Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Stories you should be reading but aren't.

TWEET MEI am still trying to figure out how some of these news organizations are choosing to ignore what in any other time would be major news stories affecting our lives.

Consider the following:

Right now there is a potential scandal brewing with this administration that's as big--- or bigger--- than anything Nixon and his gang could have come up with. It involves the Census, and it goes to the heart of just how corrupt and brazen the current administration has become.

"Ever since the Trump administration moved last year to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, questions have been asked about the true motivation. The stated reason is that it is needed to enforce the Voting Rights Act, but that has never been a huge point of emphasis for the Republican Party. Indeed, GOP officials have worked to dismantle the VRA in recent years.

And as we’ve found out over the last few months, there are reasons to doubt those initial explanations. Exactly where the idea to add the question came from has been obscured, including apparently by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and now evidence exists that its earliest proponents may have had other, very political motivations."  [Source]

And now the trump administration is doing everything in its powers to prevent the House Oversight Committee from getting their hands on materials that could tell the public what is the true motivation of this administration it comes to the questions on the Census forms. 

Clearly there was something nefarious at play, and it's not a stretch to say that the GOP was trying to get a heads up on the elections by using and weaponizing the Census to their advantage.

Another story not getting any traction is the alleged corruption being practiced before our eyes by the Bonnie & Clyde of Washington D.C., Elaine Chao, and her hubby, Mitch (turtle) McConnell.

I suppose that when there are so many stories that in normal times would be considered shocking coming out of the trump White House, you have to choose your editorial battles. But something as serious as this should be a no- brainer. Sadly, they just don't make journalists like they used to.

Finally, there is a story out of York County right here in Pistolvania that is scary and shocking.

" The call came out of nowhere one April day last year: Everett Palmer Jr. was dead.
The 41-year-old father of two had traveled from his home in Delaware to Lancaster County, Pa., to resolve an outstanding DUI warrant from 2016, his family told The Washington Post on Thursday. But days later, his family received a call that he had died at York County Prison on April 9.

An autopsy report from the York County Coroner’s Office states that Palmer had become agitated in his cell, banging his head against his cell door, and was restrained. He was then moved to a hospital, where he was declared dead. But his family still knows little about the events that precipitated his death.
There was “so much mystery and unanswered questions in a way that violates every policy and procedure the state has,” said civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, who is now representing the family."

It gets worse.

"Gay said that Palmer was banging his head in his cell before his death and that the result for methamphetamine toxicity would appear if there was “methamphetamine in their system that was sufficient enough that it could have contributed to the death.” She said the question of how he could have obtained such a substance in custody was under investigation.

Lee Merritt, the Palmer family lawyer, told the Washington Post that the family had been shocked to receive Everett Palmer’s body with his heart, brain and throat missing, and that it was not immediately communicated to them where the body parts were. The family’s distress over the missing body parts was detailed in a NY1 investigation into Palmer’s death and reiterated to The Post." [Source] 

The first thing you need to understand is that York County, Pennsylvania has a history. They might as well call it York County, Mississippi, because frankly, Mississippi doesn't have anything on these folks when it comes to how they treat black folks. 

Imagine that, body parts missing! And still this story is not one of the leading headlines of every news station in the country.  

More people in America will hear stories about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's relationship than the stories I just posted. And we wonder why Americans are so shallow. They made us this way, and we could care less. 



PilotX said...

That's why we come to your blog, for stories we can't find elsewhere.
Well, when dude gets impeached all his dirt will come out.

Lilacpr said...

That's why I don't watch TV. I get my news and info from vlogs, from the people!

PilotX said...

Hey Desert!!!!!👋🏾

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Pilot, Lila, et al... How do :-). Somewhat perplexing about this evening’s FN posting is the assertion these news items are missing from print media. Yet due to my traveling schedule, I mostly get my news from online media. Front and center is the census scandal, not to mention, the tragic story of man whose death is shrouded in enough discrepancies to warrant an investigative discovery segment.

Nevertheless, along with the FN blog and its Education Series, thank goodness for the foot soldiers speaking truth to power in the midst of such a daunting disinformation campaigns.

dinthebeast said...

You know the scandals are getting deep and thick because Fergus done ran his mouth again.

This distract-a-palooza arrived in the form of Fergus declaring that he would accept campaign help in 2020 from a hostile foreign government and would decide later on whether to alert the FBI.

When Snuffleupagus reminded him that his own FBI director has said that the FBI should be called immediately in such a circumstance, Fergus replied "The FBI director is wrong."

This deniability won't plause.

