Sunday, July 15, 2007

Decisions decisions.

I was recently reading some comments from a fellow black blogger (Not sure who, it might have been AA pundit) about the need for black bloggers to organize and come together around one of the Presidential candidates. Now personally, I deplore most politicians. I view them in the same light that I do used car salesmen, IRS agents, and right wing radio talk show hosts. But I also value my right to vote, and I understand the hard work and struggle that many before me went through to give me that right. So I will be voting come this next Presidential election, but sadly, I just don't quite know who I will be voting for yet.

I do know who I won't be voting for. It won't be a third party candidate--wasted vote, and I sure as hell won't be voting for one of the "usual white male suspects" from the rethuglican party. That's an easy call for me. I like to consider myself an independent politically, but those damn rethuglicans make is so hard for me to stay that way. I mean even after being invited, those ass holes (except for one) didn't have the decency to attend and address the NAACP convention. I guess they figured they would have turned off their base if they did. God forbid they address a room full of black folks. The fear of it alone was probably what scared them all away. And I am not even a big fan of the NAACP, but they are the oldest civil rights organization in this country, and they have hundreds of thousands of members, so they certainly deserve more respect than these assholes gave them. I hope the next time one of those black Republicans comes around, you let them know how their party really feels about us, and tell them to kiss your black ass.

So anyway, that was a serious digression; back to my point. Since I won't be voting for a third party candidate and I sure as hell won't be voting for one of the angry white men on the red side; it looks like I might be stuck with one of the Democrats. Now I have heard them all, and unfortunately they all sound alike to me. It's honestly kind of scary. I suppose it's a D.C. thing to just keep promoting the status quo. That's why it would be great to have black bloggers and voters demanding accountability from these clowns. We need to demand that the politicians address the issues that matter to us. Issues such as black on black crime, the need for better funding for educational programs, and proper affordable health care for all Americans. We need to get their attention somehow, and it will take more than just punching away on our keyboards everyday to do it.

I see Obama is addressing shit that effects black folks like the Genarlow Wilson case, and that's a good thing. And John Edwards has been pretty consistent with his focus on anti poverty initiatives. So they both are on my radar, and I always listen a little more closely when one of them states a position or makes a public pronouncement these days. Sorry Francis, I am still not feeling Hillary just yet. I just can't get past her flip flop on the Iraq war, and her slick attempt to weasel out of her fickle convictions. Still, it would be nice to see America join the 21st Century and elect someone besides a white male as President.

So my fellow black bloggers I am with you on this one. We need to get behind one of these ponies and ride him (or her) all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Finally, speaking of political organizing. I think the Yearly Kos convention is coming up in early August. I know, because the Kossacks have reached out to bloggers of color about attending; even offering assistance to get some of us to the convention. A condescending act in of itself. (We have to help the poor black folks) Maybe I shouldn't be so critical of Kos, I suppose that is an admirable thing to do, especially since the"Yearly Kos" convention is usually whiter than pit row at a NASCAR race. So hey, every little bit of color will help I guess. A little input from the dark side. Let's just see how serious they take us. Honestly, I don't have a problem with those black bloggers who will choose to hook up with the Kossack crowd. If they do it to help get someone in the White House who will better address our issues, that's cool. As long as they don't forget that at the end of the day; most of those Kossacks ain't any different and are just as clueless on matters of race as those on the other side of the political spectrum. They might be "progressive" but when it comes to progress on issues of race, they are still living in the dark ages.


DivineLavender said...

FN; How do we get them to listen to us (black bloggers)? I mean I see all the Myspace and Facebook groups from politicians. Yet, they give the same answers. Who is trying to organize us? Is there a group rallying for us black bloggers to do more than blog about our opinions. Politicians only pay attention to fundraising...

It seems as individuals and collective we don't have a pocket book any of them are trying to court. Maybe I am wrong.

Enlighten you usually do.


field negro said...

Devine, that's a good question, and here is my solution:

We already have a few loose coalitions of black blogger groups, such as the conservative brotherhood,the Afrospear, and the Google blacaction group. All it would take is a conference call between all the groups to decide on a set strategy to coalesce around for purposes of the upcoming election.(I think this might be the hardest part;getting black folks to all agree on one or maybe two candidates :)

We would also probably need to form a PAC (Political Action Committee) in order to be able to raise $ for the candidates that we unite around. I agree with you that money is the key, and I don't think it would take much for each of us to kick out a few bucks -even a number as low as $25 - to start building a kitty.Right now there are a couple of powerful liberal groups who are trying to get us to support their PAC. They promise to help us with our fund raising by allowing us to give to their PAC. Not good enough in my book, we should have our own. But hey, that's just me.

