Monday, May 06, 2013

Zion runs into ignorance, reconsidering the redneck date, and they might be killing more innocent Negroes in Mississippi.

The folks over at Shiloh Baptist here in Philly might have some explaining to do.

"Don’t you hate it when you encounter a person that is clearly unqualified to hold their position because they don’t know how to make a judgement call because they’re more concerned with the rules than the people? Well, we have a good example for you.

An 8-year-old boy in Philadelphia, Pa., was barred from Shiloh Christian Academy last Wednesday because the principal and pastor at Shiloh, Bishop Derrick Williams, said that his hair was too long and he was breaking the school’s “short hair” policy, according to My Fox Philly.

Little Zion Williams has a skin disease called Alopecia that causes baldness.
He was being treated for the ailment with injections to his head, so the hair growth is necessary … and the whole point of being treated!"

Bishop Williams, with all due respect, you are an idiot.

Speaking of idiots, down at the NRA convention in Houston, they were showing off a special bra for the "gun- loving ladies" out there.

"The NRA wants gun-loving ladies to pack heat in style.

Lacy lingerie linked to a gun holster was on display at last weekend’s convention in Houston, along with several other female-friendly accessories, like a bubblegum pink NRA T-shirt, his-and-hers rifle sets, and bumper stickers that read, “A Woman With a Gun Has More Fun!”

To use the bra gun holster, “simply pull up your shirt with one hand and pull down on your pistol with the other,” a product description on NRA’s website instructs.

The holsters are made by Flashbang and can clip to any bra. They sell for $39.99." [Source]

So you are back home with your redneck lady friend after an evening at the monster truck track and people watching at the local Wal-Mart. And thanks to some quality moonshine you are feeling a little frisky. Then, after a little kissing and hugging, you start reaching for the old girl holders. To your horror, you don't feel the girls. But rather, all of a sudden, bang! Your hands are gone, and your date is ruined.

Now if that's not reason enough to stay away from those NRA folks I don't know what is. (h/t Greg)

Finally, you have to wonder why the good folks of Mississippi would rather put a potentially innocent man to death rather than give him a DNA test that could exonerate him.

"Test the evidence.

That’s what Willie Jerome Manning (pictured) and his legal team have been asking the state of Mississippi to do for the past 10 years, since being sentenced to death in 1994 for killing two White Mississippi State University students.

Jon Steckler‘s and Tiffany Miller‘s bodies were found in Oktibbeha County Dec. 11, 1992.

Both were shot to death.

Miller’s car was missing but was located the next day. Manning was arrested after allegedly trying to sell the victims’ items. The evidence used to convict him was incriminating but not exact.

While hairs from an African-American male were found in Miller’s vehicle, DNA analysis was not sophisticated enough at that time to determine if they actually belonged to Manning.
It didn’t matter.

Manning was convicted for both murders and sentenced to death, even though he maintained his innocence throughout the case.
And after nearly 20 years, Manning is set to be executed on May 7th even with new testing technology that could exonerate him and point to the real killer if he is indeed innocent as he claims.

Unfortunately, Manning’s case is tragic but not uncommon.

Amnesty International reports that since 1977, the overwhelming majority of death row inmates have been executed for killing Whites, even though Blacks make up about half of homicide victims. Diann Rust-Tierney, executive director of the National Coalition to Abolish The Death Penalty, told NewsOne that Manning and other people of color are at an extreme disadvantage when they are accused of killing Whites." [Source]

Accused of Killing white folks in Mississippi? Mr. Manning, I hope you made peace with your god.


Anonymous said...

Field, "Bishop Williams, with all due respect, you are an idiot."

Brother Field, what color is Bishop Williams? I ask because he thinks like a dumb ass Negro. Not that there aren't dumb ass Whites, but they think "dumb" in a different way. As a researcher on the "Color of Lies" you could be a big help by letting me know if my assumption was right. Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

Field, do you think Manning is innocent? Well, he still has time to be taken off death row, right?

I have faith in our justice system. It's infallible. The right person will be put to death for those two murders. And, Mr Field, it has nothing to do with color. These are post-racial times. Please, please give Mississippi a chance to prove herself. Come on, think positive.

Anonymous said...

Field said... To your horror, you don't feel the girls. But rather, all of a sudden, bang! Your hands are gone,...
Ahahahaha! Bang! Surprise! Lolol! Field you are a comedian!

1%'r said...

