Friday, December 31, 2010


I wonder where we are headed and what we will be talking about a year from now? I am sure that the 2012 presidential elections will be in full effect; wingnuts will be screaming more foolishness from their high profile perch over at Radio Rwanda; there will still be a war raging in some remote corner of the world; there will still be a war right here at home, where 300 plus people will, once again, lose their lives violently in my hometown of Killadelphia.

Still, I know what we won't be talking about: (By we I mean the folks here in A-merry-ca.) Poverty. Corruption. Education.Crime. Race. Social justice.....You get the idea; we won't be talking about anything that makes us uncomfortable. We don't want to feel uncomfortable while we pursue happiness here in A-merry-ca.

Anyway, we talked about a lot in 2010. And, for the most part, I enjoyed the conversation. At least the conversation we had here. We talked about a lot of the things that makes A-merry-ca uncomfortable, which is why this blog will always be, for the most part, on the outside looking in.

But we will keep having that conversation in 2011, because I want to talk; and judging from the comments and the folks who come to the fields on a daily basis, so do you.

So please keep talking to me and letting me know what you think. I promise that you will always know what I think no matter what.

Here is hoping that 2011 will be filled with happiness for you.


brohammas said...

We need more uncomfortable conversations had respectfully.
Cheers to you FN.

Anonymous said...

Visit often, but seldom post. Keep up the good work. Happy and prosperous New Year.


Wesley R said...


Happy New Year. In 2011 I'll still have your back. I still hope my man gets traded. lol

Queen of Hearts said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Although I don't comment, I look forward to reading your thoughts in 2011. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Field, let me say that I hope you have a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR! Tonight Anons are having a New Year's blast at an 'anonymous' hotel hidden in the mountains somewhere in America. I will make sure I make a toast to you and FN blog.

For 2011, whether the conversations are uncomfortable, boring, or just plain bullshit, you can be sure Anon Inc will be there participating. As you know, we have special agents for everything and everybody.:)

Best Wishes for the New Year,
Anon, Inc.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Field, once again, Happy New Year!

I was concerned and wondering if szpork is okay. They had tornado in Little Rock, Arkansas, and if I remember szpork told me that he lives there. It hit in Missouri, and Illinois. It killed a few people and sucked one man out of his house and dropped him across the street from his home,but he's okay.

I pray that szpork is okay and that his house is still standing.

Hathor said...

Hopefully can stay on topic this year.
To everyone, Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Granny, "It killed a few people and sucked one man out of his house and dropped him across the street from his home,but he's okay."

The man that was sucked up by the tornado, was szpork. Apparently, he didn't agree with the tornado's taste buds and had to spit him out.

Anonymous said...

brohammas, "We need more uncomfortable conversations had respectfully."

Amen. But how many folks on FN blog respect each other? Mellaneous has YET to show respect to Anons.

Mellaneous is always doing his self-righteous number on us good-willed Anons. All he does is create a hell on earth for us innocent ones. I hope God takes note how badly Mell has treated us.

Anonymous said...


A Happy New Year to you...I am from Philly, (Mt. Airy, just was there at my Mom and sister's respective houses), and LOVE to brag to them about my "homeboy' blogger...God Bless you and keep up the good work.

I'll have a user-name soon, (now that one of my students informed me that an AOL account is a sure sign you're "old", gmail is on the way!!!)...I will be commenting more.
By the way, I went to Central and Franklin Learning Center for High School...

Mack Lyons said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Field. Cheers.

M. Rigmaiden said...

Happy New Year Field and everyone else here.

finefroghair said...

