Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finally, some Cowboys I can cheer for, and tased to death in Virginia.

black141.jpgThe field Negro education series continues.

Shame on me for not knowing about the following story. It took the events taking place at the University of Missouri over the past few days to bring it to the fore.  

"Mel Hamilton would still wrap the black band around his arm on Oct. 17, 1969, the day that altered his life and so many others. He regrets nothing, except perhaps not taking his fight further. It cost him his spot on the Wyoming football team. It led to four decades of finger-pointing and accusations and racism, he said. Hamilton knows he made the right decision when he sees the pride on his children’s faces when they talk about what he did.

Hamilton is one of the Black 14, a group whose story remained buried in history books until this week, when the stand taken by the Missouri football team kindled memories. Missouri’s players received widespread support and sparked instant results, a reaction diametrically opposite from what Hamilton and his 13 teammates endured.

The day before Wyoming played Brigham Young, 14 black players wore black arm bands in protest of the LDS church’s practice of not allowing blacks into the priesthood. The players marched into Coach Lloyd Eaton’s office and asked if they could wear the arm bands at BYU. With little discussion, Eaton screamed at them and kicked all 14 players, many of them starters, off the team for the rest of the season. Eaton told them they could all go play at historically black colleges. Just three ever played for Wyoming again. On campus, white students met them with hostility and, on occasion, flashed them shotguns as they drove around on the back of pick-up trucks.

“The only parallel was the fact that BYU was going to play them this weekend,” Hamilton said Tuesday morning in a phone conversation. “That is the only parallel. These guys had the support of the white football players on their team as well as the head coach. It was the reverse at Wyoming. We had no support from any of the white players. We had no support at first with any of the white coaches.”
The disparate reactions showed how much changed in 45 years: the dynamics between players and coaches, between athletes and their campus and between white students and black students. At Wyoming, players made a minor gesture over a racial issue and were outcast. At Missouri, players threatened a boycott over racial tension and provided the final push to oust a school president and chancellor.

The Black 14 incident created lasting ripples. Wyoming’s football team, then a Western Athletic Conference powerhouse coming off a Sun Bowl victory over Florida State, crumbled as it lost the ability to recruit black players; it still has not matched the heights it reached in the late 1960s. Eaton lost his job after the 1970 season, became a scout for the Green Bay Packers and ultimately died alone in Idaho as “a bitter man,” Hamilton said. Hamilton and his teammates fought a financially draining legal battle that ultimately failed in federal court.

Hamilton was born in South Carolina and raised in North Carolina. In college he fell in love with a woman from Wyoming, and they married and settled in her home town of Casper. Other players, including former NFL players Tony McGee and Joe Williams, scattered across the country. In Wyoming, Hamilton felt the fallout.

“I couldn’t go to have a drink or a wine with my wife without somebody in a drunken stupor pointing at me saying, ‘You are the reason Wyoming is not winning today,’ ” Hamilton said. “It never went away for me.”

Racism infected Hamilton’s life. He became the first black principal in the state. He overheard teachers at his school refer to him using slurs. He woke up one morning and saw three sixes drawn in the snow in his front yard.

“My first principalship was sabotaged by racism,” Hamilton said. “I really think that the Black 14 had a lot to do with that fight there. It never really went under the rug with me. I lived it every day.”
Even today at bars and restaurants, when people come up to him to applaud him for his part in the Black 14, Hamilton senses they only want an opening to hear what he thinks. He believes they resent him. It wears on him.

Hamilton said he would still make the same stand. He felt refreshed this week when he saw black Missouri football players threaten to boycott if school president Tim Wolfe did not resign amid anger over his response to racial tension on campus. He called it “a reawakening of the struggle.” He didn’t know if college athletes still had the will to incite change. He does now.

“It just makes me feel proud to watch that all week about Missouri and realize that the struggle was still there, and the kids were still aware that institutional racism is well and alive in America,” Hamilton said. “Although the racism has gone underground, it’s still there. We still have to watch for it, and we still have to react. I had lost faith in the young folks up until now. I didn’t think they had realized the struggles before. I’m glad to see I was wrong.”

Every generation, Hamilton believes, helps the next generation. He sees a line — perhaps not a direct one — from what happened in Wyoming in 1969 to what happened in Missouri on Monday afternoon. Forty-five years ago, Hamilton and 13 teammates engaged in a small protest and met a vile reaction. This week, Missouri players demanded change, and less than 48 hours later, the school president quit.

