Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Field-Negroes Take On The News

Hi everybody, it's Sunday Morning again, and massa has thrown out his paper.
Time for the field-negro to grab a quick read and give you his take on the latest news.

Three Found Hanged At Gunatanamo:

This is somewhat troubling although if you read this blog you know my view on the Guntanamo situation. I am not nearly as outraged as many people on the left and the world wide human rights groups are. First, (unless I am missing something) the conditions there don't seem nearly as bad as many would have us believe. And although I understand there might be some due process issues with the people being held there, an argument could be made that they are still prisoners of war. So sorry, the field-negro is not crying a river for those being held on the army prison surrounded by the Caribbean sea. There are minorities being held in this country for crimes they didn't commit, and in worse prison conditions than Guantanamo. So unless it is shown that these men were tortured and hanged, I am inclined to believe that they hung themselves to make a religious and political point.

U.S.-Nato Shift Allows Taliban Resurgence:

This is great, just what we need, a Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan. Reports are that Taliban fighters have launched a large spring time offensive and they have been emboldened by a lack of a U.S. led coalition in the Southern part of that country. My position is, and has been all along, that we should not have gone into Iraq, but should have invaded Afghanistan with the full force of our army. This is where Osama is, and it is where we face the most threat from terror. If the Taliban is allowed to energize themselves, like the Russians before us, we will be in for a long painful war. More troops on the ground there and out of Iraq would be one sure way to prevent history from repeating itself.

And speaking of Iraq. I am not even going to comment on the death of that animal and butcher Zarqawi. Why? Because it will have zero effect on the insurgency in Iraq. Zero! And if anyone doubts what I am saying just look at todays head lines about Iraq. More beheadings, more car bombings, and more sectarian violence. So inspite of wall to wall celebration coverage from FAUX NEWS, and frat boy grinning ear to ear and declaring significant progress in Iraq, the death of Zarqawi means nothing.

Geno's Owner Draws Buzz -And Maybe A Bias Suit:

Now this story has more of a local Philadelphia flavor, but it's an important one because it has some national implications.

Here is the deal. When you think Philly you think cheese staek, and there are only two must visit cheese steak joints for tourist when coming Philly. They are Pat's and Gino's. Now these two spots have hosted Presidents, world leaders, foreign and local dignitaries, actors, and just about every average joe that has visited Philly over the years. So here is the problem, one of these joints have posted a sign in their eatery which declares: "This is AMERICA WHEN ORDERING SPEAK ENGLISH" The owner, Joey Vento,-nice Italian name- isn't backing down, and not surprisingly he has become a darling to the right wing radio talk show circuit in this town, and nationally as well. He says (and I am paraphrasing now) when his ancestors came to this country they had to learn to speak English, and these other immigrants should do the same.

Joey, with all due respect, you sound like a complete moron. I can only hope every other Philadelphian will do what I am going to do: And that is never visit or bring any out of town guest to your ignorant xenophobic establishment again. Whether you like it or not big guy, your eating joint has become a Philadelphia institution, and by excluding people who don't speak English from ordering in your establishment, you not only hurt your own bottom line, but you hurt Philadelphia's tourism as well. So please every one, from now on, PAT'S steaks only when in Philly.

Gingrich May Run For President In 08:

Newt Gingrich? The same Newt who cheated on his wife while she was very ill, who was involved with scandals left and right while in Washington, and who pioneered the contract ON America movement? That Newt? Geeez, I can't wait.

Carribbean Braces For Tropical Storm:

Just two weeks into the hurricane season, and we already have a major storm churning off the coast of Cuba. Go ahead, laugh at Al Gore, but he was right; global warming is a serious issue.
I saw his new movie about that subject, and it scared the s#&* out of me. Gore was right about the internet, right about the Iraq, and he is right about the environment. Now I have met the man, and at the end of the day, I would still rather play a round of golf with frat-boy than with Gore. So he still has some image issues he needs to work on. He is still too stiff and robotic, and unfortunately for him, Americans like their leader to be open and engaging sort of like frat-boy.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could put Gore's brain with frat-boy's personality?

