Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Senator Kerry's Apology

Have you heard the latest thing that has outraged republicans? It seems the White House and right wing web sites are all over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry for remarks he made to a group of students in California.

This is the gist of what he said: "Those that are unable to manage the current educational system get stuck in Iraq"

First came Tony Snowjob: "Senator Kerry not only owes an apology to those who are serving, but also to the families of those who have given their lives..." Then came the frat boy: "Insulting and shameful. Soldiers deserve an apology from Kerry" And as you can imagine, all the usual republican suspects weighed in next. From Dennis Hastert to John McCain, to Rush Limpboy.

Anyway, totally blindsided by this, John Kerry has gone into crisis mode. Oh he tried to come back with statements like:"I am sick and tired of a bunch of despicable republicans who will not debate real policy, who won't take responsibility for their own mistakes" But he knows it's not enough he will have to make not just a statement, but give a speech to explain his position.

Well, he f&^%ed up! Because he asked the field of all people to write his speech for him.
And, he will have to deliver it before he has time to proof read it.

So here is what the field wrote for Senator Kerry:

My fellow Americans, today, while talking to a group of some of our best and brightest young minds, I made statements that many on the right claimed was disrespectful, and brought dishonor to our men and women fighting Iraq. What I I said, or implied, was that if you don't want to end up in places like Bushdad, with one hundred degree heat, an entire country wanting you gone, stuck in the middle of a brewing civil war, and 101 of your comrades dead this past month alone. Then stay in school, study hard and graduate. This way, you will have options when you come out.

Options, that other youngsters in inner city and poor rural schools don't have. Because their parents, unlike yours, will not be able to afford to send them to college. This is what I was saying to those college students, and I meant every word of it!

My fellow Americans these statements were not disrespectful to our troops. They are truths. Most of those troops fighting in Iraq don't want to be there. They are not dumb, they know that they were lied to. Isn't it ironic that I am accused of leading people to believe that our troops are dumb, when the very people criticizing me, are the ones lying to our troops on a daily basis. These poor men and women do not deserve to be off in a foreign land fighting an unnecessary war. Don't you think they would have preferred to be tailgating and enjoying frat parties on college campuses like the sons and daughters of my republican colleagues? Don't you think they would have liked options and choices that more affluent children in this country are afforded?

Why just a few weeks ago a young man from the mean streets of Philadelphia was killed in Iraq. This young man was only twenty one years old, and Charles Johnson's mother did not want him to go off to war. He was her only son, but she figured even Iraq was better than the streets of Philly. Of course, we know now, that she was wrong. There are countless Charles Johnson's in America, some have already paid the ultimate sacrifice, and some, invariably will in the days to come. Sadly, they don't have the republican spin machine, FAKE NEWS NETWORK, or lunatic talk radio behind them. All they have, are families who are left to grieve, and families who are hoping they wont have to. Just the other day, I spoke to a young man. -The brother in law of my speech writer, field negro-whose baby girl was born while he was in Iraq. She is now fifteen months old, and he still cannot properly hold her. Why? Because he was blown up by a suicide bomber while his platoon was on patrol in Baghdad. This was over a year ago, and he has been in and out of an Army hospital in Texas ever since; getting skin grafts and various surgeries to get his limbs back in working order. This young man did not want to go to Iraq, but he was a reservist when the evil neocon cabal made up this war to suit their nefarious ends; and so, he had no choice but to go.

I see where Toney Snowjob, the frat boy, and people like Rush Limpboy, and Sean Hannity have come out against my statements. This, my fellow Americans, would be funny were it not so sad. None of these men have served a day of combat, yet they have the temerity to question my statements about troops who are actually serving. And folks, let me remind you, that I did serve, and I served with honor. I have the medals to prove it; the only medals that these men carry are from republican fund raisers, and souvenirs from illegal junkets.

But these are the type of people that we are dealing with. People who will do anything, and smear anyone, to hold on to power. Even a life long Marine like John Murtha, or a man who left his limbs on foreign soil in defense of this country like Max Cleland. A double amputee like Tammy Duckworth, democratic candidate for congress from Illinois, whose opponent, Pete Roscam, made "cut and run" jokes about her. Yeah, I guess it would be real hard to run with no feet huh Pete? Right in the field's home state of Pennsylvania, Rick Santurom has become so desperate that he has literally said that his opponent, Bob Casey, Jr., is supporting the terrorist. And the White House has gone as far as to say, that the terrorist are stepping up the insurgency because they want a democratic victory. I wont even get into the race baiting and other assortment of negative things that they have been doing, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

But I am a big boy, and I can take it, because I have been through a lot more than this. Distorting my words, and trying to paint me as something I am not worked for them in the last Presidential election, but it won't work for them again. Americans have heard this song before, and they are ready to change the station.

Finally, I want to say that I am ready to bring back the draft......~~whisper field, field, I don't think I support this~~~ Just keep reading Senator. Yeah I think it's time to bring back the draft. This way, we will guarantee that every ones son has a chance to serve. Not just those who are poor with no options, but the well to do sons and daughters of all those republican fat cats in Washington as well. Why just today, the Secretary of Defense approved to send more troops to Iraq. And I know many patriots signed up to fight after 911, but sadly, many of those patriots have been lied to as well, and they too, like Pat Tillman's brother, have their reservations and doubts about the honesty and the leadership of our commander the thief. Because like me, and 62% of the American people, they know that he has mismanaged this war, just like he has mismanaged his Presidency. And all the mud slinging in the world will never change that fact.

Thank you my fellow Americans, and if I decide to run in 08, I look forward to your support.

****Just a note, I see the last hard line hold out from that immoral form of government known as apartheid just died. P.W. Botha was 90. I hate to be cruel, but, good riddance. I am glad Mandela out lived your racist ass. I doubt if there is a system of apartheid in hell, so good luck.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I caught a skit awhile back on my man, Dave Chapelle's show, and it involved a sort of racial draft. Each race could draft a person that they wanted to belong to their race, and it was done to look like a professional sports draft. Except, instead of teams drafting, it was the races.

It was some pretty funny stuff, but it made you think as well.

So anyway, the field was wondering, what if I had a similar draft of the ten white people we as black folks would want to adopt-or have play for- our race? And while I can't speak for the white race, I think I can pretty much figure ten people in our own race that they-the whites- wouldn't mind having as well. And we certainly will let those black folks the whites draft out of their "no trade clause"; because, let's face it, they aren't doing us any good.

So here goes:

1. Bill Clinton-This was an easy one. The first black President is loved by all black folks-although sometimes I have to wonder why-I have never seen a white man so comfortable around black folks and visa versa. Maybe it's the whole Baptist, and being born in the South thing, but Bubba is good around us folks. Besides, the way white folks went after him over Monica pissed us off. So with our number one pick, we will take Bubba, the 42nd President of the United States. Now, at least, we have a black President.

2. Bill Gates-While we are on Bills, we will take Bill Gates with the second pick. Sh*% all that money, and power. We would be fools not to. Besides, we need at least one black man in the billionaire boys club.

3. Bono-With the third pick, we are going with the U2 front man. Very cool, very conscious, and he cares about all the right causes. Besides, his music ain't too bad either.

