Monday, October 07, 2019

The Mammy factor.

So the Amber Guyger trial is finally over.

I have some thoughts:

Those Negroes down in Dallas, Texas had me shaking my head after the verdict.

Imagine a Judge coming down from her bench and hugging a convicted murderer and then giving the murderer her personal bible to study.  In all my years of practicing law in countless courtrooms before many different Judges, I have never seen a Judge do such a thing. It was wrong on so many levels.

It gets better. The bailiff in the courtroom, in true Mammy fashion, stroked Amber's hair. Yes, she stroked her hair.  What was scary is that she looked so comfortable doing it.

I am not finished. The victim's brother actually asked his brother's killer if he could get a hug, and then proceeded to hug Missy as if his very life depended on it. Let's not forget, folks, that Amber is a racist.  But that didn't stop these mentally enslaved black folks from doing what mentally enslaved black folks do.

I am sure that there were some folks who were just loving all this Kumbaya stuff up. "Can't we all just get along".  Not me. I always wonder why black folks are always expected to be so forgiving,  when we never get forgiveness in return.   

Finally, in a shocking twist to this story, the prosecution's key witness was gunned down execution style just days after the trial.

Now, as you can imagine, conspiracy theories rule the day.  Some folks claim that there are racist cops in the Dallas PD who were seeking revenge against the person responsible for having one of their own put away. 

It should be interesting to see where this all leads. It could all be just a coincidence and Mr. Brown was shot and killed for something totally unrelated. Or, maybe, as some are speculating, something could really be rotten in Dallas.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Part of these individuals' motivation for extending forgiveness or understanding to Ms. Guyger probably had to do with their belief that she did, in fact, kill Botham Jean solely as the result of a series of errors, as her lawyer argued to the court. But for members of the black community who found this particularly upsetting, I think that may be because they do NOT accept that she killed him in error; they are convinced she did it out of malice, that she must have had some grudge toward him as an individual or she simply hates black people enough to kill them for sport.

As far as I can tell, though, the evidence does support her story that she mistook Botham Jean's home for her own, and him for an intruder, and she shot him for that reason, peculiar though the circumstances may be that led up to his death. This is a quite unusual case. And detectives found no reason for her to have killed him otherwise. She did not seem to have known Mr. Jean or had any real contact with him until the moments right before she shot him.

Another point worth making is that the victim's brother is trying to process his grief however makes sense to him. Such extreme acts of compassion may seem crazy to members of the general public, but then most people cannot know how they would react when placed in such a terrible situation. Surely it cannot be fair to judge any of Botham Jean's family, who may all have different feelings at this time and different ways of dealing with them.

The one thing I can agree with is that it was inappropriate for the judge to have behaved that way in court. If nothing else, for her to interact so intimately with the defendant could have given an impression that she did not rule impartially, but was biased in Amber Guyger's favor in some way, whether or not that was the case. Judges have a duty not only to be as objective as possible, but to appear so.

dinthebeast said...

I doubt that judge gives hugs and bibles to gang bangers she puts away, no matter what circumstances led them before her court, so that's kind of fucked up on its face, and the MO of the execution of the witness looks really bad, like mobster shit from way back.
People do behave strangely when grieving or under the kind of public scrutiny and pressure this case attracted, but the officers of the court are supposed to be able to do their jobs regardless.
They don't always, and when they don't they can expect to be called out for it at the very least.
What good that does remains to be seen.

-Doug in Oakland

PilotX said...

Pretty blonde syndrome?

PilotX said...

She'll be getting lots of hugs in prison cause they love cops there. Especially ones who shoot down brothas in their own apartments.

PilotX said...

The 2nd annual Black Leadership Summit in DC featuring young Black conservative "leaders". Pence and trump attended. As I suspected this is from Politico:

"Turning Point says it paid for lodging for all attendees between the ages of 15 and 28, and gave scholarship money to more than a quarter of the participants to be able to attend; the price of admission was $10."

Paying negroes to lick trump's ass. 😳

PilotX said...

PilotX said...

This guy, "you guys built this country, did you know that?"
Uh, no trump we didn't know that until you told us asshole😖

PilotX said...

Maybe his friend Fredrick Douglas told him. I'm always amazed when white guys learn sonething about Black folk and somehow think they learned some kind of weird secret. I remember an older white guy who thought he had to teach me the Black handshake.😂 No no, here's how you do it.

Anonymous said...

Never saw a white anybody hug a black,or Indian convicted of anything! And the judge was worse! Sambo and Beulah are alive and well!!!!

mike from iowa said...

PilotX, the wasicu wastey was giving you his interpretation of a black handshake. Remember us whiteys have no rythm and can't dance. either.

Anonymous said...

