Saturday, October 19, 2013

Out of the darkness.

"Frank Meeink grew up in South Philadelphia three decades ago, but he never met a racist skinhead until he visited his cousin in Lancaster in 1989.

He watched his cousin and his friends pound mercilessly on victims at a concert and saw the fear they stoked in others. A vulnerable 13-year-old with a rocky home life, Meeink was drawn into their violent world.

He threw himself into the neo-Nazi scene. By 15, his head was shaved, acts of violence were second nature, and he sported a large swastika tattoo on his neck. At 17, he was jailed in Illinois for kidnapping and torturing a rival skinhead.

"I was primed for hate when I met these guys," Meeink, 38, said in an interview as he prepared to tell his story this week to hundreds of Chester County students. "Now, I think about all the kids out there who were just like me, and how easy it is to be exposed to these ideas."         

Pennsylvania was once believed to harbor more active neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups than any other state in the East, and is still a haven for such groups, advocates say. This weekend marks the annual Philadelphia gathering for Pennsylvania's largest group, the Keystone State Skinheads. The organization celebrates Leif Erikson Day by meeting at the statue next to Kelly Drive that commemorates the Norwegian explorer, believed to be the first European to land in North America.

But these days, teenagers don't have to leave home - the Internet makes it easier than ever for recruiters to connect with potential targets.

The rise of the Internet is also a factor in what advocates say is a resurgence in skinhead activity over the last six years.

The election of President Obama, a troubled economy, a spotlight on immigration issues, and booming antigovernment and militia groups have created a perfect storm for rekindling racist groups, said Anthony Griggs of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil-rights group based in Alabama.
"A few years ago, skinheads would meet in basements or back alleys," he said. "Now they are masters of the Internet in using it to regroup and promote their ideology."

In Pennsylvania, a handful of recent incidents have been linked to hate groups. In August, Ku Klux Klan fliers were distributed in Reading, accompanied by a suspicious object that triggered a bomb scare. A week later, similar leaflets were distributed in an Allegheny County town, said Shannon Powers of the state Human Rights Commission.

This month, a Maryland-based Ku Klux Klan group planned a rally at Gettysburg National Military Park, but it was canceled due to the government shutdown.
Other incidents have highlighted ethnic and racial tensions, such as a 14-year-old student at Perkiomen Valley High School in Montgomery County, who in March was charged with drawing swastikas on another student's papers.

Between 2006 and 2012, violent hate crimes and the numbers of people who identify themselves as racist skinheads rose, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Last year, the Southern Poverty Law Center found that hate groups remained at a near-record level - 1,007 nationwide, 35 with activity in Pennsylvania.

The local groups are not as visible as they once were, Griggs said. Just two known racist skinhead groups are active in the state, he said.

"Pennsylvania has a large population, and a history of manufacturing jobs," he said. "A lot of these guys see themselves as hardworking, blue-collar people. And the current national climate has stirred up a lot of them."

Meeink is still heavily tattooed, but he has had the racist emblems that once adorned his neck and hands lasered off or covered by other tattoos. He has worked with the Anti-Defamation League for close to 20 years, spoken at schools nationwide, authored a memoir as a "recovering skinhead," and founded a hockey program for at-risk youths.

"I was a cowardly person," Meeink told the students at Oxford Area High School, which invited him to speak. "I feared my stepfather, I feared my school, I was afraid of not having enough to eat."

His speech there Tuesday was one of two area lectures. The other was at the National Museum of American Jewish History on Independence Mall.

Meeink said he became a well-known skinhead who recruited other teenagers, sometimes with fliers at schools and eventually with a cable access show in Illinois called The Reich.

When he met his cousin's friends in Lancaster, they were interested to hear he attended school with people of other races.

"My parents never said to me, 'Hey, how was your day?' " Meeink said. "When these guys would ask what Philly was like, it was like someone saying, 'What's your life like?' "

But in prison, Meeink forged friendships with several young black inmates, finding that he had more in common with them than with Aryan gang members. Upon his release about a year later, he was hired for his first job by a Jewish man who encouraged his sense of self-worth and potential.

The final piece fell into place when he started reading about advances in DNA technology, he said, and learned that there were no differences between races.
"I realized, these guys aren't writing this to prove me wrong," Meeink said. "It was all there for me to see - I'd been banging my head against a wall trying to make myself believe this other stuff, believe that these people were my enemies." [Article]

Good for Frank. It took him becoming a skinhead and understanding true hate before he could evolve into becoming a better human being. There are a lot of people in the majority population who didn't actually become skinheads, but their ability and willingness to hate is just as great. At least Frank saw the light.


