Sunday, December 15, 2013

Making sure that Chrsitmas stays white in New Mexico.

Do you see what you started Megyn Kelly? Now you have FOX News viewers buying into your pronouncement about the fat guy in a red suit. The one who comes around once a year to give out goodies.

"Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly isn’t the only one who believes in a “white Christmas.”

A teacher in New Mexico has been disciplined for telling a black student dressed as Santa Claus that Father Christmas is Caucasian.

“Don’t you know Santa Claus is white?” the teacher reportedly asked. “Why are you wearing that?”

Students at Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, N.M., were allowed to dress as Santa, elves or reindeer. When ninth-grader Christopher Rougier arrived wearing a white beard and red Santa cap, the teacher ridiculed him, the boy’s father, Michael Rougier, told KOB-TV.

School officials in Rio Rancho said the teacher admits making a “dumb” mistake and apologized to Rougier’s family.

Officials wouldn’t specify what punishment the unnamed teacher would face.
Rougier is still angry.

“Whether this teacher felt Christopher may have been wearing this out of context, there's no room for it,” he said. “There's just no room for it.” [Source]

Is a "dumb mistake" what we are calling openly humiliating a 9th grader with racist statements by those in positions of authority these days?

Sadly, it looks like FOX News  is winning their war on Christmas, one racist at a time.



Wesley R said...

Every Monday after the Thanksgiving Holiday, Foxnews begins their yearly War on Christmas nonsense. O'Really? is the ring leader and the sheep follow along faithfully.


What the hell happened to the Eagles? At least the fans can't blame Vick for this one.

Anonymous said...

Field, "Sadly, it looks like FOX News is winning their war on Christmas, one racist at a time."

Don't you think you are taking this Santa thing a little too far? I mean, this is your third post about this shit.

The teacher admitted his mistake and apologized for it. What more can you expect?

The reality in America is the majority of Whites are racist people. That isn't going to change. Get used to it.

Finally, if FOX "airs it", then that's "what it is" they say in the TV business of today. FOX has the final say so and the public's 'final' acceptance.

As I have stated before Megyn wins, FN loses as usual.

One more point(since you FN Negroes are whining and complaining about Santa's color) FN Blog is repeatedly labeled by some dumb-ass Dem Negroes as a blog for Blacks 'only'. Now THAT is racist.

Yeah, yeah, I am talking to you Purple-ass-Cow and Black Sage. You also must apologize to Bill for your 'dumb' racist remarks.

This is an interracial world-class blog for EVERYBODY...Black, White and Brown.

PC you are a racist piece of purple shit. You are a disgrace to our race.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

I'll take "Who doesn't belong teaching children" for $500 Alex.

Anonymous said...

"Is a "dumb mistake" what we are calling openly humiliating a 9th grader with racist statements by those in positions of authority these days?"

Of course, it was a dumb mistake. It also was very racist, much like Megyn Kelly. Whites have white privilege and can speak such things. You see, you have to understand the history of America to know 'why' Whites like the teacher and Megyn see Santa as WHITE ONLY.

You can't blame them. Think about it. IF you were White, and made a racist statement to a black kid in school, would you feel the pain that kid felt? Of course not.

Throughout the history of humanity, it has been said, "Those in power don't feel the pain of those not in power."

I bet you that during the days of slavery, only a very rare White person connected to the human race, felt the degradation, emotional and physical abuse of Blacks.

finefroghair said...

santa is neither black nor white santa doesn't even exist next we'll be worrying about the color of unicorns and the free market fairy

Wesley R said...


Here's a article you may find interesting.

Speaking of New Mexico.;_ylu=X3oDMTEzM2I4MWVpBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA1ZJUDA0OV8x/SIG=1559vf9pt/EXP=1387192111/**http%3a//

We didn't learn this in history class.

Anonymous said...

santa claus is a composite of various myths from northern europe- that is why santa is "white." i assume blacks in the central africa republic tell their kids stories were the main characters are black- no brainer really. field is butthurt cuz he want dat white trim fro megyn kelly. that's what most so-called "black rage" is about anyway. hapy kwanzaa yo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon10:21pm, are you saying Field 'lusts' for Megyn Kelly? Lord have it all makes sense.

Field, you are a legal hound.

Anonymous said...

Let us know when Fox News wins you over, fields.

Only then would the war be won...

focusedpurpose said...

"We didn't learn this in history class."

there is a LOT folks did not learn in "history"...yet, they run around telling folks how "educated" they are with all their whitened disinfo.

white supremacy is bad for humanity.

particularly for white people who also happen to be Edom;(

know the Truth and it shall make you free you indeed.

some of the first will be last. the last shall be it is written.

as the reptilian nice white lady indicated: just because it makes folks uncomfortable, doesn't mean it will change. IF only she knew how spot on that assertion is...folks that love the white lie, have some very UNcomfortable days ahead.

as it is written.


