Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

In honor of that classic Sergio Leone western starring Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef.
I have decided to lift the name from the movie for this post.

It seems every blogger is doing lists these days. And sometimes, I actually feel guilty for acting like those lazy bloggers and not putting some serious writing down. But these thoughts last about as long as it takes me to eat a plate of ackee and salt fish. -Not long- So here are three lists, aptly named; the good the bad, and the ugly. [By the way, I don't mean ugly in a physical sense. The ugly column represents when bad is beyond... well bad, and ugly is the next best thing to describe that person's behavior or actions]

I will start with the Good: (These lists are not in any particular order)

1. Angelina Jolie- I have spoken about girfriend before on this blog, and she is an honorary field-negro. Her work for the children of Africa earns her a place on the field-negroes list, and the way Mrs. Pitt is going, she could be here for awhile.
2. Bill Gates-The Bill and Linda Gates Foundation has been giving tons of his money towards very worthy charities. Now that's putting your money where your mouth is.
3. Warren Buffett- Like Bill Gates above, will be donating 37 thousand million dollars. -Think about that number for a minute. Yep, old Warren will be donating his entire 85% stock in Berkshire Hathaway to Bill and Melinda Gates for charitable work. The field-negro is writing for a grant as soon as he is finished with this post.
4. Morris Dees- This great champion and hero to the civil rights struggle; is one of the reasons I decided to get into the legal profession. He co- founded the Southern Poverty Law Center in 1971. And his pro bono work on behalf of poor blacks in the early sixties helped to pave the way for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
5. Bill Keller- Editor, the New York Times. Don't worry about all the facist and right wing wack jobs calling for your head and the prosecution of your paper. Trust me, they will get over it. Besides, once the mid term elections are over, it will be as if this never happened.
6. Bono- I loved how you pressed the G-8 countries and the IMF to grant debt relief to poverty stricken Third World countries. You have used your star power in a great way. "It's a beautiful day" indeed.
7. Jack Kemp-Always principled and always upright. A Good man, with some good ideas.
8. Bill Cosby- Yeah some of it was dirty laundry, but it needed to be said.
9. Harry Belafonte-Keep speaking your mind calypso man.
10. The soldiers in Iraq- Fighting a war that should not have been declared in the first place. I have said this before, but it bears repeating: History will not be kind to frat boy and this war.

The Bad:

1. Clarence Thomas- "High Tech Lynching"? For you to even compare yourself to the thousands of poor negroes who were lynched and brutalized in this country shows just how ignorant and out of touch you really are. Oh, and I loved your decenting opinion in the Guantanamo case. Is there ever going to come a time when you don't side with Scalia on an opinion? Just wondering.
Affirmative action was made for you my man, because Stevie Wonder can see that you are on the court for one reason and one reason only. Well, let's just say it aint your intellect.
2. Karl Rove- What you are doing to John Murtha is a disgrace. You are a little weasel whose life is driven by how many votes you can get for your party. Oh if that phony picture of you in cuffs
going around on the internet could only have been true. I would have been doing cart wheels over the liberty bell.
3. Hillary Clinton- I hope you live to regret your voting for this war, and pretending to be a hawk to get votes. Like your husband, your soul is driven by polls, and whatever way you think the wind is blowing. Get some conviction, and some guts for crying out loud. You should have kicked Monica Lewinski's ass, that would have been a start.
4. Kofi Annan-You are leading the U.N. at a time when genocide is taking place in Darfur, and women and children are being raped in the Congo on a daily basis. Get off your ass and do something. And I don't believe for a minute that you were not somehow involved with the "oil for food" scandal, and you didn't line your pocket. Yeah, like your own son was going to leave you out of that little scam.
5. Rick Santorum- This junior senator from my home state acts like he is the symbol of moral virtue. Yet, this thief has been ripping off lobbyist for years, and was using Pennsylvania's tax dollars to home school his kids, while he lived in Virginia. Talk about hubris.
6. Paris Hilton- No shape, no talent, lot's of money, and a racist to boot.
7. Al Sharpton- I have seen first hand what a phony this guy is. When the cameras aren't rollng, on the good reverend, he could care less about the indigent and the poor. But once the cameras are on him; watch out!
8. Geraldo Rivera-If Sharpton is a race hustler, this guy is a news hustler. Now he is on FAUX NEWS, and you gotta wonder how this so called journalist sleeps at night. I guess as long as those "fair and balanced" checks don't bounce he is cool with it.
9. William Jefferson-Resign now, and save us all -your race, your family, and your fellow democrats- the embarrassment. I guess you never thought they would look in the refrigerator huh. Well, at least you didn't hide it in the stove.
10. Star Jones-Just shut up and go away. I never liked your petty ass anyway. From now on, the only "View" I want to see of you, is your forever shrinking backside walking away.