4. Nancy Pelosi-Yeah I hear the moaning from the black crowd, they wanted someone sexier, more well known. {Maybe Madonna, or George Clooney} But relax, this is a good pick at number four. She will soon become the Majority Leader of the House, and with it, she will have a lot of power and influence. Don't believe all the bull sh&* republicans like to say about girlfriend, she is tough as nails, she stands her ground, and she never gives in to the "man". We need more of this in our race, so it's a good pick.

5. Morris Dees-More moaning from the black crowd, they think we are blowing a pick here. But trust me folks, this is another good one. This man runs the Southern Poverty Law Center, and has sued and won millions of dollars from the Klan, and the Aryan Nation. He also runs the Klan Watch so we can know what those racist SO B's are up to. Dude walks the walk, and is one of the people that influenced the fields decision to get into the legal profession. You will just have to trust me on this pick.

6. Larry Bird- OK , so his game wasn't all black; he was a little slower than we would like, and he didn't have the greatest hops. But damn he could stroke it, and he broke our hearts so many times, at least if he was one of us it wouldn't hurt so much. So "Larry Legend" comes to the black side with the sixth overall pick.

7. Robert De Niro- We might as well go ahead and take him with this pick. Heck, he is already banging all of our fine ass women.

8. Michael McDonald-Have you heard him sing? Close your eyes and listen and tell me if you don't think he is one of us.

9. Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger- I shouldn't have to explain this pick. It's not a bad pick at nine. Personally, I am not crazy about it, but I know how some of us are about wearing this stuff, so they might as well be one of us.

10. Eminem/Paul Wall-They-the whites- are going to take Tiger, because they still can't stand the thought of the world's best golfer being white. So f&*k it, we might as well take these two white rappers, because there are many black folks who can't stand the thought of a best selling rapper being white.

We are going to leave Cynthia McKinney, O.J., Michael Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Jefferson, Kofi Annan, and of course Clarence Thomas unprotected; so white folks, please feel free to draft them if you wish.

And now it's the white folks turn to pick:

1. With the number one pick in the 2006 race draft, the whites select Condoleeza Rice.
This is a good solid pick for the whites. She is well liked, powerful, and will fit in just fine.

2. Bill Cosby-This seems like a wasted pick at number two. Note to white folks; speaking out against black behaviour won't have the same impact coming from a white person.

3. Clarence Thomas-Of course; I actually thought they drafted him a looooong time ago.

4. Barrack Obama-Now this is a smart pick at four by the whites. Get the rising star with all the potential and popularity. Besides, he is half white, so the transition will be easy.

5. Barry Bonds-Ohhhhh, have they no shame? They just couldn't let us keep that record huh! Oh you whites are slick, I am going to give you that much.

6. Tiger Woods-The only surprise here, is that he lasted until number six.

7. Michael Jordon-This is getting ugly.

8. Oprah Winfrey-........maybe this wasn't such a good idea. All that money, all that power, gone!

9. Will Smith/Denzel Washington-I guess now Denzel can do interracial love scenes.

10. p-diddy- I am not sure about this pick, but you can have him.

The whites have left George Bush, Dick Cheyney,Tom Foley, George Allen, the Dixie Chicks, and Madonna unprotected. But I think we will pass. Although it would be nice to have a sitting black President in the White House.. Nawww 38% approval ratings, we will take our chances down the road.

****Now on a serious note: It's nice to see Camden New Jersey drop from number one on the most dangerous city list to number five. Camden, which is just across the bridge from the field here in Philly, has always complained about the stigma of being number one on such a dubious list, and the fact that the ranking keeps investors away. Ironically, the current number one and two cities respectively, {St Louis, and Detroit} both played each other in the World Series this year. Mmmmm, this can only mean that the Phillies might be heading for a fall classic soon. Because the way we have been murdering each other, there has to be a bullet beside our number 29 ranking.

The field is out.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Harold & The Missy Scare

I was reading over at fellow Philly blogger, Eschaton's blog site, and he had some interesting things to say about the difference between Southern and Northern racism. His comments were within the context of the latest dust up over the Harold Ford race baiting advertisement in the Tennessee senate race, and the ones being used against Duval Patrick in the Massachusetts governor's race. He observed, and rightfully so, that republicans in the North have used the black bogeyman as the criminal and predator. (See Willie Horton) But on the other hand, the latest advertisement by the republican wedge machine's Southern strategy, portrays the black man as the sexual predator, preying on every Southern white man's fears. You know, the Mandindgo Buck lurking in the fields, ready, at the drop of a pin, to snatch his precious white women from under his very eyes. So in a nutshell, Northern racism is an innate fear of the black criminal predator, and Southern racism is the fear of black sexuality. [His dick is bigger than mine] There is a reason all those black boys were hung down South for even looking at a white woman.

This is what the republican party is doing in Tennessee; I call it the missy scare factor -I tried to warn you Harold, leave missy alone. Take a page out of your boy Barack's book- And guess what, it's working; the most recent polls show that Bob Corker,his republican opponent, has drawn even and in some polls is actually starting to inch away. No surprise to the field of course. I know how that commercial would play in some bar in rural Tennessee; and with a race so close, this ad will tip the election in favor of the republican. Hey, even 2% of the vote is crucial at this point. Ken Mehlman and his pals are hoping that this advertisement will close the door on Harold Ford, thus sending a republican back to Washington to fill a senate seat they desperately need. And guess what, it just might work. "I think that there is nothing more repugnant in our society than people who try to divide America along racial lines" Yeah right Ken, unless you are doing the dividing right?

So anyway, all this got me thinking, just what are the differences between racism in the North and racism in the South? Well first, let's give the republicans some credit for recognizing this little phenomena. Of course I would expect no less from the party of race baiters and dividers. But to understand this phenomena you have to understand the old adage, that in the North you can get as much power and wealth as you want, but just don't get too close to me ni****r. Whereas in the South, you can get as close as you want to your white neighbor, but we won't let you get too much wealth and power n****r. Now as someone who has a very unique perspective on this, I am going to agree with that saying. I can make this observation, because I went to school and spent considerable time in the South, but now live and work in the North. So Because of my perspective, I must say that there is something to that old adage, if only because I have seen it played out time and time again. Here in Philly for instance, whites guard their neighborhoods against the negro invasion with everything they have. The schools and neighborhoods are as segregated as the old Jim Crow South. And yet, blacks do well in business, and in certain areas of government and commerce. Blacks and whites work side by side in white collar jobs, yet go home to separate racial enclaves when the clock strikes five.

In the South, on the other hand, blacks and whites live as neighbors, and in many cases the schools are integrated. But when it comes to monetary wealth and power in government and business; the Southern white will let you get so much but no more. His power over you is controlled by his money and his access to it. If farmer Johnson wants a loan to make some improvements on his farm, he had better go to Mr. Charlie down at the bank. And once there, he is at his mercy. ~~~I remember you Johnson, your daddy was a good man, he used to work for my daddy; how much do you need?~~~ . And so it goes.

