Saturday, September 10, 2022

Above the law?


The thing you have to understand about the legal system in America is this: Yes, it's fundamentally a fair system, and it probably has no equal anywhere else in the world. But sadly, we have to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge its flaws. 

We tend to selectively prosecute for certain crimes in this country. Often who gets prosecuted will depend on their wealth, level of influence, and their social connections and political clout in their community.  

I think you all know where I am going with this. 

There is a fellow down in South Florida who lives in a very large estate, and who used to have a game show on television. This fellow should probably have been indicted for some very serious crimes by now. Honestly, after all we have seen and heard over the past few weeks, most of us of sound mind are wondering why the former game show host has not been charged and arrested. 

I agree with Glenn Kirschner. 

"Ex-prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said Trump should be arrested "promptly" in light of the Mar-a-Lago search.

The FBI recovered dozens of empty folders marked confidential or containing instructions to return the contents to an aide.

"Did he sell them to America's adversaries? Did he use them to blackmail people?" Kirschner asked.

In the probe, investigators recovered nearly 100 empty folders, according to a detailed inventory unsealed and released by the Justice Department. It's unclear where the contents of each empty folder are.

Kirschner, speaking in an episode of his YouTube channel, questioned whether Trump might have sold or given away some of those classified government documents. 

'The most reasonable inference is that Donald Trump disposed of those classified documents after unlawfully taking them from the White House," Kirschner said. "To what purpose did he put them? Did he sell them to America's adversaries? Did he use them to blackmail people? Did he use them to leverage a favorable business deal in some country or another? We don't know yet.'"

True, we don't know all the details yet. But we know enough to know that the former game show host broke the law. And if he was just a another "normal" citizen like most of us, he would be talking to his lawyers about the best way to stay out of prison for a long time. 

This is what a former federal employee, James Turnage, wrote about the theft of classified docs: 

"The removal of secret documents from the protection of the United States federal government is a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. Trump stole 15 boxes of documents when he was removed from the White House, many of which were classified. This author was a federal employee for about two years and was told that if anyone violated the oaths of office, they could receive a punishment that could include a 25,000 dollar fine and 10 years in federal prison.

This author asks Trump supporters included, “if anyone violates federal law, should he or she be allowed to run for office?” Many believe that Trump’s theft of classified documents combined with his close relationship with Vladimir Putin should be treason.

How many times will this government, most importantly the Department of Justice, allow Trump to commit acts of sedition and irrefutable treason before he is tried for the ultimate crime against this nation?

On Friday, it was confirmed that the 15 boxes of federal documents stolen by Trump, and recovered in Mar-a-Lago, contained multiple documents containing national secrets. If this had been discovered as an act by anyone other than a disgraced former president, this individual would have been charged with the highest crime against the United States of America."

No one should be above the law, but this is America, and old habits are hard to break.  



Monday, August 29, 2022

Lindsey's bold prediction.


Lindsey Graham did a very bad thing when he went on FOX VIEWS, and then announced to the world that if criminal charges are filed against tfg there will be riots in the streets. This might be tfg's best strategy to prevent being charged: Threaten violence from the MAGA crowd if the DOJ does their job.  And seriously,  how does one get away with saying things such as this when one is a United States Senator? Am I missing something? 

What's scary is that the main stream media will let this pass. And they won't make a thing of it because the right- wing political class in this country has gotten so over the top that this type of rhetoric just seems to be par for the course with them. 

A United States Senator threatening "riots in the street" if the Justice Department does their job is kind of  a big deal, but you would never know it by the way this story has been covered. This is a signal from Lindsey to all the "deplorable MAGA fascists out there to take to the streets in defense of their dear leader. This is happening while said leader is demanding to be be reinstated as president. And you wonder why Joe Biden is throwing the F word around when making a reference to this guy's people is such a big deal. It really shouldn't be, because he is speaking facts. 

As Americans, we don't want to hear the ugly truth about our fellow citizens. It says something about us and this experiment that we chose to buy into, and it's not good. 

‘What happens if you have state changes the law saying that the children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children? Is that is that legit under the way this decision is written?’ said Biden, before referring to Trump’s Make America Great Again group.

‘What are the next things that are going to be attack? Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history. Recent "

Stay tuned. A certain Senator from South Carolina is predicting bad things.   

