Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dear God.

Since it's Sunday I feel comfortable talking about the next subject.

It seams the "O" man slipped a note to god while visiting the "Western Wall" in Jerusalem. The "O" man asked god to"forgive him of his sins" and help him to "guard against pride and despair." He also asked the lord to "protect" his "family". Nothing wrong with that. As most folks know I am not very religious, but for those of us who are, and who want to ask their Creator for certain things, I have no problem with that.

But here is the tragedy: Some sick bastard (actually, a Jewish seminary student) took the "O" man's note and gave it to the Israeli newspaper,"Maariv" who published it for the world to see. I still can't figure out how he did that, he must have been watching the "O" man like a hawk. I am sure FOX was probably paying him to dig up dome shit on his "O" ness.

Now I am sorry, but some things just go beyond the pale. A written prayer is stolen and published? That is some seriously fucked up shit. Isn't a prayer supposed to be as personal as it gets? For a seminary student, of all people, to steal the "O" man's note and to take it a step further and give it to a newspaper, is unfathomable to me. I thought religion was supposed to be serious business and personal between human beings and their god. Aparently not when you are running for president of these divded states. The irony is that most of the folks who want to bring down the "O" man are supposedly the ones who love god the most. But I guess it's their god, not the "O" mans. So personal notes and rayers aren't allowed. Poor god might be stuck reading all these requests from people who don't really mater

But this seminary student was hoping to find some incriminating shit in the note, but no such luck.

"Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just."

Nope, nothing wrong with that, the man seems sincere and humble.

But can you imagine if the "O" man had come clean and written some personal and potentially damaging stuff? Lord forgive me for that tryst with Scarlett, and for wishing all those bad things on brother Jessie...... But the "O" man must have known, even as he sat there in the King David Hotel and penned his little note to god on the hotel stationary. He knew that there was a chance that some weasel would be watching him, and would grab his note to god.

Now there are actually handwriting experts trying to figure out what he really meant. "When he wrote 'forgive me' there was too much space between forgive and me, so he probably doesn't feel he needs to be forgiven" Damn "O" man! You can't even write your god a letter without folks scrutinizing you.

Oh well, they took your note, but look at the bright side. If god is omnipotent, he/she already knows what you wrote. Still, he/she probably should have made the ink disappear as soon as they touched it.

Now that would have given them something to talk about.


Anonymous said...

I hope that "student" is kicked out of the seminary.

Anonymous said...

Come on now Field:

The O-Man's publicity people knew someone would steal the letter and turn it in to the press---just another publicity stunt for the Jewish vote and Eurpoean sympathy...the is most closely watched man in the world right now...not that I"m mad at him for it but O'bama must have the Jewish vote to win the election...this entire trip was a waste of his resources and McCain is an idiot for not capitalizing on it----the O Man should spend his time in the battleground states and remember that the popular vote means nothing if you don't win the electoral college

Anonymous said...

I thought this was wrong. A prayer is supposed to be silent, and something between a person and their God, whomever that may be.

I hope that student is expelled.

Kellybelle said...

I disagree with anon. I'm sure world leaders have been doing this gesture for the longest, have you ever heard of anyone else's prayer being stolen and published? It just goes back to the old 'Blacks have to be twice as good to get half the recognition.'
When you're a nutty extremist idealogue, like this student probably is, you refuse to acknowledge the humanity of people who disagree with you. So Barack's prayer was not sacred enough to be private.
The mere fact that Barack might approach world leaders (even Muslims!) with the U.S.'s best interest in mind scares some Israelis. Whatever, they're welcome to elect George W. See how safe Israel is after 8 years of his chaicanery. How do you say FOX NEWS in Hebrew?

Ann Brock said...

Field I co-sign with Kelly Belle statement.

"Civil" said...

just because i forgive the sinner.
don`t tin i`am going to vote for HIM.another way i`am been BLACK longer than i have been voting(HA).

Anonymous said...