Another observation I have about Southern as opposed to Northern racism, is that the Northern racist is a racist with no remorse or white guilt. In many cases he is from one of the three main Northern ethnic groups; Italian, Irish, or Polish. And in his mind, he didn't own and damn slaves, and his ancestors came to this country and worked just as hard as some of the slaves did. So he makes no apology for slavery and it's legacy. And in his mind, your black ass should go get a job, and stop begging the government for handouts. The government has done more than enough for you, so it's time to get off your black ass and work. All the time not realizing that his white ass benefited from slavery because of the mere color of his skin. Yeah, your ancestors might not have owned slaves, but people who look like them sure did. It never ceases to amaze me for instance, how white folks will lose their minds over this cities pro quarterback. -who happens to be black-They buy their kids his tea shirt, they pay to see him play, and if he were to ever come around in person, they would lose their natural minds. Yet, these same people, will fire bomb a black families house if they ever had the audacity to move on their block.

In the South there is more guilt to the racism, so they are more polite, more gracious, and more patronizing. When people say that racism is more up front in the South they are wrong. That is a myth and an inaccurate stereotype which started in the fifties and sixties and just carried over to this day. If anything, it's more that way in the North, more open and up front. In the South, like everything else, there is a certain politeness and genteel ism to racism, and it drives me crazy. Here up North, we are more angry, because we have to live on top of one another, and force ourselves to co-exist, while all the time protecting our turfs. There is no pretense, because we don't have time for it.

Finally, of course, there is the obvious differences. Southern racism is institutionalized, and takes on a group form. There are still segregated the colleges, segregated organizations, segregated churches, and social clubs. Northern racism is individualized it's the individual that's a racist, and not the institutions of government, or groups. It's the individual who tries to keep you out of his neighborhood and home, it's the individual who makes racist jokes behind your back, and who secretly tenses up every time he is alone with you. This is Northern racism, and of the two, I must confess, that it's the form of racism that I do a better job of dealing with.

The truth of the matter is, racism, regardless of where you experience it is bad. And when it is exploited for political gain it is particularly insidious. It's a sad day indeed when one of our national parties resort to these tactics to hold on to power. But hey, what else do we expect when we live in a country where power trumps everything else? Even common decency and moral courage. It's called America folks, and we better get used to it.

I wonder what the weather is like in Cali these days?

****Oh, before I go, I want to recognize a gentleman who passed away recently. We all remember that courageous act by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.Well many people forget who the the third man on the podium was that that day. He was what I call-if I may use a biblical reference- a "lilly in the field", a white man {Australian} who actually suggested that that John Carlos and Tommy Smith each wear one glove from Smith's pair when Carlos realized he had left his own gloves. This man, Peter Norman, also supported the protest by wearing a human rights button during the ceremony. This took courage and the field has mad love for Mr. Norman. More love than I have for sell outs like O.J. Simpson, and George Foreman, who were always more busy trying to ingratiate themselves to white folks, than standing up for their own people.

The field is out.

Monday, October 23, 2006

"Can't We All Just Get Along?"

It seemed like only yesterday that the man with the bad jeri curl, and an ass whipping compliments of four L.A.P.D. officers was asking that question. You remember Rodney King don't you folks? Yep, he is the guy who made me reconsider whether Hyundai's were piece of crap cars. I mean any car that can drive at speeds over 100 mph for for well over eight miles can't be all bad in my book. But I digress. So Rodney was finally caught and given a lesson in what happens to a black man when he runs from the police. This happened in the form of PR 24 baton's raining down on his back side and just about any other body part that was exposed. Of course we all know what followed; the ass whopping was caught on film by a man named George Holiday, the cops were all acquitted-just doing their job-, and three days of rioting, along with the worst civil disturbance in L.A. history followed.

It was in the aftermath of this, that the man at the center of this American tragedy asked that now famous question. Of course, it was a little easier for Rodney, he was looking at a 3.8 million dollar payday. Hey, I hear you Rodney, I would ask too: "Can't we all just get along", at least until I cash my check? So Rodney had some motivation for wanting to get along, Rodney was about to get paid. Rodney was a celebrity now, and all of L.A. was hanging on Rodney's every word. Look at the camera and say cheese Rodney.

But what about those people who have no incentive to get along? What about folks, who for them, getting along means doing without or compromising core principles? For instance, If you ask a Palestinian why he can't get along with an Israeli, he will tell you that the mother f*&^%r is on his land that's why. And if you ask an Israeli the same question, he will tell you: Because the mother f%^&#r wants to drive me into the sea that's why. If you ask a radical Muslim, he will say it's because we are infidels, if you ask someone living in the West about the radical Muslim, we will say it's because the mother f%^&*r wants to fly planes into our buildings and kill innocent people. Get the picture? There are many reasons we can't get along, and getting along ain't easy. It's hard to get people to get along. Heck, if we could do that, there would be no North Korean crisis, no Russian, Chechnyan crisis, no crisis in Darfur, no crisis in the Congo, in Indonesia, and on and on. But folks, sadly, the nature of humans will always be such that we will never truly be able to get along. Because people will always have agendas and their own need for self preservation. The trick is to understand that, and to learn the art of compromise and dialogue. This, my friends, is the essence of diplomacy. Understanding that we can't get along, and learning how to make everyone satisfied and happy in that understanding.

Sadly, sometimes the people who want to force us to get along are the most dangerous.-I will now insert my proverbial frat boy reference here-they can't understand why we can't just get along, and in their Pollyanna world that is the way it should be. This is why-and I have said this many times before- I have no problem with the racist expressing himself, and letting it be known that he does not care for n*&&%#s. Why? Because then, at least, I know who he is, and I prefer that. Just don't f^% with me or my chance to make a living and we will be fine. Get it? So anyway, back to my Pollyanna ideologues. These folks end up trying to force their will and agendas on others; and my friends, look no further than Iraq for the result of this form of thinking.

I call it the Rodney King foreign policy, the "can't we just get along" school of diplomacy. Hey, it worked in our country, look what a wonderful democracy we have. You Iraqi's can achieve the same thing. In America, we coexist, we all live in harmony, we all just get along. Oh if the rest of the world could be just like American huh George. But it's not, and it never will be, because of those little differences and individual interests that I mentioned. The world is too complex, too nuanced; different interests for different regions. What works for America, won't work for China, what works for France, won't work for England, and so on.

So George, when your neocon friends tell you that all you have to do is create a democracy in Iraq and it-democracy- will spread throughout the region, they are wrong, it will never happen. Too much history, too much years of built up tribal and ethnic tensions, and revenge to be had for past wrongs. You see George, unlike Rodney King, those people can't be bought for $3.8 million dollars.-What's the reward for the NBA sized man with the beard now, 30 Million?- And you can't get to them with cheesy promises of some great democracy where they all can be free. That worked for black folks in this country, because we co-oped your value system. But they have not, and to create stability in that region, you and the bad perm lady will have to do more than just the Rodney King diplomacy you have been trotting out. You will have to work to understand just what the hell is going on in the world, and find a way to help every one to coexist peacefully, even if we all just can't get along.

Because at the end of the day, the ass whopping won't be coming from four L.A.P.D officers, it will be coming from a B-52 bomber, and will take the form of a mushroom cloud.

