Saturday, November 30, 2013


And now comes to the stories.

Shots fired at a parking lot at a Kohl's store in the Chicago area, a melee at the Franklin Mills Mall here in Philly, some dude shot to death in Las Vegas while trying to go home with his big screen television, and countless fights across the country to beat the next sucker shopper to save a few dollars on that toy that little Junior wanted for Christmas.

And it's not just us crass Americans. They are getting their brawl on over these commercial items across the pond as well.

The fights and mayhem that ensues have gotten better than the deals themselves. You can track these things on twitter now. People acting "like animals" while they try to scoop up a good deal. Actually, this is not fair to animals.

That company from Arkansas, of course, is where I lay a lot of the blame. The Walmartification (I know that's not a word) of America has taken this thing to a whole new level. And as they continue to rake in the dollars, we can expect other big box stores to follow their lead.

"Brawlmart", as one publication is calling them, is where most of the action
seems to go down these days. People will stop at nothing to beat the other shopper to the deal. 

"Brooke Buchanan, a spokeswoman for Walmart, said Friday morning that the Black Friday sales on Thursday were "bigger, better, and safer than ever from coast to coast.

"It's been the safest Black Friday with millions of shoppers at our 4,000 locations across the country. There were some isolated incidents that were resolved quickly through the help of our store associates, and in some cases with the help of local law enforcement. We're very happy with our safety plans and how they worked," Buchanan told ABC News.

The company said it had some 22 million shoppers come through its stores in a four-hour period on Thursday night."

22 million in a four hour period! Where is the recession? Anyway, this clown says that he is happy with their "safety plans". What else is he going to say? We have created this monster and we are not sure we can control it. But it's making us so much money that we will just ride out the bad publicity until there is a real serious tragedy associated with it.

Finally, I think this Rev. Manning dude might have been in one Black Friday brawl too many and he hit his head a time or two.

"Reverend James David Manning of the Atlah World Missionary Church claimed this week that Miriam Carey, who was shot and killed by authorities after crashing her car into the U.S. Capitol building last month, had been assassinated by President Barack Obama because she had given birth to his illegitimate daughter.

On his radio show The Manning Report, Manning called for a paternity test of Carey’s fifteen-month-old daughter, who was in the car with Carey when she led police on a chase that ended in gunfire on the Capitol steps.

The theory, which appears to have originated with a Russian website, alleges that before a May 2011 graduation address to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Obama stopped at the dentist office where Carey worked as an assistant, because a piece of pistachio shell had become lodged in his back moral.

While there, according to the theory, Obama struck up a friendship with Carey, who became pregnant shortly afterward. The website claimed that Carey refused Obama’s request to have an abortion, at which point Obama “lured” her to Washington and had her killed. (Even more bizarrely, the site goes to claim that Obama was out trolling for extramarital action because Michelle Obama was actually born a man.)

Manning accused the “entire world media” of refusing to investigate the incident, and chastised Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, women’s rights groups, academia, and the courts for “refusing to come to the aid of this slaughtered woman, which means that they are protecting something that they feel far more important, which is Barack Hussein Obama. Case closed.” [Source]

*I hear Twilight Zone music*

I am still not cool with the way this poor woman was killed, but.....let's just say that if you are a member of this guy's church you might need to start watching and praying.


Unknown said...

lmao Reverend Manning!

yeah, Obama did it after time travelling from Mars.

Anonymous said...

Obama stopped at the dentist office where Carey worked as an assistant, because a piece of pistachio shell had become lodged in his back moral.

His back Moral? Is this Gay code?

Black Yoda said...

I've heard several retailers claim Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for them. In some cases, it's when stores make a lion-share of their profits. If this is the case, why not make every day black? The answer is simple: That would begin to push prices down from where they have been artificially pushed up. Black Friday is more than a deal on some flat screen you don't need; it's the one day they show you that they've been price gouging every other day of the year. You'll never hear it phrased that way on mainstream media. Why not? Wait 'till they cut to a commercial break for the answer.

Anonymous said...

@ Black Yoda

Nah. Generally speaking, the Black Friday deals aren't all that great anyway. Stores have created marketing hype which has tricked people into believing these discounts are worth it, though they usually aren't.

"Sucker" is the right word to describe most of the people standing in line before dawn for the privilege of getting in a fistfight with some other fool over one of only a handful of items in the entire store that have actually been marked down.

Anonymous said...

