Monday, June 19, 2017

"Make America great again"?

Image result for make america great idiot imageA drug epidemic in the heartland.

There is still a water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

There is still questionable state killings of people of color.

More and more America loving, hard working people, are  facing deportation.  

There are levels of corruption never seen before in a White House.

Seven  American servicemen just died at sea. 

It's damn near 125 degrees in some parts of the West, and our leader continues to deny climate change.

World War III is possibly breaking out in the Middle East.

Right-wing hate crimes are on the rise.

Crime in general is on the rise.

So is fake news.

Wages remain stagnant.

The GOP health care pan is a mess.

There is still no wall.

"Make America great again"?

I don't think so.

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dinthebeast said...

Maybe on a certain level, a lot of the Pig-People realize that their lives are never going to improve, so to them America can be "great again" when their ignorant fire-demon rips big chunks out of the society they never felt accepted by or welcome in just to take all of those "elites" that they have been trained to hate by the right wing media down a peg or two, and more importantly, puts brown people back in their place: worse off than the Pig-People.
It's anyone's guess whether any of them will wise up to the con that's been run on them after they start dying without access to health care.
"Sure, my hands, feet, and eyes don't work any more because of untreated diabetes, and the ER won't do the amputations I need to live, but boy do I love how much liberals hate my president!"

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Martial law has to be declared to Make America Great Again. First we need a crisis, then the hammer will come down, then come the deportations.

After that, America WILL be great again!


Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:55 -

Don't worry, some dipshit leftists will give the excuse for martial law very soon. Leftists are psychotic toddlers by nature (witness: dinthebeast), and they are just about to blow. Someone's going to do something stupid soon.

Anonymous said...

Q: What's black, smelly and full of holes?

A: Philando Castile!

Limpbaugh said...

While the media focuses on whether every Trump exaggeration and sarcastic statement is a lie or not, Trump is putting us at risk of WW III with his support of ISIS to overthrow Syria. The media is fine with that. I saw someone on CNN claim that the anti Assad rebels Trump was protecting by shooting down the plane over Syria were fighting ISIS (who is also fighting Assad). It seems like a lot of people should see through lies like that.

Anonymous said...

"Pig-People" Hmmm...
And Dung from Dopeland wants to be a latex salesman.

Anonymous said...

Dung from Dopeland says...

"Sure, my hands, feet, and eyes don't work any more because of untreated diabetes, and the ER won't do the amputations I need to live, but boy do I love how much liberals hate my president!"

Translation: I'm blind, cripple and crazy. I don't know how to live with diabetes so that means "off with the limbs". You, Miss Dung are an idiot.

dinthebeast said...

Untreated diabetes is not something you "know how to live with", it requires medical intervention (of the sort that many Pig-People will lack access to after $800 billion is taken away from medicaid) and losing ones extremities is not uncommon.
My last bloodwork said that I'm not in danger of contracting it myself, but I know a couple of folks who do have it, or I knew one of them. He died from it in '89 after the amputation of one hand and both feet. The other guy has had multiple operations on his eyes and was sort of clinging to his ability to drive last I saw him a couple of years ago.

-Doug in Oakland

The Purple Cow said...

20th June 2017. Meters of wall built = 0.

The Coatesville ExPat said...

So, what you're saying Judge, is essentially what was said before: "Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss". The only difference now is the Greek chorus that was singing the praises of president are now baying like wolves. But from obsessing over everything and anything with the taint of whiteness, what are you doing to make the dream a reality?

mike from iowa said...

Dirt Bag Drumpfy's Father's Day

It will be a great job for real Americans, not retarded right wing nut jobs, to undertake cleaning the shit stain Drumpfuck and cronies leave behind. Everything they touch turns to shit-the Drumpfuck Touch.

mike from iowa said...

About Georgia's special election today. Remember that wingnuts chose to go below the belt negative just before this election. They are using the shooting of Scalise and others to smear the opponent. It they cannot win a straight up, non-gerrymandered election.usually works, but that is the only way wingnuts can win.

ps wingnuts stink awful.

The Purple Cow said...

Warmbier is one of those joke surnames the Dutch have a lot of.

Napoleon Bonaparte forced the Dutch to register their existence for tax collecting purposes, something they had never had to do before. So as a joke many Dutch registered joke surnames to take the piss out of the French occupiers. But now of course, 200 years later the joke is on their decedents.

That's how you get Dutch surnames that translate as 'Warm Beer' - "Born Naked' - 'Happy lives' - 'Pubic Hair' - Slut's Pubic Hair, and my favourite of all 'Konijntjes in 't Veld' - which translates as 'Little Bunny Rabbits in the Field'.

Lilacpr said...

Field said drugs blah,blah,blah, deportation blah,blah,blah, Flint blah,blah,blah, global warming blah,blah, blah , Middle East blah,blah, people of color blah,blah,blah...

Exactly! and I agree! Everything changes and...blah,blah,blah!

Why do people even bother to vote blah,blah,blah...


mike from iowa said...

Drumpfuck has already made America the great laughingstock of the entire universe. Pols from all over are mocking his hairness. After all the hard work Obama and Dems had to doto bring dumbass dubya's cluster fuck back from the brink, we now have the worst potus ever really screwing things up.

These wingnuts fucking imbecillic morons. How do they get elected? I know-other greater imbecillic morons vote for them, imbecillic Russians hack our elections and no imbecillic moron nut jobs in America have a clue as to what is and isn't legal or constitutional. Because they are all imbecillic morons of the first order.

mike from iowa said...

New video. Cop walks up to car at 1 minute mark and by 1:40 mark pulls gun and fires 7 shots at driver with seatbelt on. Then he stays in the same position, like he froze for another approx 4 minutes while suspect bleeds out and dies.

Eventually both officers are pulled aside for some reason or other. The only statement I can tell the cops made that was actually true and relevant is the was a non-working tail light on the Castile vehicle.

field negro said...

"Drumpfuck has already made America the great laughingstock of the entire universe.."

This is literally true. The Australian PM was caught on video mocking him to his peeps.

I'm Just Saying!! said...

Has anyone heard from James Bold?

Maybe he was one of those arrested in the following sweep: "White Supremacists Accused Of Planning For ‘Race War’ In Florida."

mike from iowa said...

Maybe Baldy was deported back to his mother ship, where ever the hell that is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Excepting the sailors what is the problem?