Sunday, April 30, 2017

Getting paid is not for everyone.

Image result for obama images My father- in- law is a humble and hard working man, who built a pretty good life for himself and his family. He did it by working hard and persevering in South Louisiana at a time when racism and ignorance was rampant.

He likes to tell me the story of when he bought his first home. He was working on a very large pecan farm as a manager, and he was the person charged with keeping the tractors running. He went to the owner of the farm (a man who he thought he had a good relationship with and who he had worked with for years ) and told him of his plans to buy his first home, because he had saved a substantial amount of money. He went to the man, he said, because back then in the small Louisiana town were he lived, just having money to put down on your home and a history paying your bills on time was not enough; you needed someone of a certain hue and stature to co-sign for you. He said his boss changed after he expressed his plans to him, and soon after that the man fired him.

The moral of his story to me was this: Never let certain folks know how successful you are. Because, if you do,  they will try to take it from you. Never show your wealth or be too boastful about the things you acquire in your life. He lives by that credo.

Anyway, I have been thinking about my father- in -law a lot lately. And I have been thinking about him because of all the hand-wringing and consternation over the former president getting $400,000.00 to speak to a Wall Street firm. And, to be honest,  most of the chirping has been coming from the left. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were both  expressing their displeasure of president Obama getting such a large amount of money from Wall Street.

Go figure.

Since when does someone who served as president does not get to go into private industry and profit from his time as president? Every previous president has done it. George W. Bush has been quietly making millions from speaking fees, and yet no outcry. Why do you think that's the case? It's a rhetorical question. I know why. (I see you father-in- law)

Mr. Orange Hair has been president for 100 days, and he and his family has been already profiting in numerous ways  because he holds the office, and yet no outcry from those on the left or the right.

Let's not forget that former president Obama is now a private citizen, and the last time I checked this is America, and he should be free to earn as much money as he can.  It's what every president before him has done.

I heard Van Jones on CNN today talking about how America needs a Bobby Kennedy like poverty tour to places like Appalachia and South Central. "Poor white people in West Virginia and Kentucky are suffering from a serious crisis of opiate addiction" he moaned, "who is going to speak to them?" He later said. "President Obama should do a poverty tour for them before he starts collecting speaking fees."

This debate, of course, is laughable. As president Mr. Obama did a lot to try to help some of those very same "poor white people", but they voted against their interest and put a guy in office who, as of this date, has kept zero of his promises to them.

I read a funny tweet today, and it's worth repeating: "If you are a middle aged blue collar white guy and you have not yet been interviewed by the New York Times, you are doing something wrong in your life."

It seems like everyone wants to reach out to the poor blue collar white guy, including people like Bernie Sanders and other folks from the progressive left.  They think that the dems lost the election by ignoring them and their concerns. Forgetting, of course, an organized voter suppression effort of minorities by those on the right.

"Elizabeth Warren isn't too keen about former President Barack Obama's $400,000 fee to address a Wall Street conference on healthcare this fall.

''I was troubled by that,' the Massachusetts senator said Thursday during an interview with the SiriusXM show "Alter Family Politics" on Radio Andy.
She then proceeded to discuss her disdain for "the influence of money" in the nation's capital.
"One of the things I talk about in the book ["This Fight is Our Fight"] is the influence of money," she said. "I describe it as a snake that slithers through Washington. And that it shows up in so many different ways here in Washington. People understand the money that goes into campaign contributions. And when I say 'understand.' I don't mean they think it's okay, but at least people see it.
The money that goes into hiring lobbyists, but it's also the money that goes into bought-and-paid-for experts, the money that goes into think tanks that have these shadowy funders."'
Ms. Warren said all of that, but then this happened:
"Also in the interview, Warren was informed that her new book reached No. 1 on The New York Times Best Seller list. This pleased the Senator. But she was far more excited to hear that the person she replaced in the top spot was none other than Bill O’Reilly.