"So you are back home with your redneck lady friend after an evening at the monster truck track and people watching at the local Wal-Mart. And thanks to some quality moonshine you are feeling a little frisky. Then, after a little kissing and hugging, you start reaching for the old girl holders. To your horror, you don't feel the girls. But rather, all of a sudden, bang! Your hands are gone, and your date is ruined."
Quite a display of bigotry. And if this was a stereotype of blacks of course racism also.
Anyway, silly, again, how are women supposed to defend themselves against a man without a gun, field, Shaq-fu?

Anonymous said...

Kinda gives a new meaning to having a pair of 38's? Huh Field?

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Field shared:

Finally, you have to wonder why the good folks of Mississippi would rather put a potentially innocent man to death rather than give him a DNA test that could exonerate him.
LaCubanadeMatanza responds:

Field, as you know death penalty cases esp when the man is an Afrikan and the vic is a european(no capital) desc, cases like this are exceptionally difficult to win.

I feel for the brother because i know who is defending him (or the type of Atty he has been assigned and it ain't puuuuurtay)

When i began this part of my career /life as a death penalty atty, i made sure that i knew the cases and the laws.

I had to be trained and i was accepted at the NCADP out of DC under its most eastablished leader in 1986
i chose to come as a volunteer atty and later a research asst even though i had a ft job with the CC under YOU KNOW WHO" Holder

When i left the CC in 97 i was accepted at Northwestern center for the wrongfully accused a yr after it opened. i had a mentor who spoke for me and pushed me forward cringing in my boots lol

i share this not to pat myself on the hips lol, rather to share that defending men/women sentenced to die, and those who are wrongfully accused, cannot successfully be achieved by anyone who does not have a heart like mine, let alone the skill knowledge.

Case in point.
Many people have heard about lawyers who fall asleep, or those who offer pleas. Many of us know about the racist white defense atty or the Afrikan who is simply incompetent and or does not want to waste their time..You see we are chosen not picked

We also know of those who simply do not believe their client, and who will consider them a waste of time.

For the most part, Northwestern has a slew of public servants/ students who help and to this end, those of us who walk this path have help, albeit nowhere near enough.,0,5508782.story

My thoughts are with this Afrikan because he will need all of the help he can get.

i know this because i was part of the team who lobbied defended and researched the Scott sisters case for yrs before they were finally released in 2010 in Ms.

And i did this gratis after being asked my Chokwe Lumumba if i would come to Ms and help a friend of his,
and have never regretted it.

You see people, defending the wrongfully accused takes more than a paycheck, and a JD. It takes preparation and a heart of steel.

It also takes a person who is unafraid to call racism what it is, in order to seek justice vs just us

Saving a life/lives or removing the injustices, also takes courage, committment skill and a do or die attitude.

Bottom line i arrived at this place by grace. My king has been an atty long before i was, and he had previously been a legal asst to Dovey Roundtree, when she defended one of Washington DC biggest fake ass wrongful assumptions (Afrikan man and euro woman smh

When i came along and moved to DC i learned about this sistah and met her. She like no other person helped me set my goals and to date i have never looked back.

i have sat at her side often, and sought her confidance on several ocassions. And when i have been successful she gets the 2nd call.
Suffice, that through it all whenever i have lost she gets the first call. ;)
And i ask what did i do wrong.

Needless to say, we know that like Pharoah, the 7 justices or the 9 are often etched in stone. And i have learned to move on the the next human who wants to live and be set free

Like Dovey, i do not seek attn, those who know me know who i am and its simply biz as usual.
It takes a different lawyer to defend those sentenced to the ultimate penalty
And to this end i thank Cuba, my King, and Dovey everyday for putting me on this path..I too know what loss is

Mississippi Goddamm
Nina Simone

ps all typos are mine ;0

field negro said...

Matanza, they might need you to write a quick brief for this brotha.

PilotX, I hear you. But didn't they finally get that dumb Negro, OJ?

Anon@7:30 got jokes. :)

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Field ;

Please do not think that i cannot write one lol regardless of my typos here ;) plus i have 2 legal sec's
I put a feeler out to get more info I will help anyway i can

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Those bras are the closet thing those pale stale ole yahoos get to tits Outside of the redlight district in Houston snmh@

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

It's as morally depraved for the state to kill in cold blood as it is for citizens to do so; it cannot be redeemed. This case is an example of state-murders' irredeemability just like pretty much every capital case is an example of state-murders' irredeemability because state-murder is itself irredeemable. It only ever seems ok in the abstract; specific facts always turn that logic on its head.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

I know that you covered the shooting Field, but today's Darwin Award goes to these 2 men somewhere in the barbarian wilds of Kentucky:

"After the funeral service, two men advanced across North Main Street toward a single television crew present, from the German network RTL, and punched the cameraman, bloodying his face and knocking him down.