***Just a note, as the murder rate continue to rise in Philly, the death toll continues to mount in Bushdad, and the slaughter continues in Darfur. I would like to beg frat boy and the bad perm lady to change course in Iraq, and start focusing on Darfur. By entertaining a murdering lunatic like General Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who still refuses to allow U.N. Peacekeepers in Darfur. You, President Bush, have taken your Presidency down another notch-as if that's possible- Yeah you appointed a special envoy to Darfur, whoppeeee. How about some real action, before a million more people are slaughtered or displaced? I mention the murder rate in Philly; because I truly believe that if some of the billions of dollars we were spending in Bushdad, could be somehow used at home to help create jobs and activities for some of these kids, they wouldn't be killing each other over drug corners and pointless beefs. ****

The field is out.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Madonna's Little Black Baby!

Everyone has heard by now about the latest celebrity brew ha ha. This one involves none other than the material girl, Ms.Madonna herself. Now normally, I could care less about the goings on of the celebrities among us-except Lark Voorhies of course-but this one got the fields attention.

It seems Madonna's maternal instincts are kicking up again, and so, having the money and the influence that so many of us covet, she used it to satisfy her baby jones. Yes folks, like Angelina Jolie before her, Madonna went to Africa of all places to find her little bungle of joy. A little cutie by the name of David Banda, whose mother, Marita, died soon after giving birth to him.

Now my thoughts on this might surprise you, because I have no problem with what the material girl did. Nope, none at all. And here is why: I know white folks in this country, especially those of the conservative persuasion, are losing their freaking minds, and that's enough by itself to make the field happy that Madonna did what she did. But there are other reasons that I like what Madonna did as well. First, it brings attention to the millions of parent less children in Africa who were left that way because of the AIDS epidemic. And second, it makes other people who were thinking about doing think to themselves, if Madonna can do it, then so can I. So I must come back to the question; why are most folks so upset that Madonna did what most of them would never do? Why the vitriolic commentary and anger over what should be celebrated? Well I think I have the answer to that, so please indulge me while I do a little pop psychology with this one.

Folks, it's like this; most white people would rather go to China to adopt a little girl, than to adopt one of the many black boys in this country or Africa. Little boys who are up for adoption and who will never find homes. And before you say: Well field it's because the little Chinese girls are infants, and the little black boys are so old, and who wants to adopt an older child? OK, fair point, so let me rephrase the question: How many white folks have even tried to adopt a black baby, infant, or otherwise? I am guessing the answer will be the same; not very many.

So by doing this, Madonna is showing up other white people, making them look bad, and exposing the fact that white folks just don't go around adopting little black boys. Now this is not all the fault of white folks, many black people and organizations thinks it's best if little black children are never adopted by white families. And I disagree with that position. Should we try to get them with a black family first? I would answer that in the affirmative. But should that be the only option? To that, I would say no. We should do what's best for these children, and if that means putting them with a caring nurturing white family that can give them all the tools needed to be successful in life, I say go for it. I want all little black boys to have a chance, period!

And I don't want to hear about socialization and not growing up knowing about your culture and all that stuff. The child will grow up being able to read and think for himself, he will know what time it is. And he will go through the same growing pains that other adopted children go through. -Like little Chinese girls with two lily white parents grow up feeling like there is a biological connection.-

So yes, let Madonna adopt the child, who in my opinion, will now have a chance of a better life. White folks are saying it's just a fad, she is just copying other celebrities who are all adopting little Third World children now, -like that's a bad thing. Even some black folks are crying foul, some even taking the position that this is just like slavery all over again. The rich white lady comes to Africa, and literally buys herself a child. To that I say, give me a break, and get over that sh*&. Madonna has earned that right, and has put her money, to quote another blogger, "where her heart is". More black celebrities with money and influence should be doing the same thing, but they won't, [Hello Oprah are you there?] because that would be too much like the right thing to do.

Anyway, back to my psyche 101. Many white people are not too crazy about Madonna to begin with; the black lovers, moving to another country, the whole making a mockery of Christianity thing. It all just doesn't sit well with the majority crowd. I think if this were Jessica Simpson adopting this baby there would be far less of an outcry. So you combine the resentment for Madonna, along with the white guilt, and you have this backlash that we are now seeing. [THE FAKE NEWS NETWORK can't get enough of this stuff.]

Personally, I love it, and if the country of Malawi wants to make special concessions for Madonna so that she can skirt that countries strict adoption laws, well then so be it. This is done all the time in our every day lives, and it's what us black folks call a "hook up".

So folks move on, and leave Madonna and baby David alone, they will be just fine. One less child left to suffer a fate of poverty and despair, and one little black boy with hope for a better future. In the fields world, that's all good.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Day Democracy Died

Where were you the day democracy died? Well the field can tell you where he was: At work, just like any other day in a typical middle of the work week. And like millions of other Americans, I must confess, I had no idea it was happening and, I am ashamed of myself for not knowing. As a lawyer, I should have seen it coming and I did not. I was too busy with my own life and selfish pursuits, too busy watching the salacious and sexy stories that news organizations like to shove down our throats. -Lately, it's been all Foley all the time in the news- Sprinkle that in with the usual daily killings in Iraq, the occasional animal who takes out multiple people in a killing spree, the Dow flirting with 12000; and well, you get the picture. All this turned my thoughts away from the most important news story happening before my very eyes: The hijacking of a government and the freedoms it's citizens are supposed to enjoy.

So lets talk about H.R. 6166, or as it is affectionately called, "The Military Commissions Act of 2006." By signing this act on that infamous day, October 17, 2006, frat boy essentially did away with nine out of our ten freedoms clarified in the Bill of Rights, and also abolished habeas corpus. I bet many of the congressmen that voted for this act didn't even read it. Folks, we are now living in very dangerous times, and the marching you hear outside are the brown shirts coming to get you. This act gives our leader and his secretary of defense, the right to set up a tribunal of their choosing, and to review whether you, Joe Citizen, is an "enemy combatant" or not.

Don't believe me? Read Section 948 d. subsection (c) of the Act. When speaking of who declares an "enemy combatant"; it says, a Combatant Status Review Tribunal or the President or Secretary of Defense. Feel better now? Yes my friends, the President , as the Commander in chief, is given authority under title 10, of the U.S. code section 3 (a) to do this. There is a gentleman named Alex Jones, who won the 2004 Project Censored Award for his analysis of the Patriot Act 2. This gentleman, said, that this bill is smilier to Hitler's 1933 Enabling act. And Yale law professor, Bruce Ackerman, wrote a blistering attack of this act for the L.A. Times. So along with taking away your right to know the evidence against you, and locking you up for an indefinite amount of time-remember no habeas corpus-, this act also gives the president the right to use hearsay evidence gotten by torture against you. Yes I said torture. You see under U.S. code title 8 section 2340, torture now has a very broad definition, and lacks the specifics of say the Geneva convention. Now I know torture is a relative thing. Heck, torture to me might be being forced to 24 hours of Toby Keith Cd's, or being locked in a room with Dick Cheyney, and George Allen. But I think we all can agree that pulling someones finger nails out until he passes out from the pain, and reviving him and pulling out the another one is torture. Not under the Bush plan. To them, it's all so subjective, such a gray area with this torture thing.