Oh! Sweet!” Warren said, clearly overjoyed. “Sweet! Oh, you just made my morning!” [Source]

Of course he "made your morning", Elizabeth, you will be making even more money now. See how that works? 

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Friday, April 28, 2017

The first 100 days. Will there be 100 more?

Image result for trump kim jong un images It looks like the short guy with the bad haircut is calling the bluff of the big guy with the bad haircut .

In case you were too busy with other things today, I would like to let you in on a bit of news: North Korea attempted  to launch  yet another ballistic missile. This after trump all but dared them to do it. And from what I can tell, they could care less about the geo- political ramifications of their actions. trump and his big mouth and twitter tirades have apparently pissed them off. 

Speaking of trump, he seems to be closing out his first 100 days with a bang. And when I say bang, I don't mean that in a good way.

Consider the following:

He actually praised his fellow bad haircut leader in an interview.

"President Donald Trump is currently engaged in a match of escalating rhetoric and even military posturing with Kim Jong Un. And Trump has some thoughts on his adversary -- thoughts in which Trump notably appears to empathise with him.

In a new interview with Reuters, Mr Trump weighs in on whether the North Korean dictator is a rational leader by pointing to the situation in which he found himself: Succeeding his late father, Kim Jong Il, at a very young age.

"He's 27 years old," Mr Trump said. "His father dies, took over a regime. So say what you want, but that is not easy, especially at that age."' [Source]

(Dude loves to praise despots but he rips former president Obama at every turn. You gotta love it.)

He declared that former president Obama is responsible for his administration not properly vetting an individual that THEY hired.  A man, by the way, who the Obama administration actually fired.

"Donald Trump faulted former President Obama’s administration for authorizing a security clearance for Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser.In an interview with Fox News, Trump said:

“But just remember, he was approved by the Obama administration at the highest level. And when they say we didn’t vet, well, Obama I guess didn’t vet, because he was approved at the highest level of security by the Obama administration.” [Source]

Today he met with the NRA, the first president to do that since Reagan, and instead of talking about the Second Amendment and issues related to guns, he spent his time making gross insults towards a sitting US senator, and bragging about his election day victory. Again.

“I have a feeling in the next election you are going to be swamped with candidates, but you’re not going to be wasting your time,” the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host told the audience of around 10,000 at the gun group gathering Friday in Atlanta. “You’ll have plenty of those Democrats coming over, and you are going to say, ‘No sir, no thank you,’ ‘no ma’am.’ Perhaps ‘ma’am’; it may be Pocahontas. Remember that?” he added, using the deliberately mocking nickname he coined for the progressive Massachusetts senator during last year’s White House race. She has claimed Native American heritage in the past.

“But she is not big for the NRA, that I can tell you,” Trump tacked on to applause about Warren, who has ruled out or declared what many think is a likely run in the next presidential election.

Warren is on a book tour and will be in L.A. tomorrow for two public events. She also is expected to meet quietly with at least a couple of potential deep-pocket donors, sources tell me.

On the 99th day of his administration, a clearly combative Trump on Friday took the stage to cheers of “USA! USA!” and launched into a mainly from-the-teleprompter speech that touched on many otherwise expected topics besides attacking Warren.

The president talked about his surprise election win, his plan for a border wall and immigration, his strong Second Amendment support and his speeches to the gun group as a candidate. As he has many times before, and to the pleasure of the NRA audience, Trump rolled out his “Make America Great Again” tagline and also touched on law and order, terrorism, the credentials of his cabinet choices and the successful nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. [Source]

Donald trump said that he thought being president would be "easier."  I think I speak for millions of Americans when I say that anytime Donald trump wants to quit,  he is more than free to do so. 


Thursday, April 27, 2017

When racism is "a distraction from sharing the Gospel."

"The most segregated hour in America is eleven o-clock Sunday morning."

I am not sure who first said that, but it is so true.

There is one group in America that I as a black man worry about: Southern evangelical "Christians".
Let's just say that they have a history, and from where I sit not much has changed.

Anyway, just look at the picture above and you can see a perfect example of the cluelessness of these people.