PilotX said...

According to Fox news the only racist organization in Pennsylvania are the New Black Panthers. Don't you keep up with real news?

Captain Distracto said...

Wow Field, you've really grappled with the key issue of our time - the racist white skinhead groups that are ravaging our country. They're everywhere, wreaking havoc and violence on our communities. Every day, they are out there doing drive bys, car jackings, gang slayings - they're even in our schools!

Bill said...

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

According to Fox news the only racist organization in Pennsylvania are the New Black Panthers

That’s stupid of faux to say.

Pennsylvania has lots of hate groups.

Anti-gay –
American Family Association-Pennsylvania

Anti-black –
Ku Klos Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
United Klans Of America

Anti white –
Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ
Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ
Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ,The
Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ,The
Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ,The
Nation of Islam
Nation of Islam
Nation of Islam
Nation of Islam
New Black Panther Party

Anti muslim-
Casa D'Ice Signs

Only a partial list of hate groups in Pennsylvania.

Wesley R said...

The people know the deal, Washington doesn't. If you want to begin to get rid of this kind of hate, gang violence, out of wedlock birth, national debt, and other disfunctions etc., then jobs are the answer. Jobs bring stability. Back in the day someone could quit a job and go across the street and get another one. We are far removed from those days. Politicans complain about these things but they do nothing to solve them. They rather go oversees and blow up some shit, to keep our minds off of it.

Anyway Field, Check out the situation at Grambling University. It seems like we aren't taking care of our own. I'm still waiting for the whole story to come out.

Anonymous said...

from a yardie; excellent post !

Wesley R said...

After tonight I want to see Oregon vs Florida State in a bowl game but we have other things to look at. First Oregon has to get pass Stanford. Then Alabama has to get pass the SEC schedule. I don't see that happening but you never know. Then Ohio State. They should sweep the Big Ten Schedule but I don't think they can hang with Oregon or the teams from the south. Still a ways to go, the games get better each weekend. So We'll see.

Anonymous said...

the fight is in our community black man. we already know how a majority of whites are. fuck their issues let focus on us field negro. we must put knowledge in our young kids because these devils are using crafty tactics to take us out..

My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Israel (so called black man) time to wake up

Anonymous said...

"Good for Frank. It took him becoming a skinhead and understanding true hate before he could evolve into becoming a better human being. There are a lot of people in the majority population who didn't actually become skinheads, but their ability and willingness to hate is just as great. At least Frank saw the light."

Yeah, Frank saw the light because he was smart. It's too bad Negroes out shooting each other are too dumb to stop. THAT'S where the 'real' hate is. It's Blacks hating on Blacks and willing to kill each other.

Field, when are you going to start posting about the shit we do to each other?

Skinheads combined with the KKK still can't even come close to hatred on the streets in the black community.

Anonymous said...

"these devils are using crafty tactics to take us out.."

keep blaming the white man for your problems, and you'll never straighten your ass out.

PilotX said...

Hey Field you see Don Lemon's latest comment? He came real. Blind squirrel I guess.

PilotX said...


PilotX said...

field negro said...

Don Lemon is still auditioning for his gig on the Fake News Network. Don't worry Don, they see u. You will be cashing Uncle Rupe's checks really soon.

Purple Drank Hank said...

Field's too full of Obama Kool-Aid to be thinking of drinking anything else.

the beat goes on said...

Since you aren’t likely to see this on TV, here’s video of female “teens” beating a pregnant white woman:

You say whites are racist. Okay, find me a video of five white women beating a pregnant black woman.

Imagine the 24/7 media frenzy if the races were reversed. Everyone involved would become a household name. Events like that must never happen, because we would certainly know it if they did. Yet it is whites who must be punished for being racist, according to the prevailing ideology.

Black Sage said...

Blacks must quit waiting on white people to change like Frank. I’ll him some credit for running in the opposite direction of hate, psycho jealousy and outright cave man behavior, but that’s it.

On the other hand, we must get our shit together first to counter the tricks and games put forth by what we refer to as white supremacy. UNITY amongst blacks is the key, there are no other alternative. Once we begin to come together, as we should, only then will we garner the support and respect from other groups that’s needed to become a recognizable political force with a meaningful voice. Until that time, we may as well keep watching folks like FIELD NEGRO who desperately wants to be accepted and CNN, Fox News and MSNBC continue put forth ideas that literally means nothing to the black man in the hell hole of a country.