On point Belle. I was actually sickened by it. How tacky! That student should be expelled. I would imagine though that the thinking is that because he is not a Jew, his prayer doesn't count. That was dirty man....

SjP said...

The man just can't win. Everything is does, says, and now prays is under a scrutiny that no one in the entire world has to experience. Is there nothing sacred? Guess not.

Anonymous said...

No chance the seminarian would be dismissed. Why would right-wing Orthodox Israelis care about the private prayer of a non-Jewish schvartz like Obama?

A2daK said...


What's worse is the newspaper defends its decision to publish the prayer. Check out their rationale:

" any case, since Obama is not a Jew, publishing the note does not constitute an infringement on his right to privacy."

Anonymous said...

That is just foul, stealing a man's prayer is some repugnant mess. I am also co-signing to what Kellybelle said.

Anonymous said...

why does Amerikkka give so much money to Israel for weapons? I wish Obama had the balls to stop this constant flow of money. If the Israelis were really the chosen people why do they bomb their neighbors and build settlements on their land, my land, Shem meaning black (look up the origin of the word)Black man original man let's go kick them off of our land . They had the Holocaust we had a holocaust 400 years of slavery, let's pick and chose our land and bomb the inhabitants, this is the way of the righteous, isn't it?

Anonymous said...


not sure about that world leader least Jeese J freed downed pilots back in the day LOL...but let's keep it real, if Brad Pitt left a note/prayer at the same wall you would have the same result---he is a public figure, who, on a unprecedented basis, is taking a European victory lap before votes are cast in the U.S.---this was clearly a PR stunt

so much for the "nutty extremist idealogue" as the Jewish paper confirms/seconds the rationale--this is a religious state we are talking about

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Good point, Field, but I have another view on this that you all also might want to read in my post, Prayer From A Black Man.

Anonymous said...

"In response, a Ma'ariv spokesman said that "Barack Obama's note was approved for publication in the international media even before he put in the Kotel, a short time after he wrote it at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem."

What the hell does that mean? Approved by whom? Are they trying to say Obama approved this? I would love for them to explain this statement.

Anonymous said...

They cant believe this black man has got this far.They are looking,& have tried to nail this rising star.They cant find any dirt that will stick.this must be quite frustrating to members of the so called master race.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kit, the student should kicked out the seminary as it is unbecoming of a future Rabbi to disclose such information. There is rule about confidentiality, but the student probably figure since OB abandoned the prayer, it was up for grabs. I also agree with A2 with publishing the prayer in the first place.

It's a good thing he did not confess to a murder. In addition it seems like a common to prayer to me and if I was the editor of the paper, I would not have bothered to print it. The prayer only reinforces the point that Obama is a religious person and like Field it seem sincere.

Yes, the most religious people seem to do the most ungodly things, but I am not surprised by that at all.

Anonymous said...

Why do people post anonymously? If you are so afraid someone might know who you are then stay in the shadows and lurk.

I think Mr. Obama's prayer was sincere, humble, and heartfelt.

Not like the Tom Delay christians who would probably have left a prayer like, Please God, help me did up some really great dirt on my opponents so I can destroy them politically.


Hey there Field Negro!

There are many thoughts that I had about this situation....

One, being in seminary does NOT mean that a person has high moral character.

Two, aspiring to be a cleric does NOT mean that a person has high moral character.

Three, seminaries have NO formal screening process for examining the morals of the students who are accepted.

Four, being "religious" is not the same as being devoted to God.

Converts to churchology have ingrained mentalities that have LITTLE to do with God and much to do with their conditioning by "church" people.

Mastering churchology has nothing to do with an understanding of theology.

Five, for those who think that a church is SACRED SPACE, think again. A church is a building and it has EVERY KIND of character walking inside of it as you would find walking down the street. So please realize that there aren't "special" and "different" people inside of a church building and you will NO LONGER become horrified at learning that every part of humanity will be exposed in the church.