The following article sums it up perfectly.

 "A Southern Baptist seminary professor on Tuesday posted a jaw-dropping photo on Twitter that has resurfaced questions for white evangelicals and their attitudes about race. The picture, posted by Barry McCarty, a professor of preaching and rhetoric at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, appears to show five white professors dressed in hoodies, gold chains, bandannas and caps.

Several of them are pictured posing with fingers pointed like guns and McCarty appears to be holding a gun in his hand. The words “Notorious S.O.P.” (School Of Preaching) are scrawled across the top. McCarty posted later that the photo was part of a special send-off for one of their professors, Vern Charette, ...

McCarty posted later that the photo was part of a special send-off for one of their professors, Vern Charette, who raps on occasion. As reported by Nicola Menzie in Faithfully Magazine, Charette appears in a video rapping about Christian themes in which he addresses, “all my pimps, players, thugs and hustlers, all my boys that are in lockdown.” He wants them to know to that there’s “an answer” and that “his name is Jesus Christ.”

Officials from the seminary requested that the post be removed, and David Allen, one of the men in the picture and dean of SWBTS’s School of Preaching, tweeted an apology: “I apologize for a recent image I posted which was offensive. Context is immaterial. @swbts stance on race is clear as is mine.”

It’s odd for a preaching professor to suggest “context is immaterial,” because seminary professors usually teach their students that context is everything. The SWBTS “Mission, Vision, & Values” page states that their global “strategy includes the training of persons from every national, ethnic and cultural background for a variety of ministries.” But when it comes to understanding this particular photo, understanding a larger Southern Baptist and evangelical context is key.

What’s wrong with the photo?

Whatever their intentions, the photo is problematic for at least three main reasons. First, as a comparison, consider why blackface is so offensive. Starting in the early 19th century, white actors would apply black makeup to their faces and exaggerate their lips in a caricature of African American looks. Then they performed racist tropes on stage for laughs. Blackface denigrates people of African descent. It says that skin color can make someone intellectually and culturally inferior, so it’s not a problem to imitate their appearance for the sake of amusement.

In a similar way, putting on clothes typically associated with racial and ethnic minorities communicates that a person’s culture has value only as entertainment. That’s why you can’t dismiss this photo as “just a joke.” It harks back to a history of dehumanization.

Another problem with the picture includes how it appears the photo was carefully staged. Consider what probably happened before a camera even came out. These men took time to pick out certain clothes and put them on. They found a place with suitable background and lighting to take a picture. They chose poses. One of them even grabbed a gun. Then someone posted it on social media. This picture wasn’t randomly snapped in moment of poor judgment. These seminary professors had ample opportunity to consider potential offense. At no point in this elaborate set up did anyone veto the idea.

But the biggest problem doesn’t show up in the picture. The presence of any person of color would have reduced the chances of this photo ever happening. But a photo like this evolves in an environment that lacks meaningful interaction with people from other cultures, especially on the leadership level. The seminary’s website appears to picture all white men in an administration and an entire preaching faculty. Even if a school has diversity in the student body, if the decision-makers all come from a similar racial and cultural background, then they will remain oblivious to their own racial blind spots.

Unfortunately, racial homogeneity is a shortcoming within white evangelicalism as a whole. Looking across evangelical denominations and nondenominational networks, leaders tend to come from similar backgrounds. They are predominantly educated, middle-class white men. Racial uniformity in the leadership means blunders like this photo will probably keep taking place.

An apology issued

On Wednesday, the seminary’s president, Paige Patterson, issued a formal apology entitled “Racism IS a Tragic Sin.” He said, “As all members of the preaching faculty have acknowledged, this was a mistake, and one for which we deeply apologize. Sometimes, Anglo Americans do not recognize the degree that racism has crept into our lives.”

Patterson goes on to say, “Southwestern cannot make a moment of bad judgment disappear. But we can and will redouble our efforts to put an end to any form of racism on this campus and to return to a focus that is our priority — namely, getting the Gospel to every man and woman on the earth.”

