Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The "audacity" of fake friends.

"Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge".~~ Isaac Friedmann~~

Seems everybody was saying sorry today. First, the White House was sorry for dissing the Italian Premier, Silvio Berlusconi. Yes folks, the frat boy and his bumbling crew, while over at the G-8 Summit, had some less-than flattering things to say about Mr. Premier in the bio that they distributed about him. The bio describes him as one of the most "controversial leaders in the history of a country known for government corruption and vice." Ouch! Nice touch there frat boy. Wasn't it just last month that you visited the Premier and he called you a "personal friend", and a "friend of Italy"? "You're right. We're good friends." Yeah with friends like these.....

Now speaking of friends you don't need: seems like half of Rev. Inc. got in some shots on the "O" man a few days ago while apparently doing an open microphone routine for the FAKE NEWS people. Now Jessie, I swear your judgment is getting more fucked up as you age. Why in heaven's name (you are preacher I can use "in heaven's name") would you talk shit about the "O" man into a FOX microphone? My goodness man, didn't you see that big ass FOX logo on it? What, you think FOX is going to turn off a microphone when your ass is talking? And when you just might reveal some shit about the "O" man from his days back in the "windy city"? I don't think so.

So now we hear that you made some "crude hateful remarks about Obama on race. Apparently they seemed to disparage the "O" man for appearing to lecture us savage black folks on morality.
Now the FAKE NEWS people are planning a major news story behind this shit, and reich wing bloggers are a buzz with excitement. See, it's not only us reich wingers who hate Obama, his own people hate him too. Now when we start hating your boy we don't want to hear it. Because, after all, your own race icon is hating on him.

And now the other half of Rev. Inc. is doing the whole sorry thing. I caught him on CNN this evening and there he was Mea Culpa-ing his ass off. Of course, I couldn't understand half the shit he was saying because....well, Jessie just can't talk anymore. (Oh field that wasn't necessary, the man is a civil rights icon, show a little respect. Yeah but he still can't talk anymore, so fuck you all. A little respect like the respect he showed Obama?)

Anyway, this too will pass. But it just goes to show you how us black folks can go crab on each other sometimes. For all of us who thought the torch from the old civil rights vanguards to the young bucks coming up was going to be passed without any issues, think again. These egos out here are huge, and they ain't trying to get off the stage for the half and half one.

So now we know how Jessie really feels (as if we didn't know all along), I wonder what the other crabs like my man Tavis is saying under his breath?

Maybe we should put some microphones at the bottom of the barrel.

I am just saying.


Anonymous said...

Obama needs to institute a no-Reverend policy from now on until November.


Anonymous said...

He had a point but should have been more careful. It doesn't matter Obama will get a majority of the black vote regardless....

Anonymous said...

Field...I was waiting for you to post about this one. I think Jesse Jackson knew damn well what he was doing.
I don't care even if there was truth into what he was saying. The man went on raving about another Black man to KLAN FOXNEWS INC.

That's like me going on stage at a David Duke rally and trash talking Obama. Now, who in the hell does that help? No one! But sure will make the racist white folks Happy at FoxNews.

If Jesse had a problem with Obama he should have took to Obama. Not air his hidden angst to a Foxnews report. Get ready folks you guys will hear Jesse tape played over and over for weeks.

rainywalker said...

But Field,
I'm telling you yesterday that the "O" Man needs to get some people fixed and today I find out Jesse Jackson wants to cut the "O" Mans "nuts off." Even Bill O'Ragious on FOX the Big Lap Dog, wouldn't tell that. He's already had his nuts cut off!

field negro said...

Yeah, the FOX shit really bothers me. I hate those mofos that much.

Kellybelle said...

I noticed a few years ago Jesse had devolved into a serious mummbler. Dentures?

Anyhoo, yeah, this'll blow over but, why? Why would Jesse say "I want to cut his balls off" about Barack in FOX's studio? What does that have to do with faith-based programs? And what about Jesse Jr.? Why would Jesse Sr. make such a gaffe when his son is part of Barack's campaign? Didn't he learn to keep his mouth shut after the "Hymietown" drama? And who was Jesse talking to--it looked like Calvin Butts when they showed the video on O'Reilly. I could be wrong.

Since Jesse loves being all up under power, you'd think he'd be kissing Barack's hind parts right about now instead of acting a fool.


Anonymous said...

Damn Field, if I have something to submit to you how can I do it? Where's the button?

Admiral Komack said...

"Since Jesse loves being all up under power, you'd think he'd be kissing Barack's hind parts right about now instead of acting a fool."

-Uh, something tells me Barack will not be letting Jesse get THAT close now.

I blame O'Reilly.
Maybe Jesse has been hanging around O'Reilly too long.
Didn't O'Reilly say of someone he disagreed with, "Cut his mike!"
Not to mention, "We'll do it live!"

field negro said...

Anon. 9:25PM, just shoot me an e-mail at:

Anonymous said...

I fail to fathom why anyone would appear on Fox News, especially Jesse Jackson. Of course, I knew that Jesse Jackson harbored some ill-feelings on Obama because he did not come to him first to kiss his ring. Jesse, Al, Julian, and others who are a part of the old civil rights guard should realized that issues within the black community have shifted. Of course, civil rights is still apart of the focus, but they seem to forgotten about an entire generation and written them off.

What was more interesting is the fact that Jesse, Jr. had to slap Jesse, Sr on the wrist for making those statements on Fox News. This is the second that Junior to tell his father for all intended purposes to keep mouth closed, but Jesse, Sr. seems to have a problem in doing just that.

Fox News is a poor excuse for news and for the addled individual whose head would explore if they were to watch something like the News Hour with Jim Lehrer or NPR. Besides I work for public radio and cannot stand commercial news anyway. I am public radio snob.

rikyrah said...

oh FN,

I would assume that even the bathrooms at Fox News were bugged.

Jesse should have known better. Period.

He's no novice. At all.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting on you to post this one too, Field. As a white woman, there are white people I don't like and think are stupid. As a gay woman, there are some gay people I flat can't stand either. Fortunately, I don't have a Fox reporter in my face. I guess Black folks aren't immune to this either. Unfortunately, I just can't imagine what Jesse was thinking making that kind of remark to that kind of reporter. I just hope Obama's camp continues to offer, 'No comment'. Yeah, I guess I'm in your odd demographic. What can I say? I agree with you 9 out of 10 times. :)

Anonymous said...

Why would he go on foxnews? Hmmm maybe because they have one of the largest audiences in the nation.
People hate foxnews because they aren't afraid to say they are a conservative news branch. They play devil's advocate to CNN/nbc/ et. all. and people hate them for that because it's not what they want to hear. But for some of us, it is refreshing to see a program that doesn't skew stories in favor of Obama at every second. Hell, Hillary even said CNN did it. If Democrats can't face Foxnews for 16 months simply because they don't like them, how the hell are they expected to face Terrorist supporting countries?

