Saturday, June 09, 2012

More voodoo.

Well this pretty much settles it for me; the smartest person among the punditry class here in America believes that the Bush tax cuts failed us.

Of course you don't have to be a Harvard educated scholar to realize that trickle- down economics never works. The money trickles into the pockets and various safe havens for the wealthy. It doesn't mean more jobs or investment in America's infrastructure. (The first Bush had a name for it back in the day. My friends from New Orleans will be quite familiar with it.)

But republicans love to talk about tax breaks for people who don't need it because those are the people who prop them up and buy elections for them year after year. (I see you Scott Walker) 

The problem with president Obama is that he is too much of a centrist. He didn't push for more money into the stimulus and he allowed the Bush tax cuts to go on far too long. He was hoping for bi-partisanship and he tried to play nice with [right] wingnuts. That is always a big mistake. These folks are hard liners when it comes to their tax ideology, and they have all taken a pledge to protect the wealthiest among us by keeping their taxes low.( I see you Grover Norquest)

Wingnuts spend most of their time advocating for cutting government deficits and worrying about the long term debt outlook. Excuse me if I sound a bit selfish, but I am living in the present, and if we (by we I mean the government) don't do anything to spur economic growth by way of more (not less) government spending and programs, we could be facing another Bush style depression. I think it was Larry Summers who said, (God I hate to use him as an example) -and I am paraphrasing here- that the greatest threat to America's credit worthiness is a sustained period of slow growth. Just in case you have been living on another planet for the last few months, I would like to inform you that we have had a prolonged period of slow growth. Of course republicans, ever the patriots, are hoping that their fellow Americans will suffer more if it means that their guy can win the White House.  

This will not happen if we have more spending on public works projects, more payroll breaks for real people in the middle class, and higher taxes for those who can afford it. Let's take care of the consumers first for once in this country. I know that they can't write fat checks like big business, but they are the ones spending their weekly earnings at Wal-Mart.

 "Mitt Romney’s first major ad is substantive — and wrong. He tells us that on his first day in office — after approving the Keystone XL pipeline — he will “introduce tax cuts . . . that reward job creators not punish them.” The one idea that is almost certain not to jump-start this economy is a tax cut.    

 Why can we be sure of this? Because that is what we have done for the past three years. For those who think President Obama’s policies have done little to produce growth, keep in mind that the single largest piece of his policies — in dollar terms — has been tax cuts. They actually began before Obama, with the tax cut passed under the George W. Bush administration in response to the financial crisis in 2008. Then came the stimulus bill, of which tax cuts were the largest chunk by far — one-third of the total. The Department of Transportation, by contrast, got 6 percent of the total to fix infrastructure.

In the wake of a financial crisis caused by excessive debt, tax cuts are highly unlikely to lead to increased economic activity. People use the money to pay down their debts rather than shop for cars, houses and appliances. As for the idea that job creators are not creating jobs because their taxes are too high, think about it: Would Mitt Romney invest more of his money in American factories if only he had paid less than the 13.9 percent rate he paid last year? Please!"

What's that they say about the definition of madness? Oh yeah, it's doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Wingnuts, my friends, are truly mad people.  



Anonymous said...

Mr. Field, you have written a post full of lies about the GOP. Even though I am a far leftist, even these lies about the wingnuts are too much!

Please restrain yourself and try to be a little more truthful. I know, I know. It's difficult for a man of your character, but try anyway. It'll payoff when you meet God.

Anonymous said...

"Of course you don't have to be a Harvard educated scholar to realize that trickle- down economics never works."

It works for people who are educated and industrious and ambitious and productive.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work for negroes.

layin on some hands said...

Yet another black male teaching a woman who da boss...

Police: Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar choked, hit daughter

June 9, 2012

ATLANTA — The 15-year-old daughter of megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar told authorities her father choked and punched her, and hit her with his shoe during an argument over whether she could go to a party, according to a police report.

Dollar's 19-year-old daughter corroborated most of her sister's story, but Dollar disputed it, telling a sheriff's deputy he was trying to restrain her when she became disrespectful.

When she began to hit back, he wrestled her to the floor and spanked her, according to the police report.