So that's where I would start, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi Feild Negro,
I think its unfair to assume that KOS was trying to demean blacks by offering to help us monatarily to the convention. Hell, some of us are parents with kids who would love to go, but do not feel like taking money away from our daily expenses to go to the convention.

With that said, I must agree...this is a terribley difficult decision to make as no one candidate stands out. I still haven't gotten an answer from the Obama crew on how he plans to straighten out the school systems in the country if he wasn't able to get them straightened out in Chicago!

Go figure!

Christopher Chambers said...

Dude, if you take the one GOP candidate and the one Democrat with the best skills (despite any baggage), brains, toughness, you'd have John McCain versus Bill Richardson. Unfortunately we all know that ain't gonna happen. I say we stop the bullsh*t and just throw in behind Obama. Yes he's candy ass about too many things and needs grow a pair of balls and sprout a pair of fangs, but for once, I say let race rule. It will unite the ghettofab idiots with the bourgies, the Stanley Crouchs with the Michael Dysons, the Nas's with the Diddys. He's a clean slate. Period. Hillary is a dirty billboard (sorry francis). Fine in the primaries with a bunch of Democrats who don't know any better, but hell in the general election. Buy her off with a cabinent post.

By the way I love that Fox News poster. That's the kind of stuff we need to feature. And new they want to let Herr Goebbels buy Dow Jones? Oh hell no...

dnA said...


It occurs to me that the field of house negroes has grown so broad that one every day is not enough. Have you considered giving second and third place prizes?

west coast story said...

Oh here I am, the voice of doom as usual. But is it really reasonable to expect black bloggers to unit behind a single candidate? It assumes there is only one black point of view. And I say this as someone who really likes Obama, Richardson and Edwards but still doesn't know who I like best yet (except I know it WON'T be Clinton).

I get the importance of unity but I just wonder. Not a fully formed thought yet.

C-dell said...

I would have to say that as a nation we do need to enter the 21st century and elect a different type of person and I don't like hilary either she is too fake for me. I am supporting Obama.

Francis Holland said...

I strongly support those who strongly support Barack Obama, because I think he would make a great president and he WILL make a great vice president.

I have deep respect and much love and admiration for Barack Obama. As a team, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are going to be unbeatable. Blacks need to insist starting right now that our "Plan A" AND our "Plan B" be respected.

Barack Obama is on fire and he has the best candidacy going, aside from Hillary Clinton's.

But, they're only going to share the ticket if Barack Obama comes in first or second in the primaries, so I strongly support everyone who strongly supports Barack Obama.

YearlyKos? A Black man said to a whitosphere "progressive," "Would you please take your boot off my face?" The whitosphere "progressive" replied, "I'm not THAT progressive!"

Oh, wait. Maybe the whitosphere progressive replied, "I'm a PROGRESSIVE, not a RADICAL!"

Still, I wonder why the white supremacist apartheid DailyKos hasn't invited ME to the YearlyKos ball? Maybe it's because of this: "Francis L. Holland to Attend YearlyKos, Lead "Truth About Kos" Panel Discussion" or maybe it's because of this: "The Indictment of Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA by Justice and History."

I think it would be useful if some (three or four) Blacks went to YearlyKos, if only so they can videotape all of the bull-crap that goes on and document the lack of diversity and diverse opportunities for leadership there.

I don't think we should go expecting to integrate the club, but rather as AfroSpear reporters who can tell Black people about all the crap that goes on. We also need someone there to denounce MAMZ when he gives some feces-stinking reason why we cannot elect Barack of Hillary president in 2008. If we go to YearlyKos, we need to go either as unmistakablly insistent voices, fighters for ending the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency.

I've called on the Democratic candidates not to go, because I believe Markos is bad news. He's a dead rat just waiting to start stinking. Anybody Democrat reads my last few posts at "The Truth About Kos will agree that Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA and his right-wing death-squad affiliated family in El Salvador are BAD, BAD news.

All of that notwithstanding, I'd still got to DailyKos if (1) President Bush promises that I won't get extraordinarily renditioned re-entering the United States, and (2) if MAMZ gives me a large meeting room and a slide projector for my "Truth About Kos" presentation.

Meanwhile, the the American Prospect quoted my analysis of the Edwards candidacy vs. Blacks today.

This is a victory for the AfroSpear, because it means we're being taken seriously in the presidential race.

If you support Barack Obama and you go to YearlyKos, then go with an ax handle and defend your candidate with your life!

DivineLavender said...

FN; That sound like a good concept. I must be living under a rock because I really don't know anything about Kos.

