Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rocky would be proud.

Image result for rocky image This fight between Hillary and Bernie is really getting nasty. It has now become a literal one.

They actually picked the perfect place to have the Democratic National Convention this summer, because here in Philly we just love a good fight.

I have been watching the back and forth on twitter, and it hasn't been pretty. Hillary's peeps say that Bernie's peeps are crazy, and that they are risking giving the presidency to the republicans and their billionaire groper, because of their dogmatic, obdurate, and unyielding behavior.

Bernie's peeps, on the other hand, believe that Hillary is no different than the republicans who they so resent, and that she is nothing more than a dishonest career politician who is prone to duplicitous behavior. They believe that they have been wronged by the democratic party, and they are threatening to take their G.H. Bass shoes and go walking.

Things got so bad that Hillary supporter, the actor Wendell Pierce, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a Bernie supporter. Apparently they were having a political discussion in the lobby of the Loews Hotel in Atlanta when things got a little heated. I hate when that happens.

The bottom line to all of this is that Bernie doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, even though it s mathematically impossible to overtake Hillary in the delegate count.

All poor Hillary wants to focus on the orange haired one, but she can't, because Bernie and his peeps keep yapping at her heels. 

I was talking to a friend of mine today who was excited that her daughter had been selected to be one of the 10,000.00 volunteers at the convention here this summer. "It will be a great experience for her", she said. "A great resume builder." 

I didn't have the heart to tell her that her daughter might be getting a crash course in something else: how to become a professional boxing referee.

Things could get that ugly.   

Finally, speaking of ugly, did you see what the my former mayor and governor said about "ugly women" to the Washington Post?

"Former DNC Chairman and ex-Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a huge Hillary Clinton backer, did his best Donald Trump impersonation Wednesday, saying the GOP front-runner’s condescending comments about women will backfire because there are “there are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women.”

In  an eye-opening interview with The Washington Post, Rendell, 72, was discussing Trump’s electoral prospects in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where Rendell was mayor from 1992 to 2000, when his comments suddenly began to resemble the mogul’s.

“Will he have some appeal to working-class Dems in Levittown or Bristol? Sure,” Rendell said. “For every one he’ll lose one and a half, two Republican women. Trump’s comments like ‘You can’t be a 10 if you’re flat-chested,’ that’ll come back to haunt him.”

There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women. People take that stuff personally,” added Rendell, who is a superdelegate in the 2016 Democratic race backing Clinton."'[Source]

Clearly the man has never been to Louisiana.


Oregon Pride said...

Women here in the great NW are pretty fine. Gotta be better than those Cajun-fried bitches.

The Ministry of Truth said...

It's hard for me to understand when an experienced politician like Ed Rendell makes such an extreme gaffe. Most women are ugly? How did Ed get to be governor if he says things like that?

And I maintain that the Sanders campaign has gone a bit crazy.

I mean, Bernie's right that the Democratic Party has shifted away from its roots on economic issues since the days of FDR and a lot of people would like to see it move back to the left on those core issues. He's right that Hillary won't go as far left as Bernie will on those issues. But if he, or his campaign staff, are implying Hillary=Trump, that's stark raving insane.

Likewise, he's right that certain aspects of our electoral system aren't entirely fair. But he's also said deranged stuff on this topic. He's implied that Southern black voters who went for Hillary somehow don't matter as much as the primary voters in the non-Southern states Sanders won. I believe he said this because these states are red states and won't be able to help a Dem presidential candidate in the general election. But it just sounds really bad, and he shouldn't have said it. And it's also wrong. If you take away the red states Hillary won AND the red states Bernie won, Bernie is still screwed.

He's claimed that closed primaries are unfair and undemocratic, but why? Because closed primaries are bad for him and good for Hillary? You can argue that one either way. He's claimed that superdelegates are evil, terrible, undemocratic -- and then suggested that he'll try to win over superdelegates so he can win the nomination now that he's losing on the pledged delegates. Which is ... undemocratic.

Basically, he's claimed that everything's rigged, even though the truth is too many people just voted against him. He's turning out to be a rather sore loser and that's encouraging his supporters to be sore losers as well. It's disappointing, because his campaign started out very hopefully, but he's losing ugly.

The Ministry of Truth said...

"They believe that they have been wronged by the democratic party, and they are threatening to take their G.H. Bass shoes and go walking."

P.S. I'm thinking Bass might not be right for a typical Bernie fanatic. I'd go with, I dunno, Vans or Desert Boots.

Lance Cockstrong said...