Even Fergus isn't that stupid, although that's the conclusion of the Mueller report when they said they couldn't prove criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt, but see, you don't get to use that excuse twice: when you got off from criminal conspiracy the first time, they told you what the law was, so even if you're a moron you're expected to still remember that what you did was a crime and not do it again, or brag in the media that you would do it.

Except this time Ferg might be in for a disappointment, as the foreign powers he imagines will help him again are most likely sick of his preschool-level behavior disrupting their markets and the stability of their relationships with their neighbors and might not feel like taking the heightened risk involved with helping him.

But generally speaking, whenever Fergus says something over the top even for him, there's something else he wants attention distracted away from, so I say yeah, pay attention to the stories that seem missing or under covered when he has a verbal malfunction like this one.

And whatever his damn intention was, he deserves to have his forehead stamped and to be moved permanently into the reject pile for saying it.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

another BS scandal?????


mike from iowa said...

McCTurtlefuckface can likely block any senate investigations into his corruption, but he can't block Congressional Dems from scraping the stink off his shit.

And please remember, stoopid fucking wingnuts claim to be the party of law enforcement and family values. Wingnut family values align with Mafia family values. So does their law abiding brag.

mike from iowa said...

PHUCK YOU, snowflakes. NASA renames street after BLACK mathematicians!


mike from iowa said...


Meme being sent around was most likely posted by right wing nut jobs and falsely claims the constitution of the United States applies only to citizens of these United States

mike from iowa said...

McCTurtlefuckface doesn't seem too worried bout criminal actions against himself.... McConnell brushes off question about special treatment from Chao
© Greg Nash
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) dismissed a question on Tuesday about whether he received preferential treatment by the Transportation Department, which is overseen by his wife Secretary Elaine Chao.

McConnell, asked if he got "any special treatment or consideration" when his office applied for department grants, quipped that he had been “complaining” to Chao about why more projects in Kentucky didn’t get federal money.

“You know, I was complaining to her just last night, 169 projects and Kentucky got only five. I hope we'll do a lot better next year,” McConnell told reporters.

mike from iowa said...

Bitch has constantly violated Hatch Act and of course Drumpf will call it fake news and give her a raise.

Anonymous said...

York County have supplied a plausible explanation for the missing body parts of Everett Palmer. They don’t have their own medical examiner, and so they have to send bodies out to be autopsied. When they requested the return of the body to give to Palmer’s family, apparently, the medical examiner (a private contractor) didn’t send back all of the parts. Those body parts are still in the medical examiner’s possession. In other words, it was a sloppy bureaucratic mistake, rather than some kind of sinister cover-up.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t still a lot of other questions to answer about how this man came to die in jail.

mike from iowa said...

I can see the pigs removing the throat so no one sees the rope burns from a lynching.

mike from iowa said...

Has dumbfuck Drumpfuck admitted,again, he cheated in 2016 election?

Trump Says in Oval Office Interview if Russia Offered Dirt on His 2020 Opponent He’d Do Exactly What He Did Before—Take It

Sounds like a clear admission, not taken out of context and not fake news. And no, he isn't joking around. Apparently this stoopid fucker doesn't understand everything he says is going to be used against him in a law court.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump just tweeted that he visited the “Prince of Whales” on his recent trip to the U.K.

The “Prince of Whales”? Is this Disney’s next animated movie? Maybe the sequel to the Lion King?

How Republican voters can continue to justify having voted for this hopeless numbskull, this I will never understand.

mike from iowa said...

This is interesting and shows some of the inner-connections of Drumpfuck's cabinet and their spouses/kids in this inbred administration full of know nothings.

mike from iowa said...

Moar discrimination. Thanks wingnuts.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is quitting. I wonder who her replacement will be for the job of Designated Alternate Liar When Trump Isn’t Available?

Marco said...

It’s Pride Month. Why haven’t you so-called progressive negroes posted anything about it? We constantly get Black History Month shoved in our faces every year, yet not a peep from you people about a demographic that faces more bigotry and discrimination that you do. Oh, that’s right. Blacks are some of the most homophobic assholes out there. Fuck you too.

Kyle said...

Hey Mike from Iowa. When was the last time you got laid? When Gerald Ford was in office?

Marco aka Lindsey Grahm said...

It’s Pride Month
Why thanks Marco! Got any plans?

mike from iowa said...

The year Frod lost the election to James Earl Carter was the year I got married. Thanks for asking. There will be a quiz later.

mike from iowa said...

Moar emoluments violation by Drumpfuckface.

datman said...

Hey blacks, why is your BO always so unbearable?

mike from iowa said...

Anonymous datman stoopid fucking wingnut doesn't know it is his own breath blowing back in his face from his cesspool mouth.

Matt said...