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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Movie caption Saturday.


What is the title of this movie? 

Bonus points if it features Jim Carrey. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Donald Capone.


Woo chile!  tfg is a whole mess. Lord have mercy! Imagine what it would take to have the feds search the home of a former president.  Believe me when I tell you field hands, that warrant to search tfg's gaudy (and very tacky) compound was rock solid, and there was absolutely probable cause for the feds to go looking. Now we are hearing that some of those docs that tfg sticky fingered out of the White House might have had nuclear implications. Pray church! 

But let me say this to the folks in MAGA land. Imagine, for a minute, that this was a guy named Barrack Obama and not your dear leader acting like Al Capone while playing president of the United States. All of your heads would be exploding, and you would be chanting "lock him up" like you were when you had your sights set on Hillary Clinton.  Honestly folks,  you might want to start reading all the material you can find about cults. 

Of course this story is full of ironies. tfg himself signed a law increasing the penalty for mishandling classified documents when he was president. I am quite sure that he never in a million years thought that he would be in this position, because in his delusional mind he really believes that laws do not apply to him.  

Yesterday he listened to his lawyers for once and pled the Fifth numerous times while sitting for a deposition before the New York AG. (He pled the Fifth over four hundred times for crying out loud!)  It's his right to do that, but man it sure doesn't look good. This is one of at least two other probes looking into the shady practices and criminal acts of tfg. I honestly don't know how he sleeps at night with all that legal jeopardy hanging over his head. Truly mob like.

I just find it hard to believe that folks are still supporting this guy. He is raising money off of his latest legal troubles and the poor folks in MAGA land are sending him their hard earned dollars to pay his legal fees. I suppose being a white supremacist president has its privileges. 

Speaking of lawyers, I am quite sure that tfg's lawyers are in deep conversation now trying to figure out how to respond to the DOJ's request to unseal the search warrant to tfg's home. Merrick Garland is calling tfg''s bluff, and he is daring him to let the American people see the warrant. This should be fun to watch. Let's see how his minions in the political class respond to this.

Anyway, now the right- wing lunatics are calling for a civil war, and one of them decided to have his Morris Island moment today. Needless to say it didn't end well.  By all accounts he was a devoted fan of tfg, and he was outraged that the government would have the nerve to search his dear leader's home. Imagine being willing to die for tfg. A man who cares about only one thing: Himself.  

“The mob takes the Fifth Amendment,...f you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

I know, right? 


Sunday, July 31, 2022

Say what?!


When I check out I want to be have my ashes spread over the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Falmouth, Jamaica.  I want a very small gathering, and very short goodbyes. 

Something about being buried in the ground just doesn't sit right with me. What if, for instance, there is some kind of life after death experience, and I wake up in a coffin six feet under? I have serious claustrophobia issues, and the thought of...lord I can't even think about it. 

So why I am I talking about how one chooses to be sent off after they say farewell to this life? Well, as you all might have heard by now, tfg's ex recently met an unfortunate end when she fell down a flight of stairs and said goodbye to this life. It was a weird way for her to go out, and needless to say some folks still have some questions. But the place her ex husband chose to bury her... Lord have mercy!    

Read what Matt Prigge had to say about the whole thing: 

"Donald Trump has a lot going on right now, but he’s somehow found the time to draw attention to one part of his empire in particular: his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. The former president has drawn fire from families of 9/11 victims for hosting a (sparsely attended) Saudi golf tournament at his NYC-adjacent course. But there’s more: When he buried his late ex-wife Ivana near the course’s first hole, he may have done so for tax break purposes.2022

As caught by The Daily Mail, Dartmouth sociology professor Brooke Harrington suspected something was up when Trump buried his first wife on one of his golf courses. So she did some snooping, and she discovered that in Jersey, there is no minimum number of bodies required for a plot of land to be designated a cemetery…and therefore be exempt from all taxes, rates, and assessments.

What’s more, tax documents reveal that the Trump Family Trust recently sought to designate a property only 20 miles from the golf club, in Hackettstown, to become a non-profit cemetery company.

