Saturday, April 06, 2013

The System X conspiracy.

If you are not aware of something called System X and the Obama administration's plan to team up with the UN and turn America into a Nazi state, take heart, you are not alone. It only means that you are not a [right] wingnut. If you are aware of president Obama's surreptitious plans, then you might want to stop reading and head to another blog; this is clearly not the place for you.

For those of you sane people who have no idea what the loons on the right are thinking, here is a little breakdown courtesy of Mother Jones.

"Last week, conservative talk show host and media mogul Glenn Beck decided to let his listeners in on what he dubbed "the biggest story in American history." It's called System X. "If you don't stop it," he warned, "American history is over as you know it."

As Beck explained it, a little-known Department of Education program, supported by rich philanthropists, business interests, and the United Nations, was turning public schools into the world’s next great data-mining frontier. Using carrots offered up in the 2009 stimulus bill, the federal government and its contractors could compile hundreds of points of data on your kids and use it for who knows what. The result: "System X: a government run by a single party in control of labor, media, education, and banking; joined by big business to further their mutual collective goals."

The gateway to this dystopian future, which Beck predicted would lead to some portions of the United States embracing Nazism, was President Barack Obama's controversial push for a new national curriculum known as Common Core. The conspirators are far-ranging. Rupert Murdoch is in on it. So is the American Legislative Exchange Council, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Jeb Bush." [Source]

So there you have it folks. If that Obama fellow has his way, our children will be citizens of the United States of Obama before we know it.

Finally, here is a sobering thought: In the middle of this gun debate when the NRA and [right]wingnuts are saying no to background checks for potential gun owners, there has been over *250,000 gun sales blocked to domestic abusers. [Info here.]  

Think about that the next time you hear Wayne LaPierre or one of the scumbag politricksters he bought off lying to you.

*Pic courtesy of Mother Jones.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. $250,000.00. That's dollars. You can't even type correctly.

Wesley R said...

Beck has been shooting up and snorting the same shit as those fools in the New Orleans pen. The shit is powerful, it makes Beck hallucinate nutty conspiracies about Black People coming after him and it makes looney fools in jail video tape themselves breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

Field, "So there you have it folks. If that Obama fellow has his way, our children will be citizens of the United States of Obama before we know it."

Brother Field, do you think a kind concerned man such as Glenn Beck fabricated "System X"? Are you saying he is doing this because Obama is Black?

Let me remind you that this is the 21st century.... I really don't think Beck is that bigoted. You must be exaggerating.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Thefieldnegro said:

" If you are aware of president Obama's surreptitious plans, then you might want to stop reading and head to another blog; this is clearly not the place for you."


Have you read your comments section lately? I'm pretty sure that the anonotariot's been trying to get some attention on this for a while.

On another note, I just saw Lincoln and dammed if the House of Reps didn't have Tbaggers back in the day. During the Civil war they were called "Copperheads" after the common aggressive neurotoxic eastern snake of the same name.

Pasture Negro said...

Sure, why should anyone worry about the federal government dictating what every kid is taught in school? The government will always do what's right for us, like taking away our guns and destroying the private health insurance industry that oppressed us. They'll make sure we don't earn too much money and they'll pass special laws to protect special people and punish the unspecial. And they'll make sure we learn the right things in school so that we will understand that they know best. We just need to trust in our rulers and all will be well.

Thanks for helping the process along, Field. You are a real patriot.

Bob said...

Beck is seeing a true situation & misreading it. There is a corporatist push to undermine & dismantle public schools, bust teacher unions (among the last strong unions in America), privatize education, & sell the corporate POV through curriculum, which they of course will sell to the schools at great profit. Business in America has long fought the open liberal arts & science curriculums, with the emphasis on reasoning & creative thought. They want training schools. At the same time, they want college grads to be burdened with massive loans that drive grads into whatever jobs happen to be available, at depressed wages, with limited choices & no time or inclination to engage in any political activism.

field negro said...

Anon@9:09 PM, you got me. (Damn blogs practically writes themselves these days.) But, not to worry, it has been corrected.

You laughing at that typo reminds me of that Churchhil joke. The one where he tells Brit politician, Bessie Braddock, the following after she told him he was a drunk:

"And you, Bessie, are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning, and you will still be ugly."

The typo has been corrected, but you are still an anonymous wingnut who leaves pointless comments on blogs.

"Let me remind you that this is the 21st century.... I really don't think Beck is that bigoted. You must be exaggerating."

Pssst, I have an antique bell with a slight crack on the side here in Philly for sale. Care to buy it from me?

Bob, I actually agree with the first part of your comments. Not necessarily the last part, though.