We are in the muck and mire of misery as a group in Amerikkka by long-term design and faculties of long ago dead presidents, not happenstance! Get your shit together black folks and quit waiting on whitey to about bring change for you! Unity, Unity, Unity!!

Joder La Resistencia said...

Don Lemon, a negro that dares to be free thinking.

House negroes must attack him.

I'm glad HHN is so focused on the pressing issues facing the black community.

Black unemployment? No

Black poverty? No

Black crime? No

Skinheads? YES!!!!!!

I know its nearing Halloween and HHN is trying to scare you negroes. Just remember,most interracial crime is minority on white.

With blacks murdering twice as many whites.

Joder La Resistencia said...

"Anyway Field, Check out the situation at Grambling University."

What's going on at Grambling U?

Are there skinheads there?

Did a white person commit a crime against a student?

Are negroes stepping off the Democrat plantation?

Do they watch Fox News at Grambling?

OMG NO!!!! Are they honoring Rush Limbaugh?

Other than dat? HHN can't be worried.

Black Sage said...

Republican bought, groomed and owned Slave Negro said: “Don Lemon, a negro that dares to be free thinking. House negroes must attack him.”

Nope, … you’ve got it all wrong again slave negro. Gay thinking Don Lemon’s voice speaks for himself only. MS. LEMON does not speak for me and I’d also say that he doesn’t speak for the vast majority of the other 37 million or 12% of Amerikkka’s population of blacks either.

He speaks from a gay pulpit for personal gain and nothing else. He pulls his panties down for a shellacking from other men standing in line. He speaks for himself to be heard amongst other likewise people who are essentially anti-black for a political purpose. Nothing else!

Damn, … my brother Chuck D of Public Enemy in his pithiness was correct in the 1980s when he stated: “all blacks ain’t black and it takes a nation of millions to hold us back.”

Bill said...

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...


Now what's bothering you?

You didn't like me posting those Pennsylvania hate group figures? Not what you expected?

Green Parsley said...

Black Sage said...
"UNITY amongst blacks is the key"

'Unity' among blacks is the trap that keeps you in the bucket.

Live your own life by your own principles and associate with those who share your principles, regardless of their labels.

Racist groupthink keeps you down. Free yourself.

PilotX said...

Republicans.....did you even read the link about Don Lemon before commenting? Just curious. words just blank stare. Ha!

PilotX said...

Beat Goes on, it's not that whites are racist it's the point Black Sage brings up. We live in a white supremist society in which privilege is visited upon whites in an unspoken manner. When my white counterparts complain about society being against them I just tell them to imagine if the roles were reversed. Imagine 43 and 1/2 of the last presidents being blah, over 90 percent of congress being blah. The vast majority of CEO's blah so on and so forth. Imagine having just one or two tv and/or radio stations catering to your tastes. Try to picture that and then add in historic injustice and discrimination and reverse the roles. Quite an interesting landscape huh? If given the opportunity would you want to trade realities?

the beat goes on said...

Your problem is that America is a white majority country. By default, it is going to be set up by the customs and practices of the majority.

Never mind that majority protects minority rights to a greater extent than any society in the history of the planet.

Historic injustices and discrimination against blacks are used today to justify ongoing injustice and discrimination against marginalized non-elite whites.

This makes our new leftist elite feel good about themselves without costing them anything. They get to pay the debt owed blacks from the past with payment extracted from the whites they despise today.

Violence against whites is ignored. Every possible grievances of blacks is exaggerated. This is done to keep both populations in line; one by fear and the other by anger.

No justice, no peace.

Black Sage said...

Un-ripened Green Parsley confidently stated: “'Unity' among blacks is the trap that keeps you in the bucket. Live your own life by your own principles and associate with those who share your principles, regardless of their labels. Racist groupthink keeps you down. Free yourself.”

Unripened Green Parsley, you’re so funny. You should be a cartoon character in the Sunday morning newspaper comics. But I digress, however, this is what separates me from phonies like you. I not only want to be free, I want all blacks to be free. What good is it for me to be free and live ensconcely while my black brethren suffer at-will and through the ax of collective white supremacy? What good does it serve for me to be free while other blacks live without financial and the political wherewithal to effect real freedom for the entire group?

This is Eurocentric thinking in a shallow attempt to force your silliness upon another group of people. This is exactly why we currently live under an oligarch system of government. In other words, the rich rules over the poor or a “top” to “down schematic form of rule. Nope,… this is totally unacceptable.