"We have created this monster and we are not sure we can control it. But it's making us so much money that we will just ride out the bad publicity until there is a real serious tragedy associated with it."

Wal-Mart's already had serious tragedy associated with it. In 2008, a Long Island Wal-Mart worker was crushed to death in a Black Friday "stampede" of people looking to save a couple bucks.

As for that Rev. Manning guy, boy, he is a cartoonish Uncle Ruckus sort of fellow. I'm convinced he hates black people. Someone needs to helpfully inform him that he himself is black (they should make sure he's sitting down first, though -- it's going to be a rather traumatic experience for him).

Bill said...

Nothing says protest like an astroturf protest paid for by the unions.

a subsidiary of UFCW, had offered $50 gift cards to anyone who showed up to protest. The National Labor Relations Board approved the practice in a memorandum this month.,0,1616629.story#axzz2m3sPR3tD

If you are going to pay people, why pay union protestors a non-living wage, give the money to the workers of wal-mart.

But that's the rub...

It's not about helping the workers, it's about a political agenda.

Bill said...

If only bush was still president and had that innocent unarmed black woman gunned down in front of her child FN could find the courage to speak up.

Unfortunately for the dead woman, FN leans democrat so his courage about issues is guided by his political agenda.

Bill said...

"We're evaluating why it is exactly that I didn't know soon enough that it wasn't going to work the way it needed to."

A few guesses...

[ ] Obama didn't care.

[ ] Obama was too busy planning his next concert to make sure his signature legislation was done right.

[ ] Obama was busy getting ready to pivot to the economy for the 582nd time.

[ ] Too busy writing letters saying that he doesn't make fun of tea-baggers.

[ ] Busy planning next civilian drone strike killing.

[ ] Staff knows not to bring you bad news or it's under the bus they go, just like anthony sending people to the cornfield. (twilight zone reference to those abroad since FN played the music)

[ ] Oops, they did tell you.

[ ] The only people suggesting there were problems were right-wing extremist hostage taking america haters.

[ ] What problems. Young people pay for the old and pre-existing. I love it when a plan comes together.

focusedpurpose said...

thanks for the link last post Bryan.

Brother X is a lot to handle. lol. reminds me of my little girl days when men like this were all around me. (NOI) they would look folks straight in the eye and speak on it.

the sexism attached to all this awareness these Kings have turns me off. Galatians 3:28-29 does not seem to factor into what they are talking about on any level. + over the years, i have lost my ability to suffer anything, from anyone...quietly. at a certain point, folks earn my opinion + the right to hear my voice on the matter. these brothers come the clock is ticking double time from jump;)

so out of respect, i try to steer clear of these fellas;) that's what i got at first glance. when BX told homie doing the interview to "SHUT UP!" that = heads up! to me for how women perceived to be out of "her place" gets handles. um, no thanks;) i still have love for these BM that will call things what they are...then Stand, though.

this right here:

"Only sociopaths celebrate the genocide of millions of people that the white man and his media and corporations have elevated to a high type of civic holiday in a temple built on racism and evil. If I were a weaker man, Thanksgiving would make me both vomit and empty my bowels at the same time."

pretty much. lol. point of agreement! i can hit him with some cyber dap on THAT!

he, too, is repulsed by the wickedness.

that many participate in, both directly + indirectly. the powers that be got folks convinced the Universe is set up all willy nilly. these lying devils know better and the rules.

folks ar mindlessly- because they are on a hard program- between the signs, wicked to the max reinforcing symbols and nonstop words/LIES; the programmed animals WILL stampede to the massive death one day. these shekel loving devils ALREADY told you they getting paid until that day. so, let's keep it moving! "Chr-stmas" is around the corner!!! peep the satanic calendar and look for the sacrifices world wide.

in fairness to the Black Nationalist movements...i TRULY do believe that IF they knew they needed to line their flows up with the Word of Almighty in order to WIN!...they would.

it is clearly written that whatever Kings seek to undertake that is apart from Him...will come to naught. someone wrote a few posts back about the voices of the Queens (and these brothers WILL call you a Queen...all day.) that were misguided enough to think close was what they needed to be getting to sexist men.

focusedpurpose said...

i got Love for my sisters/daughters, so i AM going to go ahead and say it. yes! NOI, back in the day- had ALL the foine BMenfolk;) there was one that used to stand 1 o'clock on high alert, close to Farrakhan, FOI. that one right there. lol! handsome enough to make folk think about putting up with it. for a minute. but that would be a lie. makes more sense to respect folks' religious beliefs. otherwise i would run the risk of Galatians 3:28-29'ing somebody to death;( and that ain't right. Malcolm X calling them out got him killed, so i'm good.

