Monday, February 17, 2014

Rethinking Reagan.

It is President's Day here in America. It is a time for Americans to reflect on their presidents and how they brought us to this point in our history. From Washington to Obama, it has been an interesting ride to say the least.

We know for a fact that Jefferson, Clinton, and Kennedy, all stepped out on their wives while they were in office. Jefferson took it to the next level and fathered children with his black mistress.

Eight of our presidents died in office and four of them were assassinated. (Four out of forty three isn't a very good record.)We happen to know much more about the assassination of John Kennedy than we do about James A. Garfield, but then he was Camelot, and he was cut down in the prime of his life while America was coming into the television age, so you can't really blame us for that one.

Anyway, Americans, to my displeasure, all happen to think that Ronald Reagan was a great president. I believe that they are wrong.

Here is why:

Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt.

By cutting taxes for the wealthy he left the government with less money. We were 900 billion in debt when he came into office and 2.8 trillion in debt when he left. Do the math.

The Iran/Contra affair. If wingnuts believe that Benghazi(drink drink, gulp) is a scandal,they should read up on Iran/Contra a little bit sometime. Now that, my friends, was a scandal.

Under Ronald Reagan unemployment went from 7.5% to 11%. It eventually started falling again with the help of low paying jobs. This happened in part because large American companies started shipping jobs oversees and cutting out the American worker.

Ronald Reagan ignored the AIDS crisis, and, one could argue, contributed to the devastating crack epidemic that engulfed inner city America in the eighties. Sadly, it is a scourge that is still ravaging some African- American families today.

Ronald Reagan did more to destroy unions and the American middle class than any other President in history. (Google Reagan PATCO for an example.)

Ronald Reagan raided the Social Security Trust Fund and raised the social security tax on the middle class to fund his scheme.

Finally, Ronald Reagan and his government funded the Taliban and Afghan freedom fighters so that they could fight the "evil" Soviets.

What did we get for it? We got a tall cave dwelling dude with a beard who brought terror to the shores of the United States on September 11, 2001.

The next time you hear conservatives showering hero worship on Saint Ronald of Reagan; send them a link to this post. It won't change their minds about their conservative god, but you will feel better knowing that you have done your part to make your neighbors smarter.





Anonymous said...

Field, consider that according to recent polls, President Obama is the 5th best president (ever):

A Texas A&M University Study rates Obama as the “5th Best President in our history” From a total of 44 US Presidents: Obama is rated as the 5th best President ever The news release said,"...after only 5 years in office, Americans have rated President Obama the 5th best President ever." The details according to Texas A&M University:

1) Washington, Lincoln and Reagan tied for first,
2) 22 presidents tied for second,
3) 17 other presidents tied for third,
4) Jimmy Carter came in fourth, and
5) Obama came in fifth!

The Purple Cow said...

Richard M. Nixon beat up his wife in the White House.

PilotX said...

You have to be bi-polar to be a conservative. I flew with a guy, conservative, but strongly pro-union who talked about beating up folks who cross a picket line but since he loved Reagan he agreed that firing the controlers was the thing to do. For some reason conservatives break the law of decorum and talk politics in polite company. The biggest reason this is happening more of course is that now there's a blah guy in the WH.
Anyhoo, blah folks know the truth about Ronnie Raygun.

PilotX said...

Tricky Dick was a wife beater? No wonder Black Dynamite beat his ass.

control+halt+delete said...

Ronald Reagan is second only to Charlie McCarthy as the biggest dummy in America.

PilotX said...

Oh Control, there's some folks in politics now that make Reagan look like a fucking genius. Palin, Marsha Blackburn, Louie Gohmert, Rand Paul, Virginia Fox......I'll take Reagan over those zombies.

field negro said...

Anon@9:05am, work on your material a little more.

Regurgitating stale jokes from wingnut websites is not the way to do it.

control+halt+delete said...

I don't know, Pilot.

Reagan was a snitch. Look on the bright side. Not one of them has a chance to live in the "white house"

Joder La Resistencia said...

Haters gotta hate. Race hustlers gotta hustle.

