Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Big Game.

It's halftime of the big game, and I have some thoughts:

First, can someone tell me why Matt Millen, a man who built a team that just went 0-16, is an analyst for NBC Sports? I mean honestly, which executive at NBC does he have pictures of? And Jennifer Hudson's anthem damn near had me in tears. Girlfriend has some serious pipes.

And I love the "Bus", I really do, but come on Jerome, it's time for a new tailor.

I loved the piece on Larry Fitzgerald, and it's always nice to see an athlete who can articulate himself without sounding like.....well, an athlete.

Oh, and so far (except for the e-trade one with the two babies) all the commercials suck.

And is it me, or does the Steelers linebacker, James Harrison, look like James from "Good Times"? Oh, and James, that was a hell of a run.

Alright, I am going back to the game now.......

........Okay I am back. That, my friends, was a great football game. That catch by Holmes to win it was terrific. I think it's right up there with Clark from Montana. Oh, and Fitzgerald is a beast. I was having NFC Championship game flash backs after he broke for that touchdown to give Omar Epps and the Steelers the lead.

So Obama's guy won and McCain's guy lost. The Rooneys (who own the Steelers) are huge Obama supporters, and they gave him their time and money during the campaign. The owner of the Cards, on the other hand, is a McCain guy all the way. Of course that's not surprising given that the team is based in Arizona. So one more victory for his O ness, I swear that guy keeps a four leaf clover in his pocket.

So to sum up this year's Super Bowl I would say that the entertainment gets a A plus, the game itself gets an A plus, and the commercials a D minus. (Although I saw a couple of good ones in the second half. I think it was the mobsters in Denny's and the Bridgestone tire commercial with the astronauts.)

I sure wish my birds could have been there. Oh well, there is always next year. I still can't believe that Steeler nation now has six Lombardi trophies, and we can't even sniff one. Life can be so unfair.


Jody said...

BRUUCE! Springstein rocked it out... after my beloved Eagles were knocked out.... I am wanting to see Arizona taken down! Back to the game.

Anonymous said...

I had to come here to get the real on Jennifer Hudson's performance of the national anthem (did not watch). One of the white bloggers said it was the worst - sounded like a singer in a cocktail bar.

Figured it was a cultural thing.

Tafari said...

Jerome is from Detroit you have to give him a pass. Just be happy that you do not see pink gators on him. That's how we do.


momo said...

Sorry, I missed the game because I had to get up before dawn to watch Nadal beat Federer online from Australia, and I fell asleep :D
I will check out Jennifer Hudson on YouTube though!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch football, but I can't wait for the etrade baby to show up on the internet...if you go on you tube they have the outtakes from the commercial and it brings the lols.
I can't help it, I just laugh and laugh at those babies, but then, I'm the kind of person who pretends to know what her pets are saying :) yes, a huge nerd.

Kellybelle said...

^agree with Tafari! And as fine as Jerome is, I'd take with pink gators on.

Jody said...

congrats steelers. Im with ya on Hudson.. she was wonderful.

field negro said...

Oh yeah the "pink gators":)

Jody, I am not a big fan of the boss, but he seemed like he did alright. Faith Hill surprised me too, girlfriend can seriously sing.

metricpenny, go over to that blog and slap them over the head right now. Jennifer Hudson was off the hook. And no, that's not a culture thing that's a hater thing. Good singing is good singing regardless of what culture you belong to.

momo, I haven't seen that match yet (Nadal & Federer) but I taped it, so I will check it out later.

Admiral Komack said...

Faith Hill: great.

Jennifer Hudson: great.

The Boss: great.

"First, can someone tell me why Matt Millan, a man who built a team that just went 0-16, is an analyst for NBC Sports?"

I wondered the same thing; maybe they felt he needed the money.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Steelers have six titles but they tried to give this game away.

Glad they won.

Anonymous said...

That was a great game. Even though the Cardinals lost, they should be proud of themselves for fighting back the way they did after James Harrison lumbered down the length of the field with that pick.

The commercials sucked, and I don't think Teleflora will be getting my business after they insulted most of my readership.

I'm off to go eat some Doritos in front of an ATM...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I'll have to check out YouTube for J. Hud and Faith HIll.

The game aired at midnight here so I didn't see it.

I'm glad the Steeler won though. Later for the Cards.

p.s. I'm not a big country fan but I happened to watch some of the CMAs at the gym a few years ago. The thing that struck me was most of the singers can actually sing! Faith Hill has a great voice. The show was excellent and you could tell these folks were singing backing tracks/vocals. I wonder if it's because most of them grew up singing in churches and/or sang in small clubs/bars before getting a break where as in pop music you only have to be pretty and have a good video.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Field, Larry Fitzgerald is articulate and one good looking man....

Liz Dwyer said...