So, did self-professed rich guy really use his late ex-wife’s death to save some money? He of course hasn’t addressed the matter. But as per Insider, he’s tried to turn his golf club into a makeshift cemetery before:"

No words. I mean this is beyond tacky even for the tfg. I have no feelings about Ivana one way or the other, but I know she deserved more than this. I mean, who wants to be buried on the first tee of a golf course? Hell Tiger Woods won't want to be buried on a damn golf course, and he made a billion dollars off the sport. 

I will never play Bedminster, but for those of you who do, please say a little prayer for tfg's ex buried below your tee box before you launch one down the fairway. 

Pic from news. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Feeling the heat.

With all due respect to Nelly, it's already "HOT in herr". WTF is happening to our planet? It was 114 degrees in some parts of the West. One hundred and fourteen degrees! Let that sink in for a minute. Even Denver, the Mile High City, hit 100 degrees. That is not normal, people. 

I wonder if all those right- wingnuts and climate deniers who have been screaming hoax from the mountain- top still believe that this is the hill they want to die on.  And of course they will reappear in the comments after this post to give us all the usual talking points: This is just history taking its natural course. There is no consensus among scientists that climate change is real, Plants and animals can and will adapt. And of course the kicker: Climate change is good for us.   

All I can say is thank the good lord above for air conditioning. If I had known then what I know now, I would have gone to HVAC school and gotten my HVAC certs instead of law school. The guy with one of the largest homes in my neighborhood owns his own HVAC company. God bless him. But I digress. 

Over in the UK, those poor Brits are having a time of it. They weren't built for this kind of heat, and it shows. There were fires breaking out all over London today, and the poor folks were losing their minds. Today was the hottest day recorded in their history.   The ancestors are getting their revenge for all those tropical countries they colonized. Sorry, I couldn't resist that one. 

Look, I'm no scientist, but this feels different. I wish it wasn't so, but I am afraid that it might be too late to save the planet. We should have collectively focused our energy on saving the planet years ago, but instead, we listened to the right-wingnuts and played politics with our survival. 

To my friends in Texas, I hope the power grid holds up. If it doesn't, your senator will just run away to a cooler place, and your governor will blame something [or someone else], while he continues to take  money from the big power companies down there. 

Stay cool field hands, and enjoy the planet while you can.  

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Caption Sunday.


What's the name of this movie?  

Sunday, July 03, 2022

Hold the fireworks.


I regret to announce that the 4th of July will be canceled this year as the American experiment has been hijacked by Christofascist forces. 

Maybe next year.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

More guns.

As the Supremes continue to take America closer to being a Christofascist state, it is important to read articles like the following from Tom Nichols ----writing for The Atlantic, to get a grasp of where we are heading as a country. I am afraid this trend will continue for awhile, because these Justices are still relatively young, and they have lifetime appointments. 

Just remember to vote next time. Elections have consequences. 

"I used to think of myself as a gun-control conservative—I supported both the right to own firearms and the interest of the state to limit that right—but America’s gun culture isn’t about rights. It’s about performative insecurity.

Back in 1959, the country singer Marty Robbins wrote a ballad about a murderous outlaw who met his well-deserved end at the hands of a handsome young Arizona Ranger who was carrying the “Big Iron on his hip.” (The song was supposedly inspired by a weapon Robbins saw in a shop, but there is some question about whether the Big Iron was a real gun.)

It’s a great song. But it wasn’t supposed to be a guide to life in modern America.

I don’t have the energy or expertise to debate whether the Supreme Court should have taken on the case of a New York State law that limited the ability to carry weapons around in public. Honestly, I just assume that many declines in the quality of American life for the foreseeable future will be announced with “In a 6–3 decision …” Elections have consequences, and with the current composition of the Court, this decision was inevitable.

The problem is not the Court’s decision. The problem is an adolescent, drama-laden gun culture, a romance with weapons that became extreme only in the past quarter century.

It didn’t used to be this way. I grew up around guns; my father had been a police officer, and we had two of them. My older half-brother, who lived a few streets away, was a police officer. Our next-door neighbor was a police officer. My hometown was a military town, and almost all of the men I knew were veterans who owned weapons and knew how to handle them. (There were some female veterans too. My mother, for one.)

What I remember about guns is that I remember almost nothing about guns. People owned them; they didn’t talk about them. They didn’t cover their cars in bumper stickers about them, they didn’t fly flags about them, they didn’t pose for dumb pictures with them. (I’ll plead one personal exemption: When I was a little boy, relatives in Greece once posed me in a Greek Evzone-soldier costume with my uncle’s hunting shotgun. I could barely lift it.)

