Anyway, Henry Hamilton won't have to live through this craziness. Why? Because poor Henry is dead. It seems that Henry just couldn't take four more years of Obama and so he decided to take his own life. (Gee, I wonder why a certain radio host couldn't have followed his lead.)

"He warned his partner weeks ago: “If Barack gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around.” And he followed through on that declaration.

Henry Hamilton, a 64-year-old owner of Tropical Tan in Key West, Fl., was found dead shortly after Election Day, with the words “Fuck Obama!” written on his will and two empty prescription bottles near his body.

The Miami Herald reports that the man’s partner Michael Cossey told the Key West police that Hamilton was “very upset about the election results.”
The Herald report continues:

A friend of Hamilton had been worried about him and had a standing request to police to make welfare checks. Officer Pablo Rodriguez did just that and when he went to the condo, he woke up Cossey, prompting the discovery of Hamilton’s body in the bedroom.

Dykes reported finding two empty prescription bottles, one for Xanax and one for Seroquel, used to treat anxiety and schizophrenia, respectively.
Cossey told police Hamilton “has been very stressed about his business,” and the last time they had spoken was “when we watched the election results” on Nov. 6." [Source]

Do these wingnuts realize that there will be another election in four years? Listen up people, running down your spouse and taking your own life, kind of puts you deep in the sore loser camp.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The S word.

Oh my! Now that Obama has once again become the leader of the free world it seems that some of his fellow citizens just do not want to be ruled by him.

"In the wake of last week's presidential election, thousands of Americans have signed petitions seeking permission for their states to peacefully secede from the United States. The petitions were filed on We the People, a government website.

States with citizens filing include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Oddly, folks from Georgia have filed twice. Even stranger, several of the petitions come from states that went for President Barack Obama.

The petitions are short and to the point. For example, a petition from the Volunteer State reads: "Peacefully grant the State of Tennessee to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government." Of all the petitions, Texas has the most signatures so far, with more than 23,000.
Of course, this is mostly a symbolic gesture. The odds of the American government granting any state permission to go its own way are on par with winning the lottery while getting hit by a meteor while seeing Bigfoot while finding gluten-free pizza that tastes like the real thing.

An article from WKRC quotes a University of Louisville political science professor who explained that these petitions aren't uncommon. Similar petitions were filed following the 2004 and 2008 elections. Still, should the petitions garner 25,000 signatures in a month, they will require an official response from the Obama administration." [Source]

Well it's refreshing to know that this is not a first. But still, the fact that the great state of Texas already has over 25,000 petitions might force the White House to respond... wait....

"A petition for Texas to secede from the union, submitted to the White House, reached the number of signatures needed to draw comment from the Obama administration today.

The petition appeared on a section of the White House website called "We the People" that invites users with a U.S. zip code to submit or sign petitions about policy changes they would like to see. A petition must reach 25,000 signatures within 30 days for the administration to comment on it.

The petition to "Peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government," was submitted on Friday of last week. Just three days later, it zoomed past the 25,000 mark at 3:22 p.m. today and kept going." [Source]

O let me help you with that response:

Goodbye Texas, and take the stinking Cowboys with you.

Relax field, the Governor himself says that this is not happening.

"Texas Gov. Rick Perry won’t be joining the roughly 77,000 people who have signed a petition calling on the White House to allow his state to secede from the Union.

Perry has famously joked in the past about his state breaking away from the United States of America, but his spokesperson said he doesn’t approve of the Internet campaign that has swelled to include secession petitions for more than 35 states.

“Gov. Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it,” Perry spokesperson Catherine Frazier
told The Dallas Morning News. “But he also shares the frustrations many Americans have with our federal government" [Source]

Not yet.

Finally, this is getting ridiculous, you employers have got to stop taking out your hatred for Obama on your employees. You lost! Get over it! The next time you will just have to spend more money. Just don't let Karl Rove come along and steal take millions from you again.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Free stuff, and the sad days of Beth Cox.

I just read two interesting articles dealing with conservative consternation about the "Kenyan Muslim" winning four more years in office and throwing their beloved country into a tailspin.

The first one was by Jonathan Cohn, and he wrote about conservatives and their latest meme about "free stuff". Yes America, conservatives work, and all of us other stiff just want "free stuff". Let's forget, for a minute, that most of these billies live in the poorest areas of the country that depend on a lot of "free stuff" from our government. These are the folks Mitt Romney was talking about when he referred to the 47% but they are just too dumb to realize it.

"Frustrated conservatives have a theory for why their ideas didn’t win more support on Election Day: They can’t compete with the offer of “free stuff.”
As this argument goes, President Obama and the Democrats won by promising their constituencies government goodies, but without asking those constituencies to pay for them. Women got free birth control. Latinos got more open immigration policy. The poor got food stamps. Tons of people got subsidized health insurance. And so on.