This echo chamber is boring af. Bring back Josh!

viet nguyen said...

another scandal???
Phong Nha and Paradise Cave Tour

Anonymous said...

I'd heard of Palmer a couple of days ago.  I figured he was another Sandra Bland or Freddie Gray:  nigga winds up in custody, nigga wigs out, nigga does fatal damage to self.

And of course, it can NEVER be da nigga's fault.  Cherchez la blanc!

dinthebeast said...

Staying in tonight, you know there's gonna be trouble in Oakland...

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

Drumpfuck the cheating dumbfuck bogus potus just destroyed months of intel work trying to prevent foreign meddling in elections. And now Drumpfuck the dumbfuck cheating bogus potus is lying about saying he's accept help again.

mike from iowa said...

First Black priest and ex-slave.

Story might be behind paywall.

mike from iowa said...

Absolute must watch video of racist fucking cop on a tear against unarmed, pregnant woman holding a child.

Lucky he didn't fucking shoot her as he kept threatening to fucking shoot her. Remember this all started with a ta-da "Black"four year old walking out of Dollar Store with a Barbie doll.

Anonymous said...

And OF COURSE all the Goodwhites here would NEVER consider that a pregnant black woman might be a habitual criminal and have trained her child to steal.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Impeach, impeach, impeach. Kinda like "collusion, collusion. obstruction, obstruction."

Shut up and DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Trump is begging for it!

You idiots.

Why don't they?

I wish they would.

mike from iowa said...

And only stoopidfuckingmoose would think shooting an innocent, pregnant Black woman would be a normal activity for stoopid fucking rascist wasicu pigs.

And, for the record, you have definitive proof she taught the kid to steal. So let's see yer proof or get the fuck out.

mike from iowa said...

Speaking with the Fox News hosts, Trump claimed, “We have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T.”

Melanoma is an it" according to hubby from fat hell.

mike from iowa said...

This POS should not be allowed in public without a muzzle.

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Anonymous said...

"And OF COURSE all the Goodwhites here would NEVER consider that a pregnant black woman might be a habitual criminal and have trained her child to steal."

10:31 AM
Even if your wild speculation were true,is shoplifting a capital crime?

Meanwhile, wingnuts are worshiping the country's biggest criminal, Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...


I opened this story about Mitch McConnell and it was accompanied by an ad for “how to remove musty smell.”


Anonymous said...

Donald Trump tweet from yesterday:

“After 3 1/2 years, our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House at the end of the month and going home to the Great State of Arkansas....”

Man, the dotard doesn’t even know how long he’s been president. It only feels like it’s been 3 1/2 years. For all of us.

Anonymous said...

Trump is looking increasingly like he’s going to start a disastrous war with Iran. Cross your fingers that someone steps in to convince him he’s acting crazy, before it’s too late.

Although he’s already fired most of the moderately sane people surrounding him, so I honestly don’t even know who that someone might be. Are we back to pathetically projecting our hopes and dreams onto Ivanka? A desperate situation indeed.

Anonymous said...

Even if your wild speculation were true

Seeing is believing, Granny Mudshark.  Except for insane people like you, for whom evidence takes a back seat to delusion.

is shoplifting a capital crime?

Resisting arrest can get you killed quite legitimately if you do it enough.  Faginism should DEFINITELY be a capital crime.

wingnuts are worshiping the country's biggest criminal, Donald Trump.

Ten years ago you were cheering the passing of the presidency of Our Country's Biggest Criminal, Chimpy McHitl... er, George W. Bush.  You have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Of course, you don't even come close to the raging hypocritical hatred spewed forth by this blog's curator.  Back in 2013 he wrote this:

"no matter how violent some young black punks act and wild out towards groups of white people--or a single white individual, it will never make up for all the violence that was practiced against people of color throughout this nation's history."

This, from someone who CAME HERE FROM HIS NATIVE JAMAICA TO RECIEVE OPPORTUNITIES HIS OWN PEOPLE WOULD NOT AND COULD NOT GIVE HIM.  That's how he shows his gratitude, and you worship him for his hatred of his benefactors.

So yes, Granny Mudshark, white people are entitled to consider black shoplifters just as irredeemable and worthy of termination as Judge Wayne Bennett aka Field Negro considers law-abiding white Americans.  Even more so, AAMOF.

Fair is fucking fair.  Deal, or GTFO.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Fer Christ's sake. Trump doesn't want war with Iran! He's just telling them, "we will kick your ass", which we can. Sorta like the Mexican Tarrifs.

mike from iowa said...

Anyfuckingmoose @ 2:55

Black guy walks into Old Navy store in Des Moines wearing a coat he had recently purchased there. He picked out some stuff and took it to the counter and the clerk basically accused him of trying to steal the coat he wore into then store. He caught it all on video, racist wasicus assuming he was a crook. Must be Anyfuckingmoose's inbred cousins, huh?