The Ugly:

1. Clarence Thomas-Yep, a twofer. I despise this guy that much.
2. Wayne Lapierre- Hey Wayne, every time some poor kid gets shot, you should feel equal pain on some part of your body. Of course it still wouldn't be enough, but it's a start.
3. Jack Abramoff-Just sentenced to 5 years and 10 months. Once a powerful lobbyist, now the entire lobbying scandal in Washington centers around him. Now you know who your real friends are Jack.
4. Rush Limbaugh- So the "Man" is coming down on you ha Rush? Welcome to my world buddy. Hey, did you have fun on your little jaunt down to the Dominican Republic? Why didn't you take anyone with you? Hey, not that there is anything wrong with that :)
5. O.J. Simpson-O.J., you killed Nicole, and you are walking free. If I were you I would just go away. But noooo, your black ass stay in the news for one dumb thing or another. You won't stop until "Mr. Charlie" gets you right where he wants you; under the jail! Oh, and don't think I forgot what you did to John Carlos and Tommie Smith. You sold them out back then, and before you killed Nicole and rediscovered your race; you would have done it to them again.
6. Rupert Murdoch- He gave us FAUX NEWS. Nuff said!
7. Michael Jackson- Nope, I am not going to leave Michael alone. All this Peter Pan s**t has got to stop. You are a grown ass man dog!
8. Ralph Reed-One of the most dangerous men in America. With the help of his christian coalition buddies, almost turned this country into a theocratic state. -See Iran- Now he is running for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. Be afraid Georgia, be very afraid.
9. Dick Cheyney- Come on, just look at the guy, do I even have to explain why he is on this list? Besides, he shot a man!

I'm out.


Dangerfield said...

Yo Field this one hot as shit.
I agree with you on most of them let me ask you for more info on why you are annoyed with star . Also please give me the dirt on the reverend al. Anyway this is a classid good piece of writing Field.....or is it Ving?. Peace. Mark

TNB Alerts said...

You are a true hate filled negro. Now that's TNB!

Anonymous said...

Long live FranSSe (aka France), I call her FranSSe as she is a whore by nature just like her other sisters that we know very well... hint hint

In any case did any one see all those brothers in Fransse's soccer squad. LOL its like the NBA. they only got two leucoderms in the team.

Completely dominated Brazil.

Anonymous said...

on the ugly we should add:

1. Sarkozy
2. The new Israeli PM
3. Junichiro Koizumi (Japanese PM who loves the thief Elvis-- we need to expose him to real music)

4. the cowardly arab leaders who watch palestinians dying and dont do ish


field negro said...

Big up Mark. yeah, I witnessed my man Al's actions first hand at an event here in Philly. As for Star, she is a phony. She lied about her weight loss, and had no problems with helping others get the boot from her former show. Now the shoe is on the other foot and she cries. Give me a break.

UGZ, I am feeling the French team too. It's kinda funny, and yes, it does look like the NBA :)

BTW, I see we have some trolls from the trailer park still hanging around the fields. As promised, I won't speak directly to them, but I hope they keep coming back. Hopefully, we can teach them a thing or two about themselves and the world in general. Although Given the fact that they probably have no more than a 10th grade education it will be hard, but we will keep trying:)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Long time no see, just needed a break to get things flowing again....

This list is mostly right in my esteem... but like Mark said, What's the beef against Star? I can stomach Star, but Rosy O'Donnell....

How about Andrea Agassi... and the school that he opened up in Vegas; that is supossedly one of the best in the country; and facillitates mostly African American kids?
We should be ashamed that We don't do such.

Or, how about Kenny (? the quiet dude), what's his name, who used to play with the Phoenix Sun's, who took over a couple schools in, in,... see, I can't even remember now.

Or, the Dinnard chick who a couple years ago, school was in the top 5 in the nation...

Add to that list; all the other nameless and faceless African Americans who are out there on the line each and everyday screaming to make Our lives better....

On your worse list, I would have reincluded John McWhorter... Black men should be up in arms everytime someone like him, Larry Elders, and in some respects Shelby Steele speaks.... shrill-hypersensitive-ultraemotional shills.... ugh!!!! It is not what they say, they have spoken so much shit, no one really hears them anymore... it is the back - breaking sychophancy...

field negro said...

Hi Denise, nice to see you back. As for my issues with Star? Read my post above. And you are right about Agassi and people like that doing so much positive sh**. I just couldn't name them all, But they get much love from me.

I see you have real issues with McWhorter:) Can't say I blame you, although I just view him as so insignificant in the larger scheme of things. But he is worth watching.

Anonymous said...

TNB Alerts launch TWB Alerts:

TWB is "Typical Whitey Behavior". Stop in regularly to get your daily dose of TWB!

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