Police are saying that Joshua Brown, the witness in the Amber Guyger trial who was gunned down shortly afterward, was a drug dealer (he had been described in newspaper accounts of the court proceedings as “a former athlete turned entrepreneur”). They discovered 12 pounds of pot in his apartment.

Apparently, his death occurred in the course of that TV crime-drama staple, the Drug Deal Gone Wrong. Police have one member of the other side of the drug deal in custody and are looking for the other two.

Anonymous said...

One lesson learned from recent events: Amber Guyger had less-than-stellar attorneys. They should have found out Joshua Brown was a dealer and shredded him on the witness stand.

mike from iowa said...

Here is another drumpf lover that needs a mammy.

Got nailed on a tri-fecta.....making terroristic threats, felon in possession of a handgun and not having a valid permit. Had he been a POC he would have been charged with that, too.

mike from iowa said...

A new Washington Post-Schar School poll shows Americans support the House impeachment inquiry, by a 58-38 percent margin, and 49 percent say the House should impeach Trump and call for his removal, compared to just 6 percent who back the inquiry but do not want to see the president removed from office.

mike from iowa said...

Moar drumpfuckery in Ukraine compliments of "Good Hair" Perry and his smart glasses.

Drumpfuck's golf courses in Scotland shit out 22 million in losses this year despite Drumpf's money making attempts to headquarter US airforce personnel there.

dinthebeast said...

From Taegan Goddard:

Democrats Raise Fresh ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Questions

October 8, 2019 at 7:27 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 22 Comments

“Democrats pursuing an impeachment inquiry of President Trump want to take a fresh look at whether the sale of anti-tank missiles to Kiev last year was in any way connected to Ukraine’s decision to halt investigations into Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort,” Politico reports.

“It raises the prospect that the president, or his aides, may have been pressuring the Ukrainian government in exchange for political favors far earlier than previously known.”

Also, hella cities are still owed money for security they provided to MAGA rallies.

Fergus is just a crook. That's who and what he is, and the reason for all of the fucked up shit he does. To expect anything else is foolish, dishonest, deluded or some mixture of all three.

And dumb.

-Doug in Oakland

Lilacpr said...

I don't know what was so wrong with that? Dang it, you're sentencing people to be put away for years and years, the least you can do is jump down off that podium and give them a little kiss, a hug and some words of encouragement! Oh and your own personal bible! It's the compassionate thing to do after all. Judge Field take note, it would indeed be a nice habit to start! What the world needs now is more love around here!

Lilacpr said...

and no cussing at me please! Lalalalalalalalalalalla I'm covering my ears, I can't hear anything!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that "mike from iowa" claims the "wasicu wasteys" among whom he lives are dangerous and he's afraid of them...

but in all the years he's been here, has he done ANYTHING to go live with the "bruthas" whose saintliness he proclaims all the time?

It's easist to lie to others when you first lie to yourself.

Anonymous said...

"From Taegan Goddard:"

That right there tells you it is the truth.

Thanks Rug from Rut Roh land.

mike from iowa said...

Bruthas are no better or worse than wasicu wasteys. Get that through yer head and you will find reality will set you free. Can hardly wait for you to get hassled by cops of color for walking down the street. Going to the park. looking suspicious. Driving a fancy car. Or any number of mundane things cops stop POC for doing and then the cops escalate the stop and then they call for backup and pretty soon the city is paying out large sums of money for racially inspired excessive force claims.

mike from iowa said...
Indicts Arizona's assessor for human trafficking and selling babies. Guess which party of family values, we hate human trafficking wingnuts this wingnut belongs to?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It's funny that "mike from iowa" claims the "wasicu wasteys" among whom he lives are dangerous and he's afraid of them...

but in all the years he's been here, has he done ANYTHING to go live with the "bruthas" whose saintliness he proclaims all the time?

It's easist to lie to others when you first lie to yourself.
10:51 PM


dinthebeast said...

I have. For 35 years now.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

All the while Drumpfuck the dumbfuck refuses to hand over subpoenaed docs and allow witnesses to answer subpoenas. Some transparency is much thicker than others. Thick as stoopid fucking wingnut noggins.

mike from iowa said...

Courtesy of Newsweek:

During the 2016 campaign, President Donald Trump made an aggressive promise on federal finances: He would eliminate the budget deficit within eight years. Now, three years into his presidency, the deficit is 68 percent higher than when he started.

Trump inherited a deficit of $585 billion when he took office in January 2017. That was 58 percent lower than the $1.4 trillion former President Barack Obama inherited in 2009 following the financial crisis, a number his administration slashed over two terms.

According to the latest Congressional Budget Office data released on Monday, the full-year deficit for 2019 is estimated to come in at $984 billion, just shy of the $1 trillion that many analysts were expecting. In 2018 the figure was $779 billion and in 2017 it was $665 billion

On cue the koyote kerfluffle will render their version of blame Democraps.

dinthebeast said...