I don't think that we can blame big business alone for the massive costs of a college education these days. We should look squareley at a lot of these universities who are making crazy money from endowments, athletics, etc., paying their presidents close to a million dolllars per year, and all the time crying broke.

chocolate candy said...

Meanwhile, back in the real world where violence is part of the fabric of daily living for many people, mostly blacks, there's this:

Philadelphia police hunt 4 men who kidnapped and gang-raped La Salle student

The 20-year-old was abducted off-campus at 10 p.m. and pulled inside a black van. One of the suspect has a distinctive ‘MM’ tattoo on his face.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A La Salle University student told police she was grabbed a mile away from campus by four men in a van and raped, then dropped off in another part of town.

Police have launched a major hunt for four men accused of kidnapping and gang-raping a Philadelphia college student on Easter Sunday.

The 20-year-old was walking a mile from the La Salle University's campus at 10 p.m. when the group pulled up in a black van and bundled her inside.

They took her to an undisclosed location and subjected her to a series of brutal sexual assaults, cops said.

She was then dumped in a different part of the city and they drove off, NBC Philadelphia reports.

The men are believed to be between 20 and 25, with one of them having a distinctive "MM" tattoo on his face.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Field you are asking a lot of people who are part of the 3 brand

c no evil
hear no evil
and do no evil
And please do not THINK

I have said before that destruction is in the rights DNA and specifically the ghost along with a few house negros.
.So compadre please do not ask them to think
or read because the trailer parks have no libraries

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


Field: this is really wild from your nemesis and most envious hata

Hahahahaha. $250,000.00. That's dollars. You can't even type correctly.

Once again its low self esteem and the old DSM1v idea that " i will make you feel bad to make myself look good? However it failed again. (its called Sociopath"

Ps Please do not remove the comment though ;)

Black Sage said...

"System X", as none other than Glen Peckerwood puts it: A gubberment controlled by a singular party in control of labor, media, education and banking."

Huh, just what I thought, the DemoMobs and RepubMafia parties will eventually come together, hold hands and diverge as a single juggernaut party. Yeah, ..... thanks for letting us in on this hot off the press tidbit Mr. Glen Peckerwood.

Anonymous said...

president bongo is a commie traitor just like his whacked out mother,grandparents and sperm donor, frank,the diddler,marshal.he will do any thing to destroy america and our ecomony and when your moneny is worthless don't say i did not warn you.

control+halt+delete said...

I like it! Beck better not be lying because if what he says is true, we can silence the "(W)hat has President Obama done for blacks?" crowd.
I think we should start surveying Mt. Rushmore and if need be Teddy can go. Pres. Obama is moving in the right directtion by steering Corporate America out of the shadows and into a more hueman light.
Thank goodness he realized that we've moved beyond the sledgehammer and saw approach to educating our youth.

Victor said...

Bob said...
Beck is seeing a true situation & misreading it. There is a corporatist push to undermine & dismantle public schools, bust teacher unions (among the last strong unions in America), privatize education, & sell the corporate POV through curriculum, which they of course will sell to the schools at great profit.

It couldn't be any worse than the current broken system that works only to indoctrinate and domesticate students while failing in its mission to teach the basics. At least corporate schools could be held accountable.

And the President's attempt at further centralization is exactly wrong, just like Bush's effort was. Education should be managed locally.

The 150 year old Congresswoman said...


You say Mrs. Talley is the oldest negro in America, and she was born 35 years after slavery was abolished?

So is Sheila Jackson Lee realy the oldest woman in the world, or is just confused?:

I think maybe that Black might have cracked.

alpha tango said...

Not the place to be sending 25 year old women:

What the hell is wrong with Obama?

Anonymous said...

Damn! Somebody needs to take away this gun nut's piece,,0,3253100.story

Anonymous said...

@alpha tango

Don't blame Obama for that one, these chicks want to do that and will howl and whine if you prevent them from going off to get killed. All Obama did was happen to be president when it is being officially approved, this ain't really his fault.

@chocolate candy

He don;t care none for actual violence and devastation, he keepin' real in the field. That means only emotional themes and potentially profitable "muh fillinz be hurt" type 'news' is all what the esteemed field negro concerns himself with. The kids can whack each other all day, it ain't bad less a "white hispanic" be doin' it. Word to da Mutha.

Bob said...

I agree with you, Field. I was actually lifting only part of an analysis made by economist Richard Wolff in a Bill Moyers interview, which also spread the blame around more. I had about $1500 of debt from a state college education in the Seventies. Eventually I was told to start paying it off, so I did, But it was no great burden. That same education now is very expensive.

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