Thursday, July 07, 2016

Killing Sterling and Castile.

Image result for philando castile images'    I have been profiled and stopped a few times by the police. Come on Field, how do you know you were being profiled?

Well, I wasn't breaking any of the rules of the road, I was in a vehicle that should not have drawn any scrutiny, and I was driving in a neighborhood ----where I am sure that in the police officer's mind, I should not have been.

So yes, I was profiled.

Fortunately for me, though, I am still here to write about it. Which sadly, I cannot say for other black men in America.

We have all seen the videos by now (the most recent tragedy from St Paul, Minnesota), and as I have said many times before, I am so thankful for cell- phone videos. Can you imagine what happened before the advent of this technology? All those stories written by the police officers who totally controlled the narrative. The victims, who were mostly poor and people of color, were never  believed.

Of course, as is always the case, we will wring our hands, black (and white) people will take to the streets, and some of our leaders will say all the right things to soothe our anger and clear their own conscience. Nothing will change. Unfortunately we will be having this type of discussion again in a year or two. But as long as there are "color aroused" people in positions of power, nothing will change.

Congress wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars today trying to relitigate the issue of Hillary's damn e-mails. (Apparently the leader of the FBI saying that there was no crime committed was not enough.) They should have been holding hearings about state killings of black (and white) people and the lack of confidence average citizens (especially poor ones and people of color) have for those who are supposed to be protecting and serving us all.

"I wanted everybody in the world to see what the police do," says woman who posted video after shooting"

Mam, we already know what the police can do. But I am still glad that you posted the video of your boyfriend's death for us all to see . Because here in America, there are still a substantial number of people who don't.



Anonymous said...

Police are out there every day. They know how dangerous some people are. They should be color-aroused.

Stop blaming law enforcement for the actions of criminals.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to her for staying calm as a paid reporter who gets n-word bashed by a hillbilly. I hate that happened to her and her man, but she did what was necessary.

And the officers should be brought up on murder, intentional neglect, and official oppression. Throughout the whole 10 minutes of video, not once was an ambulance called or CPR offered to the dying man. And then the woman gets guns pointed at her when she's ordered to leave the car and is clearly weapon and drug/alcohol-free.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you're happy, Field, Yisheng, et al. Chaos is breaking out in Dallas and other places, and all because you guys wanted "justice" over a couple of dead criminals. You know that when martial law breaks out that it's only going to get worse for you guys, right? You know police killings are going to increase exponentially once the Constitution is suspended ... right?

Ah, y'all don't care. You just want to get whitey. Well, you're gonna get whitey. And a whole hell of a lot more. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sad,sad,sad! Tragedy after tragedy! It's a war zone...

PilotX said...

This is getting gout of hand. Everybody needs to slow their roll.

Limpbaugh said...

That killing was unbelievably sad and tragic. Racism was definitely involved, whether the cop hates black people, or he panicked because he thinks black males are dangerous. I am a white male who has been profiled numerous times because of my long hair. People don't seem to care about that anymore, but I used to get stopped and followed in conservative areas, for driving a beat up car through a rich suburb, or just because the cops were prejudiced. The profile stereotype I fit was that of a peaceful stoner. Cops probably expect violence from someone like that less than they would from anyone else, so I was never in danger of physical harm. I have to admit that seeing all the cop killings in the news does make me nervous when I get stopped now though. Anyway, I have no doubt that black males are profiled left and right, and that any black person is in danger when they get stopped.

dinthebeast said...

So now they shot a bunch of cops in Dallas. Where and how does this end?

-Doug in Oakland

Virginia said...

I can't sleep. To watch another human being bleeding out right in front of you and you're not even allowed to touch him to comfort him as he passes. The position Lavish was put in breaks my heart. She stayed in control to keep herself and her daughter alive. I can't imagine my four year old witnessing a terrifying shooting feet away and not being able to hold him because I have to hold my hands up so the insane officer is comfortable! And then realizing the importance of getting this to FB while in shock. It's too much.

Anonymous said...

You filthy piece of shit. YOU got those policemen killed in Dallas.

tklohman said...

The fact that none of the police being prosecuted (or not prosecuted) for these crimes are ever found guilty, seems to encourage more shootings. After all, if most of them get away with it how is it a crime? It makes it easy for police to indiscriminately shoot because there is no penalty.

I'm sick to death of watching people die for no reason, or a made up reason. "Stop resisting" has become the battle cry of the police.

Mystere said...

And yet again, violence: snipers targeted Dallas PD officers (and DART officers) after a peaceful Black Lives Matter march, killing five officers and wounding six others. A civilian was also wounded but survived. Three suspects taken into custody, one shot by police after negotiations failed to bring about a peaceful surrender. Bombings were threatened; no bombs in downtown Dallas were found. The city center is still on lockdown. Officials are cautioning that the situation in Dallas isn't stable, so residents should be vigilant and those who work in the lockdown area should stay home.