Now what's really scary about this act, is that it applies to all U.S. citizens. Yes, all of us! Don't listen to the kool aid drinkers and brown shirt brigade people who will try to tell you that; this only applies to foreigners. Yeah right, just like the wire tap laws did. No folks this little act applies to all of us. According to another law professor, Marty Lederman, subsection (ii) of the definition of "unlawful enemy combatant" means if the Pentagon says that you are an unlawful enemy combatant using whatever standard they wish, then according to Congress and this act, you are one. Heck, according to this Act, the legislation's legality cannot be challenged by the Supreme Court or any U.S. Court. In essence , it takes away the powers of the federal courts to consider any petitions for writ of habeas corpus on anyones behalf. Isn't this little Act brilliant? Now King George can detain any damn "enemy combatant" he wants. Anyone. Think about that for a minute: The New York Times reporters; enemy combatants, NBC reporters; enemy combatants, CBS reporters; enemy combatants, Daily Kos posters; enemy combatants; get the picture? The only media outlet that we would be allowed to watch or listen to is FAKE NEWS. I can see Tony Snowjob now: really folks, FAKE NEWS is not that bad, give it a chance.

You gotta be kidding me. But how did it come to this? What the f^&% were we as citizens thinking to let this happen on our watch? No outrage, no outcry, no major media outlet pressing the issue and demanding accountability and answers. Where is Jessie, and Al, and all the usual suspects? Oh that's right, no race or money involved, so I guess they will sit this one out. As if there could be anything more important than our individual freedoms and liberties? And before I forget, I would like to thank Keith Olberman, for having the balls to stand up to frat boy and his Nazi like draconian act. His commentary last night should be in the Smithsonian, and every other journalist in this country should be ashamed of themselves. Not to mention those cowards from the democratic party on capitol hill, who, as election season gets into full gear, are more concerned with getting reelected than standing up for our democracy.

So October 17,2006, like May 11,1981, will be significant dates for all the wrong reasons. The former was when my freedom died, and the later when my music died. Marley's dying was tragic, but his music lives on, and I can still rock to Bob when I want to. My freedom, on the other hand, I will never get back, and I fear the day that our President decides that only "enemy combatants" listen to Marley. After all, his lyrics are so...well... revolutionary..."I shot the sheriff..", or "chase those crazy bald heads out of town" dem are fighting words. The next thing you know, everyone will be listening to this Marley, we embolden the enemy by listening to that stuff. All that advocating of third world causes and imploring people to stand up for their rights. Before you know it, the jihadist will be embracing Rastafarians, and Halle Selassie will take the place of Allah as their spiritual leader. Ok so maybe frat boy wouldn't go that far, but you never know. Think Dixie Chicks here folks. I saw Professor Jonathan Turly on Olberman's show, and Turly, a man I respect, looked scared. You could tell he knew and had thought out some angles to this act that we have not yet considered. So that definitely got my attention if nothing else did, because we are not talking a bunch of partisan yo yos here; we are talking legal scholars who should know this sh*# is foul when they see it. And guess what, they are crying foul!

Finally, let me say this: I know here in America we have a tendency to be so caught up in our own lives and every day bull sh*& and minutia that the real important stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Smart politicians and people who like to take things from you, -the average American- when you aren't looking, know that. And as long as they have their 33% base to go along with them, they will get away with it, because, after all, you ain't watching. Well don't let them get away with it. This time, vote the bums out. It's too late to stop the Act now, frat boy put his mont blanc on that bad boy days ago. But now we must check him, and we must make sure that he never abuses it as long as he is in office. Hopefully, more people like Keith Olberman will step up and let the frat boy know, that we are not only listening to Marley and watching the latest videos from Blockbuster, but we are watching and listening to his ass too.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


So Clint Eastwood has a new flick out that's garnering quite allot of buzz. Not surprising, because Clint usually makes good movies. His latest project, is a tribute to the Marines at Iwo Jima titled "Flags Of Our Fathers". Now according to most critics the movie is getting a thumps up. But I want to focus on one critic in particular, and my own personal issues with this movie.-And no I haven't seen it yet, but I don't have to-

Now Roger Friedman is one of the critics who thought the movie was well done. But he had one little problem with its historical accuracy. It seems the movie did not have any black soldiers representing what happened at Iwo Jima, something that he had to acknowledge was a historic inaccuracy. But he blamed this little over sight on the screen writer, William Broyles, Jr., and not the producers, and creators of the film itself. To Friedman, this was a "mere quibble", and nothing to be serious enough to take away from the excellence of the movie.

Well Mr. Friedman, the field begs to differ. This is not a "mere quibble" as you put it, this is huge. To leave out the African American Marines who gave their lives at Iwo Jima is not only an affront to those men, and their families, but a historical affront to all black people in this country.

Unless I missed something in my history books, didn't blacks serve in the 34th and 36th Marine Depots with distinction at Iwo Jima? Didn't black Marines of the 8th ammunition company land with the rest of the Marines on the second day of that now famous battle? Didn't blacks from the 471st and other amphibious truck companies serve with distinction, in a battle that had higher casualties than all the battles in the Civil War except Gettysburg? The answer folks is yes they did. And they played such a key role supplying ammunition to the rest of the Marines from one of the beach fronts, that without them those six soldiers might not have had the opportunity to raise that flag on Mount Suribachi, which allowed Joe Rosenthall to capture that famous photo that we all have come to know.

Folks, not only did blacks serve, they served with distinction, many of them being awarded the Presidential Unit Citation Medal. Without their bravery and service, those men from Easy Company could not have raised that flag inspiring that photo Americans rallied so famously behind during World War II. But you won't see that in Clint's movie. In fact, you will see at least thirty white actors from Iceland no less- playing soldiers as extras- before you see any black people in this film.

So where is the outrage from black folks? I guess it's still early. After all, the movie hasn't even been released yet. But somehow I doubt if when it is released, you will hear black folks protesting. Not us, we are more concerned with how many black coaches are in the NFL, or how many black actors are playing in fictional comedies on television. Take note black people, how democrats and the Clintonistas lost their minds when they thought Disney was tarnishing Clinton's legacy with a historically inaccurate portrayal of 911. Take note, how republicans lost their minds when they thought that CBS was unfair to their cowboy hero, the father of Iran contra, and the crack epidemic, Ronald Reagan. Take note, how the Jews lost their minds when the tequila drinking anti Semite negatively portrayed them in his movie, The Passion Of The Christ. These people get it; because they know that movies and literature that are supposed to represent history, should represent it correctly. They know that if they don't, people's perception of history will be flawed and be damaging to to the legacy they are trying to preserve.

This is what happens to black folks time and time again. We let people get away with this s^#t, because we don't care enough about our history and our historical legacy. Our children grow up not realizing that people that look just like them were heroes too. People that look like them fought in famous battles that helped to make America what it is. Blacks were airmen, they were Marines, they fought in the Civil War, the Korean War, Vietnam, and now in Iraq. Blacks shed their blood to give us our freedoms just like whites did. But sadly, you would never know it from watching movies like Saving Private Ryan, and Flags Of Our Fathers. Because let's face it, they don't care about our legacy like we do. To them, we are all Americans and that's what matters. So what if those are all white soldiers? They are all Americans, fighting for all of us.
Field, can't you just for once see beyond race? Let me answer that for you: NO!
Because you don't, and until you do, I will be the first to call you on it when my people are slighted.

So this time, when Clint drops his movie, let's make some noise about the dearth of our people in it. Let's make it for the three platoons of African Americans, who because of them, the sands were not the only thing that was black on Iwo Jima. I am tired of seeing my folks marginalized in history, and I am going to let Dirty Harry know about it.

