Monday, November 26, 2007


"Field that shit isn't true you are making it up. How could you just make up some shit like that about a presidential candidate from 'the grand old party'?"

Yeah maybe I am making it up, and maybe I just heard it somewhere. What's the big deal? Why is it any different from what the "D" student and scumbag with the Fedora is doing? Oh, maybe you folks missed this little gem from Matt Drudge today, but I didn't.

Here is a guy (Drudge) who gets over 3 million unique hits on his site a month, reached a billion hits in 2002, and who is supposed to be the gold standard for Internet journalist in America, basically throwing mud at a major candidate and hoping it sticks. Make no mistake folks, this is not some blogger from around the way. Time Magazine actually voted him as one of America's 100 most influential people, and ABC news says the guy "sets the tone for national political debate" for crying out loud. Yet he puts it out there on his web site (The Drudge Report), that Hillary is having an affair with her "beautiful personal assistant, Huma Abedin.

But Drudge is slick, he puts out his mud on the ice Queen by using an article from the British paper, "The Times of London". This lying scumbag calls himself an independent populist, but anyone with half of a brain knows that he is nothing more than a rethuglican hack. --I bet he is cooking up something on Obama right now-- And sorry, I can't let shit like that slide. And if Hillary wasn't so busy trying to be all things to all people she wouldn't either. Unless, of course, the shit is true; and if that was the case, she would have my vote for sure. (Kitty, if you are lurking, sorry)

OK Matt, so you were right about Monica's dress, and you were responsible for exposing Bill Clinton. That was your first sin. Because no one really gave a fuck that Slick Willie was getting a BJ in the White House as long as we had money in our pockets, the Justice Department was actually prosecuting hate crimes, and mothers weren't losing their sons half way around the world to keep him in power. But I seriously digress.

So back to Rudy. Yes, the field might be stretching that headline a little. But it's not being done with malice, the field is just putting down what he has heard from a source or two. "Ahhh field, name one". The name escapes me right now but as soon as I remember I will let you know.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Matt Drudge is nothing more than a homophobic, closted gay gossip queen who flings poo like a monkey and hopes that it sticks long enough to do damage.

When he comes out of the closet is when people will take him seriously, but maybe not as a journalist because it's well known that he's the queen of fairy tales.

And if he cooks up something on Obama, it's because he has a secret man-crush on him. Unrequited crushes drives Drudge to do what he does; but at the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if Rudy Giuliani has a gay lover somewhere in his past, but Drudge won't be the one exposing him because Rudy's establishment.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Oh, yeah, in your sidebar.

Cheney's physical heart keeps trying to cut out on the guy cause it knows it can't function in a body where the owner doesn't have a soul. Only the marvels of modern medicine keeps that heart imprisoned.

Christopher said...


Drudge is into some crazy ass sex shit, too.

Word amongst my tribe says Drudge digs having sex with eggs. Now, I don't have a clue in hell how this is accomplished but Drudge is said to be a major freak.

Anonymous said...

What I find funny is that Matt is the one person who no one holds accountable, even amongst the journalist talk about how unaccountable bloggers are whenever they write something insightful. if i could sit there and rub mud all over every and anyone and get named to all these prestigious lists, I guess I'd do it too, but because I write about what I think about current events and have an opinion, my writings aren't valid nor do I assume any responsibility for it, right?


field negro said...

Christ.prog. why don't say what you really think? :)

Chris, I really don't care what the man does in his private life. (Lawd knows if there was a camera following my ass around for the past ...oh twenty or so years, I am sure some people would find some "freaky" shit in there too...well, SOME people.

But sex with eggs? Damn!

"I write about what I think about current events and have an opinion, my writings aren't valid nor do I assume any responsibility for it, right?"

Jose, isn't A-merry-ca great?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Mon Frere`;

Don't know much about Ghouliani's gay roommate/houseman(or was he boy?) but more accurate innuendoes have it that his Daddy was a mafia punk who robbed milkmen in tenement doorways and that his first wife/cousin left him for a field negro! How'ya likes dat? Seems this is the germinating seed that grew the tree of blatant hatred for black men that marked his tenure as U.S. Attorney, then mayor. When asked at a West Indian Day parade (major celebration in NYC every Labor Day) by news commentators about his perceived mistreatment of Negroes in his city he remarked "I let'em live, didn't I".
However his barely undercover racism is well know across the national electorate and is the bulwark of his conservative support despite his well known stances at variance with their stated positions. See, one thing White America can always agree upon.... destroy the Black people.

field negro said...

