Sunday, May 14, 2006

Reflections From The Field-Negro About The News

Good morning and happy Mother's Day everybody. Well it's Sunday morning, and massa has just thrown out his Sunday paper. It's a good time for the field-negro to sneak a peak at the latest news, and reflect on what's happening in my city and the world.

Tavis Smiley Draws Full Crowd:

I am not sure what to think of this brother. His book tour just came to my city and it was a sellout. His book, "The Covenant With Black America" is doing really well on the NYT best sellor's list, thanks to the incredible support it has received from us black folks. I like that, I like the fact that we are supporting a book by one of our own and -although I haven't read it yet-it's a book that seems to be all about positives with some plans for improving our plight.

But Tavis... mmmm. I gotta think about this some more. Hey, maybe now that the book is doing so well Oprah will put him on her show....ahhh scratch that, he isn't white, so he isn't getting on Oprah's book club anytime soon.

GOP's Risky Ploy: Scary Democrats:

It seems like the repubs have found a new Willie Horton. It's John Conyers, the Chairman in waiting to take over the House Judiciary Committee, if the dems should happen to win the most seats in November. With frat boy's approval ratings at about 30% there is no way the repubs will be able to win on his record. So the plan is; scare the hell out of the base with the specter of Conyers looming over them. The repubs are hoping that the thought of him flooding the white house and Haliburton with subpoenas for the years that the dems are in power, will be enough to scare their base to the polls.

The rallying cry will be: Would you want this man over the Judiciary committee? And of course, right below those words, will be pictures of the black bogeyman Conyers in waiting. And it just might work, given the make up of the repub base. So dems, don't go counting your chickens just yet, the repubs have a race and fear card or two up their sleeves just waiting to be pulled.

Bush To Call On National Guard For Border Duty:

That's right frat boy, and not a moment too soon. Just when your base was about to cut you loose---if they haven't already--- the Rove master comes up with this brilliant strategy to bring them back. Many hard core red state repubs have been carping for something like this for months, so now frat boy-tanking in the polls- decides to deliver. And not a moment too soon I mght add.

The question is, will it work? And the answer is, of course it won't. But let's not let that get in the way of a good political move.

You go get those illegals frat boy, after all, they are evil doers too.

Cheyney Mentioned In Leak Case:

Dic...oh why bother, every time I see this guy I think of those old Hogan's Heroes television shows. I am not going to waste any more time with him. We move on.

McCain Gives Speach At Falwell's University:

"If the United States and the West can be criticized for our role in this catastrophe, it is becuase we have waited too long to intervene to protect the multitudes who are suffering, dying because of it. Twelve years ago, we turned a blind eye to another genocide, in Rawanda...Now, belatedly, we have recovered our moral sense of duty..."

Now a lot of people criticized McCain for giving the commencement address at Liberty University. I say, as long as he is talking like that, he could have given that bad boy at a David Duke fund raiser and I would not have cared.

And speaking of Republicans coming up large; I have to give a shot out to Republican Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. This guy has visited Darfur more times than many of our black leaders, and has raised funds and led tours of impoverished regions of Africa on a regular basis. Bottom line, the guy walks the walk regardless of what you think of his politics.

Government Has Long History Of Abusing Individual Rights:

I see where there was a poll that said 62% of Americans have no problems with what the government did, when it data mined the phone calls of private individuals within the United States. All I can say is, shame on them. The talking point goes like this: I have nothing to hide, if the government wants to listen in on my call to aunt Agnes then they can go right ahead. In other words, if you don't have anything to hide, what are you afraid of? I will tell you what I am afraid of: I am afraid of my rights as a citizen being slowly taken away, I am afraid that the checks and balances on the executive branch is weakening, I am afraid of a repeat of J "Cross Dresser" Hoover and his wire taps of MLK in the FBI's attempt to get him to commit suicide. ---Wiretaps, which by the way, Robert Kennedy approved. I am afraid of the 1920's red scare all over again, and the abuse of power by the likes of Richard Nixon, and LBJ.

"Let's talk about this in a rational way. We're in a war with terror, and there are people out there who want to kill us..." So says Senator Jeff Sessions, from that bastion of civil rights, the great state of Alabama. No Senator, we are in a war with those who want to tear down the Constitution and abrade our individual rights. Now I am kind of wishing I lived out west, then I could drop my phone provider (Verizon) and get Qwest. Yeah thanks Verizon, for giving up my records to the government. Oh, and you might want to pass this on to your lawyers. Have you ever heard of the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act? Well, I think section 2702 of that law says something like: -And I am paraphrasing here- The providers of electronic communications companies shall not knowingly divulge a record or other information pertaining to a customer or subscriber.

Yep, I will be waiting for my check, along with the millions of other citizens whose privacy you violated.

Violence Surges Police Face Manpower Shortage:

In local news in my hometown of Philly; yet another young black male shot to death while riding his bicycle in Southwest. Another body found shot execution style in East Oak Lane, and a nineteen year old black male shot to death while waiting at a gas station. All this, while 610 police officers are on leave for various reasons such as injuries, and being assigned to desk duty.