An Overdue Deal For Apprenticeships:

This is another local Philadelphia story but one that I am sure many African Americans -especially in large Northern cities- will recognize. Recently the Philadelphia School District signed an agreement with the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council to allow up to 425 apprenticeships over the next four years. This is long over due, and to hear many old-time black Philadelphians tell it, not having such a deal in place, is what has created the poverty gap in this city between blacks and whites. You must understand, that the Philadelphia public high school system is probably about 85% black, and so, it's fair to say, that the black children in the district will benefit greatly from this program.

But it wasn't always so. For years blacks in this city were excluded from getting the work in the skilled labor unions like the electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc. where jobs could pay as much as $40 an hour. These jobs went to the Irish, Italian, and Polish immigrants in this city, while the blacks were excluded and had to settle for work in the much lower paying labor unions. Can you imagine if poor inner city kids can be given a chance to make up to $40 an hour, as opposed to working for minimum wage at a fast food restaurant? This move was prompted because the number of blacks in the skilled trades continue to be very minimal, - no accident I am sure- and there is no guarantee that this new program will change much in the short term. But it's a start, and I am glad the problem has been exposed, because it has been a dirty little secret in this city for way too long.


On a lighter note, let me talk a little sports with you.

Another great Philly fighter, B-Hop did his thing last night in Atlantic City and took Antonio Tarver to school. (Lopsided unanimous decision) At 41 my man is the truth, he says this was his last fight but I think he might still have a couple of good fights left in him. I have met him a few times, and not only is Hopkins a great champion, he is a class act. So he gets much love from the field-negro.

Man I am loving this world cup. I only wish the "Reggae Boyz" were there. But guess what, T&T did the Caribbean nations proud by playing Sweden to a 0-0 draw. My money is still on Brazil to win the whole thing, but France, and Argentina will be a tough out too.

Every reader to this post knows by now that I am a track man, so I am going to give some props to Xavier Carter. (Sprinter from LSU) All my man did was win four titles at the NCAA outdoor track and field championships. The only other person to ever do that was none other than the late, great, Jessie Owens. (1935-36)

Speaking of world cup, it seems the German team has some players of color on their squad, and it has upset some German fans who seem to have forgotten about World War II and a certain man with a funny mustache. Anyway, we all know that racism is a huge problem in Europe, and it has reared it's ugly head in professional soccer over there. Let's just hope there aren't any ugly incidents at this world cup. Oh, and we need more GOOOOOOOALS!

By now every one has heard about the lcoal horse Barbaro who won the Kentucky Derby and then broke his leg in the following leg of the triple crown. He had some of the best veterinary surgeons from the University of Pennsylvania working on him, he has been the lead story on local and sports news, he has been on the front page of all the local and some national papers, and he now has a huge fan club all over the United States praying for his recovery. I don't want to rain on Barbaro's parade but... HE IS A HORSE!! Who gives a damn whether he lives or dies? Some of the same people crying over this damn horse will read about some innocent kid being shot to death in North Philly, shrug their shoulders, and go right back to drinking their morning tea. Or, they will head to Ruth Chris tonight to chow down on a well done steak courtesy of some poor cow. So enough of the Barbaro stuff already! Give me a gun, I would shoot the horse myself to make the story go away.

The Heat go down in game one. Shaq my man, you have got to learn to hit at leat 50% of your free throws. 36.8% aint gonna get it done. I am still rooting for the Mavs though, my man and fellow "Jaguar nation" alum, Avery Johnson, is the coach so... GO MAVS!!

Mmmmm, now that Jason Grimsley (A pticher) has been busted with performance enhancing drugs, will everyone get off Barry's case? I doubt it, because Barry is Barry, he just broke the beloved Babe's record, and some folks (including sports writers) are pissed off about that.
But this Grimsley thing confirms what I have been saying all along, there are alot more pitchers and hitters juicing, and if Barry was on the juice, he was just one of many. He just happened to be so good at what he does, that his performance took him way over the top and ahead of everyone else. So maybe the hate Barry movement will die down now, and he will get in the "Hall" on the first ballot like he deserves.