When are you going to talk about Obama's record of creating low skilled/paying jobs and no income growth for the poor and middle class?

Not to mention the black unemployment rates-which you ignore.

So if Reagan is a failure.

Obama must be one too.

Oh wait... It's not Obama's fault. Nothing ever is.

Hypocrisy. Double standards..

Anonymous said...

Oh but they were all great! Really! I jest. Couple of good projects on all the greatness we should be remembering today, though:

Anonymous said...

Kinky.con @12:16P...

You aren't worth the dignity of a response.

Since when has it been the responsibility of any sitting President to "create jobs"?

Ronnie "get ur guns" Reagan, an Ayn Rand disciple, made American greed a moral obligation. And, Nancy should have been kicked into his coffin as well.

Joder La Resistencia said...

Wayne doesn't mention Democrats were funding the Taliban long before Reagan.

Wayne doesn't mention the gay maffia's efforts to stop everything Reagan was trying to do to stop the spread of aids.

Black people contributed to the devastating crack epidemic. 80'S drug laws would have never passed without major Democrat support. The same Democrat paaa you liii.. i mean the same Democrat party you vote for.

Funny, Wayne doesn't talk about that.

Wayne doesn't mention poor and middle class families saw net income growth under Reagan.

Wayne doesn't mention 16+ million jobs created.

Under Obama, no net growth in incomes for families.

Under Obama, job creation is poor. Fewer people are working/can find work.

Yes. Reagan is a failure.

Which is why Obama keeps comparing himself to Reagan.

Hypocrisy. Double standards. Lies.

Part of the hustle. Right Wayne?

Joder La Resistencia said...

How about you Field? Are you going to follow up on this story, or does not matter since there is no white man involved? Do you think Mr. Noble will get as much time as Mr. Dunn?

Is Adrian Broadway's life as important as Jordan Davis' life?

Don't expect field to cover this much.

If field and other hustles can find a way to turn Mr. Noble white, like they did with Zimmerman, then there will be much coverage of this case in the fields and on MSNBC.

Larry Sinclair said...

The Purple Cow said...

Richard M. Nixon beat up his wife in the White House.

That's a lie.

But Obama sucked dick in the White House.

President Fail said...

When your hero fails, try to distract everyone by telling lies about a successful President.

I was here during the Reagan years, not getting high and playing with myself in Jamaica.

The economy Reagan inherited from Carter was in much worse shape than anything Obama had to deal with.

Reagan turned things around by midway through his first term. We are almost halfway through Obama's second term, and his bumbling incompetence continues to stall a recovery that should have happened four years ago. The labor force participation rate is at historic lows, net worth for the average American is plummeting, and the treasury department is pumping 50 billion dollars of worthless money into the system every month. More people have gone on government disability than have gotten jobs during Obama's time in office. Fifty million people are now on food stamps.

Reagan did not fund the Taliban, which did not exist in the 1980's. It was Carter who lost the middle east when he abandoned the Shah. We had a little thing called the "Cold War" when Reagan was in office, remember it? Stopping the Russians from taking Afghanistan was part of winning it, the benefits of which we enjoy today in much reduced military spending and a much safer world.

Obama's foreign policy has been a disaster (remember the "Arab Spring"?) that has tried to turn over the middle east to the Muslim Brotherhood, succeeding in Libya and Tunisia (to those country's great detriment) and failing in Egypt and Syria (remember Obambi's "Red Line"?) and leaving tens of thousands dead in his wake. He has topped it off by caving in to Iran's quest to get nuclear weapons.

Throw in the destruction of the healthcare system and President Obama has an unparalleled record in wrecking America.

Coming in after G.W. Bush, Obama had a historic opportunity to be a great President. It should have been easy. He got the ball fist and goal on his opponent's 2 yard line, and fumbled it away.

But you are still there, cheering.

Stand by your man, bitch.

esc said...

Anonymous control+halt+delete said...

Ronald Reagan is second only to Charlie McCarthy as the biggest dummy in America.