Of course, I can't blame the police. -Even though the chief is incompetent- There are just too many guns on the street, and the state legislators will do nothing about it. Why? I will tell you why. To them, Philadelphia is not really a part of Pennsylvania. ---Which is just a northern version of Alabama to begin with. As far as they are concerned, those n*****s might as well just keep killing each other, no sweat off of their backs, those n*****s are savages anyway. People in the western part of the state want to hunt, and any law that even comes close to violating their second amendment rights is evil. So all you gun sellors, just keep selling those automatic weapons to those straw buyers, so that they can keep flooding the streets of Philly with their weapons. Hey, as long as the money keeps pouring in from the NRA, those whores in Harrisburg will be right there to collect it, and they will continue to sit on their asses while the killings continue.

Winston McCuen:

Has anybody ever heard of Winston McCuen? Well if you haven't it's a shame, because Winston is a high school Latin teacher in South Carolina. Winston has openly said in his class room that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites. He has also said that Andrew Jackson is his hero and he agrees with the old confederate vice president that slavery was a positive thing for America.

Now I have no problem with Winston and his right to express his views. This is America, and he is entitled to them. Besides, any regular reader to this blog knows that I support racist that come out of the closet one hundred percent, I just wish more would do it.

Having said that, my problem is the double standard on the right. I guarantee you that if old Winston was in a class room talking about what a bad President frat boy is he would have been all over Faux news, conservative talk radio, and the right wing blogs. ---See Ward Churchhill. Yep, Winston McCuen could have been a household name by now, but of course the right won't talk about him, because his lecture does not involve political ideology or spin. I guess it's alright to indoctrinate young high schoolers with racist rants, as long as you don't try to make them liberals. And Republicans wonder why only ten percent of black people support them. Geeez!


Now lets see what's up with the sports page:

Barry still stuck on 713. Come on Barry just two more.
I see those fly balls aren't going quite as far now, so maybe you did use roids. But guess what, I don't care. Ruth didn't play against the negro leaguers, so his record is tainted too.
I know you are a jerk, but that doesn't excuse all the racist hate mail and death treats you have been getting. It doesn't excuse white America pointing you out when golden boy Mark McGwire did the same thing. And it certainly doesn't excuse white sports writers for trying to take away all that you accomplished before there was even talk of steroids. So please hurry up and break this record before they think of some ingenious way to stop you.

Looks like my man Avery Johnson is doing some serious coaching for the Mavs. The previously heartless but talented Mavs, are finally playing some D - at least for them- and it looks like, thanks to their coach, they have a chance now. Good job Avery. Oh by the way, did I mention that he is a part of Jaguar nation? (That would be Southern Jaguars to all you house negroes)

The Phillies are winning at a serious pace. (12 of 13) Good for them, but I must confess, even though they are my hometown team, I am not really feeling the Phillies. (They were the last National League team to integrate, and they were rough on my man Richie Allen, and were brutal to Jackie Robinson when he came here.) But hey, I guess any ring will do at this point, so a very weak go Phillies from me.

I see my home town is trying to get the 2016 olympics. It could be done, certainly all the facilities are here, and as much as I get on Philly, it's still a beautiful city. Great parks, great venues, and beautiful historic buildings and landmarks all around. So I am keeping my fingers crossed in anticipation of welcoming the world to some brotherly love in 2016.

I gotta go now, I hear massa coming.

Hapy Mother's Day!


Dangerfield said...

Good post dog, Mark

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother,

Much love and respect. Just passing some info. your way. Don't know if you heard of this Philly based AA organization "Men United for a Better Philadelphia".

Sounds positive.

field negro said...

I know of them, they are some good brothers, trying to do some positive things. I have actually participated in some of their marches.

Thanks for the info.


Anonymous said...

Great, FN

brothers killing each other... it is not about the proliferation of guns on the street.

sports; i 2nd you on Barry; although baseball to me is boring; and i am hoping that the Pistons get it this year; but tonight they self-destructed for the 2nd time; i love Rashid, but i wish he would shut-up!

No way in Hell McCain is goingto be the Prez; next I guest he is visiting the 700 club...another Righ-Wing-Radical-Reactionary- Fringe-Cult

field negro said...

Denise, I know brothers are killing brothers, but trust me, it's too easy to get guns on the street in Philly, and it's just making an already bad situation worse. Sorry about your Pistons. I am kinda cheering for them. "Rip", and Rasheed are from this area.There is still hope :)


field negro said...

See Denise, I told you to have faith in your Pistons. They pulled it out!


Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

Dangerfield said...

no offense denise but the pistons are going to lose to the heat (hopefully). Mark

Anonymous said...

He's KKK

I won't put the link because you don't want to be linked or to go there, but he is listed as

Imperial Council
Hero Member
Posts: 271

Anonymous said...

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