So now Fergus is throwing Pence under the bus. Shoulda planned for that, Mikey, that's just how Fergus rolls.

It's the other prong to his plan to survive impeachment after having admitted to impeachable offenses on live TV.

First, lie your ass off to your idiot hordes so they keep worshiping you enough to make a credible primary challenge to any senate Republican who steps out of line.

Second, make it very plain that Pence is in it up to his theocratic eyeballs so that wobbly senate Republicans have to face the prospect of a president Pelosi should they all of the sudden start caring about the laws Fergus has shat all over and thinking they might be better off without him up there buggering away at the Republican party's prospects for future electability.

And third, try to make the concept of corruption meaningless by applying it to everything that doesn't worship him like a goddamn golden calf.

Just like they did with the term "fake news" after massive amounts of it were deployed in the 2016 election campaign. They label any information they don't like "fake news" so that the very utterance of the phrase inspires well deserved derision and disbelief now, and all of the mountains of finely targeted lies they used in the election get washed away by virtue of being called the same name.

It's a stupid tactic which makes it well suited to his stupid, stupid supporters.

Note to Republicans: Fergus will do to you what he did to the Kurds.
It has been his business model since the eighties.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

“Second, make it very plain that Pence is in it up to his theocratic eyeballs so that wobbly senate Republicans have to face the prospect of a president Pelosi”

The election scenario I’m wondering about is what if Trump somehow, miraculously, wins re-election (and by “somehow,” I mean “via rampant cheating and the Electoral College”) but Republicans in general get crushed and the Dems take control of both houses of Congress.

At that point, all that will be required is to peel off a few Republican votes to remove Trump and Pence, and then wingnuts will gnash their teeth for at least four years under the rule of their nemesis, President Pelosi.

If that happens, I might die laughing.

Anonymous said...

Bruthas are no better or worse than wasicu wasteys.

Yet you spend all your hatred on the latter.

Probably because they're the only people left who it's safe to hate, and you're a hater through and through.  Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.

Anonymous said...

“Probably because they're the only people left who it's safe to hate, and you're a hater through and through. Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.”

No, probably to counter you spending all your time on here idiotically ranting about the homicide rate in Chicago, oblivious to the fact that said homicide rate is a consequence of poverty in the black community, which in turn is a result of historical economic and justice system policies enacted by people with racist views like yours.

dinthebeast said...

Fergus said he'd start to worry when 50% or more wanted him impeached and removed.
Start worrying, Ferg.
Majority Want Trump Impeached and Removed
October 9, 2019 at 6:18 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 156 Comments

A new Fox News poll finds 51% of voters want President Trump impeached and removed from office, while another 4% want him impeached but not removed, and 40% oppose impeachment altogether.

“Since July, support for impeachment increased among voters of all stripes: up 11 points among Democrats, 5 points among Republicans, and 3 among independents. Support also went up among some of Trump’s key constituencies, including white evangelical Christians (+5 points), white men without a college degree (+8), and rural whites (+10).”
So does he think that those liberal traitors at Fox News are skewing the results just to make him look bad?
No, Fergus, the wheels are coming off of the Trump train and you will answer for your crimes.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

A desperate and panicky Fergus has been calling Mitch McConnell three times daily for reassurances that he won't be removed from office after he is impeached.

-Doug in Oakland

Bangalore Beauties said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

probably to counter you spending all your time on here idiotically ranting about the homicide rate in Chicago

Hey, (the royal) we are not fixated on Chimpcongo.  We also talk about homicide in St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, and sometimes New Orleans, Kansas City, Gary and even Memphis.

oblivious to the fact that said homicide rate is a consequence of poverty in the black community

The Vietnamese boat people came to the USA with only the clothes on their backs, but they never created a murder or violent crime problem.  Why does poverty only create crime among bla... wait, rich blacks are disproportionately criminal too.  What makes millionaire NFL and NBA players commit crimes?

which in turn is a result of historical economic and justice system policies enacted by people with racist views like yours.

Those policies arose well after Emancipation and came out of experience with black violence and other crime.  And you know what?  Black crime, including black-on-black crime, was LOWER in the days of Jim Crow than it is today.  It's almost as if... demanding good behavior and punishing misbehavior WORKS!  It creates a much healthier community than "no snitching" and allowing hordes of "teens" to dominate the streets on illegal dirt bikes.

Blacks are disproportionately criminal whether they are rich or poor.  The problem is blackness.  Obviously, blackness must be eradicated for the sake of humanity.  If there is a solution, it is for black women to breed only with non-blacks and black men to not breed at all.  After ten generations of this the world may finally be free of the scourge of blackness.

Anonymous said...

Mammy factor?? That be raciss…...

Harmachis said...

Yo Field! Didn't know Stockholm (Syndrome) was in Africa!

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