“See?” Hamilton said. “I obviously can’t take credit for that. But every struggle builds on top of each other. The most important thing is, you fight, you fight, you fight. I’m glad to see the young folk are starting to realize that. We are stronger in numbers.”' [Source]

I hope that you boosters at those powerful SEC  football schools and others are taking note. Can you imagine if your program finds itself in college football obscurity like Wyoming years from now?
Sadly, if you remain insensitive to the needs of your minority students it just might.

Finally, I just saw the video of that poor man (Linwood Lambert) being tased to death in Virginia by law enforcement officials, and it was hard to watch. But I needed to see it, because I have to keep reminding myself of the dangers I face as a man of color when dealing with "color aroused" individuals in positions of authority.

*Pic from The University of Wyoming.



Josh said...

Men of color are also in danger of being victims of pointless mob violence, unfortunately.

(Though since they do better educationally and financially than even whites, I'm not so sure "Asians" count as people of color.)

Anonymous said...

True to form, JOSH is as mean-spirited to Blacks even when the video shows cops violent abuse toward that killed him.

JOSH, you are a SOB...racist to the core brute.

Wesley R said...

I'm glad the young people stood for something they believe in. I'm sure Steven A. Smith, and Charles Barkley will stand up for Missouri's Ex President.

Josh said...

What on this fucking blue marble of a planet did I possibly even hint at that was "mean-spirited to [blacks]"?

Did I say something about the video Field posted? No. I simply showed that other men of color in America are also subjected to abuse, and I provided a video reference. Dollars to donuts you didn't watch either video.



We're not going through all this again, are we?

Say I'm racist? Fine. Whatever. Do you have evidence of racism you would like to present? No? I didn't fucking think so.

KINKYCON said...

Police need to see what happen before so they know the dangers they face when dealing with men of color like field when they are high on cocaine, violent and destroying a police car. That's the part of the story field won't post about because it dosen't fuel his racial paranoia..

Anonymous said...

Don't watch that piece of shit video JOSH provided because it makes no sense. JOSH is crazy. He has a mental illness. Plus he is a racist and he is not found of women either.

I suspect JOSH is also part Asian.

Josh said...

So, now I'm part Asian, and not just trying to be mean-spirited toward blacks? Asian conspiracy! That's a new one. Whatever happened to "the Jews!"?

I listed that video specifically for Field, to show him that his FNB heroes down there at UoM are themselves the MOST discriminatory people on campus.

- Poop nazis: 0 evidence
- Rampant racial slurs: 0 evidence
- "Feelings": bare assertions and appeals to emotion
- The people supposedly oppressed literally oppressing others: Video proof.

You "suspect" a lot of shit.

Yeah, it's a mental illness. And perhaps James is right. If it's something that you have to spend time figuring out, something you can't understand, it instantly becomes stupid.

What about it doesn't make sense? Did the guy do some math and fuck your head up? Do you need a trigger warning before someone makes a logical argument?

The video gives clear, demonstrable, irrefutable examples that those so-called oppressed students of UoM, those poor victims of racism, are themselves the force on campus that is in fact discriminatory. And not only students, but also professors.

They're the ones making everyone else feel unsafe! They're a mob.

How are people powerful enough to oppress others themselves oppressed? How can they "feel" so unsafe and threatened while they're literally creating an unsafe, threatening, physically abusive atmosphere for anyone with a camera or a dissenting viewpoint?

The black students--though they're not the only ones--are the BULLIES, not the bullied.

But white people! Dem Asians! The JEWS!

PilotX said...

WTF? Three player went back to the team? Really? Now that is some BS.

And cops need to be careful with "non-lethal" weapons. There is never a reason to tase someone over 20 times.

Anonymous said...

Sports are the worst thing that ever happened to America. A useless, pointless waste of time - no wonder you guys are so good at it!

Be thankful, bros. If it weren't for white sportz fanz, we'd have no use for you guys at all.

Anonymous said...

we'd have no use for you guys at all.


But your women would.

Anonymous said...

we'd have no use for you guys at all.


Your mom would.

Anonymous said...

Josh, you had better change your ways and do the right thing by your black bros and sisters before it's too late. Because you are one sinful man, and you are White. That increases the sin.

Josh said...