His apology sounds biblical; For Christians, evangelism is certainly a critical priority. But he treats racism like a distraction from sharing the Gospel. When will white evangelicals realize, addressing racism is inherently a Gospel issue? Patterson also doesn’t provide any specific actions that would address the seminary’s deeper issues of racial awareness and diversity. Fixing this problem isn’t a matter of restating good intentions, it requires a restructuring of historic patterns of racism embedded in evangelical institutions." [More]

These are the people who voted for Donald trump, and they are the ones who consider interracial anything to be an act of blasphemy.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


MORE DISCLAIMERSTell me your thoughts or give me some insight on anything you want.

If you are a conservative, I am curious to know your thoughts about your guy, Jesse Watters, making a sexist and vile joke about your leader's daughter.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tragedy avoided in Grand Rapids.

Image result for grand rapids five youths images  * Interesting incident out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, which captures perfectly the perils and pitfalls of raising young black boys in America.

To be fair, I think that relatively speaking the Grand Rapids police department handled the situation as well as they could as well.

They were given a tip that there were kids fighting and that one of them had a gun.

Still,  you had to feel for the mothers of these children as they watched while they were confronted by the police.

These kids were young and scared. What if one of them panicked and tried to run? What if just one of the officers lacked proper training, and, as a result, while the child was running, he panicked as well and then shot the runner to death? 

You can watch the video here.

I am just thankful for body cameras and cell phones. 


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Monday, April 24, 2017

FOX has a Negro problem, and Sheriff Clarke has an inmate problem.

Image result for fox news black employees images  It looks like more trouble for FOX VIEWS. Some African American litigants are stating that allegedly FOX fostered a culture in that news organization that was not only misogynist, but it was racist as well.

The treatment and alleged sexual harassment of women is well documented, but now a group of African American employees are giving us an insight into how they treated their African American employees who toiled on the FOX plantation.

 "Fox News scourge Gabriel Sherman is now reporting that a racial discrimination lawsuit will be filed by seven African American employees this week. The suit alleges that employees of color were forced to arm wrestle for the entertainment of white employees. Sherman appeared on yesterday’s AM Joy on MSNBC to chat about the latest details in the case.

'I obtained a letter from their attorneys that was sent to Fox that described really horrific acts of racial discrimination in which black employees were forced to arm wrestle for the entertainment of white employees in the accounting department,' he said.
He added that this sort of information proves that the culture of Fox is entrenched and cannot be changed with O’Reilly’s ouster alone.

'This is a systemic problem at Fox News that was created by Roger Ailes over two decades,' said Sherman. Back in March, Fox was slapped with a different racial discrimination lawsuit..." [Source]

I am still not sure how a person of color with a conscience could work for FOX, but if what is alleged is true, they will deserve every penny that FOX has to pay to settle the suit.

Speaking of trouble, that fraud masquerading as a sheriff in Milwaukee's just might have some splaining to do.

 "A mentally ill man who last year died of severe dehydration in a jail run by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was kept in his cell for seven days straight after jail employees cut off his water supply, a prosecutor in Wisconsin said Monday.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that prosecutors told a six-person jury on Monday that cutting off water to Terrill Thomas’ cell was “highly irregular and contrary to standard operating procedure in the jail.” The comments came as part of an inquest into Thomas’ death, in which the jury decides whether there’s probable cause to charge anyone with a crime in Thomas’ death.

Assistant District Attorney Kurt Benkley told jurors that it “became apparent” that Thomas “was unable to tell people about his basic needs,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The jury is considering whether there is probable cause to charge any jail officials with abuse of a prisoner.
In a court filing last month, the district attorney argued that abusing, neglecting, or ill-treating a prisoner is a public welfare offense.

“Inmates are at the mercy of their jailors for basic life-sustaining necessities like water, food, and medical care,” the district attorney wrote in a court filing. “When a mentally ill inmate, like Mr. Thomas, is locked in solitary confinement without access to water, his life is totally in his jailors’ hands. The law much strictly require jailors to safeguard lives which are so completely entrusted to their care. Stupidity, thoughtlessness, indifference, and incompetence are not morally sufficient excuses nor valid legal defenses.”