A Charlie McCarthy reference? Where did you find that joke, in grandpa's attic under a box of spats? Jeez.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Let me get this straight. Racist ass white folks are coming on here trying to silence us about:

• Jordan Davis

• The injustice in the justice system

• Stop talking about Michael Dunn who shot and killed a teenager, bought some wine and pizza, went back to the hotel to kick it with his girlfriend, walked his dog, drove 185 or is it 195 miles out of the state, and never once called 911, stop a police car on the way, or called when he got home. Dunn lied numerous times on the witness stand under oath and could not keep his lies straight. He wrote racist letters to family while incarcerated. Encouraged whites to go out, arm themselves, and kill some more black children.

• Stop talking about the Stand your ground law.

• The double-standards in the justice system

• Angela Cory’s full of dung ass.

• Zimmerman

• They want to choose murders of black children that we’re allowed to talk about.

• Accuse us of a double standard. *snicker, snicker*
-->granny clears her throat and apologizes for *snicker* it couldn't be helped, the devils made me do it.

• Accuse of us racism, although, they don’t know what racism is.

Did I miss any?



@Anonymous 12:38,

Amen and hallelujah!

You have a strong stomach, I got nausea just from the mention of all of those you named. They're sickening.

A Black Panther Forever said...

Black people used crack as a means to have money albeit illegal gains. But we know in America illegal/legal is thru the eyes of the ones in power. Blacks have never had control over what is dumped in their neighborhoods.

I was an adult during the rise and top to the "crack" game. The Black communities stay in survival modes which encourage faulty behavior- "killing and dealing" was the mantra of this period of time..I witness first hand the impact of AIDS and crack on my people and still to this day there are pockets of the population that still suffer. When America take care of it's chosen ones... they move on to other issues. I am also witnessing the return of the "war on drugs" victims returning from the American prison gulags. They return to families that already suffers from Reagan- Obama exporting of jobs anywhere but America.

Things are still the same regardless of which prop is in place.
Also was in my 30s during President Reagan's tour. He was a Hollywood prop job. I do remember the gas companies playing with us physically and mentally. Think about getting gas for your car according to the last digit on your license plate. MWF was odd days and you could only get 5 gallons. Also we had to stay in lines for days at a time because some "despot" had a blockage
in some canal half a globe away.... so big-time USA had to kowtow to their demands. But we felt better because the 70s was the worse as far as gas lines and al.

Guess a lot of Reagan's fame was due to our continuous fantasy with anything Hollywood. Reagan was John Wayne Jr. His foreign war (Grenada) was exactly like a movie. It was over in two hours.

Also he did not play "diversity". He had those hardcore, "don't give a damn" white men around him. So like President Obama, I put him on the "propped up President" list. The rich got richer and like Obama, Wall Street had a field day.

Joder La Resistencia said...

Oooooo, granny, bless your little heart.

Who is trying to stop us?

Names please.

Please provide some of these letters...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I left out one on that list.

They want us to praise their senile President Ronald Raygun whose wife was taking advice from fortune tellers to run the government while her husband was incapacitated mentally. ROFL! No wonder some of their mentalities equal that of bird flying upside down backwards.ROFL!

Anonymous said...

As a bm I must admit the truth: Kinkycon@12:39pm nailed the deeper truth, which Field rarely goes to.

When it comes to the truth, Brotha Field goes snorkeling on the surface of truth...he won't go deep sea diving for the whole truth.

This is what's disturbing about this Black and White bs of tit for tat. No one is interested in the truth. they are only interested in trying to shame and put the other down.

I don't have 'any' hope in racial harmony in America. There is just too much hatred, division and mistrust between the races. In fact, IMHO, it's a miracle a racial war hasn't broken out in America. This proves to me that there IS A GOD.

Joder La Resistencia said...

They? Who are "they" and when have "they" said to praise Reagan.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Bye, I'm out. Today I have better things to do then listen to GOP fairy tales.

Joder La Resistencia said...

Just more racial paranoia and hate.....

Anonymous said...

People like Granny do nothing for racial harmony. She's in the business of blaming White folks and excusing the shit we do.

When we start cleaning up our own mess, we won't have time to blame Whites or to judge others for shit.