"..and that his first wife/cousin left him for a field negro! How'ya likes dat? Seems this is the germinating seed that grew the tree of blatant hatred for black men.."

Well I will be damn!

David Sullivan said...

Rudy is the kind of asshole that would fuck a guy in the ass and not even give him the courtesy of a reach around.

Christopher said...

Now comes the rumor the old Mississippi Republican racist, Trent Lott, didn't suddenly resign from the Senate to work the lobbyist gravytrain before the rules change, but because the story of his affair with Benjamin Nicholas is starting to break with the help of Larry Flynt.

The GOP is the gift that just keeps giving and giving and giving.

Anonymous said...

"Rudy is the kind of asshole that would fuck a guy in the ass and not even give him the courtesy of a reach around."

Sweet line! I love that from Full Metal Jacket. You and R. Lee Ermey rock. Although I think it was not even have the decency to give him a reach around.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I like your blog is because you respond to some of the comments and not just post them and go on about your business. And then you talk cash sh*t in your responses. I don't know very many other bloggers who do that. I'm feeling you in Florida.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Hey Field... You and a few other Bloggers got some early paragraph Wapo linky love...

field negro said...

david S, you are one crzy dude, but that was a sweet line.

More christopher more! God bless the Hustler man :)

Thanks anon 10:28AM,it's easy to respond to folks here, beause they are always putting down deep shit.

connecticut man1; thanks for turning me on to that article, and thanks for the love you show a brotha on those other sites. Don't think I don't see you. :)

Lola Gets said...

Field, I want to say Im behind you fully on the House Negro of the Week designation. It didnt occur to me until I began attending the National Pow Wows held in DC, that the Redskins (and other ethnically named teams) are racial disgraces! And any ethnic person that dressed up like these damned "mascots" are fools! They now have a commercial featuring the an old man (the longest Redskins season ticket holder) wearing one of these costumes and dancing like a damned idiot!

How would WE as Black folk feel about a team called the Atlanta Pickaninnies? Or the LA Step'N Fetchits?? We'd be pissed off, and rightfully so! Think about it people.


Anonymous said...

hilarious articles and comments today, field and everyone esle. '....without the courtesy of a reach-around.' i almost spilled my cereal! anyways, this is what wikipedia has to say about drudge's book which i won't buy evidently he doesn't need my money, but will get from the library today to see for myself. btw, the guy's personla life is only relevant when his politics are taken into consideration. as far as i'm concerned, hypocrisy opens you up to attack, larry craig style. i don't give a dman whether this guy get's off on watching the hugs channel (ultimate fighting), but if you're gonna talk shit about gay people, then have the courtesy NOT to be gay, douche-bigelow.

'Indeed, while Drudge Manifesto runs 247 pages, it takes a lot of filler to reach that length: 40 blank pages; 31 pages of fan mail; 24 pages of Drudge Report reruns; 13 pages of a Q & A that Drudge did at the National Press Club three years ago; 10 pages of titles and other book boilerplate; six pages of quotes from Drudge's favorite philosophers (Monica, Madonna, etc.); four pages of a chat transcript; three pages that include nothing but a large zero; two pages that include nothing but a large numeral 1; one page that includes nothing but a tiny zero; and one page that includes Drudge's favorite Web sites. Which leaves, in the end, 112 pages of new material, including nine pages of poetry.'

Anonymous said...

i just re-read what i posted. poor grammar! ugh!

field negro said...

"poor grammar! ugh!"

No such thing here! Unless woozie is lurking :)

Thanks Lola, I know the "skins" fans will say I am just choosing your mascot as a HN because I am a stinking iggles fan. But come on, right is right. Tell that coon in D.C. to stop jigging :)

Cobb said...

i think it's much more likely rumor that hilary is a lesbo than that rudy is a homo. not that there's anything wrong with that. yeah right.

Connecticut Man1 said...

"connecticut man1; thanks for turning me on to that article, and thanks for the love you show a brotha on those other sites. Don't think I don't see you. :)

I don't comment too often, But I am around lurking and linking and reading a lot.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Actually, Drudge and Giulianni have been spotted a number of times around these parts look for a couple inbred locals who could make them squeel like little piggies. Word is that they really like banjo music.