Anonymous said...

“Fer Christ's sake. Trump doesn't want war with Iran! He's just telling them, ‘we will kick your ass’, which we can. Sorta like the Mexican Tarrifs.”

Picking a completely pointless fight with a foreign nation. Sorta like the Mexican tariffs.

Only, unlike the fight with Mexico, this one may end with lots of dead Americans.

Anonymous said...

The Dems are trying to bait Trump into a war, that's how desperate they are to gain control and destroy America.

dinthebeast said...

"Why don't they?"

Because it's not time to yet. Start impeachment now, and the senate will have acquitted him before the primaries are even over.
Wait a few months, all the while making the damn fool keep obstructing his ass off and saying stupid and traitorous shit on a daily basis, and the impeachment hearings land smack dab in the middle of the general election and McConnell never even gets the chance to bogus "exonerate" the bastard.

That's how we overcome the cheating they will do.

-Doug in Oakland

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Gutless Anonymous said........

"white people are entitled to consider black shoplifters just as irredeemable and worthy of termination as Judge Wayne Bennett aka Field Negro considers law-abiding white Americans. Even more so, AAMOF.
You are beyond crazy. Please go find racist website where people as crazy as you will appreciate your twisted thinking.

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Anonymous said...

"The Dems are trying to bait Trump into a war....."
Oh really? And just how are they doing that? Trump is the commander of the military, not the Democrats.

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Anonymous said...

"another BS scandal?????"

So the president committing multiple felonies is just "another scandal"?

How many felonies and scandals does it take for you to see the light?

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Yeah, and Biden has the balls to tell us there wasn't a hint of scandals in the "Obama administration".

Anonymous said...

Black guy walks into Old Navy store in Des Moines wearing a coat he had recently purchased there. He picked out some stuff and took it to the counter and the clerk basically accused him of trying to steal the coat he wore into then store.

I once walked into a store wearing a pair of winter gloves I'd purchased there.  When I went to leave a clerk tried to stop me.  I waved the gloves under his nose to show him where I'd had to re-sew the thumb seams and said "do you sell them pre-repaired?"

Yes, I'm a white guy and I know how to use a needle and thread.  Blacks complaining about the same anti-theft measures everyone has to deal with are worthless scum.  So is every last libturd who refuses to call them on it.

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Anonymous said.......

"Yes, I'm a white guy and I know how to use a needle and thread. Blacks complaining about the same anti-theft measures everyone has to deal with are worthless scum. So is every last libturd who refuses to call them on it."

12:55 AM
So maybe if similar things like this happened to you frequently, you wouldn't write a ridiculous post like this. You wouldn't call people who complained about it "worthless scum."

Try to practice empathy. The expression "Walk a mile in my shoes" isn't just a catchy phrase; it has meaning.

Anonymous said...

So maybe if similar things like this happened to you frequently, you wouldn't write a ridiculous post like this.

If people who looked like me were the most frequent shoplifters despite being a small minority of the customers, I'd just have to smile and suck it up.  I don't have black skin privilege and crime isn't one of my entitlements.

Try to practice empathy.

Try to practice empathy for the store owners, managers and other employees, who can either crack down on shoplifting or lose their stores and their jobs.  Think of the people who would suffer both "shopping deserts" and unemployment with your type of "empathy".  Empathy for criminals is hatred for their victims.

You're sick in the head and can't understand that.  But maybe others can.

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Anonymous said....

"You're sick in the head and can't understand that. But maybe others can."

2:50 PM
Honey, you are the one who is sick, but the illness is in your heart, not your head. And I have no need for your
fake righteousness.

Anonymous said...

Honey, you are the one who is sick, but the illness is in your heart

You'd probably say that handcuffing people who overdose before giving them NarCan to revive them is an outrage too, despite failing to do that resulted in the "patient" murdering the firefighter who was trying to save his worthless ass.

You say when I claim that stores are necessary, therefore stopping shoplifters is necessary, therefore policing people who look like shoplifters is necessary lacks "empathy", but you give this outright hatred a pass:

        "Here is the deal, no matter how violent some
        young black punks act and wild out towards
        groups of white people--or a single white
        individual, it will never make up for all the
        violence that was practiced against people of
        color throughout this nation's history."

You have no empathy for white victims of black crime and savage violence, reserving it for the perps and giving Field the nod when he calls for perpetual race war and blaming the victims thereof.

You. Are. Sick.

I have no need for your fake righteousness.

You have a lifetime supply.  It would be like bringing coals to Newcastle.

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