Anonymous said...

Jessie Jackson, straight up field negro. Obama is nothing but a white man in a black man's skin. cracker Obama.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Field? Isn't your gig labeling people "house negroes" for various offenses? My criteria is more stringent. I don't claim to have some all-encompassing guidebook to what "blackness" is. As long as a brotha or sista doesn't take DIRECT, DELIBERATE ACTIONS to hurt their own people, I'm good.

Jesse Jackson took direct, deliberate actions to hurt the first Afro-American candidate for President of the United States. This pretty much defines "house negro behavior".

I expect to wake up tomorrow morning, look to the right of your blog and see ol' Jesse staring back at me.

Anonymous said...

lmao cracks me up how convenient to use the phrase *TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT* when ol jack was mouthing out.

tsk.. tsk..

Anonymous said...

Obama is the fake friend if you ask me. Lets be serious. He has done everything to distance himself and he went along with the idea that being anywhere near associated with the likes of Jackson is a smear.

Get out of here...rename you blog the House Negro.

Anonymous said...

I love how the race loyalty steps in when it comes to blakc being loyal to Barack but it is never applied the other way around. I would like to declare this an unrequite dlove affair; a none consensual relationship.

Unknown said...

What kind of Reverend says he wants to cut someone's balls off? Jesse is a self serving media whore; he's pissed because his generation is being shown the door by some upstart who wasn't part of the MOVEMENT.

Jesse has repeatedly shown poor judgement and said a lot of stupid things. He is so overdone.

I don't think fake news needs an excuse to attack Obama, they already are... but in reality, this might help the O man (if Jesse doesn't like him, I guess I can vote for him) and should help people realize black people aren't monolithic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jessie Jackson, straight up field negro. Obama is nothing but a white man in a black man's skin. cracker Obama.

10:30 PM

Well, You could always vote for John McCain. I hear he is a White man with a Black soul. Go! McCain I can see it now he'll be your new Black President. Since an actual man of color like Obama just is not as Black enough for you.

McCain will be our second Black president after Bill Clinton.

Kellybelle said...

Did you hear Jesse on Greta van Sustren? Rambling. That's what he did, ramble.

Greta latched on to the "talking down to Blacks" part of what Jesse said and compared it to the time when Barack called a reporter "Sweetie." Well, there you have it--Barack is elitist!

I'm annoyed.

Anonymous said...

Melissa said...

Obama is the fake friend if you ask me. Lets be serious. He has done everything to distance himself and he went along with the idea that being anywhere near associated with the likes of Jackson is a smear.

Get out of here...rename you blog the House Negro.

Do you know that Jesse Jackson own son called his father out for acting a fool. So, I guess if we follow your logic even his son is fake.
Jesse Jackson should've had his nuts cut off a while back by his wife for cheating on her. Now, Jesse sit on Tv talking about cutting off someone else nuts. I hope Jesse paying his mistress child support on time.

El Machete said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
El Machete said...

You gotta see this video...
All are cousins, all are of the same bloodlines...connected to Royal European bloodlines. Obama's got all you House Negroes fooled...

tenacitus said...

With all his experience Jesse does not realize that there is never a cold mike? Anyway what bothers me more is what Bush said to Burlesconi. Even though ?I really dislike both of them why would Bush so disrespect the office of Premier AND the people of Italy. I hate to imagine how he would treat an African head of state or even worse an African nation.

Jesse should act better and as the peeps said upthread what the fuck was he doing on Fox?!

Anonymous said...

a lot of folk don't like what Rev. Jackson said, but he told the truth and the truth hurts black folk. I'm not voting for Obama, because I don't feel him, how can you be black in this country and ignore the racist history of this country, if you can lie to yourself then it's easy to lie to everybody else.

And Obama is a lie, the white folk like him because after all his mother was white, and half white is better than all black if we have to live them so think the white people, Mariah Carey, Alicia Key's, Tiger Wood's,

Obama has not said one thing that takes a stand on anything at all.
it don't make any difference to the rich folk who the president is, he's just a symbolic figure head to satisfy the ignorant niggah's that don't know any better. And by rich I mean black or white it's not about color of skin but color of whats in your pocket.

Anonymous said...

he told the truth live with it. he's a smart Tom though he had the common sense to marry a black women.

west coast story said...

The real story is that Jr.publicly kicked Sr. in the butt--HARD. Jr. did not mince words.

Who cares what Jesse thinks about anything anyway? Let him keep going on Fox to prove just how irrelevant he has become. He and Al, headline chasing whores.

I still can't get over how frosted Negroes are over O's. Father's Day comments. I guess Jesse thought O was talking to him. Maybe he was.

Now I get it (light bulb goes on). So many brothers have been sperm donors, O's comments hit too close to home. And O doesn't seem to have any baby mamas so some brothers are pissed off two times. I get it. That's why Jesse is mad. He thinks O looks down on him for J's little "indiscretion."

Everyone seems to forget that O's father abandoned him. This is as much about his life as Joe Baby Daddy.


Hey Field Negro!
{raised fist}

I am shaking my head about this incident... Reverend Jackson was in the news for using the pejorative term "Hymie town" many years ago and he never heard the end of that... it derailed his political aspirations...

Now...he is making this comment about the future POTUS...and his own son is an ardent supporter...

I am disappointed... and to think...I had the gall to write a post last week about black folks not supporting all of the intiatives that Rainbow Push has been engaged in because of their feelings about Reverend Jackson...

I still believe that the organization is doing a lot of productive work...but the reality is that the head of the organization has created many liabilities that have hampered the work of all of the employees who are associated with that organization who actually want to help America...

Well folks, stay tuned because Obama speaks at NAACP next week and Jesse Jackson will be there!

Welcome to the DramaDome...

{shaking my head}

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Granny is shaking her head on this one, and saying to herself, "Ain't that bout a biscuit". Jesse needs to sew his lips up and go sit down somewhere. Its past time for Jesse to retire, and I am old too, but I know when it’s time to quit. If you're not helping the cause, and you're causing more damage to the cause then helping it, then it's time to sit your dusty, antique behind down. Yup, it's pasture time for old Jesse.

I don’t know which anonymous person is which, because it’s no way to tell. I just wish that the anonymous people would be brave enough to at least put a 1 or 2 or abc behind their name so I’d know who said what or if it’s the same person. Because I wanted to reply to the anonymous that said Fox News is truthful and people don’t want to hear it because they hate Fox News.