Personally, I like Hillary and Obama....Realistically, I think they will join on one ticket. They both have my vote. I love Hillary as a woman and she has bigger and hairer balls than most men I know. She is smart, calcuated, knowledgeable...of course a great politican. Obama....hells lets just make history. We need some one in leadership that will take USA off as international enemy number one!

You know Beige people will probably try and kill him anyway...history sometimes repeats itself.

field negro said...

divine, you are scaring me with that talk man...but hey, this ia America. Let's hope the people in the Secret Service do their job.

Hey Francis, I saw that article; they called you "controversial". You think?

But I am glad that the rest of the world is starting to notice the hardest working man in the blog business :)

Ridwan said...

Hi Field:

The last time I posted we differed on Bono.

I know this is not linked to your comment here but I am asking you to sign on, and encourage your readers to sign, our petition calling for a Tourism Boycott of Australia.

We are responding to the inhumane and racist invasion of aboriginal lands in the Northern Territoty.

Please access the petition at:

If you need a little background check my blog for links and discussion, etc:

Thank you brother.

Ridwan Laher

field negro said...

Ridwan, thanks for the links and the heads up on what's going on "down under" I will definitely check it out.

Francis Holland said...

Thanks, Field!

To me "controversial" is a big compliment! When America is trying to kill off and imprison Black people, I there would have to be something terribly wrong with me if I didn't have anything "controversial" to say in response.

Look at Troy Davis down in Georgia. Either he's guilty of murder or he's guilty of going to McDonald's for a hamburger. Either way, it looks like he's going to be executed. Having bought a hamburger before on numerous occasions, I can identify with Troy Davis. Any one of us could be Troy Davis, just by stepping out of our houses or even by staying home and waiting for the police to knock on our doors.

In the AfroSpear, we celebrate "Controversial Day" and give out awards for "Most Constructively Controversial." I don't think I've won any awards yet, but I'm going to keep trying!

I imagine that MAMZ reaching our to Black bloggers may be a result of the constant criticism he has received over the last year as well as the organization of the AfroSpear into a force that can no longer be ignored.

-=Topper=- said...

Hello my name is dave or topper and I am a cracker.

I think at this point this may be well known, but can I co sign on Obama? Well, not yet.

At the democratic debate one enlightening question was asked of the dais, does the war on terror still exist? Only three raised their hands, Obama, Hill and Edwards.

This concerns me greatly. However voting on and advancing the debate of Levin/Reid, they still have tendencies to tow the rhetorical war on terror lines. Hill does this verbatim to the talking points of Bush.

Another issue is Lobbies, Obama signs onto AIPAC and supports Israel. This is again towing the line of those in the house. If you get my drift.

Obama is extremely comfortable with where he is at in this world. You can see that when he is on the Senate floor during a quorum call.

Can he win? If he's the choice, and as far as the top three goes, he will indisputably be mine, I think he can.

And from what I have gathered from he run in Illinois he has the balls to make it happen himself.

It can be said that Barack can play the game and by the rules set by his opponents.

It has been said that there should be a Clinton/Obama ticket. Can't see that happening. Edwards and Clinton are in some sort of cahoots right now.

And frankly if Obama should get the nod, he should appoint a VP out of the box. Maybe Kucinich.

But I don't want to see Hillary anywhere near the white house.

Tossed up. But Obama would get my vote.


Francis Holland said...

Check THIS out:

Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA's "Family Business" Pollutes Unique Salvadoran Lagoon and Threatens Wildlife Species.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, if Kos is serious, he'd hand an engraved invitation to Francis Holland. Otherwise, he's not going to be taking Black Bloggers seriously, and at the end of the convention, I'm going to ask for a head count of attendees, and what percentage of them were African-Americans.

Hint - less than 10% will show up. Kos picks and chooses his "African-American" causes.

When he called Cynthia McKinney "loony", all the "Kossasks" went right along with him.

Then I wrote a diary called "Racism When it's Fashionable" and got flamed when I called people on their racism toward McKinney.

He was supporting Harold Ford for the Senate until Ford came out in favor of a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Kos flamed him for it, and in a matter of hours, any support Ford had from Kos' blog virtually disappeared.

He got on the Obama train - then Obama took over someone's "My Space" page that was devoted to all things Obama; then Kos hopped off that train, accused Obama of trying to control the Blogsphere, and 50% of Obama's support went out the window.

I rarely diary over there anymore, because Kos does what we accuse the Democratic Party of doing - pimping African-Americans when needed, and kicking us to the curb after they get what they want. No reciprocity at all, and never will.