Of course, Granny is not into that. She's into watching and crying what Whites are doing to us. That's been going on for centuries. We ought to know better by now but we don't.

There is something stuck in our crazy minds that keeps propelling us with the same old shit that doesn't work. It's not very useful, and is very tiring.

PilotX said...

Reagan should have gone to jail and may have if Bush wasn't elected and let him off the hook.

President Camacho said...

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

Reagan should have gone to jail and may have if Bush wasn't elected and let him off the hook.

That's about the most idiotic statement you've made all week, PilotX. Congratulations.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

You can head the FAA in my administration.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

That's a lie!

The truth is that you want to discredit and silence me because I speak out against injustice, inequality, and discrimination.

As for racial harmony, I'm all for it, but I am not for that crumbs off the table type of racial harmony where if an injustice is done against black people, women, children, and other people of color that I'm suppose to look the other way, accept it as if I've been handed a medal.

As I said in the past, I truly desire to have a good and harmonious relationship with white
people who desire the same. In my personal life I do have one with them that desire the same.

However, I don't desire one with any of these racist whites who come on here slinging derogatory slurs, calling folks the "B" and "n" word because they do not desire one with us, and I'm not gonna kiss their ass or bend over backwards, or crawl on my knees to make them. Pluck em'

Like I've said many times and more than once on here, no race is better than any other, they all have flaws.

I've been singing "We shall overcome" and turning the other cheek since Jim Crow. Enough is enough!

What pisses me off the most is that some white folks still don’t want to recognize that the same Bill of Rights applies to Black people who are also citizens of America.

Actually, not much has changed since Jim Crow, and I lived through that era. In fact, not much has changed since slavery—I am referring to the attitudes of some whites. It is still the same psychopathic hostility aimed at blacks. Stand your ground law is modern lynching.

Anonymous said...

"However, I don't desire one with any of these racist whites who come on here slinging derogatory slurs, calling folks the "B" and "n" word because they do not desire one with us, and I'm not gonna kiss their ass or bend over backwards, or crawl on my knees to make them. Pluck em'"

And these same fools are Republicans and wonder why we don't want to join a party that they feel comfortable joining.

Anonymous said...

"The most well-known and politically damaging of the scandals came to light in November 1986, when Ronald Reagan conceded that the United States had sold weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as part of a largely unsuccessful effort to secure the release of six U.S. citizens being held hostage in Lebanon. It was also disclosed that some of the money from the arms deal with Iran had been covertly and illegally funneled into a fund to aid the right-wing Contras counter-revolutionary groups seeking to overthrow the socialist Sandinista government of Nicaragua. The Iran-contra scandal as it became known, did serious damage to the Reagan presidency. The investigations were effectively halted when President George H. W. Bush (Reagan's vice president) pardoned Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger before his trial began"

Wow, looks like Pilot X was right. Want to apologize to him now Macho Camacho?

Anonymous said...

"WASHINGTON, Dec. 24 -- Six years after the arms-for-hostages scandal began to cast a shadow that would darken two Administrations, President Bush today granted full pardons to six former officials in Ronald Reagan's Administration, including former Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger.

Mr. Weinberger was scheduled to stand trial on Jan. 5 on charges that he lied to Congress about his knowledge of the arms sales to Iran and efforts by other countries to help underwrite the Nicaraguan rebels, a case that was expected to focus on Mr. Weinberger's private notes that contain references to Mr. Bush's endorsement of the secret shipments to Iran.

In one remaining facet of the inquiry, the independent prosecutor, Lawrence E. Walsh, plans to review a 1986 campaign diary kept by Mr. Bush. Mr. Walsh has characterized the President's failure to turn over the diary until now as misconduct."

Anonymous said...

"Decapitated Walsh Efforts

But in a single stroke, Mr. Bush swept away one conviction, three guilty pleas and two pending cases, virtually decapitating what was left of Mr. Walsh's effort, which began in 1986. Mr. Bush's decision was announced by the White House in a printed statement after the President left for Camp David, where he will spend the Christmas holiday.