Thomas’ death was included in The Huffington Post’s investigative project examining jail deaths across the United States in the year after the high-profile death of Sandra Bland in police custody in 2015. 

of President Donald Trump who makes frequent appearances on conservative news outlets, appears to take a hands-off approach to managing the jail he’s charged with running and has deflected blame for the deaths that occurred on his watch. The Justice Department had been considering launching a civil rights investigation into the conditions at the Milwaukee County Jail, but the status of that potential investigation is unclear.

Erik J. Heipt, an attorney for Thomas’ family, noted that Monday was the one-year anniversary of his “senseless” death." [Source]

Sheriff Clarke would have been better off paying more attention to his jail instead of running around the country trying to score Brownie points with right-wingnuts by being their token black guy who isn't afraid to tell it like it is to "those other Negroes".

The thing is about Negroes like David Clarke is this: Their star will shine for a little while, but sooner or later they will crash and burn. Because that's what these types of Negroes do. They just can't help themselves.   

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Just Donald being Donald.

 Related imageI know that Donald trump is new to this public service thing, and if he wasn't such a jerk I suppose I would let some of the dumb stuff that he does slide. Sadly for him, though, I cannot.

Take for instance one of the latest shockingly dumb things that he said. He actually visited a soldier to give him the Purple Heart and then told the man, "congratulations."

  "I wanted to do it myself," Trump told Barrientos as he placed the Purple Heart on the soldier's lapel. “Congratulations … tremendous.” The medal is given to service members who were wounded or killed in battle. "  [Source]

This is like sending someone a smiling face emoji after offering your condolences to them for losing a loved one. Only it's worse because we are talking about our president and commander in chief honoring one of our brave soldiers.

Of course we are not hearing much about this because it's Donald trump. The bar has been set so low for this guy that even missteps such as this one are pretty much ignored.

Can you imagine if President Obama had done this? FOX VIEWS would dedicate a day or two of programming to his faux pas. Pundits would be declaring him unfit to be president and they would be demanding that he be held accountable for his insensitive and clueless actions while acting as commander in chief.

Not Donald J. trump. He is our reality television star president, and we have to view everything that he does with a grain of salt. He has become somewhat of a running national joke, and everyone gets it except his loyal group of followers and sycophants. They are the 39% of the people in the  country who view him in a favorable light. Were it not for them his historically low approval ratings would be even lower.  

The thing is, there is nothing funny about being the most powerful person on earth and not having a clue about what you are doing. Leading the country now (especially in our current nuclear climate) is serious business. 


Saturday, April 22, 2017


Image result for north korea china images

I need a caption for this pic.

Example: "Dude, why are you yelling?

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Bad week for the buds.

Image result for oreilly trump images  I think we all are happy that Bill O'Liely got the boot over at FOX.  As his friend Maxine Waters eloquently stated:  There might be something psychologically wrong with the man. And the fact that he lasted so long at FOX without his allegedly piggish behavior being an issue, tells you all you need to know about that network.

I hate to kick a man when he is down, but we are talking about Bill O'Reilly here. Besides, he has 25 million reasons  not to be too down on himself. 

Then we have our president and his lawyers who don't seem to quite understand how this 1st Amendment thing works

"Well, this one takes the cake. And I’m not talking about the most beautiful chocolate cake you’ve ever seen.

Donald Trump is being sued for inciting violence at his 2016 Louisville rally at which several African American protesters were assaulted by his fans after he screamed “Get ‘em out of here!” from the stage. And yesterday his lawyers made one of the most ridiculous arguments I think I’ve ever heard of. They’re claiming that even if Trump did incite violence, the protesters had no right to demonstrate at his rally because they were interfering with his First Amendment rights.
Trump’s lawyers also argue that he had every right to call for the removal the protesters since they “obviously interfered with the Trump campaign’s First Amendment right” by “vigorously expressing their disdain for Mr. Trump,” including by chanting and holding up signs depicting Trump’s face on the body of a pig, among other anti-Trump messages.
“Of course, protesters have their own First Amendment right to express dissenting views, but they have no right to do so as part of the campaign rally of the political candidates they oppose,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.
I had to read this article a couple of times to make sure this is really what they’re arguing. It is." [Source]

No words.  