Yeah. Being white is original sin. All the black college students and feminists say so. Must be accurate. If you're white, you have to atone for your whiteness by literally waiting your turn until everyone else has achieved.

Not applicable for white girls, as they're second-class citizens behind white males. Only applicable for white males. No, wait. Only applicable for straight white males.

Sorry, it's hard to keep track of all the changes. Plus I'm still LOL'n at those UoM "victims" literally oppressing other people while claiming to be oppressed. A lot going on...

Dr. Ramos, Ph.D said...

Here we have another example of a black person oozing black privilege which he believes exempts him from acting like a human and respecting other humans. If he had checked his black privilege, he would still be alive today.

Nevertheless, the police acted responsibly and they were cleared of any wrong doing.

Anonymous said...

JOSH, "Sorry, it's hard to keep track of all the changes. Plus I'm still LOL'n at those UoM "victims" literally oppressing other people while claiming to be oppressed. A lot going on..."

What the hell are you talking about? Those students are to be commended for standing up for their dignity as human beings. Had Mizzou taken the steps decades ago against racism on its campus NONE of this would have happened.

Your problem is you think Blacks, or "blahs", as you call us, are just over-sensitive over the top emotional nuts. Well, you can play God if you like, but you might want to give some thought to your own insensitivity which is also being an emotional nut at the other extreme....pot calling kettle black.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Dr. Ramos, Ph.D said...
Here we have another example of a black person oozing black privilege which he believes exempts him from acting like a human and respecting other humans. If he had checked his black privilege, he would still be alive today.

Nevertheless, the police acted responsibly and they were cleared of any wrong doing.

7:40 AM
Dr Ramos, I can see your PhD in racism is paying off--on FN. Gotta love Field for giving you a forum.

BTW, how much did it cost you? Well, whatever you paid-- it was too much.

Yīshēng said...

@7:56, no real PhD would display their "credentials" on a political blog.

And it's probably in a field like Sociology to boot!

The Truth said...

Kill white men.

Fuck white women.

The Fixer said...

Here we have another example of a white asshole like Ramos oozing white privilege which he believes exempts him from acting like a human and respecting other humans.


You Know Who said...

Here we have another example of a black person oozing black privilege which he believes exempts him from acting like a human and respecting other humans. If he had checked his black privilege, he would still be alive today.


You Know Who said...

A real PhD would display their "credentials" and be openly proud of their work.

And it's probably in a field that i am not smart enough to advance in to boot!!


The Fixer said...

Here we have another example of a white asshole like Ramos oozing white privilege which he believes exempts him from acting like a human and respecting other humans.

Like I said before.

The Fixer said...

@7:56, no real PhD would display their "credentials" on a political blog.

And it's probably in a field like Basket Weaving to boot!


You Know Who said...

Here we have another example of a black person oozing black privilege which he believes exempts him from acting like a human and respecting other humans. If he had checked his black privilege, he would still be alive today.

Liked it better the first time

The Real Fixer said...

A real PhD would display their "credentials" and be openly proud of their work.

And it's probably in a field that i am not smart enough to advance in to boot!!

If it was basket or hair weaving, i gots you beat.


The Fixer said...

Here we have another example of a white asshole like Ramos oozing white privilege which he believes exempts him from acting like a human and respecting other humans.

The best version.

The Fixer said...

And it's probably in a field that i am not smart enough to advance in to boot!!

This needs no fixing, it's true.

James Bold and Dr. Ramos are lovers said...

Kinda surprised Ramos has time to post anything. I figured he and James Bold would be busy looking under each others' robes.

PilotX said...

On this Veterans Day we remember Medgar Evers who returned from active duty in WWII to be turned away from the polls when he tried to vote. He dedicated himself to fighting for voting rights; investigating race-based murders of African Americans including Emmett Louis Till, Rev. George W. Lee, and more as NAACP field secretary; organizing NAACP Youth Councils; supporting James Meredith's right to attend Ole Miss; and more until he was murdered in June of 1963, leaving behind his wife Myrlie Evers-Williams and three young children. Learn more about his life and legacy:

Josh said...

"Your problem is you think Blacks, or "blahs"..."

Why are you degrading black people by calling them "blahs," anon?


Do you think it's okay to degrade black people?

Why are you degrading them? Why are you saying "blah"?

Your problem is you think you can just call blacks "blah" without consequence. You fucking disgust me, racist.