So go ahead punk, "make my day"!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Musing From My Barber's Chair

Ahhh, the end of another week. Time for the field to get his dome shaved, and chill while his barber does his thing. As usual, while sitting in the barber chair, the field starts to think about life and some current events in the field's world.

As it turns out, a congressman I mentioned in my previous post is being probed by the FBI. According to my home town paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mr. Curt Weldon (R., Pa.) helped his daughter, a DC consultant,-fancy word for someone who pockets money thanks to daddy's influence without actually doing any work- land a fat contract from two Russian energy companies. Oh, and by the way, the contract was worth $1 million in American dollars. "My kids are allowed to seek employment" Yes they are Mr. Weldon, and I am sure when daddy can help arrange some million dollar arm twisting it doesn't hurt.

And while I am thinking of allegedly corrupt people in congress. I see where Robert Ney, a six term republican congressman from Ohio owned up to his crimes of conspiracy and making false statements. Of course, his real crime was greed, and lust and hunger for power, wealth, and influence. It's the same pathology that Tom De Lay, -in the fields humble opinion, one of the worse human beings ever to grace our planet- and the other republicans in congress seem to be carrying around in their insulated world of power lunches and K street decadence.

Now of course, comes the expected hypocrisy from the other usual suspects. Speaker of the house, Dennis "Hunch Back" of Illinois Hastert (R., Ill.)- who is in some hot water himself due to a little e-mail scandal floating around DC these days-along with Tony Snowjob, has called for Ney to resign. Oh yes folks, he is still a congressman, and has been since September when he signed papers agreeing to plead guilty. And Ohio Republican Party Chairman, Bob Bennett, called Ney "a cancer in the Congress." Yeah right, I bet you weren't saying that when you and the rest of your fellow cronies from the Buckeye state were being feted by the good congressman. But such is politics, the moment you are exposed, your so called friends will turn on you in a "New York minute". -Where is Huey Long when you need him?-

Oh and don't think I am letting the dems off either. I have always thought there was a certain sleaze factor with Harry Reid of Nevada. And this recent land deal that he is involved with just kind of confirms my suspicion. Mr. Reid, you might want to heed that old expression, "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" And my friend Bill "cold cash" Jefferson is just a flat out disgrace to his people and the state of Louisiana. I am glad to see my man Skepitcal brotha blogging about this, and I know as soon as something new pops off, my favorite Louisiana blog, wesawthat will be on the case as well.

Mmmm let's see what else? Oh, I see the Russians and the Chinese told the U.N. and our friend Condi to go f%&* themselves when it comes to North Korea. Just like I told you they would folks. You see Condi, these six party talks with North Korea that you insist on, just ain't gonna work. Because as long as Russia and China has such a huge stake in North Korea's economy doing well, -and in the case of China, keeping those North Korean refugees out once those harsh U.N. sanctions kick in- the United States will never be able to broker a serious resolution that punishes Kim Jong Crazy and the crew. "I am still ready to go for a vote,... I thought we had agreed.." Ahhh sorry Mr. Bolton, you thought wrong. Now go back to frat boy, your fearless leader, and the bad perm lady, and tell them to get their head out of their asses, and start initiating bilateral talks with the land of no lights.

I was just thinking; something else is eating away at me about this Foley mess. I saw some news reports where Foley contacted frat boy's brother, the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. And told him-Jeb- that the White House was giving him the cold shoulder. Now folks, this was in 2004 or around that time, and I am starting to think that the White House and frat boy, knew about this creepy guy all along. It makes sense, if the WH knew about him so did all the other republicans-and dems for that matter- on the hill. This would explain why no serious action to curb his behavior. Whenever there was a complaint, it was like, tell me something I don't know.

Oh, and speaking of the WH, did you hear about the new book by David Kuo, called "Tempting Faith"? Well according to the book, the little weasel Karl Rove, made it a habit to make fun of evangelical Christians in private; but, along with his lieutenants, put on a different face in public to keep the powerful values voters in check. So a show of hands please from those of us who are surprised..........no hands huh, that's what I thought. What a slime ball, politics trumps everything with these people: Religion, death,patriotism; you name it.

On a local note, 314 murders and counting here in "Killadelphia", one local barber-not the fields of course-was popped for selling automatic weapons to undercover federal agents. Hey, if you don't have a criminal record and you want to make a killing-how is that for a play on words?- come to Philly. There is no limit on how many handguns you can purchase. And trust me on this one, you will find a thriving black market here full of willing buyers. Isn't Pennsylvania great? Yes, our brothers and sisters in the Western part of our fine state just love to hunt, and they take the second amendment of our constitution quite literally. And since they outnumber the urban politricksters in Harrisburg, there will be no significant gun legislation anytime soon to curb the culture of death that we live with here. You gotta love it.

While back here in Philly, court was rapping up yesterday for a now 20 year old accused of a triple murder two years ago. He shot a 20 year old and a teenager, both at point blank range in their bedroom in a dispute over... a gun. And as he left the room, the victims grandmother, a 67 year old who had just graduated community college a few years earlier, came to see what the commotion was all about. The young animal shot her too, the bullet tearing through her lungs and killing her instantly. When he was asked why he shot the old woman, the 18 year old told the cops,"Everybody had to go" He further said in his statement: "She screamed after she was shot. Not while she was shot too much, while she was being shot" He told police in his statement, "that was probably the worst thing I ever done in my life" According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, "when police asked him to read back the statement to make sure it was accurate, he took a pen and crossed out the word 'probably'" Folks, this is the generation that's being raised out here on our streets. This is our war on terror.

Where is the NAACP when you need em....oh excuse me, did I say the NAACP? Well as it turns out, our local NAACP leader here in Philly has just hooked up with a powerful white state senator to sit on the board of a casino group that he-the politician- wants to bring to our area. So I guess J. Whyatt Mondesire has been busy lately. Cutting his own deals, and lining his own pocket. Way to go Mr. NAACP President, nice to know the poor black folks of your city can count on you during a real crisis. Next time instead of making national headlines writing about our local quarterback and whether he is a house negro or not, how about doing something to make some real change out here on these streets? Something significant to try to curb these animals from killing each other, along with the innocent citizens of our fair city.

My barber is almost finished, I feel the cool air on top of my head already. That's enough of this depressing news in the fields head for one day. Time for my Lark Voorhies thoughts to clear the field's head and make the world seem more pleasant and alright to live in again. But not even Lark can clear the fields head with all the sh*# going on these days. I am afraid, that until a certain frat boy leaves office, being in my barber's chair will be the only peaceful time I have.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

They Have No Shame!

There are creatures walking among us who have no shame or sense of decency. Most of these creatures masquerade as politicians who have our best interest at heart. Take for instance,the case of two particular poor excuses for congressmen in my area and their indecorous acts.