There is also the possibility that other cities may suffer the same or similar fate; until those in custody start talking -- or until more talkative associates are located and questioned -- the Dallas PD is not releasing details on the suspect they're now holding.

Anonymous said...

So how about that Mark Hughes fiasco? The minute I first saw his picture on the screen,I turned to my family and said "that man had absolutely nothing to do with it!"

His brother is quite charismatic, gets his message across quite well.

I am waiting for them to release the name and pics of the shooter. I also had a feeling,an intuition,about the race of the shooter.

James Bold said...

I just searched this blog for some names.  Names of young Black men recently gunned down.

"Lor Scoota":  no hits.

"Trayvon Johnson":  no hits.

Strange.  Bodymore isn't all that far from Killadelphia.  These things should be on Field's radar.  Why don't THOSE Black Lives Matter enough to mention?

Could it be that they're simply not any use to advance The Narrative, that their role in maintaining the Black propensity to deadly violence must go un-noted and un-sung (as if rappers could carry a tune)... that they amount to accidents in army training exercises in the Black war on civilization?

Couldn't be.  Could it?

PilotX said...

This is no more the fault of the BLMM that it is the NRA. Some fools are even blaming the President. This foolishness must stop! I know some want to make this some kind of race war but that kind of language is just as unnecessary. Let's pretend this is 9-12-01.

anotherbozo said...

Love to hear Field weigh in on how to perforate the current awful police culture, so full of mafia-like loyalties, and put control back where it belongs, with civilian-citizens. 1. The usual D.A.s should NOT be allowed to prosecute (or fail to prosecute) police accused of unprovoked shootings. 2. A separate system of special examiners and prosecutors should be available in shootings by police. Civilian complaint review boards who report to the city council or mayor (NOT to the police commissioner, as in NYC) should be set up in every town and city. 3. Install some kind of ratings on websites, in which citizens can evaluate police officers' work and recommend bonuses and/or fines, depending on performance (find a way to screen out the trolls and fakes). Police are human and like acknowledgement when they do good, I'm sure; this doesn't just have to be negative.

Which of these points is ridiculous or naive? Find some steps toward a cure, then work for them, I say. This is a national problem. Hand-wringing doesn't go anywhere.

These may be wrong-headed ideas, but I think at least they're on the right track.

anotherbozo said...

My ideas at least could get at the repeat-offender status of the Sterling cops:

Anonymous said...

Hey field N. You and your outfit feel any better today? Feel like somebody in charge?

Anonymous said...

How are all the coons and nigras feeling today? Just keep shooting each other to solve the black problem. When a no account banger gets shot then the neighborhoods are a little safer.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how many white, and blacks are going to get (let use the language you know best) smoked over this? People who have nothing to do with blacks being shot. People who have nothing to do with “Institutional racism.” If you keep pushing for a war, you just might get what you want. Make sure that’s what you want…… make sure!

The Great Divider said...

PilotX said...
This is no more the fault of the BLMM that it is the NRA. Some fools are even blaming the President

The President has stirred this up through his irresponsible rhetoric in an effort to rile up the base for the election. The Dems do it every election year. Obama shares responsibility for these police shootings.

Yīshēng said...

@11:12PM, are you and the NRA happy now?

You DO have a right to be scared/cowardly though. A "Bubba" will likely cap your ass at the local Piggly Wiggly by accident since they'll all be armed to the teeth in the near future.

Livin' in the BRA said...

Asian cop shoots black suspect and it's the white man's fault.

Anonymous said...

Today, I feel the strength in this nation’s diversity more than ever. As usual, it’s more than a comforting blanket that reduces my anxiety; It’s vibrant, equal to nothing else on the planet. What a wonderful day!

Hate Fact™ said...

Blacks are 4.46 times more likely than people of other races to kill a police officer:

Therefore cops should be 4.46 times more "aroused" when dealing with a black person.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Either all lives matter or no lives matter. Only if black lives matter can all lives matter. If black lives don't matter then no lives matter. There are no other options. We as a society must decide.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Listen up J-Bo. Your racist rap is a tired act. No idea what you think you are accomplishing directing your empty threats at an obscure black-centric blog, even if anyone gave a shit, which no one does, so why don't you just shut the fuck up already.

Anonymous said...

@J. Bold: I just searched the Internet for the name James Bold and found your 2011 arrest record and mug shot.


That's about right. I don't think you have the cajones to do more.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to despise black people. You are a violent, hateful group of people. I've never felt such animosity towards blacks until today. Screw you and your BLM shit and your hate and violence towards police and whites people and mostly screw your pitiful excuses for your shitty lives.

anotherbozo said...

Anonymous @ 8:47 and a lot of other whites who can't get what "systemic racism" means (very much like fish who don't get what "water" is) could do to read this:

James Bold said...

"I just searched the Internet for the name James Bold and found your 2011 arrest record and mug shot."