And what racism? What racism are they fighting against at UoM? Oh, you mean the one white person who shouted "nigger" and was immediately thrown off campus? Yeah, they're not punishing that shit at all! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM!

Oh, you mean the boy who saw the poop swastika, and even though those to whom he reported it instantly checked and didn't see it, they still believed his story bereft of evidence and attempted to find the perpetrators of it? You mean the poop swastika that they posted a picture of, but turns out the picture was stolen and was already around for over a year?

You mean that college where the boy, who had a story which no one on the planet could substantiate, yet the president openly did everything he could to help him by agreeing with him? Oh, wait. You mean the school where these students already had a list of demands that included forcing the president to admit that he had white privilege and that white people were privileged compared to black people, long before the poop Nazis visited. The school where administrators ignored these stupid-ass demands, until the #2 Reich, Heil Shitler, magically appeared, without evidence, and suddenly we had a hunger strike martyr who rallied more support, and suddenly...Selma! The school where their previous demands went from "We demand you admit you have white privilege" to "we demand you are fired...because you didn't admit you have white privilege."

The students who already had demands, couldn't get them met, then conveniently Shitler visits the school, a hunger strike starts, now reasons. Suddenly...Selma.

These poor victims? These poor oppressed students? These are the people we're talking about?

The only fucking piece of evidence there is of discrimination at UoM comes by way of these assholes bullying, threatening, intimidating, and physically assaulting an Asian student. The professors were helping the students bully and assault people! THE WHITE PROFESSORS! Those privileged white people, who don't care about blacks, were HELPING THEM LITERALLY ASSAULT PEOPLE!

It's all students saying they "FEEL." They FEEL! My FEELINGS!

"I treat myself differently as a black person. I'm black. I identify as black. It's my identity. But it's EVERYONE ELSE that treats me differently!"

Oh, hey, dude, whaddup?

"OMG! He said 'whaddup' That's a racist aggression against a black person. I FEEL it! Cultural appropriation. I CAN'T EVEN! OMG FUCK YOU WHITE PEOPLE! FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU!"

Hey, man, how's it going?

"He didn't acknowledge my blackness! Racist aggression! OMG I FEEL UNSAFE!"

Yo, buddy, where you from?


Nah, they're not emotional at all. "Microaggressions" being racist against blacks are perfectly logical and reasonable. I mean, it's an ordinary, everyday thing for a group of black students to demand a white person literally apologize to them in person for having white privilege. That's not overly-emotional bullshit at all. These black folks aren't emotional. They're poor, poor victims of heinous racism.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Huh. Did you stop counting the killings in Killadephia?

I didn't see it on the sidebar anymore. I always enjoyed that.

Kinda like in's not usually a couple of brown folks, it's like 150 die when a bus runs off a cliff, a ferry sinks, or a train crashes.

Oh well. The weak will be weaned.

Yīshēng said...

Why communicate in depth with an underachieving Asian (Josh) that desperately wants to be a Whooteemoo?

Lt. commander homo said...

I always enjoyed that.

We know because you're a sick and twisted racist asshole. No surprise there fake ass Lt. Commander Johnson.

Anonymous said...

And what racism? What racism are they fighting against at UoM?

Well Josh, there are two ways to answer your question. One, ask a student at the university or two assume you know everything and write a four hundred page essay about what you "think" happened there. Let's just guess which one little Josh chooses.

Josh said...

"One, ask a student at the university."

Yeah, how the fuck do you think I found out about "microaggressions"?

Do you honestly think I'm making this shit up? Buddy, I'm really not that creative. I write about the Federal Wire Act, PASPA, the UIGEA, and the DOJ ruling (2011) that made it legal for states to decide their own fate on gambling. I'm not a fiction writer.

It's the black students who are literally creating a catch-22 of what qualifies as "racism," and then using this "racism" to claim that they feel unsafe and unwanted on campus.

The incidents of racism on campuses are rising directly proportional to the number of "race" courses, lectures, and the number of "microaggressions" being created.

Coincidence? Are white people just suddenly becoming more racist now? The most popular music on the planet is black music. The most popular athletes on the planet are black. The most trusted spokespeople in America are black. The biggest movie starts are black. Empire is the biggest show in the world. Our President is black. Black people hold every conceivable position of power and authority imaginable. Yet, suddenly, whites are becoming more racist? They have regressed to 1950?