Mr. Walsh bitterly condemned the President's action, charging that 'the Iran-contra cover-up, which has continued for more than six years, has now been completed.'

Mr. Walsh directed his heaviest fire at Mr. Bush over the pardon of Mr. Weinberger, whose trial would have given the prosecutor a last chance to explore the role in the affair of senior Reagan officials, including Mr. Bush's actions as Vice President."

Anonymous said...

'Evidence of Conspiracy'

Mr. Walsh hinted that Mr. Bush's pardon of Mr. Weinberger and the President's own role in the affair could be related. For the first time, he charged that Mr. Weinberger's notes about the secret decision to sell arms to Iran, a central piece of evidence in the case against the former Pentagon chief, included 'evidence of a conspiracy among the highest ranking Reagan Administration officials to lie to Congress and the American public.'

The prosecutor charged that Mr. Weinberger's efforts to hide his notes may have 'forestalled impeachment proceedings against President Reagan' and formed part of a pattern of 'deception and obstruction.' On Dec. 11, Mr. Walsh said he discovered 'misconduct' in Mr. Bush's failure to turn over what the prosecutor said were the President's own 'highly relevant contemporaneous notes, despite repeated requests for such documents.'

The notes, in the form of a campaign diary that Mr. Bush compiled after the elections in November 1986, are in the process of being turned over to Mr. Walsh, who said, 'In light of President Bush's own misconduct, we are gravely concerned about his decision to pardon others who lied to Congress and obstructed official investigations.'

In an interview on the 'McNeil-Lehrer Newshour' tonight, Mr. Walsh said for the first time that Mr. Bush was a subject of his investigation. The term 'subject,' as it has been used by Mr. Walsh's prosecutors, is broadly defined as someone involved in events under scrutiny, but who falls short of being a target, or a person likely to be charged with a crime. In the inquiry into the entire Iran-contra affair, a number of Government officials have been identified as subjects who were never charged with wrongdoing."

Anonymous said...

field negro said...

At least Ronnie is where he belongs. I am sure he is getting his tan on because it's very not down there.

Anon@2:22, as PC has told u in the past, u are fooling no one. Give it up.

"President Fail", I bet when Regean was president u had to play with yourself. Kind of like I am sure u are doing now.

In fact, I bet u have a picture of your palms in your wallet. You don't strike me as a person who has a lot of friends.

Anonymous said...

More Republican stupidity from the "doctor" who doesn't believe in evolution.

"Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) added another tile to the increasingly colorful mosaic of his political record yesterday, explaining that he will only consider voting for a bill if it fits “Judeo-Christian Biblical principles.”
Broun, currently running in a crowded field for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination, also said legislation needed to be constitutional, but did not delve into the First Amendment’s prohibition on Congress passing a law “respecting an establishment of religion.”
His comments came during an interview with the Tea Party Express.
BROUN: I do go against my leadership all the time because I stand firm on the four questions that I ask about all legislation. The first, is it constitutional according to the original intent? The second, does it fit the Judeo-Christian Biblical principles that our nation is founded upon? Third, do we need it? Fourth, can we afford it? If all four yes, I vote yes, otherwise I vote no."

These fools base law on a 3,000 year old book. They even base their foreign policy on said book. What did Bobby Jindal call Republicans?

Anonymous said...

President Reagan ushered in the misguided era of massive deficits, bloated military spending and tax cuts for the very rich that America still struggles to this day to put to an end. Yet Reagan wrongly receives credit for the economic boom that began a few years into his presidency due to events entirely outside of his control. When Reagan took office, America faced double-digit inflation rates matched with a sharp spike in unemployment. Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker, a Carter appointee, chose to break the first problem by exacerbating the second — driving up interest rates in a successful effort to break inflation. When Volcker finally took the brakes off the economy and ended the recession he created by lowering interest rates back to more normal levels, housing and auto sales took off, the economy boomed back to life, and Reagan rode the undeserved credit to a second term in the White House.
As Rosalynn Carter once said, Reagan made America “comfortable with our prejudices.” Reagan infamously began the final leg of his presidential campaign by traveling to the Mississippi town where three civil rights workers were brutally murdered and proclaiming “I believe in states’ rights.” Reagan ignored the AIDS crisis for years. He gave us Justice Antonin Scalia. And he tried and failed to appoint another justice who once claimed that the federal ban on whites-only lunch counters is rooted in a “principle of unsurpassed ugliness.”