I will be up in Denny's getting my free breakfast on Tuesday, that's for sure. That commercial was sooo funny!

field negro said...

nyc/caribbean, you are right lots of those C&W singers can sing. Mrs. Field is a C&W fan. Go figure.0:

Oh, I forgot to mention in my post that Al Michaels sucked. Its time for him and Madden to hang it up.

But congrats again to SIXburgh.

Swiff said...


"I am glad these traitorous leaders of the Republican Party appointed this Black racist, affirmative action advocate to the head of the Republican party because this will lead to a huge revolt among the Republican base. As a former Republican official, I can tell you that millions of rank-and-file Republicans are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore! We will either take the Republican Party back over the next four years or we will say, “To Hell With the Republican Party!” And we will take 90 percent of Republicans with us into a New Party that will take its current place!"

Jody said...

Can GoDaddy be MORE offensive!!??? I find teenage juvenile use of women in their ads very sexist!

boukman70 said...


If you remember, I've been trying to adopt you into the kind, generous, altruistic (you know, the proceeds for Terrible Towel sales go to a house that serves autistic children), beautiful, gracious, all-loving Steeler nation. Now you know I wouldn't have steered you wrong. :)

Yes, my boy and I were ranting about Matt Millen, too. I mean, there hasn't been a less legitimate football commentator since your boy Rush. And Holmgren's still hating on my Stillers. But, oh well, that game was too great for my comfort. I was suffering palpitations for the last 5 minutes of the game. But damn, I love those Steelers.

Can I nominate Big Ben for Field Negro of the Day? To go from the worst quarterback performance by a winning QB in SB history to orchestrating that game-winning drive seems like appropriate behavior.

And yeah, "The Catch" was in an NFC Championship game. Santonio's was in the Super Bowl! And what a beautiful catch it was!

Anonymous said...

Greatest Super Bowl I ever saw.

Congrats to Mike Tomlin.

It's only been a decade and a half since we've seen a serious black presence on the sidelines in the NFL. 10 Black NFL head coaches.

In that period 3 have gone to the Super Bowl and 2 have won.

Plus Ozzie Newsome as Baltimore Ravens President was the architect of the 2000 NFL Champions.


BT said...

One of the better Super Bowls, although not in the top 10.

Liked when Modell thanked his O-ness when he received the trophy!

Gonna be some pissed off Bears fans.

Jennifer Hudson was stunning! And the Boss rocked the joint.

Have to agree with Field that the commercials this year were a low point.

Anonymous said...

Tomlin is as cool as hell. The organization is arguably the best in the league, thanks to the Rooneys.

Coke with Troy would have been #1 if he had a flashier game, but keeping Fitz in check for an entire half ain't too bad.

Bob said...

As frenetic as Springsteen acts on stage - he's always entertaining - when I close my eyes his music sounds like it's being played too slow. Between Hudson, Springsteen, & Pittsburgh winning, it was like Obama's people scripted the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

You're right, field, it's NOT a cultural thing. I'm white and an opera lover, I loathe C&W and don't care for jazz that much. Jennifer Hudson had me in tears. That lady can SING!

Robert M said...

The Cardinal got jobbed by the worst officating in the history of the league and the upstairs officials must have some horrible pictures held by.
for the Eagles; they must be thinking how come the Steelers have two "miralces at the Meadowland" and we have none. Worse they wouldn't even be in the Super Bowl w/o one.

Anonymous said...

Yes. No more football in my house for six months (maybe the probowl game). I dont know about any of youse but I am happy to have my big televison back on sunday afternoons. okay who am i really fooling, i dont watch much television on sundays anyway out riding my motorcycle. see youse football fanatics in the preseason. lol.

Anonymous said...

Well as someone who lives in Phoenix but only cheers for the Patriots, as long as they have Tom Brady, I found my self cheering for Pittsburgh, despite its history with black folks and my next door elderly neighbor who still calls blacks "colored." Between the right wing Bidwell's who own it and Warner and his praying stuff, they got beat just right, in the last minutest!

Anonymous said...

calling blacks colored ain't so bad.
calling them shvartz... err... that's no good.

Feelin sorry for the Iggles, with no superbowl trophies. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Matt Millen is White ? Is that the correct answer, of course it is. here's some more shadenfreude for everyone who feels better when white folks fuck up too :,2933,485621,00.html


Anonymous said...

"here's some more shadenfreude for everyone who feels better when white folks fuck up too :"

Fuck up TOO????

You show me a black person who could totaly fuck up as bad as Millen and still keep his prestigious position FOR EIGHT YEARS.

We will have achieved total racial equality in America when black fuckups can still get fat and paid for years.

Anonymous said...

Faith Hill - WOW
Jennifer Hudson - Gave me chills
The Boss - Timeless
Mile Tomlin - Kept it real smooth
Big Ben - King of the clutch plays
Santonio - The Great Redeemer
Super Bowl - Excellent, especially since my team won. Go Steelers!!!

tjwash said...

Hey Field...speaking of the super bowl...did you happen to see this crap?