First of all, we need to get one thing straight about Fox News. It is not a news station. It’s a parody of news. The people they have representing them are not bonafide journalists with degrees in Journalism or English. Hannity is a bartender, which is an insult to real journalism. Please don’t make me tell what the other Fox cast is about, because I don’t want to have to repent for speaking about such vile things. However, if that’s what you think real news is about then why not suggest letting or better yet, let’s rewrite job qualifications for being a newscaster, anchorperson, news commentator and include strippers, prostitutes, pimps, winos, felons, drug addicts, and even dogs as qualified for the position—no Journalism or English degrees required. I guarantee that we’d never run out of people applying for the position.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I’m with Field on this article. For someone who marched in the civil rights movement, he must have had a memory lapse, because you don’t sleep with the enemy. Fox News is an enemy of not only black people but ALL NONWHITE people and DECENT white people. Fox wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if you wrote it down in black and white.

History has a way of repeating itself, but it's because people don't study it, or study it and don't heed it, and take action to turn it around. Even this current election and all the racism involved in it, because Obama, a black man is running for President is nothing new under the Sun. Go back and read about Reconstruction, go to the library, do some research on how they did black politicians during that time period. They pulled the same old dirty tricks their pulling now. Nothing new! They lied, smeared, and their character. Read that book “Before the Mayflower”. That book lays out their same old tired game plan. After you finish reading it, you’ll say to yourself—same old dung, different day.

I haven't been posting because my little brother retired and is out here visiting me for a few months, and I hadn’t been feeling well. So, I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to post again. I am trying to enjoy my little brother, because I don’t know how many years it will be before I’ll get to see him again if the Lord willing

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, let's face it: the right rev. is jealous of Obama. He resents the fact that Obama, whom he thinks did not pay his due in the civil rights movement, has gone farther than he and is poised to become the president of the U.S.

Instead of seeing Obama as a part of a hard-won political progression by blacks that he (Jessie) helped to create, he is self-centeredly viewing Obama as a rival who is eclipsing him.

To me, that's the all possible explanation for a black minister using foul language on the set of Fox News in speaking disparagingly about another black man.

jessie, don't be hatin!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Made me think about that old school song called, "Backstabbers." You know, the OJay's, Curtis Mayfield, and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes were a little prophetic with their songs in a sense. A verse from the that song the "Backstabbers":

What they do?
They smile in your face.
All the time they want to take your place.
The backstabbers.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Jesse is a HATER plain and simple. You're supposed to be a man of God and you're talking smack?

You're talking about cutting off a black man's Fox? There are so many levels of craziness there I can't even get into. Maybe Jesse needs to see a shrink.

Jesse really can't talk about morality after his mistress got pregnant. I'm so glad he was able to find her a 200k job with Burkle. Does he even spend time with the kid?

Re:GWB I really have no words.

Grata said...

Talk of one step of 1000 miles forwards and a million steps backwards.

This makes me feel like the whole black struggle is really useless. If people like the Rev. can sabotage black progress this way, then waht's the point?

NSangoma said...

This may be redundant, a tautology, mayhap repetition:

Obama is not one of us; he is not legacy; he is not descendant from Africans enslaved in the Americas.

Obama, has no psychic connection, no gut connection to what it means to be a North American Negroe. It is not his fault. He was raised as a white boi.

American is saying, 'it is time for a black president, but not one of them, not one of those legacy Negroes. They still feel the pains of their ancestors.'

It is as if they've taken a white man and painted him black, and then said, 'here Negroes, this is your black presidential candidate.'

What is a good phrasing for this, obverse, the flip side of a coin, the mirror image?

Tiger Woods, North American Negroe father, Negroe mother (Black Thai, Negrito), raise as a white boi; but as far as Tiger is concerned he is not one of us. It is not Tiger's fault, his father raised him that way.

Obama, Africoid father, Caucasoid mother, but unlike Tiger Woods, wants to be one of us. Unfortunately, he is not.

Marrying a North American Negroe woman and working on the south-side of Chicago, and having a good game of basketball, just does not give one that much sought after umph, that gravitas.

Tiger said, 'I am not one of them.', and he is not.

Obama says, 'I am one of them; kinda, sorta.' He is not.

I cannot speak for the late MLK, but I do not think Obama is what he had in mind, when he spoke of ascending to the top of the mountain and viewing our future here in the US.

The reverends are right, he, Obama, is not authentic.

Obama, if elected, may go on to be one of the greatest POTUS ever; but again, North American Negroe people, keep in mind, he is not one of us.

Anonymous said...

NSangoma said... "Obama, if elected, may go on to be one of the greatest POTUS ever; but again, North American Negroe people, keep in mind, he is not one of us."

And neither was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Milhous Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Wilson Reagan, or Bill Clinton.

Yet, I don't remember anyone saying that they weren't one of us, and therefore inauthentic.

Man, for me, this is really a non-issue.

Anonymous said...

"Not one of us".

This kind of childish, simplistic, backward, damn-near Satanic thinking is EXACTLY what has held us back not only as a people, but as a country as well.

We absolutely REFUSE to accept a person based solely on their character and actions. They have to have some sort of "psychic connection" to some group. To "belong" to a race, or religion or social status.

And dumb-ass black people have the nerve to DO IT TO EACH OTHER! Like the person above me said, I don't remember black folks demanding that any white candidates be "one of us."

I'm so envious of my future grandchildren. When I tell them of how wickedly-stupid Americans were when I was their age, they'll laugh at me. Then I'll just show them nsangoma's blog entry about The First Black President and they'll gasp.

"You mean there were black people who actually didn't WANT a black president because he didn't pass some arbitrary threshold or 'blackness?'. How silly is that, grandpa?"

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesse Jr....and thank you Ron Reagan Jr. and Tonya Acker for going off on that Rethugikkan fool on MSNBC last night.

field negro said...

"Made me think about that old school song called, "Backstabbers." You know, the OJay's, Curtis Mayfield, and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes were a little prophetic with their songs in a sense. A verse from the that song the "Backstabbers":"

Hold up granny, thanks to ArtMaggot, I have the album cover coming to a sidebar near you:)

Damn, I almost forgot about Jessie and his..... child support problem.

"Get out of here...rename you blog the House Negro."

No, the blog is FN, but you can always name yourself when you comment ;)

"Jessie Jackson, straight up field negro. Obama is nothing but a white man in a black man's skin. cracker Obama."

Obamaholics, get that person some O-Aid. Quick!

Christopher said...

Political theater.

It was no accident or coincidence that mere hours after Barack Obama bowed to his Massa, George W. Bush, and voted for the FISA bill -- a bill that eviscerates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, good, ole Jesse Jackson made his remarks and the braindead media immediately stopped covering FISA and switched to "the diss."

Jesse Jackson was helping out Obama.

Kristin said...

In the words of Esther Roe from Good Times "Damn, damn, damm. I wish my people would stop making mountains out of mole hills. Let Obama do his thizzle and if you are so concerned about keeping things in house then approach him with your grievances

Anonymous said...

Rev Sharpton needs to shut the f*ck up. His kind is obsolete in the age of Obama.