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our AG wants 49 states.

 Image result for jeff sessions images   I want to start this post with the words of the Attorney General of these divided states of America:

“We’ve got cases moving in the very, very liberal Ninth Circuit, who, they’ve been hostile to the order,” Sessions said Tuesday in an interview with “The Mark Levin Show” on CNN. “We won a case in Virginia recently that was a nicely-written order that just demolished, I thought, all the arguments that some of the other people have been making. We are confident that the President will prevail on appeal and particularly in the Supreme Court, if not the Ninth Circuit. So this is a huge matter. I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the President of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and Constitutional power.”

Ahhm, here is the thing, Beauregard: That "island in the Pacific" is a part of the United States. And the last time I checked you represent the entire United States. If it's just some island in the Pacific why did we go to war with the Japanese after that infamous incident at a places called Pearl Harbor?

This administration has a we against them mindset that is seriously dividing the country. The scary thing is that Sessions really does believe that Hawaii is some insignificant place far away from the rest of America. (Must be all those brown people.)

But he wasn't the only member of this administration making dumb statements today. The leader of the pack tried to get one up on his AG in cluelessness when he declared, in no uncertain terms, that our neighbors to the North are "disgraceful" people.  Canada!? Come on Donald, they are some of the nicest people on earth. (Where is Drake with a nice diss track when you need him?)

Those Russians are not nearly as nice as Canadians, and yet he (trump) refuses to diss Russia.

Hmmm, maybe there is something to those golden showers rumors after all.



Wednesday, April 19, 2017


MORE DISCLAIMERSIt's open thread Wednesday, so tell me what's on your mind.

I will tell you what's on mine:

Bill O'Liely getting the boot at FOX VIEWS. (Ladies, you can come out now.) 

How this administration managed to lose an entire fleet of ships.

Did Aaron Hernandez really hang himself?

trump is deporting "dreamers" now

And if this republican lawmaker had called his colleagues "niggas" and not "niggers", would it have made a difference?

Holla at me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday News Day.

TWEET METhere is an interesting special congressional election race going on north of Atlanta tonight. The latest democratic golden boy, Jon Ossoff , will need 50% of the votes in a crowded field to go to Washington and embarrass our sitting president. It's going to be close, but my prediction is that there will be a runoff with the republican, and she will squeeze by in a two person race.

Still, this is a district that Mitt won by 25%, and it is in the heart of republican country. Dems should take heart, though, because win or lose some good things might happen in the mid-terms for them if they actually go out to vote.

I am not sure if trump will even still be our president come mid-terms, there are some serious people trying to impeach his ass, and that Russian cloud is not going away. This latest stuff with the dossier is a doozy

Then there is this Devin Nunes fiasco. The guy allegedly created a fake scandal and dragged a good woman and public servant through the mud because of pressure from the trump White House. If this is true he should resign from congress immediately.  Don't even wait for the ethics committee to complete their investigation. Just get out of town and save your family and your constituents the embarrassment.   

"According to a report from The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza, an unnamed intelligence source believes Nunes may have felt some heat from the White House to “manufacture a fake scandal.”
From the report:
The intelligence source told me that he knows, “from talking to people in the intelligence community,” that “the White House said, ‘We are going to mobilize to find something to justify the President’s tweet that he was being surveilled.’ They put out an all-points bulletin”—a call to sift through intelligence reports—“and said, ‘We need to find something that justifies the President’s crazy tweet about surveillance at Trump Tower.’ And I’m telling you there is no way you get that from those transcripts, which are about as plain vanilla as can be.”
Nunes recused himself from the Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian manipulation in the 2016 election, and is currently the subject of a House Ethics Committee probe into whether he leaked classified information.