Two other men told a newspaper reporter, “If you had any sense, you’d get out of here. You’re next, buddy.”

The county coroner, Gary White, said Kristian’s gun, a .22-caliber single-shot Crickett rifle designed for children and sold in pink and blue, had been stored in a corner, and his parents did not realize it was loaded." NYT 5/7/13

Colonel Lynch said...

I say give Manning his DNA test and if it comes back positive, hang him immediately.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whitey's Conspiracy said...

I say outlaw the death penalty as patently cruel and unusual, commute all current death sentences, and open all untested evidence to DNA testing for possible innocence. We all know that our prison-industrial economy vacuum-sweeps up the innocent with the guilty just like a net does the mackerel with the tuna. If we really were a just land our highest national priority would to be uncovering the wrongly convicted. In fact, I hereby cordially invite my Tbrethren & Tsistren to help make this place worthy of all of the flag-waving & fetishizing.

11:39 PM

Anonymous said...

FIELD!!! Field, Field, Field!!

Oh my Goodness! You have GOT to see the interview given by the Amanda Berry neighbor/hero... I luv, love, LOVE this dude! He is EXACTLY like my favorite jheri curl wearing Uncle, who despite his faults, ALWAYS comes thru for our family.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me how African lives are all tied to Europeans the way they are. Africans are killing Africans and Europeans are killing and cooking Africans and there's not a damn thing Africans can do about it. They determine our everything during the whole time we breathe air in this country, while hating us to the absolute maximum. I do believe they're buying these weapons to eventually load in our butts collectively. We're going to be experiencing Terrorism Maximus from the Slaveholders' progeny. They're going to make those lynchings they used to love, look like child's play. Here we all are: no jobs, no money, crazy as hell and the chit's gonna hit the fan!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"PilotX, I hear you. But didn't they finally get that dumb Negro, OJ?"

You have made an unnecessary racist statement against OJ. Furthermore, OJ was not dumb. We don't have 'dumb' Negroes in our race, only misguided.

Anonymous said...

Does MantanzasGV ever STFU? Damn! he doesn't comment, he writes effing novels that leaves you with a headache.

I bet he's a good lawyer, though. Hell, the judge and jury and defense atty probably surrender cases to him simply because he has beaten down everybody by talking and talking and talking some more.

Anonymous said...

Field, in the state of Mississippi it is well known how the people of that great state feels about Negroes:

"The only good n****er is a dead n****er."

I don't know if the above quote makes sense to Whites, Jamaicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans on FN-- since you know little about black history, but AAs know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Field, this video of the bm who rescued Amanda Berry was a disgrace.

Field, why can't brothers be intelligent and wise instead of dumb and ignorant? Why must we be that way? This is so damn depressing.

I've been away for a while because of my ass-kicking depression. I have been through past posts and to my horror YOU didn't even mention or ask about me.

Field, I have a deep depression and need love and recognition. Why have you ignored me? you heartless fink!

depressed Negro

field negro said...

Depressed Negro, I have tried to get u help but u do not listen. Try to figure out if u are really a Negro and get back to me.

BTW, I ageee with the.comments above; that dude in Clevland is a hero. Heroes don't always look lile superman.

field negro said...

WC, shaking my head at those wonderful citizens down in Kentucly.

The Purple Cow said...

Credit to Charley Ramsey, rescues three women from captivity and then gives the greatest single interview in TV history.

What a star!

Unknown said...

Charley Ramsey is a hero and funny as hell. He could have just blown it off. Good man.
In the Manning Case can somewhat explain to me why DNA cannot be admitted as evidence? It's takes as little as 2 weeks to get definitive results that DNA does not match and at least 30 days to get a conclusive match of material if it is not contaminated. I mean it’s not like DNA testing is not in its infancy like fingerprinting was during the Lindbergh kidnapping case.

Anonymous said...

from yardie ..did you see this quote from the black man who rescued amanda beard "Ramsey added: "I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway."

20 Years is Too Long said...

Tiffany Miller happened to be a niece of a friend of mine. That bastard is guilty as hell. He confessed. He could have had the DNA "evidence" presented FIVE DAMN YEARS AGO! But, no, he waits till the last minute to contest it. They matched the bullets found in those kids with some bullets Manning had been shooting in a tree in his back yard. He raped the girl, too. The information posted in that "NewsOne...for BLACK America" is a damned lie.