Dollar is one of the most prominent African-American preachers based around Atlanta. His World Changers Church International has 30,000 members in the Atlanta area, and the ministry has satellite churches across the U.S.

Dollar faces misdemeanor charges of simple battery and cruelty to children. He has been released from jail and his lawyer said he was expected to preach Sunday.

the road to serfdom said...

field says:

I am living in the present, and if we (by we I mean the government) don't do anything to spur economic growth by way of more (not less) government spending and programs, we could be facing another Bush style depression..

Your understanding of economics is so lacking that it's frightening. It's frightening because your fellow blacks know even less.

There are simply no blacks who know anything about creating capital or jobs. History offers no examples.

And you're so dumb you think we don't need more oil extracted from wells drilled in the US.

Most of Africa lacks oil. And a lot of Africans are stripping every branch off every tree for firewood. That's what happens when there's no energy supply system.

Rebuilding bridges and roads does NOT expand the economy.

But finding oil, drilling for oil, pumping oil, refining oil and selling oil products does expand the economy. As does building the Keystone Pipeline.

However, I know you don't understand the economic difference between repairing roads and producing oil.

milton friedman said...

field cries:

As for the idea that job creators are not creating jobs because their taxes are too high, think about it: Would Mitt Romney invest more of his money in American factories if only he had paid less than the 13.9 percent rate he paid last year? Please!"

Obviously you don't comprehend the monumental economic ignorance expressed by your statement. That's a big problem for blacks. You just don't understand economics -- or anything else, as black history shows.

It's not the personal income tax rate that stifles investment. It's the all-in corporate tax rate, which is almost 40%. After figuring in state and local taxes, the final rate often hits 50%.

Anyway, you truly have no idea what you're jabbering about.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

I should have known. Your smartest person in pundrity would be a "colored person".

Fareed Zachariah is an Indian. He could care less about black folks. They just want ya"ll to move out of the way, and let them in peace.

Anonymous said...

"Well this pretty much settles it for me; the smartest person among the punditry class here in America believes that the Bush tax cuts failed us."

Oh Field, I really do respect you but the smartest person in any class in America Fareed Zakaria? Obama's bag boy? you can't really believe this, you have to be getting paid by the Obama campaign.

YOu can't argue economics with moonbats, they never see real world result of thier policies that have universally failed and don't see result of policies that work. But Zakariah Obamas butt bongo buddy is now all of a sudden knowledgable of economics and wants us to keep doing what Obama has done for almost four years that is killing us, EU and all other big spending Nanny states. Well this pretty much settles it for me; the smartest person among the punditry class here in America believes that the Bush tax cuts failed us.

Oh and the people who buy elections are the Union thugs, government money stolen from taxpayers and such, just ask Obama.

How crazy can you be looking at the world to think that stealing more of someone else's money will actually help the economy and it has nothing to do with incompetence, government stealing and cronyism, pay to play and over entitlements.

Spain has been downgraded to junk credit
Greece is defaulting and on and on , what makes you think borrowing more of what we don't have adding to an unsustainable debt would work?

Wisconsin has lowered tax rates, reduced unemployment, eliminated the deficit (this is money we have to pay with interest for you moonbats who don't know what a budget and paying bills is)

I know you are not stupid and I think you are only a little crazy , you have to be getting pleas from the horribly failing Obama Campaign to say something this crazy.

Anonymous said...

For the smartest liberal around Zachy baby is just as dumb as Obama, you know if you eliminated the bush tax cuts or implimented the buffet rule it would raise about 45 billion, that covers about 2 weeks of Obamas debt/spending deficit. Yes, TWO WEEKS.

There's a reason it took the country so long to pull out of the Great Depression under FDR, why Americans became acquainted with the Misery Index under Carter, and why we've had the weakest economic recovery from a recession in U.S. history under Obama. Liberal economic policies just don't work. In fact, the only time left-wingers have taken charge in the last 40 years without decimating the economy was during the Clinton years when Republicans in Congress balanced the budget and spent 6 years strong-arming Clinton to keep him from molesting the economy like one of his interns. This is no coincidence; it's a natural consequence of the errant liberal view of economics.