Anonymous said...

Black Klan Rally said...

At least Ronnie is where he belongs. I am sure he is getting his tan on because it's very not down there.

Damn.. Nelson Mandela must be even darker...

Rosalynn Carter? These the same Rosalynn that was bff's with a serial killer?

"Reagan infamously began the final leg of his presidential campaign by traveling to the Mississippi town"

And? Jimmy Carter kicked off his campaign in the birthplace of the klan, pandering to wallace voters.

Anymore moonbat conspiracies?

Think progress? you need better sourcing. You will have facts. Not lies.

President Camacho said...

"Wow, looks like Pilot X was right. Want to apologize to him now Macho Camacho?"

Actually, no. There were extensive and thorough congressional investigations that found no culpability by President Reagan.

Remember, the whole scandal was that a President decided to ignore a decision made by congress and pursue a policy that he thought was best for the country. Reagan defended himself by saying he was not aware of what his underlings were doing.

Whether or not you believe that, it stands in stark contrast to our current President, who every day brings a new instance of him bypassing, ignoring, and subverting congressional decisions in order to pursue policies he believes are best for the country. Not only is Obama not denying that he knows about these illegal acts, he is leading the charge to act unconstitutionally.

Everything Reagan did was for the purpose of building America up. Everything Obama does is designed to bring America down.

And when America falls, we all will be crushed.

Joder La Resistencia said...

"There were extensive and thorough congressional investigations that found no culpability by President Reagan."

Where these investigations carried out by Democrats?

Hate and lies can only go so far. They are trumped by facts and exposed. Even in the fields.

Granny, still can't tell us who "they" are?

What about those letters?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"Everything Reagan did was for the purpose of building America up."

Oh! Is that what you call shipping jobs overseas, trickle down economics, and enabling CEO's to make 127 times(that number has tripled since then) the average worker, firing the air traffic controllers, Corporate welfare, and all the other glorious things you think he did?

*Snicker, snicker, snicker*

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Kinky Con,

You know who THEY is, but okay let me play your fourth grade game for a minute. THEY is RACIST WHITE FOLKS LIKE YOU! Was that clear enough for you to understand because you've caused us great concern about your comprehension level skills.

Btw, there is a little gadget on the Internet called
G O O G L E, was that slow enough for you? Try using it. Are you that mentally challenged that someone has do it for you or tell you what to GOOGLE too? Smh!

Reality said...


If that number has "tripled since then", including significant increases under our current President, is it really Reagan's fault?

A little less snickering and a little more thinking would do you good Granny.

The Purple Cow said...

"That's a lie."

It's not. Ask Waller Taylor.

Joder La Resistencia said...

What is Obama's record of shipping jobs overseas, CEO pay,corporate welfare and Obama's trickled down government?

I know. I know. It's not Obama's fault.

Hypocrisy. Double standards.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I am signing off, taking a break, my patience is a little short today. I am not in the mood for GOP B.S. or kiddie games today.

Joder La Resistencia said...

Granny sometimes standing for truth, we're getting somewhere. The angry you feel right now is your mind's self defense against fact based reality.

We're gonna work through that. Get to the heart of your racial paranoia.

Waller Taylor said...

I can attest that Purple Cow is lying when he implies President Reagan ever abused his wife.

Plantsmantx said...

Kinky Con said...

Not to mention the black unemployment rates-which you ignore.

Yes, he did ignore the black unemployment rate under Reagan, which is unfortunate. The Black unemployment rate under Reagan reached 20+ percent- genuine Great Depression levels.

Anonymous said...

"Regurgitating stale jokes from wingnut websites is not the way to do it."

Oh, come on, Field, even you have to admit that it is funny.

But, let me ask you: if you are so appalled about Reagan increasing the national debt, how do you feel about Obama increasing the debt by over 6 trillion dollars...and he still has another three years in office!