But according to Lizza, “this is like getting Al Capone for tax evasion. The bigger scandal is the coordinated effort to use the American intelligence services to manufacture an excuse for Trump’s original tweet.”' [Source]

Finally, the head pig over at FOX VIEWS might finally have to leave harassment central. This latest alleged incident of harassment from Billo involves sexism, misogyny, and racism.   

"In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Bloom said that the woman called in to report a complaint on the Fox News hotline (the anonymous hotline is for all of 21st Century Fox, Fox News’ parent company, according to a spokeswoman). The woman’s identity was not disclosed.

“She is an African-American woman who was a clerical worker in 2008 at Fox News,” Bloom said in an interview with HLN. “She did not work directly for Bill O’Reilly, but she worked near him and she alleges that he engaged in a campaign for months of sexual harassment against her. He wouldn’t speak to her, other than to say things like, ‘Mmm Hmm,’ make grunting noises like an animal, she alleges, leering at her, looking at her cleavage and her legs, and he would call her ‘hot chocolate,’ which she found to be very offensive.”

Bloom said that the woman found the situation “upsetting and distressing.” She said that they have spoken to a family member, a boyfriend, and a roommate who back up her claims.

“She wanted to keep her job, she didn’t complain at the time, but now she knows that Fox News is considering whether or not to keep him, and although she is very scared and wishes to remain anonymous, she felt that she had to add her story and speak out, and so we called that into the hotline today,” Bloom said. She said that her client is not asking for money, but wants “accountability.”
Bloom spurred the internal Fox News investigation by calling the company’s HR hotline with Walsh’s complaint earlier this month. That triggered an investigation by 21st Century Fox’s outside law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison.

In an interview, Bloom said that one or more accusers are “very likely” to come forward “soon,” although she declined to get into specifics. Responding to the statement from O’Reilly’s attorney, she said, “I am representing all of my O’Reilly accusers for free, and I am sure that Mr. Kasowitz is being compensated handsomely for his representation of accused serial harasser Bill O’Reilly.”
Bloom also has called for an independent investigation of harassment and retaliation at Fox News by state authorities in New York. She has called on O’Reilly to be fired, but says that even if that were to happen, she it would still like to see a state investigation to proceed." [Source]

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.  

His next book will be called Killing The Urges.

Don't worry Billo, you can always get a job with the "grab em by the pussy" president.  

Monday, April 17, 2017

Racism at Albertsons? You be the judge.

Image result for albertsons irvine images grocery stores logo  Tonight my racism chase takes me to the West Coast.

Now I must admit that the following story is not such a clear cut case of racism as others that I have highlighted on this blog in the past. And the truth is, quite a few people (especially white ones)  have lashed out at the victim in the case and told her to get over herself.

Here is the story:

"An African-American woman filed a civil rights lawsuit Monday, April 10, against Albertsons and its parent company, Safeway, alleging that its managers took no steps to correct or apologize for the actions of a checkout clerk at an Irvine store who incorrectly assumed the woman was on food stamps.

Jenna Watkinson, a spokeswoman for Safeway, said company officials have not seen the lawsuit and “do not comment on pending litigation.”

'However, any time we interact with a customer, our goal is to ensure that they are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy,' she said Wednesday.

Deirdre Harris, 42, who filed the lawsuit, said the incident occurred Jan. 27 at the Albertsons at Alton Avenue and Culver Street. Harris said she was trying to pull out a debit card from her phone case to pay for the items, when the checkout clerk asked her if she wanted to use her EBT card.

'What exactly did you say?' Harris asked the clerk.

The clerk repeated her question and asked if she wanted to use food stamps.

'I felt completely demoralized,' said Harris, an Orange County native who grew up in Huntington Beach, works as a fashion brand consultant, and has lived in Irvine for 22 years. 'For me, it was a very clear reminder — a painful reminder — that we do not live in a post-racial era.'