Today, there is a neediness in the gun culture that speaks to deep insecurities among a certain kind of American citizen. The gun owners I knew—cops, veterans, hunters, sportsmen—owned guns as part of their life, sometimes as tools, sometimes for recreation. Gun ownership was not the central and defining feature of their life.

Don’t take my word for it that things have changed. Here’s Ryan Busse, a former gun-company executive who has now taken on his former industry, talking about the day someone showed up to a hunting party with an AR-15:

The unwritten rules of decency were enforced by firearm-industry leaders … I witnessed how this worked many times, including one occasion when a young writer brought his own AR-15 to a hunting event I was hosting in 2004. The senior figures there responded immediately. “That’s not the kind of thing we want to be promoting,” they said. The newcomer was shamed into locking the gun up for the rest of the event.

This kind of affirmation of cultural norms can be a lot more powerful than any law, and I suspect that the gun-culture extremists know it. They head off expressions of this kind of social disapproval by being aggressive and performative, daring anyone to criticize them for feeling the need to be armed while getting milk and eggs at the supermarket.

I have always trusted my fellow citizens with weapons. Now the most vocal advocates for unfettered gun ownership are men sitting in their cars in sunglasses and baseball caps, recording themselves as they dump unhinged rants into their phones about their rights and conspiracies and socialism.

The Supreme Court has now affirmed that all these guys can be the handsome ranger with the Big Iron on their hip. You can be angry with the Court for furthering and enabling this weirdness, but it’s not the Court’s fault. It is, as usual, our fault, as voters and citizens, for tolerating a culture that is endangering our fellow Americans instead of insisting that all of us exercise our constitutional rights like responsible adults." [Source] 

I have a slightly different take than Mr. Nichols, as I do put a little  more blame on the folks making the laws.  But I agree with his overall sentiment: This pseudo macho culture (mostly angry white men who want to make up for deficiencies in other areas, and young urban terrorist who measure their worth by the weapons they use) that has enveloped our society, will only cause things to get worse from here.  



Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Add climate change to our list of problems.

Still don't believe that climate change is real? 

Well, if you have been living in the FOX NEWS bubble over the past few years, you might still believe that it's all just a hoax. 

I hate to break it to you, but  if you do, you're in for a big surprise. 

The following is portions of an article from the Zinn Education Project: 

"If you have been reading the news or watching Democracy Now!, you have seen how climate chaos is crashing through the world:

Over 100 million people are under heat advisories in the United States as an early-season heat wave continues to break records from the Southwest to the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, firefighters are battling more than three dozen uncontained fires.

In Iraq, a massive dust storm hospitalized more than 5,000 people with respiratory ailments, in the latest of seven terrible dust storms to hit that country in just the last month. Temperatures in the Middle East and Central Asia have already soared to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

In Montana, record flooding has forced the closing of all five entrances to Yellowstone National Park. Roads and bridges in the area have been washed away. Flood levels on the Yellowstone River are now beyond record levels.

Pakistan and India just suffered through their hottest April in a century of record-keeping, with temperatures reaching more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit in parts of South Asia, resulting in misery for millions in that region.[Source]   

As if we don't have enough to worry about. 


Image from the University of Exeter. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Just in case.

 I practiced criminal law in Philly for a long time, and during that time I represented some... let's just say... people who who most of us would consider less than upstanding citizens. 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about some of my experiences. 

One particular memory has been standing out more than most. The time I went into a "rough" neighborhood--- even by Philly's standards--- to see a client and collect some cash from him. I never worried about how dangerous the neighborhoods I visited  were, because somehow I always thought that the people I represented, and the cred of being a criminal lawyer, would protect me. This time, though, I felt uneasy. It probably had something to do with how much cash I had on me at the time. A youngster (who couldn't have been more than sixteen) and his pal approached me before I got into my car. They didn't look particularly threatening, and, as it turned out, they knew who I was and just wanted to make small talk. "You a "lawyer, right?" He looked even younger up close. I told him I was. " You got your  fire with you?" I knew he was referring to a gun, and I told him no. I told him something to the effect that I didn't think that I needed one among my own people. He laughed and flashed what looked like a 9mm Glock so I could see it. "I always keep mine Mr Lawyer, just in case". He laughed again and walked off with his friend. I didn't even want to think about where his life was heading. I am pretty sure that he is either dead or in jail now.