I know. I know. It is Bush's fault. After all, nothing (not even reality) should tarnish the halo of the Chicago Jesus.

On another note, did you see the picture Michelle tweeted? The one of the Obama dogs dressed in jewelry sitting on chairs at a finely laid table: China and linens and silverware paid for by the American taxpayer.

Way to get with the 99%!

But then again, Barry is golfing at Larry Ellison's private abode.......

Wesley R said...

Here's a link comparing Reagan to Obama on the economy. It speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter on Why Obama Hasn’t Been Impeached:

“Different branches have different roles. In terms of writing legislation, the president’s role is quite clearly laid out as he sort of indicates but then ignores with his pen, with his veto pen. That is his role. Then he has a phone. He can call Congressmen, he can call Senators and say, this is what I’d like in the law. But other than that, he has no role in writing legislation.

“He is vetoing legislation by refusing to enforce it. The constitution demands that the president of the United States take care that the laws be faithfully executed. He has simply taken it upon himself to rewrite Obamacare, to rewrite immigration laws, — you indicated with the DREAMers thing — to rewrite drug laws. …

“This is the bottom of the slippery slope, and I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.”

The truth, it burns.

Anonymous said...


The only way you could believe the half-truths and twisted statistics in that Daily Kos link is if you wanted to be fooled.

Why would you want to be a fool?

Anonymous said...

"It speaks for itself"

Cherry picking, apples/oranges, falsehoods and outright lies.

In other words, it's the Daily Kooks.

Anonymous said...

"And when America falls, we all will be crushed."

Paranoia much? I know a blah man in the WH scares the shit out of racist crackers but damn!

"Ann Coulter on Why Obama Hasn’t Been Impeached"

So now we've stooped to using Mann Coulter as our source? Slim pickings in the right wing hate the BM in the WH blogosphere huh? Forgot to listen to Limbaugh for your talking points?

Anonymous said...

I guess Mann Coulter is an intelligent source for people who can get angles from circles.

Anonymous said...

"Everything Reagan did was for the purpose of building America up."

So he was a regular Col. Jessup huh? Damn right I ordered the code red!
Yeah, like starting his campaign in Philadelphia Mississippi in front of a crowd with confederate flags talking about "states rights". Way to go Ronnie! This is true, look for it but I know wingnuts only believe their own version of history.

Anonymous said...

Granny said, "As for racial harmony, I'm all for it, but I am not for that crumbs off the table type of racial harmony where if an injustice is done against black people, women, children, and other people of color that I'm suppose to look the other way, accept it as if I've been handed a medal."

Well Granny, I don't hear you screaming about all the black on black killings of teens that go on everyday in this country. Why? I will tell you why: Because you DON'T CARE how many Blacks are killed by Blacks. you only care about the very few Blacks that have been killed by Whites. Granny, you are a hypocrite!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 10:59,

Nah, you got that backwards, I'm concerned about whites going Scott free who are guilty of murdering innocent black kids minding their own business. I'm tired of ALL black people being labeled THUGS and criminals because that is NOT TRUE!

When there is a black on black crime, those murderers go straight to jail where they should be.

There should NOT be two SEPARATE punishments for murderers because of the color of their skin. One goes free because his skin is white, but the one whose skin is black serves time in prison. Nope, that won't work!

Regardless, what color they are if they take the life of someone then they should go to prison. In addition, the time served should be equal no matter what color they are.

So, stop making dung up and trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat!

Do you get it now?

Anonymous said...

Never liked him. Cold, faux genial. Only began to tolerate Nancy when Ronnie got sick and she took care of him.

White Man said...

The Soviets weren't "evil?" Can't argue with the rest of your post though. He was truly a bad president. In addition to the things you mentioned, attacking the working class, he was responsible for hijacking the conservative movement and turning it into a cheerleader for the hostile elite. All hope of turning back the "revolution" of the sixties ended during his presidency.

Colin Day said...

Hey Field,

Jefferson lost his wife in 1782 and never remarried, so he could not have cheated on his wife in the White House.

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