Ann Brock said...

@GrannyStandingforTruth we Negro's in the field miss you. "I just wish that the anonymous people would be brave enough to at least put a 1 or 2 or abc behind their name so I’d know who said what or if it’s the same person". GrannyStandingfortruth I couldn't have said it better.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Yeah, the FOX shit really bothers me. I hate those mofos that much.[/quote]

Christoper - let me school you a little bit (not that it will help much).

Do you see what FieldNegro and the Moths around the light have done?

They have taken the issue between JESSE AND OBAMA and have successfully SHIFTED IT TO FOX NEWS.

Now please show some intellect as I make a comparison. Do you recall during the hyper violent months of the Iraq War when the news media amped up and started reporting all of the details about the violence there? Of course the "right wing" war hawks attempted to SHIFT THE FOCUS upon the NEWS MEDIA and their coverage rather than THE STORY that provoked their coverage and if, indeed, there is a big problem there.

Well my crafty friend Field Negro is doing the very same thing here. Instead of doing any deep analysis on the underlying issue as to WHY JESSE IS SO PISSED - he obfuscates to FOX NEWS. And many simply follow along.

You know my blog that few people post on? HERE IS HE DETAILED ANALSYS and also check out a post that you had some influence on:

Obama's Bondage To The Jesse Jacksons On The Left

How The Snarling Fox White Liberal Blogger Fits Into The Agenda of the BQPFRC

No permanent friends only Permanent Interests. I am sure you won't take offense.

Anonymous said...

@ Constructive feedback...

Isn't "constructive criticism" supposed to be useful, postive and/or productive response/comment?

EVERY post I see from you is some negative angry retort all while insulting Christopher. You should change your ID to Hateful Negrotry.

Jibreel Riley said...

FN you are my fav Obama cheerleader. Rev Jackson what can you say other than Obama is trying to become the 1st black Clinton. Oh and were is your FISA update or Obama on hand guns or Obama sticking around in Iraq. Iran dose not help his cause either. Maybe Jimmy "Stockholm syndrome" Carter with %9 Nancy P can go to Iran and tell them to "chill out until after November." You can't get Bambi Obama talking about gasp, WAR. I know you are going to feed the Sentor from Illinois grapes however I'm going to call you out on it.

p.s. the City of Philly is starting to grow on me, I might just move there and fix some things starting with your Mayor on down to that murder rate by giving out free handguns to every responsible citizen and two glocks for baby mothers (so those child support payments are not late).

Don said...

Too funny @ the album cover.

Anonymous said...

There is some truth in what Jackson was saying. To be more specific, Obama is talking down to black males. Black males have become his Willie Horton as he panders for white votes and appeals to black women.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people are making such a big deal outta what Rev. Jackson said. Many were critical of Obama's comments.

Jesse's only mistake was commenting on Obama with a hot mike. Also, he shouldn't of have his azz on faux news.

Foofa said...

Jackson has always been self-serving. He came to speak at an event my non-profit held a few years back. It was a Chiacgo organization that works with young African-American (primarily although we get a few other folks in there as well) men and women to find them gainful employment. He spoke not two words about the achievements of these young people and instead began shamelessly promoting some event he was putting on.

His inner dialogue probably went something like this: "Who is this uppity young Negro taking first black presidential nominee spot that should have rightfully come to me? He thinks black folks are stupid. Shit, did someone hear that? Did they hear the part about me wanting to emasculate him for doing what my self-serving ass couldn't? They did? Shit. Better apologize"

Anonymous said...

telling black fathers to man up was necessary. look at all the kids growing up with no fathers? every time someone calls us to the carpet on it we get pissy....y folks?

Anonymous said...

The White House apology to Berlusconi was a big deal here in Italy. To me it was just another example of what total idiots we've had running the show for the last eight years. I hope Obama does better. But, his pandering to the right lately has me wondering a bit. About Jesse, I don't pay much attention; he's always been a bit of a blabbermouth.

Afrodite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I dont think that there is anything wrong with Barack Obama talking about individual responsibility. In fact, I was wondering when he was going to start. I dont like that it is being discussed out in the open but it is necessary.

He is not a house negro or any of the other names that people say he is. At least he married a real sister unlike most black men who possess some kind of power and prestige.

You go Barack

Afrodite said...

I'm sick of the "ITS NOT ONLY US BS!" So what? if white ppl are doing it too that's not the pt...we as ppl to make changes and we need not to stand around and wait for others to make movements before we do.

It's true there are lots of social problems in every culture, but the black community has been disproportionately affected by absent fathers, and it's about time we stopped being so concerned about being politically correct. If you're a father who's living up to his responsibility, then he's not talking about you, but unfortunately, there are a lot who are not. There are a lot of white (teenage pregnancy occurs the most in poor white communities and with teenage parents come absentee parents) , Hispanic and other races of fathers not living up to their responsibility. BUT AA can't ignore the issue and keep supporting leaders who choose to sugarcoat, talk about less important issues and attempt to shut us up by throwing foodstamps at us. Yes Obama was right when he said we need to take more responsibility in our children's lives. We need to read to them and be there instead of allowing them to sit back and dream of being rappers and basketball players. I think what he (and people like Bill Cosby) are saying is that we have to stop waiting around for someone else to fix our problems and step up and take control ourselves.

So for JJ to be mad at Obama for saying this kind of stuff speaks measures...he's one of these very same absentee fathers O is talking about. With his love child and mistresses no wonder his ass is so appalled.

Admiral Komack said...

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.
#48. The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.

Admiral Komack said...

"Obama, if elected, may go on to be one of the greatest POTUS ever; but again, North American Negroe people, keep in mind, he is not one of us."

-Then what is he, a Vulcan?

Absolute garbage.

Anonymous said...

I ain't mad at Jesse for saying what he said, I'm mad at him for saying it on Faux Noose. Note to black folks and liberals, stay off Faux Noose, they are NOT our friend.

Keith said...

AS always, you're right on point.
I wrote a post on this same topic
today and gave you a shout out.

NSangoma said...

Messe Jackson, ain't not dumb. He knew exactly what he was doing there in the devil's den, Faux News.

This incident only helps Obama to look even better to moderate and moderate-to-conservative white folk.

Obama already has the Neggrah vote sewed up tight, a'cause he can handle dat rock, fire dat pill, play basketball. He got skillz.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Jesse used to give those speeches about the problems within the black community, so I do not understand why he criticized Obama for doing the same thing. I have to tell you that this news hit the BBC News wire and with Jesse Jackson saying that he wanted Obama's nuts. Jesse Jackson is irrelevant and has been for a long time. This story made international news.