ps. Malcolm X was foine;)

i suppose i may come off radical mouth like BX. LOL. so did Messiah;) i understand and please understand, it's all Love. i can't worry about folks' feelings so much as calling things what they are. my heart's intent is never to be rude nor hurtful. the love i have for humanity makes it all come out like wake up salts. seems to me that's what folk i look around.

if you visit my house, you will see that some of my first words indicate there are no plans to ask permission to be free.

also, i AM not bashing anyone. i AM simply sharing my perspective. there are many decent, good Muslim people. decent folk want peace. this translates all color and belief lines.

listening to decent Muslims add even greater knowledge + depth to what i sense on surface, in all truth. kind of like Christians speaking of other Christians that don't act right. most importantly, there is only One Yah. so however folks call Him...if you somewhere worshiping Him, minding your business, being Love. why would anyone suggest we fight? in some real life cases, start the fight to going, even?

this holds true in many ways. along many lines. religion. color. sex. age. disabilities, weight, poor, etc. etc.

so, at this point in the game, instead of going in like BX re: Thanksgiving, i simply ask folks to think about what they are allowing their energy to be harnessed for...BX had me rolling. i Love him and pray he Stands Strong. look to Yah to lead and guide him, in Almighty's Name. i pray for the interviewer as well;)

please know these folks are harnessing energy, sacrificing folks (look at the # of missing babies + people in general. this is not happenstance folks.), summoning lucifer/satan himself, thanking (folks just threw energy, customs, traditons behind that madness yesterday)his defeated azz- while they pray to lucifer/satan to release his defeated, demonic azz kingdom to earth. while folks work around the clock to make it happen in the material realm.

folks can believe that or not. either way...that's what it is. so if it sounds like a game. ok. it is. spiritual warfare, science fiction, high definition, 3d and beyond game. only souls are at stake. and at the end, you can't turn that bad boy off;(

focusedpurpose said...

one of the pics attached to FN's post is PRECISELY what i have talking about. grown azz women in tights with no tunic/covering are liable to do...anything. i have no forbidden golden calves. so i can say it, some bw, especially, need to get it together. womanhood, in general, needs to hit pause and re-evaluate. exactly NONE of the mess folks pushing at women is good for women, nor society.

i got stuck on the leggings. i.can't + won't go there with big grown women that think they need to be fighting over any china made, over priced, mark up to mark down, walmart trinkets. all roads point back to Him. as His Chosen Mighty Ones, we are to be examples. so that means, it seems like it is always our turn to be the bigger person. light a person up, verbally, honorably and keep it moving. but that lady could have already tried that. lol. this pic could be what's next;)

i don't know that lady in the pic, but i sure wish that when she had a photo op...that she would have chosen the honorable flow. all signs indicate she needs to get closer to Him. He keeps US peaceful. some folks + the world seem to feel it their right to try to fiddle with our peace, humanity, womanhood, final last nerve, etc.

it is wise to lean not on our own understanding.


folks can sleep on + laugh at the russians if they want to...

it was russian folk busting a gut about the commie, coloured, ivy league educated, new american potus that was one of them- long before i laid eyes on BO.

read of the MO transgender thingy as well elsewhere. it would not shock nor surprise me. really, who cares? so he's homo. so she's transgendered. what i care about is all that evil both of them can't seem to stop doing behind the scenes. then they come out slp trained to hypnotize with lies all the folks that just LOVE seeing black/blackish folks in white house. while hypnotizing those that refuse to wake up in general;(

BO has been killing his Black extramarital flings for a minute now. men- now women. ok. sounds about right. with folks riding the freedom train- dead bodies are considered perks + snuff film entertainment. dead strippers. dead mistresses. dead secretaries. dead dental hygienists. ok.

focusedpurpose said...

when folks get tossed from the freedom train (assassinated/set up/jailed/fortunes erased)- rarely do they have clean hands. this is true of the other jfk, as well;) folks will be in on it until they get hip to it. THEN they try to flip the script. there is a price to pay when one has bomb rushed up into high places. only to find themselves staring at the devil. to get out/away, folks gotta Stand Up + tell it. that can get you killed. oh well had best be the attitude as folks go to it. they can't kill US all. so bomb rush that defeated devil azz in the Spirit;)

all signs in history point to this bottom line.