Where does Congress get the resources for the spending? Well, there is no Tooth Fairy and there is no Santa Claus. So, the only way Congress can get one dollar to spend is to take that one dollar from Americans, borrow that one dollar from Americans, or inflate that one dollar from Americans (how many printing sessions have we had under obama? How much have prices gone up and the value of the dollar gone down?) You like spending 8 dollars for a pie that used to be 4 dollars before Obama? Wait until he prints more money to try and ease the spending.

So, it’s very much like the visual image of a swimming pool. A person notes there is a shallow end, so he takes the water out of the deep end and pours it in the shallow end, hoping to raise the height of the water in the pool — and you would call that person stupid.

Government is inherently slow, innefficient and stupid. Anything the government takes from the market degrades in quality and increases in price.

Liberal policies are failing the world over, nice try Obama Surrogate but you would have to be really dim to accept this ridiculous article.

Anonymous said...

If Romney paid 13% tax rate last year, he paid too much. He needs a better accountant.

Anonymous said...

Many of us think it is redistributive progressives who are truly mad people.

Want something? Work for it. It isn't the government's job to provide for you or offer you "security". The role of government is to protect the rights on individuals so that they can "pursue happiness".

If you want to support "social justice" causes, you are free to fundraise and support them from your own funds. You don't have the right to dictate to me that I must, too.

Kingnut said...

Just in case you have been living on another planet for the last few months, I would like to inform you that we have had a prolonged period of slow growth.

Bingo. Why is growth so anemic? Maybe it's because the party in power is anti-business and anti-growth. They are more interested in giving bigger pieces of the pie to their client groups (e.g. Big Labor) than they are in making the pie bigger.

Just why do you think so many people are sick of Big Government? Why should they applaud their hard earned wages being taxed to pay off favored special interests?

Democratic office holders coerce from the taxpayers money which feeds the insanely generous and ever-increasing pay and benefits packages of public employee union members. The same Democratic office holders then require the public employee union members—made ever more affluent by money snatched from the taxpayers—to give dues to the unions which the unions in turn donate to the Democratic Party. This is the monstrous system the Democrats were defending to the death in Wisconsin. And Rachel Maddow says that without this corrupt system in place, the Democrats will not have enough campaign cash to compete with the Republicans. It is no wonder that the Democrats are a criminal party. Their power and even their existence as a party depend on the quasi-criminal seizure and control of citizens’ earnings.

This criminal enterprise has to end. The business of America is business, and it's time to get back to businees. Hasta la vista, Barack.

Eastside Joe said...

Excellent Post Brother Field Negro.

Eastside Joe said...

Excellent Post Brother Field.

Anonymous said...

laying on Hands, Please do not slander a great pastor, preacher and giver of spiritual life. Creflo Dollar is beyond reproach and I am bothered by his daughters lying on him.

There are a lot of lies here tonight. Field's post lied about the GOP or wingnuts if you prefer; and now a big fat lie re: Cleflo Dollar who has a clean record.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the wingnut welfare recipients trying desperately to sell the fantasy of their expertise.

What will they do when Barak Obama is re-elected?


Anonymous said...

Field, we really need to pump some money into this slowing economy before it comes to a dead halt. Obama has to inject ENOUGH stimulas to get this economy going.

Obama didn't put enough money into the economy the first time, which was a dumb move on his part. He had better get enough stimulus into the economy before it's too late!

Many Rounds Of Love said...

Excellent post, Brother Field.

How about this, which I'm sure you won't comment on, nor your brutas & sistas in black.

The teapot is going to whistle, one day.

Anonymous said...

Geez! The right-wing, constipated conservative neanderthals are out tonight, Field.
Repugnican obstructionists should be charged with treason.
Not all negroes out here expect or seek handouts from the government.
And real "field negroes" continue to reject organized religion(s). Creflo Dollar is no different from all other pimps, preachers, and politicians. As long as his 30,000 and Eddie Longs' tens of thousands continue to drink the kool-aid with their heads up their asses, the distance back to the "plantation" shrinks.

cat48L said...