Anon from last post...ALL praises due to Almighty, my friend;)

PilotX said...

As someone on another site said Santa is whatever color your parents are.

field negro said...

Well said Pilot.

Wesley, what happened in Minnesota was a disgrace. I am glad D-Jack went off on the sidelines someone needs to get upset besides the fans.

Anon@11:13, it's going to be a long war.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Hotep Field:


Its been a miracle. We are home from South Afrika and I cannot begin to tell you about how Madibas home going made us feel And esp myself after having met him twice..

Oh what a tangled web we weave"
His journey is over Now on to the next phase

Anonymous said...

Let's just scrub everything white out of the culture so black folk don't feel that racism is getting them down. OR black folk could just live in some 3rd world country like Jamaica ;)

The Purple Cow said...

"santa claus is a composite of various myths from northern europe- that is why santa is "white."

How can a mythical character be white?

Anonymous said...

brutha wayne, i know you hate fox news and white people. i do too.

i don't understand why you are posting about the color of characters who don't exist.

i mean, brutha wayne, i just saw a story about a nun who was raped and beaten outside a church. a church wayne.

why? i prayed for answers.

but got none. i know the person who raped this nun had to be white. had to be.

no self respecting black man would do something like that.

right brutha wayne?

well mutha fucka. the guy is black.

as a black man, i can't understand why we continue to prove stereotypes true.

and we wonder why there is racism. we wonder why whites distrust us.

we have negroes like andrew bullock to thank for that.

brutha wayne, we need you now more than ever.

a concerned black man..

Anonymous said...

bad whitey,bad,bad,whitey always hijacking and kidnapping black folk then torturing and raping them.why just this morning a bad whitey killed a black folk and stole his rang rover.what!these were knee grows who did the raping and murdering of white folk?never mind!! fn so who's the racist again?

The Purple Cow said...

"why? i prayed for answers. but got none. "

I could have told you...

Y'see, your big problem with praying is that god doesn't exist

Anonymous said...

i'm starting to think you are right brutha. why would god allow such suffering in the world. and racism. rush limbaugh. why hasn't he been struck down?

a concerned black man.

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...
they run around telling folks how "educated" they are with all their whitened disinfo.

white supremacy is bad for humanity.

particularly for white people who also happen to be Edom;(

know the Truth and it shall make you free you indeed.

as the reptilian nice white lady indicated: just because it makes folks uncomfortable, doesn't mean it will change. IF only she knew how spot on that assertion is...folks that love the white lie, have some very UNcomfortable days ahead.
1:44 AM

So far all anti white...;)

I'm waiting though, I know it's only a matter of tiiiime...;D



Why don't you report on some REAL NEWS ??

Megyn Kelly?
FOX news??

The crooks in this administration wont even PROSECUTE the criminals who CRASHED the economy...

and your worried about

Megyn Kelly ..Fox News... and

Santa Claus...


Seriously... I think the Kool Aid is rotting your brain.....

from the NY TIMES on Friday...

A settlement with federal prosecutors in Manhattan, the people said, would include a so-called deferred-prosecution agreement and more than $1 billion in penalties to resolve the criminal case. The rest of the fines would be imposed by Washington regulators investigating broader gaps in the bank’s money-laundering safeguards.

The agreement to defer prosecution would also list the bank’s criminal violations in a court filing but stop short of an indictment as long as JPMorgan pays the penalties and acknowledges the facts of the government’s case. In the negotiations, the prosecutors discussed the idea of extracting a guilty plea from JPMorgan, the people said, but ultimately chose the steep fine and deferred-prosecution agreement, which could come by the end of the year.

Until now, no big Wall Street bank has ever been subjected to such an agreement, which is typically deployed only when misconduct is severe. JPMorgan, the authorities suspect, continued to serve as Mr. Madoff’s primary bank even as questions mounted about his operation, with one bank executive acknowledging before the arrest that Mr. Madoff’s “Oz-like signals” were “too difficult to ignore,” according to a private lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Field, "Anon@11:13, it's going to be a long war."