the 'official' Carey baby daddy is a BO college buddy. that mystery man was the one sliming Carey's name with the 'prophet' stories so programmed to be non believing animals could make fun of her.

none of the organizations dead head folks are calling for give a big whoop about bw. dead nor alive ones. only those that have managed to miss a lot would even mention these souled out organizations+ people.

folks called Carey 'crazy'...i guess these dead heads missed the fact that precisely what she said would precisely what happened. BO forces slaughtered her on national tv after monitoring her for awhile. other folks have told US we are all under surveillance. why would her suggestion that BO was doing this to her be so far fetched, considering her BO college buddy baby daddy?

what i want to know is if Carey's little girl has been returned to Carey's family? at the time all of this went down...the baby was in non family custody- while family was being blown off/disallowed info on child's condition. those of US in the know, understand DHS has rape rooms that they have not been held accountable for maintaining.

folks are losing their lives + children in this madness. these jackals are just straight TAKING.FOLKS.CHILDREN while the masses sleep, shop, chase mammon/idols, watch games, play games, play and play.

Pastor Manning has been letting BO have it for longer than a minute. guess folks missed the BO high school classmate Manning interviewed? she couldn't wait to let folks know BO was an out of closet, pathological liar, sociopath,cig smoking, gay teen in high school.

the whole nation has been hoodwinked. those riding to the end for BO...have been hoodwinked the hardest;(

also Bryan...i don't think many wfolks understand. dropping the white is right ain't optional. folks will have no choice but to get with His Spirit + Truth. there are a group of folks where all nations of people will gather. folks stuck in white is right land...WILL miss the boat+ be up a creek, when the it is written.

i AM a reformed, FORMER, Black nationalist. when He woke me of the first things He showed me was that it was NOT about color. it is about the Spirit. this is why we are called to try the spirit by the Spirit/Word of Most High;)

blessings all!

Geo said...

Take one day out of year. Hype it up as a money saver, and some folk lose every iota of intelligence attempting to get stuff that nine time out of ten they already have.
Brawlmart accurately depicts the ambiance that cloaks Walmart on Black Fridays. SMH

focusedpurpose said...


did you know dubya bush was accused of rape by a bw...who very politely 'committed suicide' shortly thereafter?

of course all that got swept under the big fat bumpy republican/democrat rug. on the rep side. the clintonS are bumping up the dem side of the durt rug like nobody's business. lots of dead bodies.

when i looked under the rug, i saw dubya's mess land next to his ped daddy bush's rent boy sex tours in the white house dirt. you disdain peds? or must they be Roman Catholic for you to play your divide 'em political game?

seems to me, since you can see so clearly...that you would spend your time dazzling folks with what appears to be good sense, while you tell them that ALL this madness is lies. the white lies are the biggest ones of all! that should make your life quite exciting!;)

the Bible is a political publication written by Kings for the benefit of Kings.

forgive any typos.

Unknown said...

yeah, FP, when Brother X told DeVega to Shut up! or asked 'Did I say you could talk?' reminds me of a lot of men I have had in my life. They always want to be on top, winning the fight or the argument. I think he made a lot of good points, a pretty bare bones sort of conversation.

I shared because of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday themes, they also talked about the 'knockout game' hysteria.

Malcolm X is a huge inspiration to me. A Muslim friend recently told me the sound of God is the'H' sound, as in Yeshua, Allah, even in Om...

obviously I am not a white nationalist.. can't really be a black nationalist either, though I do understand the desire to build such a movement. Nationalism seems divisive to me and I would rather not limit my perspective and influences.

Anonymous said...

Well I can't wait for this entire mess of sales to finally be over!

Field how ridiculous can Mr. Manning get? For Pete's sake!

If Ms.Carey had born the POTUS a love child she would have said something instead of doing what she did in front of the White House! She would have at least left it written and/or told a family member!

Lord have mercy on that Rev.Manning!

Seems some people have nothing better to do than spend their time making up these far out stories!

What a way to live! Caarazy!:D

And please shit or get off the pot!

Which is it, one moment he's gay, the next he's a womanizer! We know there have been womanizer presidents. Of course!!!

But with this POTUS,there hasn't been a breath of this type scandal! For Pete;s sake! Get a grip Reverend!and a

As for the FLOTUS being born a man??? Nuts and perverse projecting ;)

Those cops are standing there to protect the POTUS. They would have reacted the exact same way if it had been anybody else at all. Man or woman,black,white,yellow,brown!