So, Clinton has it locked up and Sanders is tilting at windmills. So, given that, and given that "All poor Hillary wants to do is focus on the orange haired one". So what the fuck is stopping her? Bernie and his peeps? Oh come now. Like I said yesterday she does not want to focus on Butt Trumpet. She wants to play rope a dope and hope he will punch himself out. That may have worked for Ali but will it work for her? She is certainly not helping herself when on the rare occasions she does come up for air she says some stupid thing like putting coal miners out of work.

Eric Jacobus said...

Hey FN regulars: Lick my asshole.

dinthebeast said...

Hillary's $110 million ad buy against Trump went live today, so Bernie isn't stopping her from campaigning in the general, but he is campaigning against her at a really bad time (which he has every right to do): Now that Trump has the primary sewn up, he has to try to present himself to the general population, who, unlike Republican primary voters, mostly haven't been paying much attention to the election, or politics in general. The game is that if a candidate can define themselves and their opponent first, it will be hard and expensive to counter as the summer rolls by and the election gets closer and closer. That said, rules are rules, and if you want to change them, there is a well defined process for doing just that. It may not be convenient for your plans to take over the state nominating convention, but that is the danger in building a coalition of political neophytes who believe that the entire system is rigged (even, or perhaps especially if it is somewhat rigged): tantrums don't get you your way, no matter how righteous or well-intentioned they are. I keep reading Democratic operatives saying to RTFM. That said, I would really like it if we could get the Bernie supporters as enthusiastic about actually getting things done as they are about railing against injustice in the abstract, but they all are just as entitled to their political opinions as I am to mine.
Ed Rendell has been a grand-bargainer and a social security gutting cheerleader for some time, so I'm not that surprised at his actions of late.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Field and Tay Tay ... two black men in love ... society couldn't come between them ... the Internet couldn't come between them ... even AIDS couldn't come between them ...

When is the wedding, Field?

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many gay black men out there? Is it because your women are so masculine and ugly? Or is it something else? Like maybe you all are a bunch of insecure faggots in the first place?

The Ministry of Truth said...

"Hillary's $110 million ad buy against Trump went live today, so Bernie isn't stopping her from campaigning in the general, but he is campaigning against her at a really bad time (which he has every right to do)"

Some Clintonites have unreasonably demanded that Bernie wind up his campaign, but Bernie's determination to stay in until the end is not the main objection that has been raised.

The chief complaint of Clinton supporters, and Democratic politicians/operatives more generally, is not that Bernie continues to run, but that he suggests to his supporters that he's being wronged by Clinton and the DNC and he really ought to be winning, which is bullshit. And they're worried Bernie is demonizing Hillary so badly that after he inevitably loses, Bernie's supporters won't vote for Hillary in November, and will just sit out the general election with their thumbs up their butts and wait for the Trumpocalypse.

I don't think that will happen, because I don't think Bernie's supporters are all total morons. But certainly there is a subset of them who are, how shall I say, maybe just a little overly gung-ho for Bernie? Like this insufferable dumbass (and former Rand Paul supporter?!) who has posted literally dozens of screeds anywhere that will publish him about his undying, apparently limitless animosity toward Hillary:

Ultimate Bernie bro: Meet the Hillary-hating Rand fan who felt ‘the Bern’ and fell in love

Dude's got problems. When Hillary is officially nominated, someone is going to have to talk him off the ledge.

Anonymous said...

I was just doing the math, and Hillary would need at least 66 percent of the remaining delegates to reach the 2,383 threshold.

Anybody see that happening?

Philly could indeed be interesting!

The Ministry of Truth said...

"I was just doing the math, and Hillary would need at least 66 percent of the remaining delegates to reach the 2,383 threshold."

Your math skills aren't so good.

Hillary needs only about 32% of the remaining pledged delegates to get a majority of the pledged delegates.

And if you add in the estimated 500 or so superdelegates who are said to support her, she is only about 90 delegates shy of winning a majority of total delegates (pledged and super) right this moment. So she actually needs only 12% of the remaining pledged delegates, and Bernie would need to win 88% of the available pledged delegates in the next month.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

There is zero chance for Bernie to turn this around at this point. He's already effectively mathematically eliminated, even though he's telling his supporters there is still a chance. If there is a fight in Philly, it will not be because Hillary doesn't have enough delegates, but because Bernie's people decided to pitch a fit over their incorrect belief that Bernie was somehow cheated.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Bernie is an avowed Socialist...which means Communist/Fascist in the US.