I hope he fries in Hell. Slowly.

This is 19 years overdue, already.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Mr. Ramsey is indeed a hero of the best kind: a common man called to extraordinary action who acts instantly and correctly when others might not have even bothered. We've rightly honored heros like him for millennia of human history for just this sort of instinctive selflessness.

Anonymous said...

"Field, I have a deep depression and need love and recognition. Why have you ignored me? you heartless fink!"

depressed Negro

3:23 AM
Field replied, "Depressed Negro, I have tried to get u help but u do not listen. Try to figure out if u are really a Negro and get back to me."

Now see? this is the heartless shit that I'm talking about! I go to FN for to be encouraged and lifted up--but instead you insinuate that I am not Black. Now where can a brother go with that shit?

How in hell do you expect depressed Negroes of the standard variety to keep coming back?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
" you heartless fink!"
AHA GOTCHA!!! Field, I'm almost positive that "fink" is a white word! He is lying! He must be a depressed white person! :))

field negro said...

Desert, I co-sign with you. I have a pretty good fraud radar. :)

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


The Orisha Obabata said not so fast!

Just hours before Willie Jerome Manning was set to be executed, the Mississippi Supreme Court granted a stay of execution for the death row inmate in an 8-1 decision.

Mississippi Department of Corrections
Willie Jerome Manning was just hours away from being executed before the Mississippi Supreme Court's decision.

Debra Milke, Arizona Death Row Inmate...

Is An Innocent Mississippi Inmate...

Sponsored Link
Office VoIP Phone Systems
Manning’s case has gained considerable media attention as his execution date approached. Manning, who is black, was convicted in 1994 by a white-majority jury of killing white Mississippi State University students Jon Steckler and Tiffany Miller in 1992. He was convicted despite there being no physical evidence linking him to the crimes while an inmate who claimed Manning confessed to the crimes later recanted his testimony.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


No matter what the brother looks like who helped save the women in the Buckeye
i bow to him Gracias

In Ohio the basements are soundproof and nasty if not redone or used like a mans den!! Philly knows;) i can only imagine

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


If the IP Ms loses this case it will be because of politics and the failure of the state to allow due process Familiar?

No evidence no prints,tying him to the murders How many times have we been through this?

No one saw anything and regardless of what outsiders think or believe they were not there. And he never admitted anything, the police said he admitted to killing the couple ? NEXT?
Now, are the police to be believed or trusted in all case where Afrikans are involved?
Get real! Lets make sure before people sit down at the table to eat flesh that has been drugged to death

News said:
On Monday, the U.S. Justice Department sent an email to Oktibbeha County District Attorney Deforest R. Allgood -- the jurisdiction where Manning was tried and convicted – saying that a review of the case by the department and the FBI found that “testimony containing erroneous statements” was given.

An FBI hair analyst who said hair fibers found at the crime scene were linked to Manning could not be supported by science “and was, therefore, invalid,” wrote John Crabb Jr., special counsel for Justice.

Crabb said other issues were found with an FBI firearms examiner who testified in the case.

“The science regarding firearms examinations does not permit examiner testimony that a specific gun fired a specific bullet to the exclusion of all other guns in the world,” he wrote, adding that the examiner “could testify to that information, to a reasonable degree of certainty, but not absolutely.

“As with any process involving human judgment, claims of infallibility or impossibility of error are not supported by scientific standards.”

While the FBI offered to conduct DNA testing using modern technology that wasn’t available at Manning’s trial, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled against the motion filed by Manning’s lawyers requesting such testing.

The court claimed that Manning is just using the DNA angle to stall his execution and also argued that if DNA testing is allowed, it would prolong the case for years.

“I don’t see how it would be to the detriment to the people of Mississippi to have the (DNA) material tested,” McIntosh said.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood agreed with the court’s decision, and said that Manning’s lawyers haven’t produced any new evidence that would exonerate Manning.

McIntosh said he hoped Bryant would give a stay or a reprieve.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

LOOK Macho men with large and small bones

lmao Now what;)

field negro said...

