Wednesday, March 24, 2021

America has a gun problem.

As the gun violence epidemic rages in America, there is a small segment of our population who insist on making guns a part of the American DNA when it shouldn't be so. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution has become the most important amendment of all. It has certainly become way more important than the Fifteenth Amendment to those on the right. 

Think about this for a minute. They actually want to make it harder for you to vote than to own a gun. And not just any gun. We are about taking high powered assault weapons with the capacity to do some serious damage. 

As the pandemic comes to an end and Americans start trying to get back to their normal lives, we are reminded what are normal was before COVID-19 came at us with a vengeance.  Our normal as it relates to gun violence and the carnage it brought us was not good, and we are back to where we started before this virus hit: Mass killings on a daily basis. 

In truth, in many inner cities across the country, it never left. In fact, it seemed to have gotten worse. Here in Philly children are being murdered by other children in alarming numbers, and city leaders and those in law enforcement seem to have no answers. Guns are everywhere. These little urban terrorists in Philly can get a gun quicker than they can a bicycle or a baseball glove, and they are not afraid to let you know it. They will "pop off" at the slightest diss or internet trolling. Beefs that used to be settled with fists or other means now have deadly consequences for all involved. I suspect that this doesn't matter to politicians and those on the right, because these are just black boys killing other black boys, and they live far from the rest of us "decent law abiding citizens". But the easy access to guns doesn't only make life miserable and unpredictable for those poor people living in the hood. What happens when the suddenness and unpredictability of  gun violence starts affecting the rest  of us?    

This week 18 people lost their lives to mass shootings while they tried to go about their everyday lives. Americans realized that it could have been any of "us", and they were once again outraged.

Sadly, we all know that all the outrage in the world will not change things. If twenty children getting slaughtered at an elementary school won't allow us to muster the political will to do something, I am pretty sure that these latest mass killings won't either. 

But hey, as my friends on the right like to say: "Thoughts and prayers". 


Paradoctor said...

Thoughts and prayers to whom? Thanos? Satan? Cthulhu? Certainly not to anyone worth praying to.

I propose rewriting A2 slightly, for clarity, like this:

"The right of the people to keep and bear arms in a well-regulated State militia shall not be infringed."

One grammatical clause, explicitly balancing rights and responsibilities. As is, ever since Scalia's judicial activism in "DC vs Heller", we have been laboring under a broken half-Amendment, to malign effect now evident to all but ideologues, idiots, lunatics, terrorists, criminals, and others invested in continued American carnage.

Anonymous said...

“It has certainly become way more important than the Fifteenth Amendment to those on the right.”

You can say that again.

Black churches have been holding those “souls to the polls” events, at which people vote after church services.

One of Mississippi’s Republican senators has responded by declaring that God doesn’t like it when you vote on Sunday. I’m not sure where exactly in the Bible she found this rule, but ...

Mississippi Senator Suggests Sunday Voting Will Offend God

dinthebeast said...

The second amendment in today's America is bullshit. Why does it specify that the people, as opposed to that well regulated militia shall not have their right to bear arms infringed? Because when they wrote it, the goddamn people had just fought a war against a militia, and they figured they might have to do so again before it was over, and they didn't want anyone's militia to disarm the people, who were their fighting force at the time.
Today's America has the US Military.
Its existence makes the second amendment redundant no matter how you look at it. We will never need a citizen militia to fight our wars. We spend three quarters of a trillion dollars a year making damn sure that is true.
And as to the idea of a citizen uprising against tyrannical government? Ain't gonna happen with guns, for the exact same reason.
Gun ownership in America is a fetish. Who owns guns here and actually shoots them?
Well, I did for forty years or so, for one.
But the world where doing that was a normal and mostly healthy activity is long gone, even out here in the boonies where I again live.
Almost everyone I know in the East Bay owns a gun.
Most of them have never shot their guns anywhere but the shooting range, which is a bullshit way to shoot a gun, and never teaches you how to actually handle one outside its confines.
So basically, none of them really know what they're doing with a firearm without direct supervision.
That knowledge is what's necessary for a gun owning society, and it's almost extinct in America, despite the millions and millions of guns that are out there.
How anyone can expect anything other than mass carnage in such a situation is another of America's favorite delusions.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

PilotX said...