You may believe that Obama is not one of us, but for many white people he is mixed in along the rest of us and do not make distinction like you. However, I do not think that you are any different those white people who believe in compartmentalizing, and addition, the black community is not monolithic. Are you saying that because Field who happens to be Jamaican is not African-American because his not a descendent of slavery from the United States? Black history is complex and before slavery ended there more than 3,500 black slaveowners in the country. I have did some historical digging into my family tree and not all of my ancestors were slaves, in there were some freed slaves. In fact, my great grandfather on my father side was from the West Indies. Yes, there are people in my family who owned property in the South, an great-aunt who was a opera singer, an great uncle who was a pastor, and I probably have a relative was the town drunk.

Nsangoma, you and I are not more have a physic connection to the ancestors that were slaves than the Irish Americans with their ancestors from the homeland. We did not know slavery existed until we learned about in history class and it still doesn't give you the whole story about the peculiar institution. Now I do identify with what's going on now, and have an understanding how the past affects the present.

I think you are suffering from bigotry of the light-skinned v dark-skinned kind in which unfortunately still habor from slavery.

NSangoma said...

... Black history is complex and before slavery ended there more than 3,500 black slaveowners in the country. ...
hennasplace 1:01 PM

3500 Black people who had purchased the freedom of their relatives; or 3500 Black people with plantations and Negroe slaves working in the fields under the whip?

NSangoma said...
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Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]It was no accident or coincidence that mere hours after Barack Obama bowed to his Massa, George W. Bush, and voted for the FISA bill -- a bill that eviscerates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, good, ole Jesse Jackson made his remarks and the braindead media immediately stopped covering FISA and switched to "the diss."[/quote]


Do you recall ever interjecting the word "massa" when discussing what a White politician has done in relation to another White politician?

Do you notice that not even Vanilla Ice uses "that other word" even when he rapped on a song with Snoop and Xibit in which they made liberal use of it. I'll give Vanilla Ice respect for understanding his surroundings.

Regarding the 4th Amendment - I would love to hear you get amped up regarding what the WASHINGTON DC POLICE FORCE lead by DEMOCRATS is doing to the TRINIDAD SECTION OF THE CITY with regard to CHECKPOINTS around an entire community.

[quote]the braindead media immediately stopped covering FISA[/quote]

Please explain this Christoper. If you had a media, biased toward your way...what would the current coverage be?

You sound like the Civil War theorists and how they were pissed at Abe Lincoln. Oh, that's covered on yet another one of my blog entries that no one posts comments upon.

Abstract Political Theories In The Face Of Attack & Habeas Corpus - Abraham Lincoln Nails It!!

Anonymous said...

"Obama, if elected, may go on to be one of the greatest POTUS ever; but again, North American Negroe people, keep in mind, he is not one of us."

WTH? I will not keep this in mind. Last time I checked, he looked like me...lighter skin perhaps but still like me. Why must we do this to one of our own..why? Thinking like this what is keeping our community divided. Makes no sense.

As far as Jesse, yeah I think he got a little salt on his wounds because HE (Jessie) is exactly the kind of absentee father that Obama was describing during his speech. I Guess Jesse couldn't just brush that off his shoulders...

Jesse: sit yo tired butt down. You are a disgrace, who is going to seriously listen to you talk about morality? Tell that to your "secret" daughter. Seriously Jesse, please stop playin.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Isn't "constructive criticism" supposed to be useful, postive and/or productive response/comment?

EVERY post I see from you is some negative angry retort all while insulting Christopher. You should change your ID to Hateful Negrotry.[/quote]

Why thank you Ms. Aja. You prove that the filter on your glasses blocks the multitude of "attacks" and hateful words said by Christopher against me.

To answer your question:

useful - yes. Mine is useful. Please note that "useful" and "fully appreciated" are two very different things. The person under discussion is a major league attack merchant and hater. I am giving him a dose of his own medicine....while never calling him the type of names he calls me.

postive - That's "Positive". NO. "Constructive Criticism" does NOT need to be "positive" to be TRUE. It needs to be "accurate" though just as my friend likes "accuracy".

"productive" - I would hope so. If I can get this particular attack merchant to focus on more PRODUCTIVE ends rather than upon ATTACKING and CHARACTER assignation then yes I believe that he can be rebuilt into a "productive" commentator on political issues that are debated.

Aja - You do realize that every time this person attacks me from here on out I am going to ask for your rebuke upon him, don't you?

Hateful Negrotry - Aja - this is amazing to me. You are a consumer of a blog that bathes in "hate filled" ideological attacks (please scan the 'right side panel') but you can only find your voice to speak against the one guy who goes against the current.

I like Field-Negro. He is one of the most clear voices of what I functionally call the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser". In my view, this line of thinking is a threat to an INDEPENDENT and SELF-SUFFICIENT Black community. Indeed he has an ideology that is POPULAR within the Black community. My challenge to him and many others on this board is regards to their EFFECTIVENESS at addressing the problems within.

Despite their increasing power.......they will simply continue to chase outward rather than hold THEMSELVES accountable for the results they are producing in our schools, on our streets, in our business districts that they govern over.

I am not in this to make friend Aja. I am in this to call out certain fraudulent individuals who have their IDEOLOGY being promoted over what is, in fact, their BEST INTERESTS.

Woozie said...

Obama needs to institute a no-Reverend policy from now on until November.

Amd I the only one who noticed and lol'd at Jesse's hand motion when he cut Obama's balls off?

Woozie said...

And no you did not just bring Vanilla Ice into the conversation.


Christopher said...

EVERY post I see from you is some negative angry retort all while insulting Christopher. You should change your ID to Hateful Negrotry.

Ms. Aja,


You've got (Un)Constructive Feedsack's number down pat.

The cat's just a pissy, prissy, wussy little bitch. He wants to hang with the Big Dogs but he doesn't know how.

Every so often I flatten his ass out typing with my right hand while eating a Burrito Supreme with my left hand and I never miss a bite.

Anonymous said...

Ice...Ice... Baby... LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Nsangoma:

Yes, some blacks did own planations and brought slaves to work the land. Freed blacks did purchase their relatives freedom, but they did not turn into slaves. There is a very good novel by Edward P. Jones, in fact it won the National Book Award and Pulizter Prize entitled "The Known World" It's an historical novel examining the ownership of black slaves by free black people as well as by whites. The number of blacks that owned slaves were small, but black slave owners did exist during antebellum.

Nsangoma, you are not the only person who studies black history. I have a collection of books myself from A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States to Up From Slavery to the two-volume biography on W.E.B DuBois. I found David Walker's Appeal to be a great manifestor for the period, and Martin Delany's writing "The Condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States" is the precursor to Marcus Garvey and the idea of black nationalism. Native American owned slaves as well. I am reading a biography about Ida B. Wells and in the process learning about her other comtemparies such as T. Thomas Freedman and the essayist, Charles W. Chesnut. I find history fascinating, but then I a little bit of nerd as my brother might say.