I will start with one Curt Weldon; who in my opinion, seems to spend more time at Star Trek conventions, and Area 51 gatherings than in Washington. Now this ten term republican congressman and certifiable wack job, serves the fine people of the seventh district of Pennsylvania. This, my friends, happens to be the suburbs of Philadelphia. So I am quite familiar with Mr. Weldon, and his conspiratorial rantings from time to time. But I digress. Well it seems, that congressman Weldon is in a fight for his political life against a democratic opponent by the name of Joe Sestak. And what has he done? He has questioned Mr. Sestak's patriotism, and his willingness to fight the war on terror. So who is Joe Sestak? Would you believe the guy went to the Naval Academy, -where by the way, he graduated second in his class-. He was an executive officer on a guided missile frigate, and was the Captain of another one, was also deputy chief of Naval operations and worked in the Pentagon assisting other naval admirals. So folks, I ask you, does this seem like an unpatriotic candidate? Of course not you say, and who would call such a man who has served his country so honorably such a thing? A man who could have taken his two post graduate degrees from Harvard and backed up the Brinks truck to his house working in the private sector. Who you say? Well, look no further than the good congressman from the seventh district, the aforementioned Mr. Weldon, and his republican cronies.

So let's look at that congressman for a minute. Folks, I checked, and as far as I can see, brave heart Weldon did not serve one single day in the military. Not one! Now he might have played a soldier on T.V. or when he was playing pretend as a kid, but he never signed up to defend his country. He did sign up to be a volunteer fire fighter, so I will give him that much. And I checked on Mr. Weldon's formative years as well, and it seems that when the Vietnam war was raging and thousands of American boys were dying, my man was safely tucked away at West Chester University. And yet, he has the stones to question his opponent. See what I mean folks? No shame.

The next loser on this hit parade, is the congressman from the 8th congressional district of Pennsylvania,- or suburbs to the North of the field negro here in Philadelphia-Michael G. Fitzpatrick. Now Mr. Fitzpatrick has been even more blatant in his attempt to "swift boat" his opponent, Patrick Murphy. Who by the way, happens to be an Iraqi war veteran. -Are you starting to see a pattern here?-So anyway, this got so bad, that the original victim of the "swift boat" shuffle himself, John Kerry, got involved and came to Murphy's defense. Said Kerry; "this is a game they play. They throw mud around and hope it sticks" Well it sure worked with you didn't it John? The republican chicken hawk, Fitzpatrick, actually organized a hasty gathering which included four other Iraqi veterans, who disagreed with candidate Murphy's plan to withdraw most of the troops from Iraq by the end of next summer. One gentleman by the name of Kevin Kelly-who happens to be from right here in Philly- accused Murphy of mischaracterizing his service in Iraq. Kelly claims that Murphy exaggerated his service, which turned out to be a lie. Because according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, when questioned about his claim, Mr. Kelly could not give a cite, place, or a publication where Murphy made any exaggerated claims. Of course we know that he couldn't, because Murphy served with distinction with the 82d Airborne in Iraq, and unlike his chicken hawk opponent, actually served by putting his butt on the line in that God forsaken country.

And oh yes, I checked on Mr. Fitzpatrick too. And it seems, that he, like his colleague Mr. Weldon, never served a day in combat. As it turns out, he took the legal path; he went to law school, and became a lawyer, before becoming a lying politician. Don't you just love it. And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with lawyers-except there are too many of us- but there is something wrong with criticizing someone and questioning his courage when your sorry ass has never done it, or wouldn't dare to, when the rubber meets the road.

It's as simple as that folks, republicans smear a quadruple amputee, a man who left body parts on foreign soil so that their sorry asses can get a nice tee time every Sunday morning, and drink Chablis at their private clubs; and think nothing of it. Not to mention, a man like Jack Murtha, who spent 37 years of his life in the Marines, and now finds his patriotism questioned by a dope smoking, alcoholic, draft dodger; who but for his daddy's protection, would have had to take his sorry ass to Nam like Kerry and the rest of the patriots he likes to criticize.

So I guess shame and republican politicians are not synonymous , because the examples I gave above scream hypocrisy. But let's see how the little weasel -Karl Rove- spins this one. Democrats have over 50 veterans running for congress on their ticket this mid term, and I can't imagine the party of the hawks, having close to that much.

So I guess the republican attack group, "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" had better step up their game, and start doing some serious smearing again, or their republican friends will get their shameless chicken hawk asses thrown out one by one. And personally, I can't wait.

Speaking of the war, I would like to offer my condolences to Peggy Johnson Croker, the mother of Army Cpl. Carl W. Johnson. Mr. Johnson, a Philly native, who sacrificed his life in Iraq on October 7, 2006. He was killed in Mosul when an IED detonated close to his vehicle. "I didn't want him to go into the service, but I figured either the streets are going to absorb him or Uncle Sam was going to absorb him, so I stood by him" Don't worry mother Johnson, you didn't have much of a choice and neither did your only son. These are the choices that our young are left with, and none of them are appealing. He chose to serve his country and be a hero in a strange country, fighting a pointless war. Like so many others, he could have died right here on the mean streets of Philly in another war. The war on drugs, gangs, and poverty. Sadly, like the war in Iraq, we are losing this one too, and no one seems to want to do a damn thing about it. At least your son tried to get out, he heeded Uncle Sam's call, and paid the ultimate sacrifice. It would have been nice if his Uncle Sam had given him more choices, just like he does with his nephews in the burbs.

Thank you Philadelphia Inquirer for the stories that gave me the inspiration for these posts, and allowing me to lift a quote here and there.

The field is out!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Real Threat!

It's 11:45 Sunday night and the field can't sleep or concentrate on his work. Why? Well it seems the world is this close [that's my two fingers inches apart from each other] to becoming one large microwave oven. Yes folks, my man Kim Jong Crazy looks like he did test that nuke of his, and in essence, has shook his d&*&k at the United States and the rest of the Western World. Now I see on CNN where some South Korean Ambassador is threatening economic sanctions against Kim Crazy and his crew. Like what good is that going to do? The people there are already starving, and unless you are a soldier in that country, you damn near only eat one meal a day anyway. I guess the Chinese stepping in to try to stop Kim Jong Crazy at the last minute didn't help either huh.

Folks, we all know what a mess frat boy made of the Middle East, but this will go down as the biggest foreign policy blunder of his reign, and probably of any President in American History. Yes even greater than LBJ and his failed effort in Vietnam. Because if this whack job in North Korea really has nuclear capabilities at his finger tips, there is no telling what type of damage he can do. I know hind site is 20/20, but Condi ,frat boy, and the crew should have joined those talks with Japan, South Korea, and North Korea. Or at the very least, unilaterally engaged them. Isn't it funny how we went after Saddam unilaterally, but we insist on a multilateral approach with North Korea? We should have shown some good faith, and let Kim Jong Crazy know that it's not personal, but the world just can't afford another nuclear power right now. I mean it's bad enough that we have India, Pakistan, and possibly Iran, packing the ultimate weapon. But to have North Korea join this little party...well let's just say the field doesn't sleep as well at nights knowing of those prospects.

I hate to beat a dead horse, well f%^k it, I am going to beat him anyway. If frat boy had not declared North Korea a part of the axis of evil, and damn near declared to the world that the North Koreans are our enemy, maybe we wouldn't be having to worry about Kim firing underground nukes with the capabilities of destroying 200,000 people. And if you are going to make those statements frat boy, you had better know how to back them up, and not commit our military and it's resources to the Middle East to take down mustache man. If we are going to accuse the North Koreans like we did in 2002 of violating their 1994 agreement with us by enriching uranium to weapons grade, then we had better be damn sure they did. Now, given the lies that we were told about Iraq, I am not even so sure that Pyongyang did violate the terms of that 1994 agreement between them and Washington. Yes, frat boy said they did, and we all know how reliable his administration has become. He said they had WMD's in Iraq too.

