"Trump’s Twitter War with LaVar Ball Underlines a Bigger Problem.

With all the pressing issues of the day, Donald Trump still finds time to engage in a twitter war with LeVar Ball, father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball. LiAngelo and some of his teammates had been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting while on tour in China. LeVar Ball expressed skepticism about the level of help Trump gave in assisting the basketball players. One has to ask why the president of the United States has such a thin skin that he must respond to every slight or criticism. Why are most of Trump’s targets people of color?

Trumps seems to find plenty of time to engage in twitter wars with people of color but doesn’t ever find the time to call into question the behavior of people lik Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Trump is engaged in twitter wars with ESPN sportswriter Jemele Hill. He was upset when Hill referred to him as a white supremacist. Hill was upset over comments Trump made during the Charlottesville Neo-Nazi riots when Trump claimed there were “good people on both sides.”

Who can forget the time Trump attacked a Gold Star family over remarks made at the 2016 DNC Convention? Trump couldn’t stand having his foreign policy criticized, so he launched a bigoted attack against Mr. Khan’s religion. Trump remains silent on acts of terrorism committed by right-wing white men. He remains silent about how to fix the problem of mass shootings. He takes the time to attack any high profile person of color who dares to criticize him. Maybe Jemele Hill is right." [Source]  

With all the problems in the world and the work that this clown  (Donald trump) should be doing, he is engaged in a twitter war with LaVar Ball of all people/. All because his son didn't kiss his ring like a good Negro should after he gets help from Mr Charlie. 

Give me a break! 

Memo to POTUS: You are a president of all the people, and it is your job to help Americans when you can and if they are in need. Even if they are young Negro basketball players. 

*Pic from tmz.com