Friday, November 23, 2007

Ready to shop?

Today is "Black Friday" in A-merry-ca. And in case you are visiting from another planet and think it's a day when A-mery-cans go to an NBA game, or it's an extra day that was created for black people because February only has 28, it's not. "Black Friday" is a day when A-merry-cans lose their natural minds while shopping to save a few dollars.

Mrs. Field wanted to get the field out shopping this morning, but I would rather spend the day locked in a room full of black republicans than set foot in a mall or a box store today.

Whose idea was this anyway? The day after stuffing yourself with Turkey, you get up at five in the morning, run to a store, and wait in line to save $30 on a freaking T.V. set. Only in A-merry-ca. Just what we need, another day dedicated to shopping, and crass commercialism. This dumb ass day has card companies written all over it. I bet we will be seeing a section of the card store dedicated to "Black Friday" soon. "Happy Black Friday", Happy Shopping Day" "May All Your Shopping Days Be Happy Ones". Give me a break!

"Black Friday", of course, might not sell like all the other phony ass made up holidays that's been sold to us. That's because A-merry-cans don't like that word, "black", too much. A-merry-cans usually associate the word black with bad things, so I am not sure if the retailers and card companies will want to keep that name. They might want to consider calling it "Retail Give Day" or some shit like that. That way A-merry-cans can shop until their hearts content without the stigma of that word, black, being associated with it.

Still, whatever they call it, it won't stop A-merry-cans from shopping. A-merry-cans love to shop, and any excuse to shop for them is always welcome. --- And we wonder why we owe all those other countries so much money-- Credit crisis my ass. As long as we can save a few bucks on that "play- station", who cares?

Before Mrs. Field left to play "extreme fighting" shopper's edition, she told me to keep my cell phone on and with me at all times; just in case she happens to find something at the store that I might like. My phone will be on, but it won't make a difference. Mrs. Field like other A-merry-cans will be caught up in the shopping frenzy known as "Black Friday", and the only thing that could possibly stop her is an act of God.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Well, Field, I'm at work today. No shopping for the Christian Progressive Liberal.

I don't think Jesus would approve of me giving up my rest to be on the door of department stores opening at 4AM. When it comes to getting my shopping on, and getting my sleep; SLEEP WINS! LOL

Anonymous said...

Remember after 9/11 how the president told America to go shopping? In Bush League America, shopping is patriotic. Black Friday is actually an opportunity for Americans to sacrifice themselves in order to help the war effort. It’s better than getting shot at in Iraq. Ask any chickenhawk. Just slap that flag on your lapel, grab your wallet, and head for the mall. Lock and load brother! Real men carry plastic.

field negro said...

Good for you Christ.prog. better to earn money today than to spend it. I am doing some work from home myself, so I feel you.

"Ask any chickenhawk. Just slap that flag on your lapel, grab your wallet, and head for the mall. Lock and load brother! Real men carry plastic."

LMAO!!! :)

RedLipstick said...

Okay Field my understanding of the origins of the word "black" in Black Friday comes from accounting [old boss from many yrs back was a CPA]. An upturm in sales and profits moved the accounting ledgers [which were kept by hand and written with black or red pens/pencils] from being in the "red" with a negative profit margin to be in the "black" which meant positive profit margins. So for once something "black" is associated with something "good" right? Well not exactly since its a day of maddening and mind numbing consumption. However, with three quarters of the American economy based on consumer spending its no wonder we have a day such as this. Less I be a hypocrite I must confess that I shall partake in the madness but only from the comfort of my reclining leather chair while staring at my 21 inch monitor. And you Field should be greatful to Mrs. Field for even thinking of you :)!

John B. said...


Love your blog. I've linked to it on my blog, and if you'd like to return the favor:

field negro said...

redlipstick, believe me I am greatful for the Mrs.field.

But don't for a minute think the shopping is for me. I happen to be an after thought :) And you are no better; you just do your damage online:)

BTW, thanks for the quick history lesson.

john b, I got ya!

Christopher Chambers said...

You must've been reading my mind. I just posted a true rant on Black Friday and yeah--this is a national mental disease. The ony country we're helping is China, and too many folks in these lines are a paycheck away from foreclosure. Many haven't picked up a decent book (and I don't mean some street lit or church fiction crap) in, well...never. There's a correlation, folks.

Liz Dwyer said...