Or is the more logical reason that it's black students redefining what "racism" is and suddenly finding that shit that's not racist is now racist?

I'm not talking about what I think happened. I'm talking about what's actually happening! I'm not the person who takes his stance based on guesswork and emotion. That's you brilliant fellas!

The UoM students were already demanding that their white president give them a face-to-face public apology. What did he do that he needed to apologize? Black students were demanding that he apologize for having white privilege.

As a white man, he had to apologize to black people for being a white man!

I can't make this shit up! I'm not that fucking creative!

"Racism" at a university level is not agreeing with a black person! Do you think I'm making this up?

So, here's how it breaks down:

1) What the students are saying: No evidence, you have to ask them, and then believe what they're saying, with no evidence to go on.
2) What I'm saying, for which I can provide countless instances of video PROOF to back up.

C'mon, dude. Just tell me what it really is. You side with the black students because they're black. YOU don't need evidence; you're the one creating the shit. I'm giving the factual accounting of what's going on, and I can actually back it up with multiple sources. You just "listen and believe" because they're black and you're supposed to do that.

I'm okay with that. Just stop treating everyone else like they're too stupid to fucking see that. You think a WHITE student who pretended to see a swastika, cried, went on hunger strike, and demanded a BLACK president be fired would be FNB? Fuck to the NO. It would be Field's Education Series about racism in America; blacks can't hold jobs without white kids underhandedly trying to sabotage them.

Y'all are the ones making these things necessarily about race, and then we're supposed to be shocked that young black adults are finding a racist under every rock! You're training them that way!

Chief Whooteemoo said...

HA! Underachieveing Asian? They no such a thing! Look at the achievements of your Asian superiors, Yisheng, And remember eggroll goes in your mouth and not the side of your neck. HA!!!

Lance Cockstrong said...

@Josh 9:54PM -

Yeah, other men of color (Asian) are subjected to abuse, at UOM no less. But only the Blacks are protesting. Is that the point of your non-comment/comment, Josh?

Josh said...

No. That was specifically meant for Field. Apologies for not providing more context.

Field is holding the UoM folks up to be heroes. They're treated like they're oppressed at the university, living in fear of white racism. However, there exists 0 actual evidence of these things, just students claiming they "feel" a certain way, and the Poop Nazi thing that is looking more and more like a hoax as more evidence comes out.

I simply wanted to show Field that it's not the black students of UoM who are being forced to live in fear. They're the ones intimidating everyone else. They're the bullies!

It seems to me, based on the evidence of the situation, that they're not actually facing abuse at UoM. They force themselves to identify as different, then project that everyone else is treating them differently, then whine. The Asians, on the other hand, STFU, earn degrees, and earn money in life.

Which model is better to follow, I wonder? Jonathan Butler or the Asians? (Depends on what you want out of life, I suspect: be seen as a poor, helpless victim, or fuck the man and take your place in the world.)

BTW: It's not only blacks protesting. More than half the protesters sticking up for ConcernedStudent1950 are white, including white professors of the university who objectively participated in the abuse of an Asian student. I guess he's the wrong kind of minority, of course.

All those evil white people there! The ones that rally around blacks and try desperately to support their cause and to cater to their feelings. The white president who literally did everything he could to help the situation, even creating a mandatory measure by which students would have to attend lectures and the like to learn what they're not allowed to say to black students; e.g. sensitivity training!

Yeah, those UoM students have it so fucking hard!

That's what I was trying to say to Field in my comment. This isn't Selma. This isn't the CRM. This isn't Rosa Parks. These are a bunch of whiny, immature children, calling it "racism" if a white person doesn't apologize for being white, and making demands.

Apologies for the lack of context. But I can't win for losing. I type out what I'm saying, "Josh, STFU, you talk too much." I don't type enough, "What's with the non-comment/comment?" I have a different take on the situation, so I'm public enemy #1. I understand that. I'm not breaking balls. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

It has been discovered via email that JOSH is Asian. I should have known by his lengthy comments and heartless thinking re: racism.

Anonymous said...

Josh is skooling these racists like any smart Asain would do. As a AM, you make me proud Josh.

Josh said...

So, on a blog where a white bigot is supposedly the worst thing since the meteor killed the dinosaurs, it's openly accepted to be racist against Asians?

Keep up the good work, fellas!

Fighting injustice, one double-standard at a time.

Anonymous said...