When you go nuts with a car in front of the White House,and you don't stop when asked to, and you ram that car into anything at all,in front of the White House, with the President of the US and family inside. You are going to get shot. If that's the only way they can stop the car, you are going to get shot.

When a cop shoots, he must be shooting to kill! A cop cannot shoot to maim or disable. If he unholsters his gun, it is assumed that the situation merits the use of gunfire, and therefore he MUST shoot to kill.

That's the law. Look it up.

I guess this world is world is filled with crazies! My grandmother used to say, "There's more crazies on the loose, than there are locked up" lol! She sure was right!! :D

Anonymous said...

sad to see black women proving stereotypes true.

what are our young black males to think?

why do we give white people more reason to hate and fear us?

a concerned negro...

focusedpurpose said...

folks sitting in other places have a better handle on things than most sitting in america...

Anonymous said...

Field, "And it's not just us crass Americans. They are getting their brawl on over these commercial items across the pond as well."

Field, this is no bs: Purple Cow was in that British video, fighting his ass off with a wm for a big screen TV. To make matters worse, the wm kicked his ass. But the good part about it we won't have to worry about PC showing up here again...not after losing that fight to wm who was a lot smaller than he was. Serves him right. The Negro has been calling me White for too long. Now KARMA came back to bite him in his purple ass.

Anonymous said...

Field, it seems to me that FN needs to pull out all the stops and investigate this Carey tragedy. I mean, her being killed with the child in the car made no sense. There is something 'rotten in Denmark' about this and the American public needs to check this out.

I hope O'Reilly and FOX NEWS become interested in this. If they do, they will most certainly find out the truth. They always clear the air with the truth. A great cable news organization.

Anonymous said...

God bless Rev Manning. He has a direct line to God so some of you laughing hyenas on FN had better wipe that damn smile off your face or you may soon find yourself walking on the hot red carpet in hell. Rev Manning does not play.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I think those members over at Rev Manning need to run as fast as they can away from his church. All manna is not good manna and his stinks and is rotten to the core. The man is not playing with a full deck. He is what I call one that sneaked through the back door. Legions speak through him, if you know what I mean.

That's why it's good to Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. So that they can see through BS when it is thrown at them by some of these counterfeit preachers.

Folks need to start digging into Rev Manning's finances and find out where the money trail begins and ends up at and who is paying him to say all of those crazy things. I bet it leads back to Hannity and his crew. It's got his MO all over it

focusedpurpose said...

that don't smell too good, either. erasing folks $? letting them know they need to fall in line?

of course, the strong delusion crowd will figure out a lie or lifetime movie explanation of how all these lies make perfect sense.


wide awake souls, watching + praying, during this whole Truman Show get the durty joke. it's the do what thou wilt delusion crowd, i AM concerned about.


"If Ms.Carey had born the POTUS a love child she would have said something instead of doing what she did in front of the White House! She would have at least left it written and/or told a family member!"

^tell me that don't sound like a lifetime movie? or something a small child would say at this point in the game?

;(...yet LOL!


Anon 8:53pm- thanks for the details. it is hilarious how folks talk reckless then disappear. i pray they are blessed, safe, and mindful of some of the information shared here.

if there was less wilding out and more info exchange, that would make more sense to me.

you mentioned small big wm. i thought instantly of 2 Corinthians 12:9;)


Anon 8:58pm- if you are at all in touch with reality...then surely you must know the following Truth. thinking is not what is being programmed into the masses. the powers that be are deathly afraid of that happening, in fact. that said, quite a few bm are not thinking.

add to this the full access to at least 32 flavors, 24 hours a day- in a world that has been hijacked by a sex/violence/ death cult...and we get back to folks not thinking. add the music, preferred by young bm being hijacked by demons + the fatherlessness;( that's a lot of not thinking going down. the PIC is raking them + the shekels/mammon/$ in.

so, this article should not be seen as a chance to bash bw. all this violence is not the work of bw.

so to answer your greater question, once i slice away the needless bw bash, once again- bm should think it is about High time to turn their hearts to Him. stop whoremongering spiritually + physically. father your children. girls need their fathers. young men, stop acting violent hard programmed white + act right/according to His instructions for all Kings.

bw, bm, ALL nations would do well to reach this conclusion. He/His Word will not be mocked, after all.