The NHL Stanley Cup finals are on. Is anyboy watching? .......Anybody? Never mind.

Well bye for now folks, I gotta head back to the fields and do some work, as well as deal with some other pressing issues. Like whether Tamala Edwards (Channel 6 Philadelphia news) and Lark Voorhies are the same person.



Anonymous said...

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field negro said...

I would like to invite everyone posting or viewing the field-negroes blog to take a good luck at the above post as well as the links attached to it. This will give you an idea what we are dealing with in these United States of Amerikkka.

Anyway, it's nice to see the Aryan brothers checking in. I know they read at about a third grade level so this must be very hard for them.

Hey y'all come back now, I like to keep my readers educated.


Dangerfield said...

Yo FN I really hate those Aryan assholes thier so fucking tough but they would never fight anyone one on one in hand to hand combat. They need a sheet or in the past the law to win any fight whatsover. Anyway I really enjoyed this post. The hate bonds thing is so hypocrital for this reason. You and I both know that baseball knew full well that lots of thier players were juicing. The problem is they needed the McGuires, Sossas and Bonds to save Baseball when her ratings were in the tank because of the strike in the 90's. Classic American hypocrisy. Mark

P.S F#ck those Aryan inbreeds.

TNB Alerts said...

Hey Mark, mah main man, you need some reminders of TNB!

Anonymous said...


My beloved, brother, how are you, I am back here triumphantly after a temporary hiatus.

Refreshing Article. I especially like the news on apprenticeship. I quote, "For years blacks in this city were excluded from getting the work in the skilled labor unions like the electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc.

Bro, I want your blog readers to read what the statement I quoted says carefully. Blacks in this city were excluded!!!!
and yes that is true EXCLUDED, I just want to point that it is YOUNG BLACKS who are the most EXCLUDED.

Mark, can you see why one brother rather put the headphone on listen to tupac and smoke the pain away than deal with this bs.

And it seems you have enemies lol. I am back family, I am with you.

Dangerfield said...

That fool is a Non issue. Everyone can play his game. Anyway how you doing Ugz I thought I had hurt your feelings. Mark

field negro said...

Hey TNB, I have some TWB for you.
How about these?

Man kills wife, his three kids,the family dog, and then takes his own life-High school students arm themselves with assault rifles hand grenades etc., and kill fellow students-Serial killer trolls neigborhood to find young boys. He rapes and sodomizes them, slits their throats, and then eats their body parts after storing them in the refrigerator-Mother drowns her two innocent children, and blames a black man for the crime-Man blows up a federal building, and kills over 200 people, including women and children- Man kills his pregnant wife and his unborn baby,and blames it on transients-Man goes on a cross country killing spree and takes the life of over fifteen innocent young ladies for the fun of it-Man kidnaps and sexually assualts six year old girl and forces her little brother to watch-Man assassinates civil rights leader because he is black-Man assassinates President of United States..well, because he is President-Man attempts to assassinate U.S. President because an actress told him to-Groups of men lynch, and burn out entire black families, and rape their daughters under the name of religion and white purity- ...I could on. But I will stop for now.

I tell you what ignoramus, you keep posting those TNB's on your site, and I will find at least ten TWB for every TNB you post. How is that?

BTW, you are always welcome in the field-negroes house. And fortunately for you, the ass kicking you get in here will be intellectual, not physical. Now how is that for TNB?

Anonymous said...

not to mention--

that the english shits on the irish for centuries, and the italians are known for their cowardice according to hitler.

I do not need to say anything about the germans y'all know what they do.

the slavs are the slaves and literally HATE the western European Albino men of whom the American albinos are a part of.

The Kangaroo eaters are genetically inferior -- daughters and sons of lepers and the retarded albinos.

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Anonymous said...

Eff Lark. Tamala is sexy.