Oh, the things left unsaid
the 800 pound gorillas
ignored never mentioned
the discarded detritus of
a failed and ruinous
foreign policy, masquerading
as truth, the usurpation
of our government in an almost
bloodless coup
a betrayal of historic
proportions as the radicalized
Supreme Court treats nation
to prison rape scene
Oh, the humanity!
Two Wars, really are these
even wars, failed ignorance,
Hubris exposed, worthless
military playing games
in the desert makes me
ashamed of prior service.
Failure is an option
and our military has
as a matter of record
accepted failure as it's
"Mission Statement"
Just something about war
and these United States
we no longer win, we
do not even fucking tie!
We just keep bleeding,
and bleating, like the
sheep we're meant to be!
Yes, those 800 pound gorillas
are hard to see and
exceptionally hard to measure
like the thirty year war
on drugs, WTF! Thirty years
and victory is just around
the corner and up around
the bend over and take it
like a used up crack whore.
We have never liked a war
more than a war that never
ends!! Welcome my son,
Welcome to the Machine!
War Inc...
the prequel, the sequel and
all points in between
War Pigs do gather in their
masses just to prove
that their dumb asses
if we're a superpower
then the word has no meaning
our military has neither
gained nor achieved a
greater strategic
edge in any theater on
any point of the globe
in decades our position is
faltering as we squander
resources in unwarranted
invasions and occupations based
on lies, fear, ignorance, and
best of all Machismo
that glory seeking prep
school fuck, nut job, sure
did his daddy proud
those big ass gorillas sure
do leave huge piles of shit
everywhere you might not
see the gorilla but you
can sure smell the shit

Anonymous said...

Hathor said...
Hopefully can stay on topic this year.

That goes for you too Hathor. Hopefully you will make sense this year round.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Field!!
Have some pork and kraut with the locals!


Hathor said...


Hopefully you will overcome the mean spiritness.

PilotX said...


NSangoma said...

gits dhese Negroe menz to be takin' kare ob dey children and leave dem whidte folke alone.

field negro said...


Mr. President (Anon. Inc.) I hope that you and your peeps raised a toast to us all last night. And, for the record, I think that your administration is doing a fine job.

FFH, thanks for the poem.

Sorry mold, I don't do the pork thing, but I am eating well. :)
-Hello 12th Street Gym!-

chicago dyke said...

now that's just unfair, FN. some of us were talking about those things. they just weren't blog comment box fire starters.

Suzan said...

Happy New Year, Field!

I'm always pleased to drop by and read your thoughtful commentary. Keep pitching as the upcoming year looks to be quite stressful for those wanting to discuss your favored topics.

I'm certainly going to giving them a workout at my place too.



Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Love, health and peace in the new year my fellow opinionatti. Thanks for caring enough to engage.

Anonymous said...

"That goes for you too Hathor. Hopefully you will make sense this year round."


Anonymous said...

Ahoay Mate, I'm a white man and i read your comments regulary and you make some good points. We all need to fall within the U.S. Constitution and life would be better for all. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mr. Field and fellow posters!

May the New Year bring health and prosperity!

Bunched Undies said...

Happy New Year Field and Company

PilotX said...

@ anon 1813. What are we doing that is extraconstitutional?

field negro said...

Again,happy new year to all!
Watching the twilight zone marathon all day.

Blinders Off said...

Happy New Year Field and everyone who visits the Fields!

uptownsteve said...

Happy New Year FN family!

Hope it was fun and enjoyable for all of you.

Just back in from a few days in The Big Easy New Orleans.

Things are still rough in the 9th Ward and we should never forget our brothers and sisters who are still displaced.

PilotX said...

Hey Uptown, excuse me if you already answered did you used to post in the political forum in BP?

Anonymous said...

Hathor said...

Hopefully you will overcome the mean spiritness.

11:00 AM

I wish that for you as well.

Mark said...

Happy New Year, Mr. Field.

Mt. Airy Groove said...

Thanks for the Mt. Airy shout Field...Happy New Year once again, (finally have a proper account)!

Anonymous said...

Field, "So please keep talking to me and letting me know what you think. I promise that you will always know what I think no matter what."

Is it true that you are going to post less and less in 2011?

mellaneous said...

I feel you Field and again Happy New Year to you and yours.

And Happy New Year Steve, Pilot X, Chicago Dyke,LAC, AB, LAA, Granny and Brohamas I have the same wish this board actually has the potential to help us see the truth.

Happy New Year to the folks who seldom to never comment and wish everyone well even those who come to this site with ill will. I hope that the truth sets us all free. Every new year brings hope

Anonymous said...

Mellaneous, I am quite disappointed in you as a Reverend because you failed to wish all Anons Happy New Year. That means you have nothing but ill-will for us. You have been projecting ill-will on us when it's YOU who has it. Furthermore, it's not very nice, let alone holy, for a Rev NOT to wish ALL of God's children Best Wishes....What kind of minister are you?