Yeah, I wrote about this a couple of days ago. I said I'd go to the stores if they gave away free gas cards since our gas prices are so high out here in LA. But, since then, I found it's also National Buy Nothing Day today in protest of the crass materialism and consumerism. It feels good to buck the shopping trend.

Anonymous said...

Christopher C, I feel you on this book deal. I bet that these folks who get up (even if they bother to go to sleep) at 3 a.m. to spend untold thousands of $$, will not venture into a bookstore to get a real book, not, as you say, one of those chick lit deals, or whatever. But even if they do get some trashy book or chick lit book, at least they're in a danggone bookstore, and trying to get something for the mind, eyes, etc. I'm a college English professor, so anytime I see young folks go into a bookstore and are actually at the counter paying $$ for a book, magazine or any reading material, I'm all for it. (Of course, you and I both know that Borders, B&N, Walden, etc. weren't flooded with shoppers this a.m.)

You know you oughts to quit it! And, yes, you and I both know that Mrs. Field is fronting on you with that dictate for you to "keep your cell phone on just in case..." Go on to sleep, brother, 'cause you know those bags that are coming in the house won't have goods in them for you. Well, maybe a pair of socks or a wallet or some such thing as that. Afterthought? You got that right!

BTW, I absolutely love your blog! After I check my e-mail, I zoom past "go" and come straight here.

Obie Joe Media said...

What amuses me is that any savings found on Black Friday are quickly negated by the huge interest rates many of these folks carry on their credit card!

Hey, but who thinks in a frenzy anyway?

Anonymous said...


Just when you think there’s no hope in Bush League America, help is on the way. Today is Buy Nothing Day on the North American Continent. The International version is tomorrow, so you might want to send an alert to the rock.

Christopher said...

Of course, if you're into this shopping thing, everyone knows the best deals are online.

Imagine that? Sleep late, have a turkey and dressing sandwich for breakfast, put the feet up and do the deed online. In a few days, the UPS man brings the item to you.

I'd rather blow Pat Buchanan than go to a Mall the day after Turkey day. Just saying............

Unknown said...

My take on shopping for more 'junk'.
If I really really really needed something, I would probably have bought it last week at a 100% price.

rikyrah said...

Sorry FN,

The only way I have modern electronics in my home is because of Black Friday. Though I am a self-confessed tv addict, the one thing I will NOT spend huge amounts of money on IS a's a paradox.

Without Black Friday, I'd still be watching tv on the old 25 inch color tv. No LCD, No Plasma for me without Black Friday..LOL

Now, I do consider people like my sister, who is a Black Belt Shopper if there ever was one, to be insane to be up that early for mere CLOTHING....electronics is a whole other issue..LOL

dubbleu said...

I was at Best Buy this morning and like Rikyrah, I will sacrifice on black friday for some discounted electronics. LCD's, monitors, cameras and game consoles at those prices were just too good to pass up for me.
I got to the store about 330 and I was about the 200th person in line.
Now if you wanna call someone crazy, talk about the people who were waiting at Walmart!

Anonymous said...

I actually had to work Black Friday (my part time job is for a retailer that I don't care about enough to name here) and it was quite hectic. Imagine my surprise, however, when I saw two ladies who had actually had custom t-shirts made for Black Friday!

Like you say, only in A-merry-ca.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey Field, my wife has a Masters Degree in shopping (I'm pretty sure, anyway.) But even she didn't go anywhere today. My son is home for a long weekend and we went to the movies to see The Mist.

This is the first year I can recall seeing the term "Black Friday" in print. Maybe I wasn't paying attention before, or maybe it used to be just an east coast thing. (I'm in Oregon.)

You made a wise decision to stay home and not play Dagwood.

Hugh aka Repairman

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Field. Yesterday just another day for yours truly. LMAO at Hairspray, your Movie of the Day!

Lola Gets said...

I had to go shopping yesterday - Lola was out of laundry detergent, lol. But, I didnt get to the the store til 9pm, so all of the hordes were gone. The store was almost empty! Eh, well, all the better for me!

JP said...

I was out in Brooklyn by Atlantic Yards and fools were lined up around the block in front of circuit city. It's madness.

Hey Field you're a barrister right. Check this out.

Anonymous said...

"My take on shopping for more 'junk'.
If I really really really needed something, I would probably have bought it last week at a 100% price."

And if you did buy it last week and the price went down, most stores offer cost adjustments so you could have still gotten the cheaper price.

Its amazing how many people are trained and do no think for themselves. You are helping no one with this frenzied buying and fighting with people for some widgets is not my idea of fun.

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