There's a regular highway bill in the Teabaggy House which is $109B of infrastructure so that may pass. The Senate already passed it on March 14; bipartisan & everything but the Baggers in the House are still arguing about it b/c it cost too much!! Guess they'll wait for another bridge to fall down. The Dem Senators are getting quite vocal about it so we'll see. The prez didn't mention that b/c that would curse the entire Bill. I truly hate the GOP now. Before I just disagreed with them; it's full blown hate now.

trayvon gets his gun said...

What's an off-capus party without some black guys shooting a few people, probably over girls and drugs?

Auburn University football players feared to be among victims in fatal shooting


5:14 AM, June 10, 2012


AUBURN, Ala. -- Three people were killed and two others seriously injured following a shooting at an Auburn University off-campus housing complex late Saturday, with football players feared among the victims.

The shooting took place at the University Heights apartment complex. Authorities at the scene would only confirm that there were multiple victims.

WTVM reported that the three deaths were confirmed by the coroner's office, adding that the two injured people were rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

The Auburn Plainsman reported that Auburn Tigers football players were among the victims in the shooting.

An onlooker later said he saw at least one body being covered by police at the scene, reported.

Police are due to hold a news conference at 11 a.m. Sunday.

field negro said...

"I am enjoying the wingnut welfare recipients trying desperately to sell the fantasy of their expertise.

What will they do when Barak Obama is re-elected?"

B*&^h and moan for four more years. :)

a coke with my slice said...

These black consumers give new meaning to the practice of giving the delivery person a tip:

Murder on order: Teenage girls call Domino's Pizza delivery woman to home and brutally stab her 50 times on doorstep

By Ruth Whitehead
9 June 2012

Police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the murder of a Domino's Pizza worker who was stabbed 50 times and bludgeoned as she delivered an order to them.

The stabbing took place on Thursday evening as the victim, 27-year-old mother-of-one Elizabeth Hutcheson, was delivering pizza to an address in Cedartown, Georgia.

Cadedra Cook, 18, who lived at the house, and a 15-year-old boy whose name police are not releasing, are in custody in Polk County Jail on murder charges.

Ms Hutcheson was found bleeding in the doorway of the house at around 9.15 pm by police officers conducting a traffic stop nearby who rushed to the scene when they heard her screams.

She was pronounced dead at Polk Medical Center.

overload said...

cat48l said:

Guess they'll wait for another bridge to fall down.

The bridge in Minnesota collapsed because the crew that was upgrading it piled ALL the new steel and repair equipment ON the bridge while the rebuilding was underway.

In addition, the bridge was opened for daily use by commuters. The weight of all the replacement steel and equipment PLUS the cars and trucks pounding over the bridge during the rebuilding caused the collapse.

The construction company running the projects was totally at fault.

shooting the breeze said...

A negro can't go to college without guns and ammo and attitude:

‘Multiple’ people shot at Auburn University apartment complex; victims said to include football players

Shots fired after fight at pool party; local reports say between 1 and 3 dead

By Philip Caulfield / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Published: Sunday, June 10, 2012

At least one person appears to have been killed and several others wounded in a shooting at an apartment complex in Alabama that houses several members of Auburn University's football team, according to local reports.

There were conflicting reports about the number of dead.

Details were still murky early Sunday, but WFSA said the shooting happened between 10 and 11 p.m. on Saturday night at the University Heights apartments, a complex near campus where many of the school's athletes live.

Witnesses said the shooting stemmed from a fight at the complex's pool.

"It went from us chilling with females to a massacre...for no reason," one person told the station.

Police would only confirm that "multiple" people were shot, and that they were still searching for a suspect.

Turquorius Vines, 23, told The Associated Press that he was at the pool party when the fight started.

Many of Auburn's athletes live at the University Heights apartments. Two former football players and one current player were said to have been among those shot. (AP)Vines said he and a friend got in an argument with two men he didn’t know over a woman.

Vines said he punched one man, while his friend attacked them with a bottle.

One or both of the men started shooting, and his friend was shot and killed, Vines said.

"It's like I lost a lung," Vines told the AP, describing his friend’s death. "I don't know how I'm going to survive this."

Vines said two others were also shot.

Campus newspaper The Auburn Plainsman reported that two former Auburn football players and one current Auburn player were among those shot.

PilotX said...

