Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The dogs are liking it.

There is a story I heard once at a seminar. It's about this dog food company that was losing market share and quickly going into the tank. The CEO of the company called all the VP's and bigwigs together to see what they could do to stop the bleeding and get to the bottom of the problem.

There was hours of going back and forth and throwing all kinds of ideas together such as changing the packaging and trying new marketing strategies. Finally, a salesman in the back of the room who was observing everything raised his hand.

"You", cried the CEO, "Do you know why we can't sell our dog food?" The man slowly stood up and in a barely audible voice said, "Because the dogs don't like it?"

I suspect that the Catholic Church is having a similar problem: the dogs do not like the message right about now. The church has been losing members for years, and many Catholics, given what has transpired over the past few years, now find themselves suffering from a crisis of faith.

So now comes a new Pope. He is Hispanic, he is from the Americas,and he loves the poor and speaks three languages. What's not to like? The package is certainly nice.

But then there is that hand being raised from the back of the room: He is a conservative. He doesn't believe in contraception or a woman's right to choose; or in Gays being...well Gays, and he allegedly supported the military dictatorship in Argentina. (Google Orlando Yorio when you get a chance)

But let's give the new leader of 1.1 billion of our fellow world citizens a chance.
If the dogs really do like him, it all won't matter.

Anyway, I hope that the Pope settles in soon. We need all the help we can get here in America to fight the devil.

Why just today some old dude shot four people to death in a small town in upstate, New York.

 "Multiple gunshots rang out as police on foot and in a helicopter swarmed two upstate New York villages in search of a 64-year-old man they say opened fire at a car wash and a barbershop Wednesday morning, killing four people and wounding at least two others.

Authorities were looking for Kurt Meyers, said Joseph Malone, the police chief for Herkimer and Mohawk. A college and schools were locked down and people were being told to stay indoors as Meyers remained at large Wednesday afternoon.

The gunshots were heard at about 1:30 p.m. as SWAT and other police surrounded a block of businesses with upstairs apartments in the village of Herkimer. A short time later, a black armored vehicle rolled back and forth and stopped outside a restaurant called Glory Days Food and Spirits, near where they had been looking for Meyers. SWAT team members continued to arrive at the scene.

Guns and ammunition were found inside Meyers' Mohawk apartment after emergency crews were sent to put out a fire there Wednesday morning.
Soon after, two people were fatally shot and two others wounded at John's Barber Shop, around the corner from the apartment, police said. The second shooting happened about a mile away in Herkimer, where two people were killed at Gaffey's Fast Lube and Car Wash, authorities said." [Source]  

This would never have happened in Mayberry R.F.D.


Anonymous said...

Field, "Anyway, I hope that the Pope settles in soon. We need all the help we can get here in America to fight the devil."

I agree even though you are a person with no faith. ....Well said.

Anonymous said...

"This would never have happened in Mayberry R.F.D."


Anonymous said...

Field said "You", cried the CEO, "Do you know why we can't sell our dog food?" The man slowly stood up and in a barely audible voice said, "Because the dogs don't like it?"
LOL! Poor dogs!

But so true, people are just not feeling it. The South American countries are flooded with missionaries of the Adventist, Pentecostal etc., faiths that are making an indent.

In many ways the Catholic church is all about dramatic mysteries and pomp and circumstance that require great Vatican like architectural facilities in order to be effective, there just aren't that many cathedrals in those countries.

But there are many simple down to earth churches with doctrines to which people can more easily relate.

Thanks Field!

California Girl said...

While I appreciate the Mayberry RFD ref, I don't relate. I'm tired. I don't believe much of anything coming out of the White House or Capitol Hill any longer.

Bob said...

I hope for a Pope more concerned with cleaning his house of rancid Vatican Bank dealings & child abuse enablers than with discipling nuns & college professors.

Val said...

From what I heard, Mr. Field, the Pope-Elect is actually Italian. I thought that He was born in Italy but his family moved to Argentina when he was a kid. So he's not "Hispanic". Did your hear something different?


soap the pope said...

The new pope is 76, and his mind seems to have slowed down already. He began his tenure by forgetting to bless the crowd, a suggestion he's got a touch of Alzheimers.

Anyway, he was chosen partly because the church is GAINING members in Latin America.

For the record, there are about 500,000 Catholics. Not 1.1 billion. In the aggregate, there are 1.1 billion Christians.

Anyway, he's old, and headed for a shorter run than Ratzinger, who clearly wanted to get out before the sex scandals became a bigger nightmare for him.

This guy is presiding over the gayest institution this side of the Village People, which is wild when you consider the Catholic Church claims to be anti-gay.

Anyone know of any priests who knocked up their girlfriends? No. Of course not. They don't have girlfriends. They have boyfriends. Or hang out at the Vatican bath house.

piece of her heart said...