Oh, dear.  My secret is out.

"I don't think you have the cajones to do more."

That's more creative than anything you could do.  My upcoming YouTube video will show people how to make such devices to rid their neighborhoods of blunt-smokers, moolies dribbling bakkabaws down the middle of the skreet, and the Section Ape houses which allow them to survive overnight when the temperature drops below 60.

I'm sure the exploding Colt 45 for-tay which takes off the drinker's head will be VERY popular, though I'll have to adapt it to Hennessy for the wealthier class of thug.

Anonymous said...

OK Field, c-c-c-c-c-c-c-an-an-an-an-an-an we j-j-j-j-j-ust g-g-g-et
here's what I don't understand about you Knee-grows,
OK, lets say the Cops hate you, can't stand you, can't wait for an excuse to pop you a new A-hole in the forehead,
So why do so many of you people drive around with no tag, tail lights out(what are they? $1.89 at Autozone?), selling CD's in the Qwik Trip parking lot?
OK, maybe it's just Evil-lution, in a billion years, you'll evolve,


aggiesista92 said...

Ain't this some schit. Roll Eyes

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh man fired a handgun during an altercation with a Wake County deputy after the man was seen pointing a shotgun at passing cars, officials said.

A deputy was patrolling the area of Old Creedmoor Road and Raytown Road Tuesday when a motorist said a man was standing near the road and pointing a shotgun at drivers, Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said.

The deputy located the man, later identified as 62-year-old William Bruce Ray, and approached him.

Ray pulled out a handgun after the deputy wrestled the shotgun from him.

Ray fired a shot from the handgun during the altercation. The round did not strike anyone.

The deputy was able to apprehend Ray and take him into custody.


George Killerman sold the gun he used to murder Trayvon, and the Blue Klux Klan allowed
it; Killerman is laughing at Black people, and the pigs are laughing along with him.
That's why I don't give half a damn about dead pigs in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

@ the Scottsboro boys..

do you care about the 2 chill'un killed in Minneapolis by 2 of your fellow Spooks (OK, I admit it, it was Dick Chaney and David Duke) ....

PS. "Pigs"?? is this 1973????

Frank "Love me some BBQ Pig" Drackman

Unknown said...

PilotX your words are definitely true to the core. I can see where a "stoner" profile can be tagged to you. Being Black behind the wheel can lead to a police officer racially profiling, and the physical attributes - facial hair, long or short hair, shades or no shades - are immaterial; that's what makes it so insidiously based on the darkness of ones skin. That officer in the Minnesota shooting mustve been a rookie or just an idiot with the shooting the day before and he STILL managed to make a BIGGER blunder. I'm thinking the morning briefing had to have mentioned the heightened affairs with the very situation he faced that day......but I dont think it was much of a situation after seeing the streamed video. I dont know if I could call it poor training or just someone who really isnt cut out to be a officer of the law at all. I know there are situations that officers are in where split-second judgments have to be made, but it just seems like in this particular circumstance there wasnt much of a threat. IF THE PASSENGER WAS WILLING TO OFFER THE INFO THAT HE WAS CARRYING A GUN LEGALLY BEFORE GETTING HIS I.D., THEN WAS THERE REALLY A THREAT AT ALL? Should be a case of negligent homicide, but I have a feeling this will turn out the same as most others......a justified killing of an innocent Black civilian.

Unknown said...

My perspective is this. All White cops arent qualified to be cops at all. Tamir Rice was shot by an officer who was deemed to be temperamentally unfit to be in law enforcement by another agency......a Barney Fife in fact. That guy shouldve never been allowed to where a uniform in any capacity in law enforcement, but he was. I think that there is a percentage of officers that are allowed through the academy through "other" considerations - whether political, or good ol' boy association, all the good officers pay for the humiliating ineptitude they leave behind. That's the indelible stain left on society. We dont hold the politicians and administrators accountable for the blunders that cost lives, irregardless of what the post tragedy investigation tells - some things are commonsense and simply avoidable. Every Black person knows that we have to be better than our White counterparts in whatever field we aspire to - I would think that the White establishment would at least forego the beckons of nepotism, good ol' boyism and recklessly unqualified individuals for the betterment of society as a whole.

James Bold said...

"My perspective is this. All White cops arent qualified to be cops at all."

This is the narcissism for which Blacks are infamous.  "Give me the job because I know I can do it better", even when you're incompetent at it.

Meanwhile, 78% of suspects shot by Black cops are Black.  Black cops are reportedly quicker to resort to shooting as well.  You really do need your own separate countries with your own governments and your own police.  You'll never get it right, but your f***ups will be YOUR problem and YOURS alone.

"Tamir Rice was shot by an officer who was deemed to be temperamentally unfit to be in law enforcement by another agency"

But you don't have a problem with Tamir Rice brandishing a real-looking gun in public and pointing it at people, causing them to call the police to respond.

You are un-fucking-believable.

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