Friday, October 06, 2006


Well folks it's been a very hard work day once again in the fields. The work week is just starting, and the field negro is feeling a tired already. I think I am going to catch a little shut eye before massa puts me to work again. Ahhh, I see a nice cool out of the way spot right over here. I think I will just kick off my shoes and take a little nap. Yesss, this feels great, nothing like a little rest at the of the da... ZZzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz

"Field! Wake up honey, you have to get the kids off to school." Oh hi Lark, I am sorry honey I must have dozed off. Are the kids ready? "They sure are field, and I signed Field Juniors homework card because he did all his homework last night. He even used that new online dictionary, Negropedia, for some of his resources." Well good for him, I sure like this public school system we have little field in, he is making straight A's and learning so much in school. "I know field, and how about the wonderful diverse play mates he brings home to play with. This must have been what Martin Luther King was talking about in his speech. Little white kids and black kids getting along together so well."

Rrrrrrring rrring."Field, it's for you honey." Thanks dear. Hello? Yes, this is the field, I did? Well that's great news, thank you again Bob. So let me get this straight: All I have to do is come to the bank and sign the agreement and I can get the start up money for my new business? No; THANK YOU Bob. Honey did you hear that? I was approved by the bank for that $50,000 loan to start our little business. They said they liked my plan so much that they just couldn't pass it up. This calls for a celebration. Honey do we still have some of that steak in the refrigerator that our neighbors brought us when we moved in? I think I will cook that bad boy tonight.

Come on kids, jump in the car, daddy will take you to school today. I get tired of the poor school bus driver having to wait for you guys. Let's see what's on the radio: And in the news today, President Bush admitted he was wrong about the Iraq war, and has called for immediate withdrawal of American troops. Also, many of those same troops will be deployed to Darfur to join other American troops who are already on the ground there helping to root out the Sudanese government and protecting the refugees on the ground. Also in the news today, FOX NEWS CHANNEL is reporting some negative news about the Bush administration and the republicans in congress. They are calling this; sex, bribes, and instant messages. And on the local front, good news again this weekend, because for the third weekend in a row there were no murders here in Philadelphia. The Police Chief is crediting good police work, stricter gun laws, and money being sent from Washington to fund after school athletic programs which are keeping allot of young men off the streets and involved with various activities. OK kids you are here. Have a good day at school, and say hello to your math teacher, Mr. Johnson, for me. OK let's see now I have to get some gas, my tank is almost on half. I will just get it here at this AMERICAN OIL gas station, but the gas is so high here-$1 a gallon-but that's alright, I will support America and buy American I guess. I gotta get a paper too,I want to read about Condi Rice, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheyney resigning. And maybe I will run by the grocery store and pick up some wine to celebrate getting that loan.

Honey I am home! "Hi sweetie, did the kids make it off alright? "They sure did honey, and now I have to get ready for work. Lark don't you ever miss Hollywood and being Lark Voorhies? "No honey, of course not, I am content just being Mrs. Field Negro." Wow I am the luckiest guy on earth. "And honey." Yes Lark. "Don't forget you have that citizens forum tonight with the mayor, our congressmen, and our senators. Remember how you enjoyed the last one?" Yeah, I sure do, I think it's so nice of them to meet with the citizens at least twice a year to get some ideas from us.

"Alright honey I am going to take a shower now." Do you want some company? After all, I don't have to go to work. "Oh field, you are so romantic" Now that's what I am talking about...

FIELD, FIELD! Wake your ass up! I caught you sleeping on the job again! No massa, I was just relaxing a little, and thinking about my chores. ~~ Oh well, that was a nice dream while it lasted. Now I guess it's back to reality, and the real America~~~

**On a more serious note: I would ike yo give a big hat tip to my man, The Angry Independent, for turning me on to the story of Army Private Lavena Johnson. Folks, if you have been inundated with news about Brittany's bald ass head, and Anna Nicole's fast decaying body, you probably have not heard the tragic story of this brave young soldier; who sadly, was killed in Iraq recently. The Army calls it a suicide, her family says otherwise. Check out my man Angry Independent's site and decide for yourself. Because if we don't, no one else will.

I'm out.

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