4:46 AM
Oh, it won't be that long. Like most of our folks, you WILL surrender to the white man's way of thinking and living. We have been on that white destructive empty way of life for centuries. I am afraid to admit that we might have crossed the line of no return.

focusedpurpose said...

for those that are mixed up and perpetually confused...

when you see Black folk OUT of their right is because of their idolatry.

speaking to the condition of Black folks without mentioning white folks AND others is sheer foolishness. in other words, Black folks are expected to just toss history altogether? that makes NO sense on any level.

remembering and celebrating one's history and ancestors is UNIVERSAL LAW. wise folks that don't even know Him...understand this basic human principle.

so, i AM bottom lining it for you, with F.ocused P.urpose.

i appreciate D.F.'s unwittingly/oddly delivered? favor + blessing. i touch and agree with Almighty's Favorite Person label and ask that Messiah + whole host of heaven give me some Heavenly dap (fist bump as wfolk call it;)on it.

it is my prayer to be His Favorite Person as He gives me Favor. like King David had, please, heavenly Father;)

i pray that He might continue to give me His Words, that He might show these people who He IS.

Ancient of Ancients.

King of Kings.

the Great I AM.

who reigns forever and ever.

thank you indeed + All Good;)

Almighty is not on a budget, so everybody can get some of that if they want some. He is no respecter of persons. as it is written. folks receive not...because they ask not.

that's what's Real. despite what you see.


there's a certain D.F. that seems rather oddly suspended between Black and White. Bl for lack of a better way to call it.

take that anyway you choose.

free will.

blank stare.

i mean no disrespect, though if you feel disrespected or take offense, that will be fine.

focusedpurpose said...

to date, i have been more civilized, polite, + lady like than the disrespect this D.F. has thrown my way. clowning while questioning my gender. lol. i know. i know. richly melanined = "masculine" for those on the racist "mandingo" program. one on that program can quite explain the WMAN, pale/feminine? stomp everybody else's "masculine" Black and Brown azzes consistently as WM run through history to present.


blink. blink. blink.

for the Bl, low key enforcer of white supremacy...while being bored with Black American and American history. on a political blog no less.

Scriptures tells the story and explains it. He also indicates a time up on that run. He shows me where it is written in His Word. i AM not afraid nor ashamed to call it out to His People with an ear to hear.

defeated evil ancients spirits on this thread seeking to distract/divide/deceive; will be highlighted + made to dance for all to see.

that's a promise.

since they are subject to me, i will address them- only- as they lend themselves to forward progress and edifying His Name. know ahead of time- all defeated devils coming against His Word, will...


stand down.

or flee.

this D.F. Bl/Black/White mixed up confusion continues... despite me indicating again and again for all with an ear to hear:



Galatians 3:28-29

28 There is neither Hebrew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Yahushua Messiah.

29 And if ye be Messiah's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.


what's NOT clear about that?

i will entertain THOSE questions at this time.

clearly, when one bottom lines all the disrespect/accusations/"jokes" simply have questions. if not...i already covered this before last thread, many threads.

since folks are good at inserting themselves into roles, in their head only... here: double back through your "man" FN's blog and insert yourself in AB spot.

that's the best i can do to accommodate the obvious desire to have my attention.

i have ALREADY told a certain D.F. that they need to come up some levels in Understanding or just stay in their lane. we may agree to disagree. but no...folks want to debate, distract, deceive, and some more stuff.


there will be no Bl posts. Bl is just that...not much to discuss really. Malcolm X ALREADY called it. if you have a cup of coffee...then pour a grip of milk into it. you got ??? whatever it is it cannot really be called coffee nor milk. i appreciate the Bl, for sure, when a cup of coffee.

in people...throughout history Bl has been leveraged as a distraction to Black people in many cases. this is why folks are over here acting like BO and MO are the only politicians that don't keep up appearances for political reasons. he's Bl= he's Black. while his behavior SHOUTS i don't give a dang about you "mongrel" people. yes, his mixed up self had the nerves. just like other Bl will tell folks they are bored talking about their people.

we are going to let folks keep believing the BO Bl bs + that OJ is innocent, too. keep it if you need it-at this point.

i reserve the right to call it.

kill man given freedom of speech and i AM stilling going to speak His Word.

i AM Sovereign in Him.

this is where we are...rather folks want to believe it or not.

FN over here pushing taking folks guns. agree with THAT madness and what i AM talking about will suddenly make a LOT of sense.

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...
i mean no disrespect, though if you feel disrespected or take offense, that will be fine.
3:06 PM
Of course you mean no disrespect! You never do, do you? and believe me none taken. I take things depending from whom they come :)

And how could anybody feel disrespected or offended by the likes of you? Really now! You don't even respect yourself. You offend yourself with all the double talk and insinuations you try to slip in here couched in The Holy Word.

Please do continue "preaching the Holy Word" to all us heathens Favorite Person of God. Yes, we sure need it don't we? Well according to you we do anyway. .

Carry on sir! Don't mind me. I just happen to like calling bulls*** when I see it ;*p

focusedpurpose said...