Barack is the symbol of the futility of trying to work with these Repubs. The wife and I were discussing this in 2010 when so many Dems were running scared and dissing their own party leader. For example, in Arkansas when Blanche Lincoln knew she was going to lose she should have stomped for big progressive ideas that could have at least started the conversation about the liberal ideas on economic issues. The Dems and libs are letting the right define and control the argument, as evident here by the numerous anons who are hijacking the post. Good on you Field for injecting some common sense ito the argument that may shape the direction of the country for decades. Anyone with half a brain can see what's going on, they elect a rightwinger who runs up massive deficits and cuts taxes and then blames the Dem prez who gets elected to clean up the mess. Conservatives are like teenagers, party and then want the adults to clean up the mess. No more, time to take away their credit card and put them on punishment. Ha!

laughin an scratchin said...

Seems this episode in black behavior gives new meaning to shooting pool.

Auburn University Football Player Among 3 Dead in Pool Party Shooting

June 10, 2012

Three people are reportedly dead after someone pulled a gun and began shooting during a pool party brawl over a woman in an Alabama apartment complex near Auburn University.

The Auburn Police Department has not identified any of the victims or their conditions, but according to a family member and tweets from alumni and local reporters, two football players -- Ladarious Phillips and Ed Christian -- were shot and killed, while another player, Eric Mack, remains hospitalized.

Phillips' mother, Jemecia Phillips, told ABC News her son died last night, but said she didn't know what happened at the party leading to his death.

Phillips, a 20-year-old fullback, had planned to transfer to Jackson State University, Jemecia said, adding that she was proud of him.

"He was always helpful," she said, adding, "whenever we was short, he'd go out with his piece and come back with a pocketful of money. We gonna miss that."

the line for change forms here said...

pilot ex, the flying hemorrhoid, says:

Anyone with half a brain can see what's going on,...

That let's you out.

...they elect a rightwinger who runs up massive deficits and cuts taxes and then blames the Dem prez who gets elected to clean up the mess.

I don't know why you morons on the left try so hard to pretend that 9/11 never happened? But you do, and that's why you're baffled by everything that's happened since.

cut me some slack said...

It was a busy week for black thugs:

Clubgoer 'slashed' 3 men with 'razor' at BB King's weekly dance party


June 10, 2012

BB King's weekly hip hop party “Saturday Night Live” turned violent this morning when a clubgoer went berserk and slashed three men in the face and neck with a razor, authorities said.

The twenty-something allegedly got in a fight with some guys over his girlfriend around 2:30 a.m. at the club on West 42nd Street, police said.

He then took what police believe was a razor or box cutter and slashed three men in the face and neck before fleeing from the club, cops said.

The three victims, ages 24, 26, and 29, were taken to Bellevue Hospital where they were treated for their injuries, police said.

BB King's“Saturday Night Live” is a dance party sponsored by Power 105.1 and has a dress code described as being “Sexy & Chic Only.”

PilotX said...

So 9-11 caused the recession and not the following Bush policies? I thought conservatives abandoned that argument in 2003. Nothing about the two wars off the books that weren't paid for or the doughnut hole. OK, I'll admit 9-11 caused a strain on the economy so why then are we cutting taxes when we need the revenue? Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

PilotX, "The Dems and libs are letting the right define and control the argument, as evident here by the numerous anons who are hijacking the post."

Brotha X, watch how you talk. The above sounds like the Dems and Libs are powerless against the right, and have a very weak argument. I mean, the Dems and Libs literally controlled both the House and Senate AND the WH. But they still could not defeat the Republicans. That is weak, weak, weak.

Let's face the truth. For practical reality, there is only one party in our government and that is the GOP/Tea Party. Obviously they are a lot smarter than that weak sorry Dem party which couldn't do a damn thing when it controlled ALL of Congress.

We might as well prepare for President Romney.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Field, I was the first commenter to your post and you have ignored me. The "first" poster should ALWAYS deserve a comment from you.

You are such an insensitive person and you treat your loyal anons like shit. I know what you are trying to do. You are trying to drive depressed Negroes like me away from FN by pretending they don't exist. Well, Let me ask you this:

"How's that working for you?"

depressed Negro