JOSH, As usual you got it wrong. We have found you out. Yep, by your off-brand comments, it makes good sense that you are an Asian. We got you now.

Anonymous said...

Josh is skooling these racists like any smart Asain would do. As a AM, you make me proud Josh.

Digital Asianface alert!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how the fuck do you think I found out about "microaggressions"?

So what you're saying Josh is that you communicated with a student or students from the University of Missouri about their specific complaints?

field negro said...

"Josh is skooling these racists like any smart Asain would do. As a AM, you make me proud Josh."

Digital Asian Alert! Digital Asian Alert!

Josh said...

I have looked at a wide, wide assortment of evidence. Not one piece of this evidence suggests that black students of UoM are experiencing racism, other than their personal claims of how they "feel."

Yes, there was an incident of a white person shouting "nigger" at black students. What happened in his horribly oppressive culture of white privilege? The student was instantly banished off campus entirely! Everything else is just "I heard," "I feel," "I saw the way you looked," "I'm in pain and you were smiling," etc, etc.

It is apparent to me that these black students are in fact the oppressors.

I have also seen literally hundreds upon hundreds of videos (YT, FB, etc) of black college students who tell you exactly what a "microaggerssion" is, and that they're experiencing "racism" due to these microaggressions. While a white person shouting "nigger" like a racist fucking moron does happen, the vast majority of cases of "racism" include things like a white person asking a black person, "Where are you from?" That's "racism," according to black college students, because the white person is saying that they don't belong there. HOWEVER, if a white person says, "I'm not a racist, I view all people as equals!" black college students STILL say it's "racism" because white people are whitewashing their identity as blacks. Catch-22, anyone?

Professors literally allow students to create microaggressions based on their feelings and then create courses and write them into conduct codes, etc.

In the event I spoke to any UoM student, we both know I would hear one of two things:

1) "I don't wanna talk about it."
2) "I FEEL ____"

"Digital Asianface alert!"

LMAO! Damn, how did I miss that opportunity? I reckon I's just a dumb Asian.

Josh said...

In other words, fuck your feelings.

Black people, fuck your feelings.
Asian people, fuck your feelings.
Gay people, fuck your feelings.
White people, fuck your feelings.
Trans people, fuck your feelings.

Oh, I'm so HURT! I read people say words like "relatives" and "death" and I'm triggered because my father has cancer. Therefore, you are committing a microaggression against me. I feel hurt and wounded over your freedom of speech. You're not allowed to disagree with me. This IS NOT supposed to be an environment for education, where people disagree and challenge one another. This is supposed to be HOME! I FEEL HURT! I FEEL! My feelings!


My feelings don't get to dictate what other people are or their intent. My feelings don't deserve to be catered to, to the point a university must completely change to accommodate them.

Fuck your feelings! Be an adult.

These black people at UoM are oppressing everyone because of their feelings!

Lance Cockstrong said...

@Josh 7:24PM -

Your video was about UOM Concerned Students 1950 incident with the Asian photographer, Field's was yet another murder committed by thugs in uniform. So presumably what you are saying then is that your video is being misconstrued to be in response to Field's video?

Josh said...

Do what now? I don't understand what you're saying, Lance.

As I said, the video was for Field. Field was holding those UoM folks up to be heroes. In no way was the video I posted meant to offset the seemingly wrongful death of someone.

I don't understand what you're having trouble understanding. I'm not trying to be condescending here; I just don't get what you fail to see.

I suppose you're holding this post to the standard of Field existing in a vacuum. This post (A) for A, B for B, no intermingling. I won't say that's unfair. I'll just say that I'm judging Field, and was speaking to Field, based on a body of context, not necessarily that one video = A=A =/= A=B.

If that doesn't help explain it, we're just going to be missing one another because I don't know what else to say.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Just making the observation, that the perception here seems to be that since Field linked to a video and you posted a video in response, that hence your video must be in response to and meant to trivialize his video. Not that we are going to all agree, just so we are comparing apples to apples.

Josh said...

Nah, I only posted it here because this was a fresh post and I wanted Field to see the video. I left the comment I left as just a teaser so that Field might actually watch the video.

I'm told here constantly that I need to listen to black people and believe their experiences. I'm told constantly that my pooh-poohing of black people's feelings makes me a racist. All I'm asking here, which is not unreasonable, is that guys like Field also view these things from another side -- a side that doesn't say, "Because I'm black I can absorb into my psyche the experiences of every black person to ever live through airborne osmosis."