It’s basically another version of the 47 percent argument—i.e., that 47 percent of the country is dependent on the rest of the taxpaying public. It was kicking around in conservative circles even before Mitt Romney invoked it at that now-infamous Florida fundraiser. And judging by recent commentary, it’s going to keep kicking around for a while longer. Last week, National Review’s Kevin Williamson concluded that “offering Americans a check is a more fruitful political strategy than offering them the opportunity to take control of and responsibility for their own lives.” Just today, Washington Post conservative writer Jennifer Rubin wrote that the Democratic Party won by “feeding its base cotton candy.

But sometimes the argument about free stuff has a more insidious meaning—and you don’t have to strain to hear it. During the Fox News broadcast on Election Night, Bill O’Reilly declared, “It’s not a traditional America anymore, and there are 50 percent of the voting public who want stuff. They want things. And who is going to give them things? President Obama.” In case the reference to “traditional America” was too subtle, O’Reilly went on to talk about Obama’s strong support among blacks, Latinos, and women.

And O’Reilly was simply saying the same thing plenty of other conservatives and Republicans had been saying, not least among them Romney himself. Months ago, after giving a highly touted speech to an African-American audience, Romney told a smaller audience of supporters he’d gotten a chilly reception because he’d said that, unlike Obama, he wouldn’t be giving out free stuff. We can debate whether Romney and others invoking the same line were tapping into racial stereotypes, consciously or subconsciously. But the idea that conscientious, hard-working “makers” were subsidizing shifty, lazy “takers” was—and obviously still is—an article of faith for many on the right." [Source]

I am willing to bet that these conservatives get more "free stuff" than the rest of us, but here in America we are to believe that "free stuff" is reserved for only certain people. Do they work harder? No. Do they pay more takes? No. Did they do anything special (such as serve in the armed forces) for our country? No. So why do they believe that they have the right to say these things? That was a rhetorical question. We all know the answer.

The second article was by Eli Saslow writing for the Washington Post.
This one focused on a Tennessee woman by the name of Beth Cox (poor Beth) in the aftermath of the 2012 presidential elections.

"She arrived early to take apart the campaign office piece by piece, just as she felt so many other things about her life were being dismantled. Beth Cox wore a Mitt Romney T-shirt, a cross around her neck and fresh eyeliner, even though she had been crying on and off and knew her makeup was likely to run. A day after the election, she tuned the radio to Glenn Beck and began pulling posters and American flags off the wall.

Her calendar read “Victory Day!!” and she had planned to celebrate in the office by hosting a dance party and selling Romney souvenirs. But instead she was packing those souvenirs into boxes, which would be donated to a charity that sent clothes to South America. Instead a moving company was en route to close down the office in the next 48 hours, and her friends were calling every few minutes to see how she was doing.

“I will be okay,” she told one caller. “I just don’t think we will be okay.”
Here in the heart of Red America, Cox and many others spent last week grieving not only for themselves and their candidate but also for a country they now believe has gone wildly off track. The days after Barack Obama’s reelection gave birth to a saying in Central Tennessee: Once was a slip, but twice is a sign....

...She had devoted her life to causes she believed were at the heart of her faith and at the core of her Republican Party. She counseled young married families at church, spoke about right to life in area schools and became a stay-at-home mom with two daughters.

Now, in a single election night, parts of her country had legalized marijuana, approved gay marriage and resoundingly reelected a president who she worried would “accelerate our decline.”...

“I’m worried we won’t see another Republican president in our lifetime the way it’s going,” a GOP volunteer said.
“What country would want more years of this?” asked the newly elected alderman.

Cox shrugged back at them. “I don’t know anymore,” she said. “What the heck happened to the country? Who are we becoming?”...

...Everything in her version of America had confirmed her predictions: the confident anchors on Fox News; the Republican pollsters so sure of their data; the two-hour line outside her voting precinct, where Romney supporters hugged and honked for her handmade signs during a celebration that lasted until the results started coming in after sundown. Romney’s thorough defeat had come more as a shock than as a disappointment, and now Cox stared at the actual results on her computer and tried to imagine what the majority of her country believed.

“Virginia went blue? Really?” she said. “Southern-values Virginia?”
“And Colorado? Who the heck is living in Colorado? Do they want drugs, dependency, indulgence? Don’t they remember what this country is about?”...

...She could sense liberalism creeping closer, and she worried about what Red America would look like after four more years. Nashville itself had gone for Obama, and 400,000 more people in Tennessee had signed up for food stamps in the last five years to further a culture of dependency. The ACLU had sued her school board for allowing youth pastors to visit middle school cafeterias during lunch. Some of her friends had begun to wonder if the country was lost, and if only God could save it...

..She closed her computer. “God put us in the desert,” she said. “We are in the desert right now...” 

...She came back into the Romney office again the next morning. The moving truck was waiting outside.