Six, the truly gullible actually think that Obama did NOT write the note with any notion at all that it COULD be taken and published. Let us get this mean to tell me that he wrote a prayer and he had no idea that with the media trailing him EVERY WHERE and reporting on a fist bump and the fact that his wife doesn't have on pantyhose on "The View" that his note would not be in the hands of the media??! Yeah, sure.

Okay, believe that hype...that he wrote that note NEVER thinking that it would be in the papers. Go on...keep on believing that he's not a politician and that he's just a naive little church goer.

He's been a Christian for MORE than 20 years (we all "suppose" but no one knows for sure) so he knew that if he prayed WITHOUT EVEN writing anything that God would have known of his prayer. Rather than doing that, he wrote it what if others do the same....he knew he did not HAVE TO write it out....he chose to.

And that choice is what none of the Obama fans wants to scrutinize.

Yes, little Suzie, Mr. Obama is a master politician afterall.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Anonymous said...

that prayer is beautiful and I'm not even Christian. I find myself wiping sweat off my brow and going "whew! that was a CLOSE one!", but I think Obama is one step ahead of those who want to catch him off guard. He's studied this path to a tee. I think that I have enough confidence to say that this man is going to be just fine...well, that is unless some stupid nut tries to take him out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with almost everything blackwomenblowthetrumpet notes, except that I'm not sure I would sign on to the fact that he "knew" or "intended" that note to get out.

Look, he cannot have been the first U.S. president or presidential candidate to have left a prayer under such circumstances...and probably leaders of Christian backgrounds as well from other nations and other politicians of lesser rank have done the same.

I DO believe that Obama would have had to have been an idiot not to know the RISK existed of the note being snatched. Only a complete moron would write a note in his or her own hand and make an inflammatory or implicating prayer and put it where it could be taken.

But to think this was a LIKELY outcome or to suggest it was part of an Obama plan of action strikes me as a bit too cynical...and I'm a pretty cynical person.

field negro said...

kit...thnaks for the link, I will check it out.

"The man just can't win. Everything is does, says, and now prays is under a scrutiny that no one in the entire world has to experience. Is there nothing sacred?"

sjp, let me answer that for you: no.

Although as someone commenting above said, Obama must know that, and hs is being very careful.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe just maybe he thought that his prayer might be sacred. There are just some things you don't mess with and GOD is definitely tops on the list.

Anonymous said...

FIELD, NOTHING SHOULD BE "UNFATHOMABLE" TO YOU THESE DAYS. Especially with the "O" man in the race for the POTUS.

daedalus2u said...

Field, how do you know that God didn't erase what the O man wrote and substitute something else?

On the other hand, what type of responses were the Jewish seminary student and the Israeli newspaper editors trying to elicit from the candidate who might be the next president of the US? Did they think that this might improve US relations with Israel? For the candidate’s prayer to be stolen and published?

What does this say about how Israel regulates or does not regulate access to religious sites in Jerusalem? I think it shows a profound disrespect for people of other faiths.

We will see how the civil authorities deal with this. Unless they do respond, I think it shows a level of disrespect that argues that Israel cannot be trusted to impose impartial control and access over such a nexus of so many different faiths.

Anonymous said...

Still, he/she probably should have made the ink disappear as soon as they touched it.

Wow, can you believe the hot water the O-Man would be in if it turned out his "prayer" was blank!

These people will stoop at nothing.

rainywalker said...

There is no honor even in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Why should it matter if regular lurkers occasionally comment anonymously?

Unknown said...

I couldn't help think this was Judas' descendant. I think the Right may pick on the fact that he does not mention America.

Christopher said...

Why do people post anonymously?

Cuz' they're cowardly douchebags.

I refuse to respond to "anonymous." Either step up or be ignored.

Anonymous said...

I guess they were hoping he slipped and praised Allah.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Field, thank you; I'm honored you plan to visit my blog. I cover a huge range of topics in-depth and think you'll like it.

I'd like to point out something to the more cynical about Obama's motivations. He speaks at churches from time to time, and could have easily worked his prayer into a sermon or speech there. Like most of what else he says, it would have received attention.