The more I read and hear about the carnage on the streets of Philadelphia and other major American cities, the more I think about that encounter with that youngster in North Philadelphia some fifteen years ago. Guns are still everywhere, and every sixteen year old in North Philadelphia who wants a gun can get one. And not just any gun, a really powerful one; like a 9mm Glock.

There are a lot of reasons for these urban terrorists terrorizing each other and law abiding citizens. I could could go on and on about their broken homes, poor school systems, toxic masculinity, and societal failures that have done nothing to address the root causes of poverty. But the quickest way to reduce gun violence in the streets is to make guns less available. It's really not rocket science. And  I know that it's easier said than done, but we have to say it so that we can at least start somewhere. 

Philly made national news again for all the wrong reasons this past weekend.  Knuckleheads on South Street started brawling, and rather than fight with their fists, they chose to settle their differences with their guns. And of course, they all had their guns, because every young punk in Philly either has one, or knows how to get one. They are not in the NRA, and they were not trained in proper gun safety or how to shoot. So when they start beefing amongst  each other and reach for their "fire",  people die, and chaos ensues. 

"I always keep mine Mr. Lawyer, just in case".

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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Where are our "allies"?


And now I bring you the following article from Candice McDuffie, writing for The Root. 

It's still relevant, although you would never know it, because it seems that Buffalo happened so long ago.

"It’s been nine days since 13 people were gunned down—10 of them fatally—at the Buffalo supermarket Tops in the heart of a Black community. The white male terrorist behind it, Payton Gendron, published a manifesto online outlining his hatred of Black people and every step of his plan to kill them just days before the massacre.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022




How do we stop this madness?  


Sunday, May 15, 2022

There will be more replacement theory killers. And no one will be held accountable.

One common theme throughout my blogging career has been well meaning people who read my blog admonishing me because I allow the most hateful and vile white supremacists to post comments after my posts. 

Frankly, it's something that I have struggled with as well: Should I even allow comments? Should I block all comments, or just the offensive ones? At the end of the day, I always follow my strong First Amendment instincts and allow everyone to comment. I also allow it, because it's important that folks who read this blog realize what's lurking out there. They need to know how the landscape has changed, and how white supremacists--- and the hatred that they have for folks who look like me---- have become emboldened.

We all know by now what happened in Buffalo, New York, yesterday. A lone eighteen year old gunman took it upon himself to drive hours to find a black neighborhood and kill as many black folks as he could (eight is the latest count) before surrendering to law enforcement and being taken alive (Of course he was.) I am not sure if they took him to get a happy meal or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

His name is Payton Gendron, and his manifesto on white replacement , as someone stated on twitter, reads like a job application to be a producer on one of those FOX nightly news shows. 

There will be more Payton Gendrons in the days to come, because the right-wing hate machine that profits off white fear and resentment of others will not stop cranking out their hatred for profit. And gullible poor and undereducated white people will continue to think that folks who look like I do are the root of all of their problems. 

In the coming days the main stream media will tell us what a "troubled" and "unstable" teen Gendron is, and how he was simply suffering from mental issues. We won't hear that he is a vehicle for hate that was used and weaponized by the right-wing hate machine to take out his hatred on the people they tell us are trying to replace them. We won't hear that he is the product of a climate of fear and hatred that has emboldened racists and xenophobes thanks to the actions of the former president and his sycophants on the right. These are the people who praise Kyle Rittenhouse, but vilify Colin Kaepernick. 

 The blood of those thirteen people who were shot in Buffalo yesterday are on their hands.  

*Image from WTVD television. 



Friday, May 06, 2022

Samuel Alito's tale.

 I feel very comfortable saying as a man, that if men could get pregnant there would be more drive-through abortion clinics than Chick-fil-A restaurants in every town in America. 

So here we are. Fifty years of stare decisis  is about to be shot down by five conservative Judges on the Supreme Court. Why? Because only women get pregnant, and men don't have to give up control of their bodies for nine months to bring us our little bundles of joy. 