And now politicians can’t have interviews or hold virtual meetings without at least 10 guns in the background. We are well past being a serious country. Hey I have a brilliant idea, let’s make the schools worse, make voting harder and then put more guns on the streets. Just listen to the things Moscow Mitch says will make our country better.

PilotX said...

anotherbozo said...

Let's look at that sanctified Second Amendment again. Scholars have pointed out that in the 18th and 19th centuries, "bearing arms" as an expression didn't apply to hunters or recreational shooters. It applied to militias and armies exclusively. So the references in the amendment are to military uses of firearms alone that are guaranteed by the Constitution. States and federal government can damn well regulate what citizens carry individually.

mike from iowa said...

If morally retarded drumpf and phony kristians haven't offended god, voting on Sunday shouldn't bother him/her/it/.

OTOH, shooting blacks while in church is probably upsetting to fake deity.

dinthebeast said...

Here's the thing about the filibuster: once it's removed and S1 is passed making elections fair again, if the goddamn Republicans gain control of the government again, the awful, awful shit they would do would be representative of the electorate's will, and therefore what we fucking deserve.
It's democracy we're after, not electoral advantage.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Anonymous said...

“Here's the thing about the filibuster: once it's removed and S1 is passed making elections fair again, if the goddamn Republicans gain control of the government again, the awful, awful shit they would do would be representative of the electorate's will, and therefore what we fucking deserve.”

Well, not entirely.

The very existence of the (2 members per state, regardless of state population) Senate is a violation of democratic principles. So is the Electoral College. So are a number of other features of our system of government. S1 won’t correct all of them. But at least it’s a good start.

jerrianneh said...

To every legislator, whether state or in the U.S. Congress, who says victims of mass murder and their loved ones, "You're in my thoughts and prayers", and to every single person who votes for those legislators who express dismay or say someone needs to do something:

Stop it!

Don't you dare say those people are in your thoughts and prayers until YOU do something. What you legislators need to do is legislate for the lives of people, not for your legislative career, the NRA or a partisan agenda.

Voters need to stop electing legislators who don't make the lives of people and gun-violence protection their priority.

That is something all of us can do and the only way I can see that will end the mass-murder insanity that taking over this country.

Paradoctor said...

Thoughts and prayers without works and deeds are as dead as the endless stream of massacres they are complicit in.

Paradoctor said...

... massacre victims.

field negro said...

Thank you.(anotherbozo)And yet these so called originalists still try to find ways to make the 2nd Amendment apply to some of the modern day weaponry that we are seeing on the streets.

field negro said...

What u said!☝

dinthebeast said...

So Georgia just made it a crime to give water to someone waiting in line to vote, but not to give that person a handgun.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Anonymous said...

So I see Georgia passed their voter suppression law. Too many black folks voted in the last election, so, obviously, Republicans couldn’t let that happen again.

Georgia Passes Bill Severely Restricting Early and Absentee Voting

It’s weird how the wingnuts on the Supreme Court suggested laws like this would never be enacted as a result of their gutting the Voting Rights Act, a ruling made because, according to them, racism is over. And yet, here we are.

dinthebeast said...

Shorter Georgia Republicans: Fergus was not successful in his well documented efforts to overturn the election in 2020, so we'll make sure he's successful next time, and by the way, Park Cannon, you have way too much melanin to be allowed to witness the governor who cheated his way into office cheat you out of your franchise.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Anonymous said...

Texans have been working on counting the casualties from last month's catastrophic failure of the state's energy grid.

So far the tally is up to 111 people dead, mostly from hypothermia in homes with no heat. The coroner should go ahead and mark their autopsy reports as "death by Republicanism."

Texas death toll from February storm, outages surpasses 100

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mike from iowa said...

South Duhkota junior sinator sends Biden gun tweet....

Magat answer to escalating gun violence is moar escalation of gun violence.

Anonymous said...

“South Duhkota junior sinator sends Biden gun tweet....”

When insane wingnuts make those “you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers” threats, I only ever think of the line from Men In Black:

“Your proposal is acceptable.”

Paradoctor said...