From a logical standpoint, why would Barack take the chance of leaving his private prayer in the Jerusalem Wailing Wall, which had a nearly nil chance of being removed and published?

To public knowledge, this has never been done in their country at their holiest of sites, despite leaders from all over the world leaving their prayers there. Rabbis and Jewish citizens alike are having a fit over it, are considering (or have already) suing the paper that did it and boycotting it.

This is why I feel his prayer was sincere, and hope God answers it.

Anonymous said...

In this picture, Obama wearing a yarmuka (the cap on his head) doesn't make him Jewish. But if he had a kufi (the Muslim cap) on he would be called a Muslim by many ignorant folks.

What a man wears doesn't make him a religious man, it's what in his heart. And only God knows what is in his heart.

field negro said...

"Field, how do you know that God didn't erase what the O man wrote and substitute something else?"

I'll be dammned! I never thought of that. Maybe he IS the chosen one.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Just how much scrutiny is above and beyond the norm when it comes to a MAN just like any other man running for President of these Divided States of America. Notice that I said Divided instead of United. Well, I'm sure none missed the sarcasm.

Invading Obama's private prayer, making it public, and his human right to have a personal relationship with God is disrespectful and that student should be expelled for violating him like that. He had no right to do that. No other celebrity or President has ever had to experience that, and there have been many of them who have visited that wall and put a prayer there. Because he is black does that mean that he has no right to a private and personal relationship with God.

I, definitely, agree with KellyBelle's statement, "'Blacks have to be twice as good to get half the recognition." Only I could go a little bit further and say that this one idealogy that needs to be destroyed in order for Americans to move forward. It's damaging mentally. The fact, that blacks are put in that position causes them to be stressed out anxiety ridden, and burned out. Not a good combination because it causes anger and frustration.

It is an idealogy that is unwarrented and based on stereotypes images of how we are viewed by some whites as inferior, or not as smart or good as them, which is a bunch of BS. They have smart folks and ignorant folks in all races, it depends on the person and their capacity to learn. No race has a patent on intelligence.

Obama graduated with honors from one of the most prestigious universities in the country. He is a family man raising two well-mannered children in a wholesome setting, and married to an intelligent woman who is, also, a college graduate. Obama is a man who knows what it's like to come from two distinct racial backgrounds. He's been exposed to both worlds and cultures with a some foreign culture experience as well. Obama is an honorable and fairly decent man who wants the same things most decent people want: a decent education for his children, decent housing, and to make it short, achieve and experience the America dream.

However, there is just one thing that keeps popping up and running interference, RACISM! Because he's black he has to be measured with a different measuring stick or treated in a different manner. Why? Because some whites fear that Obama being black means that the nation is somehow going to go down the tubes. The blacks are going to turn this country into a jungle. Heaven forbid!

Yet and still, Bush a white man has ran this country into the gutter, done unspeakable things, and even has went so far as to spit on the constitution and flag that these same so-call white folks are claiming to worship so much. There have been others before him that have done basically the same thing. However, we can't let that darkie get into the White House, no matter how low we have to stoop to prevent that from happening because it will cause destruction in their little messed up minds.

Anonymous said...

This just exposes the so-called religious as perpetrators and frauds. Obama is a great politician with a target on his back constantly. However calculating or aware he may be it still must be exhausting to be targeted constantly and with extra scrutiny. I'm not sure if it's just because he's potentially our next President nor do I know the extinct of the racial bias that exists. I'm also not sure how much of a smokescreen it is. It's a good thing he is smart as he has not always prepared for potential swiftboating tactics.

Anonymous said...

^^^ cosign, Miranda.

Moreover, dissent is one thing, but to STEAL and publish a PRAYER from a sacred site is just scary.

I pray OFTEN for the safety of the entire Obama family.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "...just another publicity stunt for the Jewish vote and European sympathy..."

In that case, Obama missed a Golden opportunity:

He should have written:

"God, the Jewish people have suffered a great deal here in their homeland, give me the wisdom to reconcile the two sides, and create a lasting peace between the factions."