I hate Hillary's guts.

But, she's more of a man than Bernie, and his ugly-assed wife.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Huh. Or Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, or any other Southern state.

Go Pack Go said...

SJW bullshit like Black Lies Matter are to blame for the sad state of our country. Blacks need to start taking responsibility for what they have helped create. I know that's a near impossible act for you people. The chickens are indeed coming home to roost.

Anonymous said...

@ GPG -

The average negro has the mind of an eight year old child. Asking them to take responsibility for their violent, primitive urges is like asking your cocker spaniel to apologize every time he licks his own butt.

Boat rides. The only solution to all this madness is a whole lot of boat rides.

Anonymous said...

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-An Educated Black Man

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

I was really asking why black men seem to love white pussy.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

You tell him, Queenie.

Anonymous said...

to 2:31am

Hillary is not going to receive enough delegates to win the nomination outright before the convention. There are two pathways to that conclusion.

1) Using the statistical projections by state using this detailed analysis:

Hillary has 1,771 so far and her future projections for each upcoming state are also listed and they don't add up to enough.

2) Just straight numbers, based on this table, page down a few screens:

There are 930 pledged delegates left and she needs 612 more to reach 2,383 to win nomination.

She is short 612 pledged delegates, which is 65.8% of the total 930 remaining.

(If using the NYT delegate count of count of 1768, she is short by 615 which is 66.12% of 930.)

Note: the unpledged delegates are not counted toward the 2,383 total; they are a separate category. See these charts for more info:,_2016

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Are you counting the supposed "SUPER DELEGATES?"

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

I mean, the ones with the money?

Just who are these Super Delegates?

Anonymous said...

to 6:09a

The "super delegate" term I understand was coined by the press.

The Democratic Party calls them "pledged" and "unpledged delegates". The wiki article goes into some detail about what they both mean.

field negro said...

Anon@2:07, I agree with MOT, your math seems a bit off.

field negro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
field negro said...

Anon@11:52, I keep telling u that u are not my type.You will never be half the man Tay Tay is.

Fat toothless and illiterate just doesn't do it for me.;)

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Man, you mention Louisiana. Sorta.

Makes me want to ride south, hit Middendorf's, and the House Of Blues.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Oh. And Central Grocery, on Decatur Street, to grab several Muffalettas.

Go Fudgepacker go, and take the other sick fucks with you said...

SJW bullshit like Black Lies Matter are to blame for the sad state of our country. Blacks need to start taking responsibility for what they have helped create. I know that's a near impossible act for you people. The chickens are indeed coming home to roost.
So why are you a fat, toothless, unemployed, smelly fat fuck? Bet you're gonna blame a negro. Ignoant whites, who are the majority, need to takes responsibility for what they helped create. Your chickens are on their way too asshole.

anotherbozo said...

Before I rush to get my plane ticket to Louisiana (oh wait--I think Field's wife is from there. Either bias or he's pandering), I want to thank Rindell for providing a little humor to these otherwise hair-raising times. Talk about foot-in-mouth disease!

And an aside: one good part about getting old (I'm now a prune-faced 74) is that more and more women look good to you. Now they get an automatic 7 from me just for being under 40 and healthy. The rest is gravy. Ed is only a year younger than I am; maybe he doesn't see enough young women, poor guy.

PilotX said...

Ed meant well, he was giving his version of Gilbert's speech at the end of Revenge of the Nerds. The whole there are more of us than there are of you meme. Old Ed meant well.
I hope the Bernie or bust people realize this election is 100% about the Supreme court. The next prez will more than likely nominate at least 3 justices and 2 of them are the lefties. Get this election wrong and we will see the results for the next 30 years. Choose wisely people.

field negro said...

" An automatic 7 for being under 40".

Classic! This is why I love blogging, for classic lines like that.

It'worth suffering the crap laid down by the trolls to get to lines like that.

field negro said...

Sorry, on the train.

Yīshēng said...

Always half-full Field, ALWAYS!! :)

Charles Wade said...


Black Lives Matter!

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter!

Anonymous said...

My penis is so sore

FlyEagles said...

" I asked Trump if he had ever been to Iraq. “Never!” he said, sounding horrified by the thought.

“What’s the most dangerous place in the world you’ve been to?”

He contemplated this for a second. “Brooklyn,” he said, laughing. “No,” he went on, “there are places in America that are among the most dangerous in the world. You go to places like Oakland. Or Ferguson. The crime numbers are worse. Seriously.”

via the nytimes:

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