Forgot social stability and order in society, forget legal precedent, and forget respect for long settled law. These are different times we are living in. Justice Alito cites Sir Matthew Hale for crying out loud! The same Matthew Hale who said that husbands can't be prosecuted for raping their wives, and who sentenced women to death for being "witches".  Yikes!

Sadly, we should all have seen this coming when we elected the former guy to the highest office in the land. Now, anything is possible. We thought hat the highest court in the land was beyond reproach and could not be compromised. Boy were we wrong. 

Liberals and folks on the left are going crazy with rage. They can't believe that America has morphed into something out of The Handmaid's Tale.  And, quite frankly, some of them should be upset. I say some, because some of these same liberals and left-wing purists refused to vote for Her. ----You know, the e-mails lady--- Now, looking back, they are having regrets. 

But how could they have not seen this coming? It takes incredible political naivety the likes of which is reserved for the Susan Collins of the world to believe that these Justices were not going to get on the Supreme Court and do exactly what they are apparently going to do. When they all sat there lying to those Senators during their confirmation hearings about respecting precedent and Roe being settled law, we all knew they were lying. But the political game is so rigged in America, and the feckless and inept democrats in congress are so powerless, that we all knew that there was nothing that was going to be done to stop the inevitable. 

Now we will see how committed folks in this country are to making sure that we don't go backwards when it comes to our individual rights. If a woman can be prosecuted and jailed for a choice she makes when it comes to her own body, just imagine what could come next. 

I recently saw the following quote from an article written for back in November. 

"Here's the best-kept secret about the so-called abortion "debate" in the United States: It's actually not that much of a debate at all. A majority of Americans believe that the decision to end or continue a pregnancy should be left to a woman and her doctor, not the state. Most Americans oppose laws that make it more difficult for reproductive health clinics to operate. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments next month challenging Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide, but fewer than a third of Americans want Roe to be overturned. "

When you have autocratic and fascist leanings, the will of the people does not matter. Only those who are in power get the final word. 

Happy Mother's Day everybody.    


Sunday, May 01, 2022

You never know when those corn flakes might attack.


I'm going to need some of you to help me understand this trend with some of my gun loving friends. I mean  has it really become this dangerous to visit your local Target? 

What motivates a mother to bring her kids shopping with a long-gun strapped to her back? Spats over parking spaces can get rough sometimes. I get it, those minivans are big. But is Karen really going to go Rambo on someone for beating her to a spot? 

This trend, I must say, is troubling. I am not sure I feel comfortable in a public space with someone who just wants to show off that fact that they can exercise their Second Amendment right in the most open of ways. Especially when I see guys like this.  Of course we all know what his problem is. (Hey buddy, I guess you gotta find a way to make up for what you're lacking in other areas. Just saying..)

Some of you in Red States might have a totally different view about this. But personally, I don't think this good guy with a gun thing is a good idea. 

We pay law enforcement officers for that. Let them do their jobs. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Swinging back.

Like many of you, I watched the speech by Michigan state senator, Mallory McMorrow, and I must say that it's good to have allies like her in the struggle against ignorance and bigotry. 

If you haven't watched it,  you are missing out on real classic. It's political speech at its finest. She touched all the right themes, and she was honest and unflinching in her delivery. More importantly, she was speaking directly to the person who smeared her in the first place, and it was everything you expected it to be. 

Watch it and give me your thoughts.   

Personally, I think that it's about time that some of these cowardly pols start "swinging back." I mean you can't let the right control the narrative and label you as a pedophile and you do or say nothing. 

That has gone on long enough, and finally someone is saying, enough.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Will, I know you're from Philly, but you're not ROCKY.

 I didn't want to blog about the slap heard around the world, but since everyone else has given their opinion I will throw in my two cents worth as well.

First, I am not a fan of Chris Rock, never have been. There is a houseish (my word) element to his comedy and to him that I have always found to be a bit disconcerting. He is the kind of brother that comes to the cookout and tells those other folks all of our secrets.  But I digress. 

On to Sunday night, and my homie, Will Smith, doing the unthinkable. (At least for someone in his position.) My first thought was that it was all an act, but then I saw Smith going on about "keep my wife's name out of your f****g mouth", and it hit me that it was all very real.