And to the Europeans:

"God, if I'm granted the privilege to be my nation's next president, give me the wisdom to solidify further the close relationship that my country has enjoyed with our over-seas partners, and heal the division that has beset it in recent years."

No, Obama asked for forgiveness, to "guard against pride and despair," and wisdom.

I can't understand how you reached the conclusion you did.

Anonymous said...

Religion is the opium of the mass.
Field it don't mean anything to them, but a hustle. You figure someone prayer is private no matter who you but not so with O man. Therefore, its a racket for money. Jesus driving the moneychangers from the Temple by El Greco.

Anonymous said...

backtrack paid someone to take that note. hubris thy name is Obama. that skinny little bastard is on my last nerve. no body wants his coke snorting d.l ass in the white house. piece of white trash is what o man is.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

To quote from a comment on a film blog:

"Some times I wish there was a God so he could smite some fools."

I don't care if Obama knew the prayer would be stolen and published. It's still wrong and fucked up. It's invasion of privacy.

I agree with Kellybelle, Granny and Heartandflowers. I really worry as we get closer to the election, certain folks are going to lose their minds. A black family in the White House?!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anon 2:05:

To be honest with you, if I was Obama I wouldn't want to be in that filthy, corrupt White House, because it has turned into more like the house of the lepers if you ask me, and if was him, I wouldn't want to be contaminated.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Some times I wish there was a God so he could smite some fools."

I feel ya! (wink)

Anonymous said...

The act of stealing his prayer is reprehensible, but sadly not surprising. There is nothing sacred when it comes to a Black man. Not his prayer, his thoughts, his feelings, his words.
History has shown us that.
It is telling, that in that wall's entire existence, no one has stolen a prayer for publication. It was sacrilegious at best.

In The Field,
Black Rose

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


But there is a God, he is real, and he does exist, but there are believers and nonbelievers. It's a matter of personal choice if you choose to believe. It's an individual choice.

Dr. Know said...

Absolutely sinful.

Next, the Pope will command that microphones be installed in the confessionals.

Dr. Know said...

GrannyStandingforTruth @ 2:53 AM

That's kinda how I see it as well.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

dr know:

Amen, and when Obama becomes the President, if I were him, I ordered a enough holy water and blessed oil to scrub and cleanse that place. I'd even have an exorcist, prayer warriors, real prophets not the fake ones, take some rosary beads, and whatever else I could find to cleanse that place before I'd even stepped foot in it. I'd even invite real pastors; not those wolves in sheep's clothing that are in it for a business venture, of every faith to come in pray all over that place. (wink) I wouldn't step in there until I could feel the peace and God's presence.

Foofa said...

It should be noted that there are many Israli people and rabbis who are appalled by this action. They don't subscribe to the idea that his prayer doesn't count because he isn't Jewish. I don't know any Jews (and they are half my family) who agreed with this action.

Anonymous said...


Maybe God did make the ink disappear and that's what God made the note read. I'm quite sure O isn't going to come out and say "HEYYYY, that's not what I wrote!!!"


Lola Gets said...

This was a deplorable act. Someone needs to slap that seminary student.


Najmah said...

Granny you are always on point!

But, I'm glad they posted his prayer; now I can add "guard against pride and despair" in my regular prayers for this man and his family...God meant it for his good.

Peace, Naj in VA.

MartiniCocoa said...

is this the first time that an american politician's prayer been published in an Israeli paper?

It's my first time ever hearing of it happening.

And there's the rub.

So what if Barack Obama knew that someone would take it but to take it and run to the media...

has it happened to Presidents Carter, Bush, Reagan, Clinton, W or Ford or any other politicians who visited the wall?

Educate me if I'm wrong but I think this is a first.

And that's why it's so $#%#N# ^#$%^B%&N^ up and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Didn't it come out that actually his campaign made sure to lay the groundwork to get the prayer released. But, is anyone surprised?