Despite a near collapse that required $45 billion in federal taxpayer bailout funds, Bank of America sponsored a five day carnival-like affair just outside the Super Bowl stadium this past week as President Obama decried wasteful spending on Wall St.

So in other words...after taking a buttload much money from taxpayers to bail themselves out, after bad investment decisions after bad investment decision, BOFA had the gall to turn around and host a five day bread and circuses style event?

Conspicuous consumption. That and a big "fuck you" to normal struggling, middle class America.

I have friends out here that have already lost their homes, and have been asking where to find food to eat.

The truly sad thing is, that I'm not even surprised. Americans are so hate radio-brainwashed, that they just don't care. After reading that, I feel good and trickled down on now; how about you?

dpjbro said...

If only all sports team owners would thank Obama for their victories, like Dan Rooney did, this would be a much better place.

Anonymous said...

Yeah UptownSteve I got the clue correct didn't I ? In all of this hoopla someone manages to find Matt Millen and make a racial incident of him. Here's one how long did Dennis Green known lovinglay by his fans as Fat Dumb stick around with the Vikings ? From 1992 to 2001 I think that's more than 8 years but I'm an ignorant white person right ? So go readPros and Cons about criminal s in the NFL and check out what a great piece of moral fibre Fat Dumb was as a coach while his team needed its own baby sitters to keep them out of trouble. Sorry I answered your question I know you didn't think there was a parallel but it sucks when all you see it Whitey getting you from behind every bush. Scoreboard friend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Redsaneck but Dennis Green's record as an NFL head coach was 97–62 in the regular season.

Millen's who was promoted to Lion's President without any coaching or front office experience whatsoever?????



Anonymous said...

Glad to see Obama and Rush Limbaugh have so much in common.Frineds of the Rooneys and big Steeler fans.

Anonymous said...


Allweez said...

I think J-Hud's national anthem was right up there with Whitney's....Maybe a tad below

field negro said...

tjwash, I heard about that. Brian Ross doesn't play. But those guys are a joke. They never learn.

Co-sign with everyone who says JH was the bomb. Although now I am hearing that a little lip syncing might have gone on.

field negro said...

Anon. you are right, Rush is friends with the Rooneys as well, and is a big Steelers fan. I guess he is from that area. He should have laid off those Primanti Bros. sandwiches growing up.:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah BrokeDownSteve, Fat Dumb never won anything plus his teams were so outta control he had to hire a security team with its own chief to keep them out of legal jams in the community. His paying a waitress to have an abortion so he could keep his job is yet another tribute to his excellence on and off the field. Anyone who disagrees with your racist bullshit is a redneck I guess. How about Art Shell another black coach with mediocre teams both in Oakland and Atlanta coaching record 56-52. The point isn't his color as much as you want it to be -- it's a culture of recycling people based on recognition not ability or race. I always liked Art but he sucked as a coach. He was hired twice in the same place to the same result and again somewhere else because someone knew his name. I think you are more of a blackneck than I am a red one. If you saw that whole spectacle with Bank of America's $800,000 party tents and all that corporate waste and extravagance in times like this and the best you can come up with is a white doofus like Matt Millen getting a job from a network I am thinking your social exegesis is as weak as your critical observation. Scoreboard again.

Anonymous said...


You're just not accepting reality.

Put the meth pipe down.

No matter how much you try to smear Green or Shell with innuendo and guilt by association the fact remains that both black coaches had winning records and are currently unemployed.

Norv Turner, another member in good standing of the good ol boy club has only had 5 winning seasons out of 12 as a head coach and a losing career record of 77-95
Yet he still gets great jobs.

Know of any blacks who got it like that?

Lola Gets said...

I, too, thought it was an A+ game.


Anonymous said...

Sorry BrokeAssSteve

Your reality is that a white guy saying anything about race is automatically wrong because he's white. Why don't you bring up Willingham and fat ass Charlie Weiss at Notre Dame ? Willingham got run cause he's black and flopped Charlie the fatass sucks there but still has his job. You think I missed that ? You did. How about Romeo at Cleveland another Belichek spinoff who sucks just as the Jets coach Mangini is a white Belichek spinoff who sucks and both got fired. Guess what they will both get jobs somewhere else soon and in a while they will both be head coaches again. I first heard Magic doing NBA commentary on t.v. and I couldn't believe how illiterate the guy sounded. He should have been charged with assualt on the language. How did HE get hired ? Newsflash matt Miullen sucks a a GM and coach but he can speak English. Beasley Reese can't speak at all but sits in front of a mic as does S. Sharpe and so did M. Ervin. Great athletes who sound like ignorant thugs. Bruce Smith speaks like books on tape with a PhD but I have never seen him do any network stuff. Your good ole boy club takes all colors of boy. It's not as Klannish as all of you Noirgeois want to make it. Yeah I made that up figure it out.

Anonymous said...

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