“It’s so depressing,” she said, walking into the office. “Let’s just get it done.”
They threw out yard signs, hauled office supplies into storage and donated some furniture to Goodwill. Cox swept the floor and then came outside to watch the mover climb on top of his trailer to take down the “Sumner County Republican Party” banner that had hung on the front of the building. Four months of dedication and work — the sale of 1,600 signs, 500 bracelets, 1,200 buttons and a few hundred hats — reduced to nothing in 48 hours...

...She stood in the cold and stared at the two-story building. It had belonged to a doctor’s practice that had closed, and then to a newspaper that had downsized, and finally to a campaign that had failed to win office based on its vision of America.

 She took out her phone and snapped a picture.

“So that’s it,” she said. “It’s all gone...”

..."What the heck happened to America? Who are we becoming?" [Source]



Sunday, November 11, 2012

"The rich are not like us, my dear."

It looks like yet another one of the haves is going to take his anger out on the have- nots because O beat their boy.

"An Applebee's New York area franchisee is the latest CEO to go public threatening drastic plans to avoid costs associated with the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

"We've calculated it will [cost] some millions of dollars across our system. So what does that say -- that says we won't build more restaurants. We won't hire more people," Zane Tankel, chairman and CEO of Apple-Metro, told Fox Business Network on Thursday.

Apple-Metro, which runs 40 Applebee's restaurants, employs from 80 to 300 people at each of its locations. Obamacare mandates that businesses with more than 50 workers must offer an approved insurance plan or pay a penalty of $2,000 for each full-time worker over 30 workers.

Most small businesses with 50 or more employees already do offer health insurance, notes John Arensmeyer, CEO and founder of Small Business Majority, a national small business advocacy organization. But restaurant chains typically are among the sliver of businesses not offering insurance to workers. Other food chains have commented publicly that they would take strong measures to avoid the effects of Obamacare, but so far none of them have taken that action." [Source] 

Ahh what the hell, if we are lucky all the Applebee's will close down and we will get new restaurants in their place with food that actually tastes good.

But I guess these guys with money all tend yo have a certain way about them.
I mean look what Flipper did after he lost the election:

"Mitt Romney delayed conceding the 2012 election to President Barack Obama, even with the writing on the wall. Once he admitted defeat, however, his campaign went into shutdown mode, quickly dismantling and even canceling the credit cards of campaign aides late on election night.

NBC's Garrett Haake described the abrupt transition of the Romney campaign after the GOP nominee gave his brief concession speech:
From the moment Mitt Romney stepped off stage Tuesday night, having just delivered a brief concession speech he wrote only that evening, the massive infrastructure surrounding his campaign quickly began to disassemble itself.

Aides taking cabs home late that night got rude awakenings when they found the credit cards linked to the campaign no longer worked." [Source]
So O cried with his campaign workers and Flipper canceled the credit cards of his. Now if that ain't a synopsis of this entire campaign, I don't know what is.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The floor is yours.

I can't post tonight. Mrs. Field is working me like a....well, a field Negro.

Love to hear why you thought Romney lost the election.

Holla at me.

Friday, November 09, 2012

The GOP believes that America has a weed problem, and O faces a backlash.

Before I start this post I would like to give a special shout out to my realtor and my banker over at FMFCU. The last few months have been crazy. I sold one home and just went to settlement on another. Both of them did a great job for a brotha.
 I have more land now, and my wife, a country girl, is happy. I won’t say where it is, because I don’t want the po po spying on my marijuana crop...... That was a joke.
Speaking of marijuana, I swear these wingnuts are getting crazier by the minute. Even the ones with the supposed brains have gone "coo coo for Cocoa puffs." (Pun intended). No wonder folks like Jon Stewart keep making fun of them.
"On his show Thursday night, CNBC host Larry Kudlow wondered if the left was “trying to weaken America” by legalizing marijuana.

“So Colorado and Washington state made history on Tuesday, becoming the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. I just want to ask if liberals trounced on American values and by the way productivity also,” Kudlow said at the beginning of the segment, which was entitled “Liberals’ Pipe Dream: A Nation of Stoners?”

Kudlow’s guest, actress Janine Turner, said marijuana legalization stole “the promise of America.” She warned that it would now be easier for high school students in Colorado and Washington state to obtain the drug." [Source]

As if it's hard for kids in the other 48 states to get pot. Puleeeaaazze.

Then there is the CIA Director failing to keep his jump-off a secret. As one of my twitter fam said, "If the CIA Director can't keep his side piece a secret, where does that leave you other guys"? 

Anyway, to the folks at FASCIST NEWS, this too is tied to the Obama administration's attempt to cover-up the incident at Benghazi. Yes, it's a cover-up alright, but the covers weren't covering up a security breakdown, they were covering up something else. I see you saluting, General.    

Finally, the fallout from the Obama beat down of flipper continues.

In West Virginia (Do people still live there?) they are flying American flags upside down in protest,  racist tweets are flying in about Obama's reelection from the South, and CEOs, sympathetic to the wingnut cause, are laying off people left and right. From the looks of things, the revolution must be just around the corner.

Batten down the hatches, patriots.