If I'm supposed to reach beyond where I'm at to consider the feelings of black people, I don't find it unreasonable to request that some black people reach beyond where they're at to view actual EVIDENCE.

I mean, if folks like Field prefer to literally hold a person's emotions over empirical evidence, such is their right. But to the degree that this blog allows for freedom of speech, I will voice my disapproval over this sophist standard.

To the extent that makes me a bad person, insensitive, racist, whatever, then that's just how it's gotta play. I can't help that. I was just trying to show Field some stuff I know he hasn't seen yet because he has a habit of only viewing these incidents through the light-cancelling tunnel that points directly at the hybrid presupposition-conclusion.

Anonymous said...

JOSH, "Fuck your feelings! Be an adult.

These black people at UoM are oppressing everyone because of their feelings!"

8:56 PM
JOSH, stop screaming. Get a grip on your feelings. Let's be adults about this. At the rate you are going, you are going to explode or at the very least, have a heart attack. Calm the fuck down. You are hurting yourself.

Josh said...

I don't know what it is about curse words that causes you to act like a child, but these words to me are not offensive nor are they emotionally charged. They're great descriptors and are good for emphasis. Plus, like millions of Americans, I happen to type the way I speak, and like millions more Americans, I'm in the habit of cursing. Uh, oh! There goes the neighborhood. Little sensitive anon will have to protest now with an "I LOVE my BLACKNESS" t-shirt, and then bitch and moan every time a white person calls him black.

"Why they callin' me black? Why they notice I'm black? WTF did I ever do to them?" :'(

Why is that you decide to act like the puritan morality police just to scold me for using curse words? You're identical to these UoM idiots.

Why would someone saying the word "fuck" make you think that they're not calm or that they're in the grips of a panic attack? In your life experience, is that the only time these naughty, taboo, no-no, forbidden words have been used?

The more you try to break my balls, the more sissified you make yourself look. The more childlike you present yourself.

Disagreement = racism, and curse words = overly emotional.

PX, would this be considered digital blackface? I mean, dude acts like he grew up with The Waltons or in the Little House on the Prairie. He can't read a curse word without being "triggered." How could he have lived that hard-knock ghetto-D life that all blacks supposedly experience through airborne osmosis?

Fucking mysterious, this shit.

Just say you're gay. I'm not a bigot. You're far too effeminate to be a real man.

Anonymous said...

I have looked at a wide, wide assortment of evidence. Not one piece of this evidence suggests that black students of UoM are experiencing racism, other than their personal claims of how they "feel."

That wasn't the question Josh. The question was have you communicated with any University of Missouri students?

Josh said...

Obviously not.

My question to you: What difference does that make?

I'm going to hear people tell me that they FEEL like they're being treated differently.

Here are the incidents of racism that have been proven in recent history at UoM:

- Drunk idiot yells "niggers!" at a group of black students, and is immediately kicked off campus
- Some guy 90 miles away leaves a post that says he's going to shoot black people, and is immediately arrested and charged as a terrorist

Here are some unconfirmed reports of racism:

- Poop Nazis attack Jonathan Butler
- Truck-load of rednecks yell "nigger" at--surprise, surprise--Jonathan Butler. (He's the literal Stephen Glass of UoM. Always in the right place!)
- Student body president claims to hear that the KKK has been spotted on campus
- Black students "feel" like they're oppressed
- Black students "feel" racial tension
- Black students "feel" like white people are treating them differently, like they don't belong there

(Could it be possible that maybe, just maybe, it's the black student body stomping around like they're entitled and treating white people differently because they assume they're all privileged oppressors? Nah, impossibru! Blacks can't do anything wrong. Dindu nuffin!)

Tell me, anon, what do I learn by speaking with UoM students personally that I'm not learning by hearing them speak through recorded sources?

Oh, I apologize. I think I see what you're getting at. If I speak with them in person, and see that pain in their eyes*, I will learn to "listen and believe" when black people tell me that they FEEL like they are oppressed.

*Guy's father made $6 million last year. He has exponentially more privilege than 99% of white people living in America. But he's oppressed because he's black. And very odd that he's choosing the victim model rather than this father's model. "Leave your job or I'll kill myself!"