NSangoma said...

Yes, some blacks did own planations and brought slaves to work the land.
hennasplace 4:38 PM

Black, blacks; or the damn-near white scion of deh massa.

For me, hennasplace, Black history does not commence with the middle-passage.

Nile Valley Cilivizations
[Kush, KMT(Egypt)]
Sumeria (Nimrod)
Indus Valley Cilivizations
(Harappa, Mohenjodaro)
Xia Dynasty
Shang Dynasty
The Olmec

Kup said...

"Obama needs to institute a no-Reverend policy from now on until November."

He needs to hide behind as many reverands as possible because he is hidding the fact that he's a Muslim ;)

Jody said...

UnCon.... you are one arrogant dude. You assume so much... assume how we are living...and you dont know us. I would never assume to know how you live, unless you tell me, I dont assume. Then you ignore when we point out your own contradictions... one more time:

Anonymous said...

Jody- UnCon isn't arrogant, he's Grandiose.

HUGE difference.

All people are arrogant to some degree, but Grandiosity is a land inhabited by the chosen few.

UnCon diverts the conversation away from him/herself out of fear.

People like UnCon are extremely fragile, which is why he comes in with both barrels blazing.

Kill'em All before they have a chance to kill me.

He alienates people before they have an opportunity to dislike him.

He is a contradiction.

"Liberals" are always looking for someone to "Blame," yet his entire shtick is based on Blaming other people.

If the world would only live by/accept UnCon's philosophy, then we'd all be happy, or at least he would.

He thinks.

Isn't it fascinating? UnCon rails about the "Collective/Mass" thinking, and its negative repercussions, while simultaneously suggesting, "Think like me."

Misery loves company, as they say.

UnCon is self-aware for everyone, except for the one person who actually matters, Himself.

I will say, some of what he says is true.

All of us benefit from the oppression/subjugation of millions of people around the world. And if we really wanted the boot lifted from their necks, then we'd have to be willing to give up a great deal, and I don't think most Americans are all that willing to go "Native" so some kid in Brazil can have Three Squares.

The problem is, people are not 100% Orthodox/Logical, and UnCon's demand for such is, Absurd.

He clearly demonstrates, through his own words, and actions that human beings are incapable of Ideological Perfection.

I'd say he's Depressed, and rightly so.

The world is a Fucked Up place.

Whitney B. said...

Dear Mr. Field,
Off topic: With regards to two days ago, re: 'O'Man, you might consider Greyhound..."
Thank you, Mr. Field, for the "mad props". :) and thank you. Sorry this white chick is such a pain in your arse.

You were right. I was just trying to leave short bites rather than rants.

My apologies to all. Big time. I really mean it. I am sorry, sorry, and then some. I was carried away with the thought of conspiracy at this early stage knowing as much as I do (personal exp. plus business exp.) about aviation).

Look, here's the facts; been there, done that. Grew up in tough "'hoods", as per you're right, Mr. Field, I like 'hoods. Well, I reckon I don't, but that's where I seem to end up. But, then again folks is folks and if you can relate, whatever your background, then, what-the-heck.

Const. Feed: man, you are stoopid, as per usual. Do you even know how to construct a sentence? Take English 101.

I haven't read all of the rants [yet] in these last few days, but when I see (my men: Nsangoma, woozie and Chris, with the pic) roiling, yeah, there's where something is (broiling) that my claws have to come out.

Boo on you all.

What the eff? You takin' your meds? What's the message that I don't understand? Dude, you were making a lot of sense, and now? To use email venacular: WTF?

I know, it's that your buddy and Chris' buddy (un) Constructive Feedback, the alternate ego, is back at it again. Sorry, brothers):

Whitney B.
forever the trouble maker

Whitney B. said...

I didn't mean boo on you all, my men, (the aforementionaed men before "boo on you all", but the (un) Constructive Feedback's of this world.....argh, get a life!!!

You guys, even the nutsies (Ngsangoma) are wonderful folks! (I really love your comments, Ngsan:)!!! Keep on comin' on, because you got the gray matter and we's just the hatter!

field negro said...

whitney b, nice to see you back:) Granny standing for truth... is around here somewhere.

fairlaine, I do believe you nailed our boy. Damn you are good! Okay, how much do you charge an hour? I might need to sit on your couch:)

"He needs to hide behind as many reverands as possible because he is hidding the fact that he's a Muslim ;)"

sal kilmister, do you really believe that? I wonder what percentage of the population you represent?

Anonymous said...


I have a correction, the person's was T. Thomas Fortune, not Freedman.

Now getting back to you. I want to why you cannot stick to topic. You asked me a question and I answered and now you write some flippant response and mention the middle passage, or did mean to say ancient civilization as the middle passage refers to the Atlantic slave trade with the forced transportation of African people to the new world.

I also to recollect that the Indus Valley Civilization in my Indian Civilization class in college. Are you referring to the ancient civilization in southeast Asia in the Indus River valley of Pakistan. Yes Harappa culture were before the Aryans (sanskrit Arya) or Vedic civilization. From what I know of the civilization they used the Dravidian language which only part of the language has been deciphered, they are still many unanswered questions about the civilization. What we know isn't very much only, but archaeologists may get lucky and discover more pieces of the puzzle.

I think it's interesting that you would pick Olmec Civilization black history when we do not know for sure where originally came from before arriving to ancient Latin Civilization. There are theories some more plausible than others. The information about these cultures change as people in the field make new discoveries that will either prove the theories or come up with new theories to replace the previous. History is not an exact science, and it's not etch in stone. However, it's the information for the time being.

Do you have problem with mixed ethnic people. If they have one drop of white blood, you seem to have no use for them. Are you the racial purity police? Do have a list of people who are black and who are not?

Anonymous said...

FN wrote, "Maybe we should put some microphones at the bottom of the barrel."


Najmah said...

Granny Standing - missed your wisdom last few weeks.

Folks, this is change - and it is usually painful. Let's keep it moving as best we can. See how much positive we can leave behind for the next group to start with.

Don said...

There is some truth in what Jackson was saying. To be more specific, Obama is talking down to black males. Black males have become his Willie Horton as he panders for white votes and appeals to black women.

How can the truth be considered as 'talking down to black males.'

Please explain.

Then turn around and explain to me how can any human being become uplifted without speaking the truth?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I looked at the album cover, and Field you a mess.( That's means you had Granny cracking up laughing) LOL!