The commentary from various sectors of society has been interesting. Listening to right-wingers, for instance, condemn the violence at the Oscars, but refusing to condemn the insurrectionist on January 6th who tried to overthrow the government was rich. The hypocrisy of it all. But shame on Will Smith for acting out in such a manner and allowing certain folks in society to say: "See, I told you so, that's how they are". 

Look, I get wanting to defend your wife's honor (Pay attention Ted Cruz) but there were other ways that he could have handled that. Back stage comes to mind. The show of toxic masculinity was not a good look. Sadly, that is what a lot of people have come to expect from black men, and Smith played right into that stereotype. He did it in primetime no less, for all the world to see. I would hope that Will is way past the trying to impress Jada phase of their relationship, but apparently not. 

There is a reason that a look or a verbal diss can get you killed in many of our neighborhoods. As a criminal defense attorney, I have had to defend a countless number of young men who let their emotions get the better of them at the wrong time. Many of them were from poor broken homes, and they were raised by the streets, so striking out was all they knew. Will Smith is worth millions of dollars, and he  was living his best OJ life (when white folks don't see you as black) so he had no excuse for acting out in such a manner. I say was, because that has changed. Now, to folks in the majority population, he is black again. 

Will Smith should dedicate the rest of his life to helping young black men keep their emotions in check and checking their toxic masculinity at the door. 

One night at the Oscars that went sideways might actually end up being a teachable moment. 

I know who is already over it: Chris Rock. His upcoming tour has already sold out all the cities he is playing in, and tickets are going for double what they were before he felt Smith's pimp hand.

"My behavior at last night's Academy Awards was unacceptable and inexcusable," Smith wrote. "I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong."

Everybody doesn't hate Chris now. He can thank Will Smith for that.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Being "woke" means never having to fear being "canceled".

If you want a good read check out the article from about the New York Times bothsideism hit piece on "cancel culture". 

Memo to the Times: If you can't see the difference between ordinary citizens rejecting homophobia, racism and other forms of ignorance, to actual politicians passing laws to ban books and other forms of free expression, then there is no place for you in this debate. :

If a collective group of individuals choose to shun someone on social media or not to spend their money supporting an artist they find offensive, that should be celebrated, not condemned as cancel culture run amok. 

I consider myself "woke" and I am proud of it. That's not something to be ashamed of. Being respectful of others and their differences, and standing by your beliefs is what we should all strive for.  I am not out to "cancel" anyone, but if the shoe fits.

Just look at the people who whine about being canceled and ask yourself what they all  have in common. I guarantee you that it's not the traits that I mentioned above. 

"Woke" has become a dirty word, and it shouldn't be. But the folks who control the media narrative in this country are not good actors, and it goes to something deeper: A  fear of something that they have no control over and don't know how to stop.   

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Another World War?


There is a war now raging in the Ukraine, as the word's most evil leader flexes his (what used to be) muscles at the Ukrainian people. War is ugly, and no one wants this, but here we are.

I know that people in places such as Africa and the Middle East have suffered a similar fate with less sympathy than the Ukrainians. And I understand the sentiment that says that we should be equally outraged when human's have their lives disrupted in this way no matter where they are. But if you don't understand that Russia, as a country with nuclear capabilities, has the ability to change our lives as we all know it, you have been living under a rock. 

These are dangerous and scary times, and they call for serious thinkers and leaders. Unfortunately, here in  America, we have had to deal with a right-wing that believes that this is a time to ramp up the culture wars, score cheap political points, and articulate Russian talking points. When we consider that most right-wingers view Putin more favorably that their own American president, it should give us all cause for pause. 

Of course we understand why they have taken this posture. For four years tfg  played best buds with  Putin, tried to weaken NATO, and pretended that Russia could become one of our closes allies. Now that we are seeing Mr. Putin's true colors, it's hard for them to let go of the narrative and face the reality of what we are dealing with.

It wasn't that long ago that the world was at war, and that war ended the way that we all wanted it to. Now, as history starts to repeat itself, we find ourselves wondering if this will be different, and if it isn't, what then? 

Our fellow right-wing citizens who have been acting as Putin cheerleaders better think long and hard about that. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 I got nothing. I just wanted to post on this date.

Now back to my bunker while I wait for WW III. 

Quick question: With so many on the right rooting for Putin,  will the Russians have to actually invade us?  Or, will they just wait for the civil war and hope that we destroy ourselves?