Anon 9:04pm- i used to give Pastor Manning the stank eye. lol. now, i just listen, watch + pray. that's when anybody speaks. the spirit will always come through. i pray he Stands Strong and continue to say what he needs to say.

i did not note time of Anon that mixes truth with the love of souled out fox news/ o reilly. i noted the skill + spirit, though;)

focusedpurpose said...

"Purple Cow was in that British video, fighting his ass off with a wm for a big screen TV."

now see...

it is just wrong to make folks laugh at that. you are not even right, though you do crack me up. this is no bs. lol!

i pray PC + AB come on back with some Act Right. UTS, too. lol! i want what He wants...that's for none of His to be lost.

repping the flip side is never good;( i have yet to see it work out well...though people keep trying it...

more on the delusion crew for greater Understanding:



2 Thessalonians 2: 10-12

10 And with all deceivablesness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause Almighty shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


FN, you mentioned watching + praying.

somebody else was talking about the same thing;) the following Law is written in red:



Mark 13:30-37

30 Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.

31 Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

33 Take ye heed, watch and pay: for ye know not when the time is.

34 For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.

35 Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:

36 Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.

37 And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

1 Thessalonians 5:17- Pray without ceasing.

all signs indicate that's where it's at for all folk...

be His servant= having all authority- for those that missed that nugget of Goodness;)

defeated devils ALREADY know...this is why they hate + lie to US.

i don't know who He sends me over here to talk to...but i want you to know He is real + it is time to Stand Up.

oh! Anon that mentioned it posts back- whatever you see at my house that you think others might benefit from...definitely feel free to share it. this is how we all wake up from this nightmare charade;)

Wesley R said...

It appears Manning is trying to get a place on TV with the other fake ass preachers. I'm sure his member's are finding a hard time making ends meet while he's driving finest cars and living the high life.

focusedpurpose said...


you are correct that we are called to study to show ourselves approved...

we shall also know them by their it is written. BO's administration's fruit is real bloody + jammed packed with lies+ hard baked in corruption. those sound asleep in the matrix haven't heard a peep of it.

they started out sending folks to his making excuses for his website that doesn't work. everybody calling that handsome man-churian candidate, bloodline, person out, are not racists that need to study their Scriptures more. some of those riding and dying + those riding to die later need to double up on their Scripture bread themselves.

just a bit of what i mean:


John 8:44- Ye are of your father the devil. and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

1 John 4:1 tells US to try the spirit by the Spirit.

take a look at the BO administration's fruit. if you want to blame it all on dubya that is fine. folks have told of the BO real for awhile now. i won't go there. BO ride to the end...if that makes sense. this and all i say, with all due respect ma'am.

the brotha below has done a lot of legwork on the topic according to Scriptures.

we don't agree on all things, nor do we have to...there is enough Truth to link to. he doesn't understand where Yahudah comes in;(

might he be Psalm 83?

i don't know + he ain't speaking on it-despite me asking the there. lol.

these durty devils (US, UK, is ra el, etc.) are stomping through the world setting up world banks. while folks playing on political blogs like things are all a big joke;( the whole world mocks US as a result.

someone spoke of karma...USA has some real stank karma. for real. folks might want to wake on up. soon.

follow $ trail is good idea, always. now suggest + do that with BO. see who pulls his strings. he is big smile, mouth full of lies, dismantling america handsome devil. while folks praise him! it is bananas.

even as he clogs up the works on wwiii, on the surface for now, he is mollywhopping america nonstop. lol. in favor of his big bank masters.

those that can't see this, at this point should be or are honorary members of this "church":


i mean no disrespect. pastor manning is doing a lot to be sure. doing much more. at the pastor manages to tell the Truth more times than not when he opens his mouth. THAT cannot be said of good 'ole lying BO.

focusedpurpose said...


at least the pastor manages to tell the Truth more times than not when he opens his mouth. THAT cannot be said of good 'ole lying BO.

PilotX said...

Rev. Manning violated the updated Godwin's law, the first person to bring up Revs. Sharpton or Jsckson lose the argument. He is on to something though, ODS has these conservative believing anything.

Anonymous said...

"Brawlmart" is not the problem, black people are.

Why do you think they call it "Black Friday"?

He-chelle said...

"the site goes to claim that Obama was out trolling for extramarital action because Michelle Obama was actually born a man."