At least he held her head high...

Son accused of hacking apart his Bronx mom indicted for murder

March 13, 2013

The Bronx lunatic who chopped up his mother and distributed her body parts throughout the South Bronx was indicted for murder today.

Bahsid McLean, 23, faces up to life in prison for the February 24th stabbing death of Tanya Byrd, 45, a home health aide and devoted mother of three, who tried to evict him from her Westchester Avenue apartment.

The sicko even posed in front of a bathroom mirror and took a cell phone photograph himself proudly holding his mother’s severed head.

His lawyer Lynn Calvacca said McLean is currently under medication at Bellevue Prison Hospital and is expected to be evaluated by a forensic psychologist.

“He is very calm, very medicated,” she said.

William Harris, 26, was accused of allegedly helping McLean dissect the body, stuff the pieces in suitcases that were disperse like trash throughout the Morrisania section of the Bronx.

Harris, who has yet to be indicted, was charged hindering prosecution. His lawyer refused to comment.

McLean was also indicted for unlawful dissection of a human being.

PilotX said...

Maybe Depressed is right, we need to get rid of our blah prez. It's driving some folks crazy.

field negro said...

Val, I thought his father was Italian and his mother was Hispanic. Oh well, I stand corrected on that. In any case, as Desertflower will confirm, Hispanics seem to be claiming him as their own.

open and shut case said...

Myers probably killed himself. That would be the best outcome.

Police standoff continues with madman suspected of killing four in Upstate New York shooting rampage

Authorities have surrounded an abandoned building in Herkimer, N.Y. where the suspected gunman, Kurt Myers, is believed to be hiding.

By Michael Walsh / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A standoff continued early Thursday morning as police surrounded an abandoned building in Herkimer, N.Y. believed to house Kurt Myers, who authorities say shot six people Wednesday, killing four.

Myers, 64, described by authorities as a quiet, tense loner, entered an Upstate New York barbershop with a shotgun Wednesday before beginning his rampage.

"Hi John, do you remember me?" he asked.

"Yes, Kurt, how are you?" the shop's owner replied, before the gunman opened fire.

Myers rampage spread to his neighboring hometown of Mohawk, where he hid out in the abandoned building, according to authorities.

"He came out of nowhere. He was not on our radar and hasn't caused any problems," Joseph Malone, police chief for both towns, told the Observer-Dispatch.

Heavily armed police surrounded the building throughout the night into Thursday morning trying to lure the suspect, if still alive, to surrender.

The chaos reportedly began when Myers set fire to his apartment at 9:30 a.m. Then he drove around the block to John's Barber Shop - where he used to get his hair cut years ago - and killed two customers: Harry Montgomery and
Mike Groll

Myers is also accused of shooting Dan Haslauer and the shop's owner John Seymour - both of whom were rushed to the hospital, said CBS News.

Afterward, Myers drove to Gaffy's Fast Lube in Herkimer and killed two other men: employee Thomas Stefka and customer Michael Renshaw, police said.

"There's no apparent motive," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, "to the best of our knowledge at this time to provoke these attacks."

Residents of the area also know very little about the man who was described as "very jittery and nervous."

"He just wasn't a people person, and he would never talk to anyone else," said Michele Mlinar, a server at a local bar Myers patronized for the past decade.

"He would walk by himself. He was kind of a loner. No wife," his next-door neighbor Traci Randall told The Associated Press.

Myers only previous police record was for a drunken driving arrest in 1973.

no gay guys here.... said...

Bob said:

I hope for a Pope more concerned with cleaning his house...

Yeah, cleaning his house, and sharing recipes, hosting tea dances, designing some spiffy clothes for all the guys at the Vatican and opening a piano bar where all the cardinals can sing show tunes.

Anonymous said...

"He doesn't believe in contraception or a woman's right to choose; or in Gays being...well Gays"

Isn't that what Catholicism believes? Don't kill your babies and don't buttfuck each other?

I hope he clears out all the homo child rapers out of the church.

Anonymous said...

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liz said...

Not hispanic but italian of immigrant parents . and while we are talking about the americas when we talk about hispanics and latinos this includes the indegenous peoples. All these identifiers are just crap

rainywalker said...

Perhaps it's not the dog food, it's the container.

Anonymous said...

*dejectedly walks into room, head down, shoulders drooping*

*sigh* it's true, I wikied it. Pope Francis father was Italian and his mother, although born in Argentina had Italian parents from Genovese or the Genovese, not sure..:(

Oh well.......:( and don't be laughing at me Field!!!

Anonymous said...