Sunday, February 06, 2022

We need some answers.


Wassup field hands? I know the posts have been a bit sporadic, but I am deep in these fields with this work thing, so just hang with me a little bit while I get some things together. 

Having said that, I had to post about this bit of news from Western Pennsylvania. I am not sure why this story is not getting more traction, but hopefully we will get some answers soon. 

Maybe my friends at the Pittsburgh Courier can give us some updates, since it's pretty much being ignored by the lame stream media. 

"People are demanding answers after a Jamaican immigrant was found shot and killed in western Pennsylvania while attending a hunting trip with a former co-worker and friends.

A man identified as Peter Spencer, 29, was found dead on Carl’s Road in Rockland Township in the early morning hours of Dec 12. He was shot at least nine times.

“We are talking six bullets into the chest, two into the buttocks, and one we have a different opinion – either through the mouth or from the neck out of the mouth,” Tim Stevens, CEO of local organization, the Black Political Empowerment Project, told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4.

The organization has been calling for an arrest for Spencer’s murder.

Spencer’s pregnant fiancee had dropped him off at a cabin in Venango County on Dec 11. A man he used to work with contacted him about the hunting trip on Snapchat.

“This time he was taken directly into the woods and not this person’s mother’s home … to the fiancĂ© she didn’t totally feel comfortable with that,” Stevens said.

Shortly after Spencer was dropped off at the cabin, his fiancee said she received a text saying he was staying the night. Around 2:30 am on Dec 12, police were called to the cabin and found Spencer dead at the scene. A 25-year-old man was taken into custody and claimed self-defense. Multiple guns were also located at the scene.

Currently, no charges have been filed." [Source]

Peter's first mistake was trusting these guys enough to go hunting with them. But that's a post for a  different time. For now, we just need some answers. I am sure that the District Attorney in that Western Pennsylvania county doesn't want to end up like the DA in this case.  

Do your job! 


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

? Of The Day.

 Who should Uncle Joe appoint to the Supremes? 

And how intense will the fight be to get his person on the bench? 


Saturday, January 15, 2022

The clock is ticking....

 The following article is from The Atlantic, and it was written by Adrienne LaFrance. 

At the end of this article there is a link to a series of articles on this very subject. I suggest you follow it. 

"History finds us two ways, to borrow from Hemingway: gradually, then suddenly. One year after Donald Trump led his supporters in an attempted coup against the United States, the nation is still very much in the throes of that attack.

Despite blaring sirens and flashing lights, despite ever more visible signs of the fragility of American democracy, envisioning what America will become if we fail to prevent the next coup attempt is strangely, terrifyingly difficult. As my colleague George Packer argued recently, only by correcting this failure of imagination will we have a shot at crawling our way out of catastrophe. Those who seek to trample democracy in America have a coherent plan and are resolute in carrying it out. “They will certainly try again,” Barton Gellman wrote in his essential cover story about the coup attempt. “An unpunished plot is practice for the next.”

It’s not just that the stakes are high; we’re also running out of time. The things we stand to lose aren’t just abstract ideals, but actual freedoms. I find myself thinking often of a recent conversation I had with my colleague Anne Applebaum, trying to imagine what it would be like to live in the United States after the dissolution of democracy. She described the frightening likelihood of bloodshed—a kind of violence not seen since the Civil War—and a profound level of corruption. “I’m afraid it could happen very fast,” Anne told me. “I mean, it could happen within weeks or months of a disputed and probably violent inauguration. Preventing that from happening really should be every citizen’s first priority.”

For generations, dating back to our magazine’s founding amid fracture in 1857, The Atlantic has been preoccupied with keeping the American idea—and America itself—alive. In recent years, our concern with growing threats to democracy has perforce been at the core of our journalistic mission. As our editor in chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, wrote in our most recent issue, “The Atlantic, across its long history, has held true to the belief that the American experiment is a worthy one, which is why we’re devoting so much of our journalism in the coming years to its possible demise.”

It is in that spirit that we offer this reading list, a guide to our recent work about this nation in this moment, and to the peril our democracy is in. We hope you will find it enlightening, useful, and even hopeful." [List here]

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Jan 6th, 2021.


It will be a year tomorrow.