But the truly sad part about this country, people aren’t paying attention to what’s currently happening to them and it’s long term ramifications. Social and political policies that are being presented and formulated by RepubMafias and DemoMobs in their nascent stage today will loom over them like an ominous cloud a decade from today.

In short, I do not accept you proposal that I should be concerned with only my freedom, go take a hike youngster!

Green Parsley said...

Black Sage said...
This is Eurocentric thinking in a shallow attempt to force your silliness upon another group of people.

OK. Just proceed with what you've been doing, since it's been working out so well.

And the point was not that you should be concerned with just your own freedom, but that you should be concerned with everyone's freedom, not just other blacks. You are a human being; black is not your only defining characteristic. (For you personally, I would include pomposity.)

PilotX said...

"Your problem is that America is a white majority country."

Not a problem for me.

"Violence against whites is ignored. Every possible grievances of blacks is exaggerated."

I call bullshit. You and all the other stormfronters regularly post about it here and other Black sites so we see it all the time. Not to mention stormfront and other white sites so you get twice as much coverage no?
Question, how many whites have been executed for killing a blah person and how many blah have been executed for killing a white? Man please, justice is still skewed towards white. Kill a white person and see if that crime isn't solved by the end of the hour episode, then kill a blah and see how long it takes the wheels of justice to turn. A blah life is not worth as much as a white life in this country. You and the Limbaugh types just don't know how good you have it. Then again if things are so hard for white guys you are welcomed to leave. I just don't see how you white guys can live in such a society, jeez, I can only imagine your suffering.

PilotX said...

PilotX said...

New Jersey voters elected Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) on Wednesday to the seat once held by the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D). When he is seated, Senator-elect Booker will join Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) as one of only two African Americans in the upper house of Congress. Close to thirteen percent of the country is black, despite the fact that African Americans control just two percent of the seats in the Senate.

Yet, despite their current under-representation, African Americans are actually unusually well-represented in the current Senate as compared to most of American history. Only four black men and women were elected to the United States Senate in all of American history — former Sens. Edward William Brooke (R-MA) and Carol Moseley Braun (D-IL) join Booker in this very exclusive group, along with President Barack Obama. Five other African Americans also served in the Senate, including incumbent Sen. Scott, but each of these men were either appointed by governors to fill vacant seats or were selected by state legislatures prior to the ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment, which called for direct elections of senators. Additionally, former Louisiana Gov. P. B. S. Pinchback, a Republican, was selected by his state legislature to be a senator but denied his seat by Democrats in Congress.

Last June, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that “[o]ur country has changed” from the one riddled with racial apartheid 50 years ago, and he cited this progress as a reason to strike down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. America has changed, and there can be no doubt that the nation we live in today is better than the one our grandparents lived in when the Voting Rights Act became law.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that only four African Americans have been elected to the Senate in America’s entire history. Perhaps America hasn’t made as much progress as John Roberts thinks.

From Think Progress

PilotX said...

LAST week was the 35th anniversary of the return of the American death penalty. It remains as racist and as random as ever.

Several years after the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, a University of Iowa law professor, David C. Baldus (who died last month), along with two colleagues, published a study examining more than 2,000 homicides that took place in Georgia beginning in 1972. They found that black defendants were 1.7 times more likely to receive the death penalty than white defendants and that murderers of white victims were 4.3 times more likely to be sentenced to death than those who killed blacks.

What became known as the Baldus study was the centerpiece of the Supreme Court’s 1987 decision in McCleskey v. Kemp. That case involved a black man, Warren McCleskey, who was sentenced to die for murdering a white Atlanta police officer. Mr. McCleskey argued that the Baldus study established that his death sentence was tainted by racial bias. In a 5-to-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that general patterns of discrimination do not prove that racial discrimination operated in particular cases.

Of course, the court had to say that, or America’s capital justice system would have screeched to a halt. Georgia is not special. Nationwide, blacks and whites are victims of homicide in roughly equal numbers, yet 80 percent of those executed had murdered white people. Over the past three decades, the Baldus study has been replicated in about a dozen other jurisdictions, and they all reflect the same basic racial bias. By insisting on direct evidence of racial discrimination, the court in McCleskey essentially made the fact of pervasive racism legally irrelevant, because prosecutors rarely write e-mails announcing they are seeking death in a given case because the murderer was black (or because the victim was white).

From NYT

the beat goes on said...

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...
Question, how many whites have been executed for killing a blah person and how many blah have been executed for killing a white?