Now I am not totally absolving Bubba for this mess either. In 1991 North Korea set up an economic zone with the South, and wanted to move forward with more progressive economic policies. In my humble opinion, the Clinton administration did not do enough to facilitate this and were a little short sighted in how they handled North Korea. After the fall of the Soviet Union more should have been done to bring North Korea in line economically with other countries. Instead, we let China play the big benefactor, and they damn near controlled little brother North Korea, by being their sole supporter and provider of military equipment, and trade. But the real blame for the mess we are in lies with frat boy. I mean Stevie Wonder could see that Kim Crazy had his back to the wall. After the United States and her allies stopped sending him oil, and basically cut him off economically, just what did we expect him to do, but play the only trump card he has? Which is the threat of a nuclear weapon against mankind, and any nation that can supply him with food and energy.

Hey, it's been all down hill for our palls from the North ever since the division of the Korean Peninsula in 1945, and they look at their brothers to the South, and there is envy. I can't say that I blame them either. The South is booming, and the North is starving, and all that they-the North- has to maintain their pride is their military. A smart diplomat would have seen that, and a smart President would have recognized that the real threat to our security, is not the crazy man in Baghdad with the beard, but the short little man in Pyongyang with the f^&*%d up haircut.

So here we are folks, on the verge of World War III. Serious this time; not some made up neo con war. This time, because the stakes are so high for the North Koreans, their people are starving, and their backs are to the wall, we could be in for some serious s#^*t. Let's hope the Chinese step in and talk some sense into that little mini me looking psycho. Because lord knows we can't depend on Condi and her crew to do it. She is too busy flying in and out Bushdad, and trying to make sure frat boy's faux war on terror remains front and center. This of course is essential to get the rethuglicans elected to the majority again in November.

Here is hoping that by the time I wake up tomorrow, the report on CNN will have been proven to be false, and Kim didn't test fire that nuclear missile after all. But somehow, the field doesn't have a good feeling about this. You know what, I think I will sleep in my basement tonight. I wonder where Condi is sleeping right about now? Wherever it is, I hope her phone works.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Field Rants About The News

There are times when the field wishes he couldn't read. And honestly folks, we are living in such a time. Anyway, I sucked it up and took a quick look at my local paper today, and I almost wish I hadn't.

First of all, I want to talk about this shooting in Amish country which is no more than about a forty five minute drive from the field's home. Now folks, let's make no mistake about this; the SOB that executed those five little girls was one sick f%&^. And although the field does not believe in the death penalty, this guy makes it real hard for me to stay true to my convictions. What makes this even more tragic, is the fact that these poor girls belonged to sect of some of the most peaceful people on earth. I watch them three days a week at my favorite lunch spot in Philly- The Reading Terminal-with their baked goods and other culinary delights, and I gotta tell you, if I didn't know better, I would swear these folks have some black in em, cause they can cook some food. [They have this pie called "shoo fly" which is to die for]So I am seriously pissed about what happened to them, and how they were forced to be thrust into the national spotlight due to no fault of their own. Then some of the neighbors of this sicko that committed these heinous acts, tried to say that he was always a good God fearing man, and he had a wonderful family, and he loved his children, and blah blah blah. He is a sick f$*& that deserved to have gone to prison and met the inmate justice that Bubba and his friends would have meted out. But the coward took the easy way out, and thus gets no sympathy from the field negro.

And speaking of murdering little girls; so this animal in Kentucky does a copy cat move and takes out four little children in his own family. What is the world coming to? And while I feel sorry for the Amish kids and what they went through, why have I not heard the outcry about this killing that I did about them? No President Bush personally offering his condolences no Governor of Kentucky offering his. No lead story on all the national news and cable outlets. You could argue, I suppose, that these shootings did not take place in a school, and given the fact that this happened to the Amish, makes it more intriguing. But you know what the field thinks about the difference between a black life and a white life in this country, so we will leave it at that.

I see where Iraq is going to hell in a hand basket. So what else is new? The battle for Bushdad rages on, with no end in sight. And in the mean time, the violence is escalating in Afghanistan, and we can't get a handle on that either,because our focus is elsewhere. So now the Taliban is making a come back, frat boy's own intelligence estimates say terrorism is on the rise, and there are still people in this country who support our mess of a Middle East policy, and this ridiculous pointless war.

So not only do I want Rove to resign, I want Condi, Dick "dead eye" Cheyney,Donald Rumsfeld, and even frat boy to do a Richard Nixon, get on Air Force One, and ride off into the sunset. But I know that won't happen, so for now, I can only hope that the dems take the house or the senate back. At least they might be able to put a real check and balance on King Georges ass.

I see the North Koreans are at it again, yes folks this time they want to test fire a nuclear weapon, and the U.N. is all but powerless to stop them. What about the most powerful nation on earth stepping in and stopping them you say. What about it? Condi has a better chance of marrying Oprah's man than Kim Jong il listening to a word her perm needing ass says. And that stands for every other country in the free world. The only people Kim Jong Crazy will listen to are the Chinese, and since they are enjoying watching him shake his di*k at the West; don't hold your breath for them to step in any side soon. Heck, shots were even fired earlier today across the DMZ, as it seems one of the North Korean soldiers might have wondered over a little too far on his cigarette break, and one of our South Korean friends let him know about it. So you see folks, things are not only f*&%d up in the MIddle East, they are pretty much f%&*&d up all over the world as well.

On the home front, things aren't much better. Over 300 murders and counting in the "city of brotherly love". Right now we ain't looking too loving, because we are capping each other more than they do bottles in coke factory. And of course, our sorry ass, clueless police chief, continues to sit on his ass, and our mayor-who by the way has done a pretty good job-continues to let this clown stay in office. One future mayoral candidate-Michael Nutter- has called for the Mayor to declare a state of emergency in certain high crime areas, and I must say that I agree with him. We need some new drastic measures in place, because the status quo ain't working. And this is coming from someone who actually has found himself defending people who have been accused of committing some of these crimes from time to time. But if it means my job will be a little harder , so be it,we need to do something.

Mmmm what else? Oh Foleygate, you know what, I am Folyed out. I am not even going to comment on this crap anymore. Anyone with half a brain can see what was going on here, and should be able to see the cover up for what it was. Are there any slimier, more disingenuous people than the politriksters in Washington? I don't think so, and my only regret is that I have but one vote to give. Because if I were allowed multiple votes, I would be heading back to that voting booth line more than a kid at a roller coaster ride at Six Flags. Trust me, I want those bums in Washington out so bad,that it's almost become like an obsession with me. Yep, the field is going to be working extra hard this November.

Finally, I want to say happy trails to Buck O'Niel, who passed away at the ripe old age of 94, and who didn't get to go into the baseball hall of fame by just one vote. All because some ignorant ass,sorry excuse for a baseball writer didn't vote for him. But don't worry Buck, you are in our hall of fame, and like all the other great players who toiled in the negro leagues, but who didn't get to the show, you will always have a special place in the field's heart.

The field is out!