From what I've researched, the pope's family emigrated to Argentina from Italy, as a family, which is why he does not look mestizo. As a former Catholic, I could've told one and all that the church wasn't going to back down from it's socially conservative bent that many find unpalatable---and unlike the CEO, the Catholic Church isn't asking why the message isn't selling. Catholicism, through intercessory prayer to the Virgin Mary is not incongruous or disharmonious to Goddess worship (See Also Merlin Stone's "When God was a Woman") and it's pantheon of Saints enables practitioners of Yoruba, Santeria, Candomble, etc.) to still congregate, if they so choose (to soft shoe around subjugation/hegemony). Thus, considering the stronger family orientation in Latin America than in either North America or Europe, where individualism, choice, and sexual orientation are more optional, and with the number of Latin Americans on the rise---even in North America, it was a fairly savvy move on the church's part.

Donald said...

"From what I've researched, the pope's family emigrated to Argentina from Italy, as a family, which is why he does not look mestizo."

That doesn't matter. Most prominent hispanics are whiter than Romney. All that matters is that at least one of your ancestors spoke spanish. The important thing is not to be classified as "white", so that you can get in on the minority spoils system, and get benefits that rightly are only due to blacks. White women do it too. Everyone is a fucking victim, but only blacks were slaves.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"pantheon of Saints enables practitioners of Yoruba, Santeria, Candomble"
True, and you can see right there that the people always search for and want something more understanding and life affirming.

The entire Christian religion is based on morbidity. The sadness of the crucifixion of Jesus. That's what we worship, a cross and His death! When you think about it, it's kind of crazy actually :)

Anonymous said...

Field is late with his post today. He must be out shopping for some new digs to wear to the Black and White Philly Lovefest.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I see that the pope's wiki page maintains that his father was the recent emigre, whereas his mother appears to be Italian, but having been in Argentina for a while. This was different from what the news outlets were first reporting, but no biggie. Additionally, after living in Miami and realizing how lineage was oh so important to the Cuban who were very keen on being able to trace direct decent from Spain, I cannot imagine Argentina, which has been described as the whitest Latin American country being appreciably different. Anyway, if the pope lives up to his moniker, more or less, aligning himself with where Latin America is going, much to the chagrin of the austerity/fascist-driven West. It all ought to be interesting.

Sam Gintas said...

"If you belong to a political party that has you having to declare that you are not a "bigot" or a "chauvinist" to the world, then you might want to reconsider who you choose to associate with."

If you belong to political party that stays in power by calling its opponents "bigots" or "chauvinists", then maybe it's you who should be reconsidering who you associate with.

Both parties are incentivized to increase the proportion of the electorate that is composed of the demographics that vote for them. This is why Democrats want to import 50 million Mexicans, and why Republicans do not.

Leaving aside the racial considerations and sticking to social demographics, for Republicans, their best numbers come from married, employed, home owning families.

Where does the democrat party get the highest share of the vote? The “urban ghettos”, such as Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia; Detroit and Flint, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Tallahassee, Florida; and in Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that deliver close to 100% of their votes to the democrat party.

In general, the democrats do best among single females who are unmemployed, living in subsidized housing, and raising kids with no fathers.

Which party has the incentive to expand these urban ghettos as much as possible, to increase the misery and despair of as many people as possible?

150 years after the Civil War, blacks are still living on plantations run by democrats.

Some things never change, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Lady D,

Very astutely observed on your part! The morbidity/pessimism is quite something and, subconsciously, helps humans accept the hell that the mutant has cast them in. That's why we have to return to the source to spiritually ground ourselves, no doubt. But getting back to the morbidity/pessimism, I often think about an expression a friend once said, quite mockingly:

"If Jesus had been hit by a bus, would Christians be wearing buses around their necks?" Hilarious, right?

Incidentally, Cheikh Anta Diop identified that 'pessimism' as one of the elements that characterized the European 'Cradle' of his "Two Cradle Theory."

Rock the Cradle said...

Afroloid said...
"Incidentally, Cheikh Anta Diop identified that 'pessimism' as one of the elements that characterized the European 'Cradle' of his "Two Cradle Theory."

Diop thought the elements that characterized Africans were Impulsivity and temporal short sightedness. Your point?

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Hey Field thanks for the connect at twitter

Just a comment:

I am a racist to many here because I choose the Afrikan over the ghost.
Tell me what Afrikan negro or black hates his people to the extent that they would go along with whites in order to be acceptable? ..
Now, there are many Afrikans whom i would rather do and be better be, and i do accept our story albeit not all behaviour. Suffice that, i cannot and will not ever fail to look in the mirror and recall my story and his..myth

I am now in the shadows of my life having been there and done that as my grands say. Having said that i make no excuses, it is what it is and i will not apologize. i can still take the heat "COURAGE is still my best friend its on my face in living color

Ps For all of you grammar critics i use the small i as a way of saying there are no big i's or small u's
Bring it on wordsmiths?

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