D.F.s don't like Black American er um American history. that is fine. nevertheless, He sent me with F.ocused P.urpose to speak to His People. so folks may go eat their cake, joke about it, and be inappropriate with other folks' husbands in.their.lane. those that don't have a sense of humor won't get all the joking. that seems to be the latest script in heavy rotation, when folks recognize + call things what they are.

i AM not called to "debate" spirits. that is not what i do. these spirits are subject to me. what would the point be?

so there is no debate...only UNIVERSAL LAW.


Black Men and humanity in general as suffering for their sin.

they are also being externally manipulated in many ways.

the enemy KNOWS how Powerful you are in Almighty.

this is why He would have you put your fingers in your ears, if you will; that you might miss Almighty's call. fingers in ears= mammon runs, sexual immorality, disrespect for self and others, etc. this goes to both sides of the gender coin.

those of you familiar with forbidden ancient african egyptian g-ddess isis should already know how the broken to pieces man/son came back together.

which is what ALL of this worldly stuff is based off of. just whitened of course. the devil never tells the whole Truth about anything. this is why ancient kemet, Black land, was in trouble to begin with. seems like someone ran up on somebody else's curse in all their invading, robbing + pillaging. the hex devils are NOT joking. but it is written the wicked were created for their purpose. what it written. is. of is.ra.el = a nod isis.

of course, they would choose the pagan...not the Almighty of the Hebrews. the way the enemy has been allowed to set this up...even the elect could be fooled. those that allow themselves to push aside Him/His Word/Spiritual Sword=deceived.

there are others that Stand Strong for Him. it is a desire to follow man that has folks looking for one outside of Messiah. following folks= trouble + forbidden. follow Him/His Word. all folks are flawed.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has already told folks in the secular in her book...discussing the condition of Yacob without mentioning Esau = ok. good luck with that. ALL things are related.

focusedpurpose said...

the Black nation is suffering for the sin they are in and steadfastly refuse to let go of. Black folks seem to love them some baal.

bm are our sons/brothers. bw our sisters/daughters. we are the mothers of the nation. morality is women work. BW are standing in greater numbers despite the full attack from ALL sides.

more bm must do the same. time to wake+ stand + speak up.

standing without Him= exercise in futility.

we are seeing the fruit of operating outside of His Will.

i keep pointing to UNIVERSAL LAW...despite angry defeated devils;)

while calling out to the sleeping, lost, spiritually shredded, mad (in countenance + mental), under the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 descendants of Ancient Hebrew men AND women to WAKE UP.

i have tried to be clear, for years, that i have no plans to ask permission nor apologize for answering His Call.

we gotta wake up as Law Givers and give the Law so others will awaken as well. that's what is written.

the enemy is REALLY trying to take US OUT. HUMANITY goes with that. nothing will get right without US. study to show yourselves approved and see it written. what is done to the least WILL be done to the greatest. the enemy hates US all.

IF sleeping lost Hebrews learned WHO we are...we would know that by calling ourselves by the RIGHT name--we would call upon Almighty Himself.

Yahudah- wake up.

Yahuthim-seed of Yacob. (also spelled Yahudim)

i pray He will awaken US ALL in His due time. those that know Him...ain't got no worries;) just keeping about our Father's business.

even as prophecy unfolds...devils accuse Him/His Word of being a lie.

folks don't even know He exists.

so... chances are...they have NO idea of who their true enemy(ies) are. which means; they lose.

own strength folks WON'T make it.

Scriptures are meant to be taken allegorically, metaphorically, literally, figuratively, and too many other ways to list. in all ways...what's written point to this, He is the Way/ Truth.

there is no way except through Him.

as it is written.

blessings all!

forgive any typos;)

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...
the Black nation is suffering for the sin they are in and steadfastly refuse to let go of. Black folks seem to love them some baal.
Pray tell, what exactly is this "sin"?

Anonymous said...

Desert, "Pray tell, what exactly is this "sin"?"

Oh, you know, don't you? Sure you do.

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...
"the Black nation is suffering for the sin they are in and steadfastly refuse to let go of. Black folks seem to love them some baal."
Desert said...
"Pray tell, what exactly is this sin?"
9:28 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh, you know, don't you? Sure you do.
9:28 PM

No I certainly don't know! and I wasn't asking you Anon. I was asking the author of the ridiculous comment, Frequently Paralyzed n;)

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...
the Black nation is suffering for the sin they are in and steadfastly refuse to let go of. Black folks seem to love them some baal.
4:28 PM

What is that "sin they are in and steadfastly refuse to let go of"?

Please elucidate.

Inquiring minds want to know Favorite Prophet of God.

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