Are you suggesting I have to speak to them in person to understand? Well, Tim Wolfe tried, and they either (a) shouted over-top of him and didn't let him speak, or (b) refused. They also wouldn't even allow a reporter to film or speak with anyone.

So even if you demanded I go speak with them right now, anon, they wouldn't speak with me.

Anonymous said...

My question to you: What difference does that make?

Could make a big difference. You asked what racism were the students at the University of Missouri fighting and one possibility is to get information from the source. Of course you can rely on media reports which may be accurate or may be incomplete. Your choice, you seem to prefer objective data and to get the most reliable data would be to get it from a firsthand source. Maybe it will make a differnce maybe it won't but from personal experience the story we get from the media is often very different from what the people actually there experience. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

They also wouldn't even allow a reporter to film or speak with anyone.

You're not a reporter. If you asked nicely maybe someone here knows someone and can put you in touch. Many ways to skin a cat.

Josh said...

"Your choice, you seem to prefer objective data and to get the most reliable data would be to get it from a firsthand source."

This assumes that anyone to whom I speak would give me an honest accounting.

A long, long time ago, a wife cheated on her husband, got pregnant, and needed an out. 2 billion people today worship it.

Human beings are inherently capable liars. One of the most respected hypotheses on speech in evolution is that we only developed the ability to speak (e.g. it was only selected for) because people more capable of vocally lying got to horde more resources.

In another context, I might with you, at least that I should do it; not that it's in any way reliable. In a context where a student has nothing to gain by lying, I might be willing to "listen and believe," as it were. However, saying one encountered racism in today's context is simply too exceedingly beneficial to take on its word without backing evidence. All these kids have phones. Nobody records it? College campuses are hardly ever tumbleweeds. Nobody's there to witness it? There are ways their claims can be verified. Human feces contains DNA, they even sell kits. Nobody testing it? You're suggesting I take their personal claims as truth. That's not objective data. That is actually the single-most unreliable source given the current climate.

We may as well just ask a murder suspect if he or she did it. Firsthand information! No need for a trial and evidence. What burden of proof?

The more racism that happens at Mizzou, the more demands SC1950 have met. The more instances of "I experienced racism" that come out, the more funding they're going to get for their easier classes that deal in things like racial theory and media theory and 50 Shades of Grey courses, etc.

Can anyone say "rape culture"? And the irony there is that they even had to lower the objective standards of rape to be subjective; e.g. "Did you feel pressured to give consent?" with some even asking, "Do you regret the encounter?" as if a "yes" makes it rape. Lo and behold, the feminists get more funding, more courses, and more seminars for every increase in "rapes" on campus! Girls attending college in gender studies don't even have to fucking study to get a diploma. They can party, watch Netflix, and attend a course in critical gender theory.

Boy, those firsthand reliable sources. So objective; not the least bit self-serving.

One does not determine if aliens have visited Earth by speaking with people who claimed to have been abducted. They obviously have skin in the game. They have a rooting interest. I'm not sure what made you believe this was a reliable standard, but it's not even close to a reliable standard. It's the most unreliable standard there is.

Why do you think people demand that others "listen and believe" in the first place? It's because they cannot be bothered to meet a burden of proof. Potentially because they're full of shit in the first place.

Josh said...

Saw a video today where a white guy was saying that, with 99.999% certainty, every single black person in America--and even in Europe--experiences racism regularly. Of course, his definitions of "racism" included: Blacks being poorer than whites in the aggregate, government not solving the problem of OOW birth rates, people disagreeing with the BLM movement, and other shit that's exceedingly subjective.

Hey, whatever. It's the rest of us who are stupid.

Here's a quick protip for the students of UoM: If racism is even 1/10th as rampant as you claim, take out your fucking cell phones, record that shit, and show all us morons just how wrong and stupid we are. You can get the fucking things out of your pockets to lie about the KKK being armed on your campus, but none of you ever have them out to catch the trucks full of racists or all those white people calling you niggers?

Tip 2: Maybe you would want to factor in, in your telling of the horrible systemic oppression you're facing as black people, that a black gay male was elected as the student body president of the entire university. Now, that in no way means that racism doesn't happen, but it does basically shatter that fucking lie of "oppressed" and "systemic discrimination" and no one caring about blacks.

Only in America does it become an act of cruelty to tell young adults in college to grow up.

Black people: "Don't treat us different. We're equal."

Black people: "Don't treat us equal. We're different."

White people: "Just let me live on Mars, please."

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