More blacks are executed for killing whites because blacks kill whites many times more often than whites kill blacks.


PilotX said...

Joe Palazzolo

Feb. 14, 2013 5:36 p.m. ET

Prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years, an analysis by the U.S. Sentencing Commission found.

Law Blog
After 'Anonymous' Attack, Sentencing Body Seeks Blogger's Help

That racial gap has widened since the Supreme Court restored judicial discretion in sentencing in 2005, according to the Sentencing Commission's findings, which were submitted to Congress last month and released publicly this week.

In its report, the commission recommended that federal judges give sentencing guidelines more weight, and that appeals courts more closely scrutinize sentences that fall beyond them.

The commission, which is part of the judicial branch, was careful to avoid the implication of racism among federal judges, acknowledging that they "make sentencing decisions based on many legitimate considerations that are not or cannot be measured."

PilotX said...

"More blacks are executed for killing whites because blacks kill whites many times more often than whites kill blacks."

Bullshit. Whites are not given the death penalty for killing a blah person period. Point is if you kill a white person your ass is gonna fry.

Did anybody wee the South Park episode in which Zimmerman killed a white kid and fried. Art imitates life.

Menachem said...

Close to thirteen percent of the country is black, despite the fact that African Americans control just two percent of the seats in the Senate.

Hmmm...Jews only comprise 2% of the population, yet are 11% of the Senate.

There you go.

the beat goes on said...

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...


I guess math is not your strong suit.

And if you need cite to South Park to back up your arguments, well, you just don't have much of a point, do you?


Joder La Resistencia said...

What PilotX doesn't tell you?

Blacks are more likely to have a criminal record when facing the possibility of the death penalty.

Majority black juries rarely render the death penalty.

alicia banks said...

all americans should have the right to free speech and peaceful assembly

skinheads included

cc hobama/the new hitler/nixon 2.0 and the constitution he has torched...

cc censored msm/journalism's corpse/ndaa/helen thomas/sopa/cispa...


cc mlk

alicia banks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alicia banks said...

black hobama nazis like fake nig adore that racist bankster hobama so that they are PRO censorship and PRO war....

just because their god hobama is also.

what a gd shame!!!!

cc africom/the corpse of free speech/ndaa/ww3...

Tawana Brawley said...

Yet another fake racism charge revealed as a hoax.

99 times out of 100, it's just someone trying to get paid.

alicia banks said...

deaf blind deranged obsessed black nazis' mindless mantra:

"heil hobama..we love your hitler swag bro...we love u...we love war...we love being silenced and ignored...we love martial law!!!... etc"

cc africom/ndaa/cispa/ww3 etc


Black elected officials, overwhelmingly Democrats, act as role models of impotence, eunuchs in Obama’s harem and, when required, cheerleaders in his wars. Had Obama not “postponed” his attack on Syria, there is every reason to believe that he would have gotten the support of about half the Congressional Black Caucus – just as when his war against Libya [11] was challenged, in June of 2011. Even after Obama is gone, the great task of Black progressives will be to sever the chains that bind Blacks to the Wall Street-run Democratic Party, the incubator of future Obamas and, therefore, unending Black political crises.

It is true that Black folks have lost their political bearings, if not their minds, in the Age of Obama, but that doesn’t mean they can’t recover their sanity and humanity, once the maddening presence in the White House is gone. Mental breakdowns are not irreversible; otherwise, all the world’s peoples would be permanently brain-damaged.

Perhaps the most curious and, in a sense, encouraging aspect of Obama-whipped Black political behavior is that most of those afflicted pay little attention to the First Black President’s actual policies. The topic of Black conversation is usually not “What is Obama doing,” but, rather, “How is Obama doing?” His fans aren’t concerned about his legislative agenda, and are often shocked when informed that their icon engineered preventive detention laws and wants to cut Social Security. You are liable to be called a lying bastard, or even attacked, simply for citing his political record in Black settings where, typically, it is never debated or scrutinized. Instead, the subject of constant discussion is: Who is making trouble for Obama? What are they doing now to smear the man? In short, Black people aren’t expressing their political convictions when giving tacit or active support to Obama, on the foreign or domestic fronts. They are, in fact, ignoring their own convictions in favor of upholding the icon.

As a result, what Cornel West calls the “Black prophetic tradition” slips into a coma. We know it will awake, but not without damage.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


I like this, this one is not a creepy crakka Way to go brother way to go here is hoping he remains focused

Ankita Tiwari said...