Simple Yet Complex said...

It's amazing how people who seem to benefit the rethuglican party operate within the media without the worry of being censored. Good post field! I always like your blog's format and how you deliver your posts. I'm young (21 to be exact) so if the truth only reaches a few ears of my generation it's better than none.

dnA said...

The whole Drudge gay baiting thing is just funny, because you know he tried to get on David Brock, the CEO at Media Matters right? There should really be a term like House Negroes for gay people who deliberately serve a system that hates and fears them.

Liz Dwyer said...

Trent Lott's resignation is being billed as a timing thing so he can make money as a lobbyist within one year instead of waiting two years. I hear he is planning on making tons of loot just so he can make it rain at Magic City.

On the other hand, Dennis Hastert just resigned as well. So maybe the lobbying thing is a front for their secret relationship. I would not be surprised by what any of these folks do in their private time.

Christopher Chambers said...

I have a friend here on the Hill who has direct proof of the motivation for Lott's decision to "step down" and that Cheney's heart is a lot more jacked up than folks know. He might need the Mayan Apocalypto treatment...

I say we play dirty as Fox News and Drudge, dude. Especially to keep these okey doke church folks from voting for the GOP candidate as the fools did in Ohio, or like these cretins Edddie Long in ATL or TD Jake-off.

rikyrah said...


Drudge didn't have to make this up, and I'm trying to drop this at as many sites as I can:

Rudy's Pedophile Priest on the Payroll

Now, if this had been a Democrat, what do you think would be happening?

field negro said...

"Now, if this had been a Democrat, what do you think would be happening?"

I will take front page news for two Alex :)

Chris, I feel you on playing dirty like the other mofus.

simple yet complex, thanks for checking in, and for the kind words. If you are 21 and in the fields already, I see a great future for you young man.

Francis Holland said...

I'd like to end the 43-term white-male monopoly of the presidency in 2008, and the latest poll from the new Joint Center study says that most Blacks prefer Clinton over Obama, to do so.

If history is any guide, Blacks will support the Democrat over the Republican in 2008 by a margin of 90% to 10%. That would seem to reflect a strong and uniform distaste for having a Republican elected.

Meanwhile, the Black Accountability Project seeks t o to keep an eye on Black organizations and make sure they are accountable to the will of the Black public at large.

So, what will the Black Accountability Project do to make sure that AfroSpear advocacy in the presidential race reflects the views of most Black people as concerns Clinton and Obama? As individual bloggers and as a group, do we do what we want or what most Black people want, according to reputable polls?

Are we preparing ourselves to effectuate the will of our people politically? Or does our advocacy reflect what we want as individuals, and without regard to what most Black people want?

And what about the fact that Black people overwhelmingly will prefer a Democrat to the Republican presidential nominee in 2008?
Although some elite Black opinion holds that there's not much difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, still the 90% /10% spread at election time tells us that most Black people do not agree with that at all. Most Black people are in overwhelming agreement that one party (the Democrats) is better than the other.

Let's look at an analogy: If you are traveling with a group (Black people) and you reach a crossroads, and 90% of the group prefers to go east rather than west, does that reflect a "mild preference" for east over west, or an "overwhelmingly strong" preference for east over west?

When the preference is so strong, can you take your hands off the wheel, close your eyes, and see what direction the car takes? Or do you have an affirmative responsibility to take affirmative measures to effectuate the group's preference for east over west?

If we have to take affirmative steps, what should those steps be? What are the demands of political accountability for the AfroSpear in the 2008 primaries and the final election?

As a group, is it enough for the AfroSpear to just watch from the sidelines and hope that a Republican is not elected, or do we have to take affirmative steps to make sure that the Republican is not elected, to the best of our abilities?

Connecticut Man1 said...

dnA: "There should really be a term like House Negroes for gay people who deliberately serve a system that hates and fears them."

They call them "Log Cabin Republicans" lol jk

Jibreel Riley said...

what is the point of this whole page? sounds like a bunch of socialist thats fearing the inevitable: another Republican in the white house. Get at me

Anonymous said...

GOP: Would that be the "Gay Old Party"? Arkark!!

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