That part is actually true.

focusedpurpose said...

anon 2:08 AM

you might benefit from Bryan's link last post;)

Brother X already told you folks. lol.

Anonymous said...


Why is right that black people get special discounts on Black Friday?

focusedpurpose said...

lol @ Anon 2:27 am!

here you go. i will let somebody else help you get that much needed clue:

i AM passing it along Bryan;)

anon homie clearly needs more info to help him go grab a "black friday" seat + clue. that link should hook him up with a few clues. lol!


very interesting other news...

Killadelphia Cream Cheese said...

Since 1988, over 9,000 people have been slain on the streets of Philadelphia, affecting every neighborhood in the city. To put that deadly toll in perspective, during the length of U.S. combat operations in the Iraq war, 3,517 American troops were killed in action - and 3,113 people were killed in Philadelphia.

There were 9,325 homicides in Philadelphia from 1988-2012, with 7,303 of these victims being black.

Philadelphia doesn't have a gun-crisis; it has a black crisis.

The Knockout Game is bad in Philly; the black gun-crime is even worse. Let's start addressing that, if we are to see Philadelphia move toward a different future than that of 2013 Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Killadelphia Cream Cheese, how many Blacks live in Philly?

Field has said that Philadelphia is a "world class city."

Now you are saying that there is a 'Black crisis' in the city of brotherly love. How can that be? You can't have both. Which is it?

Somebody needs to tell the honest truth about Philly. Is there any Scripture about this strange city of Blacks?

If Philly is truly going the way of Detroit, Field needs to come clean about it.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia doesn't have a gun-crisis; it has a black crisis.

The Knockout Game is bad in Philly; the black gun-crime is even worse. Let's start addressing that, if we are to see Philadelphia move toward a different future than that of 2013 Detroit.

2:57 AM
This is quite disturbing. According to Field, there are a lot of Black professionals with advanced degrees in the city. So how can this be? Why would these professionals let Philly go down?

Blacks really need to learn to stick together and help each other instead of not caring. I am not a Bible expert but I bet there is 'something' in the Scriptures about sticking together and not violating the principle of 'unity'.

Blackardi said...

"According to Field, there are a lot of Black professionals with advanced degrees in the city. So how can this be?"

Alas, without sports, it's hard to imagine where positive images of black males would manifest, outside of fictional television programming and movies.

NSangoma said...


... within the Philadelphia metropolitan area ...

Four killed in area at start of weekend

'Person of interest' being questioned in Levittown deaths

Nigger-rific, would not you say, field booty.


field negro said...

"hope O'Reilly and FOX NEWS become interested in this. If they do, they will most certainly find out the truth. They always clear the air with the truth. A great cable news organization."

Oh shut up, Rupert.

Black Yoda said...

@ anonymous...I don't disagree that many of the deals aren't that good. But even so, I've seen relatively stable prices on items cut 10-20 percent. I'm not talking about the junk tablets or flat screens that get marked up only to be marked down. I'm also not talking about the limited quantity items either. People focus on the extreme examples, but what about the stores offering a flat percentage off store wide or on almost every item. How does that work??? That's what I'm getting at.

The Purple Cow said...

Focussed Porpoise, I've got a couple of questions for you.

1. Do people cross the street when they see you coming?

2. When you walk into a party, do people suddenly remember something vitally important that needs to be done in the kitchen?

Just curious.

The Purple Cow said...

"The Negro has been calling me White for too long. Now KARMA came back to bite him in his purple ass."

Give it a rest white boy.

You have convinced precisely nobody.

Anonymous said...

Blogger field negro said...
"hope O'Reilly and FOX NEWS become interested in this. If they do, they will most certainly find out the truth. They always clear the air with the truth. A great cable news organization."

Oh shut up, Rupert.

6:08 AM
First you call me White, and now you call me Rupert. Is there any level you will not stoop to?

Anonymous said...

Blackardi said...
"According to Field, there are a lot of Black professionals with advanced degrees in the city. So how can this be?"

Alas, without sports, it's hard to imagine where positive images of black males would manifest, outside of fictional television programming and movies.

3:50 AM
Ouch!! that hurt. Is it really the truth?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, Killadelphia Cream Cheese sounds like a man who only states stats...that is he only speaks the truth.

My question is do you have to dodge bullets going to work?

Have you been knocked out recently?

field negro said...

No, I have never dodged a bullet in Philadelphia. I will leave that to u good ole boyz on your hunting trips. ;)

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