Harris said she spoke with three supervisors including Ron Foss, a regional manager at Safeway. She said he explained to Harris, like others supervisors had before, that the clerk had done nothing wrong and was simply trying to give her free bags, because those using food stamps don’t have to pay for reusable plastic bags.

Foss, who was mentioned in the lawsuit, eventually offered her $500 as compensation for her emotional distress, she said, and added: “If I were you, I’d take it.”

A follow-up letter sent by a Safeway claims examiner to Harris on March 24, the same day she talked to Foss, states: “Please be advised that we’ve completed our investigation and determined there’s no liability on the store. I acknowledge your allegation of emotional distress and would be willing to offer a customer service gesture of $500. …Failing to accept the customer service gesture will be construed as a rejection and will result in a formal denial of this claim as there has been no evidence of discrimination or racial profiling.”

It wasn’t the first time Harris had experienced the subtle undercurrents of racism in a city that is less than 1 percent African-American, she said. But, she added, her conversation with Foss was the “tipping point.” [Source]

Yep, clearly a case of a clerk who let her racial bias get the better of her.

And trust me, I know that I am the racism chaser, but I don't consider everything to be racist. There is nothing, for instance, racist about drinking milk. And to suggest otherwise (as someone has attempted to do) would be just asinine.

I am thinking to myself that if this incident had happened in Inglewood or Oakland, California it would not be such a clear cut case of racism, but Irvine is a different story. This might have been the only black person this clerk saw all day, and to assume that she was using food stamps because she is black was...well...racist.


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Sunday, April 16, 2017

In the battle of the bad haircuts, who will blink first?

Image result for north korea images    It's nice to be back home.  I hope y'all enjoyed your bun and cheese (if you are Jamaican) and your chocolate Easter eggs.

A lot has been happening in the world. The two world leaders with the worst haircuts in the history of world leaders, have damn near brought us to the brink of World War III.

Our president has threatened North Korea with a preemptive strike if they don't chill out, and we even dropped the "mother of all bombs" to make a point. Sadly, though, it didn't seem to have an impact on the North Koreans. Not even all those war ships steaming to the Korean Peninsula seems to be scaring the little bad haircut guy.

The American press, as is always the case, have been getting this one wrong all along. They have been declaring the North Korean missile test a failure, which it probably was, but that's not the point. The point is that there was a test. Even after trump all but dared Kim Jong-un to test another missile.

Apparently the blustering didn't work, because the North Koreans were not deterred. Dare I say it? "trump blinked first". 

I am not sure how this is a fight that trump believes that he can win. I mean when you are dealing with a suicidal maniac you don't try to play chicken with him. Unless, of course, trump himself has some mental issues. Which, if true,  might make this the last Easter Sunday many of us  will spend here on earth.  

Tax day will be on us in a couple of days, for all of you have not done your taxes you are running out of time.

This is also a good time to remind everyone that we have still not seen the president's tax returns. I suspect that this so called audit will last at least four more years.

Folks protested about it this weekend, and the president was no pleased.

"President Donald Trump on Twitter Sunday lashed out against citizens who'd taken to the streets to exercise their First Amendment rights.

While claiming that thousands of people who on Saturday demanded Trump finally release his full tax returns were "paid" protesters, Trump tweeted, "The election is over!"

"Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies," Trump tweeted a day after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in more than 150 cities across the country.

An hour after wishing his 28 million followers a Happy Easter, Trump hailed his November win and called out those making his undisclosed tax history an issue. "

Someone should have told him that the election was over when he was doing his redneck victory tour.

Anyway, it's time for our orange haired leader to put down the golf clubs, delete his twitter account, and start focusing on the stuff happening in the world.

I think I speak for most people when I say that staying alive and avoiding a global catastrophe is what's most important to me right now. And seeing the president's tax returns would give us confidence in our commander in chief and would allow us to trust him a little bit more.

Let's face it, the man might lead us into a serious war any day now, the least he could do is show us his damn tax returns.

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