When the majority - including the majority of gun owners - finally gets their way and there are background checks and waiting periods and licenses and fees and registration mandates and liability insurance mandates and other regulations; and when a few molon-labe-labeled-morons resist by threat of force; then the elected authorities need not send a police squad to take their guns; they need only mail them fines, or put a lien on their bank accounts, or garnishee their wages, or cancel their credit cards, or apply other economic pressure. And win. Money rules the world; guns are only its servants.

Anonymous said...

“South Duhkota junior sinator sends Biden gun tweet....”

Hopefully, this bozo will get an unfriendly visit from the FBI for threatening the president.

dinthebeast said...

The drug prohibition laws need to go:

Baltimore Crime Plummeted After Prosecution Changes

March 26, 2021 at 6:00 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 95 Comments

Washington Post: “Something happened in Baltimore last year. The coronavirus pandemic hit, and State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby announced that the city would no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, trespassing and other minor charges, to keep people out of jail and limit the spread of the deadly virus.”

“And then crime went down in Baltimore. A lot. While violent crime and homicides skyrocketed in most other big American cities last year, violent crime in Baltimore dropped 20 percent from last March to this month, property crime decreased 36 percent, and there were 13 fewer homicides compared with the previous year.”

-Doug in Sugar Pine

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Anonymous said...

8 negroes shot, 1 negro fatally, at overnight party on South Side
1 day ago Last Updated: March 26, 2021

Anonymous said...

America doesn't have a gun problem it has a NIGGER control proble.

White Lies Matter said...

True and white niggers are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Now Fox News is being sued for defamation by both Smartmatic AND Dominion voting systems.

Sweet. It'd be nice if, for once, wingnut lying had consequences.

dinthebeast said...

Someone should tell Steve Daines that imported meth took over the domestic market after the sale of hydroiodic acid was restricted back in the late eighties, but domestic manufacturers who used phenyl 2 propanol, which could be obtained from Eastman Kodak, were making 85-90% pure meth until EK ceased shipping it.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Anonymous said...

Steve Daines’ next campaign ads will feature the slogan “Buy American” paired with a photo of Bryan Cranston as Walter White.

Vote Republican for border security, so foreigners will stop stealing our high-paying meth jobs!

mike from iowa said...

Murrica has a white privilege problem with ammosexual retards as explained in this link.

Anonymous said...

America has a negro problem:

CHICAGO March To Date 2021
Shot & Killed: 39
Shot & Wounded: 234
Total Shot: 273
Total Homicides: 40

83.3% black

12.2% Hispanic

Anonymous said...

What is the solution to the nigger question???

Anonymous said...

CHICAGO Year to Date 2021
Shot & Killed: 127
Shot & Wounded: 580
Total Shot: 707
Total Homicides: 133

Remember, negroes do not obey laws let alone gun laws. Gun control does not work as a crime reduction tool. It actually INCREASES violent crime.

PilotX said...

Funny though, the whitest states have the highest rate of gun violence and death. America definitely has a gun problem.

PilotX said...

PilotX said...

“Gun control does not work as a crime reduction tool. It actually INCREASES violent crime.“

We would never know because wingnuts fetishize guns and worship at their alter. The high school dropout/criminal rep from Colorado can’t do an interview or Zoom call without at least 10 guns in the background. Just sick. And she and the other dumb broad want to bring guns to the House floor. America is a joke. Thanks.😖

dinthebeast said...

Just ask anyone who worked in an ER whether the assault weapons ban worked while it was in effect.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Gambler2 said...

According to the CDC, The top ten states with the highest number of gun deaths per capita are red states except for New Mexico, which is considered purple. Alaska had the highest number 24.4 and Montana the lowest of top ten at 19 gun deaths per 100,000 population.

These figure are from all three categories of death which include homicide, suicide, and accidental.

According to USA today, there were 41,000 deaths by guns in the United states in 2020.

So yes, we sure as hell do have a gun problem.

Anonymous said...

Negro violence against Asians:

Anonymous said...

He who controls the negro controls the crime......

PilotX said...

“He who controls the negro controls the crime......“

Unless of course it’s a crazy white guy with a gun.

Josh said...

"Gun" is the least clever euphemism for "black" I've seen yet.

Anonymous said...

The majority of "gun" violence is perpetrated by black people against other black people.

America doesn't have a gun problem, it has a negro problem.

Just substitute "black" for "gun." Black violence.

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