That's right baby, study our history, because it's more to our history than what they'll ever teach in school. In school, they teach what they want you read, and it’s handpicked. I see you've read a few of the same books that Granny has. When you get a chance, if you haven't already that is, read Maria W. Steward's bio, and some of her speeches. That woman gave some powerful speeches back in her day that are still powerful. She is a black woman who had the courage to stand up for what she believed in, speak out, and at a time when slavery still existed. Her maiden name was Maria W. Miller. She is a favorite of mine. Another person who is interesting to read about is Queen Ann Nzingha of Ndongo. She was a brillant strategic warrior and Queen in Africa. Yes, indeed Granny liked what you was talking about.

jjbrock and ms-hgrits:

Granny missed you guys as well and the rest of the bloggers on this post too. Granny's been entertaining her baby brother out here visiting me from Texas. He's been visiting one of his childhood girlfriends the last couple of days giving me a break. I think they're trying to rekindle the flames. Plus, Granny hasn't been feeling well lately.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Are you color stroke? You puzzle me in the sense that according to some of your comments, bi-racial people are what you almost consider akin to freaks of nature and should be left out of the equation, because one of their parents happens to be white.

I'm a black woman, my skin color the color of Angela Bassett the actress, and I happen to have some white grandparents and Africans grandparents. Also, I have some Haitian grandparents from San Domingo (Haiti), some are mulatto and I have some Native American ones. My children's great grandmother is Chinese.

Oh, the various races in my family gets even deeper than that, because we, also, have Hispanic, French, and Hawaiian, etc. My family is huge and I do mean, extremely, huge on both sides, and we come in different hues of the human race. There are six generations in my family and we're blessed with longetivy. One of my grandmothers had 25 children, one had 17, and the rest nothing under 10, and like the good book says, we multiplied and are still multiplying in big numbers. It's enough folks in my family to make a Chaka Zulu movie.

Unlike Obama, though, some of my African grandparents were slaves here in America, and their parents before them were never slaves, lived, and died in Africa. I even have knowledge of who owned my grandparents and the exact date they were sold on the auction block, because I, too, have researched my family history, and these are facts that are well documented in history books and court records. The history books even mention my grandparents by their whole name. I have some pictures of my grandparents that were slaves and their slaveowner. I can relate to what Henna said, it's great feeling to know your family history, because it's your foundation.

One of my mulatto uncles and a cousin was of all things an overseer. A couple were seamtress, blacksmiths, doctors, teachers, and the list goes on. Yup, and some picked cotton and worked in the sugar fields. I even have a few cousins that are passing for white this very day. One thing that pisses me off is that a lot of white folks that think they're white and look down on blacks, might not be white themselves, because those are family secrets that were well kept, and never told. I could tell you about a few people in power right now that are passing, but trust me I won't.

I have a question for you. Is it the color of a person's skin that determines their qualifications to be a president? Because I was always under the impression that what qualifies a person for president is their intellectual IQ and how they stand on issues, although, I admit they skipped the intellectual qualification with Bush, no denying that. But anyways, is it their skin color that determines their qualification for the job or their intellect?

Anonymous said...

FN: Appreciating your article. Granny: Thanks for your wisdom!
REVEREND: Are ministers of God allowed to SAY THOSE THINGS and use the HATEFUL "hand jabs" that you used? Where's the LOVE that you are suppose to have-that you preach about?? You've never reacted that violently to your ENEMIES! SHAME ON YOU!!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Don't start thinking like that, because nothing worth having comes easy, and especially civil rights. There were people back in those days who made errors as well and worse than what Jesse did, but that didn't stop people from fighting for what was not only their civil right but it was their right as a human being.

Jesse is getting old, and sometimes old people say and do some crazy things too. He is a wounded, battle worn, weary soldier who has took a lot of hits. We're not perfect, and we're subject to human error too. Jesse's biggest mistake was going on Fox News, because it is not an honest network, and they are the enemy.

Fox probably had been lying in wait for Jesse to slip up, that comes with the territory. That's why you have to watch your back at all times. What this does is teach you younger people a couple of valuable lessons to make you sharper.

1. Be very careful when your in enemy territory, stay watchful, and alert.

2. Watch what you say about others around your enemies, because they'll use it as amunition against you. If you can't say anything good about a person, best to keep your mouth shut in those type of situations.

3. Never think that Fox news or the other news media is your friend, it will save you a lot of trouble down the line.

4. Always prepare ahead of time, and stay prepared whenever you have to deal with them. Stay on your pees and cues.


Hello Ms. Lady, how r u today? I can understand how you feel about Jesse, but he knows better. If my cousin did something like what he did, I'd be just like Jesse Jr., telling her about herself. Fox News has not been kind to Jesse at all, they've said some very negative things about him to make him look bad in the past. He knows that they have no love for him. If a snake bites you once, you'd be a fool to let it get close enough to bite you again.

NSangoma said...

hennasplace, these ancient civilizations were Negroe civilizations

Nile Valley Cilivizations
[Kush, KMT(Egypt)]
Sumeria (Nimrod)
Indus Valley Cilivizations
(Harappa, Mohenjodaro)
Xia Dynasty
Shang Dynasty

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
"I'm not voting for Obama, because I don't feel him, how can you be black in this country and ignore the racist history of this country, if you can lie to yourself then it's easy to lie to everybody else."

Well good for you. I'm glad you see John McPain as the candidate who does such a bang-up job of addressing the "racist history of this country."

::rolling eyes::

Anonymous said...

Field- For you, no charge, but I must warn you, I'm a tad crazy myself.

Until I saw he had his own blog, I thought for sure UnCon was "No Slappz."

I swear they were separated at birth.

Anonymous said...

Don, Is it really the truth. Go over to and type in "black fathers". In the article, you will find a study that shows that black fathers that do not live in the home have more contact with their children than "any other racial group".

The article goes on to mention the damage "Maury" amongst other things that influence the perceptions of black men. As ridiculous as it is, many non blacks get their "knowledge" of black people from entertainment tv and news soundbites, most of which tend to be sterotypical / negative.

Obama's words were played over and over by the main stream media and you can bet that those words painted "every black male" in the same way as many non blacks once (??)saw black women as "welfare queens".

Anonymous said...

From Blacks4Barack...

MUST READ: Powerful Article !

Is This Why Jesse Hates Obama ?
An Open Letter From Najee Ali

EXCERPT: "Over the years I have had the pleasure to spend several holidays with your daughter including Christmas, her birthday parties and other milestones in her life. I will never turn my back on Ashley her mom and their family.

Your daughter has never traveled or taken a trip with you, you have an annual birthday party in Beverly Hills every year..."


Grata said...

Grannystanding for truth,

Thanks for the advice. That was my initial reaction to the saga. After that I saw Jesse's apology and he came across as this stubborn elder being forced to apologize, I realized, he is just suffering from the reality of his relevance that is hitting him.

Aluta Continua

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]He wants to hang with the Big Dogs but he doesn't know how.

Every so often I flatten his ass out typing with my right hand while eating a Burrito Supreme with my left hand and I never miss a bite.[/quote]

Christopher. Can I be honest with you? You are zero "intellectual threat to me". This is why you are forced to go into your name calling spree against me.