Yes indeed Matanzas that is good news.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Everyone thought they were Cubanos Did anyone look at the flag at the house smh!? Also it makes no diff race or culture,all small penis's make bad moves they just can't stand up and be men Go figure Small bones smaller brains

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

How can women ask WHY didn't you run, how come you didn't scream? what were you thinking?
What women does that?
----------------------------------------Media page

Suspected Cleveland kidnapper is a granddad, likes bikes, guitars 11

Onil Castro (left), Ariel Castro (centre) and Pedro Castro (right) are shown in Cleveland, Ohio in this May 7, 2013 booking photo provided by the Cleveland Police Department. Castro and his two brothers, Ariel and Pedro, were arrested in connection with the abduction of three Cleveland women found alive after vanishing in their own neighbourhood for about a decade

One of the men arrested for kidnapping three women and holding them captive for several years loves guitars and motorcycles and recently became a grandfather for the fifth time, according to his Facebook profile.

"Congrats to my Rosie Arlene. Wishing you a fast recovery. She gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. That makes me Gramps for the fifth time, (2boys 1girl 2boys. Luv you guys!" reads a comment posted April 11 on what is believed to be Ariel Castro's profile.

On Monday, three Ohio women believed abducted separately about a decade ago were found alive together at a Cleveland house said to be owned by Ariel Castro, a 52-year-old local school bus driver. The women were found near where they had last been seen, and three brothers, including Ariel, were arrested as suspects in their disappearances, police said.

What is wrong here?

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


It looks like she but some cotch on this small penis sold.. ya

Lt Col Jeffrey Krusinski: a police report says the 41-year-old was drunk and grabbed a woman's breast and buttocks. Photograph: Reuters
An officer who led the US air force's sexual assault prevention and response unit has been charged with groping a woman in a northern Virginia parking lot, authorities said on Monday.

Arlington county police said Lt Col Jeffrey Krusinski faces a misdemeanour charge of sexual battery following an alleged assault at about 12.30am on Sunday in the Crystal City area of the county.

A police report says the 41-year-old Krusinski was drunk and grabbed a woman's breast and buttocks. Police say the woman fought him off and called for help.

Air force spokeswoman Natasha Waggoner said Krusinski was removed from his post in the sexual assault unit after the air force learned of his arrest. He had started in the job in February.

Pentagon releases terrifying statistics of sexual assaults in the military

The Pentagon admitted this week upon the completion of a soon-to-be released Defense Department study that sexual assaults within the United States military are on the rise.

The full results of the survey will not be unveiled until later this week, but the Pentagon has already disclosed one particularly startling statistic: within the ranks of the military, the number of service members who say they’ve been sexually assaulted during the last year amounts to roughly 26,000.
The men in charge? Scary but not surprising BOYS 2 men?

Anonymous said...

Desertflower said...
Anonymous said...
" you heartless fink!"
AHA GOTCHA!!! Field, I'm almost positive that "fink" is a white word! He is lying! He must be a depressed white person! :))

3:56 PM
I can't believe this shit. Are you telling me that because I used the word "fink" I am not Black? This is a conspiracy by you and Field to drive me crazy. I am deeply depressed.

Desert, I can't believe you are doing this to me. But, you have always had a soft spot for that Jamaican heartless fink. Hell, my good friend anon who drowned over you must be turning over in his wet grave.

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
Desert, I co-sign with you. I have a pretty good fraud radar. :)

6:52 PM
You are really a cold dude. You are making me so depressed that I might not ever get well as a bm. How could you find the steely heart to call me White? It only darkens my depression.

field negro said...

Hang in there depressed whi...I mean Negro, we still love you.:)

Anonymous said...

Yes depressed whi...I mean, Negro, I love you too. I think you may be suffering from something called dysmorphia.

Oh, and "cold dude" I think, yep, that's white too. Sooorrry.
I just think you need to take a goooood look in the mirror, I think you'll be surprised, trust us on this one. Do that and cone back and tell us what you reeeeeaaally saw!!!

( only SFW stuff though;) okay?

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


This is another reason why the courts must assign lawyers who know how to defend a human against this travesty

Those of you who care or know what i am speaking of READ" what is missing here/or what should not have been said?

1 Parr's attorneys didn't file any last-minute court appeals but Parr himself filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to stop his punishment, arguing his legal help at his trial was deficient. Earlier Tuesday, the same appeal was denied by a judge in his trial court in Waco.

2 "It probably was somebody who borrowed his body that's on that video," Russ Hunt Sr., one of Parr's trial lawyers, said facetiously.

3 Hunt said the prosecution's case against Parr was strong. The defense team focused on trying to save Parr's life by showing jurors he had an abusive childhood and grew up in a "hellacious environment," the lawyer said.

4"We did our best for him," Hunt said. "He really did have a terrible life. ... The state had all the evidence. That makes our job a little harder." This was a lousy PDef

Ankita Tiwari said...