It is funny that you and so many other of your ideological soul mates talk about how you have "kicked my azz" in a debate but for some reason I don't have any marks on my body. The next type you "lay me out"....please let me know. So I can take the fall and receive my share of the purse.

And by the way - I am not so sure that it is a burrito in your left hand while you are working the keys with the other.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]UnCon.... you are one arrogant dude. You assume so much... assume how we are living...and you dont know us. I would never assume to know how you live, unless you tell me, I dont assume.[/quote]


I don't NEED TO KNOW about the intricate details of your personal life. I can use the fact that YOU ARE USING A COMPUTER that is attached to a several hundred BILLION dollar network that was financed by CAPITALISM to realize that YOU are a "Capitalist Consumer Co-Conspirator" regardless of how much you ABSTRACT YOUR MIND from the truth.

(Didn't I run through this with you before?)

You are using a computer that was likely manufactured in China. These components made their way across the ocean without threat from pirates due to the relative calm that is assured on the oceanic routes per the imperialist reach of the good ole fashioned US Navy and America's ability to project her power around the world.

While I am sure that YOU have a NordicTrack that has an electrical generator attached to it so that you are not connected to the power grid and thus can run your computer without making a "carbon footprint"....the fact is that every letter that you type runs through a DATA CENTER that is powered using energy that was STOLEN....if we follow your abstracted rationale.

I am not arrogant. I read a swarm of ideas on this board that are either counter to that which I believe or just plain abstract to the real world (and in the case of NSomnia at times - both). If you want to have a discussion with me - GREAT. If this is going to be 7 leftist against me - bring it on. I can handle my own as well.

But Jody - I hope that at the end of the day BOTH OF US are not fighting for ideological entrenchment - a focus on a METHODOLOGY but instead are focusing on our END GOALS and thus are open to challenge as to if our current path is leading us toward these common goals.

For too many people they are running a "forced UNITY" campaign where you either agree or the attack sheep dogs come and bite you on your neck, for you to stay within the pack.

field negro said...

"But Jody - I hope that at the end of the day BOTH OF US are not fighting for ideological entrenchment - a focus on a METHODOLOGY but instead are focusing on our END GOALS and thus are open to challenge as to if our current path is leading us toward these common goals."

cons...a serious question: Just what the hell are your goals?
You suffer from the same pathology that aflficts most right wingers. You don't live in the real world, and you believe that the way to solve the world's problems are through theories that you cooked up in some fancy think tank in D.C. It doesn't work that way, there is a real world out here with real problems, and your silly economic theories and preachy chants of self responsibility just isn't going to cut it.

People know a phony when they see or hear one, which is why you, and those of your ilk, will always be in the minority.

Life isn't about who dies with the most toys wins.(Hell if that was the case, quite a few of us could have cashed in our chips and called it a wrap) No, life is about helping your fellow man, and trying to make real positive changes in the world.

Anonymous said...

Before I explain my take on Jesse Jacksons comments, I think all of us Black American’s need to reflect back on history and try to understand the course or path that have gotten us this far, before we start to make judgemental statements about how Jesse should just ride off into the wild blue yonder. Mr. Jackson has raised the conciousness of American debate more on racism, social, economic, political and legal injustice than any African American in our nations history since Dr. Martin Luther King. Regardless if some of you think that over the years, Mr. Jackson has been self serving, you must remember that as a man, he has had to feed his family just like everyone else. Many of you are responding out of ignorance, not really understanding your history or the nature of Politics. Jesse Jackson has been on the forefront when many cowered and exiled themselves for fear of reprisal or retribution if they spoke out. There are some leaders who have even left the country to live in other nations only to find the same oppression of darker peoples prevalent in their respective lands. There is a saying that, “people are the same wherever you go.” I believe that the “crabs in the barrel syndrome” is not applicable in this last instance here, regarding Jesse’s statement about how it would be wrong for Obama to follow Bushes’ race based initiative program. However, Jesse could have kept the metaphor to himself. He did not mean it literally. The statement made, was for the benefit of all of us whose grandfathers slaved for generations for no wages. You see, Obama’s father fled the country, for whatever reason. But our grandfather’s are buried in towns and cities all over this nation. So before those of you who wish Mr. Jackson would quietly leave the scene, it was him who stood up for us when no one else would. To this very day, he has remained convicted with hope despite his mishaps and occassional blunders. None of us are perfect. His political genuis and oratory skill is unmatched in the African-American Community. This generation of leaders and its constituentcy has not had to endure the struggle and pain of the baby boomer generation and some of their parents that are still here today. Matter in fact, we are your elders, and you must respect us with every ounce of civility in your souls. The oppression that we all have had to endure has left a lasting scar on the American psyche that will never be erased, no matter what black person is catapulted to the highest office of this land. Sometimes, people have to be put in check and must not take anyone or anything for granted. For God giveth and God can take away. When a child is growing up and he does something wrong then gets corrected by his father, although it may seem grievious, that father still loves and receives love in return. This is when forgiveness overrides any emotional hurt or pain. What we witnessed was a mutual respect of two men who are fighting the same battle at the same time. One older and wiser, and one younger and still learning. Was Jesse’s statement one of insubordination, no, for he is the elder statesman and in any family, the elder uses his ability and wisdom to correct, enforce and reward when it is necessary or merited. Being an African-American man in this country has been a castigating experience for millions who have been disenfranchised, marginalized, shutout, scapegoated, slandered, abused and denied equal access to the playing field by the white ruling class. Matter in fact, the reason why some of your fathers did not stay around is because they were denied a chance to prove themselves and some chose to walk away or cop out. Jesse Jackson stayed and is still here. There is a lot that you people need to learn! When you decide to examine the chronicles of history with a microscope than you will come to understand why standing up is the mark of a true man! Even if he has to draw his sword! Liberty or Death! You decide! Only cowards walk away! No one needs to tell Mr Jackson when to retire, there are many lessons that you kids still need to learn. Wake-up people and unshackle your minds for "it is a terrible thing to waste.”

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Just what the hell are your goals?[/quote]

Damn - I see why they didn't let you near the house man.

Black Best Interests - (GOALS) Defined

1) Attainment Of Quality Education that allows our people to solve the challenges of our communities

2) Safe Communities that allow people to establish closer community ties and a functional culture

3) Local Economic Development to allow our people to provide for goods and services as close to home as possible while employing the community members.

4) Healthy Lifestyles that allow our people to live long, disease free, quality lives

field negro said...

...reads like a paper I wrote in college. I bet you like nursery rhymes too :)

"Damn - I see why they didn't let you near the house man. "

I was raised in a big ass house, but I got tired of living in the make believe world, and decided to go outside. You might want to do the same.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]You might want to do the same.[/quote]


"Da Man" gives me too much comfort.
I will never leave him.

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